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Jordan Schafer

Jordan James Schafer (born September 4, 1986 in Hammond, Indiana) is a Major League Baseball center fielder for the Houston Astros.

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Life was good till I met you...then it got even better
hate the 4 man bench too. Expecting bench bats who pitch any season now. Jordan Schafer anyone?
I wanna date you and never break up
anyway had the right answer: jordan schafer. that mfer was terrible at EVERYTHING.
Neshek? Really? Why? . I'd say Jordan Schafer and my Cowboys choice would be someone like Alan Ball
TOMORROW at The Ramblers, Clayton Ryan and the Biscotti Brass, David Jordan & David Schafer starting…
.sign LHP/OF Jordan Schafer, catchers Eric Fryer, Gabriel Lino to deals with invites to
Being so comfortable w/ someone that u can say anything and it’s not awkward is honestly one of the best feelings in the…
This was good, but now I need a Jordan Schafer special peanut butter cup.
In this game I saw Mike Costanzo crush one up the hill, Jordan Schafer made a sensational play. HR anywhere else.
here's the latest on Jordan Schafer
Would love to see Jordan Schafer pitch. Can't find a video anywhere.
Jordan Schafer allows first earned run
ATL AJC: Jordan Schafer allows first earned run
BRAVES: Jordan Schafer allows first earned run
Check it out! and took over the stage together again at 🙌🏼
Ha! I was guessing that totally in jest. Fascinated by his and Jordan Schafer's 2016 so far.
WOW! vocals and on the guitar is one of our favorite duos! 😍
ALERT! Jordan Schafer allowed a run!. Two days ago, Eric Aguilera tagged him for a solo homer. Hitters still 0-for-9 with runners on.
Jordan Schafer was never the prospect in all of baseball. for Braves, but highest ranking (2007).
*** should prob go back to jerking off over Jordan Schafer stats IMO
LH Jordan Schafer comes in for Tulsa to face off against the top of the order. . Drillers holding to a 3-2 lead.
Where's Jordan Schafer when you need him?
"This is an itch I've always wanted to scratch." The Jordan Schafer:
Remember when we wanted jordan schafer stealing bases for us
Presented w/o comment - but w/ loads of innuendo - is this image of Jordan Schafer facing Mike Olt in Double-A now.
Jordan Schafer made his pitching debut against team Evan Gattis was rehabbing for. Sadly they did not face eachother
I hear Jordan Schafer's a pitcher now
So how did I miss that Astros legend Jordan Schafer is now a Double-A pitcher?
Jordan Schafer has pitched two scoreless innings with no walks and a strikeout at double-A for the Dodgers.
Jordan Schafer's jersey never looked so good
Update your maps at Navteq
Jordan Schafer pitched 2 scoreless innings tonight for Double-A in his first professional pitching appearance (converted OF)
I didn't believe that Jordan Schafer was now pitching until someone sent me a photo from his start. Now I believe it
So, Jordan Schafer pitched two scoreless innings (1H, 1SO) for the Tulsa Drillers against the (Yes, that Jordan Schafer.)
People actually thought I was serious when I referred to Jordan Schafer as an "Astros great". Do I get an 80 in trolling now
With Jordan Schafer pitching tonight, this is the point where I feel compelled to trot this out.
People are legitimately confused about me calling Jordan Schafer an "Astros great?". You people are no fun
I guess the Jason Lane career path has become a thing. Next up: Jordan Schafer, front office guru!
Jordan Schafer is LHP now. Remember watching him play CF for Astros at AT&T.
Former Astros great Jordan Schafer is now pitching against Corpus Christi
is on the mound for the Drillers. Yes, JORDAN SCHAFER!
Jordan Schafer on in relief for v BOT 4
Woah! Listen to the crowd sing along with 😍
Jordan Schafer he is now Pitcher for TULSA DRILLERS
Did they really convert Jordan Schafer to a pitcher? Lots of time to just zone out and moss in the bullpen, sounds like a proper career move
Jordan Schafer used to slide in my DMs. That's enough to keep my dreams of marrying an MLB player alive. 🙏🏻
the aforementioned story I wrote about Jordan Schafer's conversion to pitcher.
Outfielder-turned-pitcher Jordan Schafer, whom I wrote about in March, made the Opening Day roster at AA Tulsa.
Jordan Schafer, get him on your DD.
Lol remember back when we have Jordan Schafer?
OTD in 2009, Jordan Schafer becomes the 103rd player to homer in his first big league at bat.
the day he blocks me will probably be the greatest day since Jordan Schafer got picked off second and he blocked everyone
The Jordan meme may be the funniest ever created! 😂
done on Jordan Schafer's buttcheek apparently - since y'all like ***
"[Cain is] Probably not as toolsy as other young CFers some Braves fans would be familiar with, Gorkys Hernandez or Jordan Schafer"
So you just called Logan Schafer, Jordan Schafer! I know they're bad but...
Also, yes, marginalization of Arcia is infuriating, given that Shane Robinson, Jordan Schafer have kept their spots:
Jordan Schafer may owe Eddie Rosario a steak dinner if things keep up like this.
Since that hot August start to his Twins career, Jordan Schafer is hitting .228/.267/.281 in 122 PA.
Tim Stauffer and Jordan Schafer are in the major leagues for the Tonkin and Aaron Hicks are not...
Eduardo Nunez doubled to left. Runner on second with none out and Jordan Schafer due up.
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I used to think Tony Campana was the worst hitter I've ever seen make it to the major leagues but Jordan Schafer might be the new guy.
White Sox can muster up two hits. A solo HR by Brian Dozier, RBIs by Joe Mauer, Jordan Schafer, and Kurt Suzuki...
As a native Hoosier, seeing Micah Johnson Kyle Gibson & Jordan Schafer in the Big Leagues is special
Top of the 2nd. . 1 - 0. . Kurt Suzuki, Jordan Schafer and Brian Dozier due up.
“The Twins are now basically the same team as last year + Hunter.I'm excited for the season to start. ".and Jordan Schafer!"
Wil Myers is 3300 to open season. Same as Jordan Schafer, Eric Young, David Murphy and Reymond Fuentes. Huge upside there.
Chris Herrmann, Shane Robinson, Blaine Boyer, Jordan Schafer on opening day roster? No doubt that'll set off season ticket stampede
Jordan Schafer scores from third when Hanley Ramirez butchers Dozier's shallow pop to left for error. 2-0 in 5th
Betts went back on a deep fly by Jordan Schafer and seemed to miss it by a step. CF still a work in progress.
Seven of Minnesota's nine projected opening day starters once played for Only C Kurt Suzuki and OF Jordan Schafer did not.
I remember when I thought Jordan Schafer was gonna be a star
Jordan Schafer is a former top Atlanta Braves prospect, now Twins CF. Joe Benson is a former top MN Twins prospect, could be Braves CF
You can now post your Jordan Schafer predictions for 2015 at
OF Shane Robinson has made Minnesota's 25-man roster. He'll get a decent amount of time in CF behind Jordan Schafer.
Shane Robinson has made the Twins, will likely share CF duty with Jordan Schafer. Twins select his contract on his opt-out day.
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The difference in offensive career WAR between Jordan Schafer and Mike Hampton is very nearly rookie year Mike Trout. Think about that.
Jordan Schafer strands Kennys Vargas on third. 2nd straight inning Twins left meat on the bone. Glen Perkins on to pitch. 1-0 RedSox T5.
: but we got Jordan Schafer not sure why you are complaining
Ryan Rua and Jordan Schafer both won starting outfield jobs this spring. Schafer isn't slow. Lots of SB.
Jordan Schafer career v LHP: .167/.248/.222. Shane Robinson career v LHP: .220/.308/.283. Are we positive know what a 'platoon' is?
Chris Herrmann struck out swinging. On the play, Jordan Schafer stole second. Runner on second with two outs and Kennys Vargas due up.
Twins leadoff man Jordan Schafer reached on Refsynder throwing error, then flyout to center, K and 3U for Tanaka.
Not too excited about prospect of Jordan Schafer in CF regularly but I really enjoy watching him run the bases. Hope he can get on enough.
Check out this great Minnesota Twins coverage on Jordan Schafer in front of our very own Billboard Center Field.
Who is Torii Hunter supposed to mentor now? 30 year old Shane Robinson or 28 year old Jordan Schafer?
Jordan Schafer and Shane Robinson are gonna play center? welp
thanks! Looks like the Twins will be platooning him in CF w Jordan Schafer
others on list are Jordan Schafer, Gerardo Parra. Options aren't great :)
If you would have told me a year ago at this time that Jordan Schafer & Shane Robinson would be the '15 Twins CFs...
Jordan Schafer and Shane Robinson will keep the seat warm in center until is ready. .
Photo: twinsbaseball: Jordan Schafer goes a long way to make a sensational diving catch in the 4th.
Oh, apparently it'll be a platoon of Jordan Schafer and Shane Robinson in center for the Twins. Ew...
Aaron Hicks and Eddie Rosario to AAA? So Center Field is Jordan Schafer's job now
Kinda like Jordan Schafer, proven OF, stolen base guy or Pedro Ciriaco
Jordan Schafer will start in CF with Hicks optioned. Should be a nice source for cheap steals in AL leagues.
News Alarm: Jordan Schafer (CF - Min) Twins manager Paul Molitor told reporters that he'll use a blend of Jordan...
Will Jordan Schafer provide more defensive coverage in CF than Aaron Hicks? .
(This was prompted by Bert referring to Jordan Schafer's "cat like instincts" after he made a great diving catch.)
Jordan Schafer with a pretty adequate catch out there in CF, huh,
Jordan Schafer makes a highlight catch in left center after a LONG run to rob Darin Ruf.
ahhh the beauty of only. How about Jordan Schafer up there in Minny? Hm...
Is Jordan freaking Schafer really about to be the Twins starting CF on opening day? I. GIVE. UP.
Aaron Hicks sent down and Jordan Schafer gets the nod. Big fan of it.
If Jordan Schafer and Shane Robinson are really our "CF Platoon"...I'm gonna barf.
Pretty psyched we got rid of Span and Revere to make way for. Jordan Schafer!
so Shane Robinson and Jordan Schafer platoon in center or what's the CF plan?
Molitor not instilling a lot of hope for start of '15. CF platoon of Jordan Schafer & Shane Robinson makes me queasy.
Molitor wouldn't name names but said CF will be rotated between 2 players. At this point, it's obvious it's Jordan Schafer & Shane Robinson.
You can argue sending Aaron Hicks to AAA was right move, but Jordan Schafer and Shane Robinson. It's 2015 and the remain a comedy.
Hicks demotion is three years too late, but probably smart decision...hope he plays well at AAA, cuz Jordan Schafer and Shane Robinson?!
Jordan Schafer has a career UZR of -8.4 (hint that's not good). He's not a solid outfielder, and his career .229 avg suggests he can't hit
Update: Jordan Schafer IS now in line to start for the Twins with Hicks optioned. Find more cheap SB options here:
Twins' roster decisions today means CF will be manned by Shane Robinson and Jordan Schafer, for now.
The are expected to start speedy Jordan Schafer in center field--at least until Byron Buxton is ready.
Jordan schafer's avi is from us cellular field... Therefore... We win at life👌
Well I want Jordan Schafer to succeed and some people take offense to that too. Just gotta roll with it.
guys like Jordan Schafer, Alexi Amarista etc will all be in play as cheap SB options
Alex Rodriguez 40 home runs, Jordan Schafer 200 hits, Barry Zito 20 wins... That should about cover it for 2015.
Jordan Schafer and Aaron Hicks will battle for the starting center field job.
Nah, I already have my celebrety block in Jordan Schafer
All purpose parts banner
Recommendation by :Jordan Neither player is going to be ...
No Brooklyn-born Michael Jordan as a dunk judge?
Oops, I read the comments again. This one is in reference to Jordan Schafer (and, of course, Joe Mauer):
Next in the Twins 2015 outlook series: Jordan Schafer, who should get a chance to win the job in center field.
Twins 2015 outlook: Jordan Schafer and the competition for center (via the 1500 ESPN SportsWire)
Jordan Schafer "was the regular first baseman last spring as a seventh-grader for his high school team, All Saint’s Academy of Lakeland, FL"
Prospect rankings are cool, but remember that many top prospects fail to deliver. I remember Tommy Hanson, Mike Kelly, and Jordan Schafer.
Jordan Schafer, Trevor Plouffe, and Bert Blyleven were all I knew 😂
Trevor Plouffe, Jordan Schafer, Bert Blyleven, Tony Oliva and Cory Provus will be at the Twins stop. Meal starts at 5:30.
The center field job is up for grabs in with Aaron Hicks & Jordan Schafer up for the job.
Only if we trade them Tommy Hanson, Jo-Jo Reyes, Jordan Schafer, Yunel Escobar, and Blaine Boyer.
Twins' Jordan Schafer makes clean break with troubled past
with what seems to be an upcoming fire sale, wouldn't it be nice to have a guy like Jordan Schafer?
So Jordan Schafer with a little more power and less speed? Sounds like a typical pick up.
“who would want him.” Exactly! We got Jordan Schafer wasting away. Bench him or throw him to the minors.
just hope Jordan Schafer and a newly added FA can help us out
Honestly... Jordan Schafer isn't a bad option at RF and is also a lot cheaper, freeing up room for the Braves to sign a valuable FA.
*** at least Jordan Schafer should get the start now
Is Jordan Schafer still on the Twins or did we just sign him for last season?
Can we all agree that Jordan Schafer can get it?
Jordan Schafer hits righties, Aaron Hicks lefties. Both really struggle otherwise. A platoon CF may work for this yr.
How are you gonna say a word about FSU when you got suspended for 50 games WHILE YOU WERE IN THE MINORS? Lol Jordan Schafer... LOL.
TD reader jorgenwest wrote a blog and it was promoted to the front page. Is Jordan Schafer ready to breakout or bust?
smart base runner. And I would compare his speed to Jordan Schafer's. Not a power hitter but good at getting on and getting over.
Should've been "Jordan Schafer on his bong before he got DFAd."
I think this gives Ryan Carter one more successful bunt than Jordan Schafer
right now the starting LF and CF are Jordan Schafer and Aaron Hicks.
Dude's done less in his major league career than Jordan Schafer.
Jordan Schafer could be an interesting one to write about.
thank you for sharing this Tom and GOOD ON YOU Jordan Schafer!
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I think they should bring back Jordan Schafer. Now that Wren's gone, he can finally be the leadoff man he was destined to be.
Can you tell Gardy to pinch-hit Jordan Schafer so I can hear Latch one last time?
Trevor Plouffe and Jordan Schafer are the reasons I love going to baseball games.
Yeah, the Braves could use Jordan Schafer right now. He should still be on the team.
Jordan Schafer leading off for the Twins today (cc:
I think I want to buy Jordan Schafer and Fredi Gonzalez jerseys. Can't imagine they're expensive.
Grand idea for new Braves GM... Trade BJ straight up for Jordan Schafer and put his *** in the lineup!
We already knew Jordan is good! Ex-Brave Schafer shines for Twins as B. Upton... via
Recommendation by :Jordan Ha, only in late September is ...
Lineup Alarm: Jordan Schafer (LF - Min) Jordan Schafer is not in the Twins\' starting lineup Monday.
Jordan Schafer-CF: Jordan Schafer is not in the Twins' starting lineup Monday
And Jordan Schafer raked with Minnesota. But it doesn't mean I want him back
I love how FRANK WREN is getting the heal for not playing Jordan Schafer. Who is the guy who makes out the lineup card?
Jordan Schafer playing well after the Braves cut him really hurt Wren as well in my mind, especially when he could have replaced BJ.
I mean, this is the GM who turned Jordan Schafer & Tommy Hanson into Michael Bourn & Jordan Walden. He hadn't made a blunder of a trade yet.
Jordan Schafer could pitch and play center field at the same time.
Braves are firing the man who traded Jordan Schafer for Michael Bourn.
Tune in next week for our second installment of "Jordan Schafer vs Wall" with your host, Jason Kipnis!
Chris Herrmann doubled to center scoring Josmil Pinto with two out. Runner on second and Jordan Schafer due up.
“Braves OF Jordan Schafer has been designated for assignment.” Fav so hard
CLESchafer brings home Plouffe with a groundout. 9/20/14: Jordan Schafer gets the job done with the ba...
I still always call Jordan Schafer Logan Schafer, and vice versa.
challenge call that Jordan Schafer was safe at 2B in the 7th. Call overturned, runner out:
Jordan Schafer makes a pair of running catches in the right center gap in the third. Really took charge in calling off Arcia on 2nd one.
Aaron Hicks (stiff back) has been scratched. Eduardo Nunez will play left and Jordan Schafer slides over to center
I mean geez its almost like Jordan Schafer has an extensive MLB history of not being good. Shocking to see him regress
Jordan Schafer 139 wRC+ in August. 66 wRC+ in September. Wow who could have predicted he would return to career norms after a fluke streak??
Jordan Schafer has an 11 game hitting streak and 10 stolen bases in 24 games since being claimed by the Twins. Batting 0.324…
Jordan Schafer is one strikeout away from a (extra innings)
Dougie do you think Jordan Schafer has a chance to be on the Twins next year!! I love this kid!!
AL HAMNIK: Twins' Jordan Schafer shows he's more than just another ballplayer:
HRs by Adrian Nieto and Jose Abreu weren't enough. HRs by Trevor Plouffe (solo) and Jordan Schafer (2-run), as...
There have been 3 Braves who have hit a HR in their 1st MLB at bat. Jason Heyward (2010) Jordan Schafer (2009) and Jermaine Dye (1996)
Jordan Schafer is batting .322 with a .390 on-base percentage, 10 RBIs and 11 stolen bases in 29 games.BJ who?!!!
Jordan Schafer: 4th cons yr 20+ SB & less than 20 EBH, tied for 2nd longest streak in history.
More importantly, what team is Jordan Schafer on now?!
Good thing we released Jordan Schafer who is hitting over 300 with the twins and we are stuck with BJ Upton who ***
News Alarm: Jordan Schafer (LF - Min) Jordan Schafer returned to the Twins' lineup Tuesday after missing the�pre...
It was him or Erik Komatsu. I love waiver claim outfielders. Sam Fuld. Jordan Schafer. Heck, invite them all.
"Fans" still want Dan Uggla and Jordan Schafer around.
Jordan Schafer wasn't in today's original lineup vs. LH starter, but said his right rib cage came through Tuesday's start w/out issue.
Schafer returns after missing two games with bruised ribs
have gone in order since Jordan Schafer opened the game with a walk off Trevor Bauer. Faced minimum through 3.
Holy crap jordan schafer is leading off. Your 2014 twins in a nutshell. This is why I converted to cricket
So far, Jordan Schafer has a 1.000 OBP as the leadoff hitter. (He walked.)
Jordan Schafer has been a perfectly useful player for the Twins, but him batting leadoff is a certain kind of silliness.
GIF: Bauer picks off Jordan Schafer with a quick move
Who's your Twins tonight?. I'm going with Joe Mauer. . Really, I am. . And Jordan Schafer, that was cute of you. Go to AAA, bye
Trevor Bauer tosses a first pitch strike against Jordan Schafer. Underway at Progressive Field
With Danny Santana out, Jordan Schafer & his .322 BA batting leadoff for Twins today. Sigh.
Jordan Schafer has been playing well since he got dealt to Minnesota why not give him at bats over B. Upton?
As an example, Jordan Schafer has been killing it lately in Minnesota. It's what regular playing time can do for ya!
Schafer available, but Santana, Perkins still out -
Schafer available, but Santana, Perkins still out
I had a meltdown, Brad did hostile takeover of the general store, and Brandon's partying with Jordan Schafer. Not much.
Jordan Schafer is the the AL Central’s new De Aza.
Two terrible baserunning errors in one game! Jordan Schafer wins the Lou Pinella / Lonnie Smith Memorial Achievement Award!
Brian Dozier doubled to left scoring Jordan Schafer. Runner on second with one out and Joe Mauer due up.
Jordan Schafer is now 8-for-9 in stolen bases in 17 games with Minnesota. His 8 steals are tied for 4th most on the
Verlander walks Jordan Schafer (?!) and her comes lefty Blaine Hardy. No. 35 labored for the Tigers, needing 106 pitches for 5 2/3 IP
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Jordan Schafer looks like a cross between Eminem and Mac Miller
Jordan Schafer is a nice looking player! A lot better than the Clete Thomas, Rene Tosoni types of the past
That's Jordan Schafer's fifth put out and it's only the third inning.
Jordan Schafer has saved pitcher's extra runs and outs since joining the team. His range is vastly better than Willingham's
just saw that you guys have Jordan Schafer now. hate we let him good, we shld have played him instead of the worthless BJ Upton
Recommendation by :Jordan Schafer has been getting decen...
Anyways... Off to a party where I don't have to watch Justin Verlander tear a rotator cuff giving up homers to Jordan Schafer.
News Alarm: Jordan Schafer (CF - Min) Jordan Schafer went 1-for-5 with a triple, three RBI and a run scored durin...
Jordan Schafer-CF: Schafer triples, drives in three against Tigers
Jordan Schafer is certainly building a reputation as a runner!
Generally speaking, if the opposing team is starting Yohan Pino and playing Jordan Schafer, you should never be down by 8 runs.
This "Jordan Schafer's bases-clearing triple" video doesn't even show Schafer after he leaves the batter's box.
Wow, Twins are beating up on Detroit. Jordan Schafer is looking great today
Before that strikeout, the last time Jordan Schafer had been retired was in the B-3 Thursday against CLE, a span of 8 plate apps.
Jordan Schafer hit a 3 run triple. What is this life?
came within a Jordan Schafer catch at fence of erasing 6-1 deficit last night before 9-run 6th. They face a 7-1 gap after 2 today.
Jordan Schafer hit a tie-breaking 3-run triple for the Minnesota Twins, who now lead the Detroit Tigers 7-1. Buck...
hello Tom. Are you keeping up with Jordan Schafer? Doing well in Minn. Just had a bases clearing Triple. Miss him.
Jordan Schafer hit a bases-loaded triple and my fantasy team looks good today.
Jordan Schafer triples w/the bases loaded on the 1st pitch of his at bat and it's 4-1
Jordan Schafer tripled to center scored Eduardo Nunez, Eduardo Escobar and Eric Fryer. Runner on third with none out and Danny Santana due u
Jordan Schafer hitting .302 with a .400 OBP, 7-for-8 steals in 43 AB since Braves let him go. . B.J. Upton at .132, .270 OBP since.
Bases loaded, bases cleared for Twins on Jordan Schafer triple. 4 runs, 4 hits, walk, HBP first time thru order.
Buck Farmer's bad inning just got worse. Jordan Schafer, 3-run triple. up 4-1 in the 2nd.
Jordan Schafer hits 3-run triple, still doesn't know he plays for the Twins.
three-run triple for Jordan Schafer vs in second - still no outs
Jordan Schafer is reviving his career with the Twins. One of the best waiver pick ups.
Jordan Schafer clears the bases with a 3-run triple. lead 4-1.
Jordan Schafer just hit a bases loaded triple for the Twins
I have a fantasy baseball league that uses singles instead of home runs. So, get this: I picked up Jordan Schafer.
Jordan Schafer is smoking pot in LF for the Twins.
Jordan Schafer is probably the funniest player for the Twins.
As in 2014, Jordan Schafer and Emilio Bonifacio are a combined 23-for-126, w/ 13 BB, 4 2B. .183/.259/.214.
BREAKING NEWS: Kurt Suzuki, Jordan Schafer, and Danny Santana have been traded to the Penn LL team for Mo'ne Davis. She'll start Monday.
Jordan Schafer has reached base five times, but since the Twins have scored 20 runs (and counting), I dunno how angry we should be.
“is Jared Schafer Jordan Schafers twin brother? that would be autocorrect
16 runs tonight for the Twins following a Jordan Schafer single; bases loaded AGAIN for Brian Dozier
Jordan Schafer RBI 1B for as we lead the 16-5. Bot 7.
Lot of fun stats coming out of this one tonight. Example: how many times do you think Jordan Schafer has walked twice in the same inning?
manager Ron Gardenhire said he needed to practice patience with Jordan Schafer's bunting. Rewarded with a sacrifice one there.
Poll: Who is the worst at their job?. Fredi as a manager. Liberty Media as owner. Jordan Schafer as a baseball player. John Kruk as an announcer
Jordan Schafer was buried in Atlanta's outfield, but he should get regular at-bats with the Twins throughout the rest of 2014.
Jordan Schafer eager to seize opportunity with Minnesota Twins -
yea I guess you have a point. Well anyone but Jordan Schafer
Jordan Schafer is no longer a Brave!? 😰😩
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I think Jordan Schafer has an awfully good chance if getting that out whether he bunts or not.
Josh Willingham had been swinging ostensibly to pinch-hit for Jordan Schafer. Suzuki reaches so Schafer stays in to bunt.
Jordan Schafer looks like the kind of guy that would hit on your girlfriend at the bar and then pick a fight with you.
All Jordan Schafer wants to do is dance. (music made me think/say it.)
Jordan Schafer, you're a number 9 hitter, LEARN HOW TO BUNT!!
but Jordan Schafer went to the Twins. cc:
slightly off topic but curious if Jordan Schafer will have a role with the Twins (say, 5 starts a week?). Run rabbit, run.
This kid's name is Houston High. Jordan Schafer should buy his jersey.
Top 3 things I'm enjoying about Jordan Schafer: . 3) his D in LF. 2) his base-stealing. 1) his scoreboard picture in which he looks fully baked
You can already sense the mancrush on Jordan Schafer simmering within Gardenhire's soul. Only a matter of time before he leads off/bats 2nd
Two games, two stolen bases for new outfielder Jordan Schafer. He's not afraid to run when he gets on base.
Jordan Schafer with rocket 1B to RF for Santana up 2 outs.
Im a DH guy but when i see 9 hitters like jeff francoeur and jordan schafer i LOL. Might as well let the pitcher hit.
In 2 games, Jordan Schafer now has a and bunted himself out by running into the ball. Not exactly an auspicious start
So after sharing the lame story of client Jordan Schafer from the and it's…
I also wrote a separate on Jordan Schafer and his greatest asset to the (Hint: it involves Danny Santana)
Well, somebody can beat the Padres. In this case it was the Minnesota Twins, with new LF Jordan Schafer - who went 1-2 w/a sacrifice.
On the new guys, Kennys Vargas and Jordan Schafer. One with power, one with speed. 5 thoughts.
Minnesota Twins claim OF Jordan Schafer off waivers from Atlanta Braves
New OF Jordan Schafer was asked if he had any Minnesota ties. "I've been to Mystic Lake a couple times," he sai…
Twins claim Jordan Schafer off waivers -
Twins claim outfielder Jordan Schafer from Atlanta Braves -
Twins claim Schafer off waivers from Braves ..MLB SportsNews
Wetmore: 5 thoughts on new Twins Kennys Vargas and Jordan Schafer
So the have yet to win a game since releasing Jordan Schafer... Coincidence? I think not!
"My acting coach says I should have been the lead in Brigadoon. Thanks for ruining me, Maple Valley Little Theatre!" - Jordan Schafer
Jordan Schafer blaming the for his .222 lifetime batting average... pfft! I guess he's gone from smoking weed t…
Get back to America and find that Pete Van Wieren passed away and my boy Jordan Schafer was released from the braves.. Ruined my morning
Hey Frank Wren, trade Mike Minor, Jordan Schafer, and 3 good prospects to TB for Price and Joyce
Can we trade Chip Caray and Jordan Schafer for Gary Thorne?
Is there a more worthless human on the planet than Jordan Schafer?
Are we going to keep pretending Jordan Schafer deserves to be in the majors?
Jordan Schafer would have done it better.
The sad part is he apparently is excited to try to get Schafer to sign a couple of balls for his kids. Jordan Schafer.
Jordan Schafer is the best center field option for the Braves. Not sure if trolling or serious.
Heyward is done playing with Jordan Schafer and his .160 batting average
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