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Jose Bautista

José Antonio Bautista (born October 19, 1980) is a professional baseball outfielder with the Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball.

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Joe Carter, Carlos Delgado, Jose Bautista and Robbie Alomar. My 4 favorite Blue Jays of all time. In that order.
Better Career as a blue jay Carlos Delgado or Jose Bautista? Can only go off regular season really
...scores. Jose Bautista out at home on the throw, LF Brett Gardner to 2B Starlin Castro to C Austin Romine. [2/2]
Jose Bautista has struck out 159 times this season, tying the record held by Jose Canseco (1998) & Kelly…
Hard to not think that Jose Bautista has had a Vince Carter effect on Canadian baseball. via
Jose Bautista's strike out B8 ties him with Jose Canseco and Kelly Johnson for single-season K record at 159.
Jose Bautista strikes out for the 159th time this season, tying franchise record with Jose Canseco (1998) & Kelly J…
"One of the best commands that I have here." – pitching coach Jose Bautista on Spencer Adams
Jose Bautista loves this local artist so much he commissioned 10 original works from him
GOVERNMENT agents arrested a son of former senator Jose Bautista, popularly known as Ramon Revilla Sr., and his...
can't get through so my top 5 Dave Stieb, Joe Carter,Robbie Alomar, Jose Bautista, Carlos Delgado
Jose Bautista know *** well *** call him Juan Luis Guerra but he puts Joey Bats on the players weekend jersey s…
Kevin Pillar is slugging 20 points higher than Jose Bautista this year. That is unbelievable.
@ T5-1o: John Jaso flies out to RF Jose Bautista.
Albert Pujols, Matt Kemp, Jose Bautista, and Adrian Gonzalez are all free agents in my fantasy league. We're all getting old.
@ B9-0o: Alen Hanson singles on a ground ball to RF Jose Bautista. Yolmer Sanchez to 2nd.
Alen Hanson leaping grab at wall in RF robs Jose Bautista of extra bases if not a HR to open T5
@ T5-1o: Jose Bautista flies out to RF Alen Hanson.
Alen Hanson's glove was at least at the height of the yellow line when he caught that Jose Bautista fly ball. Mighta robbed him of a HR.
Alen Hanson leaps at the wall and may have taken a home run away from Jose Bautista.
@ T9-3o: Jose Bautista pops out to RF Alen Hanson in foul territory.
The Blue Jays never asked Jose Bautista to waive his no-trade clause.
At home, Martinez now with 11 homers at Target Field, tied for 3rd most by a visiting player. Salvador Perez & Jose Bautista the most w/14..
Better hope Josh Willingham and Jose Bautista aren't in the playoffs
The best home run derby is still the one a few years ago in Kansas City with Prince Fielder, Jose Bautista & Mark Trumbo
Carlos Beltran (including the year he was traded), Jose Bautista, Cecil Fielder, Dean Palmer, and Jay Bell.
Jose Bautista's 2 out RBI single plates Darwin Barney & gives the a 1-0 lead in the top of the 3rd inning.
Jose Bautista records his 900th career RBI. That is the 16th-most among active batters.
Carlos Gomez had his 5th career multi home run game. That's cute Gomez. Jose Bautista has 29 career multi home run games.
@ T9-2o: Jose Bautista singles on a sharp ground ball to CF Carlos Gomez.
Do Texas fans really not see the hypocrisy in cheering for Carlos Gomez but booing Jose Bautista because he likes to show…
@ B4-3o: Adam Rosales flies out to RF Jose Bautista.
Luis Severino out here pumping GAS🔥. The flamethrower sets down Jose Bautista with some 98 mph cheddar on the blac…
Jose Bautista bat flip last night was major greatness, not sure why danny hudson wasnt used with a…
Real or not? Jose Bautista is still the most hated man in baseball
*Snit walks to mound. Signals to pen. Points at Bautista*. "104 to your ribs, Jose". *lights dim*. BAH GAWD, THAT'S MAUR…
A Braves pitcher delivers the verbal high heat to Jose Bautista after his latest bat flip.
Jose Bautista has another bat flip tonight after a homer off O'Flaherty. Wonder if anyone on the can top O…
One year ago today, a man named Rougned Odor did this to Jose Bautista.
We have another Jose Bautista bat flip in Atlanta and the benches cleared after he rounded the bases. Jose making sure Odor i…
Jose Bautista bat flips a home run, and the benches clear for the second time tonight...
Jose Bautista batting .208, has 6 homers on the season, team is 17-24, was losing by 5 in the 8th & bat flipped a solo sho…
Video: Benches clear after another monster bat flip by Jose Bautista
Jose Bautista's latest bat flip riles Braves, clears benches: 'Surprised he's ready to fight after last……
For the anniversary of the Rougned Odor/Jose Bautista fight, here's my Virtual Tribute to Rougned Odor.
Jose Bautista still in my top 5 favourite baseball players
Eric O'Flaherty on Jose Bautista's taunting: ’Surprised he's ready to fight again after last year'…
Jose Bautista crushes a HR to left.. flips the bat leaving the batters box, with his team down 8-4 to the Braves
This Jose Bautista bat flip didn't sit well with the Braves, leading to benches clearing afterward
Jose Bautista just styled a solo HR that cut the Braves lead to 8-4. . God, the Blue Jays are such losers.
O'Flaherty on Jose Bautista: "I'm surprised he's ready to fight again"
Real or not? Jose Bautista's latest bat flip shows he's still MLB's most hated player
Jose Bautista is getting one near the head tomorrow. He's the Nazem Kadri of Baseball.
Josh Hamilton wins AL MVP over Miggy Cabrera, Robinson Cano & Jose Bautista after best season in Rangers history. h…
Jean Segura doubles (8) on a line drive to right fielder Jose Bautista. Carlos Ruiz scores. Jean Segura to 3rd. (1/2)
@ B6-1o: Jose Bautista pops out to 2B Taylor Motter.
@ B3-3o: Jose Bautista grounds into a force out, fielded by 2B Taylor Motter. Ezequiel Carrera out at 2nd.
Jose Bautista hit a two-run homer, Joe Biagini pitched into the sixth inning and the Toronto Blue Jays defeated t…
23, the sneakiest number in Blue Jays history. Worn by Cecil Fielder, Mark Whiten, and Jose Bautista at one time.
hey i got followed by Jose Bautista today. Blue check mark and all. I'm among the privileged few (930…
This is no secret, but Aaron Judge's got cannon of an arm. Threw out Jose Bautista here.
- Nice Jason! 4:00 mark of the interview! Jason Sudeikis described an elevator encounter with Jose Bautista
Jose Bautista up for the award for best Breakthrough Performance! Vote for now!…
From Friday:. Jose Bautista's first HR of the season gave the Blue Jays the lead for good in top of the 13th!. Better…
Jose Bautista has struck out in 7 straight AB. He is batting .107 with 0 HR and 23 K in 56 AB this season.
Jose Bautista is struggling at the plate, but TSN's Steve Phillips explains why it's a good bet he'll battle back https:/…
Jose Bautista dons the golden sombrero via
Also:. Jose Bautista was gifted with the Golden Sombrero against the Red Sox today. . The Toronto Blind Jays, amiri…
Jose Bautista turned 80 years old overnight. Golden Sombrero 4 K's today. Sad all around he is batting less than half my weight
Jose Bautista with the golden sombrero!
@ T5-3o: Manny Machado flies out to RF Jose Bautista.
Don't make me make Rougned Odor knock out Jose Bautista 😂
Can u tell Orioles fans don't like Jose Bautista 😬
lmao. I've got a top comment on Jose Bautista's epic bat flip home run too.
Only if it's of Jose Bautista proportions.
Jose Bautista follows me too! He and Trish Stratus are probably my most famous followers. 😁
May 25th: Rougned Odor delivers the punch heard 'round the Metroplex following a late slide by Jose Bautista.
The Pirates traded Jose Bautista for someone who is currently a bullpen catcher. Whoops.
Jose Bautista is set up for a bounce back year with Toronto
Is ready to hop back into the MVP race? . FULL STORY:.
I got Jose Bautista in my city. You know what side I come down on this.
Longoria with his 33rd HR against the Yankees, tied with Jose Bautista for most among active players. 5-2 Rays.
Jose Bautista. -.234. -22 HR. -69 RBI. Joey Bats is back in Toronto after testing the market this offseason and they ar…
Jose Bautista season is back image cred:
Jose Bautista proved in 2010 that a change in swing mechanics could yield huge results. | https…
Hey guys, Jose Bautista is still a Blue Jay. I just remembered.
Simmons has yet to recover from Jose Bautista owning him online. Wonder about karma?
Don't know if I'm training a future Jose Bautista or the next Harley Quinn
One Jose Bautista would like to speak to you in private about your comments about lack of swag
On the other side of things, I seem to remember Udaldo absolutely owns Jose Bautista.
Jose Bautista is still the straw that stirs the DiManno on the swagger in their step: via
The swagger & the shrug combine to make Jose Bautista 💙 one of top 6 players in baseball ⚾️: DiManno
Opening day has me so excited! I hope my dreams are fulfilled this year and Jose Bautista gets rocked with a hard right again!
if you think Jose Bautista's bat flip is better than Rougned Odor's entire baseball career
Jose Bautista bat flip still one of the greatest things I ever seen
Jose Bautista + Odor should have a fight for charity.
you were only getting one of Bautista or EE, and Jose's contract ended up being a bargain anyways
"If you get it up early, it'll get down early" - Jose Bautista and David Ortiz talk hitting (leg kicks, timing) at the 20…
Nothing beats a good sports fight, just ask Jose Bautista
Nine minutes left. And then I'll never post about this again because I feel like Jose Bautista in the Final Vote a…
He may be coming off an off-year, and an off-season where he looked elsewhere, but Jose Bautista’s star in the B...
Its the final of March Madness. Two 1 seeds face off in a battle between the 1992 World Series and Jose Bautista's bat flip.
If Sunday's 88.4 mph throw is any indication, here's what the can expect from Jose Bautista's arm in 2017: https:/…
Jose Bautista's throw to the plate was clocked at 88.4 MPH... He only had 2 harder throw all last season. Man what a play...
Let's try that again: Jose Bautista throws out Oscar Mercado at home after catching Reynaldo Rodriguez liner.
Jose Bautista almost parked one out of Marlins Park. It's 8-2 D.R., and Saturday's game against the U.S. is going to be pre…
Ryan Dempster faced Jose Reyes and Jose Bautista in the 1st inning. In his final MLB start, in 2013, he faced Reyes &…
Jose Bautista and Nelson Cruz in the corners is some like performance art by Tony Pena.
Jose Bautista makes the early arriving fans happy by signing autographs.
Mark Shapiro says Jose Bautista is poised for a 'very good year.'
40916 Hanley Ramirez hits a two run triple to right field that goes over Jose Bautista's head: via
ICYMI: Today, Jose Bautista spoke about his new deal with & more. Here's the wrap up:
Marcus Stroman said he 'couldn't be more excited' to have Jose Bautista back. “I feel like Bautista is baseb…
Toronto Blue Jays are still a team with holes, but now, at least, they have holes and Jose Bautista
Among free agents, Brett Cecil ended up with more guaranteed money than Jose Bautista & Michael Saunders com…
Jose Bautista is not happy about the Blue Jays projected record
📻📻 Hour 2. Jose Bautista's pending return, Maple Leafs back to back wins, NFL Playoffs and more. LINK:…
This is when Jose Bautista signs for less than that QO and then gets compared to Dexter Fowler and Ian Desmond
Source: have been in contact with Jose Bautista's camp this offseason, despite public statements at the Winter Meet…
Aaron Sanchez on Jose Bautista: I know he wants to be in Toronto. I know the guys want him. We'll see how they play out
reports talking to agents for Jose Bautista. No reason for not to go after him if they ca…
NEWS: Indians staying in touch with Free Agent slugger Jose Bautista (via
The might not be done, are staying in touch with free agents, including Jose Bautista. .
After signing Trevor Plouffe, may still look to one of remaining FAs Mark Trumbo, Mike Napoli, Jose Bautista, Chris Carter, & Adam Lind.
The call signing of free agent Mark Trumbo or Jose Bautista unlikely, but not ruling out anything. Each would c…
Steve Phillips: "There's a good chance Jose Bautista doesn't sign until after the June draft. I don't see anyone givin…
Should the Mariners gamble on Jose Bautista? Weighing up the pros & cons.
[SB Nation: MLB Daily Dish] Blue Jays in active discussions with Jose Bautista
Minority owners of new NHL franchise, Vegas Golden Knights include Rob Gronkowski, Jose Bautista and model Carol Alt.
Braves news: Braves interested in Jose Bautista? via
From my Notebook: Jose Bautista to Atlanta? Welcome back Jordan Walden, AFL prospects and MiLB signings:
Atlanta Braves news and links: Are the Braves interested in Jose Bautista?
So there’s a rumor that the Braves are interested in Jose Bautista. Is there anything to it?
Mark Trumbo could be a good replacement to Jose Bautista... just thinkin out loud..
Players that will be getting a Qualifying Offer of $17.2 mill. Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion, Kenley Jansen, Mark Trumbo, Justin Turner
Report: Jose Bautista to turn down qualifying offer from
Jose Bautista is playing mind games with the rookie pitcher before Game 5.
Ryan Merritt heard Jose Bautista's pregame comments. He sure wasn't shaking in his boots as he did work in ALCS Game 5…
Indians 2B Jason Kipnis to Jose Bautista: 'That's why you don't say dumb sh-t.'
Andrew Walker just said Jose Bautista is the 2nd best Blue Jays position player ever behind Carlos Delgado...huh?? Where's Alomar?
Four players in the ALCS share a birthday today: Jose Bautista, J.A. Happ, Josh Tomlin, Rajai Davis.
I was all for the Blue Jays but Jose Bautista should keep quiet 😂
Video: Jason Kipnis has a message for Jose Bautista after Game 5. Watch >
Jose Bautista said Ryan Merritt would be shaking in his boots... 🤔
Jose Bautista on facing Cle. rookie LHP Ryan Merritt, of Celina: "I’m pretty sure he’s going to be shaking in his boots more t…
In the clubhouse Indians toast AL pennant by quoting Jose Bautista's "shaking in his boots" reference to Ryan Merritt. h…
Jose Bautista on Ryan Merritt: "With our experience in our lineup I'm pretty sure he's going to be shaking in his boot…
If Andrew Miller and Cody Allen met Jose Bautista in the ring...
Happy birthday to Jose Bautista and Rajai Davis, teammates on the 2005 Curve and now facing each other in the https…
Today, Rajai Davis & Jose Bautista, both born on Oct 19th, can join the short list of players to hit post-season homers…
Chipola Nation make sure to watch 3 former Chipola Indians in the playoffs! Andrew Toles, Jose Bautista, and Russell Martin
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Jose Bautista on Josh Donaldson's energy: "He plays like that every day. It doesn't surprise me"
Carlos Santana and Jose Bautista leading off in the ALCS is an underrated "the nerds have won" moment.
WOW, now MLB is rigging fly balls so that Jose Bautista can't catch them. This is unbelievable.
Potential Left fielders for the Nats to target this offseason:. Brandon Moss . Colby Rasmus. Nori Aoki. Josh Reddick . Jose Bautista
Congrats on making an awesome new stat! Jose Bautista ranks first, and Brandon Phillips ranks last!
No bat flip needed: Jose Bautista one-ups the Rangers again with late homer in Game 1 via
All Jose Bautista haters should come to Cool River lol
*Looks into future*. Jose Bautista 13th inning walk-off homer off Darren O'Day. Bat flip shatters the Ozone layer and we a…
Jose Bautista 'OK' with playing villain role: Jose Bautista will be the villain at Globe Life Park on Thursday when…
A reality show starring Madison Bumgarner and Jose Bautista sending back plates at all the restaurants featured in Diners, Drive ins & Dives
How can players apply analytics for on-field purposes? Check this out from Jose Bautista.
"I’m expecting to get booed. I think I’ll handle it just fine."--Jose Bautista
Because then Jose Bautista is up at the plate. It's not an easy play either way.
Jose Bautista draws first blood for the with a solo shot in the bottom of the 2nd
"It's freezing in here, they must have been listening to Buck Showalter." -- Jose Bautista at the start of his presser.
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Irony: calling the Blue Jays "classless" and then posting a picture of Jose Bautista getting sucker-punched by Roughned Odor.
One strange year later, Jose Bautista is front and centre again, hero and villain:
I hope Jose Bautista gets hit by a pitch, on every at bat
Y! Sports ° LEADING OFF: Jays, Rangers ready to slug it out (The Associated Press): Jose Bautista and the Tor...
Ken Pagan, the moron who threw the beer on the field last night, actually wrote this article a few years ago.
Jose Bautista: "I'm not looking for revenge. I'm looking to win ball games."
A preview of the upcoming rematch between Rougned Odor and Jose Bautista. by via
Blue Jays' Jose Bautista: 'I'm not looking for revenge' against the Rangers. h…
"They might have a reason to dislike me. I think I have a few more reasons to dislike them." Jose Bautista, on the Texas…
Blue Jays outfielder Jose Bautista on being disliked:
Jose Bautista on animosity with Texas: "They might have their reasons to dislike me. I might have a couple more reasons…
Jose Bautista 'OK' with playing villain role
Jose Bautista is 3 for 38 in his career against Ubaldo Jimenez. He was standing on deck when Edwin Encarnacion hit the game…
I would rather have Joe West, Angel Hernandez, David Freese, Ian Kinsler, Jose Bautista, and the Super Devil but oh well.
*** of a relay by the Red Sox to get Jose Bautista. Jackie Bradley Jr. played the Monster perfectly, and relay to Bogaerts…
"Toronto Blue Jays’ Jose Bautista keeps his focus on the here and now with free agency on the | National Post" ( )
Jose Bautista's 21st homer of the year has given the a 1-0 lead on the in the bottom of the 4th inning.
[Entertainment] Jose Bautista busts deadlock with late home run as Toronto Blue Jays blank New York Yankees — a...
Bautista bomb! Jose's late homer lifts Blue Jays over Yankees: Jose Bautista provided the offence with ...
@ B8-0o: Cliff Pennington singles on a line drive to RF Jose Bautista.
@ T4-1o: Jose Bautista reaches on a fielder's choice out, P Alex Meyer to 2B Cliff Pennington to 3B Yunel... [1/2]
Jose Bautista slaps a ball up the middle, EE delays going and then breaks for third, Cliff Pennington makes easy throw for out.
After the break we'll head down to Rogers Centre and check in with Buck Martinez to talk about Jose Bautista's return to the lineup!
broadcaster Buck Martinez wants Jose Bautista back at the top of the lineup:
repping at Jose Bautista celebrity golf classic. What a job putting this together by https:…
[SB Nation: MLB Daily Dish] Nationals trade rumors: Washington has inquired about Jose Bautista
Today my wife said "I'd rather have Buck Martinez back than Jose Bautista."
Jose Bautista isn't going to give Blue Jays a hometown discount via
They get credit for not being the ones to give away Jose Bautista and Aramis Ramirez. Yet.
A-Rod and coach Tony Pena to Toronto for Jose Bautista and Toronto's 3rd base coach.   10% Off
If you're the would you trade Jose Bautista to the for Yasiel Puig? Would the Dodgers? Would Batista OK that deal?
I'm not in Ur league. Lol..I offered Adam Jones, Mark Trombone and Derek Holland for Jose Bautista, Mike Mousta…
Why the Toronto Blue Jays should invest in Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion via
GM Ross Atkins on re: The current lineup: "The biggest thing we need right now is Jose Bautista."
Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista goes on disabled list because of sprained toe
Pure guess here but Miguel Cabrera, Joe Mauer, Jose Bautista, last one not sure on, David Wright??
Jose Bautista flies out to center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr.
@ T3-3o: Jose Bautista flies out to CF Jackie Bradley Jr.
Man, if you're put off by Cam Newton and Jose Bautista, Muhammad Ali woulda killed you dead.
I am too, I just don't want 2 of those 9 to be Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista
Per Bleacher Report Edwin Encarnacion and Jose Bautista envision as a possible landing spot.
Would not be surprised one bit if Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnacion both end up in Boston.
Jose Bautista, Edwin Encarnacion reportedly view the Red Sox as potential landing spot.
Jon Heyman reports that both Jose Bautista and Edwin Encarnación "Envision the Red Sox as a possible winter landing sp…
"We looked at him like a Marco Scutaro". - J.P. Ricciardi on Jose Bautista .
hey King is there any more news on your report of the Dom brown for Jose Bautista trade ? Lombardo said it's not happening
Jose Bautista talks to Tom Verducci about the Odor fight, bat flips, free agency and more
A Texas BBQ restaurant is offering Rougned Odor free food for punching Jose Bautista
Jose Bautista to Sports Illustrated: "I'd be stupid to leave" Toronto
Jose Bautista talks free agency with Tom Verducci: "I'd be stupid to leave" Toronto
WATCH: Jose Bautista welcomes David Price back to Toronto with a mammoth homer.
Kris Bryant and Jose Bautista were spotted in Sammys tonight
[Larry Brown Sports] PK Subban will give Jose Bautista ticket to Raptors game for a bat flip
Here's how I greeted Jose Bautista in Minnesota... Don't mess with Texas
Snagger... Jose Bautista thinks the Warriors got punched in the face. War Adam Silver's worst nightmare an OKC vs. Raptors final
Jose Bautista, Russell Martin & other Blue Jays incredulous that Phil Hughes wasn't ejected for throwing behind Josh Donaldson in the 5th.
Luis Valbuena was bat flipping way before Jose Bautista
Dusty Baker, James Selario, Jose Bautista.. Oh wait he already got blasted in the face
It's going to be awkward when the Jose Bautista statue out front of Target Field is bigger than Rod Carew's.
Rougned Odor is signing autographed photos of his punch to Jose Bautista ... for a price:
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Jose Bautista is 1 for 17 lifetime versus Jake Odorizzi.
Best thing you'll see all day!. "WWE Hall of famer Jim Ross calls Rougned Odor-Jose Bautista
Former MLB players think Rougned Odor tried to hit Jose Bautista with throw before bra..
The Toronto Blue Jays’ Jose Bautista flipped his bat in last year's American League Division Series against t...
Josh Donaldson heading back to Toronto after going 0-14 w/ 1 BB & 1 R in Texas. Jose Bautista heading back to Toronto with…
Jose Bautista wasn't the only one who caught one from Odor. Josh Donaldson felt it too. 😱😂
I wanna find someone who takes care of me the way Adrian Beltre takes care of Jose Bautista
Why the Jose Bautista punch is a good sign for baseball. By Joel Sherman Trust me, I a...
Who wore it better?. Mr. Potato Head or Jose Bautista.
It is an extension of their rather contentious playoff series of a year ago. The whole Jose Bautista bat flip angered Texas.
Jose Bautista clearly told Odor that England's greatest prime minister was Pitt the Elder instead of Lord Palmerston
I would love to pay his fine. I am from Baltimore and hate Jose Bautista. He started with Adam Jones last year.
Immediately following Rougned Odor punching Jose Bautista in the face, Odor is awarded MLB MVP and given a Nobel Prize.
Rougned Odor hits Jose Bautista with a right cross to the jaw after Bautista slid through 2nd
Christian Bethancourt with the Jose Bautista-level HR staredown! Should get two extra runs for that.
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@ B2-2o: Jose Bautista pops out to SS Hanser Alberto.
@ T3-2o: Austin Jackson flies out to RF Jose Bautista.
Thank you Jose Bautista, Ezekiel Carrera and Roberto Osuna for making my day 😄
DTN Canada: Blue Jays power their way to series win over Athletics: Ezequiel Carrera and Jose Bautista homered...
Josh Donaldson, Jose Bautista & Edwin Encarnacion are hitting a combined .127 career off of Ubaldo Jimenez
Jose Bautista is 0-3 with 3 GIDPs. He's due for a homer here
Some players with 0 career HR at this age: Mike Piazza, Carlton Fisk, Jim Edmonds, Jose Bautista
Babe Ruth, Jose Bautista, Roberto Alomar. That's all the baseball players I can name.
If Drew Storen really wants to unseat Osuna as the closer, maybe he should try choking Jose Bautista in the dugout.
Jose Bautista didn't swing his bat once against Dellin. 6 pitches but 1 out
From Joe Carter to Jose Bautista, how the helped build a father-daughter bond.
[NBC Sports: Hardball Talk] Blue Jays lose after Jose Bautista called out for slide interference
Jose Bautista takes advantage of some ambitious outfielding by Steven Souza Jr. to earn the triple.
Jake Odorizzi throws hands up as Steven Souza Jr dives for Jose Bautista drive he had no chance of catching, then E1 to home on EE chopper
Drew Smyly sits Jose Bautista down in the top of the 1st. Watch the on FOX Sports Sun now.
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Mike Schmidt latest to ridicule Jose Bautista's bat flip, today's 'soft game'
In which Mike Schmidt says kids these days should be less like Jose Bautista and more like Pete Rose. 😒💩.
Blue Jays beat Astros 7-2: Jose Bautista and Troy Tulowitzki each hit towering home runs to lead the Toronto B...
Jose Bautista, Troy Tulowitzki homer in Blue Jays' win over Astros
Bautista, Tulowitzki homer in Jays' 7-2 win over Astros (Yahoo Sports): Jose Bautista and Troy Tulowitzki each...
[Sportsnet] Jose Bautista, Troy Tulowitzki homer in Blue Jays’ win over Astros
Jose Bautista, Troy Tulowitzki homer in win over Astros:
Gonzalez, Duffy lead effort as Fister struggles: Jose Bautista and Troy Tulowitzki homered and Aaron Sanchez tossed…
Let's Go Blue Jays! Bautista, Tulo HRs back Sanchez vs. Astros: Jose Bautista and Troy Tulowitzki homered and...
the Bret Boone bat flip was acceptable the Jose Bautista bat flip I would have hit him in his bean bag...
Hall of Famer Goose Gossage has criticized Toronto star Jose Bautista and New York Mets slugger Yoenis Cespedes for…
Goose Gossage with strong words about Jose Bautista and about 'nerds' and their impact on MLB.
Gossage: Jose Bautista a 'disgrace,' baseball ruined by 'nerds'
MLB: Hall of Famer Goose Gossage calls Jose Bautista a \"disgrace\" to baseball; says \"nerds\" turning game into …
right cause guys like Jose Reyes, Fernando Rodney, Jose Bautista and countless others have not be able express themselves. Ok.
Jon Heyman reports Jose Bautista is leaning towards staying in Toronto, but wants $30 million plus per season.
Jon Heyman says Jose Bautista prefers to stay in Toronto and is willing to negotiate.
2016 Heritage Felix Hernandez and Jose Bautista mini /100 lot of 2
Congrats to for winning best jersey at Jose Bautista jersey and signed Duane Ward!
"This guy deserves to be revered and appreciated" - Mark Shapiro on Jose Bautista
Jose Bautista! Face of the Toronto Blue Jays. Love this guy and his intensity for the game.
Casey Janssen and Jose Bautista don't think Demarre Carroll's return counts as an addition either.
Remember when Jose Bautista threw out Billy Butler at 1st and then the game ended and we won 6-5?
Boston Red Sox rumors: If Sox want Jose Bautista to replace David Ortiz, they'll have to spend big if Blue Jays
Toronto Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista says he's let the franchise know what it would take to keep him
Toronto Blue Jays need to sign Jose Bautista or start the rebuild...
TSN has 150 million reasons to do 150 million stories on Jose Bautista's future contract.
Ross Atkins doesn't want talks with Jose Bautista to be public. VIDEO:
Jose Bautista says there's no hometown discount -- is he right for all of MLB?: Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautist...
Do you think the Toronto should give into Jose Bautista's asking price of a 5year/$150m contract?
Little Giant Ladders
Unsure how realistic this is, but a fun read. A Jose Bautista alternative for the Blue Jays: Trade for Joey Votto.
what if Jose Bautista can play Right D?
What's the highest you would go in terms of money and years for Jose Bautista?
What if Jose Bautista didn't bat flip but instead did a cartwheel?
SIMMONS: Time for Blue Jays to say bye-bye to Jose Bautista via
Jose Bautista wants $150 million to stay with the Blue Jays. Toronto counter offers with 10 maple syrup trees and a…
Given Bautista's public demands yesterday, saw this "leak" coming. Jose should have kept quiet...
Jose Bautista asking for 150mill, looks like he's going 😬😳
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