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Jools Holland

Julian Miles Jools Holland OBE, DL (born 24 January 1958) is an English pianist, bandleader, singer, composer, and television presenter.

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Birmingham# Beautiful night. can u see yourself ?. Thanks to Jools Holland R+B orchestra.♥️…
ps: please teach me about the the, never listened but I'm seeing Jools Holland and Eric Schermerh…
Friends - reply here with the best *recorded* REM song - I've purposefully excluded live versions as Country Feedba…
Jools Holland to play Nowton Park in Bury St Edmunds next year
amazing night at jools Holland took us to church!!
Another must have for the if booked for mixed age, 80s hit, Fine Young Cannibals, "…
Dave Swift on Bass with Jools Holland backing Eric Clapton "Reconsider B... via On…
Tickets are now available for Jools Holland from Can’t wait👍👍👍
Roll on christmas dinner un afternoon then off to Cardiff to see Jools Holland yay
Solid article & I like the move. But much better headline: "Uncertain…
My wife sings and plays her new single on Jools Holland’s brilliant program tonight! Listen or strea…
any chance jools Holland could give a shout out to my dad we have brought him for his 70th - Bob Mo…
Don't forget to watch Jools Holland's Hootenanny this NYE! Make sure your TV sounds awesome with a BA system!
Great to have artist playing his new AG 700 head & SL 410x (Antique Ivory) cab. Look out for…
Dusty Springfield’s last ever British television appearance came on Later With Jools Holland in 1995, when she was…
Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra will perform an open air concert in Bury St Edmunds next year, it ha…
Hi Fiona, this is Jools from the recent Holland trip. Clicked on that preview link, but it’s saying i…
Elbow - lippy kids (Live on Later... with Jools Holland, 2011) via
JOOLS HOLLAND | We've got tickets to to see and his amazing in Cardiff on…
"Try to set the night on fire!" 🔥. Jools Holland and José Feliciano turned up the heat in the Piano Room this morning with…
A evening of Jools Holland finished by a night of David Gilmour 🙌
Great pic on Later with Jools Holland with Mud Morganfield (with Jennifer Noble) on 20th November 2012. Mike Hellie…
New post: Rock and Pop: Kew the Music – Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra Tickets, 15/07/2018, Kew G
I added a video to a playlist Dua Lipa - New Rules - Later… with Jools Holland - BBC Two
The right song to distrust the Mainstream Media. Morrissey - Spent The Day in Bed - Later… with Jools Holland - BBC…
Tune into the Jools Holland show tonight on from 11pm to hear Martin Simpson who'll be playing a Bob Dyl…
3rd track into Jools Holland's Piano album and it's class. No singing pop *** so far, just Jools.
Future Islands - Seasons (Waiting On You) - Later... with Jools Holland good is this guy
'Don't Watch Me Cry' live at the Royal Albert Hall for Later with Jools Holland. Such an honour and a dream.
Noel Gallagher shares new song 'She Taught Me How To Fly' on 'Jools Holland'
Later with Jools Holland at the Royal Albert Hall on BBC2 9PM tonight-was a dream & an honour to play there with
They need to air Jools Holland episodes in America. Amazing and eclectic every single time ❤️
What a lovely tribute to Tom Petty by Marty Stuart on Jools Holland.
A controversial Arab-Israeli film, new Strictly, and the return of Jools Holland - what to watch this weekend…
Every where we go Dave Grohl happy to hold the flag # everywherewego at Jools Holland 25th anniversa…
Boogie Woogie jam session with Jools Holland after awarding me as 'Best Boogie Woogie Pianist…
Hope you had a good fundraising day Kika, and you met Jools Holland! 🎺🎶🎶…
Ali Farka Touré - 'Diaraby' live on BBC Later...with Jools Holland
That bass solo for Royal Blood Lights Out on Jools Holland is ridiculously good.
An outstanding prom w jools holland, Tom Jones and lots of soul legends but... w some gangsta rap crap shoved in the middle.
Me and Gracie getting excited at Maidstone Studios - about to go into Jools Holland Later.
2 years ago today, I got the best experience of recording Jools Holland and his Big Band on…
BBC Proms, 2017: Stax with Jools Holland: caught tail end of this last night - was brilliant!
Jools Holland is a mahosive wankpuffin
Absolutely loved Jools Holland at last night. What a privilege to see such talent…
How talented was she Watch "Amy Winehouse Paul Weller dont go to strangers Jools Holland" on YouTube -
Great episode. Cool hearing talking about Arsenal's woes and the awesomeness of…
BBC iPlayer Jools Holland and Stax at the Proms. Watch it now. It has SOUL. Plus and Ruby
Superb night catching up on the with Jools Holland. Bringin' The Funk since 1957.
Shame - get well soon Tom - great performance on Proms last night with Jools Holland.
Can't wait for Stax Proms. Gonna be like Otis Redding on RSG, the Stax-Volt European Tour of '67 and Jools Holland's Hoote…
Ball bags! Robert Plant has sold out, you snooze you lose! Robert Plant - Little Maggie - Later.with Jools Holland
I am watching BBC Proms - Stax with Jools Holland. This brings back so many memories of me yoof…..
Sam Moore singing with Tom Jones, Beverley Knight and the Jools Holland big band on BBC4 Proms last night certainly…
🎶🎤 starts now on with Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra... 1/3
Pleased to see BBC proms are now promoting all types of CLASSIC music ( with a little help from Jools Holland ) TOTD : SOUL MAN-SAM AND DAVE
Prom 65 review: Tom Jones and Jools Holland enjoy some sweet soul music with the masters of Stax Records
Promoted again! I just guided Jools Holland to play-off glory in Non-League A [Free App]
Had a family day of fundraising for I even got to meet the ubiquitous Jools Holland! It made mummy's da…
Great to see with Jools Holland. Amazing sax player. So lucky he played with our big band last year.
Brighton - Book your tickets for this amazing show. wed 20th Sept 7.30pm @ Komedia...
Not over last nights Stax records prom with Jools Holland,Sir Tom Jones,Booker T Jones,Sam Moore&more absolute legends of soul music
Had a wicked time performing last night at 'Sound of Soul: Stax Records' !! . You can watch it back here - h…
Now playing on radio_sydney BLUE: "Moving Out to the Country" by Jools Holland and his Rhythm and Blues Orchestra w…
Don't Go To Strangers - from the Hootenanny 2006 by Jools Holland, Amy Winehouse and Paul Weller ♫
I want to petition to get or on Jools Holland's this year.
I liked a video Dave Swift on Bass with Jools Holland backing Irma Thomas "Break-A-Way"
I got the for "When It's My Time" by Imelda May feat. Jools Holland on
Just found the video of singing running in the family with Eric Clapton, Jools Holland, Midge Ure and ML on keyboards
at the bbc - why all the Jools Holland clips ? He def appeared on Jonathan Ross show around this time.
Later...with Jools Holland has gradually turned in to Jazz Club from The Fast Show.
.is here! From. Daniel Barenboim to Sir Simon Rattle, Jools Holland to Nicola Benedetti & Ella Fitzgerald
To numb the eternal pain of I'm going to watch Jools Holland play a plinky plonky piano duet with Ed Sherran
"Later on BBC4, Sally the labrador takes on Albert Ayler in Pet Sounds with Jools Holland."
Later with Jools Holland tonight with one of my personal favourite bands - Kings Of Leon with one song especially
Later tonight in the Moods with Jools Holland!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I remember watching this episode of Later... with Jools Holland. Amy sang Rehab.
I liked a video Oasis - Round Are Way live at Later with Jools Holland 1995 HD
Stereophonics - Maybe Tomorrow on Later... with Jools Holland in 2003.
Jools Holland & his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra at The Royal Concert Hall Nottingham on Wednesday…
look on Youtube for their Jools Holland set Mark. Layne Staley's voice is something else.
Singer will join Jools Holland and at Hampton Court Palace Festival 2017
On radiohhh_com RED "Town and Country Rhythm and Blues (featuring Chris Difford)" by Jools Holland's Big Band Rhythm & Blues from 'Small Wor
Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better (live on Later with Jools Holland 2000). via
Unbelievable performance on Jools Holland Imelda stolen the show. Talent
Jools Holland band man . Live in . Fri 3rd Feb. .
Just 3 days left if you want to pay by instalments for your tickets see Jools Holland The…
Lou performs "Perfect Day" on 'Later... with Jools Holland' in 2003 with and Anohni. Watch:…
Oasis - Gas Panic! (Live Jools Holland) This is the band i've seen 15 times.Only 2nd to Gary Numan 50 odd
SMALL WORLD BIG BAND by JOOLS HOLLAND was no.8 in the UK album charts on 28 January 2002
Imelda performed her new single on Jools Holland's Hootenanny. Pre-order the new album to get instantly htt…
Ruby Turner performing the Sister Rosetta Tharpe hit “This Train” accompanied by Jools Holland and his Orchestra.…
Now playing: "Jumpin' in the Morning" by Jools Holland & his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra with Ruby Turner from 'Sirens of Song'
Jools Holland and his Rhythm . I'm looking forward to it!
Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra feat. Gilson Lavis and guest vocalists Ruby Turner & Louise...…
This New Years I had Jools Holland on TV and a fridge of Efes. Roman Abramovich had and at a private party
Obviously naming a tune means I had to listen to it. There is a nice live version with Arthur Lee on Jools Holland.
Ryan Tubridy just pronounced Jools Holland's hootenanny as "hoot-n-ay" clearly he has never heard of it ...😔😕it's only been going 20+yrs!
Is that Steve Norris playing drums in Jools Holland's Rhythm & Blues Orchestra?
Hacker the *** dog is on Jools Holland making alcoholic jokes about Rhod Gilbert. Has this enhanced or ruined my childhood
Steve Norris & the drummer in Jools Holland's band - separated at birth?
Mark E. Smith has a clause in his contract that says Jools Holland can't play boogie woogie over Fall songs when they appear on his show.
⭐️ Bachelorette - Jools Holland 1997 (Live) ⭐️ PART 1. One of her best performances. Outstanding vocals.
I'm staying in and netflixing till jools holland.
Jools Holland won't be happy. I went lav lav on his boogie-woogie piano. .
At any rate, that was better than whatever self-indulgent dross Jools Holland is going to serve up on his annual love-in
Came across someone today who has never watched Jools Holland on New Years Eve. 🙈
Dinner and bed for us. Exactly zero Jools Holland will be tolerated.
mmason4233 Before Glenlivet and Jools Holland effect me HAPPY New Year fantastic
Does anyone watch the Jools Holland show on the Beeb any more now we know it's recorded before Christmas?
I'm not saying Jools Holland's Hootenanny is recorded well in advance, but the surprise guests this year are Prince and Da…
Looking forward to seeing George Michael and Rick Parfitt on Jools Holland's Hootenanny tonight.
Cold meats, cheeses, MOTD & Jools Holland for those on tenterhooks
"You know what would improve this song? Let's get Jools Holland to play crappy honky tonk piano over it." - No musician. Ever.
I'm going to watch Jools Holland on BBC2 +1 so if everyone could wait until 1am before setting off fireworks that would be great
Putting in some last minute training for Jools Holland's Hootenanny by listening to boogie woogie and swearing violentl…
New Year already?? Filming for Jools Holland's Hootenanny gets under way in today
Just heard Jools Holland's Hootenanny is recorded weeks in advance hopefully they are wrong love that show no it can't be got to be live Mx
Well, it's no Jools Holland but try and have a good night anyway ;-)
Pub soon, then back in time for Jools Holland. Even though you should never wish time away, i'll be exceedingly glad to see the back of 2016
Nothing says a wild New Years more than watching Harry Potter followed by Jools Holland's annual hootenanny 😬
the only showcase is Jools Holland and the studio sound is dire - even crap talk shows in the US book good bands
Maybe we should just accept defeat, resign ourselves to a bit of Jools Holland?
I'm in my 'comfies' already and love staying in. Always watch Jools Holland so hopefully someone good on tonight.
Ring in the New Year w/me & more on Jools Holland Hootenanny at 11:20pm!🎉
That's just terrible.. Will be watching you on Jools Holland tonight. Happy New Year cocker. 🙋😉
Being home alone on New Years Eve isn't nice but got my music blasting & looking forward to watching Jools Holland later & Robbie taped 😀👍x
Anyone else have this unreasonable hatred for Jools Holland or is it just me?
I'm not a lover of New Year! I shall be curled up with my 2 mini panthers probably watching Jools Holland if I'm...
It's been many years since I went out on NYE. Now I don't even have much enthusiasm for staying up to watch Jools Holland…
It's funny we pay a tv tax all year and the only thing worth watching on the BBC is the last program of the year, Jools Holland.
Who's excited for that re-run of Jools Holland's Hootenanny they've shown every year since 2007?. What do you mean it's not a re-run?
I will never forget year I was a guest at Jools Holland's Hootenanny. + then spent real New Year's Eve alone watching myse…
I didn't hate 2016 for myself but I hate NYE and I don't regret being at home at all. Bring on Jools Holland.
Stuck for a last minute How about tickets for our night or Jools Holland at Taverham Hall?
Jools Holland and guests rocked Newcastle City Hall last night, such a good night!
Jools Holland, pianist, bandleader, singer, composer and television presenter chats with Ke…
Jools Holland and Squeeze members to perform at Hull City Hall. Hull is set to welcome piano legend...
SO MUCH TALENT ON ONE STAGE! . We loved Jools Holland and his R&B orchestra at Symphony Hall tonight with own…
Jools Holland and Ruby Turner after she received her MBE by The Duke of Cambridge during an Investiture ceremony at…
Not indie, but Jools Holland's obsession with Beverley Knight baffles me.
My photos of Jools Holland & his rhythm and Blues Orchestra in concert at the Royal Albert Hall on Friday
Jools Holland and his rhythm and Blues Orchestra ✨🎶 @ Royal Albert Hall
Jools Holland and His Rhythm and Blues Orchestra at Waterfront Hall Auditorium on 13 Oct 2017
2 tickets to Jools Holland at York Barbican Centre - York, 12 Nov, fv £35.00 ea. To buy these tickets and more:
Vote for boogie-woogie on Friday when Jools Holland hits Harrogate with guests and
Still the finest performer of this Doors classic - Jose Feliciano on Jools Holland last week .
Jools Holland and His Rhythm and Blues Orchestra tickets for 19/11/2016,
Listen back to John Cooper Clarke and Hugh Cornwell chat & perform on the Jools Holland show, BBC Radio 2 last night http…
Thank u Jools Holland ✨ I'm playing some more songs on tomorrow's show, BBC2 11:05PM
So every week I listen to & Later with Jools Holland comes on the TV at some point. Now much as I love Jools man needs a new suit
Twin Atlantic are on the Jools Holland show. Just think about that for a second.
The Imelda May show is right up there with late night with Jools Holland!! Honestly 👍🙈
Jools Holland did it again. Rag and Bone man cover of Human.
Later with Jools Holland this week. Ooft - best in a long while. And those M83 singers - double ooft!
Fresh from Later with Jools Holland, Uckfield's singing sensation talks music with
BBC Audience - BBC Two's Later... with Jools Holland - more recording dates released!: Later... with Jools *** ..
Looks like its Goth/Indie Disco night at Later with Jools Holland
Free tix for Later... with Jools Holland via
When classic and new KOL collide... Kings Of Leon - Around The World - Later… with Jools Holland - BBC Two
I liked a video Alison Krauss & Union Station live at Jools Holland
the Tube on Friday night. Jools Holland & Paula Yates 🎙📽
I added a video to a playlist Mark Morrison performing Return of the mack on Jools Holland
Mann dated Jules Shear, not a guy from Jools Holland the Millionaires. Also GTR was Steve Howe and Steve Hackett.
Future Seasick Steve of Swindon will sing songs about you on Jools Holland's Hootenanny. which will STILL be on
Jools Holland's Hootenanny 2025. He just runs frantically from stage to stage screaming band names while Al Murray turns yellow from drink
Post your best air guitar selfie next to this to win a pair of tickets to Jools Holland tom!!
Jools Holland and the Rhythm and Blues Orchestra really on form tonight at Warwick Arts Centre
Iggy Pops performance on Jools Holland the other day blew everyone else right out the water. Rock and roll. And Josh Homme is simply godlike
am watching/listening to a recorded Jools Holland show, had John Denver singing 'Jet Plane', memories😳🎶
great news. Hope you show up (Jerry Lee Lewis was booked for a Jools Holland show but didn't turn-up!)
The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Emmerson, Lake and Palmer! When was the last time Rick Stein watched Jools Holland??
Did just do an impression of Jools Holland? Incredible scenes.
Jools Holland putting Sleaford Mods and Richard Hawley in his favourite 10 performances on Later. Good man.
When \ Seasick Steve is booked on Jools Holland for the kabilltioth time *rolls eyes* *pukes in the corner* blame
Coming up this Tuesday, 10th May, watch Elton perform live on with Jools Holland on
How great to have the wonderful back. Jools Holland and his guests are such a splendid eclectic mix - and that Laura Mvula is ace!
This Kronos Quartet track on Jools Holland the now sounds like Bert Jansch for violins.
The music on Later with Jools Holland is the equivalent of pressing Shuffle on an unwanted iPod.
THE THE "This is the Day" Singer Matt Johnson with keyboard guru Jools Holland made magic!...
Check blueSCI's artist in resident (from 2012) Peter Brewis on Later with Jools Holland tonight on BBC 2 at 10 pm. https:/…
Electronic Device Insurance
Later &with Jools Holland: Bryan Ferry, Paul Rodgers, the War on ... 👳😈
Forgot how good this sounds.Seasick Steve - Bring It On - Later… with Jools Holland - BBC Two
Watch deliver a brilliant performance on Later… with Jools Holland
Missed on Live,Later... with Jools Holland? Watch it now.
Laura Mvula's performance of 'Phenomenal Woman' on Later with Jools Holland is stunning... Defy pidgeon holes -...
Anyone else catch on The Jools Holland show last night? Repeated in Fri or search on
Buzzing that will be supporting Jools Holland on the 8th July at summer days festival in Clitheroe!! See you there!
BOY: Can't sleep. Scared of the boogie-woogie man. DAD: You mean the boogeyman?. *Jools Holland and his orchestra emerge fr…
Last night saw the return of long running superb Later.With Jools Holland. Check out the featured artists & more.
Kano took a brass band to 'Later... with Jools Holland' last night and subsequently smashed it:
10th December, Tickets on sale here:
Watch: Kano performs ‘This is England’ on Later… with Jools Holland: Kano links up...
Jools Holland and Lake Street Dive - - Later… with... via
I heard Paul Simon talking about it last night on Jools Holland and he liked it too.I'll give it a listen.
Watch incredible performance of 'This Is England' on last night
on a high from last night's wi/Jools Holland wi/ the amazing Tune in Fri 11:05 BBC 2!
Jools Holland fan? See the man himself speak tonight at
Feeling spring-like? Get tickets for one of our shows. David Essex, Jools Holland, Elkie Brooks all coming
Jools Holland last night. Watch it here --->
Taking The Manor to Jools Holland tonight. from 10:00pm. Tune In.
Some more Jason Isbell - The Life You Chose on last night's Later… with Jools Holland
Army Big Band - Corps of Army Music - with Jools Holland. Army Big Band ...
Jools holland back,what was paul Simon singing,wristband.awful for a legend like him,hopefully the rest of his new album is better.
Nice to see one of my T shirts appear on Later ... With Jools Holland last night. Obviously has more sway than I. ;-)
please could you do the Later.with Jools holland show in UK. Piano and microphone would be amazing showcased on…
If your into & Jools Holland, make sure you check out when is in your area! Great comic, big fan!
Blue Nile at Jools Holland: Tinseltown in the Rain. PAUL BUCHANAN. Hoy cumple 60 años...
I liked a video from Paul Buchanan - Mid Air (Later with Jools Holland)
Later with Jools Holland is basically my dream job, amazing artists performing one after another. Doesn't get better than that
Brandi Carlile 'The Story' on Later with Jools Holland another fabulous performance
Watch David Bowie's performances on Later... with Jools Holland over the years:
:). Hugh Laurie & Jools Holland play an amazing piano duet - Later... with J... via
This episode of Jools Holland has Jay-Z, Foo Fighters, Sting, and Norah Jones all on it. Why doesn't America have a version of this?
Jools Holland will be entertaining the crowds at Thoresby along with his special guest Chris https:…
Upcoming gigs: 2nd April with Unit7 (Funk/Souk) with Jools Holland's sax player Derek Nash who is amazing!
Jools Holland, Carol Decker Yay! Broadcasting our show on Monday 21st ,can't wait to he…
23:00 Jools Holland: Jools welcomes Carol Decker of T'Pau to the studio.
Derek Nash of Jools Holland&Rhythm and Blue Orchestra plays jazz gigs in Medway, Cante...
Yamaha and Jazz FM team up to inspire lapsed musicians: . Jamie Cullum, Jools Holland and Alexander...
NEW: and talk 'Jim White, Jools Holland and Walmart' | Listen here:
NEW PODCAST: is back to talk Jim White, Jools Holland and Walmart! Listen here:
It seems a bit weird having the Superbowl on BBC2. It'd be like Terry Bradshaw commentating on Jools Holland's Hootenanny. On Fox.
Jools Holland announces two Newcastle City Hall Christmas shows: Jools and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra will be…
Jools Holland is in Spice World. Jools Holland. What on earth was that about?
Back in after her superb Jools Holland's Hootenanny performance: Better Than Home red vinyl. https:…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Just rewatching Jools Holland show, superb :) liked future island, lead singer is a case :)
Loved Rhiannon Giddens on Jools Holland last night. Right up there with Joan Baez in my opinion.
Anyone watching Jools Holland? Rhiannon Giddens is amazing. Will be checking her out a whole lot more.
Tom Jones and Jess Glynne lead the line-up on Jools Holland&yearly New Ye... -
Jools Holland for Americans: cross between Paul Shaffer and *** Clark, slightly hipper than PS and slightly younger (ie not dead) than DC.
Saw you for the first time tonight on Jools Holland. I've been missing out!! You're outstanding.
Proud Mary in Jools Holland reminded me of the f'ing jumpsuit of yours. more girlie nights out needed me dear x
Just found Future Island via Jools Holland wow the anx in that lead singer suits me, here's hoping without visual high hopes for 2 0 16
Sorry Kat, I've got James Bay singing Proud Mary on the Jools Holland live music show BBC2 UK❤
Proud Mary being performed on Jools Holland's and all I can think of is the stellar performance by Jenny and the Babes
Watching the great Jools Holland with the angry but not so young Paul Weller Richard also Beth Hart and the...
The keyboard guy from Jools Holland is the human reincarnation of Keyboard Cat
Tom Jones signing on Jools Holland's New Years programme has already made my year🤘🏽😂
Who is this tinpot man on Jools Holland? . Really bad hair line as well. Very sad for the young man.
Ah New Year's Eve. I feel I can already hear the traditional sound of people being awkwardly interviewed by Jools Holland.
Looking forward to Jools Holland with flicking over to Jackie Bird on BBC1. Mary Doll? - No Thanks
Jools Holland plays no games. Had McCartney, Neil Diamond, Elvis Costello & the Black Keys all on the same show. That's an $800 fest ticket.
If you are staying in this New Year's Eve, you can catch our Steering Group member on Jools Holland's Hootenanny!
Jools Holland has his very own moment in the room named after him here at - with https…
A hit and run driver who mowed down a biker has had his curfew relaxed so he can take his mother to see Jools Holland. Ca…
I try to act cultured and drink wine and listen to American bands that play Jools Holland but I always go back to beer and the
At 11, I went to live with my maternal nan and granddad temporarily, after my pa...
The best thing about New Year's Eve is Jools Holland's Hootenanny without a doubt!
Florence Welch on headlining at Glastonbury: ‘Jarvis said everyone’s … Florence + the Machine perform Ship To Wreck…
Footage of Jools Holland before he had even heard of Ruby Turner
Jools Holland too much into the music
Jools Holland before he became annoying
Can't wait to hear more from you in 2016,you're an incredible talent! My Dad&I saw Jools Holland 3wks ago who is awesome,you too
are u planning to come to Europe at some point next year? Thought u did a great job on Later with Jools Holland
Sara had a fantastic time meeting Jools Holland at the on Saturday. :)
Update your maps at Navteq
It's official- Pauline Black & Arthur 'gaps' Hendrickson of on Jools Holland's Hootenanny this year!
Pauline & Gaps from The Selecter will join Jools Holland at his date at The Spa next year: http…
And if you liked that one, try this - Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Phil Collins & Jools Holland - Layla
Definitely watching Jools Holland this year. Never really in doubt but this news sealed it... via STVPress
I like "Later with Jools Holland" except I wish it wasn't on so late. And I don't like Jools Holland
Love the musical variety on Later with Jools Holland and right now watching The Lone Bellow and Alabama Shakes
that strange show Later...with Jools Holland would never happen in America, and I love it
Later... with Jools Holland on Palladia. It's just always really satisfying to watch, and great way to discover new (to me) music.
I added a video to a playlist The Lone Bellow - Then Came The Morning - Later… with Jools Holland -
I added a video to a playlist Soundgarden - Rusty Cage - Later Live.with Jools Holland - 6-11-2012
Hole - Malibu - Live on Later with Jools Holland via
always good to listen to... Guy Garvey - Belly Of The Whale - Later… with Jools Holland - BBC Two via
Seasick Steve - "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" (live in 'Later...with Jools Holland').
CD: Jools & Ruby – Jools Holland and Ruby Turner: ... will fall off their chair with surprise at any of this m...
Watching PiL on Jools Holland right now and I’m pretty sure that Johnny Lydon and Elton John have become the same person
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Did you see KT Tunstall support Jools Holland at Hatfield House?.
Wot the *** are you watching Vaughan? David Hare and Dominic Lawson and Jools Holland on I'm a celebrity? eh?
Wherever you go in life, always remember Joe Cornish impersonating Jools Holland is there for you.
23:00 Jools Holland: Anita Harris joins Jools and the band, covering Elvis Presley live for the very first time
I am in absolute awe of Joanna Newsom after that perf on Jools Holland singing "Leaving the City". Stunning. Beautiful. Breathtaking. TY.
Watch make her telly debut with 'Touch' on Jools Holland:
Low, Joanna newsom and the arcs definitely the stand outs on Jools Holland this week
Watch Joanna Newsom perform Divers' track "Leaving the City" on with Jools Holland https:/…
All I know is, I won't have to watch horrible center-cut broadcasts - including football games - and I can watch Jools Holland again! \o/
Sounds like a great pice of funk: Jamie Woon - Sharpness - Later… with Jools Holland - BBC Two via
that bit on Jools Holland that sounded like a 1920s version of Plastic Bertrand
Just back from Jools Holland live and OMG it was amazing. Cannot express how good that was!! 🎷🎹🎺🎵
have you watched this week's Jools Holland yet? Check out immediately x
Tickets are available for all Sligo live concerts with exception of Jools Holland but hurry others are selling fast.
To be honest, I like Jools Holland, It's a very good show too, The music guests are always very versatile!
Ik like y does the uk hate us?? I have 2 wait another week to watch the wolf Alice jools holland episode :'(
Muse - Map of the Problematique (Live Jools Holland) via MY best Live Act ever...wherever they ARE!!
Earlier... with Jools Holland at Bord Gáis Energy Theatre. What a fantastic evening!. More photos coming up soon.
Played your songs all day and played 'Done' over 20 times this afternoon.Thank the Lord for Jools Holland
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