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Jose Altuve

José Altuve (born May 6, 1990) is a Major League Baseball second baseman for the Houston Astros.

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Justin Verlander and Jose Altuve weren’t acquired by tanking, they were pretty important in the World Se…
The free signings continue with Alex Bregman today and reminder on Jose Altuve on Monday!!…
Jose Altuve is the front-runner to become Astros second MVP winner today. The Houston Chronicle front pages from Oc…
Everyone's love for Jose Altuve and his long list of accomplishments have garnered the Houston Astros second basema…
Moments that made us literally love Houston Astros Jose Altuve! Tell us why you love Jose Altuve! Gifs/memes welcom…
Good afternoon...Jose Altuve, George Springer, and Dallas Keuchel are all under 30. Lance McCullers Jr. Is 24, and…
Jose Altuve sent JJ Watt this heartfelt letter after winning the World Series
Players aged 25-or-younger that John Mallee has coached since 2013:. Jose Altuve, Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, Kyle…
In 1992, in his prime, Barry Bonds made 4.7MM. . In 2016, in his prime, Jose Altuve is making 4.7MM. Which would y…
"Loser has to sit in Los Angeles traffic." What were Jose Altuve and Joc Pederson talking about? ▶️
Jose Altuve ran into a  fan from Venezuela and they shared a special moment 💯😍
Three stars are expected to appear on Saturday Night Live: George Springer, Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman
The Tonight Show just started. Jose Altuve is going to be on the show.
Jose Altuve was cut by the Astros when he first tried out because they felt he was too short. Evan Gattis was working as a…
Astros did it for Jose Altuve, JJ Watt, James Harden and H-Town
Corey Seager grounding out to Jose Altuve ending the 2017 World Series and giving Houston their first title is even bette…
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After Alex Bregman steals third, he scores on a Jose Altuve groundout. 2-0 Astros with two outs in the top of the first.
George Springer is a stud. Charlie Morton is a stud. Alex Bregman is a stud. Jose Altuve is a stud. Carlos Correa is a stud. The…
Backstreet Boys wish Jose Altuve, Astros good luck in World Series
I like Jose Altuve because Jose Altuve is like what would've happened if Pablo Sanchez was a real person.
Jose Altuve cements his status as baseball’s marquee player
Astros outslug Dodgers for wild Game 5 win in World Series - Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa and the Houston Astros ...
Jose Altuve was all smiles after the Astros' amazing 13-12 win in Game 5 -…
Jose Altuve doubles to the wall in left. Alex Bregman scores from first. take the lead 9-8
Moral of the story: do NOT tell Jose Altuve what he can't do!
Marveling at the greatness of Jose Altuve doesn't make me a troll.
MLB growth can provide template for American unity
I hope my wife likes the name Jose Altuve Boudreaux for our little boy
.superstar talks with Tom Verducci after the wild Game 5 win.
15 hits at home in a single postseason. - Jose Altuve, 2017. - David Eckstein, 2006. - Albert Pujols, 2004
RECAP: . Dodgers go up 4-0. . Astros tied it at 4. . Cody Bellinger 3-run HR. Jose Altuve 3-run HR. 7-7 after 5 innings.
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First time in World Series history five different players have hit home runs in the same game: Yuli Gurriel, Jose Altu…
(2011) Jose Altuve's first career home run, an inside-the-park HR his rookie season for the Astros. https…
Jose Altuve --- thank you for playing baseball being relentless and the best player.
People who have homered in Game 5: . Corey Seager. Justin Turner. Jose Altuve. Carlos Correa. Yuli Gurriel. Ge…
Jose Altuve and Yuli Gurriel have both hit three-run, game-tying homers tonight. There had only been four game-tying, three…
Turn Jose Altuve sideways and you have the width Bill Miller's strike zone.
Jose Altuve, "There's no other place I'd rather be right now than with these guys."
Are you kidding me?!?!?!?! Jose Altuve delivers a double and Alex Bregman scores! on top!!!
Jose Altuve is the Steph Curry of baseball, he literally changing the way people will scout and evaluate players going f…
If you’re a Giants fan and your favorite non-Giant is someone other than Jose Altuve, there’s probably something wrong wit…
Grantland's take on Jose Altuve, back in 2012. How little they knew.
Jose Altuve was never listed in the top 100 prospects in baseball in any major publication at any time. Believe in yours…
Jose Altuve has 7 HRs this postseason. He's one away from Carlos Beltran's record of 8.
Jose Altuve : 3-5, 3 runs scored & 4 RBI (3-run home run in the bottom of the 5th inning to tie the game)
My head just exploded. Jose Altuve ties it with a 3-run HR off of Kenta Maeda. We are tied. You cannot script this.
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Jose Altuve has a message for Houston fans as the World Seri... [FOX]
Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa and George Springer all have huge HRs in extras in this game, as if they are the core…
Yasiel Puig, Charlie Culberson and Jose Altuve all just homered in extra innings in a World Series game a…
I still can't get over this picture of Aaron Judge next to Jose Altuve.
Jose Altuve reminds me of the little dude in the Wachootoo Tribe from Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
Jose Altuve is what fans think Dustin Pedroia still is
Jose Altuve might be one of my favorite non Pirate players... He reminds me of a much much better Dustin Pedroia..
Enrique Hernandez is listed at 5'-11.". -. Jose Altuve at 5'-6.". -. Both cranked three homers in a playoff game. -. Onl…
I wonder how Madison Bumgarner and Javy Baez feel about Joe Buck cheating on them with Jose Altuve
Javy Baez: good, but not quite Jose Altuve
We hadn't had a multi-HR postseason game by a second baseman since 2009, but Jose Altuve and Javy Baez now have both done it in '17.
The last time Jose Altuve went back-to-back games w/o a hit was September 20-21
Well...I’ll say this about Jose Altuve, Javy Baez would have made that tag.
David Ortiz can't propose to Jose Altuve. In a polygamous relationship for the ages, Houston proposed first. And was accepted.
I still don’t think Joe Buck loves Jose Altuve as much as Javier Baez😂😂
Masahiro Tanaka was good, but Dallas Keuchel was terrific. Made all the difference. Oh, and MVP Jose Altuve is just stupid good at baseball.
The take the lead!. Carlos Correa delivers a RBI single scoring Jose Altuve for the 1-0 lead.
Only 4 player 5'6" or under have hit a home run in the last decade!. Jose Altuve, Alexi Amarista, David Eckstein, and Tony…
A historic performance by Jose Altuve spoiled Chris Sale's playoff debut and gave the Astros a 1-0 lead over the Red Sox in the…
Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve go back-to-back off Chris Sale
Jose Altuve takes Chris Sale deep for the SECOND time 💪.
If you're not totally in awe of Jose Altuve right now, I don't know what to tell you. He's incredible.
Carlos Correa said he hopes owner Jim Crane signs Jose Altuve for 10 more years so he can play with him that long.
The guy on the right might beat the guy on the left for MVP. But not before the Astros almost gave up on him
Great photo by of Rich Dauer’s reaction to Jose Altuve’s third home run in Game 1 of Astros-Red Sox
José Altuve is the first 2B with a multi-HR postseason game since Chase Utley in the 2009 WS. 3rd Astros player to do it…
Jose Altuve looks a lot like an MVP in Game 1 of ALDS
Jose Altuve's 2nd home run off Chris Sale: 108.5 mph, 415 feet, per Altuve's hardest hit of any kind this season.
If you don't love Jose Altuve just surrender your baseball fandom right now.
José Altuve with the 10th 3-HR game in postseason history. He's the second 2B to do it, and second straight Venezuelan-b…
fans can thank Alex Bregman for Jose Altuve's 3 HR Gm1.
So I thought a straight up offensive comparison of Aaron Judge and Jose Altuve was warranted, its too close, shouts…
No surprise as Altuve adds to greatness
Jose Altuve hit three home runs today...and tonight, Aaron Judge has more strikeouts than Altuve had homers.
Astros' Jose Altuve shows he's far from mortal -
Oh, what the heck ... The numbers and eyes don't lie: Jose Altuve for MVP via
Jose Altuve is the 9th player all-time to hit three homers in a playoff game.
"Aaron Judge hit a bomb in the Wild Card game to seal his MVP Campaign.". Jose Altuve: "Hold my beer."
Aaron Judge has struck out four times in Game 1. Jose Altuve hit three home runs. Just sayin'.
Jose Altuve was already the Astros GOAT. today just further cemented his place as Astros GOAT
Aaron Judge wants to be Jose Altuve when he grows down.
Only nine players have homered three times in a postseason game. Is Jose Altuve the most unlikely of the bunch:
At 27, is already one of the best players of all time. This is why
Rare picture of Jose Altuve as a child
Jose Altuve isn't human, he's crushed his 3rd dinger of the game 👀🔥.
It's Jose Altuve's world and we're just living in it. Astros take Game 1 behind Altuve's three home runs.
Jose Altuve, the AL MVP favorite over Aaron Judge, now trying to become the new Mr. October, too.
Ready for the best clip ever? Here's Mike Francesa last June, mocking a caller who attempted to educate him about José Al…
"I never hit 3 homers, what happened today was new for me."- Jose Altuve on his 3-homer Game 1. via
Jose Altuve is the closest thing we've seen in MLB to Pablo Sanchez. Small strike zone, crazy power, game changing talent,…
Jose Altuve tried out for the Astros. Told not to come back. The Diamondbacks traded Trevor Bauer after 4 starts. Don't…
Did You Know: Jose Altuve is the first elementary school student to ever hit 3 Home Runs in one playoff game
Jose Altuve against Chris Sale and the Red Sox- 3-4 with 3 homers. Aaron Judge against Trevor Bauer and the Indians. 0-3 3 k’…
Only joy I have is that Red Sox got torched by Jose Altuve and the Yankees winning the World Series
Jose Altuve when he sees Red Sox pitching
I'm working on a theory that Jose Altuve is a grown-up Pablo Sanchez from Backyard Baseball.
Aaron Judge now has 26 more home runs than Jose Altuve.
Jose Altuve will win the AL MVP but I really think that it should be Jose Ramirez! Indians won't go away empty-handed though.Cy Kluber.
The record-breaking homer comes from Alex Gordon, who has a slugging percentage that Jose Altuve would be ashamed to call a b…
Jose Altuve HR on pitch at the top of the zone. Nice!
Yep. "But what I want is some consistency. I want there ... logic applied to both ends of the silliest MVP criteria"
How big is Jose Altuve's strike zone lol
reminder that "Smart Baseball" author and scouting guru Keith Law said that Jason Heyward would be a great hitter and Jose Altuve wouldn't
Was Jose Altuve a guy who was supposed to hit 20 homers a year when he came up? Game is changing.
Another slugfest in Texas where the are up 7-6 on the after 3+. Jose Altuve has a solo HR.
No elite hitters swing down, watch any of them in slomo, including AL BA leader Jose Altuve
Justice: Goldy focused on playoffs, not MVP race
Paul Goldschmidt is having an MVP-caliber season and his manager has nothing but high praise:
Jose,Altuve senior or should I say señor
He now goes by his birth name, Jose Altuve.
Jose Altuve just struck out for 35th consecutive game?
Jose Altuve games with 2+ hits: 50. Jose Altuve games with 0 hits: 24
Picking the best major league players, inch-by-inch, starting with Jose Altuve (5’6”)
Mike Trout, jose altuve, Francisco lindor are all well ahead of Baez in the electric player scale
Jose Altuve is such a short porch merchant, I don't think he's hit a ball further than 400 ft all year
He's not quite there yet but Jose Altuve could be the best 2B in Astros history. He is THAT good.
Alex Bregman, Jose Altuve go back-to-back in 3rd inning to help Astros top A's 3-1 (ESPN)
8/16/16 Jose Altuve becomes the fastest Astros player in franchise history to collect 1,000 career hits (786 games). https:…
I'll be getting a few Jose Altuve new era Astro snapbacks!
Jose Altuve for AL MVP or I will erase all baseball footage and statistics from existence.
Yes, it's real. Jose Altuve is hitting .507 in July (and .365 for the year) . Is he the AL MVP?
Jose Altuve combo meal, his 4th this season! (1 HR, 1 SB today)
With two hits tonight, Jose Altuve has 50 multi-hit games this season.
Jose Altuve designed these caps for love the skyline
It's almost September. Jose Altuve has .361BA. Think about that. Shannon loves the little guys
Jose Altuve or Mookie? Now that I think about it more Judge is definitely still in the conversation. No…
Jose Altuve makes it back to back homers. 2-0, Astros.
Jose Altuve with a message for team at the One of best players is watching and cheer…
Astros star Jose Altuve shows off hat he designed for New Era
Mike Trout wins the MVP if the Angels make the postseason, right?
Jose altuve of the astros is another short dude who kills it batting and fielding.
Jose Altuve has now passed... Ira Flagstead, CF (1917-30). Career Hits: 1202
Jose Altuve has led the league in hits 5 times during his career. If he repeats again, he will join Tony Oliva tied for 6th all time
Since All-Star break, Adam Frazier hitting (.407) ranks third in all of MLB, trailing only Jose Altuve (.422) and Ezequiel Carrera (.419).
Jose Altuve leads the American League in batting average (.364) by 44 points. Closest competition is ... Carlos Correa
Marwin Gonzalez and Jose Altuve teamed up to give this young Astros fan a day to remember |
In the words of Jose Altuve, Marwin Gonzalez is "pretty good".
His average up to .358, Jose Altuve is the engine that's fueling the AL's best team
Alexi Amarista asks Jose Altuve to get things on high shelves for him
Jose Altuve has 126 hits in 406 plate appearances this year, more than Lucas Duda, Joey Gallo & Pablo Sandoval do combined in 262 more PAs.
Pablo Sanchez from the Backyard Sports games is just the fictional version of Jose Altuve
Zack Granite bloops a double over the head of Jose Altuve to record his first career Major League hit in the top of the 3…
8:12 Gabriel N. Schwartz: You Be the Judge: Aaron Judge vs. Jose Altuve? Who makes you love baseball more?
David Ross standing next to Tim Kurkjian is like Aaron Judge standing next to Jose Altuve
Jose Altuve was 15 for 24 on trip to Atlanta/Toronto. He's hitting .414 on road this season and leads majors ov…   10% Off
1st start matchup for 7/5: Jose Altuve in a great hitters park in Atlanta vs Jamie Garcia who he is 9 for 21 in his career.
More bonus coverage: Rougned Odor, who is apparently better than Jose Altuve, commits an error that eventually turns into 3…
Aaron Judge next to Jose Altuve is spectacular, but let's not forget the original version.
Here's a photo of Aaron Judge and Jose Altuve you didn't know you wanted. (📷: Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Today in 2017, three - Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa, George Springer - are named to the starting lineup of the A…
Jose Altuve has 733 hits since start of 2014. No other player is even close. Robinson Cano next at 636, Charlie Bl…
The deal is done. sends Mookie Betts, Mark Reynolds and Billy Hamilton to for Jose Altuve & Carlos Gomez
Jose Altuve mashes one, Bryce Harper tears the cover off and Chris Dominguez hits one fowl. Yep, fowl.
Jun 3, AB 1: Joey Gallo grounds out softly, second baseman Jose Altuve to first baseman Marwin Gonzalez. Jonathan Lucroy to 2nd.
Jose Altuve singled. Correa scores him on a base hit. Then Evan Gattis ropes a double to left. up 5-2 in the 7th
Our best wishes to Jose Altuve and Teoscar Hernandez after that scary moment.
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I'd rather be a poltergeist. than Jose Altuve
Jose Altuve was hitting .188 3 games ago . He's hitting .326 now
I'd rather watch Jose Altuve play ball than watch any NBA playoff game.
If Mike Trout is the best player in Jose Altuve is 1A.and the gap between the two is TINY.
Can someone tell Jose Altuve to stand up?
Two things are keeping Jose Ramirez from being Jose Altuve: 40 not-easily-explained BABIP points, and Ramirez playing out of p…
3 years ago, said he thought there was a chance Jose Ramirez could go "Altuve" not saying he has yet, but damm
God I love Jose Altuve. He's like my 3rd son.
Hey That Jose Altuve fella sure can hit. Glad he's on our team!
That Jose Altuve's so hot right now!!
Jose Altuve is one incredible baseball player.grit, heart, talent &was probably told all the while he wasn't big this guy
Jose Altuve snaps on-base streak at 11 plate appearances
Jose Altuve isn't much bigger, and he's a pretty good base-stealer.
Sean Manaea gets Jose Altuve swinging. He is now 0-10 v the LH starter and his streak of reaching base in 11 straight PA ends.
Sean Manaea strikes out Jose Altuve, ending his streak of 11 straight at bats having reached base safely.
Jose Altuve struck out, snapping his on-base streak at 11 consecutive plate appearances.
Jose Altuve started the season 3 for 21. He's 11 for 22 since. All is right with the world.
Jose Altuve has his 104th career three-hit game. Most in baseball since his debut season in 2011. (Photo credi…
Jose Altuve is the next Pete Rose. And that's not even an exaggeration.
Jose Altuve has reached safely in 11 straight plate appearances. Increasing his season on-base percentage from…
Jose Altuve has reached base in 11 straight plate appearances. The MLB record is 17 by Piggy Ward in the 1893 season. . Yes, 1893.
ICYMI: Dallas Keuchel rolled, Jose Altuve can't stop getting on base & the Astros took the series opener in Oakland:
Jose Altuve is 2 hits away from the AL lead
...a force out, SS Carlos Correa to 2B Jose Altuve. Mike Zunino to 3rd. Jarrod Dyson out at 2nd. Jean Segura to 1st [2/2]
Just bc you look like Jose Altuve, don't mean they will win lololol
Jose Altuve, Carlos Correa and Carlos Beltran catch up during batting practice. https:…
Jean Segura and Jose Altuve will both fight regression after unique performances in '16.
Jose Altuve, A.J. Reed and Colin Moran among the Astros' position players early to report. (Photo by https…
Charlie Morton's last start at Minute Maid Park back in 2011, he lost to the Astros 8-2, Jose Altuve hit just his 2nd career HR
Jose Altuve joins Bill Mazeroski, Joe Morgan, and Ryne Sandberg as 2B named Player of the Year:
Altuve tallies 200 hits for 3rd straight season: Astros All-Star second baseman Jose Altuve cranked out his 200th…
George Springer is older than teammate Jose Altuve.
On August 11, Dustin Pedroia trailed Jose Altuve in batting average by .069 (.366 vs .297). Gap now only .010 (.339 vs .329)
how do you compare a D. Ortiz to a Jose Altuve when voting MVP? You note a DH contributes much less overall than a 2B.
@ T3-2o: Jose Altuve flies out to CF Melvin Upton Jr.
Astros to have had 100+ road hits in a season:. Bob Watson (1975). Jose Cruz (1984). Craig Biggio (1998). Jose Altuve (2014)
In Astros history only Craig Biggio, Jeff Bagwell and Cesar Cedeno have more career four-hit games than Jose Altuve, who i…
Astros ejected for first time in his career
I wear white leg warmers during pre-game today. Jose Altuve wears white cleats during game today and hits a HR. Coincidenc…
Altuve ejected for 1st time in his career:
Jose Altuve gets ejected against the Rangers
Altuve ejected for 1st time in his career. At least the Astro's throwback uniforms looked cool.
do you think A.J. should have come out earlier and save Altuve from being tossed? Was it better for Jose to express his feelings?
if Jose Altuve matains his current Batting Avg. he will finish season with 237 hits!!
Jose Altuve was ejected from Saturday's game against the Rangers for arguing balls and strikes.
Jose Altuve already has 36 hits this season; at his current rate, he'd collect 265 hits this year.
Altuve ejected for 1st time in his career
ICYMI: Jonathan Lucroy guns down the speedy Jose Altuve at 2nd base
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maybe. If he keeps Altuve from getting tossed, Jose is hitting in the 9th as the winning run.
No joke quote from my gf: "Is that Jose Altuve, or is that the bat boy?"
Fun fact: Jose altuve has never ever been thrown out of a game before today
Jose Altuve has been tossed for arguing strikes.
Astros' Jose Altuve ejected for first time in his career
Hinch has GOT to get out there and "stand up" for Altuve when it's CLEAR Jose is upset and about to get tossed. Period.
What kind of monster tosses Jose Altuve?
"Tonight's was Jose Altuve's first career erection."
Jose Altuve just got ejected, I have never been so mad
I'm all for Altuve being frustrated and arguing. What's crazy is that Hinch didn't get out there and get himself tossed…
Has Jose Altuve ever been ejected from game?
Jose Altuve called out on strikes. Not happy, tells ump, continues telling ump, gets ejected b4 Hinch can save him.
What Jose Altuve looked like when he got ejected 😂
Tonight's was Jose Altuve's first career ejection.
Status note: Jose Altuve has been ejected Saturday.
Jose Altuve was just tossed. He is not a fan of Alan Porter's strike zone.
Jose Altuve just got ejected because he's confused about what a strike is.
Jose Altuve is riding a 20-game road hitting streak. Club record -- held by Lance Berkman -- is 23.
Roster move: Jose Altuve moves from 2B to BB.
Jose Altuve leads the AL in average, hits, OBP & steals. Last player to lead the AL in all 4 categories at end of season…
Jose Altuve picks up a couple of hits as Doug Fister and the Astros blank the A's.
*** for Jonathan Schoop that he won't make the all star game. Well deserving but not against Jose Altuve, Robinson Cano, Ian kinsler, etc.
Ummm... novelty act? FOH Jose Altuve's MVP-caliber season is one for the ages so far
.2B Jose Altuve is a HR shy of the cycle. Watch LIVE on
I just realized that Jose Altuve is Pablo Sanchez grown up
Jose Altuve needed a triple for the cycle, and it was in play! . Cue Benny Hill.
Marwin Gonzalez leads off the 10th by striking out swinging, brings up Jose Altuve
Gonzalez lines out to center, bringing up Jose Altuve with Springer on first and two outs
My top 5 2nd baseman in no order are: Matt Carpenter, Jose Altuve, Daniel Murphy, Robinson Cano, and Ben Zobrist. Who are yours?
Two of the top ten not on a derby team were drafted but dropped: Jackie Bradley Jr (and Jose Altuve (
Pete Rose had 862 hits thru his first 722 games. Jose Altuve has 901 hits thru his first 722 games.
I still kick myself for doubting Jose Altuve when he was in the Cal League. I have ZERO photos of him from back then. Ugh. I was wrong.
(2/2) why then do we continue to push bananas on young athletes? That's like giving kids Omar Infante and saying its Jose Altuve.
Here's why Jose Altuve is one of the oddest hitters in baseball via
2B in Reds-Brewers game had 5 HRs today (3 by Aaron Hill, 2 by Brandon Phillips). Jose Altuve has 9. When did this become power position?
Justin Smoak, Brett Cecil, Jonathan Broxton, Welington Castillo, Ryan Hanigan are just some of the 300 MLB'ers making more than Jose Altuve
Jose Altuve is now 4-for-4 after hitting one on the hill to tie the game, but Jason Castro thrown out at home plate. Two outs now.
Jose Altuve has as many home runs as Josh Donaldson, Anthony Rizzo, Robinson Cano, Chris Carter and Giancarlo Stanton. Because baseball.
...into a force out, 3B Chris Coghlan to 2B Jed Lowrie. Jason Castro to 3rd. Jose Altuve out at 2nd. George Springer to 1st [2/2]
I can't believe Jose Altuve and Derek Norris goose egged. 2% owned too. Any stats and I do real things. Not a bad night though!
Jose Altuve is on pace for 81 doubles and 44 HR!!
DFS Strategy: Importance of Stolen Bases: Don't forget about steals kings like Jose Altuve when setting your ...
well i get that. Im just saying if u have a pressing need at 1B/DH, dont pick Jose Vidro while Jose Altuve is still on the board.
do a spot like this and feature Jake Marisnick or Jose Altuve
Awesome Altuve: 4/28/16: Eric Karabell and Tristan Cockcroft discuss if Jose Altuve has over...
Jose Altuve is batting .336/.387/.625 with 29 2B, 4 3B, 12 HR, & 15 SB over his last 61 games played.
Jose Altuve is the most consistent batter in the league.
Size doesn't matter with Jose Altuve 💪⚾️💯 Warning: if you are at school turn your audio down😊
Is there a better, more well-rounded hitter in baseball than Jose Altuve? The dude has it ALL!
Jose Altuve is on pace for 214 H, 81 2B, 44 HR, 66 SB
Jose Altuve is just 3 HR's shy of leading MLB.
That time the dancing t-ball kid showed Jose Altuve his moves:
Poster on Rotoworld already has Jose Altuve in the HOF. Guessing he had Evan Longoria as a lock in 2009, too.
Altuve leads deep group at 2B in AL: Jose Altuve is batting better than .300 for the third…
.Jose Altuve sets pace as top Mariners via
Iwakuma still searching for first win after Astros top Mariners 7-4 in series finale.
Jose Altuve homered and doubled twice and the Astros won for just the seventh time in 22 games:
second baseman Jose Altuve hits third leadoff home run of 2016
Jose Altuve's snap was lit last night
ATL Braves 4 HRs in 21 games.Astros' Jose Altuve has 6 HRs in 22 games. Altuve had 15 in 154 gm last yr, 7 in 158 gm in '14, 5 in 152 in '13
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.homers, doubles in win over Seattle.
Silliness with numbers. Jose Altuve is on pace for... . 149 runs. 216 hits. 82 doubles. 45 homers. 97 runs batted in. 82…
The Astros get back into the win column thanks to a big night from José Altuve (3-5, 2 2B, HR, 2 RBI)
Top projected 2B for 4/24 are Jose Altuve, Jason Kipnis, Chase Utley, Dee Gordon, and Darwin Barney.
Gregory Polanco already has a WAR of 1.2, that is good for fourth best in the Majors behind just Dexter Fowler, Manny Machado, & Jose Altuve
Carlos Gomez, Luis Valbuena, and Jason Castro have a combined HR total that is 5 less than Jose Altuve...
Luke Hochevar limits own damage to 1 run. Jose Altuve continues to be a pest. Ties game. 6-12 in the series, 2 doubles and a homer tonight
Carlos Correa and Jose Altuve crash into each other. They lie motionless on the turf. Dallas Keuchel rushes to their aid...
Jose Altuve tries to pull off hilarious trick play on Chris Carter
A tale of two contracts. Player 1 is Jose Altuve. Player 2 is, of course, Jon Singleton
MLB treating Jose Altuve like the Muggsy Bogues of baseball heh
Jose Altuve actually is Pablo Sanchez from Backyard Baseball. Us baseball fans should talk about this way more often.
is Jose Altuve & Carlos Correa. And this is how they turn two.
Jose Altuve hit 15 HR in 2015. At 5'6", he is the shortest player to hit at least 15 HR in a season since Hack…
There's just something special about the Mike Trout, Jose Altuve, giancarlo Stanton all were it but Nick stole it from me
Should of got better hitter(s) for Frazier. Unless Peraza is the second coming of Jose Altuve we got shorted imo...
Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa are the GOATS in baseball
Jose Altuve homers off the Braves' Rob Wooten, 3.13.2016. Marwin Gonzales on third.
Jose Altuve has a strong spring and looks like a first round pick via
How is Correa ranked ahead of Jose Altuve?
Tie game! Jose Altuve with a 2-run single to center. We're all tied up at 6. still batting, bottom 6.
if I had to choose between a couple of players who would be the next player to hit .400, it would be either Miguel Cab…
look Jose Altuve Rivera you have no room to talk you
Jose Altuve is somehow only 25. His salaries for the next 4 years are:. 16: $3.5M. 17: $4.5M. 18: $6M (Team Option). 19: $6.5M (Team Option)
@ B4-3o: Jose Altuve grounds out to 1B Casey Kotchman.
@ B5-3o: Jose Altuve grounds out, 3B Matt Dominguez to 1B Justin Smoak.
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