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Jorge Sedano

American Sports Broadcaster and Talk Show Host Jorge Sedano (pronounced like George ) (born in New York, New York) is the host of The Jorge Sedano Show on 790 The Ticket which airs from 6am-10am ET.[].

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ESPN-on-ESPN crime: Jonathan Coachman accuses Jorge Sedano of “jacking” his “One Word” bit and things got heated https…
ICYMI: on on Harden's struggles again last night, Cavs/Warriors potential matchup and more…
"As long as LeBron can stay healthy and no one rivals his team, LeBron is going to the Finals because the East is that bad" - Jorge Sedano
"We won't be seeing LeBron play at this level for much longer, so we should probably just enjoy it" - Jorge Sedano
"If this series is good between the Warriors and Cavs, we won't remember how bad the playoffs were getting there" -…
What did Lamarcus Aldridge do to Jorge Sedano to deserve his unrelenting criticism? He's been a solid defender this year.
This is like Jorge sedano saying something and then thinking that the entire ESPN corporation said it/thinks it. Calm yourself
You tried to explain to Jorge sedano that the cavs are not terrible on defense? See Jorge u…
Jorge Sedano is from the Miami area so he has plenty of haterade along with Lebaturd his opinion means ZERO
Jorge Sedano just said the cavs have a 0% chance of winning the title... does he not know who Lebron James is...
ESPN "analyst" Jorge sedano: "I give the cavs a zero percent chance to repeat in the finals"
Jorge Sedano is one of my favorite ESPNers. Jonathan Coachman is one of my least favorite. This unfolds as I would…
Here's why I try to avoid pettiness on here. Don't want to look like this.
Jonathan Coachman is not good at his job.
This ESPN-on-ESPN fight over whether describing things with one word qualifies as a unique segment is hilarious:
Congrats & on making three year olds look mature. via
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Two ESPN employees get into a disagreement over one word. Really.
Media fight season is usually during the summer but there have been a lot lately. This one had a weird start.
Jorge Sedano does a funny impression of at the 16:14 mark.
Well one of. Jorge Sedano and Dan Le Batard might be worse
For a guy who pretends to not care about New York, Jorge Sedano really seems to care about New York
Jorge Sedano & I discuss my latest "Player Power Rankings" including a pair of Spurs in the Top 10:
That was the first time I noticed Jorge Sedano had big ears... I wanted to offer him circus peanuts.
Jorge Sedano looks like the guy, trying to sell you his latest cleaning spray on television
Jorge Sedano, Kate Fagan and Freddie Coleman explain why it's imperative for the Cavaliers to win... - via App
Jorge Sedano being so adamant for so long about KD and Russ to the Lakers makes me think he is delusional
✪ Who could be on the move before NBA trade deadline?: Chris Broussard and Jorge Sedano discuss… ▼ Watch it Now
✪ Should Heat consider dealing Whiteside?: Jorge Sedano examines if it makes sense for Miami to… ▼ Watch it Now
✪ Cavs need to win championship with LeBron: Jorge Sedano, Kate Fagan and Freddie Coleman… ▼ Watch it Now
✪ Jordan, Redick stepping up for Clippers: Jorge Sedano and Tom Haberstroh examine which… ▼ Watch it Now
Jorge Sedano and Israel Gutierrez to co-host ESPN Radio show. Story:
Jorge Sedano and Israel Gutierrez to join forces on ESPN Radio starting February 8th.
*** quote of the night - Jorge Sedano - "Lakers should get top draft pick, because league is better with em in the top" smdh
"Jorge Sedano mentioned you" on bottom of my iphone means Mando grab ur gloves its go time
PLEASE put Jorge Sedano at either 10am or 4pm.
Jorge! Do you now occupy the 4:00 spot? My xm still says sedano show @ 7:00. Also I love the pairing of A+
Jorge Sedano looks like a little boy who is also an ***
is the Jorge sedano show going off air?
Jorge Sedano looks like the love child of Marco Rubio and Scott Walker
Can believe they moved your show for Jorge "I love the dog killer Michael Vick" Sedano. Miss listening to you on the way home
on a plus note, hopefully this gives Jorge Sedano more air time. Big fan of him.
... Jorge Sedano also warrants ESPN midday consideration to replace Cowherd if Le Batard/ESPN decide to leave Dan where he is.
been doing a lot of guest radio spots w/ . I say them or Jorge Sedano.
Omg heard Jorge Sedano wrong on da Dan le bartard show. SVP show was suppose to debut now but it will l8r this summer.
Jorge Sedano doesnt know what to talk about...JUST AWFUL
i feel so bad for you having to work with Jorge "i'm 15 years old' Sedano. You could carry the show by yourself.
Jorge Sedano is the worst host EVER. Can't stand him...WHERE IS ??
ESPN radio personality, Jorge Sedano said about the Mavs and Mark Cuban on First Take this morning, "I know it's...
I like Jorge Sedano on First Take. gotta make that happen more
took the time to join us on to talk NBA, Brady and more. Give it a listen! .
Jorge Sedano "The Clippers had no fast break points in the 4th quarter. They tried to milk the clock"
Jorge Sedano (talks playoffs at 5:15p.m. CT on LISTEN:
Jorge Sedano says the Memphis Grizzlies are inefficient in the paint and can't score 100 points with or without Tony Allen
ST on AM-1060 again today. ESPN host Jorge Sedano at 4:30, Dave Steckel at 5, softball legend Roy Burlison 5:30, from MSU cookout
lol SMH this black dumb *** CARI actually HAD THE NERVE to go on Jorge sedano and criticize steve kers coaching
Cari Champion and Jorge Sedano are great hosts but their analysis of basketball is emotional not intelligent. It's frustrating.
NBA Lockdown - Playoff Preview: . Jorge Sedano, Amin Elhassan and Jeff Goodman preview the playoffs,...
~ Jorge Sedano ~ my interest with his performance. Turned off fan! (6)
~ Jorge Sedano ~ Jorge's job is to keep us interested to pay the sponsors. Well ~ he is losing (5)
~ Jorge Sedano ~ facts. Now, when I heard him on the radio, I change the station. (4)
~ Jorge Sedano ~ He says things and you come away with 'enough already' of misconstruing the (3)
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~ Jorge Sedano ~ homework before getting on the air or filling in for someone. (2)
~ Jorge Sedano ~ He always getting his facts wrong on the radio. Espn teach him to do his (1)
Add to Tommy's list of things I don't get Ben Maller or Jorge Sedano
And Jorge Sedano is on The Herd again. I'm not a fan of my radio guys going on vacation at the same time.
How to get rid of 2 million listeners within 5 seconds... "Hi, I'm Jorge Sedano filling in for Colin".
ESPN radio's Jorge Sedano talked NBA Playoff picture with Justin Kinner on Dayton Sports Scene today on 1410 ESPN...
ESPN radio's joined me today to discuss the NBA Playoff picture as well as other NBA news! --> (
Jorge Sedano (on "I would be shocked if he gets let go at this point." On Monty Williams
NOW on Jorge Sedano breaks down the playoff scenarios
Jorge Sedano (on "I think it's best for the league if and the are in the playoffs."
The Herd 4/13 - Hour 1: . Jorge Sedano fills in for Colin and shares his take on Jordan Spieth being compared t...
Up next, Jorge Sedano of ESPN talks NBA playoffs.
The Herd: Expectations for Jordan Spieth: . Jorge Sedano gives his takes on the expectations for J...
Herd on ESPN Radio: Show Preview April 13, 2015: . Jorge Sedano will be joined by Micha...
Amin Elhassan, Doug Kezirian & Jorge Sedano pick the Golden State Warriors to win it all against Cleveland Cavaliers on
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Jorge Sedano "I've already penciled in Kevin Durant for the Lakers"
straight up thought Antweil was Jorge Sedano with that new avi for a second
God *** it, so tired of Jorge sedano filling in for everybody. Not gonna directly mention him cuz he may get butthurt again. He's awful
Oh, Jorge Sedano is on ESPN radio right now? Guess I'll have to listen to music.
"When we don't understand something, we either throw up our hands, or mock it." - Jorge Sedano about Chip Kelly's offseason moves
NBA Insiders along with Jorge Sedano & Amin Elhassan starting up at 6:30 p.m. on ESPN Radio.
Couldn't have been I didn't hear there. “you're actually speaking to jorge sedano”
Still, almost a year later, can't tell if I like Jorge Sedano...
I can't stand listening to Jorge Sedano. I won't tag him bc I don't want to be a *** Even on this day I am out
listen to Sunday night-afternoon to u-ESPN nba lockdown show. jorge sedano interviewed him after heat game. Also says karl
Guys like Jorge Sedano, Zach Harper, Sherwood-Strauss, suck in regards to basketball coverage because they teach you nothing.
This must be heaven Jorge Sedano posted the pic.
Join me on the Paul Finebaum show on the SEC Network today at 6:15 & First Take tomorrow on ESPN2 from 10a-12p with my boys Cary Chow and Jorge Sedano. Blessings continue.
give a listen to Amin Elhassan and Jorge Sedano breakdown the Grizzlies trade on the ESPN Lockdown podcast.
Beware to anyone who wants to question Peyton Manning’s arm strength after this game…
Little Giant Ladders
Jorge Sedano, Amin Elhassan & Israel Gutierrez were the 3 on the podcast. Don't know which voice said what tbh
i suggest you send Jorge Sedano to Buffalo to find out for himself why they "cant just play the game on Tuesday".
Dear ESPN...You have officially lost a listener due to the ignorance of one Jorge Sedano tonight.
Jorge Sedano using Massey ratings instead of the BCS rating where FSU would be 2, just shows what a moron he is. Lol
Sedano is an excellent sit it for Colin . Cheers Jorge
"Season 2" of the Cassidy Hubbarth era should be fun. Hopefully we get more appearances from Ryen Russillo, Jorge Sedano and Antonio Davis.
He was a guest for about an hour & a half with Cari Champion, Freddie Coleman & Jorge Sedano. FANTASTIC JOB!
i have talked back and forth woth Jorge Sedano...but couldn't get a phone interview
Jorge Sedano's takes are extremely annoying
Jorge sedano is such an awful radio host. needs to get rid of him!!!
ESPN radio today. He was interviewed on the Cowherd show by Jorge Sedano who filled in for Colin today.
Great you have Kevin on without that racial ranting of Jorge Sedano.
Jorge Sedano on espn radio said The Villian is "a nice kid". Rebuttal?
Jorge Sedano sounds so dumb right now. Shouldn't say "America doesn't like loud black guys like Richard Sherman and T.O." on national radio.
SVP &Russillo on ESPN Radio: Show in review July 14 - Monday, Ryen Russillo and Jorge Sedano discuss LeBron ...
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why are we not getting the local show? I'm hearing Jorge Sedano and Ryan Russillo!
Here's what's coming up on Buckeye Xtra tonight 6-8: Duran Grant an indispensable player? Ben Tate tired of Johnny buzz ESPN's Jorge Sedano at 6:32 pm Buckeye Leaves at 6:46 pm
ESPN 980 Audio Vault clip of the day: ESPN's Jorge Sedano joins The Drive to discuss the NBA Finals.
I seriously hate listening to Jorge Sedano
ESPN Radio host Jorge Sedano talks Heat-Spurs next on The Drive on ESPN 980 and
The only Jorge we acknowledge is Sedano.
I thought it was the “Only Jorge we acknowledge is Sedano” line. :-/
. & talked about the and their head coach Scott Brooks.
From Our Boards: Beasley $$ off thanks to Miami - Beasley says that Jorge Sedano leaving WQAM is why they were "un...
QAM had a spin wheel street team before tonight's Marlins game. "The Jorge Sedano Show" is a choice on it. I chuckled.
I remember Jorge Sedano and I, had a beef for two weeks and then he came to his senses. Cool guy. There's a shift in Miami
I guess at your pace we'll be seeing "Jorge Sedano 360" on CNN by Thanksgiving.
Host jumping from South Florida to do some ESPN stuff kind of surprised by this thought QAM was doing so good
I have stopped listening to Jorge Sedano Show lol
HI Jorge Sedano Welcome to ESPN! Congratulations on your new National Show
Congrats to my good friend Jorge Sedano for his new gig at ESPN. Well deserved and a big move! All the best and good luck!
Jorge Sedano of WQAM-560 will soon be joining ESPN. Sedano will replace Mike Hill as Mark Schlereth`s co-host on ESPN Radio.
Da da da... Da da da... Welcome to this addition of Sports Center I'm Jorge Sedano & he's Stuart Scott!
Tim Hardaway will never root for the Knicks. Jason Taylor will never play for the Jets. Jorge Sedano will never leave Miami.
Beyond proud of Jorge Sedano for his move to ESPN. Miami will be cheering for you via
I guess I'm late on the Jorge Sedano news
Miss today's show? Listen to the Jorge Sedano Show podcast right here. .
Congrats to out of Monsignor Pace HS on gig with ESPN
Jorge Sedano leaving WQAM for ESPN. Dan Le Batard interested in leaving 790 The Ticket for 'QAM. (One of preceding 2 sentences is factual).
Sedano what's this, you are moving to radio?
WQAM has a vacancy for afternoon drive host. Jorge Sedano is going to ESPN.
Wow Jorge sedano really made it. Hopefully he stays true to himself over there at espn.
Jorge Sedano for ESPN Deportes First Take crazy man. Let's make it happen.
Jorge Sedano is such a media *** lol na but congrats to him and good luck to him on his future endeavors
Jorge Sedano is leaving WQAM for ESPN. Just a week after appearing on ESPN's First Take show. They work fast!
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Some local radio news: Jorge Sedano is leaving his job as WQAM's afternoon drive host and program director to join ESPN.…
Jorge Sedano needs those ratings up tho is murdering their station lol
Thank you for downloading our podcast! JORGE SEDANO PODCAST - 4-26-13 on
I haven't listened to Sedano since the day he shouted me out lol. I enjoy Jorge. He's a natural. But his cronies are clueless
I drive a Lexus JS. It's a Jorge Sedano limited edition! The GS is for other people!
'We The Journalists' - Our weekly Q&As. This time we spoke with radio personality Jorge Sedano -
Jorge Sedano just said the Cavs are a threat to ending the Heats streak even without Kyrie because the Cavs are better than everyone thinks
Jorge sedano-" the cavs are a lot better than you think..." Talking about team that can end the heats streak.
Jorge Sedano must have been the only guy from Miami they were able to get on. Hes terrible.
And yes that was a Jorge Sedano reference lmao
Jorge Sedano just said on WQAM that he has a source that says we get both Wallace and Cook fwiw
today at the power 96/kiss country radio station, met Jorge Sedano, Channing Crowder & Dj Holiday 😍
Listen to Tannehill's full interview with He's starting to loosen up and show some personality
I am TEAM SINCE MAY 2010. Thank Jorge Sedano for the info!
See SEDANO AND ROSE.started as RADIO guys who became TV guys as well..and yes weres are bad
Just when you were wondering where Jorge Sedano got his Lexus.
Laz dialed into Sedano tonight, then Jorge had "Fake Laz" on another line, dude sounded just like Laz, was a friggin riot!
TV or radio, I still dont like Jorge Sedano
I won't be watching too many post game shows. I can't stand Jorge Sedano
I think Jorge Sedano in the Heat's broadcast is Bad Luck!!! Off with his Head!
Cool! Jorge Sedano formally the morning host on 790. Now 3-7 host/program director up against Lebatard. good luck
U would b great 4 WQAM 560. Contact Jorge Sedano. Station battling 790 theticket/LeBatard show 4 the market. New blood there
What a great new segment Jorge Sedano is doing, "Cocky Heat Fan" !!! Too bad u guys at 790 can't think of stuff like that !!!
Goldie, classic Sedano wants to be on the winning side with the so called experts. Hows that work out Jorge? Lil
Jorge Sedano just mentioned on his radio show that Ron Rothstein (Miami) is one of the "greatest underrated *** t coaches in the NBA". Amen!
Read this - RTBarry Jackson: Jorge Sedano to join WQAM as PM host, program director:
Jorge Sedano is going to whacked on afternoon drive.
The latest Sports Buzz from Barry Jackson: Jorge Sedano to join WQAM as afternoon host, program director:
Help us welcome the newest addition to our pre & post road game studio shows. Mr. (Jorge Sedano!)
Jorge Sedano's post on Miami Dolphins | Latest updates on Sulia (via
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Alright, alright...i'm coming out of retirement and going back to Paintball once more... Jorge Sedano, when's the next game?
that's like saying Jorge Sedano is a wannabe Dan LeBatard. Keep your negative opinions to yourself! Don't be "Bush League" Jorge
Sedano with Ray Allen, they already have the repeat, the other potential trades, is just how efficiently they win it again
Sedano heard it from my friend RANDY WATSON
Oh, man, I used to love Jorge Sedano on Fox Radio overnights back on 850. Do you have "It's My Life" ready as bump music for him?
6 Turnovers for in first 15 min of Giving the turnover opportunities is like giving a Mogwai water after Midnight -- Jorge Sedano (
The votes of two players, two agents (especially and Jorge Sedano's warning of Cosmopolitan being party central solid it.
Barry Jackson: "Don’t be surprised if WQAM-560 pursues Jorge Sedano if the station and Michael Irvin part ways"
Does anybody know why Jorge Sedano isn't on the air anymore?
that garnered most of the vote. Dan LeBatard and Jorge Sedano finished 1 and 2. Thanks for playing.
Seriously, Jorge Sedano's always great and Donahue had some great stuff on David West (also some interesting thoughts on Hibbert's contract)
Roster Trends: Is it time to trust Mitch Moreland? What do you do with Yan Gomes? Jorge Sedano, Nando Di Fino an...
Remember when: Jorge Sedano ruled Miami radio in the am.
► Jayson Werth Update: 5/07: Join Jorge Sedano, Nando Di Fino and Scott White as they discuss the latest on the ...
*** I miss Jorge Sedano. Stu and Hoch are horrible in the morning. Stick to afternoons with LeBatard.Joe Rose best in the morning
yes! You might even get to see some Jorge Sedano in it!
shout out to Jorge Sedano for the g8 job he does as host on Fantasy Baseball 360,dont even watch baseball but respect his work
Jorge Sedano left and Brandon Guzio is so boring plus he's a knicks fan.
U right. Has CBS made an offer to him yet? They just hired Jorge Sedano
I don't buy it . . . I know you love Houston Nutt the same way Jorge Sedano loves Coach Spoelstra of the Miami Heat.
Treasures FOUND in Stockton, Ca. (Tip O' the Sip to Jorge Sedano for the tip-off!)
Guest of the Day: Governor Buddy Roemer: Join Jorge Sedano, Nando Di Fino and Al Melchior as they tal...
Don't know what happened to Jorge Sedano and 790 but it wasn't for the better...this new morning crew is vomit inducing...YUCK!
today on Miami radio...Jorge Sedano Show...they've dubbed D. Rose "The Whiner".
unbelievable, 790 the ticket gets rid of Jorge Sedano and hire this broad from Chicago, spent morning talking about Colombian prostitutes
► Two-Start Pitchers for Week 3: Jorge Sedano, Nando Di Fino and Al Melchior discuss the strengths and weaknesse...
Is it true? Is Jorge Sedano out at 790 the Ticket? Yes! Yes! Yes!
Anyone know if Jorge Sedano going be the lead in show for Jim Rome on CBS Sports Network?
Wow no more Jorge Sedano show on 790 the ticket..he will be missed but I know he will continue to be a voice of South Florida sports
Sid Rosenberg until he got fired...I also heard Jorge Sedano is leaving 790..but LeBatard is hilarious
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Best of luck to Jorge Sedano. Mornings won't be the same on So Fla radio
Good luck to all: Jorge Sedano quits 790 to concentrate on TV; Sid Rosenberg fired at 560. Dan Sileo hired at 560.
BREAKING: Jorge Sedano will possibly have his own show on 560am.
► Free Agents/Waivers: 4/10: Al Melchior joins Nando Di Fino and Jorge Sedano to fill you in on the most valuabl...
► Judge Jorge: 4/10: Is it wise to trade Mark Reynolds and Tim Hudson for Matt Holliday? Jorge Sedano listens to...
Jorge Sedano quit his morning position today at 'The Ticket' in Miami...I would not be surprised if he got the gig.
Jorge Sedano left 790...he will be missed.
Couple of cats i like on Sports Radio Jorge Sedano Troy Statford Sports Brothers Andy Slater Larry Millan my boys
I got nothing but RESPECT AND love for my boy Jorge Sedano always was fair to me never acted Hollywood dam ish is foul but i know u haveplan
Jorge Sedano out at 790 the ticket... wow.
First DJ Laz now Jorge Sedano?! WTH is going on with Morning Radio hosts in Miami!
today w Johnny D- Curtis Strange, Dan Hudson, SFLA radio host Jorge Sedano, Fran Tarkenton .what more do you need 757!
790 The Ticket in Miami Host Jorge Sedano (is talking about Guillen and his press conference today.
790 AM The Ticket in Miami Host Jorge Sedano (will join Beyond The Brink to talk about
I'm listening to jorge sedano and they keep saying WELL YOU KNOW DAVID SAMPSON ISN'T GOING TO SPEAK.lmao its so true though
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► 3 Up, 3 Down: 4/9: Is Adam Dunn playing to his potential? What should you make of Jimmy Rollins? Jorge Sedano,...
I remeber telling Troy Stratford Jorge Sedano Sports Brothers about Shump and they laughed at me True Story
Fantasy Baseball 360: Al's top pitchers: In this edition of Fantasy Baseball 360 Jorge Sedano, Nando Di Fino and...
Jim Rome's lead-in on CBS Sports Network will be show hosted by Jorge Sedano (Online launch tomorrow, TV debut to follow.
Coach Golden will be on 790 the Ticket w Jorge Sedano at 8 am. Then he will join Dan Sileo on 620 WDAE in Tampa at 830.
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