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Jorge Ramos

Jorge Ramos Ávalos (born March 17, 1958) is a Mexican Journalist, anchor for Noticiero Univision and host of the Sunday morning news talk show Al Punto.

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Jorge Ramos wants open borders. Why would an anchor at Spanish language TV want a constant flow of Spanish-speaking people…
Jorge Ramos and his compadre Luis Gutierrez is an Latino hombre hustler. Similar to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. tuckercarlson
Powerful essay by on the role of the press in the era of Trump: Trump I don't want to be your friend
Hate Rising with Jorge Ramos via This may be one of the most disturbing things I have watched.
Hey Jorge Ramos, remembered you got kick out of news conference room. LOL
The current conventional wisdom: The whole world owns America and it's racist for American citizens to disagree:. https:/…
Jorge Ramos: Can laughter unite us? . Conan O'Brian is trying in Mexico City.
Beautiful piece by journalist and immigrant Jorge Ramos
Watch accept the Goldsmith Career Award for Excellence in Journalism
Jorge Ramos speaking on what he believes as an immigrant in the United States.Trump should have this tattooed on th…
Shame on Univision, what the *** they sent you to Washington, so much hatred in U,hey Jorge Ramos. Get over it
Jorge Ramos is one of the worst journalists I've ever read.
Jorge Ramos don't want to be friends with Trump because he won't let illegals just run a Muk breaking the laws and get free welfare boohoo
Exactly. What pisses me off is when *** biased journalists like Jorge Ramos use compassion and s…
And Jorge Ramos's daughter worked as a paid hack for HRC campaign.
"We have the responsibility to report reality as it is, not as we wish it would be"
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."Donald Trump, I don't want to be your friend.".
Jorge Ramos and Conan O'Brien talk tacos and Trump in Mexico City . via…
. Jorge Ramos, Maria Elena Salinas and the rest of them in Univision are instigators of hate against you, that's for sure.
Dear President; I am looking at the Spanish news Univision and Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas just talk about you.
Jorge Ramos: 'I no longer recognize this country' via We Didn't under Obama, on way to fix errors!
can you please call him a liar and nazi to his face?? NO ONE STOOD WITH JORGE RAMOS EARLY ON!!! IT WIL…
Jorge Ramos: Donald Trump's wall Is totally useless Gee, how about a net in the sky
Jorge Ramos.. not unless you are other side of mexico or dig your way under the tunnel the drug cartel hole
Jorge Ramos: Donald Trump's wall Is totally useless (so is Donald Trump)
.Donald Trump's wall is totally useless.
Jorge Ramos: Donald Trump's Wall Is Totally Useless | but says he’s got a very good brain?
Jorge Donald Is totally useless is totally useless.
Jorge Ramos: Donald Trump's wall Is totally useless Useless just like Trump himself. Yes, he is stupid also!
Breaking news! Avocado prices expected to go through the roof! I'm laughing so hard my sides hurt
This story made me laugh! Thanks that's ok, we're willing to pay more for our avocados. Hilarious!
😆😂For telling Jorge Ramos to sit down & go back to UniVision 😆😂.
Jorge Ramos should be deported immediately,inmediately he does not love the US, he loves Mexico
"It's as absurd as asking your neighbor to pay to remodel your own home.".
paying 4 wall is better than supporting Illegals every month. Jorge Ramos: Donald Trump's wall Is totally useless
Taking funds away from things that make our lives better. Jorge Ramos: Donald Trump’s Wall Is Totally Useless - TIME
Dear It's that are cheaper, but we prefer a - Trump's wall Is totally useless
Seeing Jorge Ramos and Anderson Cooper interacting with each other is like the Avengers of the tv news forming.
Jorge Ramos: Donald Trump's wall Is totally useless that is what's so obscene Congress is allowing him…
.Jorge Ramos tried to save but them F'n *** did her in
Jorge Ramos speaks to Don’t forget who Donald Trump is and what he said in the past
S.E. Cupp, Joy Reid, Jorge Ramos and Amanda Carpenter have been awesome too.
Jorge Ramos on his new doc., "Hate Rising": It's going to take years to repair the damage done during this election
boycotting Univision for activism of Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas
omg univision has jorge hernandez from los tigres del norte as a guest commentator with Jorge Ramos and Maria Elena Salinas I'M ALIVE
call for removal of anchor Jorge Ramos with the campaign.
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Jorge Ramos rips Mexican president for not standing up to Trump
Jorge Ramos rips Enrique Pena Nieto after Trump press conference - Business Insider
The Fusion with Jorge Ramos and Alicia Menendez begins now:
I love these two! Jorge Ramos and Bassem Youssef Talk Trump Over Tacos
Not only endorses...but "strongly" endorses Paul Ryan.."Mr Amnesty" best friends with jorge' Ramos...I see.
Miguel wanted to die with dignity via
Bro, these guys on jorge ramos y su banda are straight savages!!!
Good points Ralph Nader interviewed by Jorge Ramos! Well worth the watching.
Is it racist of me to confuse Bassem Youssef with Jorge Ramos? Or is that just ignorance.
A threat to the American experiment by via
Univision and Jorge Ramos are so biased! Latinos don't like Ramos
Jorge Ramos: A threat to the American experiment
Handmade bag (backpack) from Republika Ramos made fron recycled leather coat by Jorge Ramos.
The biggest threat to the American experiment is...
“You haven’t been called, go back to Univision.” to Latino reporter Jorge Ramos
Actually he came for Jorge Ramos first. . But no.. think of the wht wmn 1st. You're sexist&racist. Prove your not.
I liked a video Libertarian Party Nominee Gary Johnson speaks to Jorge Ramos at the RNC
too much to keep up with. I tried to list some. Later realized I forgot McCain and Jorge Ramos... oy vey
A MUST READ... "A threat to the American experiment" by for
Lying Katie a political hack. You're not a journalist, you are Jorge Ramos in drag. U R why we hate MSM http…
A threat to the American experiment via
A threat to the American experiment. via
This is the single biggest threat to the American experiment:
you forgot to mention Jorge Mendes, Eder and Sergio Ramos chief. BdO isn't relevant since 2013 (cheating with voting extension).
Jorge Ramos just ripped into a man whose son was murdered by an illegal alien. Media OK with DNC then "reports"...
Jorge Ramos nails the most under-covered scandal of the Political conventions:
This isn't just a bad dream, Trump's actually become a threat to the American experiment:
A threat to the American experiment, reports
I don't think El Chapo really escaped again guys, cause La Rosa de Guadalupe is still playing & Jorge Ramos is not on my screen
Jorge Ramos y su Banda all they do is argue and interrupt each other opinions 😂
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Is Anderson Cooper an activist? Yes, he is. As well as Jorge Ramos of Univision & Fusion.
senator bob Menendez of new jersey, defense committee!! He was right with Jorge Ramos of telemundo or universion t.v.!
In Memoriam: Sergeant Jorge Ramos - Julie Jones, Secretary of the Florida Department of Corrections, sadly repo...
Shawn Hannity interviews Jorge Ramos from Univision over Trumps "racism". you're the man! via
why have an interview with Dianne Sawyer and not Jorge Ramos. Scared maybe? This interview is a joke!!
Jorge Ramos calls O'Reilly out: You and Hannity let Trump 'get away with everything'
I could listen to Jorge Ramos whispering "Puerto Rico" in my ear for hours, tbh.
I'm glad English-speaking America is seeing why Jorge Ramos & Maria Elena Salinas are so incredibly respected in the Latino wor…
I can't wait to get Jorge Ramos' book. Walter Cronkite of our era.
Getting harder 2 get left of Paul Ryan all the time. Patty Murray and Jorge Ramos just about squeezed in there
Trump ejects Univision reporter from press conference. Univision reporter Jorge Ramos was acting like an illegal al
Mr Trump, have Jorge Ramos acknowledge our southern neighbor provides a host of illegal activities effecting our stability
An Open Letter to Mr. Jorge Ramos from the mother of Dominic Durden via Btw. I never received a reply
Mexico will never accept U.S. military intervention. Mexicans always rememb...
CONGRATS JORGE RAMOS JR. on your recognition. Keep the fire burning in your boxing career.
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fair enough, but would you have gone on Jorge Ramos' show supporting immigration reform? Because that's what AB did in 2011
RockinRooster's Politics leftside right faceing him
Great piece. in The campaign helps reveal the future of TV
Actually Marco's spokesman Alex Conant confirmed it here:
He told Jorge Ramos in Spanish he was for amnesty even after he said it was mistake in English. 2/
Newsman & author on "the end of television as we know it" for
He eats Tacos with his friend Jorge Ramos.
Good article from Jorge Ramos on the future of TV moving to live broadcasting on small screens.
Dem Pres. Candidate Rocky + Jorge Ramos. Dems have diversity too. via youtube
Univision News - Marco Rubio, Jorge Ramos lock horns on immigration in first interview.
is full on Obama Amnesty Shill. He'll just do it lil over time. Muchacho Rubio in his own words
Jorge Ramos: The campaign helps reveal the future of TV via
2016 Campaign Helps Reveal the Future of TV -- by for
Reason # 123,948 why Donald Trump is a downright horrible person. This makes me so sad for Jorge Ramos.
Univision and Jorge Ramos want open borders and amnesty. Marco Rubio told them NO open borders NO amnesty, what part of NO u dont undertand?
3 mil views, no lights, just telling people what happened Fusion’s Iowa Coverage Broke the Rules
Rocky on Univision's Al Punto with Jorge Ramos, then Speaking at We the People in Manchester, NH - Rocky De La...
Lot of automatic killers in this field. Gang of 8, Obama hug, Jeb playing kiddy face with Jorge Ramos.
Trump spars with TV reporters Megyn Kelly and Jorge Ramos
I will vote for Bernie Sanders because I want health care for my fellow man not just for the rich. What about you Jorge Ramos and Maria E.S?
Fusion’s Jorge Ramos sat down with Armando Perez today (aka Pitbull)
maybe instead of an album frank ocean's working on his presidential bid?. or like what's up with Jorge Ramos? Serena Williams need a job?
Jorge Ramos needs to let Maria Elena Salinas talk more
Carlos sanchez on espn right now talking with Jorge Ramos y su banda.
This is the 4th time Sergio Ramos has won the award for La Liga's best defender. He beat out Pique and Otamendi for this y…
Sergio Ramos: "Barcelona have to make the most of it because in football, things change. Last year, we started well, then …
So true! I'll listen to Rachel Maddow, Jorge Ramos & a few others but that's it
I am getting sick to hear of this liberal Fusion reporter, Jorge Ramos that wants to open up America to all. .
(With an also-interesting argument of Jorge Ramos as a clear exception)
I find it funny how the racist are saying the Jorge Ramos didn't raise his hand even if he did trump wouldn't let him spea…
Neither of them should win. This award should go to Jorge Ramos for standing up for Latinos.
TENSE ... Jorge Ramos spars with Ann Coulter over her comparison of immigrants to ISIS | Fusion
when a sad biased Cokie Roberts praises mongering Jorge Ramos, no need to further elaborate!!
I am aware of that,and so are the other "real americans" like the who who mouthed off to the reporter Jorge Ramos, u don't count
That is b/c they are afraid of Trump. They might get thrown out of his rally, like Jorge Ramos.
I added a video to a playlist Jorge Ramos: Donald Trump’s immigration plan is ‘all wrong’ and
Mark Levin: Jorge Ramos says we can't send illegal immigrant children back via
Mark Levin: Jorge Ramos interviews Obama on race relations and illegal i... via
Jorge showed me the pictures from last night... Let's just say a lot happened. 😂
"Countries are defined not by the way they treat the rich and powerful, but by the way they treat the most vulnerable" - Jorge Ramos
Univision-Jorge Ramos ,The Liberals are trying to bring you down and are counting us out, your supporters.
Only guy I take advice from is Jorge Ramos cause he knows all
of the choices they're debating, I'd say person of the year should go to Hassan Rouhani, Jorge Ramos, Bernie, the Pope, or the ISIS leader
Congratulations Jorge Ramos and thank you for the words you dedicated to al those brave …
Funny, he said the exact same thing, about Jorge Ramos after booting him from presser
Check again. That's just spin from the Trump camp.
he's a pathological liar. Just like he "he didn't know" Jorge Ramos yet screamed go back 2Univision.
Hola Cher, Jorge Ramos did stand up to Jorge even got escorted Out
Hola Cher, Jorge Ramos did a few months ago. Mexican journalist from Jorge even got escorted Out !!!
personally I would vote for Jorge Ramos, he's held it down this year
Jorge Ramos, Anchor daughter works for the Clinton campaign.
Facts, not that Trumptards usually bother with them.
I don't speak Spanish. I'll go with the English version of his own words.
Brian Stelter reports that Donald Trump had a confrontation with Jorge Ramos just a week ago about Hispanics.
Jorge Ramos: 'I'm just a journalist...but sometimes you have to take a stand'..talks 'mi amigo' Donald Trump
This is a GREAT piece of journalism. ==> Jorge Ramos, the Voice of Immigrant America - The New Yorker
Jorge Ramos and Alicia Menendez on what we can expect from tonight's
Jorge Ramos and Alicia Menendez on the third Republican debate
Get your reporter act, Jorge Ramos.
But Jorge Ramos, listen here. You acted like a hooligan and your wondering why Univision has been banned?
Donald Trump saying "Go back to Univision" to Jorge Ramos trying to ask a question is honestly one of the funniest/offensive things ever.
Trump: "I don't know who he is. Never heard of him. Obviously a very emotional man.". Me: "This is Jorge Ramos." http:…
Jorge Ramos!You asking for trouble!Sometime we have throwing people out if no class&quality!Go back2your country,if no good!
Donald Trump shamed Jorge Ramos that day. Ramos is still suffering from PTSD over the incident.
Very good!!! Univision and Jorge Ramos are crooks promoting illegal alien invasion and criminals from Mexico. VIVA TRUMP!!
vs Jorge Ramos by Popular Demand. Here it is! . 8/25/15 .
Hats off to you!. Keep Jorge Ramos/Univision off your property. Good job!
Jorge Ramos planted a few protesters funny when they dragged them out. Lol
Javi is border line obsessed with Jorge Ramos
Jorge "I Can't Talk Without Reading My Notes" Ramos doesn't grasp meaning of "freedom of the press". Trust this man?
JORGE RAMOS has a DAUGHTER? How's that possible? I always thought he was a flamboyant, swash buckling, meanie queenie, Mexican news pirate.
I heard Jorge Ramos is in the back of the room wearing a Super Mario mustache b/c he doesn't want to get thrown out
Trump ejects Jorge Ramos, Univision reporter from rally. Probably because he had no answer to "why u so racist" ?
*** hellians probably sent over by Univison/ Jorge Ramos. GO TRUMP GO 2016
Jeb's teeny-bopper intern is more deserving of a credential than Jorge Igno-Ramos
Is obvious that Donald Trump is refusing to talk to Jorge Ramos, but deterring ABC's Fusion to attend?
Jorge Ramos is nothing but a coward and a traitor.
CNN: Petition for CNN to have Jorge Ramos moderate the September debate via
Who wrote this foolish statement?Must have been Jorge Ramos or some Democrat that wants a pet(insert Slave)in their house.🐾
People in Miami are Crazy for Trump, longest line in history. Is that Jorge Ramos's wife I see in line? Miami Crowd.
A Trump supporter accosted a leading Latino journalist is risking the saftey of Latino students
Reaching out to have Syracuse University bring Jorge Ramos as a speaker. Can I please get the agent's email to talk pricing?
I'm certain in SPANISH, Rubio will tell Jorge Ramos at Univision the OPPOSITE -->
Jorge Ramos headed to Mexico to cover as soon as he's done with 6pm newscast today.
No evidence?He's a liar,will say or do ANYTHING, as has been proven.
What’s with the white guys? Watch Wasserman Schultz squirm after Mexican Landscaper Jorge Ramos turns on her …
This is Jorge Ramos, 22, the man police say killed his dog with a rock in a Pacific Beach alley.
the Jorge Ramos Halloween costume allows you to magically re-enter any press conference & finish what u were saying like nothing happened
Coulter will WIN! has already defeated Geraldo Rivera, Jorge Ramos & Luis Gutierrez on :-)
Jorge Ramos: "The only big team in Argentina right now is River Plate, the rest of them are just popular" you have to ear…
As the Republican Party veers right on immigration, Jorge Ramos is making sure the cameras keep rolling.
Jorge Ramos isn't giving Donald Trump a free pass. On his show Monday, Ramos tore into the 2016 GOP candidate's&
what did we ever do before the illegals??Jorge Ramos says we are incompetent, and I guess amnesty Rhinos agree
Keith Schiller, Trump's bouncer, who told Jorge Ramos to go back to his country, whacks protester in face in street http…
can we start deportations with Jorge Ramos, the activist fake Mexican reporter?
Jorge Ramos: Pope Francis is hardly a radical: “Depicting the pope like some kind of superm...
Question that made kick Jorge Ramos out of press conference - Do U want Blondie in the White House?
Univision anchor Jorge Ramos gets tossed out of Trump event | AP Photo
Jorge ramos sounds like robin Williams spanish impression 💯
holy *** chris matthews and jorge ramos went AT each other on bill maher
Video: Salma Hayek on the 'good thing' about Donald Trump's comments via
Watching Real Time with Bill Maher. Jorge Ramos is a fool.
Trump is going to have to kick Jorge Ramos out of a whole bunch of press conferences to even start to make up for this
I wonder if she's close to Jorge Ramos's daughters age, who also works for Hillary?
Jorge Ramos: This is why Trump’s plan to build a border wall is absurd. via
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Rich Lowery on Kelley File. He's really out to get Donald Trump. He's lost his journalist label, like Jorge Ramos!
please deport Jorge Ramos on your first day as president
Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Jorge Ramos and now FoxNews. The field is littered with Trump's vanquished.
Yeah but... Jorge Ramos has pale skin and blue eyes. What's the story with that? Or is it just: "The filly jumped the fence."
Your most important social responsibility is to prevent hte abuse of those who are in power. Question them. - Jorge Ramos
Maybe Cupp can get Jorge Ramos to tell us how to vote since we do not pay attention to the political issues screwing up the US
"Get out of my country," man yells to Jorge Ramos at Trump presser
In June Trump posted Jorge Ramos cell phone on Instagram after Ramos asked for an interview . Trump kept dodging Ramos.
I have always always looked up to Jorge Ramos. Since I was a kid growing up, wanting to become a journalist so I could be on TV like him.
Trending: . A dead plastic-faced kid toucher. Jorge Ramos that whines over illegals from a mansion. Not trending:. Anything about deputy Goforth
Donald Trump to Sarah Palin: Univision's Jorge Ramos 'just striking on a show'
Who is Jorge Ramos and why is Donald Trump so mad at him?
For all of you saying this Donald Trump supporter didn't tell American citizen Jorge Ramos to "get out of my country" http:/…
Blog: Megyn Kelly and Jorge Ramos gang up on Donald Trump
BREAKING NEWS. Jorge Ramos believes Mexicans can barge in & demand rights in nations or press conferences.
did not say he would not answer questions from Jorge Ramos.
was taking other correspondent's question and Jorge Ramos interrupted and started screaming.
added later that if he has a chance he would be willing to take questions from Jorge Ramos.
I was shocked to find out Jorge Ramos is supposedly a straight man. His kid works for Hillary Clinton but he not biased at all
Jorge Ramos acted like that annoying kid at a bday party who wants u to open his present 1st for attention.
Jorge Ramos typified Mex Illegals. Jump in line, be rude and demand respect. He's no freaking journalist. He's a La Raza
His name is Jorge Ramos. He's not a reporter and shouldn't have been in that room. He is an immigration "activist"
.hits over Jorge Ramos incident: He "should be held to account"
"On Election Day we will remember who was with us, and who was attacking us. No, we won't forget." - Jorge Ramos
Univision’s Jorge Ramos: Reporters need to get tougher on Donald Trump
.Trump’s “Go back to Univision!” comment to Jorge Ramos is an example of “hate speech.”
said Jorge Ramos was pushing his agenda. Isn't that what Joe and his faux Megyn Kelly do every morning?
Jorge Ramos is an ACTIVIST that shouldnt even be given a press pass.His kid WORKS for Hillary
At least Jorge Ramos is consistent. Whether a press conf or a nation, he thinks Mexicans can barge in & demand rights that…
Jorge Ramos's daughter works for Hillary. Yes the lawless Hillary!
Jorge Ramos needs to pick up few pointers from Sam Donaldson.
🇺🇸. Morning Joe panel BLASTS Jorge Ramos for his crazy TIRADE against TRUMP
calling Jorge Ramos a "reporter" is like calling mark David chapman a "fan"
Jorge Ramos speaks out on confrontation w/ Donald Trump.
Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos is going to talk Trump with Fox’s Megyn Kelly tonight. This should be good.
Not only Donald Trump did it to Jorge Ramos but also to my admired TO JOSE DIAZ-BALART: "YOU'RE FINISHED"
Anyone else sick of Dana Perino on ? Today when Waters made a comment about Jorge Ramos she sounded like a nagging wife
"Next up, Dana Perino and Ann Coulter weigh in on that interview with Jorge Ramos". [furiously clicking OFF button over an…
I see Megyn Kelly wasted no time having Jorge Ramos on her show and he wasted no time bashing Trump gutter yellow journalism at it's best!
Jorge Ramos and Jose Diaz-Balart are two of the most well-respected Hispanic journalists in the United States.
In interview tonight w/ Megyn Kelly, Jorge Ramos said Trump treatment of press is more like a dictatorship
No journalist is as respected and revered by a community like Jorge Ramos. Very bad move, Donald Trump.
I annotated Donald Trump's Jorge Ramos press conference. Join me!
Donald Trump booting Jorge Ramos out of his press conference seems to be the straw that has broken the camel’s...
.condemns Donald Trump for ejecting Jorge Ramos from press conference:
My reaction to Donald Trump after kicking out Jorge Ramos from the press conference!
Jorge Ramos makes a fool of himself disrupting press conference. We'll analyze on ton…
Jorge Ramos speaks: Trump ‘absolutely’ gave the orders to eject me from press conference
My reaction to Donald Trump after kicking Jorge Ramos from the Press conference.
breaking: CEO "The recent treatment that Jorge Ramos received at Mr. Trump's press b…
On Fox News, Jesse Watters just said that Jorge Ramos "acted like an illegal alien and got treated like one."
Jorge Ramos was on the cover of Time's Most Influential 100 people LAST YEAR. If you don't know who he is that says more about …
NEXT: Univision’s Jorge Ramos storms last night. Was he out of line?
Donald Trump supporter to Jorge Ramos: “Get out of my country.”.
Senator Rev. Ruben Diaz' assertion that Jorge Ramos was wrong in encounter with Trump are tainted by his internalized racism!
Jorge Ramos did what every reporter who knows he's not going to get called on does. Sam Donaldson did the same thing about …
Sen. Ruben Diaz backs Donald Trump after exchange with Jorge Ramos
It appears Jorge Ramos' daughter works for Mrs Slick Willy! Why does that not surprise me?
Sen. Ruben Diaz, Sr. once again taking side, this time on the Jorge Ramos exchange
I can't believe his racist *** Jorge Ramos is the most important Hispanic journalist right now, he's done
Hey Latinos if Jorge Ramos really cared he would help fix Mex & SA instead if promoting lawlessness in America
Let me tell you a story. I was writing for the Houston Press, Toni Diaz brought this guy Jorge Ramos town. He...
"My job as a journalist is to ask questions from the powerful." Univision's Jorge Ramos | Minnesota Public Radio News
Listening to (Univision-owned) Spanish-language radio. 3 out of 4 callers talking Jorge Ramos and Donald Trump.
Drumpf in Iowa, looking more like Merv Griffin and performing like a Borscht Belt comic. Forget the Jorge Ramos...
If Donald Trump wasn't scum enough, his staff had the audacity to tell Jorge Ramos, a U.S. Citizen to go back to to his…
Trump vs. Ramos: Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos is a most powerful force in the Latino community. His…
That clip where Trump talks down to Jorge Ramos is so disrespectful. Trump said "go back to Univision," translation: go ba…
It feels like Donald Trump told Jorge Ramos to go back to "Univision" more as a way to tell him "go back to your country"
Jorge Ramos of Univision is snubbed, ejected and debated at Donald Trump event
Seeing the conference video in which Donald Trump is the speaker and is kicking Jorge Ramos out of the room just made me beyon…
Soo Donald Trump removes Jorge Ramos saying "Go back to Univison," but Obama on the other hand Spot the difference?
Jorge Ramos is a spanish speaking radio personality & works for Univision.Trump threw him out of his News Q&A! Ramos is Nauseous little man!
Jorge Ramos is an amazing journalist and man. Donald Trump is the punchline of millions of jokes. Guess who's really losing here.
Statement from the Nat'l Association of Hispanic Journalists on Jorge Ramos being removed from Trump press conference htt… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Jorge Ramos, btw, has won has won 8 Emmys, the Maria Moors Cabot Award & written books. Univision anchor for 20+ yrs
Megyn Kelly lying now about kicking out Jorge Ramos. Is any1 shocked by this?
I'm not a Trump fan, but the bit where he kicks out Jorge Ramos was pretty awesome.
Tonight at Cipriani Wall Street will be our Special guests Sibila Vargas, Frankie Negron & Jorge Ramos!
To *** with La Raza, Jorge Ramos, Jose Vargas, all other advocates of illegals. It is time for citizens first! No citizenship f illegals!
Citizens owe ILLEGALS nothing. To *** with activists LaRaza, Jorge Ramos, Jose Vargas, Frederico Hernandez. All they can do is name call!
If Ted Cruz goes on that liberal Univision show with Jorge Ramos than Hillary should go on Hannity!
Jorge Ramos... What a man, what an inspiration. I only hope to emulate his true advocacy for Latinos when I'm an ambassador 😇
Donald Trump continues to be a parody of himself. The latest:
He has bested Left-Wing Machers,like the odious,Jorge Ramos & the bovine Chuckles Todd. I'm liking
NBC4's Sibila Vargas, Telemundo47's Jorge Ramos & Frankie Negron will be at the
SCHOOLS Jorge Ramos on illegal immigration and the RULE OF LAW tcot
NBC4's Sibila Vargas & Telemundo47's Jorge Ramos will be at the on 7/16/2015! Will you?
Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos to Donald Trump: Try running your business without Mexicans for a day
Jorge Ramos: Trump, you're fired. via holy smokes do I love this article! Viva La Raza
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Jorge Ramos's country will kill those who cross it's southern border, yet he bleats about the USA welcoming all of Mexico across ours?
Jorge Ramos (Democratic Party-Univision) has a daughter working for Hilary Clinton, but he's totes impartial.
Jorge Ramos to Harvard Latino students: "We expect extraordinary things from you"
I used to like Jorge Ramos but he just pisses me off get out the Banda you ***
If Jorge Ramos says it counts then I guess it should count in a Sunday League 😂😂😭😭
Look at Jorge Ramos be left speechless by the stupidity... I hate it had to be him. 😔.
J. Ramos gets ROCKED by on why should fear more than
"Jorge Ramos: A letter to my daughter." I know my dad can relate, having a traveling daughter. Got teary. :)
In the 21st century, white supremacist cretins have learned to say "deficient cultures" rather than "inferior races"
the First Amendment doesn't protect like yours
Here's my whole interview with about her book Adios, America!
I never knew Jorge Ramos was such a push over. He needed to put her in her place n defend his ppl Sick miserable woman
Y bueno... // Jorge Ramos Admits to Ann Coulter: Bring All of Mexico to Live Here - Breitbart via
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