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Jordan McRae

Jordan Tyler McRae (born March 28, 1991) is an American college basketball player for the University of Tennessee.

Jarnell Stokes Josh Richardson Kay Felder Richard Jefferson Iman Shumpert James Jones Deandre Liggins Isaiah Canaan Dahntay Jones Jeronne Maymon Cleveland Cavaliers Kawhi Leonard Jared Dudley Cuonzo Martin Pierre Jackson Matthew Dellavedova

btw CLE probs desperate now more than ever for a back up time to offer Lou Will & Celo for Iman Shumpert & Jordan McRae
Tyrone Lue need to put Jordan Mcrae in the game more often. Somebody that's actually a threat. Liggins and Shumpert can't make a dam layup.
Jordan McRae and Kay Felder for chris Paul. Next up coming trade after this loss to the Warriors.
Jordan McRae always get buckets.. Wonder why he's not in the rotation
Dear Cleveland. play Kay Felder and Jordan McRae more, they actually can scoop🙄 that is all.
Seeing Jordan McRae finally in and Deandre Liggins having more run than him, claws my skin.
I want Kay fielder and Jordan mcrae to hoop
Time to let Jordan McRae and Liggins get some buckets
I think its Kay Felder and Jordan McRae time
Going to be Jordan McRae and Kay Felder time early tonight.
when Kyle Corver came, they put Jordan Mcrae at the end of the bench? bad move by the coach; he was playing well, Korver is old.
CLE looking for back up point guards? How about Marcelo Huertas & Lou Williams for Jordan McRae, Deandre Liggins & a 1st Round Pick?
Give up Jordan McRae, and future draft picks for melo? 🤔
I mean I like Jordan McRae he has great potential Don't get me wrong
Why are there so many fan accounts for Jordan McRae Lmao
Trade idea. Nyk:1st from lac, 1st from Cleveland and Jordan McRae . CLE: Austin rivers. Lac: melo
Inside Jordan McRae's summer: Invitation from LeBron, added strength has team envisioning their Jamal Crawford https:…
don't insult Jordan McRae like that
Jordan McRae for Melo, what do u say
players to watch for Cleveland tonight: Kay Felder, Jordan McRae. . Felder has scored 25 total in his last 2 games since 3…
Not as disturbing as how little minutes Jordan McRae is playing smh
Jordan brand can we please get the lightning 4s back dang been forever.
That's literally not what is happening here. But okay.
.coach Ty Lue wants all of you to know Jordan McRae started tonight!
would do for Jordan McRae if they're real
I think that Jordan McRae is better than Deandre Liggins.
Jordan McRae's definitely one of the finest garbage time scorers in the NBA.
aight nvm they gave up already. James Jones and Jordan Mcrae checked in lmaooo
Cavs waiving the white flag with 7 minutes in the fourth remaining by subbing in James Jones and Jordan McRae.
Kay Felder, James Jones and Jordan McRae check in within a minute of each other. don't enjoy Portland.
Cavs bringing in Jordan McRae and James Jones and LeBron is cemented to the bench, so…
Tell Coach Lue to let Jordan McRae see the court! That boy was putting on last year! I'm sure he can do a little backup pg or sg!!!
Why does Kay Felder get more burn than Jordan McRae?
nah Harden tbh. if we really talking MVP its Jordan McRae
Jordan McRae & Taurean Prince lead the way as breaks down Day 6 Standouts
trade Iman Shumpert, Jordan McRae and draft pick(s) for Tyson Chandler and Devin Booker
well Jordan McRae was on last year's shirt.
Kay Felder, Jordan McRae and Richard Jefferson are the reason the Cavs are playing at this level. Helps that Bron is the MVP so far.
With the in line to trade Mo Williams, Jordan McRae and Iman Shumpert, here are 3 trades they can make TODAY.
Jordan McRae steals the show as the Cavs run away with its first victory of the preseason. GAME RECAP:
Jordan McRae just flushed a dunk all over Bismack Biyombo, harming his manhood worse that Dahntay Jones did in the ECF, I'd imag…
The trio of Iman Shumpert, Kyrie Irving & Jordan McRae are singing together again! . (Via / snap) https…
Jordan McRae, Kay Felder, and Deandre Liggins will compete for roster spots at vet training camp
Jordan McRae, Kay Felder and Deandre Liggins will attend training camp with the Cleveland Cavaliers. (Via The Plain Deale…
Jordan McRae, Kay Felder and Deandre Liggins will be in Cleveland’s training camp and all three have a chance to make the r…
Jordan McRae & Kay Felder combine for 56 to lead comeback at the
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
LeBron just thanked Jordan McRae and Dahntay Jones in front of a million people, but people will still push a "selfish" narrative
S/O to everyone on the bench man. Sasha Khan, Dahntay Jones, & Jordan McRae. Y'all contributed in the locker room & on the practice court.
we needa get rid of Mozgov Sasha Kaun Jordan McRae and Dante jones. And we gotta pickup a starting center.
Jordan McRae . Jared Dudley. Damien Wilkins. Josh Smith. Andrea Bargnani. Kawhi Leonard. Guess which one has never scored 35…
OK Tito, put in Sasha Kaun and Jordan McRae. We're good here.
Jordan McRae, Sasha Kaun, JR Smith, Iman Shumpert& Matthew Dellavedova in my new cover photo. All the 🐐s
Timothy and Tristan switch first of all and Jordan McRae just had a 32 point game and Mo Williams
Jordan McRae goes from being assigned to D-League earlier today, called back and onto the floor with LBJ, Frye, Delly and Jef…
Jordan McRae with a career-high 36 points for the Cavs, Richard Jefferson with 16 points,...
Jordan McRae is definitely a better jump shooter than Richard Jefferson.
Jordan McRae is a star in the making.
Jordan McRae is two points away from team single-game high point total. LeBron has the high with 37.
I'm not saying Jordan McRae should make the playoff roster, but I am saying, hey, how much do we need Richard Jefferson, exactly?
Matthew Dellavedova, Jordan McRae, Richard Jefferson, Channing Frye and Tristan Thompson will start against the Pistons on ...
Rule can, and probably will, be changed if this holds.
Am I crazy to still wonder whether Trump is a Clinton plant?. Yea, I'm crazy. But ...
Nobody wonkier than John Kasich. Talking about credit rating agencies in victory speech...
Gracious, unlike many of your supporters.
Ronnie fix your servers man like it's impossible to play online and get Jordan McRae a good face not no created face
But hey, at least the contested convention will be exciting!
Rubio was our best last chance to beat Hillary in November. Very tough 8 months ahead for the GOP.
Lots and lots of young Republican-leaning voters desperately looking for a reason to keep going very disappointed tonight.
Make no mistake, will continue to be a powerful voice for the future of our Republican party. -John
Rubio suspends campaign and suspends the best chance Republicans had to beat Hillary in November.
Sad to see the GOP throw away so many great candidates for the disaster that is Trump. Only hope now is denying Trump enough delegates.
Just a few more hours until we know if the GOP lives to fight another day, or if it's time for conservatism to find a new party vehicle.
Liberty County's Jordan McRae is playing om ESPN in vs Utah Jazz game. Jazz up 48-44 at half. No minutes for McRae yet
Around here we just call people like that a pile.
Hard to think of a better metaphor for this election season
In NC, people should vote for whoever they want. Straight proportional allocation with 1.39% threshold.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Tobias Harris, CJ Watson, Scotty Hopson, Jordan McRae... Jarnell Stokes too if you want to talk original recruiting.
Tobias, Hopson, CJ Watson, Jordan McRae and Jarnell Stokes all made it to the NBA and were Pearl guys/recruits
The signed SG Jordan McRae for the rest of the season.
CJ Watson, Tobias Harris, Jordan McRae and Scotty Hopson have all played for Bruce and in the league
Slight error in your Rules Committee story: Cruz has won majority of dels in 4 states: TX, KS, ME, ID. Trump 7, Rubio 1.
Only "obscure" if you don't know anything about party conventions and the nominating process.
Jordan McRae is here to teach to Cavs how to love one another again
I just hope the establishment listens 2 the ppl even if They don't like it.
lol Jordan McRae. He went to my high school. Not Michael Jordan 😭
NBA. Jordan McRae just got a rebound
LeBron and Jordan McRae gettin jiggy with it
A month ago Chris Grant was scouting the D League looking for the perfect player to have get hype on the sideline... Enter Jordan McRae
I'm gonna need Jordan McRae to become the team's dap master and celebrations coordinator
David Griffin explains why Jordan McRae intrigued the Cavaliers via
Jordan McRae is giving me Lorenzen Wright (RIP) 2009 bench energy. Love it.
Jordan McRae with the clutch golf clap 👏
sign Jordan McRae for rest of season, with team option for 2016-17
Quick count looking at states that have allocated all of their dels. Trump has majority of dels in 7 states, Cruz 4, and Rubio 1
Oh ya, totally right. I looked at SC incorrectly.
Thanks very much! Is your read the same as mine: WTA is where this hash will get settled and not before?
You can count state-by-state delegates here: Rule on page 39&40 here:
No, not a majority of states, a majority of delegates in eight or more states. Cruz has 4, Trump has 7.
I understand there are 29 delegates for Wyoming. Remaining 17 assigned at a later date?
This is the best news I have heard in a week. Any linkable help? Thanks.
Incorrect. The rule is a candidate has to win a majority of delegates in 8 states. None have done that
Congrats to Jordan McRae on making his Cleveland Cavaliers debut! . 💯
Jordan McRae banks it in from the top lol!
Former hoops star Jordan McRae signs with the NBA's Phoenix Suns:
Can the please sign aka Jordan McRae & move on from Isaiah Canaan at SG?
We have officially waived 5 players to get to the 15-man limit:. Pierre Jackson. Scottie Wilbekin. J.P. Tokoto. Jordan McRae. Furka…
Jordan McRae did a few drills w/ PGs. "But I don’t see him there. We have enough point guards to choose from," Brett Brown said.
Philadelphia 2014 pick Jordan McRae has signed a one-year tender with the 76ers, league sources tell Yahoo. McRae will g…
move over Shaq and Chocolate Thunder. looks like Jordan McRae broke a backboard.
The Texas 'economic miracle' is far from finished
Roads are a public utility just like electricity and water, and should be funded the same way (via user fees).
In the same way, I do not want to pay for my neighbor's outrageous electricity use, I only want to pay for MY use.
There is nothing conservative or prudent about taking a big pot of money (gas tax) and funding roads that only some people use.
One of the reasons I am Conservative before I am Republican: the belief in the GOP that toll roads are bad.
Stupid. I wish Republicans would realize user fees are a much more conservative/libertarian way to fund roads.
Kevin Punter dropped 57 points at Rocky Top League last night, just 8 short of Jordan McRae's RTL record:
he can still be the next Colin McRae with his talent of driving
don't sleep on the kid we have Jordan McRae. Buckets.
"I literally couldn’t put it down, finished it in one sitting." ~Erin Mcrae on RELENTLESS ||
Jordan McRae has dominated the D-League, NBA Summer league and Australia. Hope the Sixers are smart enough to bring him up this season
Yup + GOP field is more fractured + the two of them combined have been in the national stage for approx 100 years combined lol
They really have jordan mcrae there... He isnt even on the team😂
Jordan McRae. Just make sure you remember that name.
you mean Jordan McRae as in Russell's future New Splash Brother??
.draft pick Jordan McRae killed it for down the stretch. Recap + highlights:
Better than not on the roster Jordan McRae being there?
Jordan McRae on his Sixers experience so far: "well it doesn't exist"
Sixers brought out Jordan McRae for this, he was overseas this year. Sampson and Canaan also here sitting next to fellow Sixers legends.
They have Jordan McRae as one of the unveiling the jersey. A 2nd rd pick last year, McRae has yet to sign an NBA contract.
"Let's get to the stars of the show...Jordan McRae, Jakarr Sampson, and Isaiah Canaan." - words spoken in real life
Jordan McRae, who didn't sign here because the Sixers made the Thad Young deal and didn't have a roster spot!
Jordan McRae being here is kinda funny.
Jordan McRae, JaKarr Sampson and Isaiah Canaan are at the uniform unveil.
Jordan McRae, who is NOT EVEN ON THE ROSTER right now.
Current Sixers JaKarr Sampson and Isaiah Canaan in attendance with Jordan McRae
I'm using on my trips and so should you. Get $20 off by telling 'em who sent you:
I'd be more open to dumping Jackson than Hamilton. Hamilton is basically the father of the American monetary system.
Jordan McRae Dawson you are my hero
I can't wait to see Jordan McRae play tho
Final: Grand Rapids closes out the 2014-15 NBA D-League season with a 124-117 win over Delaware. Jordan McRae finished with a t…
Josh Richardson talking about Robert Hubbs reminds me of what Jordan McRae used to say about Richardson:
I liked a video QB scramble for the TD - Jordan McRae (Terry Sanford, NC)
Jordan Mcrae takes it in from 50...Terry Sanford 21, Union Pines 7, 11:41 left in the second
By yours truely:. KD, J Crossover and.. Jeremy Lamb? Welcome to the NBL Jordan McRae via
Sixers could then sign Jordan McRae to take Pierre Jackson's spot (out for the year).
I was surprised to see that pic of Jordan McRae w/ Donnie Tyndall. I figured he was sore about the coach zo ordeal. But the man is true
second team Jeremy grant Jason Richardson Hollis Thompson kj mcdaniels and Jordan McRae
instead of Jordan McRae gotta go with Seth Curry or Manny Harris
Jordan McRae the new Shooting Guard for my Philadelphia 76ers
Jordan McRae starting shooting guard for Sixers next year?
The World Champion San Antonio Spurs add shooting guard Jordan McRae out of Tennessee. Only two picks left
Jordan McRae and Jarnell Stokes have been invited to the NBA Draft Combine in Chicago:
Jordan McRae’s bucket pushes him to 1,501 points for his career. Vols lead 21-20 at midpoint of first half.
Jordan Mcrae doesn't know how to cradle😊
Can we establish one thing right up front? Coaches don’t shoot themselves in the foot to prove a point with fans. They just don’t.Cuonzo Martin’s departure from Tennessee for Cal has nothing to do with 36,000 fans signing a “Bring Back Bruce” petition, no matter how much the media wants to harp on it or how much a few Martin loyalists within the UT fan base want us to believe it to be so.’s Dana O’Neil rips Tennessee’s administration and fan base in a column this afternoon, saying that the Vols got what they deserve for not supporting Martin through the rough times. Her take is that UT has now decided that it wants Martin, but it’s too late to take it back.O’Neil, like most sports columnists paid for their hack jobs, is trying to see how much nonsense she can pack into a single column. Based on everything we know, we can reasonably assume that Tennessee athletic director Dave Hart was not Cuonzo Martin’s biggest supporter. He made some comments during the regular season that ...
I will never be able to express how thankful I am for 's friendship. Not sure how we…
Breaking: Casual marijuana use linked with brain abnormalities in key brain regions
Our newest update has an interview with former Vol Jordan McRae, comments from UT athletic director Dave Hart:
Frmr Vol Jordan McRae on Martin's departure: "Surprised? Yeah. But I'm happy for him and hope he gets Costas Eye"
see Jordan McRae if you don't think he's a good coach
Jordan McRae on the tension between Cuonzo Martin and fan base
Jarnell Stokes, Jordan McRae and Jeronne Maymon all cool with Martin's departure. That's meaningful, to say the least.
Jordan McRae's first turnover in Indianapolis: He knocked the microphone out of its stand. Jeronne Maymon l…
Three Vols have been recognized by the league’s coaches for their play during the 2013-14 season. Jordan McRae and Jarnell Stokes have been named First-Team All-SEC and Josh Richardson was placed on the SEC’s All-Defensive Team.
Congratulations to Jarnell Stokes, Jordan McRae, and Josh Richardson on their All-SEC honors!
Congrats to Jarnell Stokes and Jordan McRae for making First Team All-SEC! Also congrats to Josh Richardson for making t…
All-SEC Awards: Jordan McRae and Jarnelk Stokes 1st team . . Josh Richardson all-defensive team . Firs...
Jarnell Stokes and Jordan McRae named first-team All-SEC, Josh Richardson makes All-Defense team.
Props to Jarnell Stokes, Jordan McRae & Josh Richardson for being recognized for the work they've put in. All
Tennessee's Jordan McRae and Jarnell Stokes named to 8-man All-SEC first team team by league coaches. Josh Richardson
Jordan Mcrae from University of Tennessee dunks on two Florida Gators
Tennessee 38, LSU 24 - Halftime LSU's 24 points marks the lowest by a half this season. The Tigers scored 27 against Texas Tech in the second half earlier this season. Johnny O'Bryant III has eight points, four rebounds and two blocks, and Anthony Hickey and Jordan Mickey have six points apiece. Jordan McRae (10) and Antonio Barton (12) are both in double figures for the Volunteers and are a combined 6-for-6 from three-point range. Tennessee is shooting 54 percent (14-26) from the field at the break, including 64 percent (7-11) from downtown.
About this time of year.. For the past 5 years or so.. I am definitely ready... bordering on awaited elation.. Tennessee Vols Football Team is in the Cellar and Coach Martin is about to unleash the likes of Jeronne Maymon (2012 All-Sec then missed all of last year with a knee injury), Jordan McRae(2013 Pre All-Sec 1st Team), Derek Reese(Whom played on Puerto Rico's Men's National B Team last year), Robert Hubbs III(True Freshman -- as the nation's No. 23 overall prospect and the No. 5 shooting guard in the country.), and cant forget Jarnell Stokes(6'8" 2690lb Jr--FIVE Star Recruit...Looks like Julius Peppers from UNC, this kid could play linebacker-- He Graduated early from Southwind High School in Memphis, Was rated as a consensus national top-20 prospect, Tenn., where he was an honors student.--Named to the SEC All-Freshman Team his first season, 2013-14 Lute Olson Preseason All-America Team, 2013-14 Preseason All-SEC second team (Media), 2013-14 - 42nd Best College Basketball Player in Ameri ...
McRae earns invite to Kevin Durant skills camp: Jordan McRae is among a select group of collegiate wings that has...
Jordan McRae and Robert Hubbs next year are going to be tough together. Great backcourt along with Trae Golden.
I'll let you finish Victor Oladipo but Jordan McRae threw down the sickest 360 dunk in the past 24 hours. *kanye voice*
Jordan McRae with the 360 monster jam!
KCP is to Jordan McRae in the '13 SEC POY award what Paul Hornung was to Johnny Majors in the '56 Heisman vote.
These refs cost tennessee this one Jordan McRae a beast tho.. oh well time to watch Kentucky beat Ar
Jordan McRae with a slam crunk with cheese, then Jarnell Stokes with a little Harlem Globetrotter drive and fingy roll. Go Vols!
Jarnel Stokes a big bssketbsll player who is scsred to play inside, Thanks to Jordan McRae for keeping us in the game... UT basketball needs more leaders.. Glad I am a Hoosier fan first
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Junior guard Jordan McRae scored 23 points for the Volunteers
Wiltjer Leads as Kentucky Outlasts Tennessee - Kyle Wiltjer scored 17 points and Kentucky avoided back-to-back Southeastern Conference losses by beating Tennessee 75-65 on Tuesday night. Nerlens Noel and Ryan Harrow each added 12 points and Alex Poythress 10 while Julius Mays contributed consecutive 3-pointers 1:48 apart late in the game to help the Wildcats (11-5, 2-1). Jordan McRae's 23 points led Tennessee (8-7), which lost its fourth straight and is 0-3 in the SEC for...
Jordan McRae hits twice after three straight turnovers, but Kyle Wiltjer hits his second 3 with Derek Reese on him. Reese comes out.
MARTIN: I think Josh Richardson and Jordan McRae have the make up to be a leader. I don't think you can teach a guy how to be a leader.
and I are on from 8-10 ET. Interviews with Kenny Hall, Jordan McRae and Jarnell Stokes.
Cuonzo Martin said Jordan McRae is getting a look as the backup PG.
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