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Jonny Craig

Jonathan Monroe Jonny Craig (born March 26, 1986 in Abbotsford, British Columbia) is a Canadian-American singer.

Kyle Lucas Tyler Carter Kurt Travis Vic Fuentes Craig Owens Travis Garland

HOW is Jonny Craig such an incredible singer! How!! I don't understand
my favorite bands were/are chiodos, DGD before jonny craig left, alexisonfire, a static lullaby and deftones
When you meet someone new and they tell you love Jonny Craig and Tyler Carter as much as you. OK U MY BFF NOW
Never forget the Jonny Craig MacBook scandal of 2011
This story in today's Sunday post is about the murder of our son Craig, as Craigs parents can I please ask you all to please…
so does Jonny Craig's and Craig Owens and they are bkth gods also
If you're not obsessed with Jonny Craig's voice, wyd?
Must be the first time in donkeys years that Mirallas has played the full game! Long may it continue
It's a 'listen to Jonny Craig till my chest stops feeling like it's gonna cave in' kind of day.
The worst referee of all time. Craig Pawson ladies and Gentlemen.
Jonny Hayes will tear u apart again x
Craig Shakespeare on course to be manager next season & reveals Nigel Pearson has advised him to take the job ht…
Still in love with Jonny Craig's voice after all these years πŸ–€
Jonny Craig could sing my biology syllabus and make it sound godly
Jonny Craig is a POS with the voice of an angel.
Great win today coming back from 2-0 down to win semi final 6-3 ,Craig Willan 2, Andy Rowlandson 2, Jonny Lawlor & Alex Jackson with goals
. Foley Entertainment would like to wish Jonny Craig a good and fast…
Jonny Craig trying to sell you a autographed MacBook
With Craig Anderson, MD of the Scottish Salmon Company at event in NYC. US sales doubled in the first three mont…
Either way it's a win win. But, gotta go with Jonny Craig.
My old *** beat my demons and you can too. Looking forward to the next chapter in the Jonny Craig sag…
I will never get sick of listening to Jonny Craig's voice
Silence is the dirtiest trick in life. β€” Jonny Craig
And I can’t wait, it’s your body taking over me. How did she get in my head?. _jonny craig. I've Been Hearing That You're Freaky.
Jonny Craig looks like he could walk on the set of Trailer Park Boys and fit right in, but got *** his voice is just unreal
Que the Jonny Craig. . Get the whiskey. . Here we go again.
The more bands I discover the more I realize Jonny Craig is the best there ever will be
You know in throam whenever Sisky forces Ryan to be his friend and then they end up really close. I wish that was me and Jonny Craig
I'd marry Jonny Craig just for his vocals.
i remember when you introduced me to Jonny Craig πŸ˜­πŸ’”
Doug told me he likes Tilian's voice better than Jonny Craig's and i literally threw off my underwear
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I'm just saying you can do better. Tell me have you heard that lately? *Jonny Craig voice*
JONNY CRAIG - Children of Divorce is so big though.
catfish and the bottlemen and Jonny Craig
did you know Vic, Jonny Craig, and Craig Owens made an EP?
bruh, I just remembered how hype Isles & Glaciers were ;___;. Craig Owens, Jonny Craig, Vic Fuentes as the frontmen . lordt
I wish more people knew the talent people like Jonny Craig and Dallas Green possess, so good and much better than the trash on the radios.
Why is Jonny Craig at the Flying Saucer in Garland rn though?
ok well it was Jonny Craig and here is us
What should I do tomorrow (if I see Jonny Craig I don't get my 200$ bonus)
Dance Gavin Dance with a surprise visit from Jonny Craig! @ Deep Ellum, Dallas
Standing next to Jonny Craig as he watches the band he got kicked out of LOL
You know the wines hittin mama nicely when I start playing Jonny CraigπŸ’€
Jonny Craig teases performing with DGD, then says "maybe not".
It's so awesome seeing one of my close friends performing with Jonny Craig. So proud of Nick Mikan
I wish Jonny Craig and Kyle Lucas had a show in LA ):
I just watched Jonny Craig walk into the women's restroom, look around, then dart into a women's stall. Must've really had to pee πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I still have no respect for Jonny Craig.
If I could have one wish it would be to see DGD live in the Jonny Craig era 😒
Tilian x Jonny Craig x Tyler Carter (maybe featuring Kyle Lucas as well) would be the collab of the century, needs to happen
I think I worked it out so I can watch Jonny Craig's solo set tonight 😭 I will die and cry all at once
Really need to see Kyle Lucas & Jonny Craig again live ! Not to mention how many times Kyle held my hand while singing 😭😭😭
Look. I really really wanna see Jonny Craig
Jonny Moffat and Craig Sime, joint winners of the 20twenty street jam at Transgression today…
Not sure if I should go see Jonny Craig in Dallas today. πŸ€”
April: Who sings this?. Me: Jonny Craig. April: I like him 😍. Me: Who doesn't? .
go see Jonny Craig tomorrow night at the paper tiger lol
Tonight at the merch booth. Is there any Jonny Craig cds?" ME: NOPE BUT Kyle Lucas' IS RIGHT HERE *throws cd at guy*
Thanks to Craig for looking after you through the night; Jonny and the guys are here for any of your queries today :)
Uh oh, I'm listening to Jonny Craig's cover of Marvins Room
Idc if I'm dead tomorrow morning. I have to catch jonny craig tonight
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
At least I get to see Dance Gavin Dance, Jonny Craig, & Kyle Lucas tomorrow.
I stripped the color out of my hair and now I look like Jonny Craig
Jonny Craig is amazing and so what if he's with a girl who dances? As long as he's happy and in love it doesn't matter
Someone take me to see Jonny Craig :(
I'd die to see Jonny Craig perform his Emarosa material again.
I downloaded it and I love The Depths feat. Jonny Craig!
I'd sell every organ I can successfully live without to sound like Jonny Craig
do you know what time you and Jonny Craig go on tonight? Can't wait to see y'all again!
I might go to at Paper Tiger in San Antonio, TX - Oct 23
come to dallas and see Jonny Craig and dance Gavin dance tomorrow
Can't stop listening to Jonny Craig's solo stuff. It's like drake for emo kids.
tbh wish I were getting blasted drunk. I have to work for Jonny Craig tomorrow and would rather die in my sleep
Dance Gavin Dance (announce European tour with Kurt Travis and Jonny Craig:
OK first song of the morning. Spotify is making sure i have a great day. Jonny Craig β™«
Dance Gavin Dance touring with Tilian Pearson, Jonny Craig, Kurt Travis on anniversary tour
Jonny Craig, Tilian and Kurt Travis are here tonight and guess where I'm at
I'm at The Sidewinder for Jonny Craig, Tilian, Kurt Travis and Myke Terry in Austin, TX
Oil popped in my eye and under it. I'm gonna have a scar like Jonny Craig's tattoo.
How wild and unrealistic would it be if Slaves is ending because Jonny Craig is going to sing for A Lot Like Birds now
i swear Aaron Richards & Jonny Craig's lyrics always hit home. in every song πŸ’―πŸŽ§ can't wait to see them live again 😍
I liked a video Jonny Craig - 7am, 2 Bottles, and the Wrong Road
I vote that y'all all go listen to I still feel her Pt. 5 - by Jonny Craig. It may or may not bring you life.
Jonny Craig looks like Jamie Oliver fell asleep at a party & they drew on his face
I might go to at Walters in Houston, TX - Mar 20
"Craig did you see Jonny T won Big Brother?" - Carolyn McRae. Honestly no idea why she tries πŸ™ˆ
All I want in life is Lana and Jonny Craig to do a song together.
Listening to Pretend.Relive.Regret by Emarosa religiously. Jonny Craig's voice is murderous.
Dance Gavin Dance with Jonny Craig is still one of the best things my ears have ever heard.
I'm singing my heart out to Jonny Craig feeling nostalgic af
Looking on the brighter side of things least I can jam to Jonny Craig if I have an hour drive home from work. 🀘🏻
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I will forever be in love with Jonny Craig's voice
How can people say Slaves is a horrible band? I don't understand. Jonny Craig hasn't changed one bit over the years as he transitioned bands
Another food piece of business by Aberdeen - Craig Brown signs Niall McGinn to join forces with Jonny Hayes.
I just wanna listen to Jonny Craig and go to sleep
Jonny Craig has the best voice of all time.
Went on a bit of a rant concerning Jonny Craig
Everyone in Denver is *** hard over Jonny Craig now. That guy is still a clown like the rest of you.
Sad that none of the other projects Jonny Craig is/was associated with were as soulful as Dance Gavin Dance, instrumentation wise. 😐
& on Pandora the drake station and Jonny Craig station will have Jonny/drake in every song that comes on.
Just give me a girl who will let me buy her starbursts and sing Jonny Craig to her and I'll be a little less miserable okay?
it's tech metal so idk if you like that kind of stuffπŸ˜‚ but that's my favorite lyric, it's I still feel her pt. 5 by Jonny Craig
A year ago today Jonny Craig tapped my shoulder and said excuse me and I froze up and didn't even say hi.thanks fb for reminding me
Jonny Craig is literally a gift from God.
It's unreal how excited I am to see Jonny Craig and Palisades live!!!
Is Jonny Craig still on the heroin? I really hope he's stopped taking drugs and selling macs he doesn't own.
Have you checked out Secret Eyes ft. Jonny Craig on "Oh Dear"?
I would do heroin w jonny craig any day
I might go to at Korova in San Antonio, TX - Mar 15
Jonny Craig's voice is blessed and so angelic I cry
Claudia's face on Jonny Craig's bod is low key hot af
Rockin the Jonny Craig channel on Pandora at work right now!! Took this amazing pic on 11/28/15. \m/
konstantine, sampson-regina spektor, 9 crimes-damien rice, swallow you whole while I fade to black-jonny craig,
Currently chrome casting old acoustic videos of jonny Craig and forcing my mom to listen to it
I'm πŸ’― sure it was bc it was the Jonny Craig show lmfao.
Great win tonight! Craig storie was immense as was Jonny Hayes and shinnie! COYR!
Why is Jonny Craig still friends with me on PlayStation πŸ˜‚
He's big, he's tall, he loves a rolling maul Jonny Gray, Jonny Gray!!!
I have a couple of routes I did with Craig. is coming?
Jonny Hayes named man of the match but thought young Craig Storie was a real terrier in midfield. Celtic so poor at set pieces once again
think Craig Gordon's hot ur cement boots on Jonny. πŸ™ˆ
Also Jonny Craig spit in my ear a year ago today and it was one of the grossest things I've ever experienced.
52: Substitution for the home side as Jonny Evans is replaced by Craig Gardner (0-0)
I might go to at Bottom Lounge in Chicago, IL - Apr 1
Cry me a river by Jonny Craig is SO good
Jonny Craig has a voice from the heavens
Tyler Carter and Jonny Craig are the only white male rnb artists I can stand
any song that Jonny Craig sings in is good
Listen to Jonny Craig - Children of Divorce by Rise Records on feels
I hope someday Jonny Craig ends up back in DGD and makes Downtown battle mountain III and The Robot With Human Hair, Pt. 4 :3
I died last night. I finally got to meet Jonny Craig, and bought Shayley Bourget a beer and chatted. πŸ‘½
I've loved DGD and a lot like birds since I was scene and like Jonny Craig... My handle was jonnycraig5L for years
I've been practicing my vocals and I've gotten much better with control and range. I'm no Jonny Craig, but I'm not bad
Slaves is actually a very good band, I just started seriously listening to them today. Jonny Craig has an insane voice.
What’s that Jonny Craig song? Oooh, I like that Jonny Craig song. Let me find and play that Jonny Craig song. Boiii, I be in my feels.
Either you love Jonny Craig's voice or you're wrong.
Electronic Device Insurance
they're all amazing lol Tillian Pearson > Jonny Craig. That's why new stuff is better xD
is at fault for my obsession with Jonny Craig.
Yo. You know what I want? I want to see Jonny Craig's take on Adele's Hello. Good lawd.
Always driving to work pretending I can sing like Jonny Craig πŸ™ƒ
Hi Craig, I can see the parcel is on the delivery route for you today. - Jonny
"Give Me a Museum and I'll Fill It" by Jonny Craig from The Blueprint for Going in Circles β™«
Jonny Craig never fails me. β™« The Past Should Stay Dead by Emarosa β€”
Jonny Craig's voice gives me the feels man
Jonny Craig was at the circa show tonight what's life
Does Jonny Craig still have the mullet tho?
Thank you for being the most soothing voice for me for years . Jonny Craig acoustic set .
all I said was 'jonny craig' to mackenzie's cousins on FaceTime and they started yelling "IM JONNY CRAIG"
A Dream is a Question You Don't Know How to Answer is still Jonny Craig's best album
are you defending Jonny Craig rn...
I want Jonny Craig to sing me to sleep every night.
My Jonny Craig drawing is dumpster fire but i don't care
My hate for Jonny Craig is at an all time high thanks to Dalton
I forgot how good woe is me with Jonny Craig is thanks 4 reminding me
I miss when Jonny Craig did dirty scream voxxx for them back in '08
The Depths (feat. Jonny Craig) by Awaken I Am So this is a thing.
Second time today I accidentally listened to Jonny Craig. Hopefully I don't fall for a MacBook scam.
so I just watched your Children of Divorce cover by my ALL TIME favorite singer Jonny Craig, OMG it was great!.. Don't be Argus
Children of divorce by Jonny Craig accurately describes my life its insane
I cringe every time you make a Jonny Craig reference lol
I'm a huge Jonny Craig fan, does that count
Iono about that Jonny Craig the goat lol
I'm so thankful that I got to interview Jonny Craig and then do 3 nights of his tour, bearing in mind I thought I'd never meet him.
My whole timehop consists of me sharing the interview I did with Jonny Craig & I'm so sad because I miss that.
Honestly, no one has the right to talk crap about Jonny Craig. He's a man righting his wrongs and has been working his *** off. . So shut up.
Hey ya'll we're playing with Jonny Craig, Travis Garland, and Kyle Lucas at The Champ in Harrisburg September 23rd! Join us pls πŸ₯
Hey our next show is at Dirty Dog Bar with Jonny Craig on the 15th! Who wants to go?
Day two of my hangover after Kyle Lucas and Jonny Craig - I think I'm broken.
Really enjoyed watching Jonny Craig and Kyle Lucas perform in manchester last night.
Jonny Craig with Captain Midnite & Kyle Lucas,& the Katy Perry with the Slipknot shirt I was talking about.
Jonny Craig and Kyle Lucas the end of the month hmmm who's gonna come with me?
JUST ANNOUNCED! Friday oct. 9th w/ Jonny Craig, Travis Garland & Kyle Lucas! See you there, hit us up for tickets.
October 6th! Jonny Craig with Travis Garland and Kyle Lucas! Get tickets at
Jonny Craig plays Corp tonight! Along with Kyle Lucas + Seafoal + Danny Smart. Tickets available on the door...
This song is so good! πŸ‘ŒπŸ½πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ Veritas feat. Jonny Craig by Kyle Lucas on
we would of if they didnt get kicked off warped tour lol But i was thinkin bout going to see Jonny Craig and Kyle Lucas
Jonny Craig and Kyle Lucas sound big sound checking!
Stream Veritas, the new song from Kyle Lucas featuring Jonny Craig. via
Jared Fogel, Jonny Craig, Front Porch, Neck Deep, Patrick Kane. What do we have in common?
Tilian's voice sounds like what candy taste like. . Tyler Carter's voice is like candle scent. Jonny Craig's voice is like a cup of coffee.
Whenever I get bored I creep on Jonny Craig and Amanda's drama because it's ALWAYS somethin'.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
1st: Hands Like Houses, 2nd: Jonny Craig . idk, I'm just shy. lol
I found a song that has Jonny Craig and Mod Sun together and my heart is dying it's so beautiful
Getting ready to record a 'Monday Morning Pastor' with Jonny Craig over at
Jonny Craig has the longest song titles. *** near short essays I swear.
please πŸ™πŸ½ put Dae Bryson on the roster for Jonny Craig's UK tour in September πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
I will never get over isles and glaciers. Craig Owens, Vic Fuentes, and Jonny Craig all on one album.
So many of us hide our black hearts // Jonny Craig
imy2 I had a dream we went to a ts show and jonny Craig was there playing too lol
Tillian is a great singer, but... He's just no Kurt Travis or Jonny Craig.
It's articles like this that make great. Thanks,
I had a dream about Jonny Craig jumping off the ocean and getting eaten by a shark??
I haven't really really enjoyed a DGD song that much since the Jonny Craig days.
Esm3 i still feel her part 3 w 5 by jonny craig w 36na rayk ;p β€” Niicee (y)
Let's just listen to Jonny Craig all day and make out girl
Cannot stop listening to Jonny Craig and Tyler Carter.
Jonny Craig's voice can make me feel better no matter what good lord
50 shades of grey should have used Jonny Craig's "Ground Pound Sex Slave" in their music selection lol
Well okay. I guess ill listen to my new jonny craig vinyl and do homework
Listening to Jonny Craig gives me chills 😍😍😭
I don't think anything could make me stop lovin' Jonny Craig's voice
Jonny Craig, listen to him, his voice is amazing 🎢
Photo: octaviomeh: Jonny Craig // Slaves Chain Reaction // Hold On The Pain Ends Tour Photo by me Follow me...
Why is no one freaking out over Jonny Craig with me who are you people
If you don't listen to Jonny Craig, then we can't b friends
If My vocal cords could be a mixture of Jonny Craig and Darius Rucker by tomorrow that'd be great
It's got everything. Hands like house, ADTR, DGD, Slaves, Emarosa( lots of Jonny Craig Ik), PTV, BMTH, Jamie's elsewhere, etc. So good man.
I'm really concerned as to why Bizzy Bone made a song with Jonny Craig & how that came to be.. like where have I been???
took me forever to realize that's Jonny Craig playing in the background
God Jonny Craig's voice gets my in my feels so bad
How much time can and I waste on the new emojis? Ummm... Lots.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Nothing is more soothing than Jonny Craig's voice πŸ‘Œ
Lmao Jonny Craig now always reminds me of you
I'm gonna go drown in Jonny Craig's voice, bye
Jesus' resurrection is a sign,. glimpse, & taste of what God is. going to do for all things one day. Resurrection launches n…
not the same without the legend Jonny Craig but still this is pretty cool.
I just wanna see Jonny Craig perform live before I die.
I don't usually fan girl. But when I do, it's because Jonny Craig or A lot like birds lolol
when jonny craig killed it at the rabbit in San Antonio solo πŸ‘
Seeing The Color Morale perform Saviorself with Jonny Craig last night was amazing!
Jonny Craig has the voice of an angel even when he's live and it is magical 🌞
Jonny Craig is the drake of hardcore
Jonny Craig has such an amazing voice
In my jonny Craig feel this morning 😫
Old school Jonny Craig to seal the deal on this trip down memory lane. πŸ’”
omfg you're actually listening to a dgd album w/o Jonny Craig?
You put Tyler Carter, Jonny Craig, or Vic Fuentes on any track and its guranteed to be πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
there's only two guy vocalists who give me chills while listening to them & that's Jonny Craig & Tyler Carter and it's self explanatory
Dang. I might just have to go to warped tour this year to see Jonny Craig again. And August burns red for the third time
I'm over here like I really love sushi/ chicken cheesesteaks and jonny craig.
Honestly can't wait until I see Jonny Craig & Slaves at Warped. 😩😍
Damm Jonny Craig has been in a lot of bands.
I just wish I could sing with as much grit and soul as Jonny Craig. πŸ˜”
me. You. Duet. Kyle Lucas and Jonny Craig song. Start working on it.
Jonny Craig and Myself after a wild show at the Chain Reaction. @ Chain Reaction
Jonny Craig's voice has me feelin some type of way
Jonny Craig is insane live. I'm convinced he's a robot and not a real person.
Jonny Craig is always a good choice.
Jonny Craig is forever and always my number one bae.
I just listened to new Jonny Craig and had to instantly play A Dream is a Question to make up for it
then who would sing? They'd just call it the "Jonny Craig feat. Every band he's been in" tourπŸ˜‚
The new James Bond trailer is here and it looks like it could be Daniel Craig's best yet! We can't wait for it!
I wanna drink this cold Starbucks but I'm too busy singing Jonny Craig at the top of my lungs in this car rn.
Ngl dance Gavin dance and emarosa are both still pretty good bands whithout jonny craig ...
Me seeing Jonny Craig is like Sophia seeing Harry Styles.
Jonny craig haz new album..must listen...
New Jonny Craig is pretty terrible. Wish I would've listened to it before I bought it.
omg, I'm seriously so jealous right now. Jonny Craig is king πŸ‘‘
Me and were dueting Jonny Craig last night lol.
Jonny Craig has hit rock bottom. Insulted me because I don't like his last solo album. All you have is your fans. I'm one of your biggest.
β€œJonny Craig would pull a Drake move” yeah he would
Jonny Craig would pull a Drake move
pit so hard... Jonny Craig so hard.. im bringing $1000 for Jonny to take
put me in a cannon and launch me back into 2009 "I've Been Hearing That You're Freaky" by Jonny Craig fr…
I like how Jonny Craig just drops a new suprise album like it's nothing
I could listen to Jonny Craig all day every day
β€œJonny Craig insane vocal skills” on me, I listened to him so much in middle school
πŸŽ‰ Happy Birthday to If you haven't already, stream his new album here:
I remember when Acceptance Speech came out I refused to listen to it because it wasn't Jonny Craig.
I never thought these words would come out of my mouth but: I am NOT loving the new Jonny Craig album right now. πŸ™Š
Lost in this album for the afternoon ! 🎡Stand behind me if you care🎡. Jonny Craig - Stand:
also, lmao that they're not even talking about the Jonny Craig Slaves
should advise the same. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. - Jonny
I am concerned to hear this Craig, p-lease can you DM the parcel number so I can look into this? - Jonny
martha stewart me and kristy jonny craig is not my dad Craigslist american idol is on
Jonny Craig still owes me a MacBook! Pay what you owe ***
ADTR is the greatest band of all time and Jonny Craig sux
Most knew of Jonny Craig, not Jon Mess Most know of Tyler Carter, not Michael Bohn. Etcetera, etcetera
I love Isles & Glaciers. Vic Fuentes and Jonny Craig are so good together tbh.
I would like to acquire the voice that resembles a combination of Patrick Stump, Jonny Craig and Rihanna. Hm.
uhm no, the fans would LOVE it. Jonny Craig is my favorite musician but DGD is still my favorite band πŸ’—
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
The rest of the Jonny Craig shots. I'm stoked on how the show's picture's turned out. Let me me know what you think!
I'm going to at THE FIREBIRD in St Louis, MO - Feb 10
Jonny Craig... if this song doesn't turn you on, you just don't have genitals.
I have to say jonny Craig has a lot of project, but he should stay with slaves. I liked through art we are all equal a lot.
I'm so happy I found someone who loves Jonny Craig just as much as me πŸ’•πŸ˜Š and she works with me what are the odds
One of the best songs I have ever heard. Jonny Craig kills it. SLAVES - There is Only One God and His Name is Death
I keep forgetting that im seeing Jonny Craig. Only 2 more days.
β€œJonny Craig comes to Houston so often now” dude stays in D-Town now lol
Jonny Craig is playing in St. Louis on am I just finding out about this???
don't need no man except Jonny Craig
Was about to unplug my headphones but then Jonny Craig came on.
I'm so excited to see Jonny Craig tonight.. Became a fan last year when I saw him open for BC. His voice is amazing!
Had an overly fun weekend with the bf. Saw sleeping with sirens and pierce the veil and then Jonny Craig 😍
Lily is very happy to see Milo... would you like to come to her birthday evening? next Friday?
Manson was amazing except the *** in the crowd! Now headed back home to see Jonny Craig
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I saw Jonny Craig in person last night and he looked angry and had a unique haircut.
Enjoying a couple of lovely ales at
I DONT EVEN LIKE drunk and eating eggs jonny craig is not my dad nice was an actor who played an astronaut
Leg of pork from cooked this way only2 more hours to go. In it went at 9 am
Beau bokan, Jonny craig, Vic Fuentes, and Craig Owens will forever be my favorite vocalists
anyone who says perfection isn't real has obviously never heard Jonny Craig's voice
wish I went to the Jonny Craig concert. πŸ˜’ or Jauz. Whichever.
*** too bad I missed out on Jonny Craig tonight. 😍😍😭😭
I will never talk to you again, but I recognized your Jonny Craig reference in your bio.
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