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Jose Lopez

José López Portillo y Pacheco (June 16, 1920 – February 17, 2004) was the 51st President of Mexico from 1976 to 1982.

Chone Figgins Yale University

PETAL PATH breaks her maiden in today's 6th with jockey Jose Lopez aboard
Jose Lopez, David Romero, Alex Diaz came from Florida to see Shirts have info about path of tota…
haven't found Jose Lopez or Maria Cash yet so it might take a while 😒
Congratulations to our three Scholarship recipients, Raul Avila Soto, Jose Lopez and Nivia Aguilar.
Vintage Work: Stuart Little... While I was working for Sony Pictures Entertainment, Jose Lopez and I were working...
Can we just talk about Jennifer Lopez for a minute?
Seeing dog videos and commercials suck so much because I will never be able to have a dog 😭😭
Told that sanctioning Tareck El-Aissami and Samark Jose Lopez Bello is a long overdue positi…
The B-Ref starting infield of Casey Kotchman, Chone Figgins, Josh Wilson, and Jose Lopez didn't have a single OPS over .650.
where does Andy Marte rank in there? Jose Lopez?
Last time the scored 11 runs at Kauffman Stadium, Russell Branyan & Jose Lopez had 3 RBI. Luke French was your winning pitcher.
Jose Lopez the fish, Chone Figgins the fish, Joey Cora the fish. AJ Pierzynski the fish is upcoming.
So man dads tripping out cause someone called and said it was in regards of Jose Lopez which is his brother that passed way 20 years ago. 🙎😧
"The last time the Mariners scored off Gregerson was Jose Lopez doubling to score Chone Figgins". Which is a long *** time ago
Last Like Gregorson run allowed to the Mariners? Jose Lopez doubled home Chone Figgins. Thanks
"Here's an out-of-date map. See you downtown for lunch. Good luck.". Thanks Auntie. I guess we'll see how good of a traveller I am...
“boss Jose Mourinho w/ at the end of match at Britannia Stadium ..
idk it's just so relaxing lol But yeah the roads are pretty bad
pshhh it's pretty bad Lopez, I was going 40 in a 70 zone earlier today and my car was still slipping
Still havent started the lopez project.
Seton Hall product Jose Lopez who now plays for a living, pushes himself daily to reach his goals.
Lights and fun at Country Christmas, Country Spring hotel, Waukesha with Francheska Jimenez , Lucy Lopez , Angel Jose
police chief Jose Lopez with black band over his badge.
UtOh I'm about 30 minutes into one of the hottest mixes I've heard ALL YEAR! Jose Lopez from Barcelona, Spain
Jose Lopez ’09 was appointed to the new Task Force on 21st Century Policing by President Barack Obama.
Chief urges Durham cops to be 'vigilant' after NYC shooting: Durham Police Chief Jose Lopez says he's urging his…
Photo: to Artemisa Lopez from Jose Palos at Westside Chevrolet! on Flickr.
Durham police chief Jose Lopez is telling his officers to be extra alert.
Is trivia crack supposed to be easy or am I just a nerd?
Still on progress,not the best picture,tattoos by Jose Flores at Firefly Tattoo Collective thanks Mouse Lopez for...
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Jose is always talking to me about Buchanana's 😂😂😒
you had me intrigued with Jose Luis Lopez so watched the Quartey fight. Quality! You know he fought Francisco Sierra in 2010?
Check out this great piece of art by Jose Antonio Lopez Picardo
Athletic going to three at back with Unai Lopez on for Balenziaga. Presumably San Jose to drop back to be one of em.
make sure to drink enough for the both of us. And take funny pictures. And send them to me.
I'm so jealous yet so excited for you. Have fun JOSAY
my old man says Jose Luis Lopez far away the biggest talent he has ever promoted/seen
Mother of man killed by police officers in says, "I'm standing here in sorrow about losing those two police officers…
have an opinion on what happened to the 2 NYC cops? Makes me sick.
Our big and fun day out celebrating Cameron's 13th birthday. Had a great time!! At Main Event in Ft. Worth. With Kaelyn Clark Jose Lopez Chris Robertson and Cameron Robertson and Corey Townley.
Our friend and ARM team member,Jose Lopez, father passed last night here in Abilene. The viewing will be Monday night at Elmwood funeral home on 277. The funeral is Tuesday at the same location. If you can possibly be at one or both to support our Christian friend and fellow church goer,please do so.
explains Jacob and all his favorite teams
Happy Birthday to José de Sousa Saramago, a writer and the 1998 recipient of the Nobel Prize
Jose Mou showing no laughs at Djokovic. LOL
Jose Mourinho's watching the exhibition & if you are, it moves to at 7pm
The WMed Simulation Center is one of the largest in the country.
Jehovah's Witnesses Ordered to Pay $13.5 Million to Jose Lopez for Sex Abuse at Hands of Elder Who Had Admitted to Molesting a Chi
and not the fake vampire movie by the same name and I got one of the names wrong as the artist is Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez not just Garcia
WTCC season ended with Jose Maria Lopez winning the championship. Thrilling races, high-class competition. Waiting for 2015.
Lately sleep hasn't been nice to me..
Race 1: 10th WIN of the season for Jose Maria "Pechito" Lopez, a new record! Honda Racing WTCC with Michelisz Norbert P2, Tarquini P3
Macau WTCC: Jose Maria Lopez dominates race one for Citroen -
Different class for José Maria Lopez in Macau. 10th win of the season. No way for other guys on track
Jose Maria Lopez wins the first race. Michelisz in second ahead of Tarquini, Monterio, Muller and Loeb.
I don't really trust the guy on the dos Equis commercial. The most interesting man in the world is definitely Forrest Gump.
Appreciate hearing about mistakes in strategic research as well as successes from Jose (?) Lopez.
If anyone needs us, we'll be watching
Goes to look up Eric's cousin on FB to see pictures of my girl & he goes by two names."Jose or Chris Lopez" . Yeah I'm good.
Miss Bianca lopez San Jose Escorts is available now!
“Trending: Jose Canseco's finger falls off during poker tournament that's awesome.
I love my group of friends I hangout with❤️ Aubrey, Anisay, Alexis, Nikki, Jordan, And Jose (: ! but missing my riah ):
it's on its way. The mail is slow with the snow day
Apparently Friday night is karaoke night at my house.
Jehovah's Witnesses Ordered to Pay $13.5M to alleged victim of Bible Teachers abuse. Way to go
dom I watched the leaked gameplay yesterday and it's still there
Snow day means that I make pozole for the first time ever! Not grandma quality, but it's getting there.
Jose Maria Lopez claims 7th pole position in fiawtcc qualifying in Macau!.
Congrats to our most recent college admits:. Jose Lopez- accepted to Dalia Felipe- accepted to Abilene Christian University
Remember Jose-Maria Lopez of US F1? He's become Argentina's first motorsport world champion since Fangio
FML me too. Happy the falcons are winning tho lol
Congrats!! Jose Maria Lopez is the world champion of 2014
JOSE GUADALUPE LOPEZ just got their posted to Johnston County, NC ... -
Before we say congratulations to Jose-Maria Lopez & for winning the drivers' title. Great job!
Suzuka, Lopez won round 21: Interview with José María Lopez right after he won round 21Author: EurosportTurkiy...
Meanwhile, Jose Maria Lopez has won the 2014 World Touring Car Championship. Suprised by the margin he had over Yvan Muller. Total class.
Electronic Device Insurance
We were suppose to leave Choctaw 1 💀
Jose Maria Lopez wins the first race at Suzuka and gets championship title -
Congratulations to Jose Maria Lopez on becoming 2014 champion
It's done! Jose Maria Lopez is the 2014 FIA World Touring Car Champion !!!. Very Well Done and
Caterham, Marussia to miss next races:
"Ronaldo has the same number of penalties scored in Clasico's as Messi. Barca fans need to calma calma.”
just finished a Runtastic run of 5.01 mi in 3h 42m with Android app:
San Jose State tacks on a late rushing TD and Lopez nails the PAT with 1:24 to play. 41, San Jose State 31.
"They call me Juan, they call me Jose, they call me Carlos Julio Cruza Martinez Lopez
Ruling is confirmed. Touchdown San Jose State. Lopez on for PAT to make it 21-17.
When you're playing a fighting game for the first time with your friend..
Austin Lopez field goal caps off an 18 play drive for SJSU as they take 7:32 off the clock. 3-0 San Jose State with 2:15 left in the 1st
Lopez's kick is good and he remains the only San Jose State player to ever score in this stadium. SJSU 3, Navy 0.
Saw a Maserati drive by me today and I almost broke my neck from the double take.
Wrong on Atari Force as a comic-it was a well written & featured art by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez & Gil Kane.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
The blog reran my 2010 interview with the legendary Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez!
. - Jose-Maria Lopez closes on title with pole -
At work just chilling lol..every boss should be like mines jaja
I will remember my orgo 2 lab partner until the day I die.
Nestle’s Jose Lopez appreciates being “chosen” by as major player to shift global to sustainability
Do you know José Manuel López? The star of the project will be in and sure he has some surprises ready!!
"We're coming together to tackle this huge issue" Nestlé's José Lopez on climate change: via
Nestle talks climate change at UN summit, check out video message José Lopez, head of global operations via
What do you do when all hope is lost 🌇
If I have a kid and he wants to play baseball ima show him what Jose Altuve did on that hit and run.
Omg I thought John was Casey, and she was telling Jose that 😂😅😅 I was like 😳😳😅
okay don't come to my funeral make SUDE Jose Lopez is
Jose Lopez,I'll see you on the flip side homie❤️
Nestle talks climate change at summit: Jose Lopez, head of global operations for Nestle, talks about what his ...
RIP to Jose Lopez. Familiar face but I didn't know you but I'll pay my respect to your passing. My condolences to your friends & family. 💙
A good date ends with dinner. . An excellent date ends with breakfast.
All these nudes leaking, but the Krabby Patty formula is still safe
I'm absorbing his blows like I'm made of some sort of spongy material
Anyone have a chegg account I could borrow for like an hour?
They started having problems Jose Lopez what do you think?
I gained 164 followers in the last week. You? Know your stats and grow with
Nestlé’s José Lopez talks impact of w/ on and what businesses must do to address
NYC man dies after wrongfully spending 23 years in prison
I need that for performances real talk 😂 lol I don't turn up enough when I perform
you gotta put me on a track bro! I can't rap but I'll be your hype man lmao 😆😂😭
I never ever promote local music or upcoming artist but give my dude first mixtape a listen.
exactly you gotta pay for everything you can't easily download music like with androids that's my main issue with iPhone
yea bro. It's YOUR phone. Where as apple it's apples phone. You do what they want you to do.
*** yeah and I always lowkey wanted to go back to android lol
exactly. That note 4 just looks so dope bro!
dayum bro! That's a lot. There's just nothing new about the iPhone 6. It's all features android has.
“.and Renzo Olivo beats and Jose Pereira 6-2 6(6)-7 10-7 in the 1st round at Porto Alegre
that note 4 looks sick as *** omg lol I be thinking about just adding another phone to my line I'm already paying 160 lol
yea bro I like it too. But I think I'm gonna get the note 4 when it drops. Apple just hasn't caught up with the game bro.
I like it I just hate how he keyword capitalizes unnecessary words that don't need it lol
it's good bro. I'll definitely listen to it once I get the CD.
lol appreciate that real talk but I got ya bro ✊
Nestle's Jose Lopez talks with Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo about how climate change impacts our food supply.
The freshmen get smaller every year
you probably were on the phone with Jose you thot 😒
frfr ?? I ain't get it prolly cause he took me to get ice cream or i was on the phone with jose 😳😂😌
Update: New flock of mini satellites launched from station, crew packs spacewalk gear:
DC wouldn't have needed to do Crisis on Infinite Earths if they'd made better use of José Luis García-López.
Missing; Jose Lopez. Driving from Kempton to Muldersdrif.1.8m 90kg. Brown hair and eyes. Please share.
Missing person. Jose Lopez. Missing from 9:30 this morning. Driving from Kempton Park to Muldersdrif. Please share.
Our Human Resources Dept. Would like to contact you. His Name is Jose Lopez, please email him at jlopez
Strong links between & key stakeholders needed to improve people's resilience in Jose Lopez…
Had a good time planning out villapalooza with the homie Ramiro Lopez then randomly get spotted by Jose Ledezma...
“PHOTOS; boss Jose walks pitchside prior games at Turf Moor.
“PHOTOS; boss Jose walks pitchside prior games v at Turf Moor.
DC's soliciting a Batman 66 1-shot based on an unused Harlan Ellison TwoFace script by Len Wein and Jose Garcia Lopez! Wow
Jose Luis Sanchez: "Diego Lopez got hurt because of people like Iker Casillas".
Ecstatic that we can finally unveil a new BATMAN '66 Cover by the master Jose Luis-Garcia Lopez
My amazing prom date who would always smoke me out is leaving for San Jose
!!! DC's following up the recent José Luis García-López Cinder + Ashe reprint with his Twilight in November.
I nominate Jose Lopez for the ALS ice bucket challenge. You have 24 hours
José has a Jennifer Lopez CD playing right now... 😂
too flipping gd Ino Jose mite do the same thing wiv Casillas n diego Lopez
How was that fight between Roberto Castaneda and Jose Lopez not stopped in the 1st last night. That was PR home cooking t…
it's a supercar.. Of course it's going to be fast 😑
nah i havnt been jumping just trying to get to know all kinds of cars and figure out wich is the best.. Unlike you.. Yikes..
I liked a video Foru Company Overview work with Jose Lopez
Price $69,850 (Gtr R35). Price $1.2 Million (Agera R). Oh no booboo your the peasant with yo cheap as car 😂✋✋
Alexandra Orellana and Eduardo Bono challenged me. So here it is x2. I challenge Jose Lopez-Varela, Orlando B.
Waiting for some hilarious people to draw conclusions about Diego Lopez based on today's performance.
JOSE REYES LOPEZ just got their posted to Wake Mugshots -
I have the most Mexican name on the planet. Jose Miguel Lopez Guerrero Jimenez Hernandez
“Stop-and-frisk is still a policy that’s very actively used in our police department,” Jose Lopez, lead organizer...
operation take down Jose Lopez and steal his identity
If you have any information on the whereabouts of Jose Lopez, please call the Bexar County Sheriff's Office Tip...
Yayy !! Ask Jose he got them but tomorrow he sleeping now
Most of Venezuela's 2000 judges, including judge in Leo Lopez case, lack tenure. Leaves them vulnerable, afraid.
Get 100GB of free SurDoc cloud storage for 1 year plus 10GB extra if you sign up within one week
Cristian Tello, Adrian Lopez, Jose Angel and Oliver Tores at the swimming pool, St George Park.
I tell you that you learn something new everyday. I didn't know that Hwy 90 was the Jose Lopez freeway? Google...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Thoughts on this t shirt, made by a good friend of ours, with a Jose Lopez tattoo?
My prayers go out to Zadee Lopez who is currently battling stage 4 cancer & isn't doing well 🙌🙏 my heart is 💔
No surprise Mourinho has Cech and Courtouis. Iker and Lopez, Cech and Cuducini. Jose likes two top keepers.
“the wife from George Lopez or King of Queens?” George leezy easy lol
Its like every guy in the bullpen is named “Jose Lopez”
Powerful image of Jose Maria Lopez after dominating both races in Argentina on Sunday:
What I learned on the internet today. It's raining pretty hard in Pocatello today. Thanks guys.
Lol I was kidding. Jose got it wrong aha!
My friend got some plants for his new place and called them Phineas and Fern.
Welcome the coach Antonio Lopez Habas, former Spanish defender and assistant coach of Jose Ramirez Barreto
David Hasselhoff has the 12 foot, 750 pound, $100,000 replica of himself from The Spongebob Squarepants Movie in his home.…
Anybody that's collecting these if you need them let me know
Just looked up Dustin Ackley's career stats. Jose Lopez wants his job back.
One time I had to drink a off brand of Jose Cuervo and it was called Pepe Lopez
"Hello juan is that you?". "Na it's Jose Miguel Fransico Jesus Carlos Coy Lopez"
BREAKING: Live picture of Brazil's Christ the Redeemer statue
Feel bad for brazil they really need thiago silva out their because thier defense ***
If you could hug anyone right now, who would it be? — Jose Lopez
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Ichiro, Bret Boone, Jose Lopez, John Olerud and Mike Cameron all were acquired via international signing, trade or free agency.
But: The last Mariner to PLAY third base in All-Star Game was Jose Lopez in 2006. Ninth inning. You can look it up.
For position player, the answer is Jose Lopez, 2006
Besides Felix? Depends on if you want to count Japanese free agents... So JJ in '07, Jose Lopez in '06.
I was afraid Jose Lopez was going to be part of the answer. Thanks!
The Mariners have multiple position players selected as All-Stars for the 1st time since 2006 (Jose Lopez and Ichiro)
“When was the last time the Mariners had two position players in an All Star Game?” 2006. Ichiro and Jose Lopez
lol I forgot Jose Lopez was on the team
Jose Lopez and Ichiro both made it in 2006...not sure that was last time, just still amazed that Jose Lopez was an All-Star
Photo: to Jose Lopez from Barry Neal at Huffines Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM Plano! on Flickr.
Excited to get Cinder & Ashe in trade paperback from and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. Been reading Gerry's JLA in tra…
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I hate to break it to you Jose but the only person he's lying to is you 😳
shut up Jose, you shouldn't be talking. You're just his side *** 😉
Got my carded Super Powers Flash figure signed by the legendary Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez
“Jose Lopez” he slumped badly that second half too.
If I could I would just take the train tomorrow morning to San Jose and stay there for 2 weeks or more 😔 but no I haven't gotten paid 😭
and Mariners are close to bringing back Yuni, Jose Lopez and Richie a Sexson
If Brooklyn had Lopez, I think the Heat series would've been a lot closer. MAYBE even won it.
as seen as I seen Lopez go down for the session I knew Brooklyn wouldnt go far!!
lowrider tattoo the dude Jose Lopez is top 5 in the world
itsookay I'm short too 😭 Especially compared to Jose Luis's black *** nikka lol
SF yesterday and now San Jose today and tomorrow. This weekend is great so far🎉😏
It's gonna be bad for Jose tomorrow 👿
I bet 50 on the Mexico vs Netherland game 😉👅💦
HIT and arrested members of in cristo town stgo d Jose Antonio Lopez piña.
Jose Lopez drives in the go ahead run for the Farcats. Fatcats 2 Allionsville Red Storm 1, T 2.
Update your maps at Navteq
Come see original artwork in by Jose Santos Lopez all for 'negotiation' come see
If you're unfamiliar with Matt Korobov's opponent, here's a video of Jose Uzcategui knocking David Lopez smooth out:
Delish dinner of paposas, chili relleno, and soup with Edgardo-Miriam Montano, Loyda E. Lopez Correa, Jose Loyda...
Cinder and Ashe, by Gerry Conway and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, is being reprinted next week. Here's an interview I...
And only i would cut myself with them 😭😭😭
When my cousins get me butterfly knives 😍☺️😍
Love this Picture from Lopez. See us next week at Ray's Built Tuff Gym: San Jose,Ca for a free Shake and...
The homies name is Jose Lopez and I called out his order saying J-Lo lmao why am I so funny?
“Francquee -1. Larry -0” What did that come from Jose Lopez?
“Germany is going to get that W and take out Ghana!! Next round for sure” since when did you like Germany ?
New Details in Grand Forks Homicide: Jose Lopez was shot three times during a break-in that led to his death,...
Photo: to Claribel Lopez from Jose Jimenez at Holt Chrysler Jeep Dodge! on Flickr.
José and Steven Lopez from Lowrider Tattoos are in Nicaragua. Starting work on an exciting new project
Friends honor Jose Lopez in a special way during their softball game in Grafton
Chicano Medal of Honor winner Sgt Jose Lopez-single handedly killed 100 German troops at the Battle of the Bulge.
All purpose parts banner
Jose Lopez. He came to Sapporo and played a game with fighters the other day.
They call me Juan, they call me Jose... They call me Carlos Sanchez De La Cruz Rodriguez Martinez Lopez
Is Yvan Muller, Jose Maria 'Pechito' Lopez and Sebastien Loeb the ultimate driver line-up for a team? Or is there...
NotJB: Tough choice but went with John Byrne. A close second for me is José Luis García-López and Curt Swan third. All amazing artists.
Don't you ever try to play me like that again “not a Jose Lopez plz”
Got to force my snuggles on this cutie pie even tho all he wanted was Juan Jose Lopez! Heather Everidge Hesselbart Lisa Cameron-Marsan Camellia Olds Heather Nager
Kamegai told me his nickname is "El Maestrito" ("The Little Maestro/Teacher") b/c he loved watching Jose Luis Lopez fight
Happy Birthday Jose Rizal! . Art by BenCab from INDIO BRAVO by Asuncion Lopez-Rizal Bantug and Sylvia Mendez Ventura
One year ago Jose Mourinho decided to bench Iker Casillas in favor of Diego Lopez. One year later, we saw why Mou benched him.
Shooting victim Juan Damiron decides to say who shot him in Jose Lopez trial.
Venezuelan opposition leader Leopoldo López has today spent four months in custody. And there is still not even…
Springfield shooting victim Juan Damiron says Jose Lopez shot him; defense says for 14 months Damiron claimed he...
Casillas is awful, no wonder Jose dropped him and Diego Lopez starts in the league
Diego Lopez would have done better than Casillas. Jose saw this but yap, he was disrupting Real Madrid's dressing room.
And Jose had to buy Lopez, wasn't as if a young kid like Courtois was waiting. Head scratcher, Lopez can't get a game for Spain!
domain names
Jose made right call when beeches iker not gk he once was great servant but time up only ever be no2 gk at real as Lopez has
When Jose bench Casillas for Diego Lopez we All didn't knw why I think we All know...
I just think De Gea and even Diego Lopez are better, must be a reason Jose dropped in at Real
Jose saw that Lopez was (and still is) a better keeper than Casillas but Spain politics didn't wanna hear it. Playing cuz of name.
Diego Lopez bossed Casillas last season, yet VDB dropped the latter for Iker. Who now doubts what Jose said about Iker?! No one.
S\O Jose mourinho 1st coach to bench Casillas and show us the Amazing Diego Lopez!
now I understand why Jose morinho preferred Lopez over calliers.
José Mourinho is to blame for Casillas... Why would you buy Lopez?? First Kaka, then Iker even Mata... Heartless.
And everyone used to criticize Jose for choosing Diego Lopez over Casillas.
now I know why Jose Mourhino preferred Lopez over Casillas
WHERE ARE YOU NOW HATERS. Jose Mourinho was right to establish Diego Lopez in Real Madrid's goal.
Diego Lopez and Jose Mourinho are Happiest 2 persons in the world atm. LOL
When Jose started using Diego Lopez of dis Casillas guy,Madrid fans wanted him out.
Casillas was dropped by Jose Mourinho for a reason. Jose proved that Diego Lopez was a top keeper & that Casillas was fading.
And people said Jose was stupid for putting Lopez over Casillas.
Was dropped by Jose, earned his place and got injured! Ancelotti just stuck with Lopez for leagued, Iker cups n C league
Photoset: bear1na: Wonder Woman, Superman, and Batman by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez
Simba get out of here go mess around with Jose or Nick 😂😂😂
We are proud to confirm JOSE LOPEZ in his adventure in Asia with Esee Models and
"Check me out! . . . . . . . Hey followers, go check out my friends soundcloud. He's great!
user advises - Scale the product properly within your system’s
This guy is top 3 in the world for tattooing his name is Jose Lopez but he is expensive af
I will not live in fear & I will not let it keep me from becoming the women I believe I can be. by Jose Lopez
Be in control of creating your own future & dreams! Photography by Jose Lopez
After unpleasant city council meeting chief Jose Lopez goes to his car, finds a parking ticket.
Letterman Jacket Information: All those who qualified for a Letterman jacket this year will have a lettermen jacket measurement on Tuesday, May 20th during 1st and 2nd lunch only. *Failure to report during this time and date to the gym will result in a delay on getting your letterman. The next measurement time will be December. The following qualified for a letterman this year: Jessica Watson, Ali Ayala, Vanessa Sanchez, Zachary Hopkins, Josh Diaz, Andres Hinojosa, Aransas Haley, Jose Lopez, Cassandra Rubio, Alexis Mulkey, Jordan Pemelton, Fernando Chavez, Bobby Guerra, Leo Valdez, and Michelle Chino If your on this list and have a letterman, you will not need to report. You can get a patch to signify two year letterman, etc. (Stripes).
I just defeated Jose Lopez in Pocket for the Windows Phone
Sitting out in the car with Jose Lopez and Frank Jones smoking on this good drizzy Frank tryna blow a *** head off with this drizzy but i'm not gonna tap out he must not know i can smoke lol.
Congratulations to Crystal Walker on your purchase from Jose Lopez at Holt Chrysler J
Just want to give a big shout out to Jose Lopez. My husband for winning Installers of the Years at Empire Today time to celebrate
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Recently at the Ring of Gold boxing event, Marvin "Marvelous" Sonsona is now the new WBO International Featherweight champion after knocking out cold former world champion Akifumi Shimoda of Japan via a vicious left uppercut in the 3rd round that brought the jampacked Venetian crowd in awe. Sonsona improved his record to 18 wins against 1 defeat and 1 draw with 15 knockouts. He turned pro in July, 2007 and became a world champion on September 4, 2009 at the age of 19 defeating Jose Lopez of Puerto Rico in a WBO super flyweight world title fight at Casino Rama in Ontario, Canada after only his 14th ring battle and made history that Friday night by becoming the 2nd youngest Filipino world champion.
Announcements for Tuesday, February 18 , 2014 Menu: beef taco, Spanish rice, California veggies, fruit, milk FBLA members will meet tomorrow morning at 7:15 a.m. Student council will meet Thursday morning at 7:15 a.m. Congratulations to our wrestlers who will be traveling to State! Diondre Garcia -1st, Jose Duran – 1st, Cody Cowan – 3rd, Daniel Borunda -4th, Jacob Vance – 3rd, Simon Schaefer – 1st, Isaac Medina – 3rd, Matt Barnes – 2nd, Dalton Quintana – 5th and Jose Lopez -5th. Nice job gentlemen! Knowledge Bowl will meet today at lunch in Mr. Wilkinson’s room. Key Club will meet today in the counseling center at lunch. Good luck to our basketball teams as they compete against Centauri today at home and Thursday in Pagosa! NHS and SHOCK will meet tomorrow during club time.
The dolphins game brings me epic you doing Chris Perez , Jose Lopez , Ariel Deschapell LMAO!! Just turn off the TV n enjoy some egg nog lol
It actually would be nice to move out here to San Jose. .
Graciano Lopez Jaena together with Jose Rizal and Marcelo Del Pilar fought for freedom!. Let us remember Graciano...
What! My parents thinking of moving to San Jose? ! *** No!
Durham Police Chief: Teen died of gunshot wound to the head - Durham Police Chief Jose Lopez said  Jesus...
Jose Rodolfo del Valle Lopez, you make me smile :)
Gotta love when they call the Hispanic names at graduations. "Juan Carlos Castillo Javier Jesus José Louis Hernandez Sanchez Lopez the 3rd"
They call me Juan ! They call me José ! They call me Carlos aakdnqbaidbso Martinez Lopez !
My first record dropped today, in case you've missed it. Check out here:
Life throws you curves, but you learn to swerve.
today and Thursday I'm at don jose right now
Today in 1944: Mexican American José M. Lopez held off Germans at Battle of the Bulge & won Medal of Honor
New Citroen signing Jose Maria Lopez has described team-mates Yvan Muller and Sebastien Loeb as "monsters." Lost in translation?
WTCC: Lopez: I proved my worth to Citroen: Citroen's new World Touring Car Championship recruit Jose Maria Lop...
Today in 1944, 3 earned at the Battle of the Bulge: PFC Richard Cowan, SGT Jose Lopez, PFC William Soderman.
Congratulations to Jose Lopez MA being accepted to Yale University! Isn't it grand at Grand Arts?
Joanna Frank, Cheryl McKinney, Jose Lopez, Alice Mckinney-Lopez , Shell Anne, Ahmia Bennett, So happy, just so excited God has answered our prayers. Alice has been moved out of ICU and down a level to CV6. She is still in pain and has been given pain meds. Her transferring nurse said she eaten a little lunch but still can not take fluids. They had Alice sitting in a chair for a little while. Alice is having a hard time with her so each and understandably gets frustrated trying to talk. Alice's drain has been removed and they were able to get her to walk a few steps. Thank you dear lord! Please continue your prayers for my little sis, she has a battle but with Gods strength she is winning!
103 days to go. Earlier in 2013, Jose Manuel Riella, aged 103, married 99-year-old Martina Lopez after 80 years together
I thought he beat DLH & also got robbed vs Jose Luis Lopez
I'm proud to announce to the world that Jose Lopez from Los Angeles has been accepted to Yale University. He attended our Yale University reception for Dean Rosalinda Garcia in Sanger in the Summer. Congratulations Jose. You Rock! You and Viviana are going to represent!
And she said, play it again, play it again, play it again.
Miro why you lying homie!! invited me to a drink but I couldn't go
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