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Jose Calderon

José Manuel Calderón Borrallo (born September 28, 1981, in Villanueva de la Serena, Spain) is a Spanish professional basketball player who plays for the National Basketball Association's (NBA) Toronto Raptors and the Spanish national team.

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Yeah, and same with Jeff Green and Jose Calderon
PG Jose Calderon has been working out in Cleveland for more than a week.
But Kyrie can play good defense when he tries between IT Derrick Rose and Jose Calderon NONE of they *** CAN even when they TRY
Yeah That was before his 4th knee surgery between him, a 5'9 Isaiah Thomas and JOSE CALDERON who's gonna guard steph?
I can't believe the signed Jose Calderon, that's awful
Yeah you are right. If he gets injured their final option on the team is Jose Calderon. That's bad cuz he can't defend
LeBron, Love, TT, IT, Crowder, Jeff Green, JR, DRose, Jose Calderon, Korver and you wanted to talk about depth lol
Welp looks like Cavs gonna have Jose Calderon & Kay Felder at the 1. D.Rose knees can't handle that much pressu…
Can't wait for the Jose Calderon Derrick Rose starting pg battle this ball season
(36') MEXICO CHANCE!!. Jurgen Damm plays Hector Herrera in 1v1 on Jose Calderon, but Calderon is able to recover the ball from HH.
D.Rose starting, Isaiah out til January, yea José Calderón gone be starting point by Black Friday.
Cavs get to rely on D Rose and Jose Calderon and if things really get tight, Kay Felder 😎
Yeah unless D Rose trying to do something. Other guards Kay and Jose Calderon smh
Only player I don't like on the Cavs roster is Jose Calderon lol.. son can be paired with Love in a trade tho
No prob, our best pg is the goat Jose Calderon anyway. 82-0
What happened to IT hip? Out from May till February? And y'all only other pgs are D. Rose hurt *** and old *** Jose Calderon.
Where does he rank among the great Jose Calderon and Andrew Bynum?
Derrick Rose gonna be hurt by thanksgiving and Cavs fans gonna have to rely on Jose Calderon lmao
i trust DRose but i don't trust Jose Calderon he only a playmaker and not a scorer but he a avg defender
If you ever feel like you made a pointless life decision, remember the Cavs signed Jose Calderon.
had Majok's rights from Jose Calderon deal. He played in Poland and Lebanon in recent seasons.
I mean...y'all got d rose and Jose Calderon to hold it down
If IT is out like all year how does that help us?Rose will probably get hurt which leaves Jose Freaking Calderon as our starting PG. my god😭
Really don't know how big of a deal this is but on the surface you got two injured PGs and Jose Calderon who turns…
Then if that fails Jose Calderon time
Jose Calderon lowkey just got happy reading this
Jose Calderon is going to start games at point guard for the Cavs in 2017 & 2018 isn't he?
Isn't Jose Calderon on the roster too? Surprised to see only Rose and Felder mentione…
Until he gets injured, there is NO WAY dRose lasts 4 months being healthy. Have fun with Jose Calderon.
D Rose bout to follow up per usual and the Cavs bout to be stuck with straight Jose Calderon for half the season
DRose and Jose Calderon for half the season
IT out till all star break and Derrick Rose can get hurt if the wind blows to hard...Bron about to be left with Jose Calderon as his pg
At least the Cavs still have Jose Calderon, right?
If dross does his thing your starting pointguard is gonna be Jose calderon
So it's basically guaranteed Rose breaks his leg or whatever and their starting PG is José Calderon right?
He will never be the player Jose Calderon is
That's like saying Jose Calderon and Elfrid Payton are better than Magic.
Hey drew, you are the Jose Calderon of Sales
oldest socio (who held the number one spot) has died. Rest In Peace José Luis, he will join the third stand of…
Hope IT come back healthy I won't be shocked if Kay Felder makes the team in Jose Calderon gets cut
Terrifying thought: Cavs are one Derrick Rose knee tweak away from using 36-year-old Jose Calderon as the starting point gu…
No faith in Jose Calderon and Kay Felker backing up DRose?
The only time I've seen Kyrie upset on the court was against the Raptors Jose Calderon like 5 years ago
Cavs really tried to get Paul George, Jimmy Butler, Melo & might end up with just Derrick Rose & Jose Calderon
Derrick Rose joins JR Smith, Derrick Williams, Jose Calderon, Channing Frye & Iman Shumpert as ex-Knicks who are on the curr…
Bra all these *** on the market and we tryna beat the warriors , so they sign Jose Calderon . I'm done wit Dan Gilbert
Knicks get rid of Jose Calderon to acquire Derrick Rose. . Knicks let Derrick Rose walk. . Cleveland signs Calderon and Rose…
Cavs second unit so far consists of Jose Calderon, Kyle Korver, RIchard Jefferson, and Channing Frye. Might as well sign my Dad to play PF.
Warriors got Omri Casspi, Nick Young, and acquired Jordan Bell... all Cavs did was get Jose Calderon.. Dan Gilbert gotta go foreal..
Warriors could either land Nick Young or Jamal Crawford . Lebron at home after celebrating getting Jose Calderon https:…
I would rather the Cavs pursue someone younger like Isaiah Canaan than a geezer like Jose Calderon.
I'd like to see the value in Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant, and Jose Calderon right about now. Lopez is the only guy, a…
The hawks have an all white guy lineup. PG- Jose Calderon. SG- Mike Dunleavy. SF- Kris Humphries. PF- Er…
Jose Calderon. Gerald Green. Joe Johnson. JaVale McGee. 2011 is lit here in 2017
So we had the Nene game, the Gerald Green game, the Joe Johnson game, the Jose Calderon game?
Lol the bulls got rid of Spencer dinwiddie and Jose Calderon for Jerian Grant and MCW and RJ Hunter lol
We went from D Rose to Jose Calderon to Cam Payne. What's next? Michael Jordan comes out of retirement?
You're telling me Toney Douglas is better than Brandon Jennings and Jose Calderon? Goodness
Edwin Encarnacion, Michael Barrett, Jose Calderon ... none of them ever lost a game for an Oakland team
Warriors sign Matt Barnes, waive Jose Calderon. But there was still this jersey outside of the visiting locker room in Chicago…
Jose Calderon was a Golden State Warriors player for 1 hour and 59 minutes today. He will make about $415,000 for this.
Warriors reportedly will honor agreement with Jose Calderon, then waive him to clear spot for Barnes . Full details: ht…
Wrong. They were gonna sign Jose Calderon (PG) but they need a small forward now.
Jose Calderon, Andrew Bogut, Brandon Jennings all officially waived; contenders line up for their services
Jose Calderon, Brandon Jennings and Andrew Bogut have all been officially waived, according to league sources.
Brandon Jennings, Jose Calderon & Andrew Bogut all have been officially waived (ESPN)
Cavs to sign: Andrew Bogut, Deron Williams. GSW to sign: Jose Calderon. Spurs to sign: Larry Bobo out of D3 West Alabama…
Jose Calderon is ‘expected’ to sign with the Warriors in free agency once the Lakers buy him out…
Cavs need for Jose Calderon or Deron Williams to get cut, get Shump and JR back. NBA CHAMPS... AGAIN!
then trade for bogut. And Deron Williams or Jose Calderon
ESPN's Marc Stein believes it will be "highly unlikely" the Cavs end up with Jose Calderon, Bogut or DWill due to cap limitations.
The Knicks had Jose Calderon and Sasha Vujacic/Aaron Afflalo starting for most of last year and have somehow gotten worse on defense.
Knicks weren't even this bad with Jose Calderon and Aaron Afflalo. Super team you say? I say same old sorry *** Knicks
DeMar DeRozan credits Jose Calderon for helping him become the player he is today.
Former Bulls point guard Jose Calderon and the Lakers are 4-3. One-half game behind the Warriors, who they beat by 20 on Friday.
Before he was drafted, Ricky Rubio's NBA comparisons, per were Jose Calderon and Steve Nas…
yeah bro u know who they had before? Jose Calderon and Robin Lopez
The Chicago Bulls have traded Derrick Rose to the New York Knicks for Jose Calderon, Robin Lopez and Jerian Grant.
As reports, Knicks send Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant and Jose Calderon to Bulls for Derrick Rose, Justin Holiday and a…
Bulls gave up Jose Calderon in lik 2 seconds to get Wade for $7 mil and we can't get even dispose of McBob smh
The Lakers knew they had to trade for Jose Calderon after he knocked down that game winner last season.
However, defending things doesn't always go so well for him...
When and how to watch Team USA Basketball, and the two Lakers at the Olympics
Olympics: Team USA is looking for gold, but the Catalyst will try to defend his home turf.
what's it like to catch lobs from Jose Calderon?
Athletic rim protector. we got 1 . Javale McGee BIG dunk on Jose Calderon (Mar 28,2012) via
if the Suns was to trade Bledsoe booker and Ulis all to the lakers for dlo Jordan clarkson and Jose Calderon Whay would u do
I love Jose Calderon. But when any metric much less multiple suggests he's better than rose productivity or efficiency don't matter
Jose Calderon's career assists per game rate is the 40th best in NBA history. Carry on with your days.
lol, don't know why or what it is.but I can't stand Jose Calderon
Gullit and Zaldivar lacking confidence, Pereira/Salcido's lack of mobility exposed at CB, Brizuela/Cal…
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Taking a look at Jose Calderon's role on the Spanish National Team, FIBA's second-ranked squad:
Mike Dunleavy traded to the Cavs. Jose Calderon traded to the Lakers.
Wade’s deal with CHI: 2 years, $47.5 million, per Mike Dunleavy to the Cavs; Jose Calderon to the Lakers https…
I like Jose Calderon as a backup PG, who we give up?...please say Nick Young.
KD to warriors, Rose to NY, Wade to Chicago, Dwight to ATL and the Lakers get Timothy Mosgov and Jose Calderon
Billy King is frantically trying to acquire Jose Calderon in a trade somewhere.
Bulls are offering Mike Dunleavy and Jose Calderon to teams to try and clear space for Wade. (via
Breaking: Bulls are sending Derrick Rose to Knicks for Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant and Jose Calderon - Chicago Tribu…
Woah the knicks gave up Robin Lopez and Jose Calderon and received Tony Wroten , Justin Holiday , and D Rose 😳
Denzel Valentine excited to be drafted by Bulls because he's always wanted to play with Robin Lopez, Jose Calderon and Jeria…
BREAKING: trade Derrick Rose & company to for Robin Lopez, Jose Calderon and Jerian Grant
I agree in the Bulls getting rid of DRose but for Robin Lopez and Jose Calderon?! C'mon😂
Knicks fans are so ungrateful ,gonna complain about d-rose not being efficient but Jose Calderon was a starter 😐
Jose Calderon is your starting PG.. Are you guys fried? I'm so mad right now smh
The Bulls will take him for Jose Calderon’s corpse and a future 2nd.
Things that Robin Lopez, Jose Calderon and Jerian Grant don't equal? Playoffs. Keep cooking, Phil.
*** drose traded to Knicks for RoLo, Jose Calderon and Jerian Grant
Grades: Knicks' deal for Rose all sizzle, no steak via you got junk from the hurt
Here's Robin Lopez, Jose Calderon and Jerami Grant waiting for the Bulls press conference to begin.
Check out my detailed breakdown of the Bulls-Knicks trade for Derrick Rose — which I think Chicago won handily:
Derrick Rose> a pile of dirt> Jose Calderon. So the answer is, yes 🤔
The Knicks' trade for Derrick Rose is all sizzle, no steak (by
Looks like the Bulls are hoping Pau Gasol stays now with Jose Calderon is with them.
*** Robin Lopez,Jose Calderon, Jerian Grant for d rose that's the dumbest trade in franchise history come on man what are you doin
Derrick Rose crossover on Jose Calderon, scores on Robin Lopez, and 1.
BREAKING:. Derrick Rose has been traded to the New York Knicks. Knicks sending Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant, Jose Calderon.
all the chiraq shooters gotta change their nicknames to Jose calderon
I can't wait to watch Robin Lopez and Jose Calderon ball out next year.
The best thing about the D-Rose trade is that Jose Calderon isn't a Knick anymore🗑 He did absolutely nothing for them
Like, are you really gonna miss Robin Lopez, Jose Calderon and Jerian Grant if your’e a Knicks fan?
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Derrick Rose on the bench with a torn ACL is still better than Jose Calderon. Its an upgrade no matter how you cut it.
Watch out now..Jose calderon...AND Robin Lopez?
Within two hours, five point guards have been traded. Derrick Rose, Jeff Teague, George Hill, Jose Calderon and Jerian…
I'm not getting's a 1 yr move do u understand we had Jose Calderon and Jerian Grant a 65 percent D rose
I think the biggest W for the day was the fact that Jose Calderon WON'T be suiting up in a knick uniform, thank you god
Love the Rose trade, if it doesn't work out he's gone after 1 year and I never have to watch Jose Calderón anymore
i agree. But why Robin Lopez and Jose Calderon. Jerian Grant i can live with
New York is sending guard Jose Calderon to Chicago, league sources tell The Vertical.
Man, I wonder what team's front office traded for Jose Calderon, signed Robin Lopez and drafted Jerian Grant...
Report: Derrick Rose traded to for Robin Lopez, Jose Calderon & Jerian Grant (via
This *** just said Jose Calderon an older version of Steve Nash
Knicks get:. Derrick Rose, Justin Holliday, and 2017 2nd round pick. Bulls get:. Robin Lopez, Jose Calderon, Jerian Grant
hey john you know who's NOT good, Jose Calderon, Grant, Lopez. They are all average at best
So all it takes to get a former MVP is Robin Freaking Lopez and Jose Calderon? Disgusted that the Bulls settled for this deal
Report from has it all: Chicago sending Derrick Rose to New York for Robin Lopez, Jerian Grant, Jose Calderon a…
Jose Calderon has ham, Delly has coffee.
Winners for the Hornacek signing: Jerian Grant and Langston Galloway. Losers: Jose Calderon and Sasha Vujacic.
You have point guards like Jose Calderon and Trey Burke starting. EP is 22 and has only improved. Not to mention the Magic
My first trade on may not have been so smart.. Ish Smith & Isiah Canaan to the Knicks for AA & Jose Calderon lol.
The Knicks could've had a franchise PG in Lin instead of *** Tony Wroten or Jose Calderon.
This man said Jose Calderon, Aaron Afflalo, Draymond green, KP, and Robin Lopez would win 45 games and make playoffs ...LMFAO
Jose Calderon with the full court lob to Derrick Williams
Insane 3/4 court lob from Jose Calderon to Derrick Williams
Steph Curry fakes out Jose Calderon and the cameraman
Norman Powell just did the clap defence. Shades of Jose Calderon.
Jose Calderon and Sasha Vujacic are guarding Steph Curry and Klay Thompson tonight what could possibly go wrong
Phil , what are you smoking ? You admire Jose Calderon . The Knicks do not need point guard . PHILL JACKSON HAS JUMPED THE SHARK ! SAD!
I see the Knicks won again. No. Wait. It was the opposite of a win. I heard Jose Calderon wasn't a complete embarrassment though! Progress!
(VIDEO) breaks Deron William' ankles almost as bad as Jose Calderon once did:
Maya Moore would get cooked in the nba ... By the worst of the worst like Jose Calderon 😂😂
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I love mike Breen like I love the league leader of disappointing me, Eli manning, JR smith Jose Calderon and Donnie Walsh. Unconditionally
Jose Calderon will remain in the starting lineup for Wednesday's game vs. the Pacers, according to interim head coach Kurt Rambis.
Do you know who is one of the only guards with a better career assist to turnover ratio than Jose Calderon? None other than John Paxson.
Get Paul Gasol now . Knicks: Pau Gasol, Kirk Hinrich . Bulls: Jose Calderon, Derrick Williams . do it phil
If Brandon Jennings & Ersan Ilyasova = Tobias Harris,. what can Jose Calderon & O'Quinn net?. Calderon better shooter/leader than Jennings
Pssh you can’t beat Jose Calderon and Arron Afflalo
Trade: Jose Calderon for Draymond Green. Consequence: Mike Breen & Clyde are removed from calling Knicks games forever
Then based off Ty Lawson and Jeff Teague you can trade one to the Knicks for Derrick Williams and Jose Calderon
They need to get rid of Arron Afflalo and Jose Calderon
You're kidding, right? The Knicks start Jose Calderon and Arron Afflalo.
8:30 AM today:. Golden State at New York:. GSW – Festus Ezeli (knee) will not play. NYK – Jose Calderon (groin)...
Jose Calderon, Lance Thomas and Derrick Williams for Rubio and Martin. Is this worth it??
All time is Vince. Second is Lowry. Third and Fourth mo Pete and Alvin Williams. Fifth Amir Johnson. Sixth Jose Calderon.
Jose Calderon looks like Mark Price down there, especially with that blue jersey on
The Jose Calderon/Robin Lopez give-and-go and the Knicks' burgeoning maturity
Jose Mourinho was approached over Real Madrid return, says Ramon Calderon
Jose Mourinho was contacted over Real Madrid return, states Ramon Calderon – SkySports
Madrid ‘got in touch’ with Mourinho: FORMER Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon has revealed Jose Mourinho was contacted by the club...
btw, Calderón has just claimed that Jose turned down Real this week. That's embarrassing, eh?
Calderon: Jose Mourinho was approached over Real Madrid return. Read here:
that *** Jose Calderon he said he ain't forget about that 3
Jose Calderon seals the game for the Knicks. via
ooh Jose contacted by Madrid before Zidane
ok have to take it down now, dont want to give away secrets of Jose Calderon
Here's why the should try to trade for Ty Lawson with package including Jose Calderon:
Jose Calderon's shooting 51.6% (64-124) from the field over his last 19 games. Excellent number for a point guard. 43% from 3 during stretch
They had Landry Fields, Julyan Stone, Jose Calderon, James Johnson when he wore 0 and the best of all Amir Johnson ($100 each)
Langston Galloway is trash, Jose Calderon is trash and Jerian Grant gets no play time cause Derek Fisher is an ***
Harden, you can't be the best if you're getting bodied by Jose Calderon.
I think Jarrett Jack just gave the title of the worst starting PG in the league to Jose Calderon
as if crossing Jose Calderon is an impressive thing he can't even move
*** even Ray Felton could score 23 tonight...I'd much rather have him back on the Knicks instead of having Jose Calderon, SMH
We r very proud to sponsor Jose calderon goalkeeper for the Panama National team in CONCACAF world cup qulifiers.
Just saw Jose Calderon at five Guys lmfao
he also couldn't get by Jose Calderon when he faced the Knicks.
Jose Calderon's last four games: 11.3 points, 55.9 FG%, 43.8 3P%. It's almost like concerns about his offensive demise were premature...
Jose Calderon's been getting buckets going to his left
Jose Mourinho could return to Real Madrid if he. is sacked by Chelsea, the Spanish club's former. club president Ramon Calderon has said.
don't do it to yourself Jose Calderon
no matter what move he chose to make, what TF was Jose Calderon gonna do?! 😂😂
That spin move LeBron had on Jose Calderon last night was actually the best move he's had in a long time
Jose Calderon totals 10 points in 22 minutes
abujamedia Report: Jose Mourinho to Return back to Real Madrid: Ramon Calderon says…
I just can't get hyped about Lebron James crossing up Jose Calderon, sorry
LeBron puts a spin move on Jose Calderon and soars in for the layup.
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it was on Jose Calderon in almost empty side of the floor doing what he does best using speed and strength
Jose Calderon getting spun by lebron is typical Knicks
Knicks' Langston Galloway, Jerian Grant prove to be a solid pairing (by
Jose Calderon is the Knicks version of Tanner Glass?
Jose Calderon is to the Knicks what Michael Cuddyer is to the Mets
just when you thought Suga Shane Larkin was bad. I'll take him over Jose Calderon
Can someone tell the they're not going anywhere fast when their starting lineup features Sasha Vujacic and Jose Calderon
Jose Calderon and Sasha Vujacic must be too
*** Jose Calderon may be slower than Chris Duhon
I'd prefer Jerian Grant to start at PG over Jose Calderon. Grant is NBA ready stayed in college all the way, didn't leave early.
The ONLY piece the Knicks have to offer legally for Crawford is Jose Calderon
Knicks' Jose Calderon says he'll be ready for training camp
Would Jose Calderon be a fit for the
I like new york.good lucke Rafa nadaaáal good lucke the nicks. Good lucke jose Manuel calderón
"It's not about who got more points on our team. It's about who got more points as a team. That's what basketball is about.". -Jose Calderon
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Would Jose Calderon be a fit for the Clippers?
Zach LaVine is one player who could improve without a change of scenery (by
Everything is ready, I want to see you as a
Tabbed a handful of players who could get better results next season without switching teams: http:/…
Just did my first reverse layup in 2k and it was with Jose Calderon
Lass was Calderón, I think. Essien was there because Jose. Varane doesn't count either.
and Jose Bautista joins the party. 5-1 Blue Jays
Jose Calderon: Jose Calderon admits he struggled last season
Jose Calderon thinks he can have a better season in year 2 with the ...
RUMOR: Lakers looking to trade for Mario Chalmers, Jose Calderon, or Brandon Jennings.
Jose Gil picks off Yeicok Calderon who was leaning off first to end the 8th inning! That's Gil's third throw out of the game!
a team lol. All you guys got is PG. Monta a cancer. George Hill = Jose Calderon. No big guys. Stuckey overrated.
and George Hill is no better than Jose Calderon
Knicks will be without Jose Calderon for at least another two weeks
Mario Chalmers, Chris Anderson . Jose Calderon, Cle Anthony . Then bring up Thanis and this Clears up Cap
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Mario Chalmers, Chris Anderson . Jose Calderon, Cle Anthony Early . This trade is good for NYK because they clear Cap 4 2016
Jose Calderon is among the players hoping to make old opportunities new again (by
Jose Calderon among players hoping to make old opportunities new again
Jose Calderon among many trying to make old opportunities new again: Every player who ...
Players likely to be traded before the deadline (2):. Jose Calderon. Brandon Jennings. Cody Zeller/Marvin Williams. Nikola Pekovic. Kevin Martin
starting line up for Jose Calderon or Jerian Grant . Arron Afflalo. Carmelo Anthony . Kyle O'Quinn or Kristaps Porzingis. Robin Lopez
It amazes me how NBA Front Office can sign people off of and point: Jose Calderon, Channing Frye, Gerald Wallace
This shot from Jose Calderon counted - "circus shot" trophy
should/can trade Jose Calderon for Lance Stephenson ??
😂😂 a college team that has THjr, Shane Larkin, Cole Aldrich, Cleanthony Early, Jose Calderon, and Quincy Acy?
kinfolk they got Quincy Acy, Cole Aldrich, Cleanthony Early, and Jose Calderon (a vet) they would all eat
Jose Calderon not eyeing shutdown move
Waiting for Knicks to run with Jose Calderon, Alexey Shved, Travis Wear, Lou Amundson, and Andrea Bargnani/Jason Smith/Cole Aldrich
“Knicks are offering a package that includes Tim Hardaway Jr and Jose Calderon to the Suns for Goran Dragic. (ESPN)” Why?
Final step for this season. Phil Jackson getting rid of Jose Calderon to have an extra 7 million for the summer. Who would want Jose though?
The biggest name on the Knicks is tied between Jose Calderon and Tim Hardaway Jr. That's a bit of a problem
but yes, NYK should offer anyone their choice of prospect Tim Hardaway Jr or Cleanthony Early to take Jose Calderon. ORL maybe or LAC
The Knicks have just four players under contract for next season Melo, Jose Calderon, Tim Hardaway Jr. and Cleanthony …
Knicks starting 5: Pablo Prigioni, Hardaway Jr., Jason Smith, Cole Aldrich, and Jose Calderon lmfao this is not the D-league select
kylie Lowry mike Conley John wall Jose Calderon can be in the discussion
VIDEO: Kemba Walker's vicious block on Jose with DMX.
Video: Kemba Walker blocked the crap out of Jose Calderon's shot! . Watch >
Kemba Walker with the SWAT on Jose Calderon. this is why I love kemba. He puts in a ton of effort
Granted a reprieve from the usual rigors of the N.B.A. schedule, the Knicks took advantage by defeating the 76ers with help from Jose Calderon, who made his season debut Saturday at Madison Square Garden. SCOTT CACCIOLA Basketball
Some guy offered me Jose Calderon for Robin Lopez. Seriously ?
Andrea Bargnani and Jose Calderon are out versus the tomorrow. Quincy Acy (sprained right wrist) is probable.
Jose Calderon : Tickets for all New York Knicks games this season.
Jose Calderon : New York Knicks tickets for next month, Good seats and price.
Takes me a while to get used to change. I miss some of our old team (Vince Carter, Shawn Marion, Jose Calderon, Dejuan Blair, Sam Dalembert)
See Squad dept abeg... They can still put Serge Ibaka and Jose Calderon on the floor. Lol
rondo going to the Knicks for Iman Shumpert Tim Hardaway Jr AND Jose Calderon 😂😂
All of these so called "experts" are questioning the USA teams defense like Spain doesn't have Jose Calderon and Ricky Rubio out there.
*** Spain's team is nasty for the Basketball World Cup Jose Calderon, Ricky Rubio, Serge Ibaka, Pau Gasol and Marc Gasol 😱
Who? Jose Calderon and weak *** Rudy Fernandez? 😂😂 We got two of the best shooters in the world.. Stef and Klay
Jose Calderon is going to compliment Melos game so much. Very underrated offseason move by the Zen Master.
You know Spain's nice when Serge Ibaka and Jose Calderon don't start
I'm just saying it's obviously not a great stat if Jose Calderon and Cedric maxwell are better than mj
should of been jose Calderon. But nelson should
Watching Jose Calderon for the first time since he got traded to the Knicks! Can't wait to watch him as a Knick
Im not even gonna like Spain got the bugg squad, its Rubio, Ibaka, both Marc and Pau Gason, Rudy Fernandez, and Jose Calderon
Yess 😭 the starters are Jose calderon, Serge Ibaka, the Gasol brothers and Ricky Rubio
can get trade the knicks because the knicks can try use the triangle when Calderon is on the floor only!!!
Jose Calderon is gonna be guarding Kyrie. It's already a wrap lol
*** named Jose Calderon like he was dum nice
he was recovering from an injury and who's ya squad? And Jose Calderon is nice you're buggin
Saw iG talks of Rondo to NYK as a FA. I’d much rather that than Jose Calderon. *** though that Rondo midrange jumper is ‘suspect’.
I bet Jose Calderon and Samuel Dalembert will fit perfect in the triangle offense of the Knicks
To play as well as Jose Calderon did last season
Knicks need a PG that can consistently hit 3s;make jumpshots. That is what Jose Calderon does. Rondo hasnt proven to be a consistent shooter
I wrote about how Jose Calderon will be awesome this upcoming season.
I luv the kid, I'm not a fan of Jose Calderon game at all he can't guard the perimeter I think we really gotta upgrade at PG
Ik we don't even need him Jose Calderon is nice af we need a big man
you late lmao. He with dallas. We got jose calderon now
here my propose trade for Rondo. Jr Smith, Iman Shumpert Jose Calderon and a 2015 1st round pick for Rondo.
Look Forward To Watching Jose Calderon: Aside from trying to retain Carmelo Anthony, the Knicks didn’t really ...
Next game will be a hard one against the host Spain! And the Gasol brothers plus Jose Calderon and Ricky Rubio.
Lol wait Jose Calderon fits the triangle better than Rondo so the better do something
I actually think Jose Calderon is gonna hold us down this year. Great fit in triangle. Clutch shooter, good passer/playmaker
José Calderón talks about what it feels like on court http:…
Jose Calderon and stats expiring contract come on gawd for rondo 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Ricky Rubio over 4.5 Assists, 2.05 at Nordicbet. 7 Units. Jose Calderon over 2.5 Assists, 1.85 at Unibet. 6 Units.
Gasol Brothers, Serge Ibaka, Rudy Fernandez, Ricky Rubio, Jose Calderon and Juan Navarro!! ❤️ I love watching this team
Jose Calderon has had an underrated career. Extremely great free throw shooter, most assists Spain-born player ever, good teammate.
Uh Serge, Rubio, Rudy, Jose Calderon? You're crazy if you think we're going to walk right over them.
Only country I see giving the US problems is Spain. They've got rubio, Jose calderon, Marc, Pau Gasol, & Serge Ibaka. Mean *** front court
Jackson has talked to Gasol about the wonders of NYC while a source says Jose Calderon has joined the recruitment http:/…
80.5% of Anthony Tolliver's shots were 3s last season. 80.5%. That's more than Jose Calderon & Kyle Korver. Hit them at 41.3% clip.
NBA Rumors: Jose Calderon wants to play with Carmelo Anthony
Still laughing about Jose Calderon leaping in front of Melo on Penn's touchscreen.
TRADE ALERT: The New York Knicks and Dallas Mavericks have agreed to a 6-person trade that will send Tyson Chandler & Raymond Felton to the Mavericks in exchange for Dallas' Jose Calderon, Samuel Dalembert, Wayne Ellington, 21-year-old point guard Shane Larkin and the 34th and 51st pick in Thursday's
just in: Tyson Chandler back to Dallas together with Raymond Felton from knicks.. oh yeah finaly the Mavs acquired Chandler a reliable center again and with athletic pointguard like Felton that can backup Monte Ellis and Jose Calderon a promising season for Dallas Maverics...
The Knicks are sending center Tyson Chandler back to Dallas, along with Raymond Felton as part of a blockbuster deal that sees them get Jose Calderon, Shane Larkin, Wayne Ellington, Samuel Dalembert and both of Dallas' second-round picks in Thursday's NBA draft.
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