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Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Jonathan Rhys Meyers (born 27 July 1977) is an Irish actor and model.

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Here’s a song for you… Moondance by Jonathan Rhys Meyers.
No one EVERYONE fell to pieces over Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Especially not me. No way.
I’m so happy Jonathan Rhys Meyers is in 😩
Jonathan Rhys Meyers...I love to hate all of his characters.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers is my new favourite actor.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers is on this now? I guess I gotta start watching! 😃
More badass than Boneless? Vikings creator Michael Hirst talks Jonathan Rhys Meyers new character in
Jonathan Rhys Meyers is rather lovely...great film.
I’ve been talking to actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers today about the new movie «Den 12.mann» full…
Gods, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a beautiful man
My personal fave was her turn as Lucy Westenra in Dracula with Jonathan Rhys Meyers (I. KNOW. But trust me - *she*…
I hope Jonathan Rhys Meyers knows I love him.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Vikings is such a blessing
Jonathan Rhys Meyers is giving off a very strong young Jude Law vibe. I'm here for it.
We can talk about how beautiful Jonathan Rhys Meyers is and how surprisingly close they remain to Tudor history
Yes! This season has been lacking without him. At least Jonathan Rhys Meyers helps a little
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New post (Jonathan Rhys Meyers love me some Irish hotness) has been published on Good Friday Deals -…
Jonathan Rhys Meyers latin and archaiac English, is on point. tip of the tongue
I liked a video This Time by Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Lyrics)
Jonathan Rhys Meyers in August Rush is an absolute dream😩
Jonathan Rhys Meyers is great in arrogant roles ok in other too . but Alex Høgh Andersen as Ivar…
Jonathan Rhys Meyers! I was obsessed with the Tudors. I'm having a small coniption
Why does he look like Jonathan Rhys Meyers? 😲
Have you noticed? If excercised he'd look much alike Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Absolutely loving the “Vikings” series. Wow, add Jonathan Rhys Meyers to new season and what a show!
Jonathan Rhys Meyers should just act in period movies / series. He has the face for it and he can really handle his…
Btw I'm also a fan of Jonathan Rhys Meyers. The Tudors made me a big fan.
WHY DID I JUST DISCOVER BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM?!?! The movie came out like 14 years ago... But *** Jonathan Rhys Meyers is to die for 😍😍
Yep! I just watched that movie and I seriously relate 😂. ...except I also want Jonathan Rhys Meyers because 😍😍😍
I added a video to a playlist Jonathan Rhys Meyers - This Time
[ : Jonathan Rhys Meyers is just , so very handsome.
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Watching episode 3 of Vikings. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is really Jonathan Rhys Meyersing.
Remembering that scene from The Tudors right now. Where gorgeous Jonathan Rhys Meyers has…
Bit slow so far, but loving Jonathan Rhys Meyers' character so far. Looks like a badass priest
Jonathan Rhys Meyers in latest series of Vikings is giving Gustaf Skarsgård a serious run for his money for best ac…
“When you succeed people say 'Don't change' but the fact is you don't change at all; they do” - Jonathan Rhys Meyers h…
Omg just like fine wine Jonathan Rhys Meyers only gets better with time 😍
Josh Brolin felt idyllic upon seeing Jonathan Rhys Meyers sitting on the mouse in the engine room
Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ wife, Mara, posted a candid message about her recent miscarriage and her husband’s relapse:
Jonathan Rhys Meyers 'completely out of it' at Dublin Airport before being escorted away by security: via
Jonathan Rhys Meyers relapses after wife’s miscarriage
Our thoughts are with Jonathan Rhys Meyers & Mara Lane during this difficult time
Alcoholic Jonathan Rhys Meyers relapsed at airport after wife had devastating miscarriage: via
Jonathan Rhys Meyers denied treatment for alcoholism, says wife
. Mara Lane, wife of actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers, took to Instagram over the weekend to share some……
Jonathan Rhys Meyer's wife, Mara Lane, reveals he's suffered alcohol relapse, after she had miscarriage…
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Jonathan Rhys Meyer's wife Mara reveals the actor relapsed after she suffered a miscarriage in heartbreaking post.
This is so sad. Sending love to them both.
[Author: e-online-us-top-stories] After red flags were raised over Jonathan Rhys Meyers'...
Jonathan Rhys Meyers wife Mara Lane addressed her husband's public relapse after she suffered a miscarriage:…
Jonathan Rhys Meyers' wife says he relapsed after she suffered a ..
Actor's apparent relapse of alcoholism and depression after loss of second child.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers' Wife Reveals Recent Miscarriage Caused The Actor's Public Relapse | has been published on -…
Jonathan Rhys Meyer’s wife Mara Lane reveals he relapsed after she suffered a miscarriage
Jonathan Rhys Meyers turns to alcohol after wife suffers miscarriage
Jonathan Rhys Meyers part in rehab after the miscarriage of his wife – Here
Jonathan Rhys Meyers's wife opens up about suffering a miscarriage, and her husband's relapse as a result.
Ok but Jonathan Rhys Meyers dancing at the club in Bend it Like Beckham is the most hilarious thing though right
Long live Velvet Goldmine! as a Bowie fan have you seen this film? Like or hate? Star Jonathan Rhys Meyers…
jonathan rhys meyers en Dracula svp (since they cancelled Dracula after one season)
They are still keeping quiet about Heahmund's role in Season 5 of although Jonathan Rhys Meyers finally...
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Sod that. I'd much rather retreat to Jonathan Rhys Meyers *** in the tudors
"A whiter shade of pale":. sensational scene with Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Jeremy Irvine
New dad Jonathan Rhys Meyers, 39, enjoyed some quality time with his lady love Mara Lane as…
Edgy: Tudors actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers, 39 looked ready to rock and roll in a edgy quilted dov…
New dad Jonathan Rhys Meyers rocks leather jacket and biker boots as he steps out with wife Mara.: via
Jonathan Rhys Meyers steps out with Mara Lane in LA
how did I not know jonathan rhys meyers was in bend it like beckham?
I like August Rush! Jonathan Rhys Meyers is hot and has an Irish accent, little Freddie Highmore. Come on man!
*Shivers* Jonathan Rhys Meyers gives me the serious heebies
A creative remake of "Death Note", starring Andrew Garfield and Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Will this new Dracula spend a lot of time with his shirt off, like Jonathan Rhys Meyers?
That awful one with Jonathan Rhys Meyers that was swiftly cancelled.
... I had such hopes for the Jonathan Rhys Meyers Dracula... I don't want to get my hopes up for this on…
Hopefully they stick closer to original material unlike the recent disaster starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers!
I'm pretty sure it has to be Jonathan Rhys Meyers.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
i'm watching clips and Jonathan rhys Meyers' American accent has murdered me
Devon: stans Jonathan Rhys Meyers and the tudors. Me: I think I found my soulmate. I forgive you for not liking rha…
Got Bend It Like Beckham on & its the scene where Jess says to Jonathan Rhys Meyers he can never understand the racism she gets.
Does Jared possibly remind u of the Jonathan Rhys Meyers/Chris Wilton character somewhat in Woody Allen's movie- Matchpoint?...
The way I see it, it can't possibly be worse than the Jonathan Rhys Meyers experiment, so let's see what happens.
Yes ! !! Especially the cast ! And I hope it will last longer than Jonathan Rhys Meyers' Dracula! 😔
So, theyre making a new instead of continuing Season 2 of the one we actually liked starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers? Sure, smart -_-
True! I actually couldn't even watch past the first few minutes of the last Dracula tv show with Jonathan Rhys Meyers so...
One of these was already done featuring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Katie McGrath:
Well, it can't be worse than the one with Jonathan Rhys Meyers...
I can't wait to see the next series when Jonathan Rhys Meyers is in it! I love him ❤️!
It's a great series. Jonathan Rhys Meyers was excellent.
Anyone else think Dean looks a bit like Jonathan Rhys Meyers?
DRACULA WITH JONATHAN RHYS MEYERS YES??? It was so good. I was so sad it was over so shortly!
is a fine choice if you want to go meta in your watching. crazy JRM is good casting.
Hamilton Collection
First the Tudors, then Vikings and now the Witcher 3? Jonathan Rhys Meyers continues his period drama domination in…
The Clash, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and a coming-of-age tale set in the 1970s. It's as if they…
I loved Jonathan Rhys Meyers in Gormenghast & have been utterly disappointed with everything else I've seen him in.
Run screaming from the movie Black Butterfly starring Antonio Banderas and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. RUN NOW! Do not look back.
Re-watching Gormenghast for the first time in years. I'd forgotten how fantastic Jonathan Rhys Meyers is.
I added a video to a playlist Something Inside lyrics.- Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Yeah his death long overdue too, but the remaining actors aren't exactly great . Im hoping Jonathan rhys meyers character is good
Omg I forgot that Jonathan Rhys Meyers is in Bend It Like Beckham.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers is not afraid to serve ice cream as a main course at dinner
I've done behind me, I try to be known more for my work than for anything else. -Jonathan Rhys Meyers
The one with Jonathan Rhys meyers in it! You're welcome 💔
as ann-Margret with Jonathan Rhys Meyers as the King. happy birthday to ann Margaret
And I think it's because of Jonathan Rhys Meyers
How about the scrumptious Jonathan Rhys Meyers? I knew Dracula on NBC wouldn't last due to his...but…
Jonathan Rhys Meyers has transformed and looks amazing after THOSE drinking photos
Is Tudors the one with Jonathan Rhys Meyers in it?. Or am I thinking of another?
The Charybdis attacked Jonathan Rhys Meyers , because they ate the last piece of pizza topped with ground beef !
We're on the set of in Ireland for an exclusive chat with new castmember, Jonathan Rhys Meyers
This time by Jonathan Rhys Meyers is one of my favorite songs. I was trying to come up with…
The UEA SU have shunned Sanctuary in case they inadvertantly promote Jonathan Rhys Meyers.
I've never had the urge to sit on Jonathan Rhys Meyers's foot.
I've been watching g a lot of The Tudors on Netflix and while Jonathan Rhys Meyers isn't my first choice, he could get it
Check out our review of From Paris with Love starring John Travolta and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.
This is like the scene in Jonathan Rhys Meyers' Elvis movie where Memphis Mafia convinces Elvis adoring crowds stil…
February 12, 2017. 7:54pm. What's Jonathan Rhys Meyers up to nowadays?
saw this recently and thought of you! Told ya, warrior churchmen for the win!
This Time de Jonathan Rhys Meyers feeling like this :):( ♫
Calling all fans - Did you know today is her bday? Rewatch The Tudors in this Royal Collection:…
Like 'oh thankgod we managed to leave Jonathan Rhys Meyers behind. How about we take this from pals to gal pals real quick?'
Been postponing to watch season 4 finale of Vikings coz then I have to wait for another year 😵 but Jonathan Rhys Meyers!
There was a time Jude Law and Jonathan Rhys Meyers were the same person to me
Mmm this lips. He looks like a young Jonathan Rhys Meyers 😜
Somehow looking at the moon tonight reminds me of Jonathan Rhys Meyers & Keri Russell in August Rush. . Both were music lovers & soulmates.
- Season 5 - Character Description and First Look Photo of Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Dylan Sprayberry looks like a baby Jonathan Rhys Meyers and this makes me oddly happy.
Take a peek @ Jonathan Rhys Meyers' character before his debut in the S4 finale Wed @ 9 pm E…
Lou, you are better looking than Jonathan Rhys-Meyers.
I hope Jonathan Rhys Meyers is unproblematic because I kind of like him so
Oldie but goodie... Brings back a lot of memories This Time by Jonathan Rhys Meyers ♫
finally watched the vikings s4 finale...SPOILER: i had no idea jonathan rhys-meyers was showing up or gonna be a regular! 😮❕
EXACTLY 😂 They really had me thinking Henry VIII was everything thanks to Jonathan Rhys Meyers. 😩
Badass Jonathan Rhys Meyers opposing badass Tom Hardy... ...OR both badasses working together against EIC. You should get on that
So doesn't look like the 'real' Mr Darcy? Next they will be saying Jonathan Rhys Meyers doesn't look like
This Time - Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Gets me in tears every time. ❤️
Jonathan Rhys Meyers on for next season... yes 😍🤤
Welcome Bishop Heahmund, played by the stunning Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Jonathan Rhys Meyers becomes a father for the first time (Bang Showbiz) :Auto pickup by wikyou
btw the man there is Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I thought he too would've made a good Nicki. Pretty cool, huh?
Because I find jonathan rhys Meyers to be one of the most beautiful beings on earth.
Why do I still have such a thing for Jonathan Rhys Meyers after all these years, I didn't know these feelings still existed in my body
I can't get over how hot Jonathan Rhys Meyers is like GOD. ***
Lads, do ye remember when Jonathan Rhys Meyers was in his prime, because THIS is it 😍
Even though I've had the body of work I've had, and the succe...
The idea of Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Dracula, all I could think of w...
le creemos, no como a Jonathan Rhys Meyers en
I've never gone to acting school and I never will, so I'm le...
Currently on a Dracula marathon 😍 Jonathan Rhys Meyers is just beautiful!!
Yup Tudors w/ Meyers, and an interesting coincidence, Jonathan Rhys Meyers so happens to have also joined the cast of Vikings.
People Magazine interviewer to Jonathan Rhys-Meyers: Vampires are so hot right now!Burn it all down. Burn everything. Who's with me?
DIE KINDER DER SEIDENSTRASSE mit Jonathan Rhys Meyers. i love this Movie! A great story about a real hero.
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So nice memories from the set of "Black Butterfly" with the talented actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers!. Have a nice day...
I swear even the mini-series that Jonathan Rhys Meyers performs in are better than half of the huge-production overrated TV…
Finished watching The Tudors for about the 5th time. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is absolutely fantastic.
You go through your 20s sort of like a chrysalis in many ways, s...
If I wasn't so insecure about myself I wouldn't work as hard as ...
My life has been sensationalised into a rags to riches story.
As a kid, I spent an awful lot of time pretending I was somebody...
scorpion-flower said: About the hot or not thingy: Eva Green, Monica Bellucci, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and...
I'm watching a film where Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays Joe Strummer. On the plus side it does have Natascha McElhone in it.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers - Meyers was Elvis in tv mini series Also on this board you will see Elvis
Jonathan Rhys Meyers - so hot and when I close my eyes I can hear that sexy Irish accent
Watching Gladiator all I can think is Joaquin Phoenix looks like the lovechild between Jonathan Rhys Meyers and
Trying to pinpoint at which episode Jonathan Rhys Meyers puts on the silly deep voice. s4
I loved the Tudors, Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Natalie Dormer were both brilliant together!
Also, Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays the bad guy with a hilarious like rat-tail braid thing
This one boy in my class looks like an "American" Jonathan Rhys Meyers like they got the same sassy lips
Gormenghast (BBC, 2000): Wow! One of the best fantasy movies or series I have ever seen. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is splendid. 4 hours on 2 DVDs
Next up, we have Tom Hiddleston and Jonathan Rhys Meyers playing Scrabble!
He would have been perfect when he was younger...really perfect. My choice now is Jonathan Rhys Meyers.
The music of the Clash is a driving force in this film, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers appears as Joe Strummer.
and Jonathan Rhys Meyers would be a good Lex Luthor.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers, I need to move to Ireland like right now.
Termination of use of images of Jonathan Rhys Meyers and/or A.Ejimadu is requested or legal proceedings will be taken.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers has changed a lot in a year - and he looks incredible! via
Jonathan Rhys Meyers fans where are you?? 🙁
Jonathan Rhys Meyers in interview for in…
Jonathan Rhys Meyers explains how he gets On Stage Joe Strummer for London Town: via
London Town star Jonathan Rhys Meyers explains why a band like The Clash can't exist today: via
94 years ago today Jonathan Rhys Meyers assassinated Liam Neeson and Julia Roberts was terribly upset.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers is 38 so now I'm 38 too
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No but I did watch something with Jonathan Rhys Meyers and for some reason he reminds me of that kind of sherlocks olden age +
My mom is convinced that looks like Jonathan Rhys Meyers. "He looks like Joshy."... Yeah she still calls him that
all the wives "haunting" Jonathan Rhys Meyers is my favorite part
He kinda looks like Jonathan Rhys Meyers' son 😜
Someone please find me a brown jonathan rhys meyers
so worth it! Natalie Dormer is amazing, Jonathan Rhys Meyers is smoking ' hot, and Henry Cavill is gorgeous as usual.
I just saw someone fancast Jonathan-Rhys Meyers as Kyle Rayner and had to stifle my vomit. People sure do love POC erasure!
A lot of my success is because of what I look like. I know that. - Jonathan Rhys Meyers
"Jonathan Rhys Meyers will join the series, as someone with a beard or a king from a country being invaded by someone with a beard."
I just realized Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Alistair Cook are
Sometimes things can be tough. Elgar / Something Inside de Jonathan Rhys Meyers ♫
Jonathan Rhys Meyers is the most handsome man on television.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers. He DESPERATELY need good series to perform in.
Haven't paid his much attention to British politics since I found out Jonathan Rhys Meyers was starring in "The Tudors…
Despicable Me, starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Javier Bardem. Directed by John Woo, music by Engelbert Humperdinck. Budget: $1m
All purpose parts banner
I see that Jonathan Rhys Meyers & Anna Paquin get to play the evil white people in the new Roots
I really need a Jonathan Rhys Meyers in my life
Jonathan Rhys Meyers explains how his character Tom Lea ... .
Jonathan Rhys Meyers has the most beautifulest eyes ever. Just saying. :)
Jonathan Rhys Meyers really did outstanding work as
Dang it! I would have signed up for working on the filming of Roots I known Jonathan Rhys Meyers was in it!!! Bo
Reading ACOMAF and I cannot un-see Rhysand as Jonathan Rhys Meyers lol
Receiving the "Friends of Italy" award along with my colleague Jonathan Rhys Meyers was a great honor.
I had ZERO hesitation on that one. Same with Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Tom Hiddleston would be great, also Fassbender! Throwing in a chance card of Jonathan Rhys Meyers too!
umm, does it say Jonathan Rhys Meyers?? Wow, I had no clue he would be a musician as well! 😮
Jonathan to Star In WWII Drama ‘The 12th Man’. CANNES — Jonathan Rhys Meyers has joined the cast of Harald...
Jonathan Rhys Meyers to play German commander in Harald Zwart's The 12th Man
I used to fancy Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I didn't tell him that when we worked...
hi, any chance you have a price on Jonathan Rhys Meyers to be next James Bond please? Thanks
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hi, any chance you could price up Jonathan Rhys Meyers for next Bond? Thanks
Jonathan Rhys Meyers is so beautiful, he's my ideal man😍
Dracula | I was complete trash for this show + Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Jonathan Rhys Meyers still looking dapper in middle age
Sitting watching back to that time ♫ This Time by Jonathan Rhys Meyers —
Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Mara Lane arriving at LAX Airport in Los Angeles
Rhys Meyers, arrive to opening night gala at the Cannes
Jonathan Rhys Meyers and fiancée Mara Lane arrive at LAX airport looking as casual as they come after putting ...
One thing I have to agree on;. Age has only made Jonathan Rhys Meyers much finer 😍😍😍
Credit to - Anna Paquin & Jonathan Rhys Meyers starts of Roots…
is joining the cast of Time for some bingewatching!
Can Jonathan Rhys Meyers please be mine? He is like a Greek God
Jonathan Rhys Meyers looks happy and healthy in Cannes photocall with fiancée Mara Lane.
ok l love Jonathan Rhys Meyers but he was a horrible Val, Alan is incredible and has an amazing charisma 😊🤓
Jonathan Rhys Meyers, will represent the HISTORY Channel series in this evening!
young jonathan rhys meyers is SO BEAUTIFUL
Jonathan Rhys Meyers rocks his style in his classic rectangular
Read it AFTER seeing the miniseries w/ Jonathan Rhys Meyers. On par w/ Lord of the Rings. Excellent!
.The collective amnesia surrounding Jonathan Rhys Meyers N-word laced rant in 2010 is too. Why is he starring in…
Anika Noni Rose, Jonathan Rhys Myers & Anna Paquin at for the photo call: htt…
📷 Matthew Goode with Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Scarlett Johansson in ‘Match Point’ (2005) Woody Allen. https:/…
Skol! renews for a 5th season -- and 20 episodes. Cast addition: Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Season 4 has been…
I would watch Jonathan Rhys Meyers read the Yellow Pages.
The bonus Jonathan Rhys Meyers is who should play Jack Hyde !
I just want Jack Hyde to have a face as pervy as Jonathan Rhys Meyers' (not the physical traits, THE PERVINESS)
rumors are that Kiefer and Jonathan Rhys Meyers are going to do a film together. Wondering if "Out of Control" is true?
Almost too much hotness for one picture.Cillian Murphy and Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Tas Aidan Turner x Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I ship the old cast too much.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers reportedly kicked off flight | via God I hope this isn't true.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers allegedly kicked off a plane after becoming threatening 😐.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers reportedly kicked off plane after being considered “a threat”
Jonathan Rhys Meyers reportedly escorted off flight
Jonathan Rhys Meyers definitely watches his own movies
signs as handsome actors . Sagittarius - Jonathan Rhys Meyers
“its not a big deal just Jonathan Rhys Meyers photobombing my pic of my homie at
lol cool. I'm watching the Tudors again for the thousandth time lol with Jonathan Rhys Meyers!!
& Jonathan Rhys Meyers is so good at getting Bowie's strange, flat, wide-faced voice
Jonathan Rhys Meyers unveils The Tudors season 3: via i like when johnny look like king of s…
Jonathan Rhys Meyers introduces Dracula at San Diego Comic Con: via Johnny in his role as Al…
Welcome to our page all about Jonathan Rhys Meyers via
Jonathan Rhys Meyers accepting his award part one - Irish Post Awards 2014: via Part 1 of Jo…
“Tudors” Jonathan Rhys Meyers to play Padraig Pearse in upcoming 1916 movie via Johnny Rhys Meyers …
EW: Jonathan Rhys Meyers apologizes to fans after drinking photos surface:
1935, Elvis Presley was born, who has been played in film by Val Kilmer, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Kurt Russell... https:/…
PRESS following our announcement of Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Pearse   10% Off
Where the *** is Jonathan Rhys Meyers these days ??
Tudors on netflix. . Hi Jonathan Rhys Meyers and henry cavill . I've missed you both
Jonathan Rhys Meyers in bend it like beckham. His picture was the background of our family computer
Here's the 1st shot of JRM as in stay tuned for more http…
For the last time, I did NOT shoot Michael Collins! It was Jonathan Rhys Meyers. There, mystery solved.
Ewan McGregor playing an Iggy Pop-type and Jonathan Rhys Meyers playing a David Bowie-type is my sexuality tbh
Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Dracula ... I'm looking forward to this. NBC better come through on this one
Did I tell you that was in my dream? And that she build a glowing Tetris L with Jonathan Rhys-Meyers dressed as Henry VIII? 😂
I'm completely with you, although currently looking at Jonathan Rhys Meyers for spot :D
got a suspicion that me and Jonathan Rhys Meyers might be soul mates but we're never gonna meet so we'll never know
This afternoon the bus driver looked a bit like Jonathan rhys meyers.That funny coz i just dream of Dracula last night.
Bummed out that I went to Ireland and didn't manage to spot the Holy Trinity: Colin Farrell, Cillian Murphy, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.
Netflix just put the Tudors on!!! Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Jonathan Rhys Meyers!!! 😍😍😍😍
So you know me, one time I was at a party with Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who was in Telling Lies in America with… Kevin Bacon!
And God bless Jonathan Rhys Meyers for his unbelievably good looks
The first look at Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Joe Strummer in new film
I have an alter with Jonathan Rhys Meyers as a FC. He's a cocky … — Sure. I'm always up for meeting new friends.
I love me some Neil Gaiman, but the Jonathan Rhys Meyers version was just fine. Why not find some other gothic...
Film about the 1916 Easter Rising starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Colin Morgan "postponed"
Jonathan Rhys Meyers - Song for a Vampire - I created this it is my favorite :)
I did this pencil drawing by hand of Jonathan Rhys Meyers -
Tribute Jonathan Rhys Meyers :) This is one of favorites that I created :)
Jonathan Rhys Meyers - Gosh, I have done so many video of JRM - I think I need an award :) htt…
So good to see Jonathan Rhys Meyers looking well and happy :).
Jonathan Rhys Meyers always look great in grey :)
Just started watching and have fallen in love with Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Dat smirk.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers in The Tudors is just simply unfair. I can barely follow the storyline when he's on the screen.
50 facts about actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers: he is self-taught singer and guitarist
Jonathan Rhys Meyers - Hold me now xox I'm feeling tattered and torn need a hug x
I just want to listen to slow Russian songs and cry at the fact that I can never marry Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Here's the first pic of Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Joe Strummer in a new The Clash-themed film https…
Jonathan Rhys Meyers is chris pine D'artanian Luke Campbell and most of James McAvoy !
I could for the sake of culture say Imma purchase The Tudors but yall know it has everything to do with Jonathan Rhys Meyers being a sex god
Beautiful photo Mara Lane &Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Thank you for sharing 💗😉
omg Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the dream sequence of the finale of the Tudors 😭😭😭 Ugh, he's such a babe.
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