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Jordi Alba

Jordi Alba Ramos (born 21 March 1989) is a Spanish professional footballer who plays for Valencia CF in La Liga, mainly as a left back.

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Messi knows Jordi Alba always finds him with his cut back crosses
Jordi alba almost certain for easy dividends returns tomoz. Stock up before 12 tonite for easy returns.
Barca 4 Milan 0 (4-2) aggregate lol wat a goal jordi alba get in
Messi asked Deulofeu to pin himself to the right wing and to leave the left wing free for Jordi Alba. [sport]
we need a nickname for this fraud,i feel relieved for"Jordi alba"who has been great ever since ney stopp…
Alaba also confirmed out.. Jordi Alba @ 1.40 has no competition for Double PB tomorrow, and a shot at Star player P…
Jordi Alba will do fine. Grimaldo to take over next.
Jordi Alba took this guy to cleaners.
Ma boys be savages! Somebody ein woman paa you name am Jordi Alba ..ahh what is this?😂
Polite reminder that Jordi Alba has a virtually uncontested PB win tomorrow 🚀 . 'Amongst chaos there is an ocean of calm'
When someone asks me if I like Jordi Alba -
Not sure if he watch Theo Hernandez play or Jordi Alba play...
Shock as Barcelona star Jordi Alba hands in transfer request.
Jordi Alba doesn't know how to drive... lmao, so he has to walk his girl everywhere. THIS is 💉💉💉
Don't tell me you rate Jordi Alba lol
Jordi Alba I ask one to the very best adult information site select my account
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Yeah hes not a lb hes almost like a defender , cb i meant lbs are like marcelo an…
You're not about to act like Jordi Alba didn't give the world the greatest dive in the final game of last season.
Messi's postage-stamp, top-corner free-kick wonderfully saved by Guaita. Jordi Alba was already celebrating
Actuallly dive from neymar and jordi alba give barca win in last match, last season. 😂
Jordi Alba to Lionel Messi is the most profitable assist to goalscorer combination in Europe's top 5 leagues, heralding 3 go…
Jordi Alba was already celebrating Messi's free-kick as soon as it went over the wall. It was saved.
Then busquest , Messi, Suarez, jordi Alba, pique all should not have played too cos they are over 30 as well
Jordi Alba was celebrating Messi's freekick before it went in. The freekick was saved. 😂
Moreno - attack of Jordi Alba, defence of Djimi Traore
Top teams? Reckon Marcelo, Alex Sandro, Jordi Alba etc would be dropped if they did the same thing?
Jordi Alba close to sealing Juventus move.
Jordi alba his proven himself for what 5 yrs Sandro wasn't revered in his days at porto until juve
Jordi Alba: "Still, Real Madrid were better than us in this game and the other game. They have a good midfield.". Not j…
Jordi Alba: "We thought Madrid would play with 2 forwards but they went with 3 & made bringing the ball out difficult f…
Jordi Alba [Barcelona]: "Real Madrid were better than us - we must recognize it. They've been superior but there is no ne…
Signing coutinho dembele is not the right to do go nd signs defense and midfield bcox sergio b,pique nd jordi alba re tired
Where did Jordi Alba, David Villa, Dani Alves & Rakitic come from? You probably don't even know…
Jordi Alba: "I am not worried. We have to improve many things and make sure that season will be good"
Jordi Alba: "This has only just started. Of course we have to improve, but I'm not worried. I'm sure we'll have a good s…
64: Great cross from Jordi Alba and Sergi Roberto almost gets on the end of it to pull one back! (2-0)
🎥 VIDEO: Jordi Alba had some gestures for the Real Madrid bench, but Asensio, Nacho & Isco could only laugh from it. htt…
Video | Jordi Alba trying to provok Real Madrid bench but they decided to enjoy the scene.
Reports | Barca will offer full-back Jordi Alba (28) on loan to Atletico Madrid in a deal to sign full-back Theo Hernandez (1…
I hope Jordi Alba and Ivan Rakitić never play another professional match for FC Barcelona ever again.
Barcelona star Jordi Alba would welcome Isco to Nou Camp .
Turán (then at Atleti) threw his boot at the linesman. Jordi Alba was hit by the flag. Gabi sent of at halftime, Mario Suárez saw red too.
Jordi Alba off for Paco Alcacer. Less than 10 minutes to play.
Whatsup with this talk about La Liga defenders ain't good, last time I checked, the likes of Pique, Ramos, Jordi Alba, Felipe Luis, Juanfran
A car with Neymar, Guillem Balague and Jordi Alba stop on the train-rails and can't go any further. You control the train.…
BARCELONA -- Barcelona defender Jordi Alba feels it is unfair that Xavi Hernandez never won a ... Samuel...
📡 Jordi Alba: "We have the three best forwards in the world and that helps a lot, but we are a team."
Jordi Alba: It's unfair that Xavi Hernandez never won the Ballon d'Or
Jordi Alba, David Alaba, Marcelo, or Joe Skarz would do to replace Alberto Moreno for Liverpool.
Former Roma star impressing Barcelona boss: For someone who was signed to be Jordi Alba's understudy, Lucas D...
Jordi Alba: “You have to respect Cristiano Ronaldo. It would be foolish to disrespect him. He's a great player.”
We are gonna get £100 million in player sales... We should sign Jordi Alba.
Jordi Alba 😂 but realistically Hector. It looks like Jetro Willems is desperate to join.
Jordi Alba is still crying at this 😭😭😭
You can see I hate giving up the freakin far post header. No Dani Alves or Jordi Alba fullbacks please.
Lool, jordi alba destroys this notion
Jordi Alba and Dani Alves are workhorses. Constantly sprinting up and down the flanks
Robben is elite. So is Jordi Alba, Di Maria, Buffon, Courtois, Aguero, and Thiago Silva, even Godin.
he looks like Jordi Alba's cousin or something.. 😳
well, he was always a role player. Which isn't surprising when Abidal and Jordi Alba start in front of you.
is this jordi alba or LUCIANO VIETTO?
great book! I bought it last Sant Jordi. Hope you enjoy it.
Jordi Alba looking to force Real Madrid move.
you think cresswell is Jordi Alba or something? 😂😂😂
I was out the other day and I think I saw jordi alba with a beard
whoever thinks Jordi Alba is one of the best LB right now needs to be checked for brain damage.
Henry is brilliant I signed him for Bolton. English Jordi Alba lol. Might have a look into them
have a submitted £37 million a bid for left back jordi alba.
OPINION. "Lucas Digne can challenge Jordi Alba for Barcelona starting spot" by
"Angelino reminds me of a young Jordi Alba" - high praise from Get him in the first team squad.
what happened to Moreno being the new jordi Alba?
but its obvious though, I mean what happens if Jordi Alba gets hurt
not the first time they have done that, weeks before Jordi Alba signed they were selling shirts with Ratfaced Tosser on.
Barca transfers from Valencia in the last few years:. David Villa 40m. Jordi Alba 14m. Mathieu 20m. Andre Gomes 40m
The now 5 players that Barcelona have signed from Valencia (Gerard Lopez, David Villa, Jordi Alba, Mathieu, André Gomes)…
Alba is younger member of defensive line so don't know why recruit Now they need 4th striker.
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Once and always "Thabo Matlaba over Jordi Alba anytime"
VIDEO: The moment when Neymar nearly came to blows with Jordi Alba during the Valencia match h…
Neymar in recovery, Jordi Alba and Arda Turan get the ok...
Jordi Alba, Arda Turan rejoin team training, set to return...
Everything just works perfectly for Leicester. Christian Fuchs looks as good as Jordi Alba.
NOT be out of position? As a LB you should pick moments to go forward. Jordi Alba is similar to him but picks his moments
Neymar in the vicious spiral should choose simple play. I feel sorry for Jordi Alba who wait for pass from Neymar...
Jordi Alba and Hernandez during the match between FC Barcelona...
. If you're right wing you'll be following my overlapping runs. I'm like Jordi alba from coill dubh.
📷 IG Jordi Alba: “Thank you everyone for your congratulations, I hope you had a great Sant Jordi’s day.
Neymar Santos Jr of FC Barcelona is congratulated by his teammates Luis Suarez and Jordi Alba after
What's Jordi Alba doing for this pen?
Jordi Alba, Suarez, Neymar, and Rakitic all need to go
Today I had the best Sant Jordi day with the one and only Thanks to all the…
Barca forever getting decisions there way ps jordi alba is lil rat
Jordi Alba kicking the ball away brainlessly. Water is wet.
It was actually Jordi Alba, he was there for the second pen too.
Jordi Alba ain't one of the best when it comes to defensive clearance.
Chance missed by Neymar and Jordi Alba's follow up wins a corner!
Jordi Alba suffers from chronic assist impulse disease.
It's just so obvious that Jordi Alba is trying to pick out a pass to Messi when he gets the ball on the wing.
Jordi Alba is a back-pass and hope merchant. Worst fullback I've ever seen in my 268 years of watching football.
Jordi Alba is the curse of Abidal's tears in 2013.
Jordi alba makes 1 good cross in every 6 billion crosses
Just used my Defensive Rock on Jordi Alba on for vs
Just used my Pass Master on Jordi Alba on for vs
Just used my Double Up on Jordi Alba on for vs
destroyed your *** Jordi Alba this season. Stick to your diving tax avoiding Nancy boy 😂
Jordi Alba and Ander Herrera love playing injured 😒
News: Halilovic will be the player Jordi Alba will have to mark.
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Once again, a rose from California. Traditions that cross borders and oceans. Bon Sant Jordi! 🌹🐲…
Neymar hits out at teammate Jordi Alba-via
Valencia beef all forgotten between Neymar and Jordi Alba at Barcelona training (Video)...
yet he won't be better than Jordi Alba
Really poor stuff from Ronaldo's often disrespected teammates, but has never sunk as low as Neymar did with Jordi Alba v Valencia
Nacho Monreal > Jordi Alba. Needs to be in the Spain team now.
That's a goal. Come on man Jordi Alba is the height of Frodo Baggins. What could Bale do.
Jordi Alba and Daniel Alves have a chance of winning an Oscar before Leonardo Di Caprio.
GOAL:Barcelona 1-1 C Vigo: (39mins) John Guidetti is brought down in the box by Jordi Alba and the striker steps...
21: Jordi Alba gets forward down the left and his cross is deflected off Navarro's hip past keeper Mariño
Jordi Alba was fouled but did a full swan dive to the ground. Theatrical and bloody dangerous
She wanted to go to the movies with Taye Taiwo, Jordi Alba and Evra.. But she was _?
What will be done to you by Evra, Taye Taiwo and Jordi Alba?
please re watch that semifinal and see those 3 goals. Offsides and flagrant fouls like the one on Jordi Alba
Probably Jordi Alba, loud mouth midget lol...who do you think it was?
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BREAKING : Jordi Alba has picked up an injury today while training. [Catalan Radio]
Feel like when Undertaker lost his streak; when jordi alba scored vs us last minute; when we voted no. Gutted. The new Star Wars was pish
Jordi Alba scores own goal, gifting the win to Moyes' Real Sociedad. A turning point in Barca's season.
very sad that he's leaving but to be honest, in Jordi Alba we've got a world class left back for at least another 5 years
Full time: Almer?1-2 Barcelona | Goals by Neymar and Jordi Alba give Barcelona a vital win after a poor performance. Suarez the main man
nah I ain't scared of Bale his speed is crazy but we have Jordi Alba to bend him over lol
All I want this next month is Jordi Alba, Kroos and Griezmann to come Chelsea :( that's all I want
Jordi Alba: “Luis Suarez has been playing superbly for many years but the way Barça plays suits him down to the ground.”…
Jordi Alba on "They’re a very complicated opponent who from midfield to the forwards have players who are ver…
Jordi Alba, Neymar, Iniesta, Messi & Pique press & try to take the ball from Isco... And fail.
Busquets, Sergio Roberto & Jordi Alba triple tag team Isco... And still can't dispossess him.
*Bale stamps on Jordi Alba's foot* . Gerry Francis "that's a nothing challenge for me. A little coming together" 😒😒😒
Joubert thought his Jordi Alba disguise was working perfectly but sadly he couldn't fool Inspector Truncheon
None of that overhead locker nonsense for Jordi Alba, one of the first off the plane in Minsk.
Jordi Alba taking care of me...while I wait for my physician :p
Jordi Alba is good attacking but Marcelo is a bit better, Alba is better defensively tho so it's all down to what you perfer
Jordi alba is so overrated on fifa and Marcelo is so underrated 😑 obviously Marcelo is the best LB in world 😒
try bringing in jordi alba and Dani Alves for LB & RB
Jordi brushes his teeth one or two minutes before going out of the dressing room. (via weloba)
thank you. Jordi has a heart of gold
Jordi Alba had a wonderful first half...while the second was so meh...
Glad to have finally met Jordi Alba earlier today at Aylesford.
Evra, the most dirty and cheating LB you'll find out there. Just ahead of Jordi Alba.
Everyone acting like this is so heartbreaking mate Jordi Alba against Celtic was much worse
Jordi Alba played his 150th Liga game yesterday (74 with Valencia, 76 with Barcelona)
I'l go for Jordi Alba over Marcelo and Alaba anyday any time
being Spanish and a left back doesn't make you Jordi Alba
Also remind to promote GRIMALDO as a back up to Jordi Alba
What is an alaba? Animal place or thing! I even prefer jordi alba sef, not to talk of marcelo! SMH
Jordi Alba played yesterday his 150th Liga game 76th with Barcelona
Jordi Alba is included in the squad against Claudio Bravo is still not fit. Adriano will be rested due to muscle fatigue.
fotball anntena : Jordi Alba back for Barcelona, Claudio Bravo not
Luis Enrique: “Jordi Alba and Claudio Bravo will be available.” English stream:
Barcelona: Jordi Alba returns to squad for Bayer Leverkusen clash but Claudio Bravo not ready yet (ESPN)
Barça tireless full-back, Jordi Alba, ⁰on optimising performance with the food ⁰on your plate
Loving the look of this weeks TOTW, IF Kevin De Bruyne and Jordi Alba. Nobody cares about RB Wayne Rooney. 😜
Jordi Alba opened the scoring before Andres Iniesta added a 2nd as Spain defeated Slovakia 2-0 in their EURO 2016 qual…
Spain 2-0 Slovakia: Jordi Alba and Andres Iniesta on target as La Roja move ... - Daily Mail
Jordi Alba and Andres Iniesta take Spain to a 2-0 win over Slovakia. La Roja slowly re-building their chemistry...
. .yikes! Jordi Alba and Andrés Iniesta score as Spain beat Slovakia = =
Jordi Alba scored in Spain's 2-0 win over Slovakia last night. That pass from David Silva, though...
full-back Jordi Alba celebrates scoring the opening goal for Spain against Slovakia
full-back Jordi Alba darts forward and jumps unmarked to score a header past goalkeeper Matus Kozacik
Jordi Alba celebrating his goal against Slovakia [efe]
FT : Spain 2-0 Slovakia| Goal by : Iniesta and Jordi alba :)
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Brilliant run by Jordi Alba to find the inch-perfect cross of David Silva. GOAL!
Highlights: Spain beat Slovakia 2-0 to move top of group in Euro 2016 qualifiers: Jordi Alba and Andres Iniest...
David Silva​ has just produced this beautiful assist to Jordi Alba​. Inch perfect from the little magician!
JORDI ALBA ain't giving AZPILICUETA a chance on the Left in La Roja any time soon. Maybe on the Right he stands a chance
1-0 Spain! Jordi Alba. Vision from Silva, Alba's run was perfect. In behind the defence and nods home.
David Silva with an assist to Jordi Alba's header as Spain grab an early goal against Slovakia in a Gre…
Jordi Alba goal in the fifth minute
Jordi Alba celebrating his goal today. (
"I drink about 3 litres of water a day." -jordi alba
[] Spain exacts revenge on Slovakia, tightens race in Euro qualifying
¡España gana! Spain beats Slovakia, 2-0, in Euro 2016 qualifications with goals from Jordi Alba and Andrés Iniesta. http:…
Jordi Alba is the pure defender with the THIRD most goals for Spain (6), after Sergio Ramos (10) and Maceda (8).
Pique jeered again, Iniesta and Alba react:
Jordi Alba's 6th goal for ESP is the 1st goal he scores in Spain [via mrchip]
Jordi Alba has equalled Madrid's Ramos as defenders with most goals (each 6) for ESP under coach Del Bosque [via
Little Giant Ladders
Full Time! Spain defeat Slovakia 2-0 on an early Jordi Alba goal and an Iniesta penalty. The two sides are level on 18 points a…
David Silva's assist to Jordi Alba today was so tough.
Jordi Alba's ping into the net in Spain's 2-0 win against Slovakia. Goal of the night?
Jordi Alba making it 1-0 after a beautiful pass from David Silva.
Word on the street is that Jordi Alba dreams of one day reaching Luke Shaw's level.
I think the difference between this match and the one in the Nou Camp is Jordi Alba.
Luis Suárez volleys home from close range after an excellent cross from Jordi Alba!
I think Ricardo Rodriguez is better than Jordi Alba.
"Marouane Fellaini stood on Jordi Alba as he tried to block that goal from Jesse Lingard." - That's my big-haired Belgian...
2014 World Cup Day 02 ]A. Robben of the Netherlands beats Sergio Ramos and Jordi Alba
Find out what Jordi Alba said at a press conference in Japan
Jordi Alba has got to be one of the most overrated full-backs. He is nothing without his pace, a defensive Jesus Navas.
Jordi Alba has made the promise that he will cut all his hair off if Barcelona win the Champions League this season. [via m…
News from Thursday training, including the return of Jordi Alba
2014 World Cup Day 07 ]Sergio Ramos looks on as teammate Jordi Alba fixes his boot - Hi_story
Alba trains away from the group: Jordi Alba performed rehabilitation work at the Joan Gamper training ground o...
Clive Tyldesley talking about how quick England are! Wonder they would be against the likes of Jordi Alba and Dani Carvajal!
LAST NEWS. Jordi Alba get injured during the Spanish National team match
OFFICIAL. Busquets, Piqué, Iniesta and Jordi Alba in the line up against Ukraine with the Spanish national team (20:45)
“BREAKING NEWS: Jordi Alba has been arrested this morning after police found £85m in his pocket.”😂😩😂
Jordi Alba has been arrested this afternoon outside Camp Nou after after a stolen £85m was found in his pocket
OFFSIDE! Jordi Alba slots in the rebound after Neymar's lunge, but is offside!. LIVE:
Jordi Alba does well to snuff out a chance for Leo Baptistao. Rayo corner.
Jordi Alba is like a left footed Tony Hibbert
Jordi Alba led the passing on Wednesday night. Our statistical review of the win at Atlético http:/…
Rakitic, Mascherano, Busquets and Jordi Alba all spoke after Wednesday's 3-2 win
still don't believe that guy...there's no Jordi Alba, Clichy, Pedro, Sterling etc ca'maan
In my team of the year I would have Neuer, Lahm, S Ramos, Godin, Jordi Alba, Kroos, Di Maria, Schweinsteiger, Messi, Hazard, Robben
Alex Song forgetting he's passing to Richard Cresswell not Jordi Alba
Neymar, Sergi Roberto, Marc Bartra and Jordi Alba all spoke after the 5-0 win
Hi John am waiting sport cru thx 4 being commited this is mwambu ivan.=-Elochu Sam Mery x-mass kusolo some tomorrow fixtures and tips sam serere -Enosi D'ya Vitus gudmrng J.K am jst waiting 4 ur tym on ekibobo am an arsenal fan 4rm busiu ---DIS LUSWETI FAIZAL SPENSER LISTENING 4RW MUNAMBA AND LWAKHAKHA AM JUST WAITING 4 KYIBOBO MAN UR GREAT GREETINGS 2 MA FORMER SKUL MATES OF BUTIRU X _STIAN SS WE LOVE SPORTS--Owor Crispin Olowo Big up selector John kusolo am Owor Crispin Olowo in nazigo Kayunga amjust waiting to listen to kiboobo /sports David Moyes's Real Sociedad stopped Barcelona going top of La Liga thanks to an early own goal from Jordi Alba. Real Madrid's 2-1 defeat at Valencia earlier in the day would have allowed the Catalans to edge ahead in the title race if they had won. But coach Luis Enrique started with Lionel Messi, Neymar and Dani Alves on the bench following the festive break. And they were unable to inspire a fightback as Moyes secured a memorable second win as Sociedad manager. Messi, ...
FC Barcelona lost the match tonight against Real Sociedad by 1-0. The goal was an own goal from Jordi Alba in minute 2. Barca has not scored in their last 2 away games in La Liga (Getafe and tonight), something that hasn't happened since September 2007 (!!). Overall Barca had the possession with 73% to 27 % for Real Sociedad, but couldn't score. . The referee gave Real Sociedad 5 yellow cards and Barca 4.
2' Real Sociedad gets on the board early via an own goal by Jordi Alba! (1-0)
Jordi Alba has scored more own goals [2] than any other player in La Liga this season.
A Jordi Alba own goal in the second minute was the only score with Real Sociedad beating Barcelona, 1-0, to keep the Blaugrana from topping La Liga.
David Moyes praises Real Sociedad's 'team spirit' after his side's victory over Barcelona Moyes has had little to cheer about over the last year but was all smiles after his side held on to beat Barca, having taken the lead in the second minute through an own goal by Jordi Alba.
Barcelona suffered a surprise 1-0 loss to Real Sociedad on Sunday, with many blaming the loss on coach Luis Enrique‘s decision to start Lionel Messi & Neymar on the bench. Barcelona had trailed as early as the 2nd minute after an unfortunate Jordi Alba own goal, and failed to find an equalizer all t
Spain Posted on January 5, 2015 by john Sociedad see off Barça, Eibar win(PA) David MoyesReal Sociedad held on to record a narrow 1-0 victory over Barcelona as they returned to winning ways at a damp Anoeta on Sunday evening. An early own goal from Jordi Alba was all the hosts needed as they held off a second-half onslaught from substitute Lionel Messi, with Luis Suarez also denied as Sociedad moved up to 13th in the Primera Division table.
FACT: Jordi Alba's own goal against David Moyes' Real Sociedad in the 82nd second is the fastest own goal in the history of LaLiga. Moyes, breaking records wherever he goes.
It was not a very good day for the top teams in La Liga. While a lethargic Madrid suffered a 2-1 defeat by Valencia,bringing their unbeaten run to an end, David Moyes pulled off a spectacular upset, as a Jordi Alba own goal gave them a lead they could hold on to for 90 minutes.
Luis Enrique insisted he had no regrets over his decision to rest Lionel Messi and Neymar during Barcelona's 1-0 defeat to Real Sociedad. Having been afforded an extended Christmas break, the pair returned to the club two days later than the rest of the squad. Both men were subsequently left on the bench for the start of Barca's La Liga trip to the Anoeta Stadium, and watched on from the touchline as Jordi Alba put the ball in his own net in the second minute. That unfortunate error from the defender proved to be the decisive moment as, despite enjoying more of the ball for the remainder of the match, Barca failed to find an equaliser. Messi was introduced at half-time, with Neymar brought on shortly before the hour mark, but neither man was able to conjure up a leveller for their team as Sociedad completed a hat-trick of home league wins over Real Madrid, Atletico and Barcelona this season. Defeat ended Barca's 11-match unbeaten run in all competitions, and also meant they missed out on the chance to cli ...
ohh i see it was a march fixing..Lol with Jordi Alba...own Goal no no no.. with Lionel Messi, Daniel Alves,Neymar. for Substitute 2bad
Xavi, Jordi Alba, Pique, Samper, J.Soriano, Xabi Prieto and Aduriz all giving up Christmas holidays to play tonight.
I bought Jordi Alba for 7k as a bid on Christmas Day and I couldn't get him, and now he has disappeared
Jordi Alba wey no even get Champions League
oh oh so now Jordi Alba is fortunate?
Now you're speaking like a lawyer lol, Jordi Alba's just fortunate
It is worth mentioning that Ronaldo will.never have what Jordi Alba has too you know.
A new render of Jordi Alba was added to the website - View it here:
Lmfao or you can be LB with pace like Jordi Alba
Barcelona youth star Sergi Samper is a Sunderland target: The good performances of Sergi Samper have no...
Jesus Navas is so quick but I bet Luis Enrique would force poor Jeremy Mathieu to mark him instead of Jordi Alba 😔😔
Luis Suárez, Pedro and Jordi Alba all spoke to the press after the game. Read what they said http:/…
Kieran Gibbs is the English jordi alba😉
Jordi Alba sold for 10500 stuck in my transfer list, sort it out please
Jordi Alba v: 50,000 Premium Bronze Players Packs available on all platforms. served
Finally got my coins for Jordi Alba after 4 days
opened 4, Kompany and Jordi alba in same pack, 2 full discard other ozil, in other words i lost 100K and it kinda hurts
An agent of Jordi Alba (25) sounded out Man City at the end of October. The English club isn't interested. Contract untl 20…
yesterday I bought Jordi Alba but I can't assign him to my squad bc the transfer Market is busy, Ive lost my money and player?
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In FIFA '09 Jordi Alba was a LF. That's why when he came to barca as a LB, I couldn't take him seriously
I have sold Casillas jordi alba and Gary cahill but have no coins for selling them
Which is the most stylish celebrity? — Jordi Alba. ✌
Someone give me 13k to buy jordi alba ❤️❤️
The interest from Manchester United for Jordi Alba is real. He's too far down the line with Barcelona but still no agre…
Barcelona are considering to renew the contract of left back Jordi Alba (25). His current contract expires in 2017. [marca]
Jordi Alba: "I have a good feeling about this year, I’m fast and settled nicely into the team" http…
Jordi Alba is too adorable ! He even does better duck faces than me.
No! I didn't just see a picture of Jordi Alba with a duckface on Instagram. NO.
I got jordi alba and If de Jong From the free packs
Jordi Alba: My best gift, your support everyday. Thank you everyone!! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!” (
Jordi Alba "My best gift, Your day to day support. Thanks to everyone! MERRY CHRISTMAS"
thanks for the awesome Jordi Alba package!
One of Jordi Alba's agents got in touch with Manchester City towards the end of October.
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