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Jose Reyes

José Bernabé Reyes (born June 11, 1983) is a Dominican professional baseball shortstop for the Miami Marlins of Major League Baseball.

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Knicks: Trade for Derrick Rose right before sham trial. Giants: Do all they can to protect Josh Brown. Mets: Welcome back,…
Reyes to return to Mets for 2017 season: The Mets plan to bring back infielder Jose Reyes next season and wil... https:…
When the Mets keep Jose Reyes and throw Jon Niese in the trash where he belongs. This is a good day. A good day.
Jose Reyes is officially staying with the next year which means the possibility for more moments like this: 🤗
Jose Reyes back, Jon Niese gone. Appropriate on both accounts.
Mets pick up 2017 option on Jose Reyes
Mets expect to pick up option on Jose Reyes, but haven’t done it — yet
The will bring back Jose Reyes, decline option on Jon Niese >>
REYES REMAINS! The Mets have decided to pick up Jose Reyes' 2017 option, per
Reyes to return to Mets for 2017 season
Wire: Reyes to return to Mets for 2017 season
Great info, thanks for chiming in. Looks like the 3 active (barely) are Carl Crawford (123), Jose Reyes (121), and…
WoW. Yoenis Cespedes dyed his blonde also. Jose Reyes, Asdrubal Cabrera, Jerry Blevins, Rene Rivera, and now Yoenis Ces…
Add Rene Rivera to the list of bleach blond/dyed hair Mets, joining Jose Reyes, Asdrubal Cabrera and Jerry Blevins.
Alleged wife beater, diminished skills, limited future. Say no to Jose Reyes.
Amazing what happens when you let Jose Reyes & Asdrubal Cabrera play in clutch spots instead of Kevin Plawecki & Josh Smoker
Could you imagine if I told you in March:. •Jose Reyes will be back. •Bartolo would lead this rotation. •Oh and Tim Tebow…
Jose Reyes is one of my three all-time fav Mets, but this seems like a bad idea. And not like, washed up David Cone swan song…
Jose Reyes and David Wright face swap on Snapchat...
The Mets celebrated bringing back Jose Reyes, yet the Dodgers can't give away Yasiel Puig.
Jose Reyes' snapchat story today is pure gold.
Jose Reyes on Yoenis Cespedes: "Basically, he can do whatever he wants to when he wants to."
Jose Reyes killing the fish is still a thing.. My god
We can bring up woman beater Jose Reyes or the reliever that got banned from the sport of Baseball all together if you'd like
Jose Reyes is done, haters said. Jose Reyes had a bad month in Colorado, haters said. is hitting .274 https:/…
hilarious, reminds me of the time they got ichiro,or Carlos Delgado, or Paul Lo Duca, or Jose Reyes
Mets' lineup vs. Padres: Jose Reyes leading off, at shortstop; Steven Matz pitching
Came across this 2003 article when Jose Reyes was a rookie & A-Rod a Texas Ranger.
Ray Rice, Aroldis Chapman, Floyd Merryweather, Jose Reyes, Greg Hardy, Johnny Manziel, and Hope Solo have what in common? Domestic Violence.
We've signed Justin Ruggiano and activated him for tonight's game. We've placed Jose Reyes on the 15-Day DL.
Other to wear Shannon Stewart, Tony Batista, Jose Reyes and Ben Revere. Oh, and remember Josh Towers?
Just watched Jose Reyes hug Yadier Molina. I already didn't want you on the team Jose. You're not helping yourself. .
One trade that may be possible in the upcoming fun days, but a long shot, is that the Mets try to reunite Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran
No longer quite so weird seeing Jose Reyes as a Met again.
Like the Mets who can only deliver you Jose Reyes as the savior!
Jose Reyes had 3 hits and James Loney capped the night off with a 2-run home run in the 9th inning as the Mets...
Jose Reyes leads Mets to win over Marlins via
The 2008 USA Team was something else. A lot of legends in their primes. 🔥🏀🇺🇸.
“He’s like a can of Red Bull bottled up like a human being." How Jose Reyes sparked the Mets' 5-3 victory: .
Jose Reyes leads Mets in win Mets could've used Zack Wheeler by now but he’s still rehabbing
Reyes shows ability to wreak havoc at top of lineup. Sent with At Bat
Jose Reyes helped the Mets pull to within half a game of his old team last night
Jose Reyes makes big contribution as Mets beat Marlins. Full update, with quotes from Reyes, Verrett and Collins: https:…
Our back: Reyes turns back clock, Mets top Marlins; Yanks stay hot, beat Giants htt…
The bring themselves a half game back from a wild card spot . Big night for Jose Reyes
Wrote about Jose Reyes over give it a read
"He's like a can of RedBull bottled up like a human being, which is something we were missing." Logan Verrett on Jose Reyes
Mike Lalor talks baseball with us including the resurgence of Jose Reyes right now.
Jose Reyes sparks offense with three hits as Mets gain on Marlins |
Jose Reyes has big night with Mets in his return to Miami - NY Daily News
Mets beat Marlins, move up a game in the standings and get a Reyes of hope from Jose.
MLB Jose Reyes has three hits as gain on Marlins .
Jose Reyes has 8 extra-base hits since joining the on July 5. James Loney has 15 XBH since 5/31. Neil Walker has 12 XBH since May 1.
Jose Reyes energizes Mets 'like a can of Red Bull' in big win vs. Marlins -…
Jose Reyes, who definitely will NOT play for the Mets, had 3 hits, 2 runs scored & 1 RBI for the Mets tonight.
RECAP: three hits, two runs lead past the Marlins.
Mets beat the Cubs 2-1 thanks to Rene Rivera, Jose Reyes and a James Loney scoop, just like everybody thought in March.
Rene Rivera. James Loney. Jose Reyes. are playing too many guys who just aren't any good.
We're still in small sample territory, but Jose Reyes has looked out of sorts against right-handed pitchers so far.
Jose Reyes splits the gap in left center to score deGrom! It's an RBI double for Jose Reyes and it's not 3-0!
It appears the Mets are optioning Matt Reynolds to make room for Jose Reyes. David Wright will be transferred from the 1…
1st and 3rd. Here's where we see if Jose Reyes can still steal 2nd in a big spot
Who would've thought a year ago that Jose Reyes would've replaced David Wright and Bartolo would be an all star instead of Harvey or deGrom?
Jose Reyes is playing 3rd base for the Mets and David Wright is not. What dimension am I in?
David Wright is sitting behind a cage unable to really move his head watching Oliver Perez and Jose Reyes. Life isn't fair, man.
speaks with on David Wright, Jose Reyes and more topics:
David Wright transferred to 60-day disabled list, Jose Reyes added to 40-man roster via
have selected the contract of Jose Reyes, optioned Matt Reynolds to Triple-A Las Vegas and transferred David Wright to the…
New York Mets set to activate infielder Jose Reyes ahead of Tuesday's game against the Miami Marlins
Read on Jose Reyes and baseball's long history of looking the other way.
Jose Reyes may be the best thing that could happen for Wilmer Flores. He's on fire!
Best thing about signing Jose Reyes was transforming Wilmer Flores into the ’08 David Wright.
Mets fans greet Reyes warmly in return: Jose Reyes made his return to Citi Field. Before I get into the game ...
are brilliant. They were riding a 5-game winning streak + decided to kill the good vibes by promoting Jose Reyes. Great job!
Weird seeing Jose Reyes in a Mets jersey today. Loved him when he played previously, but unsure of the message sent from his re-signing.
Jose Reyes rejoins says standing O 'good to see'
Jose Reyes back in a mets uni is the best thing to happen to me in like 5 years
nypost​.com >> Mets’ timing with Jose Reyes could not have been worse
The odds that Jose Reyes' wife was a) lying b) not seriously hurt c) not in grave danger are minuscule.
How dare u put that disgusting headline about Jose Reyes so Unclassy u bunch of scumbags...
I have no idea what happened between Jose Reyes and his wife, but seems pretty easy to assume that she was in serious danger.
last october. So sad. He was one of my faves before this. A good story on it:
yo having Jose Reyes and Bartolo colon haciendo Coro... no a good business B
Jose Reyes returns to standing ovation, goes 0-for-4 in Mets' 5-2 loss to Marlins
I referenced last night's conversation in my latest blog post. Thanks all...
In light of Jose Reyes returning to Major League Baseball today.
Jose Reyes suspended for beating on his girl. But gets a standing ovation in his first at bat back. What is wrong with people.. :-(
That Daily News cover is the kind of public consequence Jose Reyes ought to face. From last week:
If you gave Jose Reyes a standing ovation at CitiField tonight, please tell us: what did he do to earn your energetic a…
Jose Reyes and the Question of Responsibility via
Still think Jose Reyes looks like the black power ranger...
Jose Reyes is and always will be scum.
Boo whoo I made a sign about Jose Reyes because he is my all time favorite baseball player. I don't agree w his action but h…
If you can ask imaginary questions about Matt Harvey, you certainly can ask real ones about Jose Reyes
Jose Reyes 1st game back in the bigs with the mets ! 💪🏼💪🏼
The cheers Jose Reyes heard tonight may be the last ones he ever hears. He appears to have nothing left.
People ripped the for drafting Delvin Perez, and yet Jose Reyes gets a standing ovation tonight.perspecti…
Why I am not excited to see Jose Reyes back in a Mets uniform. Abusers can be "nice, likable guys."
Jose Reyes: "I felt like it was my first game in the big leagues."
. 2 games in Brooklyn and now tonight prove that Jose Reyes is utterly useless. Hope I'm wrong but...
"I don't like Jose Reyes, but I'm going to defend him a never ending series of counter hot takes."
So Jose Reyes is in the Mets lineup the day the Kang news breaks. Go sports!
Jose Reyes is in the lineup for the Mets tonight, showing once again that being good at a sport is more important than dom…
Positive crowd reaction to Jose Reyes' return to today?
Jose Reyes' "everybody makes mistakes" line sure glosses over the fact that not everybody makes mistakes involving intim…
Marshall: I won't be cheering for Jose Reyes
Mets Video: Jose Reyes goes 0-4 in his return to the team, Yoenis Cespedes hits his 21st HR in 5-2 loss to the Mar…
Jose Reyes gets ovation in return to Mets (Video)
With Jose Reyes back, are the stranding Wilmer Flores? via
Wei-Yin Chen gets Jose Reyes swinging in the top of the first as the take on the Mets on FOX Sports Florida. https…
Jose Reyes has made 2 sweet plays at 3rd already. Diving stop behind the bag to get Flores, started a bases loaded DP on a rocket earlier.
Mets bring back domestic abuser Jose Reyes, showing disregard for safety of women
New post, free to read: Why the Mets' signing of Jose Reyes sends the wrong message to fans.
This piece on Jose Reyes and the Mets is fantastic.
Very important point by on the Mets and Jose Reyes
Jose Reyes is an Espanyol player. Quique Sánchez Flores getting to work bringing his lads in. They worked together at Atletico Madrid 09-11
Jose Reyes signs for Espanyol from Sevilla as new manager Quique Sanchez Flores insists on bolstering the team.
Wilmer Flores starts DP. Wonder if Jose Reyes could have started that DP. Just a thought.
The odds are very high that Jose Reyes will be an upgrade to Wilmer Flores .
The NY Mets signed Jose Reyes. . Mo Vaughn is limbering up somewhere.
Jose Reyes returning to Mets, official announcement expected this afternoon
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
What do you wanna bet A-Rod and Braun get more universally booed than Jose Reyes?
BREAKING NEWS. Jose Reyes signing w/the In other breaking news, the sun rose this morning. Sources say it will set later this evening.
Pretty soon we'll move past this Brexit vote and get to important things like: Will Travis d'Arnaud give up No. 7 to Jos…
Jose Reyes still ranks highly on all-time leaderboard:. Triples (99 - 1st). SB (370 - 1st). Hits (1300 - 3rd). AVG (…
Dilson Herrera is 22, hit throughout minor lg career, costs $500K, not busted for domestic violence. I don't get the Jose Re…
Get ready for Jose Reyes the sequel:
Jose Reyes is watching the end of the Mets game in his latest Snapchat 😬😬😬
Source: Mets plan to sign SS Reyes in reunion
The are expected to re-sign Jose Reyes once he is officially released by the likely as soon as this afternoon.
Jose Reyes signing this deal in 4 minutes for the culture .
It'll be something if it turns out the end up paying Jose Reyes more than David Wright to play for them this season.
Good morning familia. Before I hit the snooze button, I hope that when I wake up again Jose Reyes is back in…
SportsCenter Video: Jose Reyes \"really going to help the Mets\" by leading off and maybe playing 3B or OF - Adam …
My last shot of Jose Reyes with the A declared NL Batting Champion in 2011:
The Mets will reportedly add Jose Reyes to the infield mix on Saturday
Jose Reyes to return to original MLB team in deal with Mets, per source…
At one o'clock Jose Reyes will officially become free to sign with any team. So, in under an hour, Jose Reyes could be…
According to Jose Reyes' snapchat story, he is in QUEENS!
The Mets are officially bringing back Jose Reyes
I'm not expecting much from Jose Reyes. But goddam its gonna be fun to see him and DW reunited.
Expectation remains for Jose Reyes to rejoin the mets this afternoon
Aaaand Jose Reyes is back on the Mets. Today was a good day
5 more minutes until Jose Reyes becomes a free agent.
BREAKING: We've agreed to a deal with Jose Reyes... to perform a reggaeton concert as part of our post game Citi Concert…
Can't wait to hear Dave Cameron's reaction to the insane move of getting Jose Reyes .
Jose Reyes will sign with Mets after he clears waivers, sources say -
Feminist Mets fans trashed the Yankees for trading for Chapman and now cheer for wife beater Jose Reyes 😂😂😂 Dumb hypocrites
My boy goes to the same gym as Jose Reyes in Garden City. Said he's there now & Jose told someone a deal with the Mets…
Jose Reyes translates to Joe Kings. I'm not joking.
20 minutes until Jose Reyes becomes a free agent!
Who knew that at this point of 2016 we would have Jose Reyes but not David Wright.. Lol
Answer: 1996 Lance Johnson and 2008 Jose Reyes both led the NL in hits. They also lead the major leagues.
😊. Source: Jose Reyes now under consideration for Mets via App
David Wright, Jose Reyes at crossroads in their baseball lives |
If you want to doubt Jose Reyes b/c of injury or the domestic abuse, that's fine. But a lifetime .290 hitter who can swipe 30…
At 33 years old, Jose Reyes is being shown the door out of the MLB. At 33 years old, Derek Jeter was hitting 322. We used…
Waiting for Rex to sign Jose Reyes and make him a captain when the Bills play the Mets
.reinstate SS Jose Reyes from restricted list, designate him for assignment.
THIS JUST IN: Rockies have designated Jose Reyes for assignment.
I still remember the Mets doctors day to day with Jose Reyes and Ike Davis. Months later... Not Mets anymore!
DTN New Zealand: Jose Reyes joins Triple-A Albuquerque with suspension over: Jose Reyes knows he might get bo...
how much does Jose Reyes cost these days
Chris Smalling is the 4th player to be sent off in the FA Cup final after Kevin Moran (1985), Jose A. Reyes (2005) & P…
"I like y'alls class, y'all ain't got no beef!!" 😂💀 -Jose Reyes to me
I added a video to a playlist Espititu Santo - Jose Luis Reyes
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I added a video to a playlist Esta Cayendo - Jose Luis Reyes
I added a video to a playlist JOSE LUIS REYES TAN SOLO CREE
I added a video to a playlist Confia - Jose Luis Reyes
I added a video to a playlist Haz Llover - Jose Luis Reyes (con letras)
do you think the white sox will b in play for Jose Reyes once his suspension is up?
Jose Reyes is 1,657 on the leaderboard Ranked Celebs on near realtime social media
No matter what happens with Jose Reyes, Trevor Story is the shortstop, says
is Jose Reyes SS worth a roster spot for potential h2h league
Nolan Arenado expects Jose Reyes back and expects him to help the team win. .
Don't know if this qualifies as insight or foolishness, but the White Sox should trade for Jose Reyes. Really.
When Jose Mourinho enters the Man United dressing room for the first time...
What's the guy who helped Jose Reyes when he kept tearing up his hamstrings? Mackey Shillstone or something? Introduce him to Jozy.
No. That's Jose Reyes, and Aroldis Chapman. A-Rod's right up there toon
Ways cud still win: Acquire Jose Reyes, move Correa to 3B; promote Reed; fix GoGo. Send Kemp/Moran/JSing to Milw for Lucroy/Broxton.
Jamie Vardy will miss England's last pre-Euro 2016 friendly to get married.
Jose Manuel Reyes Hi My spouse and i invite that you this specific adult web cam totally free join
As Jose Reyes gets ready, side with Story: 'We got our shortstop'
eddierosario Posted a new blog: "Jose Reyes suspended simply by Major league"
Shortstop Jose Reyes, a former Met, was arrested last October after an incident involving his wife and had been on paid suspension since
Jose Reyes returns to vows to be 'a better man, a better husband'
Jose Reyes prepares for return from suspension
she drinks Jose C one night and becomes a diff person the next day
Jaclyn Jose,Barbara Miguel,Barbie Forteza,Miggs Cuaderno,Alex Da Rossi,LJ Reyes ,etc.,name it GMA got it!.. the best performers worldwide.
Congratulations to Tita Jane, Ms. Jaclyn Jose, for her well-deserved win as best actress at Cannes! Your talent has always b…
Jose Reyes suspended 52 games & fined $7 million for domestic abuse. On the positive side, he'll definitely have a future…
El conejo perez is like 107 years old & he still plays 😂💯
OKC takes Game 3! Durant & Westbrook combine for 63 Pts in Thunder's 133-105 rout of Warriors.
yeah and Jose Reyes tied it after Anthony Gose was safe at second
I would trade for Jose Reyes if I were them
José Antonio Reyes: five-time winner of the Uefa Europa League
We went from Brett Lawrie and Jose Reyes to Josh Donaldson and Troy Tulowitzki.
like him, but he's got a bit of the Jose Reyes about him. He'll be crying for home after 9 months...
Jose Antonio Reyes on Wed after win in Basel took away the armband from Coke but coz they lost he doesn't
Captian Jose Antonio Reyes (C) of Sevilla lifts the Europa League trophy
Team captain Jose Antonio Reyes of Sevilla poses for photograhs with the trophy
Sevilla's Spanish midfielder Jose Antonio Reyes (L) holds the trophy as he celebrates
Special thanks to this group for enlisting to serve our country! Wombles, Reyes, McKinney, Jose, Berto & John 🏈🇺🇸 https:/…
MLB goes soft on domestic violence in Jose Reyes ruling - Purple Row
Jose Reyes suspended 52 games & will lose $7 million for domestic abuse. Jerry Jones responded by offering him a DB po…
I agree with - someone *will* sign Jose Reyes. Alfredo Simon gets signed and traded for, after all.
You live and you learn and life goes on 😊
Kalvin and I missed our exit, got lost and ended up in downtown San Jose because we were having an enthralling conversatio…
Maine securing her chest and Wally and Jose squeezing her between them means there was indeed an incident yesterday
Throwback Thursday: on their first visit to Mexico in 1992. Photos by José Reyes. /PP. Source:
Always thought I was the one for you, turned out.. didn't mean that much
I want someone to be down for me the way Raquel is down for Jose
What's doing on Jose Reyes? If Rockies are paying him shouldn't they be allowed to play him?
He's just making it look too easy, and if not for Jose Reyes case, would he even be in the bigs?
repostapp. by Jose Luis Reyes. ・・・. So there I was, exploring and walking the…
Happy birthday to one of my best friends Jose Reyes, Go Stars! 🎉
if y'all do better than you did this year next year like give you $20 and buy you dinner Grif
What's the story with Jose Reyes here? He's got no charges. He's still suspended? How damned long does this take MLB!?
What a hit! Alaba takes a crack from long range and it smacks off the crossbar. Atletico still lead 1-0.
Anyone know why Jose Reyes hasn't been told anything? Manfred said that it should be "days not weeks" about a month ago...
in your opinion,what is taking so long for MLB to rule on the Jose Reyes suspension?
The Jose Reyes salary calculator just hit $2.9 million... and still counting: via
Troy Tulowitski for 2 prospects,Jose Reyes has to be one of the worst trades in a decade.What were Rockies thinking?
"Here is a calculator to show how much Jose Reyes has been paid on vacation after beating his wife" good stuff
Update: Jose Reyes (Suspension), Expected to be out until at least Apr 30
Now I feel for the fans of Julie Ann San Jose, Louis delos Reyes and the others.
Update your maps at Navteq
any chance the rockies could buy out Jose Reyes?
Jose Reyes, Jean Segura and Erick Aybar are options (around 2B, SS and 3B) for DR too.
How much are the Colorado paying Jose Reyes per second to do nothing?
Here is one for you, is Jose Reyes worth holding onto?
Jose Reyes has appendix operation ahead of Sevilla v Shakhtar
maybe Jose Reyes will have a spot when he comes back.
Today’s scheduled maintenance is now complete. Thanks for your patience.
I just used Shazam to discover Lo Mejor De Mi by Jose Luis Reyes.
I have Jose Reyes and trea turner on my bench in case marte continues to falter. Should I drop Reyes for a positional need?
.says he believes Jose Reyes will get a minimum 1 month suspension per his conversation with Rob Manfred.
with Trevor Story having a great start, Are we waiting it out for Jose Reyes or is he droppable now?
Jose Reyes needs to just stay out of the way, or be traded. We'll take Story anytime.
Manfred needs to stop dragging his feet with Jose Reyes. Yes, he needs a suspension, but his punishment needs to be defined, not this limbo
BREAKING: Charges dropped in Jose Reyes’ domestic abuse case
APNewsBreak: Jose Reyes' domestic abuse case to be dropped
on paper, Jose Antonio Reyes should have been brilliant for Arsenal. Chelsea also nicked his song and used it for Mourinho 🙄
The prosecuting attorney said Jose Reyes’s wife had not cooperated with investigators following the Rockies shortstop’s arrest in Hawaii
I agree.they still have Jose Reyes coming back!
Trevor Story has 3 home runs for Colorado in 2 games at SS. Jose Reyes might have a new home once he comes back
Jose Reyes' domestic violence charge to be dropped, per report
Driver for today. (@ Jose Reyes Memorial Medical Center - Burn Unit in Manila w/
can't name a baseball player older than José Reyes
Seager! Screw that guy! That dude and Jose Reyes are like Babe Ruth against me. I can't get em out.
Domestic violence charges against Jose Reyes dropped, MLB to ...
Trevor Story trying to turn Jose Reyes into Wally Pipp, huh?
Rappers always making songs about how rich they are like we can relate smh *** we broke
So Jose Reyes will never play short for the Rockies again
Marlins were "World Series contenders" cause they got a washed Jose Reyes and a new stadium tbh
Rob Manfred to rule soon on suspension for Jose Reyes
Wasting time has become one of my closest friends lately /:
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Manfred: Reyes decision expected in 'days, as opposed to weeks' via
Jose Reyes on paid leave. Does that mean the Rockies are paying him right now? Seems unfair to them if so.
I think it's time the Rockies just dump Jose Reyes. He's too much to deal with and Story already is better offensively. Better off w/o Reyes
Jose Reyes gonna lose his job to this Trevor Story kid!
this dude is really the Rockies NEED Jose Reyes!
drop Mark Trumbo and pick up Rockies SS Jose Reyes. Reyes has a potential suspension looming for domestic abuse
Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes will not stand trial for domestic abuse: by Patrick Saunders
How do you see the Trevor Story vs Jose Reyes situation unfolding if Story performs well out of the gate?
708 - June 18th, 2008 at . Batting 3rd. RBI Single in top 9th off Francisco Rodriguez scoring Jose Reyes http:…
right cause guys like Jose Reyes, Fernando Rodney, Jose Bautista and countless others have not be able express themselves. Ok.
Paid leave for Jose Reyes right first step as MLB puts domestic violence policy into actio...
Did you Kno Wilmer Flores hit the most homeruns (16) by a Mets middle infielder since Jose Reyes hit 16 in 2008
Jose Reyes sitting until a decision is reached is the right move for everyone.
Rob Manfred’s suspension of Jose Reyes is not a decisive enough action (via
MLB telling Jose Reyes to have a seat gets it right where the NHL got it wrong with Patrick Kane.
Alex Anthopoulos corrected his Trade for Jose Reyes sort of by flipping him for Tulowitzki but it also cost us 2 Top Prospects as well
There was a time when Gilbert Arenas and Jose Reyes were my idols. 😢
FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal reports that Jose Reyes will be placed on administrative leave.
The facing the suspension of Jose Reyes, should sign Ian Desmond. Column:...
"They have loads of players I love to watch, not just Thierry Henry but Dennis Bergkamp, Robert Pires and Jose Reyes.
Imagine thinking Jose Reyes is better than Troy Tulowitzki.
Matt Cassel cant make a throw. Dez Bryant cant make a catch. Crawford is getting paid for nothing. Pack your bags boys. It's over.
Jose thought I was playing video games when he came to my house &he was like "no wonder you & daniela are together" 😭💕
this is the only upgrade I care about right now
Don't forget to enter in Pre's comp! Ends tomorrow
One of my goals for next year is to swim dolphins and to the flip things it's a must
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It's so hard to find a loyal partner nowadays I know when I find mine ima make her my queen nothing less and she ain't going no where.
Think that suppose to be attractive ? Oh no disgusting if you ask me
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No morals no values I look down on some of yall
Some females don't have respect for themselves what so ever how you barely knew a dude u inviting to come sleep over ? and Jose Reyes Yes...Mark Reynolds Yes Motte Yes .lol "Be Patient fans" 😔⚾️
I used to treat cancer patients during my stay at the RadioTherapy Dept. of Jose Reyes Hospital 😊 Wala lang 😂
Tuned into Reel time, a while back Direk Jose Javier Reyes talks about Aldub and The Lolas
A new render of José Antonio Reyes was added to the website - View it here:
Wish I was coming home to a loving gf I forget I don't have one
Ronda was beating opponents in under a minute (somethings Jose has NEVER done) & didn't get knocked out in 13 seconds.
so how does Jose not deserve a rematch after one lost? And Ronda does ?
Jose Aldo only had 1 first round finish & it was 4:59 into the 1st against Mendes. Nowhere near as dominant as Rousey was.
Fight Recap: Conor McGregor destroys Jose Aldo by knockout in just 13 seconds
Conor McGregor stuns Jose Aldo in 13 seconds to take UFC featherweight title via
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