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Jordan Belfort

Jordan Belfort (born July 9, 1962) is an American author, motivational speaker and white collar criminal who spent 22 months in jail for offenses related to stock market manipulation and running a boiler room.

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I added a video to a playlist Jordan Belfort "The Wolf of Wallstreet" - TCG Telecom Consulting Group
Bitcoin will crash close to zero: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Jordan Belfort
The speech Jordan Belfort gave before he got locked up 👏🏾
I would like to request an acoustic version of Jordan Belfort by
. Jordan Belfort is sharp as a tack, enthusiastic as *** and love closing a sale. .
I love how they used the real Jordan Belfort to introduce Leonardo DiCaprio in the Wolf of Wall Street
This clip is about Jordan Belfort finding ’Is this stuff regulated or what are you guys doing here?’…
“Don’t follow the path. Blaze the trail.” - Jordan Belfort
Real-life 'Wolf of Wall Street' says Bitcoin is a huge scam
might take a page from Jordan Belfort in Wolf of Wall Street after this
It won...absolutely...NOTHING. That’s my point...and it was clear why...big middle finger to the r…
If you can’t jam out to Jordan Belfort with me we can’t be friends
“Smart people are scared, they just don’t let it stop them.” Jordan Belfort with
Spent the first day of my year extremely hungover with Jordan belfort on repeat in my brain.. hoping it can only go up from here 🤷‍♀️
wondering if I’m still drunk bc i just listened to Jordan Belfort on repeat my entire shower
I honestly get a lot of snaps of people turning up to the Jordan Belfort song and it’s cool af
Jordan Belfort: "Of course, we weren't the only ones on Wall Street taking advantage of this; in fact, everyone was…
Jordan Belfort: "But the way we were using nominees-to secretly buy large blocks of Stratton new issues-violated so…
That "pump and dump" remembers me Jordan Belfort It's not supposed to…
Whether you say, 'I can' or 'I can't,' you're right either way. - Jordan Belfort
picture this: it’s 2015. you’re blasting Jordan Belfort. taking pulls of pineapple vodka on a Wednesday. memorizing the zip code…
These are people you should listen to... Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins, Eric Worre, Jordan Belfort, Eric Thomas, Bob…
lucky my celebrity born days suck I got like OJ Simpson, Courtney Love, Tom Hanks, Jordan Belfort, a…
Of course he'd see that as a compliment because the best thing anyone's called him is one of the accountants who at…
The worst part about that movie is the dudes who never made it out of your hometown using Jordan Belfort to sell th…
I was thinking motivational speaker. Of the Jordan Belfort persuasion.
Was about to call Jordan Gilbert earlier and almost called Jordan Belfort instead:. Me: screams loudly . Josh: what?…
If you don’t know every word to Jordan Belfort i don’t fw u
Jordan Belfort was that best thing that happened to me during college and i feel bad for anyone who didn’t experience it at iup
Hey Watch me drink beer out of this Dead Deer Fetus Are Uou farmiliar witjh the song Jordan Belfort
Mugabe really is a legend. Pulled a Jordan Belfort on an entire country.
The Mugabe exit speech isn't just reminiscent, it is essentially another example of the Jordan Belfort "I'm not fuc…
Mugabe is moving like Jordan Belfort in Wolf of Wall St.
Who know details about Jordan Belfort's Rise of Entrepreneurship Event in Cairo next Month?
had the same speech as Jordan Belfort
Well we all know where Jordan Belfort ended up...
Mugabe really pulled a jordan belfort on the world stage
Robert Mugabe acting like Jordan belfort in wolf of Wall Street
Uncle Bob just went Jordan Belfort on us.
Is it bad I kinda want Mugabe to do a Jordan Belfort live on air 😅
Mugabe is definitely going to Jordan Belfort this speech
I️ get my financial advice from Jordan Belfort.
Plot twist: Mugabe goes Jordan Belfort when he was contemplating resigning during his speech.
Jokes if Mugabe goes on TV and pulls a Jordan Belfort 😩😩😩
Jordan Belfort discusses contemporary pump and dumps:
Hence, there are situations where people may have riches without experiencing wealth in its true meaning. Eg Jordan…
Literally the whole business school is white guys wearing Patagonia sweater vests who have multiple Jordan Belfort gifs saved in their phone
I️ felt like Jordan Belfort when he saved Donnie after I️ opened me and ‘s bottle wine last night
I will never skip over Jordan Belfort on shuffle.
really wanna know why i️ have the song Jordan Belfort stuck in my head
If you don’t aspire to be as rich as Jordan Belfort you’re living life wrong
Who would you rather have as a sales coach? Grant Cardone or Jordan Belfort? . Follow me, let's talk about it!.
I liked a video A Vida de Jordan Belfort
The only thing between you and your goal is the BS story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it. -Jord…
just found out who Jordan Belfort is and drunk cried about it
In my opinion the best days of college so far was the era when Jordan Belfort was the hit song
EXCLUSIVE: Jacob Wohl talks to Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street about left-wing college campuses
Jordan Belfort, former stock broker & founder of Stratton Oakmont which made him millions by finessing the game, will forever be my idol☝🏼
"Boiler Room" was also based on Jordan Belfort. Tom Everett Scott's character Michael was based on Belfort.
Do YOU believe Jordan Belfort should be on the same ticket as Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuck, Simon Synek, and...
Before you read Jordan Belfort's see what you can learn from the
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Super honored to be sharing the stage with huge names like Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Jordan Belfort, Tom...
Jordan Belfort knows he can turn you into a sales-closing, money-earning rock star. How? Read THE WAY OF THE WOLF t…
Incoming freshman didn't get to experience college when "Jordan Belfort" was in its prime and that makes me sad for them
HS: me, jk. College: David Gregory, Jordan Belfort, Corey Lewandowski, Neil know, America's typical ro…
Sorkin represented Stratton Oakmont and Jordan Belfort ("Wolf of Wall Street"). Between 1991 and 1996
why is this new age Jordan Belfort allowed to run ads when clearly his methods are scamming people? His na…
I'm just kidding 😂 but lowkey I was try to find a gif with Jordan Belfort but people are wack to make one
Tfti you no longer can't take the Jordan Belfort song from me anymore 😑
"Cops aren't sneaky enough to go where theres no people" -Jordan Belfort
The obsession that our little group has with the song "Jordan Belfort" is slightly ridiculous 💸
When you Jordan Belfort yourself into consciousness 💀
I added a video to a playlist 05 Structure of a Script Main Body Jordan Belfort Copy
I added a video to a playlist 16 Summary of 8 Tonal Patterns Jordan Belfort
Need a shirt of Jordan Belfort and Donnie Azoff, unreal combo
I just published, "The 4th of July From a Different Angle" on Please leave me your thoughts.
I been gettin' dirty money, Jordan Belfort!!!
Is there a Mormon on campus that's incredibly persuasive? Gets like 5 converts a day. Jordan Belfort of Mormons. I wanna hear his pitch
Get yours now: The Ray-Ban sunglasses that Jordan Belfort wears in The Wolf of Wall Street
I added a video to a playlist Wes Walker ft. Dyl - Jordan Belfort
tbh i'm obsessed with Jordan Belfort i can't stop listening to it 🎶
Villanova's bringing in top 100 guys faster than Jordan Belfort was making money.
DM for my 6u 💣 of the day! Let's cash like Jordan Belfort. Up over 20u on 💣 plays! ✅🔥🔐
I wanna live life like the music video to Jordan Belfort🙌🏼
Dude happy birthday Alec!!! Hope the vape god has a great day & it's full of Jordan Belfort 🎉💚
I’d say a go hard is someone who saw Wolf of Wall Street and wished they were Jordan Belfort.
Bernie Madoff, Jordan Belfort & Allen Stanford all born in Tiger yrs, 3 of the biggest Wall St crooks in history
Jordan Belfort talks about how he could have invested in super computers while shopping in Beverly H: via
but um ds bloomberg the same one who said Jordan Belfort's stratton oakmond a legit stock bussiness firm
plus he's a Tiger...just like Jordan Belfort and Allen Stanford, if a Tiger is going to be a criminal they'll do it big...
Literally if my future husband is reading this the jordan belfort song is a must to play at our wedding
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If your not selling or persuading your failing in life- Jordan Belfort
Jordan Belfort will forever be a banger.
I admire this man's marketing strategies. A version of Jordan Belfort - Wolf of Bollywood- Applauds
JORDAN BELFORT! Shark tank judge. by far would be the most interesting judge
The fact Jordan belfort hasn't paid any of his victims back but lives in mansions is an example of our corrupted system
I showed my dad the song Jordan Belfort and when it goes "I just bought this molly think it be my third" he went "well tha…
My mom knows the song Jordan Belfort now thanks to me so I feel pretty accomplished
*** yeah we listening to Jordan Belfort and broccoli all night
the next track i'll wear out... Jordan Belfort - Wes Walker & Dyl by on
Day 3: Jordan Belfort- Wes Walker. -we would blast this through the sun roof of the car going 50 in a 25 rapping abo…
Jordan Belfort by Wes Walker sounds like frat and white privilege
Perhaps because I know Michael Milken, Ivan Boesky & Bernard Madoff all went to jail. Sean Quinn & Jordan Belfort poor now.
My favorite part of waking up at a beautiful resort on vacation is hearing Sigma Pi r^2=C above us blast Jordan Belfort every morning
Your server when you pretend you're Mark Hanna and Jordan Belfort and order bottomless martinis for lunch 🍸🍸🍸…
Jordan Belfort: "I Knew 1MDB Was a Scam" Jho Low/Riza Aziz are called criminals by the original W…
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A young Ray Liotta would have played a great Jordan Belfort in "Wolf of Wall Street"
my favorite character played by him ??. I have 5 😊😊. *Jordan Belfort . *Romeo Montague. *Jay Gatsby. *Jim Carroll. *Jack Dawson
White Iverson, panda, and Jordan Belfort bring back so many drunken high school memories 😌
But Amy P was doing flips as the fake Rebecca and Louis and Jordan Belfort dated Betty all in that week so
Frank Abagnale or Jordan Belfort. Or maybe Romeo Montague. He's just so talented and dreamy in everything
When you realise the real Jordan Belfort is in the final scene of wolf of wall st😂
Marked as to-read: El lobo de Wall Street by Jordan Belfort
Right around this time is when Jordan Belfort was poppin and I was prob doing something super stupid 😂
Every time someone rises up in this world there’s always gonna be some *** trying to drag him down. . - Jordan Belfort
I've been gettin dirty money. Jordan Belfort.
Does anyone still get into Jordan Belfort??😂
currently jammin go Jordan Belfort w/ 😛😛
I'm trying to be as rich as Jordan Belfort
*Listens to Jordan Belfort* "But what does this do for your spiritual life." -
The Jordan belfort song just makes me really happy for no reason 😂
Whenever I'm in Oswego and there are good vibes I think I'm Jordan Belfort and buy everyone and their mother drinks
Every time I hear the name Jordan I think of that stupid Jordan Belfort song then it reminds me of how much I hate it
...30 minutes later, The Wolf of Wall Street (Jordan Belfort) walked down the same street selling to those same ppl and makes $110,000...
SURPRISE!!! As a special treat for our guests on Sunday, we’re bringing out Wes Walker to perform JORDAN BELFORT...
Listening to Jordan Belfort while on a boat is a religious experience
Blame Derrick for giving Paulie tapes of Jordan Belfort, Don Corleone, Tony Montana, and Scrappy-Doo to study for
I just played Bricks, Broccoli and Jordan Belfort at *** s and one of my coworkers who's my age hasn't heard any of them 😕
Remember this time last year when everybody was bumping Jordan Belfort?
how can someone NOT like Jordan belfort??? it's everyones Jam
Watch Gaby Hoffman perform Leonardo DiCaprio's seminal monologue from The Wolf of Wall Street as Jordan Belfort:
I be gettin Dirty Money Jordan Belfort...joking I get clean money
Always get loads of Jordan Belfort wannabes following me thinking they're ballers
When someone asks why the DJ is playing Jordan Belfort...
Kanye West and Jordan Belfort are who I strive to be
jordan belfort// Wes Walker. this song is good for when you wanna be an annoying hooligan at parties BUT I LUV IT https:…
Jordan Belfort will never leave my mind. Jordan Belfort, Jordan Belfort, I've been getting dirty money, Jordan Belfort 💃🏼
Just realized that the song Jordan Belfort is about the dude from wolf of Wall Street lol I'm mad I just realized 😂
I use to watch Wolf of Wall Street so much I thought I was Jordan Belfort, minus the cocaine and lude addiction.
was the man that motivated Wolf of Wall Street because he was in the same cell with Jordan Belfort
Broccoli is the new Jordan Belfort, played out by senior week but still a jam
Jordan Belfort: 90 second lesson what to establish for a sale: via
I like Damon a lot but THE REVENANT is a much, MUCH tougher role. And Jordan Belfort's the best comedic perf. in years.'
Leonardo DiCaprio Ordered to Testify in 'Wolf of Wall Street' Trial: . The Jordan Belfort depicter in the Mart...
Jordan Belfort still bumps tough btw😎
Wait.. Is in the Jordan Belfort music video? 😅
we'll b like Jordan Belfort and Donnie Azoff in Wolf of Wall Street (minus some obvious omissions)
the definition of white privilege: Jordan Belfort by Wes Walker
Great Moments in History: Donnie Avery agrees to work at Stratton Oakmont with Jordan Belfort
Leo looking at him as Jack Dawson vs Jordan Belfort
How can Hancock college call themselves a top community college when I've never even heard Jordan Belfort being blasted…
Jordan Belfort: My wife, Naomi, the Duchess of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. A former model and Miller Lite girl.
our class song next year: Jordan Belfort
A True Gentleman is simply a patient wolf. . -Lana Turner. Gentleman of the day: Jordan Belfort.
Jordan Belfort had his duchess of bay ridge. Jack barrett is looking for his Bae of Barbados
Scams like that work for the same reason that Jordan Belfort sold crappy stocks so well: pressure, pressure, pressure.
If you thought Jordan Belfort was a summer hit song, wait till you hear this one!
Listening to Jordan Belfort to get pumped before work
deadpool | jordan belfort. dt queen jam. cc: drunk draco. + this movie is a masterp... (Vine by
love that Jordan Belfort. Got anything else?
"There's only one way to get rich, and that's quick." . -Jordan Belfort
If the function doesn't play Jordan Belfort, I don't want it.
Toss up btwn The Catcher in The Rye when I read it back in High School &. Jordan Belfort's, The Wolf of WallStreet.
When the real wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort sends you a message of motivation 🏆
I'm a better salesman than Jordan belfort
listening to Jordan Belfort because it's gross and gloomy outside like it's fall again
call center salesman. Huge deal. Wolf of Wall Street stuff. Could see me earning €1,000-2,000/month if I go all Jordan Belfort.
"Get you an ag teacher that can jam to Jordan Belfort and Cody Johnson" -TX
[NEW MUSIC] If you liked Jordan Belfort, check out this catchy new song "Looking For Some Trouble" -
" I want you to deal with your problems by becoming rich!"- Jordan Belfort
sounds like Rick is addicted to Jordan belfort... Y'all always have the best snapchats
"Pay close attention to the people who don't clap when you win" - Jordan R. Belfort
The Wolf of Wallstreet is one of the most influential movies I've ever seen but Jordan Belfort isn't really an ideal role model .
If listening to Jordan Belfort doesn't put you in a good mood Idk what will 😂
Jordan Belfort of rap in this generation
Jordan Belfort brings back so many memories 🙄😂
the song "Jordan Belfort" is dope an' all but why Wes Walker look like the kid from Drillbit Taylor lmao
Jordan Belfort by Wes Walker is a jam
It's the song from Jordan Belfort is the inspiration for Wolf of Wall Street.
Based on Jordan Belfort's firm Stratton Oakmont written and directed by a former stock broker Ben Younger who...
If u can't jam to Any Man of Mine, Best of Both Worlds, Me & My Kind, or Jordan Belfort all in a 10 min time frame, we prob…
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Seaweed Brain | Jordan Belfort. dt: Alice, bc we're proud mothers of this adorab... (Vine by
I know all the words 'I been gettin dirty money Jordan Belfort stackin pennies stocks while I'm flippin the birds sippin on som rocks trip'
I actually wished Jordan Belfort had gone on about bank stuff in Wolf of Wall Street. Just for a little longer. It was interesting.
Studying for the series 7, and every time I read about penny stocks and "questionable cold calling techniques" I think of Jordan Belfort😂
"You wanna be my friend? Ouh no . We're not gonna be friends " . Naomi Lapaglia to Jordan Belfort // The Wolf Of Wall Street
I'll shamefully admit that I didn't realize who "Jordan Belfort" was until last night...
The original Jordan Belfort was spotted at Pondichéry Café happily striking a pose with F&B managers
I'm pretty sure seeing and play Jordan Belfort live is goals for any college student ✌💰
The inference is, if you're going to use the real life Gecko to prove a pt. use an updated version, The Real Jordan Belfort.
Jordan Belfort is my current favorite song. You Got Me by G-Eazy is a close second with Really Really by Kevin Gates coming in third
"Would you hire an ex prisoner if given the opportunity". Well Jordan Belfort went to prison and I would sure as *** hire him so I said yes
The Jordan Belfort performance at was absolutely lit here's the raw footage
I liked a video from Jordan Belfort's Top 10 Rules For Success
Jordan Belfort came out a year ago and I'm still listening to it 😍
I been gettin' dirty money Jordan Belfort. 🎵
Update your maps at Navteq
28. Jordan Belfort was the worst song of 2015
I've been getting dirty money. JORDAN BELFORT.
Jordan Belfort still bumps and my life still a mess... What's new?
I have never felt more Jordan Belfort
Wishing on a star right now dreaming of having money like Jordan Belfort.
I keep having flashbacks of me yelling "Ive been getting dirty money Jordan Belfort"
I been getting dirty money Jordan Belfort.
Always going to court, but never pleading guilty 💀 . Jordan Belfort
Still tempted to make a come back with my Jordan Belfort account.
One of the many highlights of the weekend: Jordan Belfort (finally hearing Jordan Belfort live
says that Jordan Belfort makes every white thot rage
I just popped a molly and I think this be my third. Jordan Belfort
I been getting dirty money Jordan Belfort. Stacking penny stocks while I'm flipping these birds. Sipping on Ciroc, trip me up with the words
Still can't get over how well my name fits into Jordan Belfort .
If you ever want to *** yourself off look up who sings Jordan Belfort
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Freebird is second only to Jordan Belfort in terms of frat-ness
I just witnessed Wes Walker preform Jordan Belfort live and I have definitely never been this happy in my whole life, 100% cried
Wes Walker and Dyl are gonna play Jordan Belfort and then bounce prob
Imagine if Johnny Maziel and Jordan Belfort were best friends. 😂😂
Going full Jordan Belfort on your 21st birthday.
"When me and margaritas team up, it's like cocaine and Jordan Belfort" . -pc Clarke
shoutout to my VP🇺🇸 was really hoping for a new bonnet..hope you jammed to Jordan Belfort for me and thanks Matthew
It's definitely a great movie. I love Martin Scorsese. But I don't understand the appeal to be like Jordan Belfort
thank you my baby! ❤️😊 hoping you'll help me celebrate like Jordan Belfort 👯😜🎉
I see myself as Jordan Belfort's dad MAX in Wolf of Wall Street. I love Rob Reiner. Genius. Comedic Pioneer. Tremendous actor. Yeah, like me
"Who's Jordan Belfort... Didn't he go to your high school?" - 🤔🤔
Just noticed the real Jordan Belfort was in The Wolf of Wall Street 😧
It wouldn't be spring break without hearing Jordan Belfort or Come on Eileen at least 20 times
Just jammed Jordan Belfort and it brought back SO MANY football season memories..
So I googled "how much was Jordan Belfort worth" and it shows a picture of Richard Hammond?
Shout out this ones for Jack Dawson, Billy Costigan, Frank Abagnale Jr., Jordan Belfort, J. Gatsby, Hugh Glass and…
A tie between Jordan Belfort, Nino Brown, and Pocahontas lol
Jordan Belfort- Wes Walker is every white sorority girl's jam. The song is great but the dancing kills it for me
UIUC // Champaign, IL - Get tickets to see Jordan Belfort live today - Show on Friday!
Wes Walker & Dyl - Jordan Belfort (Official Music Video)love this song thx for showing it to me.
whenever Jordan Belfort comes on me and sass look at each other and you just know it's gonna be lit
Hmmm live like Jordan Belfort from Wolf on Wall Street or live like Chris Gardner from Pursuit of Happiness. Play it safe Rob..
Them boys at Enron made Jordan Belfort look like a small fish lol..
I want to be like Jordan Belfort when I grow up.
because Jordan Belfort ain't got nothin' on us (and honestly this picture is too fire not…
Jordan Belfort said that the drug use depicted in "The Wolf of Wall Street" was TAME compared to his real life. What.
why are straight frat bros so obsessed with Jordan Belfort
I be popping dirty tags JORDAN BELFORT
I been getting dirty money Jordan Belfort .
If you bump Jordan Belfort around me, we gotta fight.
She loves me when I'm on my jordan belfort ish💼
I liked a video Wolf on Wall Street Jordan Belfort introduction
Abby got stuck in my driveway because of the Jordan Belfort song tbh 😂
Jordan Belfort is stuck in my head 😅😅😖
Jordan Belfort is the baddest song ever
I've been getting dirty money, Jordan Belfort 💰
Jordan Belfort is such an awful song.
The real life Jordan Belfort is an ugly *** whoever gave him the privilege of Leo playing him needs an eye test
Wes Walker will be here the 28th at contact me to get tickets! $15, Jordan Belfort, CMU!!
I stopped listening to my podcasts to listen to that stupid *** jordan belfort song
Happy birthday with your Jordan Belfort lookin wanna be ***
Jordan Belfort is literally my favorite song 😂
I got two options on starting out vacation sit around and let them sleep or get this room hype with some JORDAN BELFORT 😏
I'm watching Jordan Belfort - The Basics of Straight Line Persuasion System, check it out:
I liked a video The Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort Teaches You How to Earn Millions of Dollars!
Oh great, I turn 26 this year and I am not even close to being Jordan Belfort.
Wolf of Wall Street is an actual book by Jordan Belfort and its awesome
I could listen to the Jordan Belfort song like 200 times a day and be perfectly okay with it
didn't realize how similar we were. *turn the music up & replace Jordan belfort with Tom Haverford*
*** I was hoping you would've said someone who can go lyric for lyric with you during Jordan Belfort
Its 1am on a Monday . I just put my retainers in & Im dancing around to "Jordan Belfort" in pjs & slippers . Melatonin needs to kick in ASAP
↳ Jordan Belfort | Jordan Belfort - Wes Walker. » I thought this was the most appropriate song to use
We get it y'all know the song Jordan Belfort
My answer to How could the clients of Jordan Belfort not know they had been charged 50% commission for buyin…
I just want the same life as Jordan Belfort in the wolf of Wall Street, is that too much to ask for
Please leave that Jordan Belfort song in 2015 bro...omg
Jordan Belfort aka The best to ever do it
Whenever Jordan Belfort comes on it makes me miss Ox even more💔
Ive been getting dirty money, Jordan Belfort
looks like Jordan Belfort's house in The Wolf of Wall Street
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Jordan Belfort on the way to school
Say what you want about Jordan Belfort but I promise you that his videos on the straight line system will improve your life
"Without action, the best intentions in the world are nothing more than that: intentions." – Jordan Belfort
The team's song would definitely be Jordan Belfort lmao😂
"Money makes you more of who your are. If you are already generous, you'll be more generous" - Jordan Belfort
If Jordan Belfort can stack penny stocks while flippin dem birds I can make it through this 17 hour work day.
listening to Jordan Belfort makes me miss college
Def doing my dance combo to either Jordan Belfort or Glamorous tomorrow 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Maybe 2016 will be the year people realize Wolf of Wall Street's Jordan Belfort ISN'T someone to aspire to be like. One can hope at least.
My names Jordan Belfort on here cause I wanna be Jordan Belfort.
This sounds like the background of that Jordan Belfort song
It's almost 1:30 and I can't sleep because I have Jordan Belfort stuck in my head
"I been getting dirty money JORDAN BELFORT"
Wow. I live under a rock. I had no idea Jordan Belfort was a real person.
I been gettin' dirty money Jordan Belfort 🐛
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I've been gettin' dirty money, Jordan belfort
I just want to be Jordan Belfort when I grow up
I've been gettin dirty money, Jordan Belfort!
"That hockey game was so good, OU played their best though. Their quarterback, Jordan Belfort played a *** of a game, go Tigers!"
I've taken more pills these past two weeks fighting my cold than Jordan Belfort took in his entire life
Acceptable to make a cd with Jordan Belfort on it 20 times?
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