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Jones Jr

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Jones Survives for Top 10 in the Heat of the Daytona Night, Crash Ends Truex Jr.’s Night Before Halfway -…
Bradley beat Pc, De LaHoya beat Whiticker, Jones Jr lost his gold medal... its what boxing does
Happy birthday Anthony Jones Jr. or Lil Ant as we call you.
Shock horror! We decided 2 help the homeless Housing!
Bad decision aside, Pacquiao needs to call it a day. In danger of doing a Roy Jones Jr if he carries on
in this generation maybe.. Heck Roy Jones Jr Olympic medal placement holds the top spot imo
Judges sure pulled a Roy Jones Jr. on Manny in that fight.
Jose wants a second centre back, but wants to keep Jones.
BINGO! If fight is in Australia Horn would beat Mayweather in a decision every bit as ba…
I didn't see this match, but was it as bad as when Roy Jones Jr got robbed in the Olympics years ago?
Cavs front office to Kyle Korver, Deron Williams, JR Smith, Richard Jefferson, and of course James Jones:
Seeing a washed Roy Jones Jr nearly broke my heart
Hate when greats keep going when it's their time. Roy Jones Jr, Paquiao, etc. They perfected their craft and that's all they know.
You ain't from the hood if you don't know this man
Just get rid of all current judges and let Roy Jones Jr decide all fights
Squares really be unstrresing me out lmao
You usually say that when the fighter takes a lot of punches like Jones Jr. Pac's not there yet. In fact…
I used to love boxing. Tyson broke my heart. Roy Jones Jr. got old. Stopped being as much fun.
reminds me of 88 Summer Olympics when Roy Jones Jr was robbed!
Has anyone checked on Roy Jones Jr tonight? I bet this fight tonight gave him flashbacks from his Olympic screw job.
This was the worst home cooking decision in since the Koreans took Roy Jones Jr.'s Gold medal in 1988
Biggest robbery since Roy Jones Jr in the olympics. Manny won that fight and you know it.
*** yea. When they got fights it's him and Roy Jones Jr.
Dr. Indiana Henry Jones, Jr. was born on July 1, 1899 in Princeton, New Jersey.
Roy Jones Jr is my GOAT the one i got to see beat *** he should've hung up early but didn't and suffered unnecessary losses smh
What's "our generation"? Cus Prime Roy Jones Jr would beat his ***
This the worst decision since Roy Jones Jr. gettin snubbed in the Olympics
That was more like when Roy Jones Jr back 1988 Summer Olympics
this aint worse than Roy Jones Jr in the Olympics but it's pretty darn close
That was some Roy Jones Jr. 1988 type b.s
Imagine Teddy Atlas and Roy Jones Jr calling a fight? I think Teddy will swing on Roy lmao
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Timothy Bradley is boycotting verbs like Roy Jones, Jr.
I guess it's cuz I grew up watching Tyson, Jones Jr, de la hoya, macho Camacho, etc and they wouldn't…
On a side note... I think the next movie marathon I gotta do is ol Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr.. been a while since I watched Indy
Josh Jackson & Jones Jr. guarding your wings with Devin hidden on the corner men conserving energy for offense?
Devin Booker finds Derrick Jones Jr. with a no-look pass and Jones Jr. does the rest with a two-h... - via App
tony aint going nowhere skip he is jerry Jones Jr.
Jones Jr. paying tribute to noted dunker, John Stockton with the short-shorts through-the-legs dunk.
EXCLUSIVE Bobby Gunn: Roy Jones Jr. was not interested in bare-knuckle fighting bout
Did Michael Irvin just call Chris Hogan "Julio Jones Jr?" Now that's disrespectful. Never put him up on Julios level again
I live in England, so I check the podcast out a day later+your words on MLK Jr were informative. Best take I've seen or heard.
Jr & Sr new tech students from got id's today. They will start classes Tuesday!
oh I saw that but jones keeps saying not to believe anything they say about romo he hasn't made a decision yet about him yet☹️
Atlanta rapper Killah Mike, plus Roy Jones, Jr., to be featured on TONIGHT's Ricky Smiley For Real show at 8 on BET.
Marvin Hagler is out as announcer for K-1 and will be replaced by Roy Jones Jr. [7/98]
I added a video to a playlist Roy Jones Jr *Cribs*
All weekend, the city of Memphis and the hometown celebrated the contributions and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.…
Fishing is like a good women it'll have you hooked. -Roy Jones Jr
"Faith is taking the first step even when you can't see the whole staircase.". Martin Luther King Jr.
I'll box me a *** oms Tyson mayweather Holyfield Roy Jones Jr idgaf what's up 👊🏾 Lol
Unbeaten Boy Jones Jr. back in action Feb 24th at York Hall: Chingford’s Boy Jones…
Furniture Row Racing cars for Martin Truex Jr. and Erik Jones Racing Toyota Camry for 2017
Because I'll be damned if I let Martin Luther King Jr. get whitewashed this year.
A Brown; AJ Green; J Jones; Beckham Jr and Hilton... pretty good QB's for each...
In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Professor Clarence Jones looks back on his time with King and to the future:
Just caught show from yesterday, and his comments on Dr. MLK, Jr. shook me. It needs to be heard by any and everyone.
David Bowie performing with Sammy Davis, Jr in a jazz rap style, produced by Quincy Jones
Hanging out with Roy Jones Jr. One of the greatest boxers of All time!
Scat Hop Anthem - Jesse Jones Jr. on Funkatology Records funkatologycom sign up for free drawings and giveaways -...
are going back to York Hall, London !! takes on the unbeaten Boy Jones Jr for the Souther…
LaDarius Gunter will, in consecutive weeks, be tasked with defending Odell Beckham Jr., Dez Bryant, and Julio Jones. Pret…
Suns' rookie Derrick Jones Jr. has been a highlight machine all-season for the NAZ Suns.
it happened to Ali, Jones Jr., Cesar Chavez and even Ray Leonard :(
On this day, 1971, the world said goodbye to Robert Tyre "Bobby" Jones Jr. He was 69, but what he did in his lifetime was r…
As much as I like those three men: (Tony, Jones Jr., & Hopkins) . I wouldn't put them ahead of Eddie Booker. Booker was an all time great!
Jones Jr. on early success on offense - Official Site
Jones Jr. College tennis team headed your way! Who all is at Duck Commander?
boxers like Benn, Eubank Sr, M.Tyson, Jones Jr & Mayweather Jr are my heroes because of that very reason!
the guy that won't be on the list beat:. Winky Wright. Felix Trinidad. Oscar De La Hoya. Roy Jones Jr
Roy Jones Jr highlights never fail to amaze me no matter how many times I watch them. Talk about a once in a lifetime boxing talent...
When your girl begs you to go deeper and you finally hit the sweet spot
Roy Jones Jr in his prime he was unstoppable.
Im starting to believe naps are a necessary evil😒😴 up all night again smh
Jessica Jones. Altogether superb, but I wanted Barty Crouch Jr to stay alive. He was one *** of Villain. Cudos to Marvel & Mellisa.
I want to join boxing if I do I will model my style after Roy Jones Jr or Anthony Joshua
I'll never forget the time when my buddy smoked and then said you gotta check this out. He loaded a Roy Jones Jr highlight on his phone.
«That was the punch that ended Pacquiao. 'He's not getting up, Jim! He's not getting up!' - Roy Jones Jr.
I’ll have to double check my files, but Andrew Jones either tied or broke Mike Conley Jr’s dubious record for fewest minutes in a
Roy Jones Jr is the most talented boxer I've ever seen. "Boxer" as in boxing competitor
Spoil me with ya consistency. Remain the same you and you ain't gotta worry about a different me
Check out the new design of the Mouton Cadet label, by Robert Trent Jones Jr.
Lmao y'all be having the Jim jones beard
Andrew Jr. Boy Jones has a show on 04/01/2016 at 07:00 PM @ Deep Ellum Arts F... in Dallas, TX
Moz Shump JR Love Jeffereson Jones is a pretty decent upgrade from what they had before... Who am I missing?
I have a question Spence. Roy Jones Jr vs Andre Ward at super middle, who wins?
Sylvia Guyton Larry Jones Jr. What y'all do lmao jk
Roy Jones Jr: It's unfair for Andre Ward to fight Sergey Kovalev at this moment: via
Who will follow in footsteps of AJ Green, Julio Jones and Odell Beckham, Jr?
like manny like floyd like Leonard like Jones Jr. Like Toney like bhop defeat champions across divisions
Marvin Jones signing in Detroit per sources
Jones Jr when are you going to grow some balls and walk away from ur show tv this company is scamming the public.
JPP, Janoris Jenkins, Snacks, Olivier Vernon and Marvin Jones - wishful thinking or can JR pull it off? 🙏🏼
I just got called Bizzle Jr. In an album review. The writer said I need to find my own lane 😂
Roy Jones Jr. names fan who he is going to fight! – The World Boxing Wall
You should tag Just Jared Jr. & of course Jordyn Jones Don't forget to make !! Good Luck! :)
nothing will ever top the comments on review of The Force Awakens heh
Soph C Devon Washington ( ) kicks it out to Jr PG Darius Jones ( ) for 3.
Support Joseph Lee Jr Jones as an entrepreneur of dynamic photography at CBO Images
Antonio Brown, Dez Bryant, and Julio Jones, are all better I didn't even mention Odell Beckham JR.
Roy Jones Jr vs Micky Rourke main event of the evening!
Hey, Barack Obama Jr. a.k.a. Van Jones, who is a bigger joke than you & CNN?
Nuggets had "thug life" in full effect back when the team consisted of Melo, Iverson, JR, K-Mart, Birdman, Dahntay Jones, etc. Throwback lol
Sanu or Jones at Wr and hopefully Mack and a RT
Robert Trent Jones, Jr. and the business of designing the world's greatest golf courses.
i'm gonna go all chavo jr circa Lucha Underground on when i go to watch the Pacific Cup tournament this weekend
Roy Jones Jr. isn't fighting a fan for $100,000 anymore- he is now fighting an MMA fighter...
William Caldwell Jr. Terrance ET Jones Earl Tha Pearl Avery Daniel Kimbrough I'll do it this one time
Alan Jones is a closeted homosexual white supremacist. Alan Jones is not a feminist.
Pretty sure David Jones Jr. will frown upon these frivolous questions. Nothing to see here. Move along.
USJ jr. Anna Jones not picked this year, but was impressive leading her team deeper into postseason.
Proud of my son, Amir Spann, and Adesson Jones...Casey Jr high all stars
iCON2016 Expand is happening 8 days from now! Pastor Ron Carpenter Jr, Pastor Kimberly Jones Pothier, Pastor Joey...
I would wash Roy Jones Jr for that 100k. Keep my distance and jab away. Win on the cards
What emotion should one feel when pulling a muscle while scooping over frozen ice cream?
No updates to the status of Jerome Seagears, Dwayne Morgan and Derrick Jones Jr.
After an initial campaign in which a fan would be selected online to fight boxing great Roy Jones Jr, UR Fight,...
There may not be a Milbury on the show, but there IS still a Jones and a JR. No thanks.
My All-Metro team was Gary Trent Jr, (my Metro Player of the Year), Steffon Mitchell, Amir Coffey, Brad Davison, Tre Jon…
Sanders weaving these Clinton below the belt shots better than Roy Jones Jr. In the 2000s lol
Go in sign a few books with my name then BAM Jim Jones Jr. Where's my kool aid
36. 38 . 15:15 2nd half. Jones up to 16 pts., Davis and Brown 7 and Polite, Jr. 6. .
" Roy Jones Jr. denies retirement report, but wonders… "
LOL...Ray Jones JR already sounds drunk ; he won't stop fighting until he's like Ali.
Roy Jones Jr. denies retirement report, but wonders why he is still fighting
Derrick Jones Jr. expects to play for on Saturday via
Thanks for having our loved ones be a part of your tour. This was my Dad, Jr Jones
Finished up a great day at the Industry Show in San Diego sharing our vision with Robert Trent Jones, Jr.
Derrick Jones Jr. expects to play for UNLV on Saturday
DTN Sports: Roy Jones Jr. denies retirement report, but why would he keep fighting? (Yahoo Sports): Once upon ...
Looking for a mentor or wish to mentor an Then apply for our mentorship program! Apps due 2/19!
Maybe in a few years if he bulked up, but he stands no chance now. That would be like Lawlor fighting Jones Jr. not a chance.
First look at 2018 SG Myreon Jones, Jr. since the fall. So smooth with his game. He has 6 of Huffman's 11 points early
Come out Saturday Feb 13 as we discuss Building Business with Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. . For…
Wow how did this happen . Arvetra Jones Jr II
Fisher was also creeping with Timmy Hardaway Jr's girl. did he outdid Parker and West?
man Roy Jones Jr needs to sit down somewhere. He has nothing left to prove.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Chris Eubank gives a very honest and respectful answer to the question why he never fought Roy Jones Jr. or James...
Derrick Jones Jr. good to go for Saturday after injuring leg last night. No change on Zimmerman's status.
Former New York Mets pitcher and former Fresno State Baseball Alumni Bobby Jones Jr has gone all electric with a...
1976 – Clifford Alexander Jr. was sworn in as Secretary of the Army
Roy Jones Jr. Wrote me back on the gram today !! Dope af b
He needs to retire anyway! And while we are at it tell Roy Jones, Jr to hang them up too!
Just heard Roy Jones Jr is going to once again train and Freddie roach is going to Rap for his entrance
TONY JEFFRIES: on Roy Jones Jr his fav fighter retiring EsNews Boxing -
BREAKING: Jurors find Jacob Rogers, right, guilty of 1st-degree intentional homicide in shooting of Andrew Jones Jr.
My mom has a special alarm on her phone for Master Chef Jr
Roy Jones Jr needs to consider retiring from boxing. He has been a world champion in the Middleweight division to the Heavyweight division
13. Am I the only person in the world who thinks Roy Jones Jr. appeared drugged Saturday night & there is more behind his loss than age?
John Terry - the Roy Jones Jr of Premier League football.
Roy Jones Jr. Has the deadliest hands of all time!!! Please try to argue this statement
All great boxing champions come and go! Roy Jones Jr needs to go back to be a boxing TV analyst!!
As a boxing fan,Roy Jones Jr needs to hang up the gloves for good!He was a great champion!But, he don't need to prove nothing else no more!
Odell Beckham Jr: 5 straight 100-yard receiving games, tied with Homer Jones (1966-67) for longest streak in Giants hist…
Somebody tell Roy Jones Jr. he don't have to die in the ring.
I don't want to see Roy Jones Jr go out like this! Please retire and walk away bro!
My MCM is Ricky J Jones Jr always have and always will! That's my other half
What are your thoughts on Roy Jones Jr. still fighting?
"No Ticket!!!"~Dr. Jones Jr. (Yes the rumors are true, does NOT have a for )~StX😑
*** man just seen Roy Jones Jr get knocked out on Worldstar smh why am I even on here lol
To those people who complain about how bad they did on a test or how bad they're doing in class, then they get an A/some hi…
WATCH: says Monday's win was a total team effort!
. I would REALLY like have a SERIOUS discussion about Roy Jones Jr. STILL out here fighting
You all's buddy all GIDDY over the Giants WIn. should have a discussion about Roy Jones Jr STILL fighting
Who's Ray Lewis dance imitation was better...Jacoby Jones at Super Bowl 47 or Odell Beckham Jr. on Monday Night Football?
All due respect to Juilo Jones and Antonio Brown, but Odell Beckham Jr. is the best receiver in the game
Roy Jones Jr. on KO Loss — 'Everything has it's time. It was a fair fight. There is always someone who loses'
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
The dude who plays killgrave in jessica jones plays barty crouch jr. In goblet of fire. That is all.
Still trying to figure this one out?. Roy Jones Jr., Russian citizen?
Roy Jones Jr. needs better friends after that knockout
After that massive KO, I think it's time for Roy Jones Jr. to retire.
Just watched a replay of the Roy Jones Jr/Enzo Maccanelli bout. Another out cold KO. How does RJJr get sanctioned to fight?
Odell Beckham Jr's ranks among all WRs over first 25 games (in Super Bowl era):. Catches: 1st. Yards: 1st. TD: 1st
I want more people in my league to tell me how dumb I am for drafting Odell Beckham Jr. over Julio Jones.
S/O out for dropping 15 tonight as Jones Jr. High downs Harrah 39-24!
Pcola's own won the big one for the second time. The Roy Jones Jr. Of Pro Wrestling
Odell Beckham Jr. is the first player in Giants history to post 6-straight 100-yard receiving games.
End of an era, Roy Jones Jr. vs Enzo MacCarinelli
That video of Roy Jones Jr getting knocked out is that new or old somebody let me know ?
Cam Newton, Adrian Peterson, Julio Jones, Odell Beckham Jr, Rob Gronkowski on the same offense would be UNSTOPPABLE 😳
What in holy *** was Reshad Jones doing there? Jumped up to cover a route that wasn't there. Leave Odell Beckham Jr open. Cool.
That video of Roy Jones Jr getting the *** beat out of him this weekend was sad. He offered about as much resistance as a p…
WIDE OPEN Odell Beckham Jr. for an 84 yard TD. Blown coverage where CB Jamar Taylor let up with no safety hel…
Jones Jr, Bellew, Eubank Jr, Joshua and McGregor all fighting tommorow, what a day
Russia: Boxer Roy Jones Jr. says he is 'honoured' to be a Russian-American
Is Roy Jones Jr broke / high / bored? Why is he still fighting... aged 46.
Jones Jr. to face Maccarinelli for WBA "regular" title, Dec. 12th
You would think the WBA couldn't possibly sink any lower, then they sanction Jones Jr/Maccarinelli for the WBA ''Super'' title, tragic.
Hi, can you explain how Jones Jr vs. Maccarinelli can be for a super title, given neither rank in your cruiser…
Roy Jones Jr, I love you man, but you need to hang up them gloves now.
Enzo MacCarinelli to fight legendary Roy Jones Jr in December (pic: Getty)
The boxer Roy Jones Jr. is now officially a Russian citizen
Yes Enzo! Roy Jones Jr eh! Nice one. I'll look forward to that dude
Roy Jones Jr now Russian, hanging out with Putin's Angels in Red Square
.to challenge for belt in December. More:
Enzo MacCarinelli to face Roy Jones Jr for WBA cruiserweight title on December 12 in Moscow. That's all kinds of mad.
Enzo to fight Jones Jr in Russia: Enzo MacCarinelli will fight legendary Roy Jones Jr for a ...
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Roy Jones Jr V Enzo MacCarinelli for a world title should be a decent fight even if RJJ is 46 now
hello, sir. Is it true you'll be fighting Roy Jones Jr for the WBA cruiserweight title?
Enzo MacCarinelli will face Roy Jones Jr for the vacant WBA Super world cruiserweight title in Russia on December 12
Maccarinelli & Jones Jr face off for World title...
Roy Jones Jr has officially become Roi Dzhons Mladshii and picked up his Russian passport.
CEO William F. Jones, Jr. speaks about STEM jobs in the future at conference at EMU
LIVE: US boxer Roy Jones Jr. gives press conference after receiving his Russian passport
Roy Jones Jr v Enzo MacCarinelli confirmed for the WBA Super World cruiserweight title.
Maccarinelli vs Jones Jr, in Moscow, for a world title. Everything that is wrong with boxing.
Must be another Roy Jones Jr. Hope his *** ain't fighting...
I can't forgive Roy Jones Jr for calling himself "pound for pound the baddest thing going down" on the Put Your Hood Up remix. he's 62-8 man
Welsh boxer Enzo MacCarinelli to face new Russian citizen and ex-world champion Roy Jones Jr htt…
Roy Jones Jr to fight Enzo MacCarinelli for the WBA 'super world' cruiserweight title - despite neither being ranked in the W…
Thomas Cliveni signing judge John jj. Jones Jr names to NIGROS HOME pretending to be in foreclosure
Myreon Jones Jr.. Y'all better wake up and recognize this kid can play. Watch this season!!
The last time they were this bad they used their top draft pick to select one Larry Wayne Jones Jr.
JR ever thought about having coach Switzer on the podcast?
Dolph Lundgren -- Roy Jones Jr Vs. Ivan Drago? ... Royd Get Knocked down a peg for me gammy leg while moving in the dark it hurt so bad and
Soy Jones Jr , Happy to give you a Great Secret to get 12 Months XBox Membership! Check the Secret on my Description
9•27•15 happy bday to my SON, My JR, my PRINCE, my Right Hand Man. Lonnell Thomas Jones Jr Daddy loves you kid 👑🙌🏾
Linehan tries to go deep left to Epps, but Darius Jones Jr. covered the underthrown pass. No PI.
Stupid question. Drago was a Heavyweight. Roy Jones Jr. was a Light Heavy. Plus all the steroids Drago was taking duh.
What happens if you put PacMan, Jones Jr, Willie Pep, Pernell Whitaker, Leonard, Mayweather Jr, & Rigondeaux all into one fighter?
Jones Jr: Ukraine blacklisting is nonsense, I'll settle it with either Klitschko brother! | World Boxing News
jr. Shumpert,James jones, nd deli, were good in da other series and then they got to da finals and was scared of da moment
Battle of the Architects: Robert Trent Jones Jr. fires back at Gary Player for Chambers rant:
We are performing Saturday. Get your tickets now from me or Hubert Jones Jr. The door will cost more!...
Butt Puppet substitute drama teacher Jr Pet Justin Jones running Canada...what ever could go wrong?! lol
RTJ fires back at Player for Chambers Bay rant It seems unlikely Robert Trent Jones Jr. and Gary Player will coll…
all this flag debate reminds me of that Hank Williams Jr song "if the south would have won."
Donald Wayne Jones, Jr., has been charged with capital murder in the shooting death of his father.
Julio jones is better than Odell beckham Jr.
Ppl hyping Odell Beckam Jr. up like Cardale Jones didn't lead Ohio State to a championship.
Tommy "Tiny" Lister (born Thomas Lister, Jr.; June 24, 1958) is an American character actor and retired...
Frank Jones Jr in Carrollton, MS was just found at on 24th Jun 10am
Joe Johnson accountant gotta be Cuba Gooding Jr. Im over here looking at NBA salaries and it just dont add up dawg
is the youngest Champ since the legend Robert Tyre Jones Jr. in 1923! My
Thank you for seating me next to Robert Trent Jones Jr. tonight. Memorable story telling from the son of
'16 commit Tony Jones Jr. will be on Team Flyrush at The Opening. Couple ND targets in there too.
Thank you, my fellow great boxing champion & brother in our LORD JESUS CHRIST, Roy Jones Jr. 4 sharing. God bless.
On Saturday the Mayor Emanuel named Eugene "Gene" Jones Jr as the next CEO of the Chicago Housing Authority.
dream matchup for Floyd? All have been welterweights I have Leonard, Jones Jr., more experienced Andre Ward, Hearns, & Hagler!
Google News: Roy Jones Jr stepping up, fights Santiago in August - FightSaga
I watch this fight live,it was a very good fight for Eric Lucas.I remember his courageous fighting vs Tiozzo and Jones Jr.
Col. Jones Jr. will speak about one of the first free black settlement in the US 3pm 4/11 at Freedom Park.
Who were the top 5 best boxers you ever seen? . Mine: Tyson- Jones Jr. - Manny - Floyd Jr. - Gatti
Jones Jr. sympathizes with Silva if he used PEDs to help heal broken leg (
Jones Jr. to Fight at Cruiserweight in March (via
"It ain't the years. It's the mileage." Prof. Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr.
I liked a video from Roy Jones Jr greatest KOs FULL
Roy Jones Jr has some of the coldest knoccouts in the history of boxing.
VIDEO: HS football coach challenges one of his strongest players to a wrestling match
just rumors but imagine we would cause havoc in the city for that night. We would have to bump the Roy Jones Jr CD on our way to
Yo you hear the rumors of Roy Jones Jr. Might be fighting in Arizona?
I liked a video from Roy Jones Jr on Mayweather Pacquiao Kovalev Pascal
Just had a real life dream come true, meeting my childhood boxing idol !!! Mr. Roy Jones Jr !…
Company sues over $145K investment into 50 Cent show, Roy Jones Jr. boxing ...
commit and Midway HS LB Lenoy Jones Jr. (throws up the at his signing
James jones got more second half pt then iman and jr lmao and only hit one shot played zero defense grabbed zero rebounds
This line up makes no sense. Delli and Jones on the floor? 😳😳😳 put JR and Shump back on the floor
Can't figure Blat out. Delly and jones almost whole 4th. Where is Schump and JR ?
Very confused as to why Shump and JR aren't getting minutes over Delly and James Jones.
Why is Blatt playing Delly and James Jones over Shump, JR, or Thompson?
Who want to go to the Carolina Brawl Fight with Roy Jones Jr. March 6?? Don't all speak at once lol.
Anybody going to see Roy Jones Jr. fight when he come to Charlotte?
James Jones on Derrick Rose mismatch. Why Blatt? LBJ, TM, JR. IS and KI in 4th period
We are deeply saddened by the news of the passing of James Jones Jr., Clark Atlanta University UPS Scholar.
Young jackrabbit james jones jr putting in work
"Football just ain't been going for you since you got out of danny jones" ... 😒
Kyrie/JR Smith/Shumpert/Thompson/James Jones seems like a starting five the Knicks would roll with and be OK with
I wanted in on the Roy Jones Jr combo I taught today.
many fighters with great gand speed, but no one combined accuracy & power like Roy Jones Jr. No one.
tough one! Got to be Roy Jones Jr in his prime for me
BHS alum Wes Tonkery won the first-ever Curtis Jones Award at WVU. See who followed in his footsteps.
Roy Jones Jr trying to fight Mario Huck? Please Roy don't do it
"You box a fighter, and you fight a boxer". -Roy Jones Jr.
Warning get your Tickets now! They are moving fast!!!. Arvetra Jones Jr II Ruth La'Ontra Princess Jones Rotcelis...
Gavin Quaedvlieg ILB jr 5'7" 200 missed most of last season due to serious sickness 🏈
Three men are in custody for the death of James Jones Jr., a Clark Atlanta University student who responded to an ad for an iPhone 6.
I complain about girls that wear yoga pants or leggings more than 2 times a week, in jr. High but next year, I'm wearing them everyday😂
Some good ole George Jones, Conway, Merle, Hank Jr., George Strait, David Allan Coe & more is the way to my heart ❤️
In the meantime you can call me young Roy, Jones Jr fighting the drugs n gun charge
Clark Atlanta University holding memorial service for James Jones, Jr. on campus today
Happy Birthday to Muhammad Ali! Happy Belated Birthdays to Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones Jr! Crazy how all 3 of their birthdays are back-to-back-to-back. Hopkins on the 15th, Jones Jr on the 16th and Ali on the 17th.
How to stand up? Selfie by Ellen Page Ripley and Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr
FB: After long TD run by MC, the Knights march back to make it 21-14 w/ a Northern to Jones Jr. TD pass. 38 sec left in half.
Jones Jr and Andre Ward got Algieri up 12 rounds to 0; Wards official scorecard 120-108
Between the over-the-top Lomachenko praise & the usual kissing up to Jones Jr., HBO broadcast booth is in full grab *** …
Jean Pascal: Roy Jones Jr. will be in my corner vs. Don George
2014 Candidate Profile: Walter Jones Jr.: Election Day is less than 2 weeks away and your vote could change th...
"The chrome ruger will drop Jones Jr like Antonio Tarver"
Time to study Bout to watch me some good boxing of my favorite fighters. 1.Mike Tyson 2. Hector Macho Camacho Sr. 3. Prince Naseem Hamed 4. Roy Jones Jr. 5. Pernell Whitaker
State Attorney Bruce Colton and Assistant State Attorney Chris Taylor, who supervises Indian River office, in court watching Jones Jr trial.
A prank war between and highlights our latest social media recap:
Lmao Trey Rich I thought you might get a kick out of this. Chanell Jones-Harris Jerome White Jr.
Travis Jones JR you are my little man always n forever
If speed, power, athleticism, big fight wins were the only thing that made a p4p boxers career & not promoting the right fights, fighting in the right weight classes that fit you didn't have anything to do with it, I'd have to say that Roy Jones Jr was one of the best p4p in history.
Folks spend hours on FB and won't spend 2 minutes in your word!!.# Bishop David T Jones Jr!!! Love it
Why this *** got on this tight *** shirt...lookin like he stretchin it out for his cousin...bruh can you breath? 😂😂😂
Man Oh Man, when I tell you my Pastor James E Jones Jr. preached today. Even though I have personally allowed my past and some of my current situations get me way down, I won't any longer. I was not giving, not going to worship and I had even stopped praying but I truly Thank God not only for His grace, love and mercy, I also thank Him for that place called Grace Fellowship Worship Center!! I am praying again, I am coming back to church and I have started giving. Love is a verb not a noun so it's time to step up and prove that you love God, Pastor and GFWC. Stop with the dine and ditch, leaving crappy tips and/or not tipping at all!!! Stop saying and show & prove!!!
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