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Jonny Gomes

Jonathan Johnson Jonny Gomes (born November 22, 1980 in Petaluma, California) is an American professional baseball outfielder for the Oakland Athletics.

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lest we forget Eric Hinske and Jonny Gomes
Gonna put a cage right in the middle of the diamond, tag team match - me & AJ Pierzynski vs Jonny Gomes & Tim Tebow
It sure worked to make Peavy and Jonny Gomes fall in love!
Josh Reddick putting up a positively Jonny Gomes slash line since arriving in LA.
beat em!! - Jonny Gomes...hope to see you there Cameron!
where's Jonny Gomes when you need him?
is that or hacksaw Jonny Gomes on the stage?
Anybody remember the walk off HBP by Jonny Gomes early in 2012 season? I think Kila Kaheue (spelling?) scored.
Obviously, Jonny Gomes went to the other high school in town.
Lucroy has even more at-bat behavioral ticks than Jonny Gomes.
I hope Christian Colon gives a shout-out to Jonny Gomes after this one.
The are going to the White House . . . but leaving Jonny Gomes home. Story:...
As I was saying, Jonny Gomes was on pace to be the next Kevin Youkilis for the just replace injury with leaving.
[Japan Times]SAPPORO – First-year import Jonny Gomes has returned to the United States …
Kevin Youkilis and Jonny Gomes played in 39 games all together for Rakuten.
Things you learn from a HR log: Of Chris Young's 14 HRs last year, five came off Alexi Ogando (thrice), IF Josh Wilson, and OF Jonny Gomes.
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BREAKING: Billy Butler, Deric Barton, Jonny Gomes and Jim Johnson for Pablo Sandoval trade happening! Two team, 3 Pro Organization swap a-go
Meanwhile, I'm stuck watching former Luis Mendoza and Jonny Gomes, who will be tracked for y'all.
i don't even want to know Jonny Gomes plans for this
I'm glad he's not on our team and in the words of Jonny Gomes beat em!!!
Rakuten's Jonny Gomes hits the ground running in Japan |
[San Francisco Gate]The site of the training camp for the Rakuten Golden Eagles, Gomes’…
Would have been fun to see Jonny Gomes on this trip.
An update to the new part of Jonny Gomes' career, per
I need Jonny Gomes to come give me a life pep talk.
Matt light teaming with Jonny Gomes to fight ignorance!
[New England Sports Network]Gomes launched a two-run home run Sunday in the Rakuten Eagles’…
This man needs a dose of the Jonny Gomes speech.
[San Mateo Daily Journal]Batting cleanup, Gomes hit a two-run homer in the first inning to help …
[New England Sports Network]Jonny Gomes appears to be enjoying his time in Japan so far…
My late-breaking LaRoche opinion: Having kids around is fine, so long as Jonny Gomes is not on the team.
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[Bleacher Report]In fact, he will lace it up in a new country. According to K…
Norwich star Jonny Howson hopes to avoid the drop by sending Newcastle and Sunderland down
Can we get a Jonny Gomes vs. Wily Mo Pena HR Derby showdown in Japan?
Wily Mo Pena, Jonny Gomes and the rest of MLB's Missing Consonants All-Stars
Jonny Gomes is settling in nicely in Japan ... VIDEO: Ex-Brave Gomes Already Mashing in Japan
Arthur Rhodes and Jonny Gomes drinking Budweiser tall boys in their custom jersey robes was awesome
Will David Price be able to handle Boston? Former teammate Jonny Gomes offers what pitcher is up against
if you played as much in the as Jonny Gomes
When you realize Jonny Gomes has more rings than Barry Bonds, A-Rod, and Ken Griffey Jr. combined.
And there it is: Christian Colon credits Jonny Gomes with keeping him ready to PH.
And that's the bottom line, cuz Jonny Gomes said so...
Jonny Gomes is on the Kansas City roster? They really are the Cincinnati Royals.
Vince McMahon put Jonny Gomes on his watch list after yesterday.
Jonny Gomes sure talks a lot of trash for a guy who couldn't beat out Raul Mondesi Jr. & Christian Colon for a postseason roster spot.
Yup. Jonny Gomes had the best speech at the /mic drop.
Jonny Gomes almost called the the Cincinnati Reds in front of half a million people. Oops.
War Jonny Gomes for coaching up Christian Colon to be ready!
What KC has now is what I was hoping from the Reds when they had Volquez, Cueto and Jonny Freaking Gomes.
The Royals had to win. Good luck player Jonny Gomes was on the team.
Jonny Gomes is an american treasure
Potential for so much Jonny Gomes goodness on tomorrow morning.
Congrats to an old friend Jonny Gomes on winning his 2nd championship!
The only royal I'm happy for is Jonny Gomes. Not because he did anything, but because I love him.
Part of me thinks Jonny Gomes pays his teammates to talk about how awesome he is. Like how Disney pays guys to say "I'm going to Disneyland"
The day Jonny Gomes was traded to KC, predicted a championship. She was right.
It's become clear to me that Jonny Gomes is a talisman. That, or he is seriously hoodooing up some postseason teams with wolf magic.
Christian Colon just credited Jonny Gomes. Can’t make this stuff up.
Q: Christian Colon, how did you come through with that hit?. Colon: Jonny Gomes. Yes, that happened.
Jonny Gomes will visit President Obama next year. This is what he wore the last time he visited the White House.
Need a blog on how big of a hardo Jonny Gomes was last night
Not on t/roster but 2me a very important piece 2 t/success of t/2015Champs was Jonny Gomes/+Clubhouse guy/Team player/
How many fans woke up this morning realizing the Jonny Gomes is now a 2 time winner
Three days from now they will find a shirtless Jonny Gomes wandering around Queens.
Apparently the key to winning the is having Jonny *** Gomes on your roster.
Sorry Met's I rooted as hard as I could!!!. Congrats KC..It was because of the Jonny Gomes presence you all won!!!
I don't like David Price. You know who else I didn't like before we signed him? Jonny Gomes. How'd that work out?
nope I compared it to how I didn't like Jonny Gomes before we got him and that worked out. So id welcome signing Price too.
Congrats to the on their victory & to athlete Jonny Gomes who we know made a difference behind the scenes!
You guys gotta get Hacksaw Jonny Gomes on this week! Did you see this:
Took all but 2 minutes for Jonny Gomes to get all the credit for this Royals World Series title.
Countdown to hacksaw taking credit for Royals WS win in 3..2..1..
Congrats to former Fenway Dirt Dog Jonny Gomes on winning his second career World Series ring with the Kansas City
Congrats to the Royals & Edinson Volquez, Jonny Gomes and, heck, even Ryan Madson on a win!
The fact that Jonny Gomes is getting another ring...
Jonny Gomes man...World Series champion two out of the last three years...
Congrats former Edinson Volquez, and Jonny Gomes on their World Series win! Go
For someone not even on roster, Jonny Gomes seemed to get into every dugout shot. Then got a (paid?) plug from Colon post-game
Which ex-Red Sox is least deserving of a Royals World Series ring: Jonny Gomes or Franklin Morales?
The signed Jonny Gomes for the sole purpose of celebrating after winning the World Series 🍾🍻😜
First name Christian Colon mentioned to Jonny Gomes, thanking him for advice. He's not even on WS roster. Incr…
I know someone put up a trolling Jonny Gomes World Champion picture. Where's it at though?
Jonny Gomes batted .167 with no homers in 12 games for the Royals, didn't play in the post-season, and gets a ring.
Jonny Gomes with that free WS ring tho...
Kevin Millar just made a Jonny Gomes reference. I think a black hole has just formed.
Congratulations to former Reds Johnny Cueto, Edinson Volquez, Jonny Gomes, and Ryan Madson on their 2015 World Series cha…
First teammate mentioned by Christian Colon in on-field interview: Jonny Gomes, naturally.
That was Seth Maness against Jonny Gomes bad. Yost is Matheny's brother from a different mother.
Jonny Gomes celebrated the Royals' win by spinning his kid around and around.and right into Jason Vargas' toddler:
Royals' Jonny Gomes accidentally swings his kid into Jason Vargas' kid during the celebration
Jonny Gomes used his own kid and Jason Vargas' kid to reenact the Gomes-Fuld collision in last year's AL wild card.
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Jonny Gomes straight took out Jason Vargas's kid.
Jonny Gomes just tried to kill Jason Vargas' kid...
Congrats to former Braves Kris Medlen, Omar Infante, and Jonny Gomes on advancing to the
I completely forgot Jonny Gomes is on the Royals, so I guess I can root for them now. Always rooting for former Braves.
So I'm watching Jonny Gomes and Kris Medlen and Omar Infante beat Evan Gattis with John Smoltz and AJ Pierzynski on the call. . Go Braves.
Jonny Gomes drives in three, Kansas City Royals beat Chicago White Sox 6-4
Jonny Gomes knew it right away. Everyone did:
.I love him as an option going forward, to me he could be an IF version of Jonny Gomes in 2013
The Jonny Gomes bat decal is so official. Thanks to
Jonny Gomes will not be in the starting lineup for Tuesday's game vs Minnesota.
Hope it was AJ Pierzynski/Jonny Gomes honestly. Hope they told FO everything. They'd be better managers right now even tho they play still
Jonny Gomes was when he pitched for the Braves as well
Royals make deal to acquire veteran Jonny Gomes from Braves
Jonny Gomes notches a strikeout. Now to take the fun out of it: it was against Bryan Mitchell.
Jonny Gomes will pitch the ninth for the Braves. Yes, THAT Jonny Gomes.
I still can't believe Jonny Gomes is a heart attack survivor. That's a crazy story.
Ned's demonstrated understanding of how to deploy Jonny Gomes is great to see. He's improved just like the team has.
Jonny Gomes will start at RF and bat 5th vs Minnesota Twins on Monday.
Jonny Gomes is a Royal. That's so tight.
It has been tough to watch. Missing Jonny Gomes too.
Kansas City Royals acquire Jonny Gomes in trade with Atlanta Braves
acquire Jonny Gomes from the for Luis Valenzuela is 21yr infielder .364 in A ball
Rookies felt impact of Gomes' tenure with Braves
The call on OF Jonny Gomes from the 'pen, promptly homer:
. When will you be impersonating Jonny Gomes at bat? Is the batting helmet threaded?
What Ned had in his mind when he brought Jonny Gomes? I keep thinking... ... and wondering... there's no explanation. LOL
Like Jonny Gomes, Wisler has quickly adjusted to this relief role
except for Jonny Gomes pitching. We all need to remember that.
So you're not a Jonny Gomes fan then?
Jonny Gomes: "Royals are like the All America Body team. Most six-packs I've seen in a clubhouse, and that's not beer."
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Jonny Gomes on the "This is the most six packs I've seen in the clubhouse, and that's not beer"
Jonny Gomes talking about all the 6 packs in the locker room... You have my attention.
Live starting. Shoes on: talks about Cueto adjustments, and Jonny Gomes is a guest
Jonny Gomes, Sam Fuld, and his 2014 Oakland A's against KC Royals in Wild Card game be like 😂
OF Jonny Gomes will wear number 31. Last worn by RHP Louis Coleman in 2014.
Royals pick up Jonny Gomes in trade with Braves
The acquired outfielder Jonny Gomes from the for minor-league SS. DETAILS:
The Royals acquired OF Jonny Gomes in a trade with the Braves
I hope Jonny Gomes brings his celebration gear to Kansas City for the postseason.
Jonny Gomes, in 83 games, has more walks than Alcides Escobar (120 games), Omar Infante (117), and Salvador Perez (113).
JUST IN: the have acquired OF Jonny Gomes from the . (via
If Red Sox replaced Allen Craig's name w/ Jonny Gomes, would media and fans 180 and be smitten? Guy is getting on 37% of at-bats..
Bumgarner gets to 5 in 56 at-bats, has as many HR as Jonny Gomes, Jose Reyes, Chase Utley, Matt Wieters, Wil Myers- all having far more ABs
Jonny Gomes' name fits perfectly into Johnny B. Goode: "go, go, go, Jonny Gomes, go!"
Alumni weekend here at Turner Field, and Jonny Gomes was thrilled to bump into his former Reds skipper Dusty Baker:
sfn, 3, Buster Posey singles on a line drive to left fielder Jonny Gomes. Gregor Blanco to 2nd.
they can probably get Jonny Gomes from the for some Big League Chew
or Jonny Gomes would actually be a producer, agh I could stab myself reading them :(
Jonny Gomes makes more sense for as he's better vs LHP and much cheaper $ wise.
Fair enough. I'll say this tho personally more interested in Jonny Gomes than Johnson. Better vs LHP & cheaper salary/contract.
Jonny Gomes has homered in the first game after the All-Star Break for three straight years since 2012. FRIDAY: Can he mak…
or it shows how good you can look when the best hitter the other team can roll out is Jonny Gomes...
Jonny Gomes needs to hit the DL so his 2016 option doesn't vest
But AJP and Jonny Gomes were supposed to be are savior.
Jonny Gomes wants to know: Are U Tuff Enuff to Barve?
Jonny Gomes recorded his 71st double this season.
Jonny Gomes with a ground rule double and we're all tied up at 3. . Bases loaded with with 1 out in the 6th.
The Braves are trying to deal Jonny Gomes, Jason Grilli, and Chris Johnson:
Braves trade rumors: Jonny Gomes, Jason Grilli, Chris Johnson on the block
are reportedly shopping Chris Johnson, Jonny Gomes, and Jason Grilli.
are reportedly shopping Jonny Gomes, Jason Grilli and Chris Johnson:
Hanley Ramirez makes Jonny Gomes look like Alex Gordon in left.
Hanley Ramirez could learn a thing or two from Jonny Gomes about how to play left field in Fenway. Great read on a carom just now.
I'd trade Jonny Gomes for Hanley Ramirez any day of the week. Power numbers be damned!
Would you trade Hanley Ramirez straight up for Jonny Gomes? I would. Bring some accountability to clubhouse, get out from under contract.
Jonny Gomes just made Hanley Ramirez look like a backup junior varsity player.
That's how you play left field Hanley Ramirez! Bring Jonny Gomes back!
Jonny Gomes just gave the middle fingah to Red Sox Nation
lol at this dude campaigning for a Jonny Gomes reunion for Boston.
Yesterday Aaron Boone and today Jonny Gomes was standing right behind me. NBD.
Single by Freddie Freeman, fly to RF that Bryce Harper loses in the sun by Jonny Gomes and an RBI single by Alberto Callaspo, 4-3
Only 4 Braves are walking in 10% or more of their plate appearances: Nick Markakis, Cameron Maybin, Jonny Gomes, and Jace Peterson.
Jonny Gomes? Chili Davis? I've been watching baseball for decades. Hanley Ramirez is worst defensive outfielder I've seen.
At first I wanted to beard like 2013 Mike Napoli. But it's definitely shaping up to look like 2013 Jonny Gomes
Grass and dirt at Turner Field. Get ready to see lots of this on the uniform of Jonny Gomes this year.
So now have Chris Johnson, Kelly Johnson, Jim Johnson, Jonny Gomes, A. John Pierzynski, and are run by 3 Johns (Schuer/Hart/Coppy).
Mets rumors: Ryan Ludwick or Jonny Gomes could be a good fit - Amazin' Avenue
Now that Jon Lester has signed with the Cubs, the likelihood that David Ross and Jonny Gomes end up in Chicago increases si…
You know, as a platoon player with Murphy, I wouldn't mind having either Jonny Gomes or Corey Hart to go with him. Cheap, with some pop
“Jonny Gomes on why Jon Lester is top free-agent pitcher available Note to Cherington: sign NOW!
James Shields mentioned Jonny Gomes as a teammate who helped him develop as a leader. Because of course.
'13 doesn't die:Clay Buchholz and Jonny Gomes flying to SF to see Jake Peavy Sunday then to SF for John Lackey Tuesday
The ghost of my love for Jonny Gomes is haunting my apartment???
Jonny Gomes had eight pinch walks, which match the most by an American League pinch hitter over the last 26 years.
Was asked if I'd cut Ryan Raburn in favor off adding Jonny Gomes. . 1: never thought I'd be asked that, and 2: I think I would.
This prof looks like Jonny Gomes with glasses
Roughly 24% of Jonny Gomes' career appearances have been in RF, but you know what I mean. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Jonny gomes, Gerard butler, denzel Washington, Leo cap. If anyone could flip me to the other team, they could lol
Jonny Gomes does not catch that. Lo siento.
Or get Jonny Gomes to help screw it onto his noggin.
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“Cardinals' bullpen working. Seth Maness.”. Where is Jonny Gomes when you need him!?!?!?
Cubs Rumors: Chicago could pursue Jonny Gomes: The Chicago Cubs have made no secret about their rebuilding pro...
Jonny Gomes oversized foam glove night. Oh wait a second… we don't have to endure him in 2015! Thank the lord!
Watching Jonny Gomes' E60 in First Aid class right now! This is the best class of the year. My teacher is the real MVP
“Cubs could pursue Jonny Gomes in free agency good idea or bad?
Cubs could pursue Jonny Gomes in free agency
Cubs could pursue Jonny Gomes in free agency
Jonny Gomes is a guy the may target this offseason, according to Between the he hit .234/.327/.330.
Cubs could to pursue Jonny Gomes in free agency via I'm not interested in any more .230 hitters. PASS!
Jonny Gomes could be a fit for the this winter. Details:
how can I chat with Gomes. 2013 ,amazing, I have the 617 jersey, Gomes Jersey, etc and I made this
To win the World Series nowadays you need to be good but also have a bunch of silly guys in the clubhouse. Jonny Gomes, David Ross, etc.
Brock Holt makes an amazing grab to catch a fly ball that Jonny Gomes couldn't see
Jonny Gomes could work in platoon role with Chicago: Aug 17, 2014; Atlanta, GA, USA; Oakland Athletics left fi...
Free-agent focus :Veteran OF Jonny Gomes would fit with Cubs -
"Jonny Gomes leaves it all on the field: check out Johnny phone booth
I don't like Craig wearing number 5 I keep looking at him and missing Jonny Gomes
In the dugout with Jonny Gomes, Nate Freiman, and Andy Parrino
fans! Please vote for my 9yr old's creation, Jonny Gomes Says Goodbye!
I thought that was Jonny Gomes holy look alike
Feldman (from across the hall) is done, and Darin Downs is brought in to face Bradley. Jonny Gomes isn't around to surprise Ned Yost anymore
Recommendation by :Jonny With James Shields on the moun...
Lineup Alarm: Jonny Gomes (LF - Oak) Jonny Gomes is not in the Athletics\' starting lineup on Thursday.
Jonny Gomes-LF: Gomes is not in the Athletics' starting lineup on Thursday.
Jonny Gomes breaks his bat and hands it to a little girl, to make her day😊 Boston Red Sox
Jonny Gomes solo HR in that Hoch game
Just a few of the autographs on the left are (from top) Stephen Vogt, Derek Norris, and Jonny Gomes.…
And the Boys Are Back just came on my ipod and im sad about Jonny Gomes again 😩
Jonny Gomes swing reminds me of Charles Barkley's golf swing
Does anyone in the league have a shorter, more abbreviated follow-through swing than Jonny Gomes? I doubt it.
Infield single by Jonny Gomes puts runners on the corners with two outs.
Jonny Gomes Disease alive and well in KC.
Josh Donaldson doubled to left. Runner on second with two outs and Jonny Gomes due up.
a beard off with the ratings booster himself, Jonny Gomes
Jonny Gomes gives thumbs up to cameras as he leaves Fenway Park for final time. Gonna miss him h…
100% Jonny Gomes love for the Red Sox nation is truly something beautiful
Heading to Oakland to scrap Jonny Gomes in a Market Basket
Jay Mohr is the Jonny Gomes of radio. Wherever he goes, my radio gets better.
imagine that. Trading Jonny Gomes at 33 for a 28 yr old Yoenis Cespedes. ***
On this date (August 13) in 2009, defeated 7-0, behind big games from Bronson Arroyo and Jonny Gomes. Arroyo ... (1 of 3)
make a player good defensively. I've seen jonny Gomes make good defensive plays too
Jonny Gomes is thrilled to join the A's
Jonny Gomes and brought the house down on yesterday. Take a look:
Jonny Gomes on Ortiz glove, " Take that pic, it's a rare sighting...kinda like Sasquatch."
Jonny Gomes just got an RBI as a pinch hitter. So many memories just came back
Make it 10-3 Jonny Gomes with the pinch hit sac fly.
I'm still not over the loss of Grady Sizemore, Jake Peavy, John Lackey, & Jonny Gomes. They were my faves 😭⚾️❤️
Red Sox trade Jon Lester, Jonny Gomes to A's for Yoenis Cespedes - The...
Ben Cherington made chicken cordon bleu out of chicken poop by trading Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes to Oakland for Yoenis Cespedes.
Happy Friday folks. Welcome to August folks. What a day in MLB on Thursday! Here is a review of the trades that went down on Thursday. Tampa Bay Rays have traded pitcher David Price to the Detroit Tigers in a 3 team trade. Tigers get: pitcher David Price Mariners get: outfielder Austin Jackson Rays get: pitcher Drew Smyly, shortstop Nick Franklin, shortstop Willy Adames Boston Red Sox traded ace pitcher Jon Lester and outfielder Jonny Gomes and cash considerations to the Oakland Athletics in exchange for outfielder Yoenis Cespedes a competitive balance pick Boston Red Sox traded pitcher John Lackey and pitcher Corey Littrell and cash considerations to the St. Louis Cardinals in exchange for pitcher Joe Kelly and outfielder Allen Craig Oakland Athletics traded pitcher Tommy Milone to the Minnesota Twins in exchange for outfielder Sam Fuld Arizona Diamondbacks traded outfielder Gerardo Parra in exchange for outfielder Mitch Haniger and pitcher Anthony Banda San Diego Padres traded outfielder Chris Denorfia ...
The Boston Red Sox were busy at the In addition to trading Jon Lester, John Lackey, Jonny Gomes and Andrew Miller, they also dealt Stephen Drew to the New York Yankees.
In a six-day span, the Red Sox traded Jake Peavy, Felix Doubront, Jon Lester, John Lackey, Jonny Gomes, Stephen Drew and Andrew Miller. That's 28% of the roster dealt in less than a week. Amazing.
Goodbye John Lackey, Jon Lester, Jonny Gomes, Andrew Miller and Stephen Drew. Best of luck to you all with your new teams! (Except the Yankees. Sorry Stephen) Welcome to Boston Yoenis Cespedes, Joe Kelly, and Allan Craig! Let's do this! GO SOX! ⚾⚾⚾
MLB breaking news: Red Sox trade Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes to Athletics for Yoenis Cespedes.
News: Major League Baseball's Trade Deadline has been one of the most eventful in recent memory. Detroit, Oakland, and St Louis have all boosted their championship credentials, each adding a prime-time pitcher to their starting rotation. The Detroit Tigers picked up David Price, the best left-hander in the League from Tampa Bay in a three-way trade involving Seattle. Center-fielder A tin Jackson went to the Mariners, while lefty Drew Smyly went to the Rays. Price is the Major League leader in strike-outs, and he joins Max Scherzer and J tin Verlander as a trio of Cy Yo g Award winners in the Tigers rotation Defending champions Boston have dealt away the two pitchers that led them to last year's World Series title. Jon Lester, along with outfielder Jonny Gomes is now a member of the Oakland A's. In exchange the Red Sox get the Cuban slugger Yoenis Cespedes. The two teams in the trade are going opposite directions. The A's are the best team in baseball, g ning for their first World Series title since 1989, ...
Over the last week, the Red Sox have traded Jon Lester, John Lackey, Jake Peavy, Jonny Gomes, Andrew Miller, Felix Doubront, Stephen Drew, a minor leaguer, & cash considerations for Yoenis Cespedes, Allen Craig, Joe Kelly, Kelly Johnson, 3 minor leaguers, & a player to be named later or cash considerations. Surprisingly, I'm not upset about these trades. They only stand to make the Sox better in the future.
Jonny Gomes: “That ring. That ring’s a lifer. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to wear that uniform.”
Final full trade: Jon Lester, Jonny Gomes and $ to Oakland for Yoenis Cespedes and the second pick in the competitive balan…
Sadly, it's official. Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes to the Oakland A's for Yoenis Cespedes and John Lackey is going to St. Louis for Allen Craig and Joe Kelly. :( I know it's wishful thinking, but I'm hoping to see Lester back in a Red Sox uniform in 2015. Thanks Jon, for '07 and '13, you'll be greatly missed! I don't hold much faith in the Red Sox brass at this point...
Jonny Gomes just loaded his truck and left Fenway Park. Told me 'this is all part of being a nomad ball player.' .
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Red Sox club house thinking if Jon goes so is John and Jonny.
Jonny Gomes always knew his time in Oakland wasn't finished. He tells me "I'm coming back for my ring."
"Jonny Gomes is the epitome of Merica' ⚾🔴🔵
I would also like to say a big thank you to Jonny Gomes. Hope he knows we love him and we deeply appreciated his efforts …
If your name is John and you're on the Red Sox, you're getting traded. We've traded Jon Lester, John Lackey, and Jonny Gomes lol.
Sox and officially announce trade sending Jon Lester, Jonny Gomes & cash to from BOS to OAK for Yoenis …
“Jonny Gomes is the epitome of Merica' he me?
must not like John's. JON, JOHN AND JONNY traded. Lester, Lackey, Gomes
“Jonny Gomes is the epitome of Merica' this is why he's one of my favorite players
.is sad Lester/Gomes are moving west. I'm sad today that bits like this (may be done.
This is a tribute to Jonny Gomes. Goodbye Jonny, have fun on the bench in Oakland
Is Jonny Gomes bringing back the Too $hort walk-up music?
acquire Yoenis Cespedes from in exchange for Jon Lester, Jonny Gomes. Full story:
BLOCKBUSTER!. The acquire Jon Lester & Jonny Gomes from the for Yoenis Cespedes. DETAILS:
Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes from the Red Sox
“Jonny Gomes is the epitome of Merica'
First, Yoenis Céspedes for Jon Lester* and Jonny Gomes. Now, Joe Kelly and Allen Craig for John Lackey.
Wishing best of luck to and Jonny Gomes in Oakland. Will miss those two guys in the clubhouse, sending them …
Jonny Gomes is the epitome of Merica'
Jon Lester, John Lackey and Jonny Gomes are gone.. we did get some good pick ups, but its a sad day in Boston Red Sox fan club.
Yoenis Cespedes, Jon Lester Blockbuster Deal. Cespedes going to Boston Red Sox. Lester going to Oakland Athletics along with Jonny Gomes. Driven by Ford Motor Company
Outfielder Jonny Gomes, who was traded from the Red Sox along with Jon Lester to the Athletics on Thursday morning for Yoenis Cespedes, joined Middays with MFB
bummed to see Jonny Gomes to the A's too he had a big time homer in the World Series to win that game and turn the series around
Jonny Gomes told Susan Slusser that he knew his time with Oakland wasn't over. "I'm coming back for my ring."
July 31, 2014 Baseball's Biggest Deadline Deals 8 Comments big-deadline-trades Some of the big deadline deals have worked out fantastically for both sides, but usually at least one team ends up disappointed. (Getty Images) By Marc Normandin Sometimes the trade deadline feels like a letdown. We get weeks of rumors -- which come nonstop in the days leading up to the deadline itself -- and then often, no real payoff. Maybe there's an intriguing trade here or a weird one there, but it never feels as big as we want it to. That's not always the case, however. There are plenty of trades that reignite our love for mid-summer rumor season, like the one that the Red Sox and A's just pulled off. Our goal today is to recap some of the most significant of the wild-card era. After all, that's the time period in baseball with the most playoff spots, and therefore the most teams fighting desperately to remain relevant past July's closing days. Presented in no particular order, the biggest deadline trades of the last 20 y ...
In a bold move, the A’s, who have the best record in baseball, shipped Yoenis Cespedes and a draft pick to Boston for Lester, an All-Star pitcher , and outfielder Jonny Gomes.
Jonny Gomes on EEI right now, nothing but class. This guy is awesome. Take notes Carl Crawford.
Really disappointed about the Yoenis Cespedes trade for Jon Lester & Jonny Gomes!
The Boston Red Sox clubhouse must be reeling! Jake Peavy, Jon Lester, Jonny Gomes and now John Lackey. Looks like Andrew Miller might be next.
Jon Lester, Jonny Gomes, and John Lackey were traded by the Red Sox today. Anyone else see a trend?
As an A's fan, it is a little difficult for me to let go of Céspedes; however, getting Lester to push toward a World Series ring may be worth it. Céspedes is going to love that wall in left! I'm glad Tommy Milone found a home in Minnesota; A's get Sam Fuld in return. Along with Fuld, the A's get Jonny Gomes back--both can play left field in place of Céspedes.
From Chronicle Staff Writer Susan Slusser What a stunner of a morning, with the A's sending the wildly talented slugger Yoenis Cespedes to the Red Sox for ace Jon Lester and Petaluma's own Jonny Gomes, then trading Tommy Milone - who'd asked to be dealt - to the Twins for Sam Fuld.
Cespedes to the Red Sox for jonny Gomes and Jon Lester! Athletics are stupid.
BLOCKBUSTER: Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes heading to Oakland for Yoenis Cespedes I Do not like getting rid of our best hitter. Who also won the HRD the last 2 years.
The Jon Lester deal also includes Jonny Gomes heading to Oakland, according to reports.
Although disappointed. Remember as Towney said it this Morning... don't fall in love with the name on the back of the jersey! Fall in love with the name in front of the Jersey!!! Let's Go Oakland! Gonna miss YO! Welcome Lester and welcome back Sam Fuld and N.Bay product Jonny Gomes!
The Oakland Athletics and Boston Red Sox have agreed to terms on a deal that will send Red Sox starting pitcher Jon Lester, as well as outfielder Jonny Gomes to Oakland in exchange for left fielder Yoenis Cespedes and a competitive balance draft pick. Lester, 30, has enjoyed a sensational 2014 season, pitching to a […]
Here's the 2014 Topps cards for today's new Red Sox: Yoenis Cespedes for Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes (trade with Oakland), and then Allen Craig and Joe Kelly for John Lackey (trade with St. Louis). See the individual cards for a who's who of each player.
So let me get this straight the Oakland Athletics have now traded Addison Russell, Yoenis Cespedes, and Tommy Milone for Jon Lester, Jeff Samardzija, Jason Hammel, Sam Fuld, and Jonny Gomes? I love getting Lester and The Shark but wow, they clearly do not believe in the "if it's not broke don't fix it" saying I guess.
Bittersweet day selling off our World Series assets. Lester, Lackey, and my boy Jonny Gomes you all will be missed. However, we have to look to next year, and I do like the new additions of Cespedes, Allen Craig, and Joe Kelly. They all have upside.
The Red Sox are not liking the "Jon's" today. Jon Lester, John Lackey, and Jonny Gomes.
I don't even know what to say.heartbroken would be an understatement to say the least. Jon Lester: from overcoming Cancer in your rookie year to come back and win a World Series the following...from your no hitter to becoming one of the greatest Pitchers the Sox ever had, and Ultimately winning us a World Series when we needed it most, having the greatest performance a Sox pitcher ever had...Thank you. My only hope and silver lining is that you have the slim chance of coming back. And don't think I forgot about you Jonny Gomes! Your time here was brief, but you with your wild personality and toughness was a perfect fit for Boston, and I will miss you very much. Thanks for the title, Ironsides. I'm gonna miss you
Still plan on watching the Boston Red Sox finish the season... (happy to take your tickets for free, you whine *** . Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes will be missed though! Shaking up Boston sports again.
I love, love, love, love the opening days of free agency and trade deadlines. In any sport. Yoenis Cespedes traded to the Red Sox. A's get Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes. Now it appears the Cardinals have made a move for John Lackey. More below as it happens.
Wow Oakland are so dumb.. Jon Lester ND Jonny gomes for Yoenis Cespedes... Seriously yoenis is a beast one of the best arms in the outfield guaranteed... Lester is great but I dnt agree with it just because they got samardzia ND hammel from the cubs... Dumb trade...
I'm at a loss for words right now. I don't know how to take this news about Cespedes being traded. There is obviously upside but I don't know. Lester is a huge pick up but Cespedes has been huge for the team. *** it Billy you better know what you're doing because if we don't win it you're going to look dumb. No matter what Cespedes is still in my heart. I wish him all the luck in the world and who knows, maybe one day he'll be back. Also, maybe now if we get to he postseason Melvin will actually give Jonny Gomes a chance to play a game because back in 2012 I was disappointed he didn't make one appearance. *** Red Sox fans are so lucky to get him. Just imagine how many homeruns he's going to get at Fenway. I wouldn't be surprised to see him become an all out superstar because of this blockbuster trade.
So disgusted with Boston Red Sox two great guys Jon Lester and jonny Gomes gone to Oakland
Jon Lester, Jonny Gomes, Jake Peavy and Felix Doubrant Thank you for bringing us another World Series Champion last year! Good luck with your new team! Welcome aboard, Yoenis Cespedes!
Ok I just found out the news that Yoenis Céspedes Milanés being traded to the Boston Red Sox for Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes. Just like many loyal fans I'm upset and feel for Yoenis because he is a hard working ball player who was key in putting the team the position it's in now. I also think its a smart trade because next year Yoenis is free and is going to demand lots of money to play for Oakland, which Oakland will not pay. Gomes is a good fit in Oakland and Lester makes staff that much better going into the playoffs. Loyal fans will hate the trade, but in the end its worth winning the World Series. This is a business and in Capitalism their is no loyalty in baseball. That's my take on the trade and I will have to accept it. Thank you for the memories and excitement you brought to Oakland. We love you in Oakland...good luck Yoenis! David J Figueroa Humberto Rodríguez Moreira Josue Hernandez Omar J. Mendoza Leti Rosas-MendozaJohn Lemos
Jonny Gomes can play for my team any day. He is Prozac and a rabbit's foot morphed into a badass kid from Petaluma. And his baseball season never ends in September
Well, if we had to lose Lester, at least he went to the A's. I will miss Jonny Gomes, but he is back home now and we got an awesome hitter. Hopefully, Jon will be back at the end of the season (fingers crossed).
All the best to Jon Lester and Jonny Gomes in Oakland. You guys will be missed.
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