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Jonathan Gruber

Jonathan Holmes Jon Gruber (born September 30, 1965) is an American economist and a professor of economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Is Jonathan Gruber capable of any face other than Smug *** Face?.
I swear that makes me so mad they brought Jonathan Gruber a guy who bragged about lying to get Obamacare passed on!
Nope he knows the truth.he is hoping to deceive as Jonathan Gruber calls them "stupid American voters". Check Sau…
I have a question for Jonathan Gruber. If he says Obamacare is so HE signed up for it himself?
Barry's pal Jonathan Gruber thinks we're dumb *** for ever believing it would happen in the first place.
Sen to architect: 'voters sick of DC telling them how to live'
Obamacare one big DECEPTION from the very beginning, as explained so eloquently by Jonathan Gruber.
Do u know who Jonathan Gruber is, I bet not. He was one of the & he called the ppl stupi…
It was the primary architect of O-Care, Jonathan Gruber, who called you / us "stupid American voters". Learn.
Again, you just don't understand how any of this works. Understandable, they were counting on "stupid Americans" - Jonathan Gruber.
Obamacare, "Americans are to stupid to get it." According to Jonathan Gruber, one of architects. Oh we got it troll!
Those accusing Russia are the same people who sponsored Fast & Furious and Jonathan Gruber. Even if true, no cause to believe them
3rd Video of Jonathan Gruber calling the American People stupid appears
Remember this one...New video of Jonathan Gruber calling the American People "stupid" has su...
Just remember JONATHAN GRUBER! Democrats knowingly LIED but now they want America to save Obamacare? In your dreams Schumer!
So. Did you ever follow up on Jonathan Gruber "work product " you asked him for in hearings?
Stroll down memory lane with Trey Gowdy & Jonathan Gruber(architect of Obamacare )
Fixing this thing gives it far too much respect. Like we all got from Jonathan Gruber.
If you exclude Jonathan Gruber,, Austan Goolsbee is the most ignorant white man walking the planet !.
Meet Jonathan Gruber, key architect of Obamacare. it was never about the healthcare.
We need to give a shout-out of thanks to Professor Jonathan Gruber of MIT who clearly explained in 2 videos how the democrats sold the ACA.
Americans should never forgive lunatics like Nancy Pelosi and Jonathan Gruber . Pass then read???
Jonathan Gruber told USCongress that it was designed to fail to usher in Govt run Universal HealthCare.
Congress isn't forced to use Obamacare & Jonathan Gruber the architect of it is a prof at MIT.
bringing in Jonathan Gruber commentary on ACA is a disgrace. They falsely give him undeserved standing. Poor decision.
Jonathan Gruber: Call it the stupidity of the American voter
Oh gee--are Americans smart enough to shop around for their own health insurance? Let's ask Jonathan Gruber.
Would be delicious to see Josh Earnest on show?. Valerie Jarrett?. Ben Rhodes?. Jonathan Gruber?. Eric Holder…
Don't forget what one of the architects (Jonathan Gruber) of Obamacare said about the "stupidity of voters" to accept it.
Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber says most people on Obamacare today were entitled to be covered by Medicaid.
Did the "Schumer Clowns" forget the Jonathan Gruber statement about Obamacare? " We Lied to the Stupid American People to get it passed"
MIT's Jonathan Gruber says 30m will lose insurance if GOP defunds/repeals the ACA
Admit that Barack & the Democrat Congress blatantly lied to the American People with the help of Jonathan Gruber, a…
The people telling us so are also the sponsors of Fast & Furious and Jonathan Gruber.
Whatever happened to Jonathan Gruber the MIT guy who built Obamacare and bragged about lying to the stupid public about it?
OBAMAcare a TAX passed because of the "stupidity" of voters (Jonathan Gruber) and legislators that DID NOT READ IT
Yes! Schmucky Schumer is dangerous CLOWN! Remind Americans of vile Jonathan Gruber hired by Obama.
Obamacare is a ploy to get to single payer. Jonathan Gruber told us so.
Where's Jonathan Gruber when you need him?
yes, one more fight for the failure that is Obamacare. Let's not forget what it's creator Jonathan Gruber said:
Hey Dems - Remember your guy, Jonathan Gruber, who gloated about lying to Americans to get them to pass ObamaCare? Because the rest of us do
once again the NYT hides the architect, Jonathan Gruber, & his trillion dollar con & "Americans stupidity" - thanks fake news
wants to Make America Stupid Again, & we should Make Jonathan Gruber the Face of Obamacare, u…
"if it wasn't for the stupidity of the American voter Obamacare would've never passed" Jonathan Gruber architect of…
Donald Trump could never repeal Obamacare, says Jonathan Gruber, one of the law's creators - Boston Business Journal
BREAKING: FM announcing first 2x winner for FM Man of the Year for 2016 | JONATHAN GRUBER | "Obamacare Is Not Collapsin…
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Newscaster is a ditz. Jonathan Gruber said the American People are naive. via
The typical is so stupid, his dog teaches him tricks. ~ Jonathan Gruber.
I'm thinking Jonathan Gruber might go back into witness protection.
Jonathan Gruber: Obamacare is ‘working as designed’ - Jonathan Gruber is making the rounds on television again ...
Exploiting the stupidity of the is fun and easy: kinda like squeezing a lemon. ~ Jonathan Gruber…
MIT econ prof Jonathan Gruber told audience of Univ of PA in 11/14, Dems required “stupidity of the American voter”…
Video: Obamacare architect and CLOWN says Obamacare is "working" . God, DUMP THE ESTABLISHMENT *** .
The is back two-stepping his colossal failure: architect, says system ‘working as designed’ - https…
"Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage...that was really critical to getting the thing to pass." - Jonatha…
Watch Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber say we need to increase the “penalty” to punish healthcare deadbeats
advocate Jonathan architect, is the gift who keeps on giving - -
"Shameless Obamacare shyster Jonathan Gruber is back and he still thinks everybody’s stupid"
Michelle Malkin | » Shameless Obamacare shyster Gruber back + he still thinks everybody’s stupid via
ICYMI: Jonathan Gruber said they could pass Obamacare b/c of “the stupidity of the American voter.” .
Obamacare architect: "Its working as designed.". Yes it is. It's bankrupting America & causing doctors to disappear. http…
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Get ready for another round of "Why won't the GOP help us 'fix' Obamacare?" of which the answer should be, "Call Jonath…
Jonathan Gruber's answer to Obamacare's large premium hikes: Penalize people more
Thanks to Jonathan Gruber for revealing Obamacare deception - The Washington Post
am watching your dad's Scranton speech. Name of guy who said Obamacare was a joke, was Jonathan Gruber.
So Brian Williams, Jonathan Gruber, Katie Couric, Lois Lerner, John Koskinen all walk into a bar. Wait. What? Well they said they did.
Obamacare was a scam and a plot to control people. Jonathan Gruber gloated about his deceit. These aren't Americans.
Had to read your elitist drivel twice just to make sure... Is this a pseudonym? Are you really…
definitely. Jonathan Gruber may be right about the public. Some refuse to vote again.
Jonathan Gruber is bragging about deceiving the American People
The logic of NeverTrumpers is exactly what Jonathan Gruber was talking about.
I guess Jonathan Gruber was right in your case!
PRECISELY the plan cooked up by Jonathan Gruber. Big business all in on it. ACA was built to fail intentionally.
. Americans need to know the names of people like Ben Rhodes, Jonathan Gruber, Lee Harvey Oswald,
I'd like to hear some jokes from Paul about the honesty and transparency of the democrats. Think Ben Rhoads and Jonathan Gruber!
MITT willard Romney the father of Obamacare and his son Jonathan Gruber said voters forget and are dumb
Harry Reid, Ben Rhodes, Jonathan Gruber, Hillary Clinton, Saul Alinsky Obama, etc. etc. The leaders of the left are a bunch of moral lepers!
Mitt Willard Romney was the father of Obamacare in Ma long before Obama loved it Jonathan Gruber was the architect
Obama promised a $2,500 reduction in my health care costs even though he & advisor Jonathan Gruber knew…
So it seems Ben Rhodes is the Jonathan Gruber of Obama's foreign policy...
Breaking: Project Veritas video purports to show secret meeting between Paul Ryan and Jonathan Gruber
"It would be like having Obama debate the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act with an honest Jonathan Gruber."
Expecting a straight answer from Hillary is like asking Jonathan Gruber to explain Obamacare
You are the moron. Why should taxpayers be forced to butcher babies. You're a Gruber. Look that up. Jonathan Gruber.
During his trip to Kenya Obama spoke with Jonathan immediately before announcing he could win a 3rd term as POTUS. …
Hillary must be taking advice from Jonathan Gruber
Man poses for a selfie with a rattler & gets bit? Mebbe MIT Prof. Jonathan Gruber wuz right about Americans bein' stooped.
but I read on some right wing websites that admitted the truth about Obamacare subsidies just like Jonathan Gruber.
cspan: TUESDAY: Jonathan Gruber testifies before - LIVE at 9:30am E...
Make Jonathan GRUBER's last name into VERB: to swindle, defraud, cheat, trick, hoodwink, hoax, dupe, take in, mislead
Obama's chief healthcare advisor , Jonathan Gruber , said they had to depend off the stupidity of the American...
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At this point Jonathan Gruber should run for President on the Democrat ticket
Jonathan GRUBER's lasting testament is turning his name into a VERB: to cheat, trick, dupe, take in, mislead, delude.
Message from Republican Party is that they know better than us Stupid American Voters who elect them. So is the new Jonathan Gruber?
his name is Jonathan Gruber and MIT needs to fire him immediately. Coward, a liar and an elitist.
For the same reason Lois Lerner and Jonathan Gruber aren't in jail: They're Democrats.
All of Jonathan Gruber’s Controversial Comments in a Single Two-Minute Video
Bill was passed by lies & deceit according to Obama's buddy Jonathan Gruber! The MIT moron!
Forbes on Yahoo: Contrary to White House denials, emails show Jonathan Gruber was integral to Obamacare.
Jonathan Gruber said he wasn't very involved with Sure. It's like saying didnt really hear Rev. Wright for 20 yrs.
Recommend Obama/Boehner bring in Jonathan Gruber, Brian Williams and Baghdad Bob as PR spokes persons to help build suppor…
Holy cow. What was in Jonathan Gruber's emails with the White House?.
Epic conclusion in the last 5 seconds of this hearing "Classic: Trey Gowdy VS Jonathan Gruber...Gowdy DESTROYS Him
Boss! The Plane, The Plane Boss! The plane! Sarah Palin & Mitt Romney were right but so was Jonathan Gruber,
NBER -- Uncovering Waste in U.S. Healthcare -- by Joseph Doyle, John Graves, Jonathan Gruber: There is widespread…
Crucifixion of MIT Jonathan Gruber b Mike Turner. Right to free housing next -Wonder if Gruber avail. via
EXCLUSIVE: Gov. Charlie Baker has fired controversial MIT Prof. Jonathan Gruber from the Mass. Health Connector board, a…
"In one of life’s bitter ironies, I recently found a book by Jonathan Gruber in the bin of a bookstore’s...
In 2006, then-Governor Mitt Romney gave a speech minutes before signing his universal healthcare law in which he thanked Jonathan Gruber.
Jonathan Gruber is now writing speeches?. It's official, Mr Gruber is Pied Piper of morons.
ONE-MAN NARRATIVE BUSTER: That time Jonathan Gruber made the case against paid leave. I'm wondering if he's a mole.
Alex Belica is currently a member of the Young Leaders Program at The Heritage Foundation. President Obama just urged Congress to cut workers’ wages. Of course, the news headlines did not report it as such. However, make no mistake: The president’s call for mandatory paid sick leave would simultaneously cut workers’ pay. The president proposes requiring businesses to offer seven days paid sick leave to their workers. That sounds great. But the president never explained where businesses will get the money for it. In fact, the cost almost certainly will come out of workers’ paychecks. Businesses care about the total compensation they pay workers. They care much less about how that compensation splits between wages and benefits. Economists have repeatedly found that when the government requires businesses to offer a benefit, they do so – and take the cost out of workers’ pay. Ironically, some of the best research on this comes from Jonathan Gruber, the Obamacare architect who boasted that the hea ...
My latest blog concerns Jonathan Gruber. Hope you enjoy it.
Can Liberals Really Be this Stupid? Apparently they Can / December 29, 2014 / David L. Goetsch I have grown accustomed to the fact that liberals believe they can somehow change human nature and create a utopian world or, at least, a world that fits their definition of utopia. Although I still find it disturbing, I no longer find it surprising that liberals base their opinions and actions on emotionalism rather than logic or reason. A steadfast refusal to let facts get in the way of their presuppositions seems to be in the DNA of liberals, yet they think they are brighter than anyone else. For example, recall when Jonathan Gruber, the puffed up academic from MIT, talked condescendingly about the stupidity of the America public. Frankly, if he had limited his denunciation to just liberals, I might have agreed with him. Before going any farther down this road, a caveat is in order. If you are put off by my use of the word “stupid” in the title of this column, understand that I spent a good deal of time t ...
President Obama’s health care adviser Jonathan Gruber said that the Affordable Care Act would definitely not be affordable while he was writing the bill with the White House.
Jonathan Gruber and the Wisdom of Crowds: Chapman University law professor Ronald Rotunda discusses the comments by…
Jonathan Gruber and the Wisdom of Crowds, by prof
WOW! Not all members of Hollywood are Jonathan Gruber voters. Good job James!
Jonathan Gruber said the "stupidity of the American voter" and a "lack of transparency" helped pass the presidents health law.
ObamaCare's twisted logic places a value on life and assigns a "benefit" to the death of allegedly less valuable persons. We are forced to pay for abortion services, which allegedly saves the government money. What's next? Liberty Counsel is on the forefront of awakening Americans to the fact that, without the right to life, no other right has any consequence. Please see my important update below As I wrote in a prior message, Jonathan Gruber, a highly-paid analyst widely recognized as an architect of ObamaCare, determined that the government's bottom line was better off if "marginal children" were terminated rather than being born into a government-sponsored welfare home, thus allegedly saving the welfare system and the American taxpayers billions of dollars. If the taking of a life saves the government money, then what other conclusions can one draw from ObamaCare's "healthcare services?" Assisted suicide? Death panels? Euthanasia? + + ObamaCare panel determines the "value" of a life through the rationi ...
As regards the chest beating over CIA interrogation The people who should be prosecuted are the people who are responsible for this abomination of a report. Let's face it, this is scorched earth policy on the part of the Democrat Party. I see this much the same as I view the Nazis blowing up their own installations and killing their own people as they retreat. I have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for terrorists, regardless of what we do to them. I don't care if they were tortured, because of what they did to us. If it gathers information on stopping it from happening, stopping that movement from growing, so be it, all the better. I have even less sympathy for their enablers in our own government regardless of party. Add to that, the timing of the report, which was precisely time so as to mute the fires coming from Jonathan Gruber is testimony before Congress. Let's recall, please, that Obama has spent the last couple of years saying that this report should not be released at all. Now suddenly he chang ...
AMERICA IS HEADED TOWARD ITS FIRST CIVIL WAR (Part 1 of a 3-part series) Contrary to popular opinion, there has never been a civil war fought by, and in, this country, but rather two revolutionary wars, the first from 1776-1783, and the second from 1861-1865. Both of these wars were revolutionary wars; neither was a civil war. In both cases, conservatives won. If liberals had won, the country would have been saturated with more liberal professors like Jonathan Gruber and Jonathan Turley, more liberal politicians like New York Mayor William De Blasio and President Barack Obama, more liberal journalists like Chris Mathews and Don Lemon , more liberal race hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, more liberal Hollywood figures like Sean Penn and Danny Glover, and more liberal Americans, in general, much earlier, which means that the pending civil war, in this country, would have been pending a lot sooner. America is heading toward its first civil war, now, and it is heading there because liberals have t ...
subpoenas Jonathan Gruber's documents and communications with fed, state, local govt employees on…
Chair Issa subpoenas Jonathan Gruber - what Issa wants is listed on GretaWire
We saw a lot of fireworks on Capitol Hill today during the Jonathan Gruber hearing...listen to what Bret Baier had to say about it.
SMH 40 mil wasted Democrats Trash America With 'Torture' Report This is why interrogation is necessary The Senate Intelligence Committee will release a report today detailing the CIA's use of what those on the Left call torture -- otherwise known as enhanced interrogation techniques used against several members of al-Qaida during the Bush administration. The 6,000-page report (with a 500-page executive summary) took more than five years and $40 million to produce, and it's sure to spark much debate for weeks to come. Did we mention the release is conveniently timed to obscure today's congressional testimony from ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber? As Democrats might say, "Gee, was that today?" In 2009, Barack Obama deliberately undermined the CIA and ordered a stop to the techniques used to gather intelligence from three key members of al-Qaida. As Mark Alexander noted at the time, "Intelligence gathered from these detainees, particularly KSM Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, saved American lives and property -- e ...
Jonathan Gruber had deal with state of Connecticut.
Epic Interview: Melissa Harris-Perry and Jonathan about a LISP-Off.
Democratic congressman Elijah Cummings tore into MIT professor and Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber on Tuesday for his remarks on American voters and the passage of the Affordable Care Act. The ranking Democrat on the House Oversight Committee made GOP chairman Darrell Issa’s opening statement so…
"I behaved badly," Jonathan Gruber told a House committee Tuesday, walking back his condemnation of the Affordable Care Act in an exercise in self-flagellation.
Just to make sure everyone understands our position on (Jonathan Gruber) we adore this man.
Republicans in Congress plan to launch its final assault on Obamacare as consultant Jonathan Gruber will face questions about possible deceptions and a lack of transparency in the 2010 Affordable Care Act Monday.
This morning, I wanted to tune into the Congressional Oversight Committee hearing considering the Affordable Care Act with Jonathan Gruber as star witness. I was unhappily surprised to discover that the Oversight Committee's hearing was not being streamed by the government, and after searching around, I found an online stream from CSPAN-3. In order to watch on CSPAN-3, one must authenticate one's broadcast account (in my case with DirecTV) which took time. Twice thereafter, I was kicked offline (by CSPAN? by DirecTV? by Congress?) and had to go back through the login procedures to find that the hearing had moved on and questions posed when I was kicked offline had been answered while I was offline. Americans generally are criticized for not caring about what their government is doing and what issues are being discussed and questions asked, but when one does care, and one does attempt to be informed, one should not have to jump through hoops to find that information! I fear I am typing this and no one will ...
Jonathan Gruber, "an architect of the Affordable Care Act," apologized today for his comments on Americans' stupidity
Jonathan Gruber, whose comments about the Affordable Care Act ignited a political firestorm, apologizes:
Today should be called 'Wag the Dog' day. While Congress roasts Jonathan Gruber over lying to the American People about Obamacare, we have DiFi (Sen. Dianne Feinstein) announcing the completion of the $40 million investigation that CIA torture treatment is worse than the enemy beheading.
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Rep. Darrell Issa Compares Jonathan Gruber To Forrest Gump &you stupid?& View Video › WASHINGTON — Rep. Darrell Issa asked Jonathan Gruber if he was a "successful stupid man" like Forrest Gump at a House Oversight Committee hearing Tuesday. "Night before last I was at the Kennedy Center Honors, where they honored -Check out more @
Jonathan Gruber heads to Capitol Hill: FBN’s Rich Edson and Fox News Contributor Byron York discuss the Jonath...
Jonathan Gruber is too stupid to understand he shouldn't let Margaret Sanger do his thinking for him.
Congressman Trey Gowdy (R., S.C.) said the series of embarrassing statements from Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber should continue to flow uninterrupted because they reveal the true deceptive natu
If only Jonathan Gruber was caught on video questioning the fashion choices of the president's daughters, NBC News might say …
Sign the petition and tell ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber and the Obama Administration you weren't fooled by their lies and deception.
Seems to be. “Is the media still pretending that Elizabeth Lauten is a bigger deal than Jonathan Gruber?”
WATCH this great video from our friends at American Commitment! President Obama and Congressional Democrats want you to believe Jonathan Gruber was just “some advisor,” but you won’t believe how they were cozying up to him just a couple years ago! Who does Obama think he’s fooling?
Nancy Pelosi on Jonathan Gruber: Then and now -
Jonathan Gruber is to testify before the House Oversight Committee on December 9th. What do you think he will say in t…
Jonathan Gruber, the Obamacare architect caught on camera calling Americans “stupid” agrees to testify before House Oversight Committee
Jonathan Gruber: Obamacare consultant to testify before House Government and Oversight Committee: W...
Mentions of Jonathan Gruber by TV network, via
My letter to the editor of a local paper was published today THE DAILY LOCAL, Chester was a response to progressive gadfly...Jamie McVicker who thinks the voters were misguided to reject the President.go figure A DIFFERENT VIEW ON THE ELECTION Jamie McVickar, in his letter to the editor, claims he is not an expert observer of the recent election. Finally, something on which we both agree. Mr. McVickar agrees that the voters rejected the Democrat Party. But then he immediately takes a page out of Jonathan Gruber's playbook and denigrates the voters for rejecting the architect of what he proposes is an amazing economic recovery. I am watching the business news as I type this...heaven has sent Mr. McVicar a teachable moment. The stock market is rocketing to new heights today, the DOW is up over 160 points right now. To Mr. McVickar that is knee-jerk good news and he proclaims so in his letter. But as usual he doesn't dig deep enough. The market is up today because both China and Europe anno ...
(WALL STREET JOURNAL) - "House Committee Calls Gruber To Testify At Obamacare Hearing." Jonathan Gruber, an MIT economist under fire for comments he made about his formulation and help in creating the Affordable Care Act, is being asked to testify next month before Congress in a probe of the health law. The House Oversight and Government Committee has requested that Mr. Gruber and Marilyn Tavenner, administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, appear Dec. 9th to testify about “transparency failures and outright deceptions” surrounding the Affordable Care Act, according to a press release issued Friday.
Jon Stewart: Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber is a ‘super egghead’. Jon Stewart jumped on the
Following President Barack Obama’s speech announcing his executive order on illegal immigration, CNN political commentator and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich unloaded on the President, likening his speech to statements made by ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber and that those in the “eli…
Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber facing more consequences for his endless disparaging of Americans' intelligence. This time he was fired by North Carolina.
Bill Maher tonight tackled Jonathan Gruber's comments about the stupidity of American voters by agreeing 100 percent with what he said.
North Carolina fires Jonathan Gruber after Affordable Care Act remarks - Hope he saved that
North Carolina has fired MIT professor and healthcare expert Jonathan Gruber following his controversial remarks
Darrell Issa calls on Jonathan Gruber to testify on Obamacare
House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) on Thursday said the Obama Administration needs to explain why it decided to overstate the number of people enrolled in Obamacare, by counting people who only signed up for dental coverage. Issa accused the Department of Health and Human Services of pulling a play worthy of Jonathan Gruber, the infamous MIT economist who has said Obamacare was written shrewdly to hide its true cost in order to trick people to voting for it and supporting it. House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) on Thursday accused the Obama Administration of continuing to play fast and loose with Obamacare data, and purposely padded enrollment numbers. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) “HHS must provide a clear and detailed account of who knew about this decision and when they knew it,” Issa said. “This administration still appears to be calling its Obamacare transparency plan from the Jonathan Gruber playbook: dismissing the American public’s right ...
Repeal Obamacare as it clearly passed using fraud! Darrell Issa Calls on Jonathan Gruber
'GAME. ON.': Darrell Issa calls Jonathan Gruber to testify before House committee.
Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA), Chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, sent a letter on Thursday to controversial MIT professor Jonathan Gruber, the "architect" of Obamacare, calling on Gruber to testify before the committee at its December 9 hearing in Washington, D.C. about health…
Rep. Darrell Issa wants Jonathan Gruber to testify in December on “repeated transparency failures and outright deceptions” surrounding Obamacare.
King Ding-A-Ling says he's never heard of Jonathan Gruber. The White House visitor logs say Gruber made about two dozen visits to the west wing to meet with Opossum, but Opossum has never heard of Gruber. Maybe Opossum is now playing on the "stupidity of the voters." Do we really believe that Emperor O *** has never heard of Gruber?? I don't.
“There was the public deception by the President and all of his henchmen and women, but also the deception of paid consultants.” Sen. Rand Paul is calling for an investigation into the consulting fees for Jonathan Gruber. He told Sean Hannity that Gruber should return all the taxpayer money that he received. Do you agree? Watch and weigh in:
In 2008, Jonathan Gruber declared his "love" for Hillary Clinton's health care plan
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MSNBC host Ari Melber: 'No one cares about Jonathan Gruber' via
First, John Kerry was for Jonathan Gruber before he was against him.
"No one cares about Jonathan Gruber" grubered host no one cares about, via
Shrieking MSNBC airhead Ari Melber very upset people are talking about Jonathan Gruber
Why primaries matter. Who created the EPA we all hate now? Republican president Richard Nixon. Who greatly expanded the power of the Dept. of Education we all want to repeal? Republican President George W. Bush. Who came up with the first healthcare mandate that also included forcing religious groups to pay for immoral behavior, and the hiring Jonathan Gruber? Republican Governor Mitt Romney. And there's plenty more where that came from. We have to get this coming one in 2016 right. No excuses.
Harry Reid delays vote on Keystone, to push forward on Jonathan Gruber's nomination as ambassador to Outer Mongolia.
Obama praised Jonathan Gruber in 2006: President Barack Obama might be trying to distance himself from MIT eco...
Jonathan Gruber has many names. You may know him as Susan Rice, Eric Holder, Lois Lerner, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Van Jones,Barry Obama...
A SUMMARY OF RECENT NEWS Progressivism advances itself with Lies, Deliberate Planned Deception, Cover-Ups and Denial when caught red handed Lying. Main Participants: Obama, Jonathan Gruber, Nancy Pelosi Aides to the Participants: The Democrat Party as a whole. Conclusion: Lucifer Himself, known as The Father of Lies and a master of Deception, and His Kingdom of Darkness that operates and advances itself on Lies and Deception seems to have a lot in common with Progressivism and the Political Party here in the U.S. that has willfully enslaved itself to that corrupt, Lie Filled Ideology
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi claims she's never heard of ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber who called American voters 'stupid'… but here she is on tape talking about him in 2009.
Jonathan Gruber. Oh boy. Look at the spin mouth transparent uniters. Dance you cockroaches. The laws of gravity don't change because YOU wish them to change. Nancy Pelosi "doesn't know him". Our President leaned on his favorite.. "I just heard and am not familiar ..." I bet he has someone looking in to it... When will you GOOD DEMOCRATS vanquish these "American" imposters. Will we ever learn? It will continue until SOMEONE confronts them. Who will? A bunch of Republicans whose knees start knocking when some spinster points at them and says "YEAH, but YOU HATE WOMEN!" The great uniters. The most transparent government ever. I submit to you the most deceitful, dishonest, divisive conivers I have ever witnessed in 45 years. You reap what you sow. I am sad for the low information stupid American voter who they disrespect. Actually, they know their base and were probably being candidly honest, but to say it out loud? Dumb. Skewer them.
Reverend Jeremiah Wright & Jonathan Gruber now have something in common ... matching tire tracks on their backs!
How much did you pay Jonathan Gruber to lie to you? Millions. The money is piling up
'I'll be called stupid by Sherlock Holmes...but not by the Moe, Larry, and Curly of Obamacare' Radio Host Michael Graham slams Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber for calling Americans stupid.
Via Congressman Steve Stockman. This 2010 Huffington Post story lays out how Jonathan Gruber worked closely with...
More and more White House officials continue to distance themselves from Jonathan Gruber. And why did DEA agents show up unannounced at an NFL game last night? Join us at 5am ET for details.
Obama on.. Bill Ayers: Just a guy in the neighborhood. Jeremiah Wright: Just a pastor. Jonathan Gruber: Who?
Another ObamaCare Deception: Jonathan Gruber, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology economist, is...
I will be on tomorrow morning at 7.00. Will be talking about sleazebag Jonathan Gruber ("Americans are…
insulting voters' intelligence like Jonathan Gruber did is bad. insulting it like Scott Walker does here is worse:
Lt. Col Peters correct,but as Jonathan Gruber said the Democrat Party thinks people who vote Dem r Stupid
Take-no-prisoners radio host Mark Levin is congenitally incapable of mincing words, and his visceral reaction to top Obamacare consultant Jonathan Gruber's jaw-dropping admission of the law's inherent deceit is wholly in character. How much longer, Levin asks, are Americans willing to tolerate a thu…
It's starting to get really awkward to share a name with this Jonathan Gruber economist guy.
Justice John Roberts and Co. will have a second chance to get this right. Hopefully, the Jonathan Gruber admissions of just much lies and deceit were involved to get it passed through Congress and accepted by the American People will give the Court enough background to kill Obamacare once and for all. WE can dream...
Jonathan Gruber called the american voter stupid but did anyone notice he pronounced palatable wrong?
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D, Cal) 2009 "“I don’t know if you have seen Jonathan Gruber of MIT’s analysis ." hello there!!
Jay Carney attacked Jonathan Gruber, “speaks from the ivory tower with remarkable...
It is time we all know about Jonathan Gruber, the man behind and is now e new,word in the dictionary. We have all been duped by this TAX which has come to get known as The Affordable Care Act. It's time to understand how is destroying the middle class. We are not *** We pay tax money every day, and we have no idea where this money is going! It's time to revamp Congress NOW.
Americans have Jonathan Gruber and MITT ROMNEY to thank for Romneycare and Obamacare. I hope the stupidity of Romney thinking he can run again in 2016 is put to an end fast!!! "...Gruber says, “I helped Gov. Romney develop his health care reform or Romneycare, before going down to Washington to help President Obama develop his national version of that law.” The spot includes old footage of Romney thanking Gruber for his work on the Massachusetts health bill. “The core of the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare and what we did in Massachusetts are identical,” Gruber says. The MIT professor was such an important part of the creation of Obamacare that his association with Romney’s effort proved the link between the two programs. If that involvement in Obamacare was sufficient to condemn Romney in 2012, it’s sufficient enough for Republicans to raise it now over Gruber’s claims about the Affordable Care Act. What’s Gruber for the goose, is Gruber for the gander. "
Ok I have spent a week listening to the Affordable Care Act architect Jonathan Gruber calling the american voter *** cause they won't understand or like law. This is a huge story and should infuriate Americans! President Obama won't comment as usual , the American People deserve better!I hope Obama can work with the new Congress like Bill Clinton did when he worked with Gingrich and got some things done, if President Obama was wants some type of legacy listen loud and clear to the voters!
I usually try to refrain from out right political statements, but I can't stop myself this time. Jonathan Gruber tells about the deceit and fraud intentionally directed toward the American People and no one does anything. Pelosi recently stated she doesn't even know him, but there is a sound bite where she talks about him in regards to The "Affordable Care Act". He visited the White House on numerous occasions. Where does it all end? Why do politicians feel the need to lie. Power corrupts. Everyone has an agenda and it isn't what's best for the people as a whole, but what is best for their agenda. Who can we trust. There is so much deception from our leaders. All our leaders, government leaders, school leaders, corporate leaders. The more honest they are the less power they have. What happened to the balance of power our government was founded on.
Jonathan Gruber looks like the FBI agent that informs John McLean about Simon Gruber.
In the video linked in article, Center for American Progress' pres. said Jonathan Gruber's friends call him "Gruber."
.on the deeper truth revealed by Jonathan Gruber. Very smart piece.
Friday Fun Fact: the 1st blurb on the back of Jonathan Gruber's HC Reform book is written by...Senator John Kerry!
Hey check out this offensive shirt Jonathan Gruber wore. More here: htt…
“The most important arbiter of everything was the C.B.O.,” CAP's Neera Tanden told The New York Times for a profile of Jonathan Gruber.
Coverage of Jonathan Gruber update. Except for Fox News, the 3 major Network News shows have had a TOTAL of 2 minutes coverage. The largest single piece of legislation passed in our time was passed on lies, we have the architect of the law admitting, even bragging about it on 4 different videos at different times and it gets no coverage. This is like living in Venezuela. And if you ask a Democrat how they feel about it they will be fine. As long as they got what they wanted they don't care how they got there.
ICYMI: Greta Van Susteren and I talk Nancy Pelosi, Jonathan Gruber, Obamacare and more. Watch our discussion on Fox News here.
ABC, NBC, CBS refuse 2 mention comments by Jonathan Gruber, the Obamacare architect, that Obama Regime had to lie to voters…
M. Brown's Parents are the kind of people Jonathan Gruber was referring too.
Neera Tanden: "I don’t know how or why Jonathan Gruber has gotten so much wrong about the Affordable Care Act."
We always knew what elitist liberal Democrats thought of Americans. Jonathan Gruber has now confirmed that.
'Spock has weighed in': Leonard Nimoy calls Jonathan Gruber's statements 'illogical'
Nancy Pelosi says she doesn't know who Jonathan Gruber is. She touted his work in 2009.
My effort to remain apolitical is strong as there is plenty of fodder that include members of all political parties. For example, as my parents raised me and we turned around and raised our son, there was always Rule Number 1 - Do not lie. Your reputation and credibility with others depend on truth. This past week I sat without comment on the veracity and actions of Jonathan Gruber. You know, the Professor of Economics at M.I.T. who was touted as an expert on health insurance and taxation. So much that he was called to be a volunteer consultant to the President and testified before the Senate as an expert in healthcare in favor of the Affordable Care Act. He even wrote an Op-Ed page for the New York Times on July 12, 2014. Again on December 28, 2009 in the Washington Post. Even ran an article on him and his findings. His article in the New England Journal of Medicine convinced everyone that as an expert his writing were frequently used by members of the media as gospel - an expert. In fac ...
It's because of people like Jonathan Gruber, btw, that the Ryan-Murray budget was considered "deficit reduction".
Jonathan Gruber is a bigger jerk than his brother Hans.
Jonathan Gruber: Outstanding expert on health reform modeling [Obama Administration] to ‘a private citizen’ who misspoke. SHAME
Breaking: Obama to nominate Jonathan Gruber as next ambassador to Outer Mongolia.
Jonathan Gruber, architect, goes on to apologize for insulting Americans. . ..150 people saw him. h…
Jonathan Gruber should be on every panel, everywhere. On any subject, frankly.
MIT supports White Privileged, Racist Pig Jonathan Gruber. Replace him with a person of Color & stop procrastinating. NOW!
O-Care architect calls voters "stupid" and conservatives collectively flip out.
.all worked up about interview with consultant Jonathan Gruber:
Why aren't you reporting on Jonathan Gruber's statement that Obamacare IS A LIE?
Hey, democrats -- Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber thinks you’re all stupid . . . .
Jonathan Gruber was caught calling Americans "stupid." Not ALL Americans are stupid...just the ones who still support this administration.
2nd Video of Jonathan Gruber Calls Americans 'Too…: . Why is this not the top story everywhere?
Jonathan Gruber after calling American voters stupid, now states this is all just a Republican plot to destroy Obamacare. What Where?
Q: What do you call a POS Liar & Thief of the American People? A: MIT Econ Professor Jonathan Gruber. He needs to lose his job & go to Jail
Jonathan Gruber = = = = . Lying, corrupt elitists who think regular Americans are "stupid".
Jonathan says stupid voters had to be duped to pass Who's stupid now? Today's editorial
The Affordable Care Act architect at the center of controversy over remarks he made last year about how the health law was passed had called the American voter "stupid" on at least one other occasion. Jonathan Gruber, who helped craft the controversial law, was heavily criticized this week...
Late to the party, but even committed liberals have to be disgusted by the recently revealed comments from Jonathan Gruber, right?
Every man has his price. Apparently Jonathan Gruber's is $400,000 of ur money. Bet he would have lied for a lot less
Gruber in second clip "Amercians are too stupid to tell the difference" Patiently waiting for conte…
Nothing on JONATHAN GRUBER tonight. What a POS network you have, Your propaganda network is crap and not wo…
Thank you for bringing the Jonathan Gruber video to light. Confirms what we've always known about
Have you noticed? amazingly quiet about Jonathan Gruber statements on Obamacare. Timing wrong to ask for repeal?
I believe that the financial arrangement between Jonathan Gruber and the Obama Administration deserves an examination.
How is Jonathan Gruber still employed by Are his liberty loving, intelligent students walking out of his classes?
Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber bragging about deceiving the American People, who he thinks are stupid. DATE: October 17, 2003 SOURCE:
Jonathan Gruber DVDs, "Obamacare for Stupid Americans" should be ready for retail at Costco by Christmas:-)
Another video of Obamacare architect calling American voters “stupid” surfaces:
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Meet the guy who found all those Jonathan Gruber clips and the University that tried to hide them ...
Jonathan Gruber: architect's elitist contempt for ordinary Americans |
Jonathan Gruber admitted lying for Obama & the American citizens have no voice in D.C. to stand up for us?
An Obama advisor calls voters "stupid," praises the administration's lack of transparency: Does he speak fo…
One architect of Obamacare, Jonathan Gruber, says that voters are stupid, and that's how the Obama Administration passed the healthcare law. Varney & Co. shared some viewer responses on air. Now it's YOUR turn: What's your reaction?
Hey dumb Americans, you paid Jonathan Gruber $400,000 for
When will the Media stop ignoring architect Jonathan Gruber "American voters are stupid and we lied" comments?
As soon as the next damning video of Jonathan Gruber pops up, he'll be eligible for a promotion!
What do you think about yet another video surfacing of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber saying the law was made intentionally complex so the American People would be too stupid to understand it?
Just want to point out that a lot of Conservatives were shouting from the rooftops what Jonathan Gruber admitted to.
Jonathan Gruber is the poster boy 4 all that is wrong in American politics.
In a 3rd video, Jonathan Gruber speaks of the exploitation of American voters. . ht…
Politico Reporter: I think the White House would love if Jonathan Gruber would just “stop talking”
Thanks to Jonathan Gruber, never again can a liberal scoff when a conservative says that Democrats think the American People are stupid.
Why do you refuse to cover top ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber admitting that Democrats lied in order to pass the law?
Obamacare architect stupidityof American voter got it passed VIDEO ht…
"I would say this to the professor: Put down the cognac and the lost writings of J.D. Salinger – if you want to see how 'stupid' our fellow citizens are, take a look at last Tuesday night, because they rejected you, this bill and this administration." Rep. Trey Gowdy hit back at ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber's remarks about the "stupidity" of American voters. Watch the full segment and share your thoughts:
A third video has surfaced of Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber bragging about pulling the wool over the eyes of the American public in order to help implement Obamacare.
EXPOSED: SMOKING GUN.. DEMAND THAT THE LAW BE REPEALED BASED ON THIS EVIDENCE. Watch this video and then share it. Demand that the Republican Controlled House and Senate repeal this law that was created with LIES!! HE CALLS THE American People "STUPID" IN THE VIDEO !! One of the main creators of President Barack Obama's "signature legislation," the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACU) a/k/a Obamacare, admits that Obama lied to the American People to get this law passed. He also confesses that they cooked the books with the CBO ( Congressional Budget Office) to score the bill fraudulently. Dr. Jonathan Gruber, who appeared on national television along with Nancy Pelosi and all the other stooges selling Obamacare to Americans conceded that in order to gain support for a government takeover of healthcare insurance and distribution it was necessary to avoid transparency, according to officials with a public-interest group who discovered the YouTube video of that professor's comments and released it on Monday. W ...
Speaking January 10, 2012 at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber states that insurance subsidies are tied to st...
Rush is right again... Republicans haven't said a word about Jonathan gruber...and the media has not reported it.
WEDS 11/12 DENNIS PRAGER 12-3pm: Is ObamaCare architect and MIT Professor, Jonathan Gruber, digging himself into a deeper hole? If college students are turning against Israel who is to blame? Plus, the Male/Female Hour. Hear it at 990 AM or online at
Earlier this week, video surfaced of Jonathan Gruber, one of the authors of and key influences on the Affordable Care Act, explaining that "lack of transparency"
To Jonathan Gruber: My IQ is 158. I am a Mensa member, National Merit Scholar, and winner of multiple scholarships. I have read nearly every Shakespeare play, spend time daily getting various spins on current events, & am working my way through the Great Books of the Western World. Now call me STUPID.
SHARE if you agree: "Did Jonathan Gruber admit to a criminal conspiracy when he stated Obamacare was passed by non-transparency?"
People like Obama, Jonathan Gruber, James Clapper & Lois Lerner who think it is okay to lie to you in order to "protec…
The ethics of the political class -- Jonathan Gruber believes that telling the public the truth is "inappropriate"
So, Jonathan Gruber is going with the, "This is a typo" argument talking with Ronan about King v. Burwell.
Looking forward to Jonathan Gruber's amicus brief in King and Halbig.
Tonight, architect Jonathan Gruber talks the future of with a Republican majority in Congress.
Well what can I say. Megan states it all correctly. Where can we all find Jonathan Gruber this evening or the...
Jonathan Gruber was also the architecht of Mitt Romneys healthcare program. Said they were exactly the same.
Oops. Harry Reid trashed long standing Senate rules to allow a 51-vote Democrat majority to stack the DC Court of Appeals. He did it so court challenges to an illegal IRS rewrite of ObamaCare would be stopped before they could reach the Supreme Court. So much for that. The Court announced yesterday that yes, they will rule on the outrageous IRS power grab. The law clearly says that subsidies won't be paid out except in states that create their own exchanges but Democrats are now swearing that was not their intent. Uh-oh, a key architect of ObamaCare, Jonathan Gruber, was caught on videotape bragging this was exactly the intent to force states to ObamaCare. Oops.
Jonathan Gruber throws John Kerry Under the Bus on Obamacae's Effects via
Have to say, it's pretty effin' rich to see Jonathan Gruber now cited in King plaintiffs' "Table Of Authorities" in their cert petition.
Jonathan Gruber, an MIT professor and one of the top outside experts who helped draft Obamacare, caused quite a stir last week when a video surfaced in which he appeared to take the same stance as the law's opponents on a key issue currently before the courts. In the video, which was originally shot…
If changed Bridgegate story like Jonathan Gruber changed his story "journalists" would be all over it!
Did Jonathan Gruber think it was a weird theory in 2012?
Well other than Jonathan Gruber of course.
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