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Jose Fernandez

José Luis Álvaro Alvino Fernández Madrid (February 19, 1789 – June 28, 1830) was a Neogranadine statesman, physician, scientist and writer, who was President of the interim triumvirate of the United Provinces of New Granada in 1814, and President of the United Provinces of the New Granada in 1816. After the Spanish retook New Granada, he was barred from the country and was exiled in Havana, where he continued his scientific studies and worked as a doctor.

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Something for MLB to consider: A Jose Fernandez spirit award, presented to the player who best exemplifies love and pass…
Message stitched into Aledmys Diaz's glove is a tribue to Jose Fernandez -- and a reminder via
Never Forget when Aledmys Diaz hit a grandslam for his childhood best friend from Cuba, Jose Fernandez ⚾️😭❤
The families of the guys who died with Jose Fernandez are suing his state wow how can they do that no shame why are people like that
Families of two men killed along with Marlins' Jose Fernandez when his boat crashed file lawsuits. h…
Jose Fernandez's estate sued by families of other men killed in boating accident - Yahoo Sports…
The families of the two men who died when Jose Fernandez's boat crashed are suing the late pitcher's estate.
Families of men killed with pitcher Jose Fernandez file lawsuits. Disgrace. Judge should throw out the case. Sad.
Families of two men killed in boat crash with Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez suing his estate…
Families of men killed with Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez file lawsuits
The Marlins will wear patches to honor Jose Fernandez this year
Families of men killed with Jose Fernandez file lawsuits
David Samson on Jose Fernandez: "I’m not sure what people think we should have done . . . move in with him?"
Jose Fernandez, now Yordano Ventura. Managers and teammates surely wondering how can you get young guys to listen and be caref…
In his last start, Yordano Ventura honored Jose Fernandez and Oscar Taveras with handwritten messages on his cap.
Oscar Taveres, Jose Fernandez, and now Yordano Ventura all taken in their prime. Sad day for the major leagues
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Arnold Palmer and Jose Fernandez are dead, but ben roethlesberger is still alive
Oscar Taveras, Jose Fernandez, Yordano Ventura, and Andy Marte all talented young athletes passing too soon. Prayers to th…
Some of the many players Major League Baseball lost in 2016. RIP Jose Fernandez, Joe Garagiola, Tony Phillips, and Mon…
Marlins president David Samson talks about the tragic news of Jose Fernandez's passing -…
Now available: Jose Fernandez: Passion for Baseball, Passion for Life by Clark Spencer
Jose Fernandez and Troy Tulowitzki's classic baseball interaction. Doesn't get much better than this.
John Saunders, Gene Wilder, Jose Fernandez, & Arnold friggin Palmer were those that we lost in 2016. Unbelievable.
Marlins President David Samson's days have been mediocre and filled with misery since the passing of Jose Fernandez.
"It was bad. Why sugarcoat it? It was bad. It hurts." - Marlins president David Samson on the tragic loss of Jose Fernandez
it was already out there when they said they planned to get him, manny machado and the late Jose Fernandez in the winter of 18
Respect to Antonio Brown for these Jose Fernandez & Kimbo Slice tribute cleats:
You gotta imagine that Jose Fernandez wouldve been selected to represent the USA in the upcoming World Baseball Classic.…
Between Michael Lorenzen, Dee Gordon/Jose Fernandez, and now Craig Anderson, you can't tell me that there aren't angels watching over people
Update: 'Boat crash' listed as cause of death for Miami Marlins star Jose Fernandez; report shows he was also drunk
Attorney: Cocaine was out of character for Jose Fernandez - Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez had cocaine an...
Alcohol and cocaine in MLB star Jose Fernandez's system when he was killed in boat crash: Miami Marlins baseb...
.Alcohol and cocaine become part of Jose Fernandez's tragedy. "That's how his obituary reads now."
UPDATE: New details released of boat crash that killed Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez and two of his friends:
Autopsy reveals pitcher Jose Fernandez took cocaine before crash.
Jose Fernandez reportedly was legally drunk, used cocaine night of deadly boat crash.
An autopsy of Miami Marlins' star Jose Fernandez shows cocaine, alcohol at time of boat crash https:/…
After Miami Herald public records lawsuit, county to release toxicology report for Marlins star Jose Fernandez, who die…
Miami baseball star Fernandez was drunk, had cocaine in system at fatal crash: (Reuters) - Miami Marlins star Jose Fernandez, a domin...
BREAKING: Toxicology report shows Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez had cocaine, alcohol in his system during fatal boat crash.
BREAKING: Marlins star Jose Fernandez was legally drunk, had cocaine in blood when he died, medical examiner says https:/…
Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez had cocaine in his system when he died in boat crash, medical examiner's office says.
Jose Fernandez's autopsy report surprised officials, considering he had never tested positive for cocaine use. https…
Jose Fernandez just proving that he was human and made mistakes like the rest of us. Don't let this overshadow his positive…
Toxicology report shows that Jose Fernandez was drunk at the time of boating crash.
I can. It's still tragic. If we can mourn for Philip Seymour Hoffman, we can mourn for Jose Fernandez.
Marlins GM Jeffrey Loria on their decision to retire Jose Fernandez's Number 16
Report: Jose Fernandez and friends smelled of alcohol after fatal crash - Yahoo Sports
How did that travel ball team with Baez, Lindor, and Jose Fernandez ever lose a game?
Cuban missile Chapman paying tribute to Jose Fernandez. Respect!!
Still can't believe Jose Fernandez is dead
Chapman wearing Jose Fernandez number 16 on his hat.
Marlins’ Jose Fernandez named NL Comeback Player of the Year. Here is his final interview with writer http…
Jose Fernandez last Instagram post showing his pregnant wife and talking about their upcoming journey is heartbreaking…
Report: Alcohol factored in Fernandez boat crash
I love that Chapman has JF 16 on his hat for Jose Fernandez
At 11, the report on the Jose Fernandez boat crash. Plus, the highlights. And is Trump leading in FL? Join us.
Report: Jose Fernandez, friends reeked of alcohol at the time of the crash via the Android app
Rest in Peace, Jose Fernandez, throw some heat up in heaven 😢
Arguably my favorite Jose Fernandez moment. . "Did you catch that?". "Yeah, yeah I did" .
Chapman has Jose Fernandez's initials and his number on his hat 😭😭
Marlins ace Jose Fernandez killed in Miami boating accident
Lindor and Baez actually next to each other bottom left. Lindor was MVP in Jupiter that year. Jose Fernandez MVPitcher…
VERY RARE Miami Marlins Jose Fernandez ENTIRE set of MLB pitched games t...
Hands-down the most emotional moment and baseball this year was when Dee Gordon hit the HR his first at bat after Jose Fern…
Jose Fernandez and Boat Passengers' Bodies Had a Strong Odor of Alcohol, According to Medical Examiner: Miami...
I refuse to listen to a negative comment that is being made to Jose Fernandez
Jose Fernandez, friends had 'strong odor of alcohol' when bodies were found via
Report: Jose Fernandez, two others had "strong odor of alcohol" at time of fatal boat crash
Court docs describe 'odor of alcohol' on remains of Pitcher Jose Fernandez, friends after fatal boat crash ht…
Jose Fernandez, friends reportedly smelled of alcohol after fatal boat crash -
WikiLeaks: Jose Fernandez Coordinated with Team Clinton on Uranium 1 Scandal Pushback - Breitbart via
"Strong odor" of alcohol on bodies of Jose Fernandez and two friends after boat crash
Dee Gordon honors the death of José Fernández by taking the first pitch wearing his helmet. Then hits his first HR of t…
Jose Fernandez’s mom thanks Miami fans: I’ve been sustained by your love for my son. via
Scene of tragedy: Pitcher José Fernandez dies on the water regardless of outcome alcohol & boating don't mix.
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Report: Affidavit says there was 'strong odor of alcohol' at Jose Fernandez crash via
New heartbreaking details have emerged about Jose Fernandez's death:
More heartbreaking news following Jose Fernandez's tragic death.
Marlins Manager Don Mattingly tearfully remembers the life and legacy of José Fernández.
And Jose Fernandez and Joe Panik, but Bubba was the pick at the time. Too much upside.
Breaking: Jose Fernandez, companions had strong odor of alcohol after fatal crash
'Strong odor' of alcohol on Jose Fernandez after boat crash
Jose Fernandez and his friends reportedly had a "strong odor of alcohol" on them after their fatal crash
Carlos Martinez drew an 18 for Oscar Taveras and a 16 for Jose Fernandez before he took the mound. Chills man chills htt…
Giancarlo Stanton and teammates honor Jose Fernandez with beautiful mural in Brazil (via
Antonio Brown is wearing these cleats in honor of Jose Fernandez and Kimbo Slice today in Miami
Antonio Brown is honoring Jose Fernandez and Kimbo Slice on his shoes for this week's game vs the Dolphins
Dang! Nick Torres reminds me of Jose Fernandez 🤔 didn't expect this man affected me baseball life fo sure 😞
Fired up my MVP 2013 today. I have a 13-year-old Jose Fernandez versus 15-year-old Zack Wheeler. Now I'm sad.
Without Papi there's no King's Court for Felix, no Yoenis on a horse, no Jose Fernandez bat flipping his way into our hearts.
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I don't ❤️ him by my house.. and friends of Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez
RIP Jose Fernandez, the young king! 24 yrs old, he was on his way to probably become the best of all time
This is how I remember Jose Fernandez: "What's that!?" he said of Kenta Maeda's slider. He swung. He missed. He still smile…
what if the NL Cy Young winner dedicates the award to Jose Fernandez ? How awesome would that be ?
if you win the Cy Young you should dedicate the award to Jose Fernandez , in honor of him . Bless you brother 🙏🏼
Disagree with on AL ROY, but absolutely agree that Jose Fernandez should win NL Cy Young:
Jose Fernandez is in heaven, joyfully playing ball with Oscar Taveres and Nick Adenhart.
Vin Scully, Jose Fernandez, David Ortiz. Nobody does it better than baseball, no matter the occasion.
Here is what Hillary Clinton had to say about the death of Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez today in Coral Springs, F…
Just saw Jeff Loria and Scott Boras speaking at Jose Fernandez funeral on SportsCenter. Jarring to see them both pretending to be human.
My favorite Jose Fernandez highlight.😂😂. Tulo: "Did you catch that?" . Jose: "Yes. Yes I did."
Rest In Peace, Jose Fernandez. 🙏🏻 His jersey will be sold for $35, ALL profits will be donated to charity. ▶️
Jose Fernandez, Rest in Peace. . Miami is devastated by the tragic death of our Marlins Star Pitcher.
Miami Marlins star pitcher Jose Fernandez, who died in boating accident Sunday, honored in public memorial service.
"The service itself was exquisite but as sad as could possibly be." on how Jose Fernandez was remembered…
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Marlins' Fernandez remembered as larger than life at funeral: Miami Marlins ace Jose Fernandez was remembered Thursday as a larger th...
Miami Marlins honor Jose Fernandez after boating death,Trump deplorables spew hate as they do.
Jose Fernandez of Miami Marlins baseball that killed over the weekend in near Miami-Florida.
Marco Rubio honors life of star Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez in moving speech on Senate floor
Pallbearers wore black Jose Fernandez jerseys as they carried his casket Thursday at private funeral mass in Miami.
Hey Tracy Wolfson you heard the news about Baseball player Jose Fernandez passed away from boating accident
The great joins the StewPod to talk about his friend Jose Fernandez and lots more. Listen:…
Podcast: Pedro Martinez on his friendship with Jose Fernandez
The entire team surrounds hearse carrying late teammate Jose Fernandez at final visit to Marlins Park
Maria Arias makes her first performance since Jose Fernandez's passing
After finding out he was having a daughter, Jose Fernandez's bond w/ teammate Tom Koehler grew even stronger:
Tears, kisses and heartbreak as Miami fans bid farewell to Jose Fernandez: Throughout...
Dade Brigade (Miami FC) (D2) honoring the passing of Jose Fernandez.
.pays heartfelt respect to Jose Fernandez in this week's "Mia's Pick Six":
Baseballs signed by Jose Fernandez washed ashore Monday about a mile from where he died in a boating accident.
This just shows you how great of a person Jose Fernandez was. Rest easy Jose.
Thousands come out to mourn for Jose Fernandez at public memorial and processional.
For Tom Koehler and Jose Fernandez, there was a bond over present and future fatherhood:
So disrespectful of MLB the show 16 taking Jose Fernandez out of the game
sign Jose Fernandez jersey as a gift to the Marlins:
The passing of Jose Fernandez taught me something. Live your life like Jose lived his. He was so positive and outgoing. He looked at.
Scenes of players as Jose Fernandez hearse left ballpark.
What an awful day for the sports world. Losing a sure fire superstar in Jose King, Arnold Palmer? Day I…
Muhammad Ali. . Gordie Howe. . Pat Summitt. Buddy Ryan. Jose Fernandez. Arnold Palmer. 2016, you can stop now.
The lessons of Jose Fernandez and Arnold Palmer - seize the day! Their grace and enthusiasm live on in the people they touch…
Heartbreaking: Marlins players surround the hearse of Jose Fernandez
Aledmys Diaz left the Cardinals to be with Jose Fernandez's family, then returned and hit a grand slam
Aledmys Diaz hits a grandslam just days removed from the death of his childhood friend, Jose Fernandez. Baseball is beau…
Jose Fernandez's best friend hit his first grand slam in his first game back after Jose's death:.
One of a kind. Jose Fernandez once traded autographs with a child before a game (via lunchtim…
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A tribute to the late Jose Fernandez. .
Video: Aledmys Diaz hits grand slam just days from visiting family of best friend, Jose Fernandez
Aledmys Diaz, childhood friend of Jose Fernandez, hits grand slam in his 1st AB back
Friend of man boating with pitcher Jose Fernandez texted warning to "please be careful."
Jose Fernandez giving an autograph and getting an autograph from the young fan in return. What a legend.
Trump is saying he just spoke to Jeff Loria about the death of Jose Fernandez
Heat’s Whiteside plays with the same joy as Jose Fernandez. He can help mend Miami's broken heart. http…
Baseball continues to mourn Jose Fernandez, including the Twins.
This is what sports is all about, RIP Jose Fernandez you are truly missed 😔
I still can't believe Jose Fernandez is gone. He was by far the most electric and fun pitcher to watch and it wasn't even…
Rubio delivers emotional eulogy for Jose Fernandez and the country he loved enough to become a citizen. 2016 *** https…
Bag of Jose Fernandez-signed baseballs washes ashore on Miami Beach
New- A bag full of signed baseballs by Jose Fernandez washes ashore on Miami Beach- 20 blocks north of crash. Watch my story…
Wow, Dee Gordon leads off & takes 1st pitch as a righty in tribute to Jose Fernandez. Switches back to the left side & blas…
Jose Fernandez embodied the spirit of baseball in every way imaginable. Help the spirit live on and honor his life:
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A Tribute to Jose Fernandez: Jay Mohr spoke out about the life and career of Jose Fernandez in a touching way...
We heard all the yesterday, and we answered. Hear tribute to Jose Fernandez. .
Thoughts and prayers for the families affected. RIP Jose Fernandez, Emilio Machias and Eduardo Rivera who lost thei…
Nolan Ryan would have to return to baseball and strikeout 1,932 straight batters to pass Jose Fernandez in career stri…
Inside the tragic final night of Jose Fernandez's life. Also enjoyed LeBatard on
"I don't have kids, so hitting a HR for Jose Fernandez is the best moment of my life" - Dee Gordon after the win.…
Dee Gordon was wearing Jose Fernandez's batting helmet when he hit the lead-off home run, his first of the season . https…
Dee Gordon swung the bat, but Jose Fernandez hit this home run:
Dee Gordon hits home run in first at bat of the first game since the death of Jose Fernandez
Dee Gordon honors Jose Fernandez, then hits a home run in surreal scene at Marlins Park
Dee Gordon batted right-handed for one pitch in tribute to Jose Fernandez. Then he hit a leadoff homer. Unbelievable. Un…
Jose Fernandez already looking down on Dee Gordon from above 🙏
Dee Gordon took a pitch from the right side wearing Jose Fernandez's helmet, then hit his first HR of the year. Wow. ht…
Beautiful picture of Jose Fernandez watching the fireworks at Dodger Stadium. May he rest in heavenly peace.
Anyone curious what happened or why Jose Fernandez mattered should read this piece from Jeff Passan via
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Kap and all, if you haven't read Jeff Passan's chilling account of Jose Fernandez' last night, you must.
In the past 24 hrs...Jose Fernandez and Arnold Palmer died. Steve Gleason made history 10 years ago today. Dee Gordon hit one for the books.
Dee Gordon hits a homerun in the Marlins first at bat since Jose Fernandez' passing |
Seeing Dee Gordon cry after hitting that homer is really sad.. RIP Jose Fernandez
The are considering retiring Jose Fernandez's number 16. Owner Jeff Loria says "No one will ever wear that number again."
Just in: the will be retiring Jose Fernandez's tonight according to owner Jeff Loria
MLB Marlins considering retiring Jose Fernandez's No. 16; owner Jeff Loria says "nobody will wear that number again"
MLB : Honor the Life of Jose Fernandez with the 2016 NL CY Young Award - Sign the Petition! via…
Incredibly eloquent from Dan LeBatard on tragic passing of Jose Fernandez:
BASEBALL TRAGEDY | Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner office release names of others who died with Jose Fernandez
Paint Branch student remembers the late Jose Fernandez. .
Reading all the tributes, listening to Dan LeBatard this morning - baseball and America lost a great person in Jose Fernandez. Tragic loss.
The Dan LeBatard Show is going to be one sad show... With the Jose Fernandez news
Giancarlo Stanton's Instagram tribute to Jose Fernandez is heartbreaking
Jose Fernandez handed Giancarlo Stanton a lollipop after his second home run of the day
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I have an unfathomable amount of respect for Dan LeBatard after that tribute to Jose Fernandez on It was real.
"Joy doesn't need a translator," what a great quote by Dan LeBatard on Jose Fernandez
Not a Dan Lebatard fan at all, but him talking on Jose Fernandez on Sportscenter is great.
Never had a chance to compete against Jose Fernandez, but he looked to be the ultimate competitor. Will miss the passi…
Jose Fernandez's last out in the Majors... Heartbreaking
Gio Gonzalez mourning the loss of friend Jose Fernandez is heartbreaking.
Today we lost Jose Fernandez and Arnold Palmer. Watch some baseball and drink an Arizona people
Just a kid "who wanted to have fun, wanted to play baseball and wanted to fish": Nationals on Jose Fernandez's death https:…
Les Miles fired crazy finish to the tour championship Jose Fernandez dies and Arnold Palmer passes what a day
Its been a crazy day in sports in terms of news. Jose Fernandez's tragic death, LSU firing Les Miles and Arnold Palmer passing away.
Jose Fernandez tragically dies in morning. Arnold Palmer dies at night. Les Miles fired in afternoon.
Jose Fernandez and Arnold Palmer pass away, Vin Scully retires, and Les Miles is no longer at LSU. It's been a rough day
Sad day in Sports (x4) Jose Fernandez & Arnold Palmer. Last call for Vin Scully. Les Miles is fired.
This might be the worst day in sports history . Jose Fernandez dies . Arnold Palmer dies. Les Miles gone from SEC. Vin Sculley…
Jose Fernandez and Arnold Palmer in the same day? Sad day for sports.
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Man, first Jose Fernandez and now Arnold Palmer. One to quickly and one blessed us for many years. Sad day in sports news.
One of the greats Arnold Palmer joins Jose Fernandez with St. Peter on same day. RIP to young +old inspirations and prayers…
Jeff Loria departs Jose Fernandez's home saying it is "a sad day." Complete coverage after football
Chad Qualls and Nolan Arenado talk about the Jose Fernandez who tragically passed away.
Dylan Bundy, with heavy heart for Jose Fernandez, earns 10th win for Orioles BaltSunSports
Once a prep All-American with and peer of Jose Fernandez, Sunday a "sad day no matter what" for Dylan Bundy.
I was fortunate enough to stumble upon Jose Fernandez warming up at spring training this year and get this photo. O…
NEWS: Jose Fernandez's death is especially heartbreaking for Cubans and…
Oscar Taveras and Jose Fernandez. I've about had enough of young MLB stars dying. Machado, you need to avoid all boats and sports cars.
The story of Jose Fernandez and his grandmother -- Their reunion -- Just…
Always thought this was a gem. Aledmys Diaz (front row, red hat), Jose Fernandez (front row, white hat) long before they w…
posted this picture taken of Jose Fernandez at Dodger Stadium on Friday Night Fireworks. . ht…
Overheard: Marlins 🐟 - Rockies pitcher Chad Qualls remembers playing with Jose Fernandez back in 2013 when...
Todd Frazier met Jose Fernandez in the outfield day after they faced each other for the first time.
A memorial for Jose Fernandez at Marlins Park: Flowers, a hat and his number on the mound. [Credit: Joe Skipper/Getty Images] ht…
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Giancarlo Stanton's thoughts on what Jose Fernandez meant to him
Jose Fernandez struck out 31.2% of batters he faced. No starting pitcher in history recorded strikeouts at a…
"I felt like I was pitching in Spring Training," Jose Fernandez said after his first MLB start at 20 years old. So effortlessly dominant.
Dee Gordon in front of a Jose Fernandez memorial on the mound in Miami. Heartbreaking.
Seeing David Ortiz cry over the death of Jose Fernandez is sad 😞
David Ortiz on Jose Fernandez: "My boy told me he was going to throw me nothing but fastballs. The first pitch was a chang…
Wow! I'm in absolute shock about Jose Fernandez! Major League Baseball just lost a Cy Young pitcher!
Wow woke up to see the news that one of the best pitchers in Major League Baseball has died rip Jose Fernandez such a sad day
Heard on MLB Network this morning that the first jersey that Jose Fernandez bought when he came to America was a David…
This is the boat crash that killed Major League Baseball pitcher Jose Fernandez with the Miami Marlins.…
RIP Jose Fernandez, was the future ace of Major League Baseball.
.reacts to the tragic death of Marlins ace Jose Fernandez, "one of the bright lights in Major League Baseball."…
Devastating news about Jose Fernandez for all of baseball - he was one of the very best
R.I.P to Miami Marlins stud pitcher Jose Fernandez . Just 24 years old , he died in a boat accident on the Miami Beach ht…
RIP Jose Fernandez. Killed in a boating accident in Miami Beach at the age of 24. Tragic news. Prayers to his family. https:…
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Miami Beach, Fla. (AP) - Officials say baseball star Jose Fernandez was not wearing life vest when he was killed in boating cra…
Marlins ace Jose Fernandez, 24, dies in a boating accident off Miami Beach
BREAKING: Jose Fernandez, one of the best pitchers in dies in boating accident aged 24 https…
Not only will we miss the pitching, but we'll miss the attitude that Jose Fernandez brought to playing Major League Ba…
LIVE: Coast Guard holds press conference providing updates on the boat accident that killed Jose Fernandez:
Major Baseball League mourns the death of Jose Fernandez: MIAMI (AP) - Major League Baseball has released a…
Why was the Coast Guard laughing during the interview? Dont do that dont disrespect Jose Fernandez
Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez killed in boating crash
BREAKING NEWS: Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez was killed early this morning in a boat crash off of Miami Beach. https:/…
Source: Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez killed in boating crash |
WATCH: The U.S. Coast Guard provides updates on the boat crash that killed Jose Fernandez and two others.
Major League Baseball players mourn Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez after his death
Coast Guard unit noticed the overturned boat around 3:15am. Found 3 men, all dead. One was Jose Fernandez.
The Coast Guard says that Jose Fernandez's boat was going full speed into a rock jetty, killing him and 2 others. No alcoh…
Miami Marlins ace Jose Fernandez was one of 3 killed in boat crash off Miami Beach, US Coast Guard says h…
Coast Guard says it does appear speed was a factor in Jose Fernandez boat crash, "no indication of alcohol or illegal drug…
BREAKING: US Coast Guard will hold a 10:30 am ET regarding the death of Jose Fernandez. Watch live on SportsCenter on ESPN and th…
Here are some of the basic facts on Jose Fernandez' death, from a Coast Guard spokesperson. Press conference is happening…
Video of the officers cracking jokes and laughing it up at the Jose Fernandez press conference htt…
Dee Gordon at the Jose Fernandez memorial is heartbreaking
Miami Marlins announce death of pitcher Jose Fernandez; Coast Guard says he died in boating crash Sunday. | via
Image of Jose Fernandez crash scene from the Miami Herald. More images at
JUST IN: Jose Fernandez, star pitcher for the Miami has died in a boating accident at the age of 24. (via ht…
Jose Fernandez was a star who encouraged us to follow our dreams:
Marlins superstar pitcher Jose Fernandez killed in boat crash
Jose Fernandez was to the Miami Marlins what Felix is to Seattle and now he is gone. So devastatingly sad.
Official: Jose Fernandez died from crash impact, not drowning.
Jose Fernandez: The baseball star who risked his life to leave Cuba has died aged 24
PHOTOS: Scene of boat crash that killed Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez.
WATCH LIVE hold press conference on death of pitcher Jose Fernandez
MiamiHerald: LIVE COVERAGE: Miami Marlins press conference on death of Jose Fernandez.
We send our our deepest condolences to Jose Fernandez's family and to the Miami Marlins. Rest In Peace.
BREAKING: Miami Marlins confirms pitcher Jose Fernandez has been killed in boating accident.
Heartbreaking news. Jose Fernandez killed in boating accident. . Our thoughts are with his friends & family
Investigators look over the overturned boat in which Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez … https:…
Our thoughts & prayers are with the family of Jose Fernandez & the entire Miami Marlins organization.
Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez, 24, killed in Miami boating accident by via
The MLB world was stunned by the tragic death of Jose Fernandez. . Many expressed their condolences on social media:
Today is a sad day in baseball. Jose Fernandez brought an intensity to this game that could naturally ignite an entire stad…
Can't believe it's real man.. This picture sums it all up best to me, RIP Jose Fernandez. Life is fragile.
Rest in Peace, Jose Fernandez, chuck some heat up in heaven 😢
When Jose Fernandez burst onto the scene a few years ago, he gave us one of my favorite GIFs ever. He instantly became a…
The Under Armour Family is deeply saddened by the loss of José Fernández. Our thoughts are with his family & the Miami Marl…
Baseball can't replace the energy, talent, and joy that Jose Fernandez brought to the field.
If you're Cuban this hits you a little harder. RIP to El Caballo Jose Fernandez 🇨🇺
fans are leaving flowers near the stadium entrance for Jose Fernandez this morning. Junko Sasaki, 40 was in tea…
Our thoughts and prayers are with the friends and family of Jose Fernandez and the entire organization. https:/…
A somber scene at Marlins Park, where signs honor Jose Fernandez and announce the cancelling of Sunday's game. [Credit: James Wal…
The Blue Jays will observe a moment of silence for Jose Fernandez before today's game at approximately 12:56 p.m.
Jose Fernandez's last out in the majors. Heartbreaking.
One of the best Jose Fernandez moments. He'll never be forgotten.
Still in disbelief abt the Jose Fernandez news. RIP bro & my prayers go 2 the fam.
Jose Fernandez getting his final out. RIP brother.
You have to have the right attitude when playing baseball. It's a game, smile and have some fun! -Jose Fernandez https…
Jose Fernandez once saved his own mother from drowning as he escaped to this country. This poor woman must be heartbroken &…
Jose Fernandez in photos: A tribute to his playing career | FOX Sports
When Jose Fernandez blasted his first ever home run and the benches cleared. Dude made baseball fun again.
My thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of Jose Fernandez. Jose represented hope, inspiration and greatness.
This story about Aledmys Diaz and Jose Fernandez at the All Star Game. Best friends growing up. Thoughts with everyone,…
José Fernández was killed in a boating accident early this morning. He was 24.
Jose Fernandez was a player worth telling your kids about one day, so glad I got to see him play.
MLB players react to the tragic death of Jose Fernandez
One of the best Jose Fernandez moments. Rest in Power. You'll never be forgotten. 🙏🏻.
Saddened to hear of the passing of Marlins star José Fernandez at the age of 24.
Jose Fernandez getting the final out of his young career 😢😢😢
Marlins Pitcher Jose Fernandez Is Killed in a Boating Accident: The team announced the death o...
Wow this is just heart breaking but I know Jose Fernandez will always look after them 🙏
Here's is the video clip of fans leaving flowers for Jose Fernandez and shedding tears in his name
BREAKING: Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez dies in boating accident
I am devastated by the news of the loss of my Bro Jose Fernandez this morning. He was a great…
Jose Fernandez is one of the most genuine guys I've ever played with. He loved life, he loved baseball.he will be missed…
Love something in your life the way Jose Fernandez loved baseball...
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