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Jonathan Silver Scott

Drew Scott Property Brothers Brian Cook

OMG Jonathan Silver Scott is a little bit.
I call my cat Jonathan Silver Scott even though his name is John Cena
I love it Jonathan Silver Scott as all your designes
Dont' miss tonight’s finale of Brother vs. Brother on HGTV with Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott!. The...
My name is Ashley george and is this Property Brothers Jonathan silver Scott
what are you perplexed about Mr Jonathan Silver Scott life is perplexed
I sincerely mean it as a compliment. I'm not impressed easily. You are very commanding. Who are you, Jonathan Silver Scott?
Anyone know how to directly contact Jonathan Silver Scott or his twin Drew Scott??
Jonathan Silver Scott + Drew Scott share their home decorating tips and tricks.
i got 2 FB friends requests from Jonathan Silver Scott that are new pages-can i assume they're fakes just using your name?
Never lose. your sense. of wonder. Never squander. your lessons in life. ~ Jonathan Silver Scott.
Why do I have to be so in love with Jonathan Silver Scott? I have to stop being in love with him cause he is way to far out of my league 😞
I'm going on a mission to find a Jonathan Silver Scott lookalike when I go to London for my Besties Birthday in July :)
I am Ashley george and i really wish that I could meet Property Brothers Jonathan silver Scott in person
my name is Ashley george and i think Jonathan silver Scott is way cuter then Drew Scott
Me gustó un video de "Chat with a Property Brother" with Jonathan Silver Scott via Periscope
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Jonathan Silver Scott stop making me fall further in love with you lol 😁
is this the real Property Brothers Jonathan silver Scott
is this Property Brothers Jonathan silver Scott
my name is Ashley george and i am really wounding how i can contact Property Brothers Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott
Once again I have to fall for a guy who is famous and way out of my league :( But I have crushed so bad on Jonathan Silver Scott 😍
today's post: the time we met the Property Brothers, Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott (a Home and...
Jonathan Silver Scott love this quote. I need to get knowledge and perspective from reading books. You have a good heart.❤❤💋❤
So handsome! Will you be my Valentine Jonathan Silver Scott? .
Check out the Property Brothers in Tarrytown last season: Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott have fun with some... http…
Jonathan Silver Scott made the NKBA BASH a little merrier last night.
*** . I would work my *** off all day long next to Jonathan Silver Scott!
Sending a big THANK YOU to HGTV hosts Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott as well as longtime friend of the... https:…
We're all home sick with sore throats and coughs - but Jim surprised me and just ordered me Jonathan Silver Scott...
Jonathan Silver Scott. Reason to watch Property Brothers lol
I need to stay healthy jonathan silver scott i love you
This lil' guy looks like Jonathan Silver Scott from "Property Brothers"!
Just want you to know that I revere Jonathan Silver Scott!
Awe, brotherly love!!! Oh...that's sweet, Jonathan Silver Scott do not worry ... I will fill that empty seat !
The man Jonathan Silver Scott, is just Gorgeous! What can I say?!!
Jonathan Silver Scott - My Life My World My Everyting My new video on Jonathan via
Bucket List Part 2: Want to meet and /or hang out with - Jonathan Silver Scott, Vin Diesel, and Christina Aguilera.
Hello my name is Linda Shepperd, we live in Las Vegas the Northwest side of town. We bought an older home and our back yard is a good size for Las Vegas, but it needs a ton of help. Our house needs to be changed to stucco, windows, and the back yard needs new landscaping and new cover on the patio and possibly a new patio. We also need to do some work inside the house. Bathrooms the biggest issue. I just would like to know if you know anyone that is reasonable, and honest to help us get our home to look nice? My husband works as a plumber at the Prison in Indian Springs and I work for Bally Technologies. I work a ton of overtime and my husband is falling apart from his line of work. So we need someone we can feel comfortable with to help us make our home feel like home. Please advise? linda.sheppperd
Funny I didn't see anyone but Jonathan Silver Scott, the most beautiful and hottest man in the world!!
We are all aware that Jonathan on Property Bro's full name is JONATHAN SILVER SCOTT, yes?
don't worry sure you star in many dreams! Jonathan Silver Scott: The Stuff Dreams are Made Of!
Jonathan Silver Scott : Why was I cut from 's new project. LOL. Don't miss the this...
TV personalities Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott attend Day 2 of the DirecTV Super Fan Festival
Production Still of Jonathan Silver Scott on the set of Property Brothers
Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott at the 2010 Leo Film & Television Awards.
SO obvious Jonathan Silver Scott has a huge crush on Marie Digby & is trying to woo her.Asian fetish
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I had the fabulous opportunity to meet the Property Brothers! Genuinely nice guys. Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew...
Jonathan Silver Scott!!! Cute guy or Jonathan! and the video is very cute like me
Jonathan Silver Scott Sweet wonderful! who was so very perfect man! wonderful photo.
Jonathan Silver Scott what the frick do you think you're doing
After we get married & have a son, Jonathan Silver Scott, Jr. it is! LOL! 😂😂😂
jonathan silver scott | Click forward to find out what Jonathan Silver Scott can't live ...
Look out behind you, Nafarrete Nafarrete Nafarrete Silver Scott ! is going to ge
Time for another Scott family picture. We've got Jonathan Silver Scott , Dad, Mom, Drew and JD Scott
★ Last night I fell asleep before the end of with Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott. I am...
Jonathan Silver Scott - Last Christmas... he likes dogs...!
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three cele... — The Big Show, Ron Jeremy, and Jonathan Silver Scott
Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott are now running their home on the sun with Sunrun solar. Read more on the...
I added a video to a playlist Jonathan Silver Scott Funky Hair N' Glasses
why would someone who looks as perfect as you Jonathan Silver Scott be single?
.Jonathan silver Scott...he's funny, knows how to do magic tricks, fixes houses, and is freakin HOT!
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Best man in the world! Drew Scott, Jonathan Silver Scott, JD Scott! I vote for them because they he is my very...
Jonathan and Drew - Treasure Two cute twin brothers Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott !!! the mus
Jonathan and Drew Scott - I'll love you for a thousand years. Two cute twin brothers Jonathan Silver
Jonathan Silver Scott. You've never seen anything like this at home before!
Jonathan Silver Scott. Who said a little gender role reversal can't be fun!
Jonathan Silver Scott. Do you REALLY wanna know!?'s not for Halloween! HGTV
Jonathan Silver Scott. You’ve been asking for it and we’re very excited to unveil the official Scott Shop!
Drew Scott. I'm a proud Scott and not afraid to show it! Should I throw on Jonathan Silver Scott's kilt?!
Drew Scott. If you missed Jonathan Silver Scott and me on today's episode of The Rachael Ray Show
Jonathan Silver Scott. Reveal day this morn on PB...I love everything about this one
Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes what I really want Jonathan Silver Scott Drew Scott come help finish my...
Jonathan Silver Scott. Back in the big apple.
Did you figure it out Jonathan Silver Scott?
Jonathan Silver Scott shared Property Brothers's video. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all our friends up North...
no thorns here! Mr. Drew Scott and Mr. Jonathan Silver Scott 2014 Producers Ball.
Website Builder 728x90
Jonathan Silver Scott. Are you getting our Scott Brothers Entertainment monthly newsletter?
Jonathan Silver Scott. Not a fan of when my food resembles body parts
Jonathan Silver Scott. I think I'm having a good hair day! Thanks Vegas for having no humidity
Jonathan Silver Scott. I'm thinking of performing the spike bed trick!! Should I?
you are right the power of Jonathan Silver Scott has on product enforcement.
You are one sexy man, Jonathan Silver Scott!!!
Thank you. Beginning to think that Tide underestimated the power of Jonathan Silver Scott.
Jonathan Silver Scott. To go for lunch or write another chapter of our book...that is the question!
okay Mr. Handsome/Cute Jonathan Silver Scott tell us who's who in your tbt picture
Britain win world silver and bronze: Alan Sinclair and Scott Durant win silver and Sam Scrimgeour and Jonathan...
Jonathan Silver Scott. Sometimes when you gotta put out the vibe, you gotta put out the vibe!
Jonathan Silver Scott. To see all my behind-the-scenes photos and videos, follow me on Instagram!...
Jonathan Silver Scott. You know, being up Ship Creek isn't so bad after all.
Featuring Budget Blinds window coverings and the awesome Jonathan Silver Scott &...
Drew Scott. Jonathan Silver Scott has found our cutest Property Brothers fan
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
England's Alistair Brownlee has won gold in the men's triathlon at the Commonwealth Games with brother Jonathan Brownlee …
so are you really Jonathan Silver Scott?
Jonathan Silver Scott. Tonight a new season of Buying and Selling starts on W Network
Scott Brothers Entertainment. Are you following Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott on Pinterest yet?
Jonathan Silver Scott. Check out these new "smart home" tips Drew Scott and I shared with OK!
I wouldn't mind Meeting Jonathan Silver Scott and chill with him like we were old friends . I know that Jonathan is busy with work and all but it would be nice to let lose and not think of Jonathan as an actor but as a everyday kind of guy . yes Jonathan Silver Scott is handsome but he has a good personality and funny . Even though Jonathan Silver Scott is sexy he is as well from the inside.
Gathering data to make big decisions. My brain hurts. Send chocolate. And a cabana boy. Preferably Jonathan Silver Scott.
Jonathan Silver Scott. Thinking of a home design refresh?
Sunrun is partnering up with some pretty “brilliant” folks, celebrity home experts Genevieve Gorder, Drew Scott & Jonathan Silver Scott. This summer, they’ll be surprising lucky homeowners with a home visit and design consultation. So, get smart and enter Sunrun’s Brilliant Design Sweepstakes (and get more deets on our blog. (Terms and conditions apply.)
We're all bringing sexy back on June 25th! Mark your calendars and set your DVR's now! It's going to be MUST SEE TV!!! Watch Melissa and me don some shoulder pads and do some intense w/ Jonathan Silver Scott & Drew Scott
Drew Scott. Wire hanging out of a wall hole. I'm pretty sure Jonathan Silver Scott wants to punch whoever did...
Jonathan Silver Scott. This makes me so angry. Some unlicensed *** put in the wrong light in the shower which...
This made Jonathan Silver Scott angry but it also made me laugh! Dangerous though.
Jonathan Silver Scott. Is it just me or do they change the rules EVERY time you fly?
Jonathan Silver Scott. I feel like whomever buys this knife block...has serious anger issues. Lol
Jonathan Silver Scott. My friends got married yesterday & we travelled by band led parade from the church to the...
Jonathan Silver Scott from Property Brothers (always go with the one who can use a hammer) Love a
Drew Scott. You can dress Jonathan Silver Scott up but you can't take him out!! partying!
Drew Scott. Jonathan Silver Scott may be trying to intimidate us for tonight but his panther face...
Jonathan Silver Scott. I've been pinning a lot of photos to my Pinterest boards.follow me to see all the...
Jonathan Silver Scott. Are you getting our monthly Scott Brothers Entertainment newsletter?
Jonathan Silver Scott. I feel like I'm sleep walking at the airport. If I bump into you...please don't wake me...
Friend was wearing a MN Twins tshirt; guy asked if she's a fan. Her reply: "Yes, my favorite twin is Jonathan Silver Scott."
The ReStore just received another awesome donation from our favorite twin brothers, Jonathan Silver Scott and...
JD Scott. Some footage from our trip to Dollywood last week. Jonathan Silver Scott, Drew Scott and I had an...
Jonathan Silver Scott. Outstanding Performance my the incredible in tonight. WOW!...
Jonathan Silver Scott. Want me to declutter your room?
Don't forget fans, both Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott are now on Pinterest!
Which one do I kiss? I want my prince...Mr. Jonathan Silver Scott!!! :-*
Reminder fans: Today, Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott will be on the The View!
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Jonathan Silver Scott. Was at a meeting with our friends Food & Wine today. BEST MEETING EVER!
Jonathan Silver Scott. Wow the food at Guys in NYC is delish...and my host/buddy, Guy Fieri, knows his stuff!
Drew Scott. This morning, Jonathan Silver Scott and I will be on The View! We’ve got some new tips just for...
JD Scott. On set of the with Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott and all sorts of awesome fans.
Jonathan Silver Scott. Some times I like to get my bling on!
Jonathan Silver Scott. Way to go Target volunteers on giving 1 million hours in 2013! for...
Drew Scott. Here is Jonathan Silver Scott sitting down on the job...again!! I am definitely the harder working...
Jonathan Silver Scott you put that shovel down now lol
Jonathan Silver Scott. In the recording studio today they offered Boxed Water. I've heard of Boxed Wine which is...
fans.what do you think Jonathan Silver Scott and Jonathan Knight from New Kids On The Block are up to?? Sound off in the comments!
Property Brothers. Can you believe spring is almost here?! Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott give some fresh...
watching the two hottest guys on HGTV Drew Jonathan Silver Scott — watching Property Brothers
Jonathan Silver Scott. "For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple & wrong" - HL Mencken...
Looking around the house this morning at all the to-do's I realize that what is really needed is a show called Property Brother's to the Rescue and Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott arrive at my house to work their fabulous miracles...oh and HGTV pays of course!!! Right, ok another hit of caffeine and back to work.
Drew Scott. There goes Jonathan Silver Scott sucking up to mom again.
Jonathan Silver Scott. after an hour of Stewie staring at himself in the mirror...I think he's worked out all his...
. Don't worry Jonathan silver Scott I will be watching, tonight as well as all day with marathon.❤❤❤
It would be ideal if Property Brothers would mosey on over to the STL and help a sista out. Losing hope at an exponential rate with the homes available in this area! Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott?
Jonathan Silver Scott. Please support an incredible organization dedicated to saving the lives of...
Jonathan Silver Scott, is one fine looking man. Wish he could help me redo my house!
Totally obsessed with Property Brothers, Buying and Selling, and Jonathan Silver Scott, 7 hrs of episodes on dvr, laid back at home happy valentines to me! Thanks Mary Hook VanEss for turning me on to them despite the lack of sleep lol
Have some fun this weekend and leave a comment with your best caption for this photo Jonathan Silver Scott posted!
Jonathan Silver Scott photos, including production stills, premiere photos and other event photos, publicity photos, behind-the-scenes, and more.
Jonathan Silver Scott, Self: Property Brothers. Jonathan was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada with his identical twin brother Drew Scott, and older brother J.D. Scott. His passion for entertaining started at the young age of 7 when he began performing in small theatre productions and on weekends...
Our next newsletter is ready to be sent out! Are you getting all the latest from Drew Scott, Jonathan Silver Scott and JD Scott? Be sure to sign-up to receive exclusive content that you won't find anywhere else!
Start your day with Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott on HGTV - there's an all morning marathon beginning at 7am ET tomorrow!
When one is snowed in again, one watches Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott on HGTV all day... again. I may get cabin fever and start taking out walls!
“If you want to be an angel, just attack the government, whatever you have done is covered.” - President Goodluck Jonathan Silver Scott
Jonathan Silver Scott 3 hours ago 2 cartwheels, 25 push ups and a little breakdancing...yet not a hair out of place! Lol
Jonathan Silver Scott Had fun tonight with the gang. I'm fortunate to work with so many people I consider family..& some who actually are!
Jonathan Silver Scott I'm having kind of an awesome day at home listening to Solid Gold Oldies.
Jonathan Silver Scott Should I be concerned? Every time I burp...this bright light comes out
Be sure to cast your vote and let Jonathan Silver Scott know if you think or will win!
Jonathan Silver Scott's adorable pups are getting ready for the big game tomorrow.let him know who you think will win? or
Monday Night Viewing: Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott answer your questions, show you how to quickly renovate your bedroom and even cook in the kitchen on Home & Family!
Break up the week with the Property Brothers marathon today on HGTV starting at 1pm EST! How many different hairstyles from me and Jonathan Silver Scott will you spot?
I’ve come across some interesting homes to with Jonathan Silver Scott, but this upside down house would be one of our biggest challenges yet! Take a look at the photos on Fresh Home and let me know if you could see yourself living in a place like this:
Canadian Property Brothers fans! Tune in to W Network tonight at 7 and 9pm ET for two episodes. What to do at 8pm? Watch Buying and Selling with Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott!
I'm trying something new for HGTV : A marionette reno challenge. Jonathan Silver Scott has nothing on me!
Season 2 is going to a whole new level!! Jonathan Silver Scott... Lookout! HGTV
Sandra and Kyle have been renting her late grandma's shabby, outdated house and it's time for something more modern. They want an open concept design with a killer kitchen, on the subway line, and a short walk from all amenities. Will Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott be able to help them find their dream home? Find out tonight at 8pm ET on HGTV
Did anyone catch Buying and Selling with Drew Scott & Jonathan Silver Scott last night? It definitely wasn't...
You'll love watching these bloopers from the HGTV New Year's Day Premiere shoot with Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott! Please share and let the guys know what your favorite moment was in the comments!
Check out this video of Jonathan Silver Scott and me behind-the-scenes at the 2014 Tournament of Roses Parade. Tomorrow morning at 11am EST/8am PST this place is going to be PACKED!
With Drew Scott, Jonathan Silver Scott, Andria Barrett. The Property Brothers are determined to help couples find, buy and transform extreme fixer-uppers into the ultimate dream home. And since it's hard to see beyond a dated property's shortcomings, they're using state-of-the-art CGI to reveal thei...
Who's ready for the premiere on Thursday night? Looks like the Property Brothers, Drew Scott & Jonathan Silver Scott, have an idea for a plot twist! Farm Kings Season 3 premieres Thursday at 9/8c!
Don't forget to send Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott photos of your best "ugly" Christmas sweaters by Sunday, 12/22 at 11:59pm PST for a chance to win their sweaters, plus some cool autographed Property Brothers posters!
HGTV Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott (Property Brothers) One of my favorite shows. Great Weekend. Extremely Cold!
Anyone curious if Jonathan Silver Scott can defeat a 7 year old in a push-up contest? The results are shocking!! Property Brothers HGTV W Network
Woo hoo! Jonathan Silver Scott, Drew Scott, AND Vin Skully?! This year, I will wake up to watch the Rose Parade.
put Jonathan silver Scott on your show you would love him we would love seeing it.
Need a fix of Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott? Tune in to HGTVtonight at 8pm ET for back to back episodes!
Need a Property Brothers fix? Tune in to HGTV tomorrow starting at 1pm ET and spend the day with Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott!
The Property Brothers are a perfect cure for some mid-week blues. Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott bring you another renorescue tonight in America 9pm ET HGTV
This Friday, November 15th, be sure to tune in to Good Morning America at 7am ET to catch Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott live!
Had a great time today at the Property Brother's event hosted by COUNTRY Financial! Way nice guys! Jonathan Silver Scott Drew Scott COUNTRY Financial
Are you really Jonathan Silver Scott or not???
Are Johnathan or Drew married. I just love them they are so cute
Hi sorry I would speak with jonathan silver scott sorry again I presented are Maria how do I get a number thanks
Omg how could Torche not win Jonathan Silver Scott???
We have an older home that needs major renovation to be more functional . Please help
Jonathan Silver Scott from Property Brothers loves my hometown :-)
If you had the power to make Jonathan Silver Scott & I appear on another TV show...what would it be? HGTV show? The CW ? Let's hear it!!
I'm looking for good book recommendations. Fiction, non fiction, I'm open.. Just maybe something more positive than negative :) thank you!
- You could get advise from Jonathan Silver Scott Date - he is dating last years 1st runner up -- Miss TEEN USA LOL
love him ! Jonathan Silver Scott so freakin cute !! :) lol
you're nuts. A perfect fit for Jonathan Silver Scott. LOL!
Want a little bit of late afternoon Property Brothers? Tune into HGTV today at 4pm ET for 4 hours of Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott!
Do you have questions that you would like to ask the Property Brothers? Head over to their pages Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott and ask them!
Happy Mother's Day! Enjoy this great photo of Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott with their mother!
:D - GIF set of Jonathan Silver Scott from Buying and Selling
I usually don't share such things, but this one has to be dedicated to JD Scott, Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott :)
Check out this piece with Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott in the newest issue of "Financial Literacy!"
is that the same house with the small toilet & mirror. If so it it needs a major overhaul of Jonathan Silver Scott!
Jonathan Silver Scott your a pisser, and I say that in the most loving way!
Well, I guess 1 think we have learned about Jonathan Silver Scott is that he *** at lying ;-)
Thanks for chatting with Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott! Did you join in?
a 17 yr old fan of Jonathan Silver Scott was bullied by his fans and committed suicide he won't address fans or the mother.
What does a girl have to do to get her favorite twin to say hi? I heart you, Jonathan Silver Scott. :)
Jonathan Silver Scott and I are hanging out with the Breakfast Television Vancouver gang tomorrow morning. Check it out at 7:20 PST. Bright and early :)
I MEET THE Property Brothers! Thanks so much to Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott!! Pro pic was taken and will be available in 2 days. Sandwiched between these two AWESOME guys!! They are TALL!! So glad I went to the Home and Garden Show!! 1 hour of these two talking and joking (Drew got one in). Then stood in line for pic and autographs. The line was cutoff 2 in front of me. I was bummed but then they let us in. What an honor to have briefly met them. Jonathan asked me if I was the Judy that was the troublemaker. OH NO!! LOL Don't tell anyone!! Pics to come!! ♥♥
Jonathan Silver Scott , the man of steel , hardest working and helping homeowners get there dream homes.
Nothing like waking up to Property Brothers. I do love some Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott. I can't help myself, they mesmerize me. Maybe it's the magician in JSS. :-)
To All Supporters, If you didn’t know, Jonathan Silver Scott & Drew Scott appeared on Marie Osmond‘s Hallmark Channel USA, Marie this morning. They were unbelievably charming and great sports about a mini-Brother vs. Brother Challenge, WTG for them. Let's take a moment and thank Jonathan & Drew for mentioning their brother, JD Scott, on air. We all need to do our part to make JD known. :) Thanks from all of us, The Supporters of getting JD Scott on HGTV New Year's resolution is to meet Jonathan Silver Scott! Sounds ridiculous I know but if I put it out in the universe it may happen!
Who's interested if Jonathan Silver Scott and I do a meet and greet with fans while we're in LA? Jonathan may even wear a tie!!
Who wore it best JD Scott, Jonathan Silver Scott or Drew Scott?
The amount of hours I spend watching Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott could have built the Pyramids.
Ok, I'll admit it publicly, I have a huge crush on Jonathan Silver Scott :) Anyone know him?
Watch this short clip to catch a glimpse of Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott from Buying & Selling with The...
Would like to know how Drew Scott & Jonathan Silver Scott put up with some of the people on their show. Tonight episode the guy is beyond annoying..
Today was lots of fun. Breakfast with Jonathan Silver Scott, lunch with Brian Cook, lecture by Chris Smith at the IBM Ring meeting, dinner with Matt Schick and Greg Gleason and tomorrow I'll see Armando Vera's close up show, Nathan Burton's comedy magic show and finish with seeing Jan Rouven's Illusions. With any luck I can sleep in, have lunch with a friend and still have energy to to more in the late night...gotta love Vegas!
January 7th and the fifth airport of the year is history. Looking forward to a short visit in Vegas. I don't have cellular but you can email me thanks to Jonathan Silver Scott. Had a great meal at the Sugar Factory with Brian Cook and Chris Randall last night and tonight I plan to go to a magic lecture ... I'm such a magic addict.
There's no one like the real Jonathan Silver Scott. Goodness he looks so yummy in yellow. *sigh*
...Shawshank Redemption...GOod movie! you have great taste Mr. Jonathan Silver Scott! ;)
Jonathan Scott Host/Entrepreneur - Host of Property Brothers (Also known as Jonathan Silver Scott)
The Property Brothers (Drew Scott & Jonathan Silver Scott) are getting their hands dirty this holiday season...but this time with gingerbread, icing & candy in support of the all new Scaredy Squirrel book "Scaredy Squirrel Prepares for Christmas". Would you participate in a Gingerbread House building initiative with Drew & Jonathan?
Mystery Dance box set is on sale for $1.99 (Nook: (Kobo:
Janet talks with Jonathan and Drew Scott, stars of HGTV's "Property Brothers" on how to rebuild post-Sandy, and their efforts to help cure childhood cancer.
Yes, that is HGTV's Property Brothers Jonathan Silver Scott with Highwood Pumpkin Fest's main men - Mayor Charlie...
"Pumpkin Palooza!" with CBS Chicago, Jonathan Silver Scott and the awesome, Vince Gerasole. Go Highwood!
Yes!!! Jonathan Silver Scott is about to be interviewed by the awesome Vince Gerasole of CBS Chicago. TUNE IN NOW!
A new installment in our CELEBRITY SIBLING series: Our interview with Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott better...
Sadly the sexiest man on TV isn't listed its Jonathan Silver Scott of Property Brothers!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Hey Chicago HGTV'S Jonathan Silver Scott of Property Brothers is coming to City of Highwood
Everyone check out Jonathan Silver Scott and Drew Scott's new show. They were always annoyingly good looking, and now they're successful. I hate them!
Mark Bradley: vs. as Larry Munson might have called it
When does the HGTV 2012 Dream Home Sweepstakes Begin? ( live at
Tune in NOW to listen to the on 98.1FM/980AM in Learn all about buying your first home:
HGTV Live on USTREAM Take a fresh approach to the way you live ...: HGTV Live @ USTREAM: Take a fresh approach t...
This is the best outdoor advertising in the city. I love this sign! and so do other greats!
How a podiatrist sign became a literary icon: F. Scott Fitzgerald's generation had its green light at the end of...
Hey Everyone, Here's our Urban Rush YouTube Channel link. If you've missed a show or you've been one of our guests...
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