Jonathan Taylor Thomas & Home Improvement

Jonathan Taylor Thomas (born Jonathan Taylor Weiss; September 8, 1981) is an American actor, voice actor, former child star, and teen idol. Home improvement, home renovation or remodeling is the process of renovating or making additions to one's home. 5.0/5

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Yes, Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Whom I grew up watching on Home Improvement, although I…
Jonathan Taylor Thomas was Simba? I have to watch Home Improvement! For once, something has actually made my childhood better.
She went to the GRAMMYs as Jonathan Taylor Thomas in Home Improvement?
Probably going to start watching Home Improvement next. My Jonathan Taylor Thomas feels are all over the place.
I'm just like Jonathan Taylor Thomas in the 8th season of Home Improvement, in that I live in a basement and I'm going to Costa Rica.
Can Netflix get Home Improvement? I want to see Jonathan Taylor Thomas in his prime 😼
Okay, the older brother from Home Improvement is in an episode, when the heck is the one with Jonathan Taylor Thomas?!
EIU super fan Jonathan Taylor Thomas from Home Improvement expected to be at the Blue-Out game tonight!
Alex kind of looks like Jonathan Taylor Thomas in the early Home Improvement years
Whatever happened to Jonathan Taylor Thomas? The good ole JTT days of "Home Improvement". Every girl had a crush on him.
I can only imagine Walkers last film was a big screen adaptation of Home Improvement and he was playing Jonathan Taylor Thomas.
Kid in my astronomy class is a dead ringer for Jonathan Taylor Thomas (1990s teen heartthrob made famous by the show Home Improvement)
Grown up Jonathan Taylor Thomas looks a lot like Tim Allen. Great job, Home Improvement casting team.
What's the deal with guys who like to shoot things having three names? James Earl Ray, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wilkes Booth... even Jonathan Taylor Thomas shot episodes of Home Improvement. And now this PSH business.
back in the day I also had a crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas from Home Improvement.
Home Improvement marathon. Oh how I still love Jonathan Taylor Thomas 😍😍😍
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Is Loki played by Jonathan Taylor Thomas? Is Oden Tim Allen? I want Home Improvement as Thor.
Jonathan Taylor Thomas FROM Home Improvement was 1 of my very 1st
Home Improvement pin-ups Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Zachery Ty Bryan re-unite at film premiere
Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Zachery Ty Bryan of ‘Home Improvement’ Reunite! Update ->
Then + Now: Taran Noah Smith from 'Home Improvement': While everyone was fawning over Jonathan Taylor Thomas, ...
Apparently all my friends think I look like Jonathan Taylor Thomas from Home Improvement.
COURTNEY PELDON 32 Remembered as Jonathan Taylor Thomas's on-screen girlfriend on Home Improvement . Happy
The actor from Home Improvement plays golf, now? MT Jonathan Taylor Thomas misses the cut.
I'm not taking this well. I absolutely loved Jonathan Taylor Thomas on Home Improvement. why puberty why?? 😫
Home Improvement is on! I had the fattest crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas💘
Jonathan Taylor Thomas guest starred in an episode of Last Man Standing and its bad Home Improvement puns galore. I love it. Lol
'Home Improvement' reunion! First photos of Jonathan Taylor Thomas on via
Not knowing who Jonathan Taylor Thomas is = basically like 90s blasphemy, plus Home Improvement repeats are on all of the time 😛
Jonathan Taylor Thomas of Home Improvement fame was the voice for Young Simba what?!?!?!
Jonathan Taylor Thomas from Home Improvement & voice of Simba in Lion King. I was obsessed back in the day.
Totally look like Jonathan Taylor Thomas from Home Improvement with these jeans tucked into my docs.
Whatever happened to Jonathan Taylor Thomas? What is he up to these days, watching old episodes of Home Improvement? JTT, where are you?
If you don't know who Jonathan Taylor Thomas is I'm judging you. He's Simba's voice from Lion King + he was on Home Improvement
Welcome back to the spotlight, Jonathan Taylor Thomas! He laid pretty low after Home Improvement ended its run in 1999 (save some appearances on Smallville and...
What celebrity did you want to meet One of our picks was Jonathan Taylor Thomas from Home Improvement! :) Hey, it was the 90's!
Movies reimagined with the Home Improvement cast: American Woodshop X: Tim Taylor, charismatic neo-nazi and tool salesman, is imprisoned for a hate driven murder. With the help of his old teacher Wilson, Tim realizes he must protect his brother Jonathan Taylor Thomas from a similar fate. Al guest stars as Cameron Alexander with Jill as Stacey.
Movies reimagined with the Home Improvement cast: Tool Club: Insomniac Tim Taylor embarks on an existential journey after meeting scummy tool salesman, Al Borland, who brings him to the height of his manhood. Jill guest stars as Marla Singer, with Wilson as Robert Paulsen and Jonathan Taylor Thomas as the blonde haired guy.
Movies Reimagined with the Home Improvement cast: Sweeney Tim: Tim Taylor exacts revenge on Judge Al with his Binford 5100 Electric Razor for wrongfully imprisoning him and trying to woo Jill. Heidi guest stars as Joanna, Wilson as Anthony, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas as Beadle.
Jonathan Taylor Thomas was so cute in Home Improvement.
The episode of Home Improvement where Jonathan Taylor Thomas almost has cancer
Things I think about on am hours sleep.where did Jonathan Taylor Thomas go!? He was so adorable in Home Improvement!!!
But wait...have y'all seen Jonathan Taylor Thomas from Home Improvement lately?
Friday's SHOW features two legendary monsters: the sasquatch and the kid from 'Home Improvement.' Not Jonathan Taylor Thomas. The other one.
Matthew Broderick was adult simba. Jonathan Taylor Thomas (from Home Improvement) was the Young Simba.
Fact: Jonathan Taylor Thomas, the cute middle son from Home Improvement, is 31 years old. He was born om 1981-- that means he's over 30. Look it up.
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Happy b-day Jonathan Taylor Thomas who turns 31 today. He is most known as Randy Taylor in Tim Allen's series "Home Improvement"
Jonathan Taylor Thomas - 31 (The middle son on "Home Improvement". Unlike most adorable child stars who usually age pretty crapp, he actually grew up to be a lucious hairless twink.) PINK - 33 ( talented superstar who lets a...
Tonite at BANG! Celebrate Jonathan Taylor Thomas's Massive Birthday Bash in the party room with screenings of Home Improvement and The Lion King, be sure to try the delicious Ragin' Randy Shots. Catch Impending Doom, Boris the Blade && Event Horizon (band) live, stick around after the bands as we are hosting the album launch for The Amity Affliction - Official's new album 'Chasing Ghosts' which you can score a copy of. There will be a special DJ set by Higgo from Triple M Distortion in *** In A Cell. Impending Doom (USA) Live! TAA Album Launch + More! be sure to say Skylie's List at the door for cheaper entry :)
looks ridiculously like that guy outta Home Improvement
i never realized before that Jonathan Taylor Thomas from Home Improvement was the voice of Young Simba. i love . one of my cousins was the one who got me interested in actors, directors, and the people behind the scenes of a movie
“Every girl was all about Jonathan Taylor Thomas from Home Improvement. Not me. I was all about Lol” Thanks
What is the best thing that Jonathan Taylor Thomas ever did? This is how it is for me... 1.Man of the House. 2. Lion King. 3. Tom and Huck...4. Home Improvement.
Home Improvement is on ugh I love this show Jonathan Taylor Thomas could totally get it
I only watch Home Improvement to see Jonathan Taylor Thomas
I heard a rumor Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Home Improvement, The Lion King) is *** We got waaay too much news yesterday, America.
Whatever happened to Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT)? My boss and I are trying to find out. And the closest thing we can find is an interview in 2011 - where hes asked what he's been up to since Home Improvement (1999). His response "Well, I've been going to school, traveling, and reading a lot of books." Books? For 12 years?
What if Justin Bieber remains babyfaced and never ages like Fred Savage or that Jonathan Taylor Thomas kid on Home Improvement?
Why do I imagine that my dog's voice would sound like Jonathan Taylor Thomas circa "Home Improvement" if he could talk?
Did Jonathan Taylor Thomas from "Home Improvement" really need three names? Couldn't his parents just have called him "suck"? - R.I.P. Dana Plato :/
Jonathan Taylor Thomas from Home Improvement. I think I was about 9 or 10.
Haven't watched Home Improvement in a really long time... Jonathan Taylor Thomas is still my favorite part about this show.
“Then and now Jonathan Taylor Thomas. I adored him on Home Improvement!
well one good thing bout waking up so early is I got to catch an episode of Home Improvement...why cant they make shows like this anymore...Gosh I used to b so so crazy for Jonathan Taylor Thomas lol
Jonathan Taylor and Home Improvement still make me giggle
Home Improvement is on... Oh Jonathan Taylor Thomas how I love you
Jonathan Taylor Thomas was another favorite I watched Home Improvement just
"Fact: Jonathan Taylor Thomas was the best actor on Home Improvement"
Whatever happened to the cast of Home Improvement? Tim Allen, drunk. Pamela Anderson, home video star. Jonathan Taylor Thomas, thirty.
I think I've been in love with Jonathan Taylor Thomas my whole life because of Home Improvement.
I couldn't sleep last and randomly started thinking about Home Improvement. I used to have a poster from Tiger Beat of Jonathan Taylor Thomas. What ever happened to JTT?
I still have a HUGE crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas...Home Improvement and those silly Disney Movies are my childhood
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