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Jong Un

Kim Jong-un (born 8 January 1983)—also romanised as Kim Jong-eun, Kim Jong Un or Kim Jung-eun—is the supreme leader of North Korea, the son of Kim Jong-il (1941–2011) and the grandson of Kim Il-sung (1912–1994).

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Anthony Bourdain travels to Pyongyang and eats 3 year old eggs with Kim Jong Un. First time Jong Un has seen grown man w/ pinky ring.
Oh, thank you, Dear Leader. Kim Jong Un would be proud of you.
Kim Jong Un had a man practically murdered for stealing a poster and y'all threaten to kill trump everyday then act scared…
You are Special aren't you, Kim Jong Un would love you go and join him, he can give you a l…
Such a narcissistic *** you are. You think everyone cares about you. You're about as popular as Kim Jong Un.
GOOD. SWEAT FAT MAN. Kim Jong Un lives in fear of assassination by western 'decapitation' team, says report
Kim Jong Un lives in Fear of Assassination by Western 'Decapitation' Team
While was dying in North Korea, said he would be "honored" to meet Kim Jong Un.…
Amid an escalating nuclear threat from North Korea, Kim Jong Un faces a double-edged sword from Japan and America
DJT admires Andrew Jackson, Putin, Assad, Jong Un, and Duterte says alot. Constitution was written to deter…
TIME "Gov. John Kasich: Kim Jong Un must be removed from power
Charlie Dent: Kim Jong Un won't take actions that threaten his regime
US Homeland Security: Kim Jong Un 'knows what he's doing'
Kim Jong Un spotted on the metro in Vancouver playing Pokemon Go.
Trump Vs. Kim Jong Un: two loose cannons, a monumental nightmare in the making
North Korea Behaving Badly. Kim Jong Un in the Martin Clunes role. Neil Morrissey in the Neil Morrissey role.
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He might be a poor president but that doesn't make him a tyrant. Assad and Jong Un, those are tyrants.
Seems as if Germany is allowing their citizens to be salty to the likes of Vladimir Putin and Kim-Jong Un.
Sounding more and more like North Korea everyday. Oh dear leader! Trump and Kim-Jong Un will have fun outdoing each…
war against N. Korea is necessary to take out their nuclear missile Jong Un is crazier than Trump
Meanwhile, in North Korea: Kim Jong Un spontaneously met by adulating skiers in jazzy 1980s winter wear.
Andrea Mitchell, I know how you feel. First Hillary loses, then Fidel Castro dies... who's next? Hugo Chavez? Kim Jong Un? Uhg!
trump admires Putin, Sadam Hussein, Kim Jong-un, and Assad! What's that say about him?
Gotta imagine Kim Jong Un is going straight Brick Top on his security teams today for letting some fake Australian golfers troll him
In event *he* wins, I'm fully prepared to block ppl who didn't vote/voted 3rd party--of course before he goes Kim Jong Un & kills internet.
Kim Jong Un's wife has not been seen for 2 months. Time to claim she's been executed for the third time.
Survey results reveal what North Korean citizens think of the regime.
Fears for Kim Jong Un's wife after she vanishes fromhad her hand down RODMENS paints big deal it was innocent? :). Can't find him either lol
Kim Jong-un, Raul Castro and Sauli Niinisto. I only know one of them.
Folks say they see parallels between Duterte and Kim Jong Un. I wonder if de Gaulle might be an apt comparison.
Republicans dislike Obama three times more than they dislike Putin and Kim Jong Un
Trump is endorsed by the KKK, Putin, and Kim Jong Un. Why does that not disgust half of America?
I mean, you don't really have a dog in this fight. And the Kim Jong Un comparison is a bit crass, no?
apart from that everything's working like a dream for the Kim Jong-Un imitators - why complain?
The top three people I want to be shot:. 1. Donald Trump. 2. Kim Jong-Un. 3. Justin from CBeebies
Let us support them will of the People's Army become field responsibility and technicians have the leaders, Kim Jon…
What do North Koreans think about Kim Jong Un? This survey tries to find out.
Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un issues statement of agreement with Hillary Clinton that majority of Americans are, in fact, deplo…
The KKK, Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, and David Duke all endorse/support Trump. Show me who you run with and I'll show you…
Cool quiz this. I'm closer to Kim Jong Un in age. Younger than most leaders. As educated as 36% of them but more ed…
“For the vast majority of the world’s population, especially for those people living in free and open societies,...
Where is Ri Sol-ju? The wife of Kim Jong-un has not been seen in public for seven months.
Kim ("Jong Un") Schmitz is nothing less than a criminal. Simple as that. . Look up "Dr. Kimble". What a fat waste of life.
Nicholas Eberstadt: Kim Jong Un is hellbent on a nuclear war with the U.S.
North Korea Is 'Ready to Hold Its Sixth Nuclear Test,' the South Says: Kim Jong Un's government is ready to l...
I don't get this "if u are Kim become Kardashian & not Jong Un." No.Cz if u want to be Kim, be Sharma. At least u get to date Yuvraj Singh!
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And here is the difference... Putin and Kym Jong un pissing their pants with laughter.
Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un celebrates World Lion Day appearing in elegant cloak, fashioned from pelts of young and unspoiled…
You're beginning to sound like Kim Jong-un and his sporting achievement…
.what if Kim Jong-Un says something mean about Trump's hair? Or Putin doesn't show up for their date?
and the server is not in germany, it is in FREAKING MIAMI with an average of 260ms, Kim Jong-un has better ping than me
From an astute buddy in US: "3 international backers are Putin, Kim Jong-Un & Mugabe. This is not a punch line to a joke"
Obama says Trump is unfit as a leader, but never said that about:. Castro. Hugo Chavez. Arafat. Iran's Rouhani. Kim Jong-un…
Are Kim Jong-un’s apologists in U.N. aid agencies doing North Koreans more harm than good?
Why does Kim Jong Un so quick to anger? >>
Will N Korean Olympian Hong Un Jong be killed for taking a selfie with a S Korean gymnast at Rio? No. Here is why -
Like come on Hillary, this is straight out of Kim Jong Un's closet.
Trump can really use Larry Freeman's US History class and learn about the Monroe Doctrine and Teddy's Big Stick.
I mean Kim Jong Un looks up to trump so I guess if that's funny then go ahead
Construction workers in N. Korea being force-fed with crystal meth just to quicken home building??? By their very own Kim Jong-un??? Oh man
*** right. But let's just hope Hong Un-jong doesn't have to spend the rest of her life under house arrest...
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Kim Jong Un is my favorite Vine star
I replaced my sisters picture with Kim Jong Un 😂😂😂😂 lets see how long it takes for anyone to find out 😂😂
Me and Kim Jong Un have something in common, we both dominate Korea, He dominates North KR, I dominate South KR.. https:/…
Obama to Kim Jong Un when he goes to North Korea to try and sort this out
Kim Jong-Un has instructed the North Korean athletes to come home with Olympic the 100m Sprint Gold "by any method". https…
Trump is the maniac of the world~ even Kim Un Jong is smarter than this ***
Got so much chin fat i lowkey look like Kim Jong Un
North Korean workers ‘fed crystal meth’ to help speed up construction of Kim Jong-un’s skyscraper project
Hi Jamie, could you make me look like Kim . Jong Un
North Korea's Jong Un more aggressive than father: US general: Secretary of State John Kerry vowed, "It is sti...
When Kim-Jong Un drops a warhead in downtown Seattle, this will be his reason why.
I still have you as Kim Jong Un, we all know why.
This is brilliant writing. A Korean Carol: Kim Jong Un is visited by the ghosts of Korea Past, Present and Future...
Radio Free Asia: Kim Jong Un canceled trip to Wonsan last year after explosives found at airport. (In Korean)
These Western imperialist pig-dogs will bow before the glorious might of the Democratic Peoples Republic and our glorious leader Kim Jong Un featured in NBC s Science of Love
All hail our Eternal Leader Kim Il Sung. Long live the Kim family. Praise be to Kim Jong Un.
🤔🤔🤔 wasn't he suppose to meet with Kim Jong-un?
"You fools! You haven't accepted the basic precepts of these ten writers, who are against Kim Jong-un!" "The rice comes from Jong. Shutup"
2014: PSY and John Cena, along with the power of over 2 billion humans, unite to overthrow Kim Jong-un and save the univers…
Kim Jong-Un is really good at looking at yellow bags of food - Metro
threatening to sue over a doc on Campus Rape Algn's? Who is he Kim-Jong Un? You can't censor reality
i beg you please please go for the Kim Jong Un bomb shot challenge please ! You are the best :D
It's like watching Kim Jong Un go on about how great he is while N Korea starves.
I wonder how they will sell that idea to Kim Jong Un etc?
OMG Kim Jong Un is in my Spanish class guys!
Kim Jong-un ALWAYS travels with a personal toilet (well, we all know what public toilets are like!)
Kim Jong Un has been testing out North Korea's new subway system in Pyongyang. Kim was spotted lounging around on red leather seats while
WAIT TYGA IS NOW ON THE MARKET?!? Ladies get in LINE. JK- I'd rather bang a (very distant) fugly relative or Kim Jong Un than that dude.
Don't laugh at Kim jong-un he is a murderer, defector tells west
"Yes, Kim Jong-un has a funny haircut. And he's fat. But he is also a God I had to worship every daY & a murderer."
A North Korean defector has a message for those making fun of Kim Jong-un
Kim Jong-un's aides as always seem so HAPPY. he must be a great boss
Kim Jong-un seems to approve of the comfy seats on new North Korea subway.
Rodong Sinmun: Kim Jong Un and Ri Sol Ju watch joint performance of Merited State Choir and Moranbong Band.
Indeed they did! But Kim Jong-un wasn't happy with the goal keeper about the goal conceded so he ended up in a Labour Camp :)
I get that it's a joke, but I still think we shouldn't be joking about it. Kim Jong Un is this era's Neapolitan, King Tut or Hitler
Kim Jong-Un is glad to announce the signing of free agents and
An account makes comparison of our PM and Kim Jong Un. It's saddening to see majority of Malaysians voted Kim.
My baby is starting to shed hair on the back and sides of her head. My main concern? That she doesn't look like Kim Jong-Un. 😳
after speech i expected to hear and Jong-un. is a joke. Its powerless like current administration
Vladimir Putin😈💂, Kim Jong Un😈👲, and Bashar Al Assad 😈👳are like the ultimate super villains. I feel like the Avengers could take them out.
Kim Jong Un would be good, get him in
Still waiting for Vince McMahon to run for president with the slogan 'body slamming terrorism' with Kim Jong-un held above…
bomb everyone is the objective I call it Kim Jong Un: a game of truth
You planet's leader, Kim Jong Un, has already been to Mars and claimed it for North Korea.
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Mark Wahlberg, Matt LeBlanc and...Kim Jong-un?. A pretty eclectic spread for this week's movies...
What's more dangerous and volatile than Kim Jong Un and some nuclear missiles? A mom with a mini-van full of kids that are late for school.
Have you seen Padoin? Kim Jong-un at right back would be good news!
I think he and Kim Jong-Un were going to be touring IP law offices.
why can't people choose what and where they eat? We in living under Kim Jong Un?
Had a dream I got on Kim Jong Un's bad side.
last name: un. First name: Kim Jong
"Kim Jong-un brought the globe trotters with him, because he really likes baseball" -
"Pyongyang" via - Great, a new tourist destination including a selfie with Kim Jong-un..., no thanks.
Surfin' North Korea: Kim Jong Un wants to build surfing resort in secretive state
Captioned this photo a while back, decided to share again with everyone.Titled: "Peeping Jong" Kim Jong Un likes... http:…
Every couple of years South Korean stocks crack due to tension created by Dear Leader "Kim Jong Un". Normally a good t…
didn't one compare him with Kim Jong Un?
looks like North Korean republic day with Kim Jong Un
Syrian delegation sends gift of several silk shirts and very large gold chain of high quality to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un
Direct talk. Kim Jong-un or Kim Kardashian? Mike Baird takes it directly to the people
just on fire tonight, dare I say Kim Jong Un-stoppable
block me ugly Kim Jong Un worshiper
Trained 10 years prior to debut, CL, leader of 2ne1 is literal queen of all korea. Kim Jong Un invited her for lunch
Park to Kim Jong Un: you hit us and we'll hit you back hard
Report: Kim Jong Un executes vice premier This is the last nation the Democrats trusted in a nuc…
Just another day in North Korea. o.O
Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un entertains children with feats of strength, juggling, and axe-throwing.
Sardonically both countries are under dictatorship. Kim Jong Un and Modi has no difference 😂😐
We could say the same thing about Putin or Kim Jong-un. We invaded the wrong country under the false p…
Vince donofrio is the fat white Kim Jong Un by which I mean he's Kim Jong Uns fat white dad
Say what you will about Kim Jong-un… | Kevin McKenna: We in the west sneer at the North Korean strongman. What...
"Quite frankly, Kim Jong Un is a short, stumpy guy with a bad haircut, and virtually no fashion sense." Donald Trump on foreign affairs...
Kim Jong Un is now the supreme leader of Source.
Here is Donald Trump’s hair on North Korean leader Kim Jong Un
North Korea’s Kim Jong Un consolidates power with execution of key official:
yeah its about how Kim Jong Un sent a threat through a fax
Now that Kim Jong Un has executed some 70 officials, he has to explain why his barber is still alive.
Kim Jong Un: North to turn South into a 'sea of fire'
Aliens from Pluto make 1st Contact in North Korea! Kim Jong Un angers the aliens! They unleash the Zombie Plague! …
Who will be offered a position after? Pete Rose? Kim Jong Un? Robert Mugabe?
Tough Client! Kim Jong Un didn’t like the design of the new Pyongyang Airport, so he executed the chief architect http:/…
Mean while, in the Hermit Kingdom. Kim Jong Un meets first women fighter pilots -
Well, it was basically "Seth Rogen and James Franco playing self-standins going to interview Kim Jong-Un".
Then she'd love this painting of Washington dunking on Kim Jong Un / Lincoln blocks Stalin
Will North Korea’s Kim Jong Un be taking a trip to Russia?
My brother told me my face is so swollen I look like Kim Jong Un 😂😂
Hey remember that time Kim Jong Ill took Kim Jong Un to Disneyland
Putin hosts Kim Jung Un. Are Cons still wishing Obama were more Putin-like?
"I feel like Kim Jong Un can't create his own shot."-Zeb
New post: "Why Putin's hosting Kim Jong Un" What does a world leader who's been shunned by the international commu…
Personal finance news: Why Putin's hosting Kim Jong Un - see more
Huge S/O to Kim Jong Un for STILL having a perfect bracket. Impressive stuff, man. Maybe we can team up next year?
Two of Tehran's and Assad's other close allies get together for a party: Obama, Cameron and Merkel were...
Breaking News: Kim Jong Un, has placed his military on high alert citing "March Madness" in America.
Asked about Kim-Jong Un's visit to Moscow for Victory Day: "The North Korean leader's participation has been confirmed," Pe…
Yiyi just said that I look like Kim-Jong Un.. OH
Getting ready to watch The Interview. Kim Jong Un can kiss my butt. Lol
That 'Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?' part of The Interview. Kim Jong Un cried and farted. Still not getting over it.
Watch the almighty Kim-Jong Un take control of a plane. Hilarious:
It is a solid comedy. Just prepare for the usual low bar humor from James Franco and Seth Rogen. Kim Jong Un actor was perfect!
The Interview Exposed By Rabbi Shmuley Boteach The Interview is a laugh-out-loud outrageous, entertaining, rollicking ride, and Hollywood at its absolute finest. Would it that all Hollywood films were so unafraid to confront evil. As I watched the film I asked myself, was this real? Is it possible? Can there really be a Hollywood film that doesn’t engage in moral relativism in world affairs? A movie’s principal purpose is, of course, entertainment. But it’s always special when it’s so much more than that, especially when it’s a comedy, where it’s especially difficult to communicate a serious message. Brutal dictatorships flourish in our world. Evil people, mostly men, get away with brutalizing their citizens. They are rarely exposed. The most brutal regime of all is North Korea. Kim Jong Un is a third generation tyrant. His family has starved to death millions of Koreans to feed their giant army that keeps them in power. Aside from being murderous, autocratic, and despotic, they are also deepl ...
I just watched "The Interview" and I don't know what to say. But it is confirmed that Kim-Jong Un has indeed a butthole.
Obama promised retaliation against North Korea, but did not specify what form it would take. North Korea's main Internet sites suffered intermittent disruptions this week, including a complete outage of nearly nine hours, before links were largely restored on Tuesday. What better way to retaliate for what North Korea did!!! Laughing my aoff!!! Go Obama! Kim Jong Un makes me sick!
Breaking News: Kim Jong Un becomes a Worldwide hero after sending a missile directly at the Oakland Raiders.
Put "Kim" in on Google, Kardashian came up before Jong Un. You'd think the person trying to blow your country would come …
Hey Sony! Kim Jong Un just said to make this happen or else!
Kim Jong Un has told Hollywood to stick to sexually attractive vampires or he will have everyone killed.
Barber I'll have the Kim Jong Un fade
Things Blake likes more than One Direction: Kim Jong Un as a leader, The Interview being pulled, ending of the Sopranos, Hilary Clinton.
Dear Sony Inc., Please send James Franco Sean Penn, Al Sharpton and Amy Pascal over to my place tomorrow to wash my car. Love, Your Pal Kimmy (Kim Jong Un)
valid point, if it was a compelling, 3 hour epic on North Korean politics starring Daniel Day Lewis as Kim-Jong Un, maybe.
tell NK that the thing has violent sex with Kim-Jong Un. That'll do it
Fun Fact: Kim Jong Un smells like gingivitis and Dennis Rodman's ***
Relentless satire of American mores but when it came to Foreign Policy the satirised were Sadam Hussein, Kim Jong Il and K Jong Un
ah, same difference. Kim-Jong Un and Lord Patten. What's the bloody difference?
Yes, there will be one and only one Jong Un. Congratulations!
South Korea: Kim Jong Un had ankle surgery to remove cyst
Kim-Jong Un didn't appear at major state event! It's really wird. Wish I could know what it means & if he is ill.
In the News: I just read that pirates released an oil tanker they had seized while the ship was enroute to Singapore from Vietnam. Apparently the pirates "absonced" with part of the ship's cargo. This mammoth oil tanker "vanished" on October 2nd. The question which plagues my mind is how are pirates (all pirates) able to make a ship vanish? Do these guys and gals camouflage the ship with blue paint of something? Other News: Kim Jong Un has disappeared. Yep, it seems for more than a month our favorite fat, overweight, bad-hair-cut despot has been missing some of his ostentatious meetings and functions. The media is speculating that he's either suffering from gout or he's been overthrown - we can only hope for the latter. Have you ever noticed when Kim Jong Un is out anywhere in public - surrounded by fawning admirers - there are always people with notebooks writing down everything fatty says?
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Looking out for Kim Jong Un: Kim Jong Un didn't show up to the anniversary marking his father's election to th...
Closure of capital city which is home of the regime's elite raises prospect of threat to Kim Jong Un.
$$ Reports that North Korean capital Pyongyang has been put under lockdown amid coup rumors
There's reports Kim Jong Un has been moved out of Pyongyang
I found this 'DEVELOPING: North Korea capita...' in the RedFlag ⚑ App
Kim Jong-Un hospitalised after breaking both ankles -- reportedly due to wearing heels and own weight
Kim Jong-Un no longer in control of claims former top official
North Korea capital under lockdown. in progress?
MISSING— One North Korean Communist Tyrant Kim Jong Un went missing this week. The media said he was recovering from ankle surgery. Market Watch says his sister is running the country. North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s younger sister Kim Yo-Jong has taken over the running of the country and is…
.Can't shake thought that if Kim Jong Un had introduced the pod system to North Korea he wouldn't be having any problems.
Could you guys hold on a moment, I've actually got Kim Jong-Un on the phone.
'I murdered 115 people on orders of North Korea': State's top female spy reveals horrifying truth of ... via
Former top official says Kim Jong-un is no longer in control of N. Korea
North Korea may not be bitting the dust, but there's certainly something brewing there:.
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The North Korean capital has reportedly been placed under lockdown (Photo: Reuters/KCNA)
Kim Jong-Un is no longer in control of North Korea, former intel officer claims
Kim Jong Un hospitalized with two broken ankles, reportedly from wearing heels and being overweight
Sorry, North Korea conspiracists: Kim Jong Un is probably just sick via
My (drunk) friend asked me: "What would it be like if Kim Jong Un replaced harry potter?...
New Focus International news agency has known about Jong Un for months
Late night jokes: clooney's wife-aletering experience _ The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon • This weekend the world said goodbye to one of the greatest players of all time. That's right, George Clooney finally got married. • Congratulations to Chelsea Clinton, who gave birth to a baby girl named Charlotte on Friday. Or as Hillary described the baby, “Third in line to the throne.” • Chelsea Clinton gave birth to a baby girl. And get this, she's already said her first word: "Iowa.” • Yesterday, Kenyan runner Dennis Kimetto ran the world's fastest marathon by finishing the Berlin Marathon in 2 hours, 2 minutes, and 57 seconds. He also set another record by being the first guy from Kenya to be named Dennis. _ Conan • George Clooney got married in Italy. His bachelor party was held over the course of the last 30 years. • You may be able to tell from my voice that I have a little bit of a cold tonight. But it's nothing that can't be cured by applause. • Microsoft has announced it's going ...
It has been precisely a month since corpulent young dictator Kim Jong Un disappeared from public view, prompting frenzied speculation about his health and the state of political play in North Korea. Kim was last seen at a Sept. 3 concert, ensconced in a red easy chair next to his wife, Ri Sol Ju. Late last month, the youthful marshal was a no-show at a meeting of North Korea's rubber-stamp legislature. [ 697 more words. ]
My boy Kim-Jong Un broke both ankles because he was eating too much. I blame the rest of the world for bullying him too much.
Kim-Jong Un is getting ill from eating too much Emmental cheese
If you dislike a movie, you complain to the Internet. When Kim-Jong Un dislikes a movie, he complains to the UN! -->
Do Kim-Jong Un's threats mean we can send Seth Rogen to North Korea? Please?
Kim Jong Un banished Seth Rogen & James Franco from North Korea. Kim Jong Un was not amused.
Looks like a father's fear of flying doesn't necessarily transfer to his son. This past weekend, Kim Jong Un and his wife Ri Sol Ju arrived in style to attend a combat flight contest, showing up in their own Russian-made IL-62, decorated with “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” written in Hangul on the body. North Korea's flag was also on the side, and a large red star symbolizing Kim was painted on the wing. This is the first time Jong Un's personal jet has been seen by the public. Kim's father, Kim Jong Il, was terrified of flying, and his attempts to keep his feet on the ground bordered on the obsessive partly due to to his personal phobia but also because he feared assassination and terrorist attacks. Instead of flying, Kim Jong Il took all of his long distance excursions by heavily armored train carriages. It appears the Jong Un is taking a cue from his grandfather, Kim Il Sung, who flew frequently and had a much more visible profile than his son, Jong Il. Jong Un even modeled his hair and ...
Dissed by a Jong. The newest offensive weapons from North Korea are insults, rants and sexist remarks aimed at President Obama and South Korean leader Park Geun-hye. I am no fan of Obama, but he is our President and if anyone is going to insult him it should be us and not some overweight, full-of-himself, wannabe leader like Kim Jong Un. North Korea is on the verge of imploding and this upstart thinks that sending inflammatory rhetoric missiles, while building nuclear ones, will solve his nation's problems. The nation has a starving populace and instead of compromising on its nuclear program for the sake of having sanctions lifted, it would rather participate in a war of words which makes the entire nation look more pathetic than it actually is. As long as Jong Un does not resort to the double dog dare tactic, I think our President should just adopt the sticks and stones manta in this case. Although North Korea is not going away, Obama will be gone in about a year and a half and this strategy should ...
North Korea's official news agency have labelled Obama a "black monkey". What an absolute abomination that Jong Un is ht…
I want to live in a society somewhere politically between the Free Transit Riders of and Kim-Jong Un's mandatory haircut
Can you talk about the Kim-Jong Un haircut ad in London? Is this poster fair use, with the rumor of nationalized haricuts?
Can't help thinking the North Korean Embassy are scoring a spectacular own goal in complaining about the barber in Ealing who's been advertising with a giant poster of Kim-Jong Un. It's probably the first positive propaganda he's been given in this country. Now he's in fashion, usually he's a nutter who feeds relatives to dogs.
"Eyyy Kim-Jong Un, remember that one psyme when I got into a style fight with Psy at Gangnam District?". *cutaweyyy gag*
congratulations Kim Jong Un on your reelection ! way to go brother I knew you could do it :)
Dennis Rodman has vowed to never return to North Korea again. The controversial former NBA star has infuriated Americans with his four “basketball diplomacy” trips for North Korean tyrant Kim-Jong Un, but said he had nothing but pure motives in...
Would like to congratulate Kim -Jong Un on gaining 100% of the votes from 100% of the people. A truly remarkable achievement.
Childhood playmate of Kim Jong Un tells his story
is that one big bright spot in DPRK Kim Jong Un's nightlight? He seems like the type of guy who would want one.
Not sure who their replacement Kim will be by that point, anyway. I suspect either Cattrall or Jong Un
personally I think Vice's profiles are more original than Techcrunch's second hand news. BTW dude its Kim Jong Un (not King)
bet the next big Halloween film will feature zombie Steve Jobs as Kim-Jong Un's right hand man (he'll eat Dennis Rodman)
This a video from North Korea. A new leader Kim Jong Un. North Korea wages war against the United States of America. Kim Jong-Un aggressive threats of nuclea...
Now I don't know who is more bizarre, Jong Un or Dennis Rodman
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Moyes Should be given to Kim Jong Un dogs!!!
( 4UMF NEWS ) Kim Jung Un Fed Uncle To Starving Dogs: Kim Jong Un literally threw his uncle to the dogs. The North Korean leader executed his high-ranking uncle by having him stripped, thrown into ...
SEOUL, South Korea--Kim Jong Un boasted on Jan. 1 that North Korea enters the new year on a surge of strength because of the elimination of "factionalist filth"--a reference to the young leader's once powerful uncle, whose execution last month raised questions about Kim's grip on power.
"Uncle Kim-Jong Un is coming over for dinner today so we can make peace. He threatened to nuke the house last time. Nothing is to go wrong"
You know what happens to relatives of Kim-Jong Un who displease him, don't you?! Happy Christmas mate.
Kim Jong Un executes his Uncle for treason and then his wife disappears. NK Treason definition might include squiring Mrs. Jong Un perhaps
Basketball star Dennis Rodman set to return to North Korea for a third time see his ‘good...
If I was Kim Jong-un I'd bring Phil Smyth to North Korea instead of Dennis Rodman.
Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-Un in North Korea. Is it just me or does something seem out of place in the background?
Dennis Rodman at Beijing airport on his way to see pal and uncle-executioner Kim Jong-un in NK via
Lol at Kim Jong Un telling his country they are the first to land on the moon
If you Google the phrase "hottest man alive" you'd be surprised to see Kim Jong Un made the top 10.
As a rule I'm against the death penalty, and I can't figure out why Kim Jong-un is still alive.
North and South Korea hold first talks since execution of Kim Jong-un's uncle |
Dennis Rodman is going back to visit Kim Jong-un... but he doesn't want to discuss North Korean politics
A FORMER North Korean spy who bombed a South Korean airliner said that the North's leader Kim Jon...
ROK assessment of who's up, who's down in Kim Jong Un's North Korea:
Apparently he considers a mad tyrant like Kim Jong Un his lifelong friend, dude needs help.
The last thing Dennis Rodman wants to hear from his good buddy Kim Jong Un. “You are like an uncle to me.”
Kim Jong-un in pictures: The bizarre photo opportunities of North Korea's leader
Though I guess that depends on whether Kim Jong Un is legitimately insane, or if he's just power-tripping and aware of his own limitations.
So what happens If Dennis Rodman asks about Kim Jong-Un's uncle? That's gotta be an awkward situation. "how's your uncle doing?"
I wonder what will happen if Kim Jong Un suddenly decides to have Dennis Rodman executed? Not likely, but that's a legitimate possibility.
what if the team is terrible and Kim Jong Un "fires" him
If Dennis Rodman somehow convinces Kim Jong-Un to wear a dress and color his just might all be worth it...
Shouldnt u be more patriotic to ur country, Kim Jong Un? i thot u partied w ur pu$$y out
Figures Kim Jong Un hates America but wants to chill with arguably the weirdest American of all time, Dennis Rodman
I've said it before but I'm glad that Kim Jong Un is in charge of a nuclear capable nation. The world needs more crackpots a…
One of these days Dennis Rodman is gonna come back from North Korea with Kim Jong Un piloting him from a cockpit in his abdomen
Kim Jong Un all up on that 80's Bulls hype.
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Retired basketball player Dennis Rodman heads to North Korea, days after Kim Jong-un's uncle was executed
I don't understand Dennis Rodman's friendship with Kim Jong Un. 😳
After havin his uncle Jang Song executed,Kim Jong Un’s state has set about purging any historical trace of the Jang
North Korea Purge Raises Risk of Kim Jong Un’s Show of Force via
ofounder n Kim Jong Un's grndpa's last words incl don't sell off mineral reserves, acc 2 various experts n this is KJU's justification
"I hope so..." said Denis Rodman at Beijing airport when I asked whether Kim Jong Un is still his…
"I hope so"-Dennis Rodman when I asked if Kim Jong Un is still his "good friend." He's off to N Korea today
Reverence under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Un's construction of enemies is open choejeonseonggi nimdeul great generalissimo…
First, Kim Jong Un killed his uncle.Now he's erasing him from photographs. Jong ’s Magical Airbrush
Kim Jong Un faces his most dangerous enemy yet: holiday cheer. Can Most Glorious Leader stop Christmas from coming before it's too late?
When I asked my wife last week if she had heard what North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un had just done, she shook her head. He had his uncle...
The bromance continues! Dennis Rodman is headed back to North Korea to visit MKim Jong Un
I wonder if Kim Jong Un will make Dennis Rodman disappear too
While Kim Jong Un has embarked on a whirlwind publicity tour of his secretive country, there has been no sign of his wife, Ri Sol-Ju, for a number of weeks.
Kim Jong Un: People of North Korea I am pleased to announce that I have just named Dennis Rodman to the position of uncle.
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Dear Kim Jong Un.we will gladly trade you Dennis Rodman for Kenneth Baes...please keep Dennis Rodman, thank you...
SEOUL--North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has promoted some of his aides to cement his grip on power following the execution of his uncle and the regime’s No. 2 man, Jang Song Thaek, last week.
The Perils of North Korea's Kim Jong Un, Political purge last week with the denunciation, humiliation and execution of his uncle by marriage, the second most powerful man in North Korea, Jang Song Thaek
Just call me Chris Jong Un: My fb friends list has been 'purged'.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's aunt was absent from a state memorial ceremony on Tuesday raising questions about her influence days after her husband, also a top state official, was executed. FULL STORY:
Kim Jong Un turned heads when he executed his uncle and then promoted his aunt to a high government position. Now, there are questions about her after a pic was circulated. Obama met with tech giants today. Doomsday predictor Harold Camping has died at the age of 92.
Kim Jong Un, walks like he has Dennis Rodman's *** in his *** I can say this, because I will never go to N. Korea! Ha
As North Koreans marked the second anniversary of Dear Leader Kim Jong Il’s departure today, one thing was certain: The tens of thousands of attendees at the memorial service made sure to applaud his son and successor, Kim Jong Un. And applaud vigorously, with unmistakable enthusiasm.
Kim Jong Un had his uncle executed for treason... I'm thinkin' Christmas dinner with the fam this year is gonna be awkward.
PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) — North Korea vowed to unite behind leader Kim Jong Un during carefully staged events Tuesday to mark the second anniversary of his father's death, in an attempt to show it has returned to business as usual after the purge and execution of his once-powerful uncle last wee...
Dictator Kim Jong Un is celebrating his birthday with a basketball game hosted by Dennis Rodman, who promises "NBA all-stars."
Mormon Newswire: Kim Jong Un meets Mormon Missionaries, Joins Church, Names himself Assistant to the President of the North Korea Mission, and claims "it is the Highest Human Honor to be an AP"
Hopefully Kim Jong Un will mistake Dennis Rodman for his other uncle
Well I'm glad that Kim Jong Un isn't my Nephew!! :-/
Kim Jong Un executes uncles, Political Cartoons, Comics, Editorial Commentary on the latest news, politics, cartoon memes and events around the world
North Korea: Kim Jong Un is "ruthless and reckless" after executing his uncle, says John Kerry - Mirror Online
North Korean 'supreme leader' Kim Jong Un executed his uncle this past week, and outsiders are still trying to put the pieces together.
Kim Jong Un orders his uncles execution. I think he's only around 28 years old. That's an awful lot of power in the hands of a kid.
North Korean: Kim Jong Un's uncle executed as a 'traitor' - Contribute to the The Promota Magazine
Dennis Rodman heads off next week to North Korea. The new "Great Leader" Kim Jong Un is in need of a new No. 2, having just ordered execution of his uncle. A win-win situation for both countries?
Dateline North Korea..Kim Jong Un you are one mean scumbag to kill your Uncle!
So china says North Korea (Kim Jong Un) execution of Jang Song Thaek is an internal matter?
This should wake you up about North Korea: Kim Jong Un excutes uncle Jang Song Thaek
Kim Jong Un has just killed his uncle. Family members are said to be praying that Jong Un "Likes the Christmas gifts we got him" - AP
North Korea announced thusday it had executed the uncle of leader king Jong Un, declaring him atraitor who tried to over throw the state.
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