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Jordy Nelson

Jordy Ray Nelson (born May 31, 1985) is an American football wide receiver for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League (NFL).

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Lol started Greg Olsen and Jordy Nelson this week... . . .
This season I drafted David Johnson, Julian Edelman, Greg Olsen, Jordy Nelson, and Allen Robinson. Safe to say my season is a…
I have Jordy Nelson, Ty, Bennett, Adams and Randall Cobb and I have u to. So Make it a Shootout!
Jordy Nelson>Cam Meredith and White, similarly Randall Cobb>the rest of our receiving corps
Aaron Rodgers to Jordy Nelson for the 32 yard TD as the Packers extend their lead to 14-6 over Seattle.
Jordy Nelson, AJ Green, Rob Kelley, Greg Olsen and Larry Fitzgerald all to score a touchdown on Sunday.
Adam that Brandon Cooks over Jordy Nelson was a real reach bro
Adam Thielen is better than Jordy Nelson don't @ me
Jordy Nelson limps off the field after his 2nd catch of the drive.
Jordy Nelson: Nelson is expected to play Saturday against the Redskins, Ryan Wood of the Green Bay Press-Gazette...
Randall Cobb is in uniform but Jordy Nelson is not expected to play tonight. Nothing official yet though.
Julio is obviously the best WR but Jordy Nelson & TY Hilton outside the top 20 is a worse take.
Would you rather have the combo of 1. Julio Jones/Jordy Nelson, 2. Devonta Freeman/Melvin Gordon, or 3. Mixture of those 2?
SMH. AJ is 2 behind Julio. AB 3. I'd put Mike Evans and Jordy Nelson ahead of OBJ too.
if we consider Jordy Nelson a likely top 3 WR..who would you consider a better pick at 1 Rd -12 pick
Sources tell me that keepers will likely be Jordy Nelson, Golden Tate and Ty Montgomery
Jordy Nelson has jumped Michael Thomas in recent ADP:
Why do packers fans hate Dez so much?? I really couldn't care less about Devante Adams and Jordy Nelson etc..
WR coach Luke Getsy said you could see Jordy Nelson get better as the season progressed. Doesn't think of him slowing down at all.
Jordy Nelson and Davante Adams are still doing the juggling drills that WR coach Luke...
If you're like Jordy Nelson and take your lawn mowing seriously, we understand and are here for you!
Sure Rodgers. You try passing to Jordy Nelson with two bikers having sex on the sidelines and let me know how that goe…
I have Jordy Nelson as my who should be my receiever AJ Green, Jeremy Maclin or TY Hilton?
Because he works hard and doesn't make a scene. Same way Jordy Nelson doesn't get the repect he deserves
Nice today from several others too Jordy Nelson auto
Jordy Nelson comeback player of the year and Aaron MVP? Coincidental?
I had you guys vote for your favorite current player besides Rodgers. And the winner was Jordy Nelson! https:…
trying to tell me jordy Nelson won't be jordy Nelson on another team but will say Julio will still be Julio 🙄🙄🙄
Someone who could actually RUN with Jordy Nelson and possibly shut him down.Pace won't even do…
If they take Lattimore, it maybe a pick to match up against Jordy Nelson
definitely TOTW Michael Thomas (goes for 65k) and for the 2nd maybe TOTW Jordy Nelson since he has RR chem and is 45kish
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*** Packers. Mike McCarthy is letting everyone go man. Tj Lang. Eddie Lacy. Who's next? Jordy Nelson?
Congrats to Jordy Nelson on Comeback Player of Year Award. Well deserved. Jason Garret isn't the best coach. Not even close.
AP Comeback Player of the Year goes to Jordy Nelson. Nelson is the first Packer to win the award and only the second WR. http…
I liked a video Jordy Nelson's Top 10 Plays of the 2016 Season | NFL Highlights
Where? Jordy Nelson gets love. Welker. . Riley Cooper was screaming *** like two years ago and got love. I'm los…
Jalen Collins still struggles with changing direction. Bounced back nicely, but you can't let an old Jordy Nelson g…
Im in a standard league, Keenan Allen or Jordy Nelson. Thxs in advance !!!
Technically I should buy a Drew Brees and a Jordy Nelson but they aren't in Honolulu Blue and silver.
Drew Brees would be MVP every year if he had Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson
Packers' Jordy Nelson rocking a little extra padding to protect his ribs vs. the Falcons.
With that catch, WR Jordy Nelson now has the most receptions in postseason history with 51.
Mad respect for Jordy Nelson. Had cracked ribs a couple of years back. Slept on a recliner for 2 weeks. Excruciating pain jus…
But Jordy Nelson played with broken ribs 🤔, yeen even try to get up and run or nothing
Antonio Brown sitting on the sideline drinking a Pepsi thinking "this must be what it felt like earlier today for Jordy N…
I did think Jordy Nelson was gonna do something for a sec...
Jordy Nelson took extraordinary measures to play
Jordy Nelson gotta be on the good drugs to play with broken ribs
they had 7 players on IR. Not to mention Jordy Nelson had two BROKEN RIBS. Get outta here w that garbagio
Jordy Nelson is ACTIVE for the NFC title game. inactives list 📋:
Jordy Nelson had a TD with broken ribs 😏😭😏😭
Jordy Nelson is playing in the NFC championship game with broken ribs. I took a sick day last week when I was out of Metamu…
McCarthy: I can't say enough about Jordy Nelson & what he went through to get out there today. Credit to his toughness & chara…
TOUCHDOWN! Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson connect for a TD, and a 2-point conversion by Ripkowski cuts the Falcons' le…
Hear from Jordy Nelson following the tough NFC title game loss in Atlanta. 🎥:
Jordy Nelson toughed it out for the team Sunday. 📰:
Rodgers: I'm so proud of Jordy (Nelson). It's incredible that he was out there.
Aaron Rodgers got choked up when talking about Jordy Nelson after the loss. ht…
Andy Dalton and Ty Montgomery as your backfield, throwing to 32-yr-old Jordy Nelson, Davante Adams and Jared Cook is a bad offense
Remember what Jordy Nelson did today next summer when Clay Buchholz misses 5 starts with a lash in his eye
0-17 (2nd 1:50). Falcons interception. Rodgers pass intended for Jordy Nelson is intercepted by Allen at ATL 32
Aaron Rodgers throwing a rare INT to Ricardo Allen - pass was intended for Jordy Nelson. D has got to stop here
Rodgers heaves deep and is intercepted by Ricardo Allen. Intended receiver was Jordy Nelson. That works like a punt, basically.
Jordy Nelson lines up opposite Alford. Devante Adams lines up opposite Ricardo Allen
Agree, but you're a lot more Woody Allen than Jordy Nelson
Jordy Nelson is wearing some thick protection on his broken ribs.
Jordy Nelson is playing in an NFL Playoff game with broken ribs. I skipped lifting on Friday because I wanted to eat lunch.
It looks like Jordy Nelson is wearing Barry Bonds' elbow pad around his ribs
I'm gonna be perfectly honest, Jordy Nelson is one of my favorite receivers in the league
WR Jordy Nelson, Davante Adams and Geronimo Allison, Randall Cobb, Trevor Davis, Jeff Janis will all be active.…
Jordy Nelson is officially ACTIVE for the Adams, Allison and Burnett are also suiting up in the
Packers WR Jordy Nelson is expected to play in today's NFC Championship game with multiple cracked ribs. He plans to wear a…
WR Jordy Nelson, expected to play with fractured ribs, ordered military-grade kevlar padding from sour…
Jordy Nelson can wear all the protection he can, once he get hit in those ribs and he gone get hit!!! bye bye!!!
Morgan Burnett, Davante Adams, Jordy Nelson, and Geronimo Allison are all expected to be available tomorrow. Let's EAT 🙌 ht…
Bad news: RB Christine Michael is now questionable with a back injury. Good news: WR Jordy Nelson was not downgraded…
Packers WR Jordy Nelson (Riley Co. '03) named NFL Comeback Player of the Year by PFWA. Led NFL in TD catches after missing last season.
how are they not? They're talking about his winning streak that Aaron Rodgers is on. Jordy Nelson helped a lot right or wrong
Jordy Nelson is still considered a bit of a long shot to play in Sunday's NFC Championship Game. https…
The most impressive part is that Rodgers still put up 34 without Eddie Lacy or Jordy Nelson. Rodgers vs Ryan should be a *** of a game
Packers are pretty beat up after the Cowboys game, but they might have Jordy Nelson coming back. I think it's a toss-up
Davonte Adams, Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, Eddie Lacy, Ty Montgomery is not a squad?
Same with the hit on Jordy Nelson last week... if he's trying to catch the ball, I don't see how he's defenseless.
Since losing Jordy Nelson to the rib injury, Rodgers’ have scored 66 points in 74 minutes
No way Arnie with Jordy Nelson out & Andy Furman picking the PACKERS today the COWBOYS will win I guarantee it
Even without Jordy Nelson, Green Bay's receivers are stepping up.
Jordy Nelson has been ruled out against the Cowboys. This will have zero affect on Aaron Rodgers 4 touchdown passes &…
27-9 on the road before Aaron Rodgers found the end zone and that was with Jordy Nelson
Last 10 weeks of the season, only Jordy Nelson had more catches than Zach Ertz. Only 11 players had more yards in that span [K…
WR Jordy Nelson suffered at least two fractured ribs in the win over sources say. Will take an incredible e…
Concerns for Jordy Nelson are broken ribs, pneumothorax (collapsed lung) and splenic laceration with blow occurring on his l…
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Should I trade Jordy Nelson and Martellus Bennett for Julian Edelman or TY Hilton and Le'Veon Bell?
McCarthy on Jordy Nelson (rib): He'll be in the rehab group through Friday. If he can practice Saturday, he'll have a chance t…
According to still don't know the full extent of Jordy Nelson's injury. Hope to know more definitively today.
Jordy Nelson we pray for a full recovery. This is not good.
Full PPR rookie draft, what pick is Jordy Nelson worth?
like lowkey they don’t even need Jordy Nelson. Adams, Cobb, and Cook are killing
Aaron Rodgers just stated if Jordy Nelson is out it will have to be Geronimo Allison stepping up to an expanded role.
Who needs Jordy Nelson when you have Cobb
just confirmed via FOX. That was an illegal hit on a defenseless receiver on Jordy Nelson.
Jordy Nelson is being taken to the locker room; appears to be a rib injury
Anyone else think that hit on Jordy Nelson should have been called as a hit on a defenseless receiver?
Jordy Nelson leads league in TD receptions (14). Davante Adams is tied 2nd (Antonio Brown, Mike Evans) with 12. Neither are i…
Jordy Nelson should have made the Pro Bowl and been 2nd Team All Pro over Mike Evans. 2 TD's is more valuable than 64 yards.
After that it's Dak, Le'Veon Bell, Jordy Nelson, Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, OBJ, David Johnson, and LeShean McCoy. Not necessarily in order.
I can't wait for Morris Claiborne to lock up Jordy Nelson or Odell next week
Vertical routes are where you see how washed up Jordy Nelson is. Antwon freakin' Blake physically overwhelms him to get on top…
Jordy Nelson had more Touchdowns then everyone of them
Four players have at least 11 Rec TD this season and two are Packers. Jordy Nelson: 14. Antonio Brown: 12. Mike Evans: 12. Davan…
Detroit has to be happy Johnson Bademosi won't be on Jordy Nelson tonight.
Zach Ertz is tied for the 5th-most catches in the NFL since 11/1, behind only Jordy Nelson, Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr…
as of this season Ab, Julio , Odell , Jordy Nelson , Mike Evans
I will always be grateful for David Johnson, Jordy Nelson, Tom Brady, and Brandin Cooks. They were my core group that won this title.
Terence Newman on controversy surrounding Jordy Nelson coverage: 'It was a miscommunication. That's it.'.
Terence Newman, postgame Saturday on what changed with the plan on Jordy Nelson: "Nothing. I have no idea." Then Rhodes…
NFL_Packers247 The Green Bay Packers can thank this Vikings player for Jordy Nelson's huge day.
Didn't Minnesota fire Leslie Frazier because he had no team discipline? Vikings secondary ignored gameplan and got ROASTED by Jordy Nelson.
In the semifinals of fantasy football. I had Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, Davante Adams and David Johnson.
This story is so curious - Vikings go against Mike Zimmer's strategy for covering Jordy Nelson
Vikings' DBs elected to disregard coach Mike Zimmer's strategy that called for Xavier Rhodes to shadow Jordy Nelson.
Vikings DBs apparently devised strategy to cover Jordy Nelson independent of what coach Mike Zimmer wanted.
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Adam Thielin, Clay Matthews and LaGarette Blount, and Aaron Rodgers for Football Outsiders or Jordy Nelson.
Wow my fantasy went off and it ain't done yet. Championship weekend part 1. Arron Rodgers went for 36 & Jordy Nelson went for 27. Let's go!
Rodgers got up, walked off under own power to "MVP! MVP!" chants. Jordy Nelson checked on him before getting to sideline.
When you started Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson and Davante Adams in your championship Fantasy game.
Jordy Nelson passed Don Hutson on that drive for 4th in history with his 489th reception.
Madison Bumgardner is upset with Joe Bucks infatuation of Jordy Nelson.
Jordy Nelson has 5 targets, 5 receptions, 119 YD and 2 TD. There's still 7 minutes to go in the 1st half. https:/…
That was Jordy Nelson's 58th TD catch from Aaron Rodgers, setting all-time record. They were tied with Brett Favre…
Fantasy championship week. Let's get it. Need Big Ben, Jordan Howard, Rob Kelley, Jordy Nelson, Greg Olsen and Latavius Murray to show up
Jordy Nelson, Devante Adams, Michael Thomas, Doug Baldwin, Michael Crabtree = my rec core. Who would you start? 2+Flex.
Someone explain to me why Jordy Nelson didn't make the pro bowl
Larry Fitzgerald over Jordy Nelson or Devante Adams also shows just how nonsensical the selection is.…
Brandon Cooks and Jordy Nelson got snubbed. They should've been in over Fitzgerald.
Replace Amari/Fitz with Jordy Nelson. Replace Big Ben with Andrew Luck. Replace Dak/Rodgers with Drew Brees (Leads league in TD's and Yards)
same world where Fitzgerald got in over Jordy Nelson. And Big Ben over Andrew luck . Pro bowl voting is ridiculous yet again
Jordy Nelson isn't the same after his injury. Devante Adams and Randall Cobb inconsistent. Mediocre oline and defens
How far did Aaron Rodgers' bomb to Jordy Nelson fly in the air? 🏈. Find out with Next Gen Stats 🎥:
A comprehensive list of receivers with 12 receiving touchdowns in the 2016 NFL season:. Jordy Nelson
Aaron Rodgers with the deep shot to Jordy Nelson!. GB spikes it in the redzone with 3 seconds to play!
2009 to Jennings. 2013 to Cobb. 2016 to Jordy Nelson. Aaron Rodgers knows how to break the hearts of Bear fans on deep thr…
I AM FURIOUS. Here's a picture of Aaron Rodgers saying a RACIAL SLUR on his long pass to Jordy Nelson.
Aaron Rodgers' long pass to Jordy Nelson vs. Bears adds to list of late-game heroics.
All 7 of Cameron Brate's TD receptions this season have come in the red zone. Only Jordy Nelson (10) has more
Maybe the greatest play all year was the 3rd & 11 play to Jordy Nelson.
Jordy Nelson is a legit piece of heaven god ***
Jordy Nelson on final catch, but might as well be about day as a whole: "It wasn’t the most graceful thing, but it…
Crazy: Aaron Rodgers' 59-yard completion to Jordy Nelson was the only third down converted in the second half.
After putting up 124 today, Jordy Nelson is at 1,037 receiving yds for the year after tearing his ACL. His 4th 1,000-yar…
Jordy Nelson: "Just did my job. As soon as I got past the DB, I threw my hand up to make sure Aaron saw me. And... https:/…
If you don't think Jordy Nelson will be comeback player of the year, you're wrong.
LG Lane Taylor on Aaron Rodgers' long pass to Jordy Nelson to beat Bears on final play: "Kind of had a flashback t…
Jordy Nelson going to win Comeback Player of the Year award. Easily.
Other than the Texan's Brian Cushing, and the Cowboy's Sean Lee, Jordy Nelson probably has the hottest *** in the N…
Jordy Nelson can't beat anybody deep. There shouldn't have been a need to offer safety help. An NFL corner can't get beat l…
the movie Hands Of Stone now a Documentary about Davante Adams and Jordy Nelson!
Tyler is becoming just as big of a star as Darren Sproles & Jordy Nelson. Next big star Jordan Wi…
Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson tied Brett Favre and Antonio Freeman today as the most productive TD combination in Packers…
And am I dumb for wanting to start Emmanuel Sanders over Jordy Nelson? Jordy going up against Richard Sherman in the snow...
who should be my WR 2 and flex. Tyrrell Williams, Jordan Howard, Doug Martin, Jordy Nelson, Donte Moncrief, or Rob Kelly?
Would you start Jordy Nelson this week? I also have TY Hilton, Tyrrel Willians and Tyler Boyd.
Who should be in my lineup? Dez Bryant, Jordy Nelson, Dymarius Thomas, Steve Smith, Sammy Watkins. (Pick 3) :)
Jordy Nelson does, in fact, have the sauce.
Must be nice to have Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb.
Hey guys let's all root for the great Randall Cobb & against that sorry bum Jordy Nelson please thanks in advance.
Devante Adams has been so good, OMG. Jordy Nelson & Randall Cobb are expendable.
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Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb need to switch names
I need a big game from Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson tonight so I can pull out another win in my fantasy league ...go pack go!! Angie Smith
I would assume Jimmy Graham, Jordy Nelson and Steve Smith on offense. If Justin Houston plays like this, it's probably his award
Mike need some help sir PPR league. Hyde, Smallwood Coleman. And should I bench Jordy Nelson for Baldwin and Steve Smith?Thanks
Who should I bench this week? Sterling Shepard, Cole Beasley, Steve Smith or Jordy Nelson?
Remember last season when we all missed Jordy Nelson & kept saying "if we had Jordy back"... now he's back & we still can't win 🙃🙃🙃
Jordy Nelson with a 13-yard TOUCHDOWN catch, and the and TIED at 7:
Washington completely lost Jordy Nelson, but Rodgers never saw him in the middle.
Check out my thoughts on Patrick Peterson vs. Stefon Diggs, Jordy Nelson vs. Josh Norman, and other matchups here:.
Rodgers has missed Jordy Nelson open down the field a number of times this year. Would help his bad YPA stats.
Tale as old as time. Song as old as rhyme. Aaron Rodgers to Jordy Nelson. Don't care if it doesn't work in the song. Do no…
Rodgers had Jordy Nelson wide open on the crosser for an easy first down. Has had some guys, just hasn't seen them.
so far in my home league trades packaging Marvin Jones with waiver pieces have netted Jordy Nelson & last week Mike Evans
Terrelle Pryor has more yards this season than Rob Gronkowski, Deandre Hopkins, Brandin Cooks, Jordy Nelson, Kelvin Ben…
. My buddy and I are negotiating a trade I'll be get Jordy Nelson and devante booker buddy will receive Kevin Benjamin ware
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Jordy Nelson to start as RB for Green Bay? This is a developing story. Stay tuned...
Make sure you have Green Bay Packers WR Jordy Nelson in your lineup this Sunday.
I traded Allen Robinson, Isaiah Crowell, and Jamaal Charles for Jordy Nelson and Doug Martin
I traded Jordan Howard and Jordy Nelson for Tevin Coleman... idk how I feel about that now
Yes 😭 but thankfully Jordy Nelson and Jordan Reed are saving my team.
That hit on Jordy Nelson at the end of the game was Crucial. Great stuff man!!
still had Devonte Adams and Jordy Nelson. Matt Ryan threw a td pass to 5 foot 8 Taylor Gabriel. Who is that??
CJ Goodwin is out there breaking up passes thrown by Aaron Rodgers and guarding Jordy Nelson man-to-man. That's so awesome
would you trade Jordy Nelson and Matt Jones for Marvin Jones and Latavius Murray in standard?
should I trade Matt Ryan, Baldwin, and Snead for Rothliesberger, Jordy Nelson, and Gore?
hey should I trade Matt Ryan, Snead, and Baldwin for Rothliesberger, Jordy Nelson, and Frank Gore?
Got two for ya. DeMarco Murray, or Matt Forte. Cole Beasley, or Jordy Nelson
Just completed trade A J Green, Latavius Murray for Jordy Nelson, Matt Forte..How do you see this trade?
Jordy Nelson on playing in color rush uniforms
Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb are receivers that play for the Green Bay Packers. . In case you didn't know.
Kenny Britt had more fantasy points in week 6 than AB, Allen Robinson, Jordy Nelson, and Larry Fitzgerald COMBINED...
offense hasn't been the same since Jordy Nelson tore his ACL in Aug '15. Nelson is scoring TDs but not providing…
Jordy Nelson owes Mo Claiborne dinner... shoved him out of the way from a huge collision with Sean Lee.
Good job Sean Lee. Tried to blow up Jordy Nelson and hit his own guy
Claiborne knocks ball away from Jordy Nelson but Claiborne took brunt of shot from teammate Sean Lee. He is still down.
Mo Claiborne locked down Jordy Nelson and broke the pass up and then gets knocked out by Sean Lee 🙄
Packers defense preserves lead in win over Giants: Jordy Nelson and Davante Adams each had…
Jordy Nelson is 1,474 on the leaderboard Ranked Celebs on near realtime social media
My WRS- Julio Jones, Allen Robinson, Jordy Nelson, and Stefon Diggs row this boat. Baldwin and Steve Smith SR on bench for byes/injuries.
Others in the running: Jordy Nelson, Jordan Reed, Delanie Walker, Jordan Matthews, Sterling Shepard, Devin Funchess, and Christine Michael
After connecting with Jordy Nelson late in the second quarter, it appears that Aaron Rodgers says "I'M BACK" (cc
Who wins this trade in a PPR league? Odell Beckham and Alfred Morris for Jordy Nelson and Frank Gore?
Highlight of my weekend was the fact that I (and 30 other people) got to interview Jordy Nelson & Dante Fowler Jr.👌🏼
The Packers got Jordy Nelson back Sunday, but the offense has one major problem. 🔓
I can start 3 receivers this week. Who would you start out of the 4, Jordy Nelson, Jordan Matthews, Eric Decker, Jarvis Landry?
Who would you start? Pick 3 from AJ Green, Jordy Nelson, Donte Moncrief, Marvin Jones, Michael Crabtree, Torrey Smith
When your week 1 opponent has Aaron Rodgers, Jordy Nelson, and Randy Cobb vs. Jax 🙃
Jordy Nelson is ready to roll come Sunday baby.
Should I trade Kelvin Benjamin and Gio Bernard for Jordy Nelson and Justin Stewart
McCarthy: Jordy Nelson is a full-go. Expect him to line up in Jacksonville.
Imagine watching an NFL season where the best WR is Jordy Nelson or Eric Decker. Best RB Danny Woodhead. People ain't paying to see them!!
Aaron Rodgers is running scout team. He just connected with Jordy Nelson for a leaping catch down the sideline, right over the CB's head.
Jordy Nelson expects to be back to "normal" this week. . 📰:
I give Jordy Nelson and receive Latavius Murray and Delanie Walker. 1pt PPR. What would you do
NFL-National Football League roundup (Reuters): Wide receiver Jordy Nelson was cleared to return to practice ...
Aaron Rodgers on Jordy Nelson's return, his new diet, and the depth on offense. .
Keenan Allen was the pick before and then Brandin Cooks, Mike Evans and Jordy Nelson were next 3 picks. Risk abounds.
Random: but Jordy Nelson's 2011 season was wildly impressive. WR2 overall in fantasy - caught 15 TDs on only 96 targets…
The Packers best group of wide receivers was when they had Greg Jennings,Jordy Nelson, James Jones,Donald Driver and TE J.Finley.
Jordy Nelson want be nothing after Drew gets in NFL
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Cruz off an injury is better then Jordy Nelson off injury? If Nelson is healthy pack will have one of best receiving corps
Jamaal Charles, Jordy Nelson and LeVeon Bell (+600) are co-favorites to win the NFL Comeback Player of the Year Award.
Team Poison Pill agrees to send Jeremy Hill and 2017 1st Rd pick to team Brass Monkey for Jordy Nelson and Charlie Sims
Longshot observation: Rookie WR Tanner McEvoy has that really tall build that Schneider loved w/ Jordy Nelson & Kris Durham
Odell Beckham Jr is alive and well. But we all had a "Jordy Nelson" freak out.
Jordy Nelson and Kelvin Benjamin owners last summer know the fear Beckham owners are experiencing right now.
So OBJ got hurt at practice ha. Jordy Nelson can’t relate.
who would you keep out of the following? Jordy Nelson or Lamar Miller? 3wr 2rb league- thank you
I've seen "Jordy Nelson is back" written about 5,000 times yet here we are and guy still isn't healthy enough to play. 31 is old for a WR
any further inside info on Jordy Nelson's new knee injury? My keepers have to be named by 8/22
Notes: OK To Worry About Jordy: The “good” news is Jordy Nelson isn’t on the Physically Unable to Pe...
Jordy Nelson needs to be put in a bubble until the season starts
Cant wait to see jordy nelson back on the field
Today's post has news on Jordy Nelson, John Kuhn, James Jones and Morgan Burnett. Enjoy.
Rodgers qb rating with jordy nelson was 112, without it was 92. His td% with jordy is 7.2,without its 5%. Wr makes a difference
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In a 10 person standard league. Can keep 2 out of the 3. Aj Green, Devonta Freeman, and Jordy Nelson. Any advice?
you Bob I sure would like to know what Jordy Nelson's idea of a hiccup to his knee is. Wonder how serious?I enjoy your podcasts!
Just got offered Josh Gordon for my Jordy Nelson. Can't get to my computer fast enough to to accept.
Jordy Nelson had 'hiccup' with left knee; no timetable for return via App
Who will you be watching most at training camp? Jordy Nelson? Eddie Lacy? Jeff Janis? Others?
"He runs good routes. He runs like Jordy Nelson - except faster" -former WR Bill Schroeder on
Jordy Nelson and Ty Montgomery watching on during WR drills
Jordy Nelson's totals in first two seasons:. 55 rec. / 686 yds / 4 TDs. Davante Adams' totals in first two seasons:. 88…
Also from today, updates on Gary Barnidge, Jordy Nelson, Jamaal Charles (+ Kamar Aiken & Jordan Cameron):
to Jordy Nelson leading the Packers with 9 receptions for 140 yards and a TD in Super Bowl XLV!
Reminds me a lot of 2008 when Donnie Avery went ahead of Jordy Nelson given the players/talent involved.
*** talmbout I sleep on Demaryius Thomas, Emanuel Sanders & Larry Fitzgerald no yall *** sleep on Jordy Nelson the best white WR imo
The first two receivers drafted in 2008 were Donnie Avery and Devin Thomas, at 33 and 34. Jordy Nelson went 36.
Packers coach Mike McCarthy provides an update on the status of WR Jordy Nelson, who is recoverin... - via App
Hear from Eddie Lacy, Jordy Nelson & Mike McCarthy at Packers OTAs, NBA playoffs & more on the tonight!
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"The man James Jones replaced in 2015 was not Jordy Nelson, it was Davante Adams, who was still on the field." -
Thinking about Aaron Rodgers' hard count and Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb, and Jeff Janis running deep makes me giggle
PED's & baseball, Rob Jeter to UNLV, Jordy Nelson's comeback & much more on the tonight!
did they say we need to look at a new WR like Eric Decker or Jordy Nelson or Riley Cooper?
Coach Shulty: "Ray if you're like Pierre Garçon, then Matt must be like Jordy Nelson right?". Me: "Nah he's just the guy behind me"
Riley County, which is a 3A school with a current enrollment of 218, has had two 2nd rd draft picks: Jordy Nelson (2008…
Keeping Thomas Rawls and Jordy Nelson in a keeper league. Should I be very excited??
Packers: WR Jordy Nelson ahead of schedule in injury recovery
I've been at this ceremony for an hour and a half and there's been no mention of Jordy Nelson.
Moms you could win $100 gift card from FNB Fox Valley and 4 tickets to the 2016 Jordy Nelson Charity Softball...
ATM Jordy Nelson's INQUIZIE ranking is 1,912. Agree or disagree?
Great offseason for the Packers offense. Gained: Jordy Nelson, Jared Cook. Lost: 30 pounds of Eddie Lacy
Well, if I want an away jersey, it has to be either Clay Matthews, or Jordy Nelson..
Rodgers rolls out and heaves a 65 yard TD in the air to Jordy Nelson. That's what I want to see.
Jordy Nelson couldn't run one more yard I swear smh
Jordy Nelson way better than your receiver.
I will always be all about the GREEN&YELLOW!!
How does a Week 2 matchup against the sound? Check out our breakdown of the 2016 schedule
Jordy Nelson was one of the best players in the league in 2014. Loadholt *** ***
We're definitely going to the playoffs this year w Jordy Nelson coming back, ARod, & and a skinny Lacy? Unstoppable.
I'm beyond excited to get a healthy Jordy Nelson back this season! He makes the entire offense better.
Aaron Rodgers is going up top to Jordy Nelson first play of their 1st possession on the Jags.
I had Jordy Nelson, Kelvin Benjamin, Le'veon Bell, Matt Forte, and Julius Thomas... and yall saw what happened 😑
Who is better: Edelman or Jordy Nelson. Some friends of mine in NE say that they would take Edelman over Jordy any day.
dez is better, Brandon Marshall, Julio Jones, Jordy Nelson (when healthy), Antonio Brown, Aj green
In desperate need of a Jordy Nelson jersey
Eddy Lacy skinny, Jordy Nelson, Cobb and Adams are healthy. 🔥🔥🔥 Trouble
with Driver and a young Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson?? Super bowl would've been too easy
Next step for Jordy Nelson: Clearance to run passing routes - via App
I'm scared of Dez, AB, Larry Fitz, Gronk, Jordy Nelson, Allen Robinson I think that's it
It's dead because he's white and not over 6'0. Same with Jordy Nelson. Edelman would've COOKED Josh Norman
I don't believe so, Jordy Nelson and Aaron Rodger's 2nd contracts should have been illegal,
New ESPN fantasy writer Mike Clay with terrible rankings. Watkins over Jordy Nelson and DeVante Parker over Julian Edelman.
The news on Jordy Nelson couldn't have been more positive for fans. 📰:
As much as they under-performed minus Jordy Nelson, I honestly can't see using a pick on a WR this year, unless someone slips far.
Jordy Nelson, Clay Matthews & TJ Ward were once Walk-Ons. So was Antonio Brown. You never know
I don't know why Jordy Nelson isn't here.
A tin toy Packers bi-plane that belonged to my uncle & 2014 Pack-Falcons Gameday pgm autographed by Jordy Nelson.
I'm only drafting players who've torn their ACL for FF this year. That makes Jamaal Charles, Jordy Nelson, Dion Lewis, and Kelvin Benjamin.
Todd gurely no doubt he is a beast ! I'll rather go with Jordy Nelson and Rodgers 👌🏽
Actually still a little mad Jordy Nelson was on campus yesterday and I wasn't.
Nelson hit in 2014 Topps Prime Jordy Nelson auto at
Jordy Nelson is an idol to Packers fans because he represents them as an inbred child who farms for a living
If you haven't heard from Jordy Nelson lately, that's OK. We've got a one-on-one interview with him.
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