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Jonathan Brandis

Jonathan Gregory Brandis (April 13, 1976 – November 12, 2003) was an American actor, director, and screenwriter.

Brad Renfro Rodney Dangerfield Brian Austin Green Chuck Norris Corey Haim Paul Walker River Phoenix Jaleel White Murder She Wrote Roy Scheider Lee Thompson Young John Ritter Tatyana Ali Jonathan Taylor Thomas Stephen King Good Morning

I really started to worry about him when Jonathan Brandis & Brad Renfro both died-My 1995 crushes were dropping like flies 😢
It's coming up to the episode of Full House w Jonathan Brandis in and I can already feel my eyes welling up
This boy name Jonathan Brandis is so cute I feel attacked
As an actor you have one great fear: pimples!...
This was depressingly impressing: a bottle of Jonathan Brandis/Smashing Pumpkins posters present in that could collect and
great show! SeaQuest DSV had Jonathan Brandis (Sidekicks, Neverending Story 2, Ladybugs). Okay, love the show, don't stop.
The only ones who properly died were Brad Renfro and Jonathan Brandis. Nick Stahl came close.
or bi, I guess cuz I had pics of jonathan brandis (RIP) all over my walls
That counts! When I was 13 I was all about people named Jonathan. Brandis, JTT, the usual.
Seaquest was such a great show. Sad to know Roy Schneider & Jonathan Brandis both passed away. Legends.
I rlly wanna be in a Wil Wheaton / Sean Austin / Bradley Gregg or Jonathan Brandis gc
I do look forward to doing things in the future that I haven't done before.
I am the farthest thing from a computer genius.
did you know Jonathan Brandis was dead? Died in 2003 from hanging himself. Just googled him and found that out.
I added a video to a playlist Sidekicks (1992 Jonathan Brandis & Chuck Norris) full movie (DVD)
I've watched 2 things today that both referenced Jonathan Brandis' suicide. *** universe? What is happening?
And sometimes I sit down to write, because that is what I like to do more a...
However, I hope I am also judged on my accomplishments as an actor and not ...
My cat only lays in my lap when I'm watching SeaQuest... Is Jonathan Brandis' soul inhabiting inside of my cat?
Someone send me a jonathan brandis poster
I lowkey ship myself with jonathan brandis
Send me jonathan brandis vines BC I feel like crying
They cast Jonathan Brandis as Cannonball once, and Brian Thompson as Apocalypse. Christopher Lambert as Magneto.
Colin Hanks,Paul Walker, Jonathan Brandis and Ryan Phillippe all considered for that role, Came to chemistry with Portman.
I'm in love with 16 year old Jonathan Brandis 😍🙌🏼
I'm swerving right into the Jonathan Brandis lane today
RIP Jonathan Brandis 🌹 Forever in my thoughts. I miss you & love you forever ❤️
R.I.P Jonathan Brandis 😢 It's been 12 years now, you will be always missed forever 😥 Love you ❤️
Jonathan Brandis was the poor man's Christian Slater. Hate that he took his own life 12 years ago.
they're all of Jonathan Brandis, honestly vine you're not wrong
Jonathan Brandis in an episode of Murder She Wrote :/
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92 ➲ 96. jonathan brandis,. ladies and gentlemen... (Vine by
Jonathan Brandis | Sea Quest. he was a beautiful person... (Vine by 80's gods)
All the Jonathan Brandis stans blocked me
Watching Walker Texas Ranger makes me want to watch Sidekicks with Chuck Norris and Jonathan Brandis.
when I found out Jonathan Brandis auditioned to be Anakin I was like MISSED OPPORTUNITY FOR AWESOMENESS ***
I added a video to a playlist Jonathan Brandis Suicide Premonition
if someone can find me a Jonathan Brandis layout I'll be the happiest person ever
Jonathan Brandis. I had so many pictures of him on my wall.
Don't mind me, I'm just here, now learning that Jonathan Brandis died years ago, when I thought he just hung up acting & went full hermit.
Jonathan Brandis is such a nice name tho
This should fit your disguise criteria. Ladybugs (1992) Rodney Dangerfield & Jonathan Brandis
Paul Walker, Colin Hanks, & Jonathan Brandis all auditioned to be Anakin, Hayden is just too boss tho.
my other baby Jonathan Brandis passed away 12 yrs ago today, r.i.p💙
My ex and I still bond over Jonathan Brandis. On the reg. Like he just sent me this video link last night:
Just found this rare photo of former teen hunk Jonathan Brandis showing his feet! R.I.P. Jonathan- miss those feet! http…
Tatyana Ali & Jonathan Brandis were so cute back then. I'm in love.
Did you know Paul Walker, Colin Hanks, Ryan Phillippe & Jonathan Brandis auditioned for the role of Anakin Skywalker
Barrett Oliver, Jonathan Brandis, & Jason James Richter. Great podcast guys, really took me back!
Reading all about the Bill Hicks-River Phoenix-Jonathan Brandis political conspiracy.
I'd travel back to the 90's to meet jonathan brandis
I can only hope this is all preparation for your Jonathan Brandis piece. R.I.P.
Jonathan Brandis/Smashing Pumpkins posters present from home, hold down after a grocery bag stolen [with my wallet before
Jonathan Brandis! I hope he talks to dolphins in this movie like he does in SeaQuest DSV.
Will put all my love into fetus Jonathan Brandis
So sad about the death of John Ritter & the suicide of Jonathan Brandis (which both happened in the same year, 2003).
I don't normally go for blonde guys but I crushed on Jonathan Brandis as a teenager, on up till I heard he committed suicide
So there's this guy called Jonathan Brandis who I've been obsessed with for about two years. Idk if you know who is…
In Just One of the Guys when it's revealed he's a she, we get a shot of breasts. In Ladybugs when Jonathan Brandis admits, no *** shown.
Stay with me // Jonathan Brandis literally makes me cry whenever he smiles in this edit. (Vine by 80s Phoenix)
talking dolphin, dude from jaws, Jonathan Brandis, people with gills, dude I used to love that show
Update your maps at Navteq
The company that keeps putting Jonathan Brandis' face on their "SHOCKING CELEBS WHO HAVE DIED" ad need to be told: everyone knows he's dead.
//Omg someone is using Jonathan Brandis as an FC! Nostalgia kicking in.
Yup, that's the way it worked! Looked up some old pics of Jonathan Brandis - yeah, he was cute. That was a good hairdo.
Defiantly my favorite edit of Jonathan Brandis. He was such an angel.💛 Old But Gold. (Vine by sweetedits)
Also, Jonathan Brandis is on this episode of Murder She Wrote and it's making me a little sad.
my first ever crush was Jonathan Brandis from SeaQuest DSV
Oh yeah! I used to have a crush on Jonathan Brandis in school, the boy who was in the Stephen King movie "IT" and I would
Oooh good one! A cool name for a cool guy. I had it bad for Jonathan Brandis for a hot minute ;) Ladybugs!!!
that is a phenomenal one, definitely. My favorite is "Child's Play" because Jonathan Brandis is the reason I got into acting.
I mean it had Roy Scheider, Jonathan Brandis, TED RAIMI, and more cool people. Plus a talking dolphin! What's not to like?
there's this underclassmen that somewhat resembles Jonathan Brandis I'm screaming
I had such a crush on Jonathan Brandis :)
Roy Scheider & Jonathan Brandis were the two main stars. Several pretty ladies, but no real f/f vibe, you know? But SO good!
young Jonathan Brandis reminds me of u
Chuck Norris is the true cause of Jonathan Brandis's suicide, he couldn't accept the fact Chuck Norris doesn't need a sidekick...
OH MY GOD SEAQUEST Jonathan Brandis was my crush, I was devastated
Jonathan Brandis | touch the sky . Dt: all the brandis lovers out there💗 (Vine by 80's trash)
If there's any 3 famous people that make me cry just by having a single thought about them it's Jonathan Brandis, River Phoenix & Corey Haim
all I want is for Corey Haim, Jonathan Brandis, and River Phoenix to come back
no Jonathan Brandis collection or at least the Rodney (cont)
Jonathan Brandis would make a hot chick
Matthew Broderick, Alan Ruck, Corey Haim, Matthew Lillard, Jonathan Brandis, and River Phoenix are my baes
I liked Brandon Lee but I liked Jonathan Brandis more.
Photo: Tatyana Ali and grunge Jonathan Brandis vintage 1990s
Roy Schneider was cool. I learned quite a bit from him.-Jonathan Brandis .
Jonathan Brandis was so attractive omg
I'm probably going to spend the next hour watching Jonathan Brandis edits :)
Jonathan Brandis was the most precious human being… I miss him so much😞
My Jonathan Brandis autograph I got when I met him. He was so sweet. R.I.P LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU.
I'm so in love with Jonathan Brandis and it upsets me because I miss him so much and he deserved to be happy in this world.
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Just found out Jonathan Brandis, Bastain II, dies in 2003 by hanging himself. That's sad. 😞
Jonathan Brandis was going to be the next Tom Cruise
and then the reanimation of Jonathan Brandis' corpse for "The Never Ending Story 2.1: There's a Snake in my Shoe"
Whenever I see casting news I'm like why not just CGI a dead actor instead? I want to see the classics like Sean Connery or Jonathan Brandis
I loved the 90's version. It still is my fave SK adaptation.Now I'm sad & nostalgic about 13yo Jonathan Brandis.
I'll watch this to make me less sad because Jonathan Brandis is my fave
I still have people agreeing with me that looks like Jonathan Brandis!
No foul?! Jonathan Brandis just got thrown to the turf!
I really wish Zlatan would pull a Jonathan Brandis & Ladybug himself onto this team
I'll always remember Jonathan Brandis as the Chuck Norris enthusiast in the hilariously bad Sidekicks.
I die a lil bit inside every time I remember how Jonathan Brandis died...
I liked more when she was Jonathan Brandis.
A friend of mine from work just sent me a snapchat to remind me that Jonathan Brandis is dead
Jonathan Brandis died for your sins but no one wrote a book about it...
Chuck Norris' Roundhouse kick is so powerful, that on the set of Sidekicks he single-footedly destroyed Jonathan Brandis' Career.
I'm watching some movie with Tatyana Ali and Jonathan Brandis and it is not good
I was totally just thinking about looking around for SeaQuest episodes because I watched Jonathan Brandis' Sidekicks the other day
Randomly rewatching episodes of SeaQuest...realizing that Jonathan Brandis is the only high point to this show.
Jonathan Brandis dresses up as a girl to play for his soon to be stepfather Rodney Dangerfield's soccer team, hijinks ensue
Jonathan Brandis and Nick Carter too for sure, yes. I told you it's that haircut.
"Tim Curry is the only good part about the movie it." Uhm okay, Jonathan Brandis tho??!?! Jonathan is the best part of the movie.
On the Edge of Innocence, one of my favorite lifetime movies, nothing beats Her Last Chance, w/ the late Jonathan Brandis
so tell me, who do you think was cuter: Jonathan Brandis, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, or David Gallagher?
for being the Rodney Dangerfield to my Jonathan Brandis Wednesdays 8-11p at
Jonathan Brandis...oh yeah. He very deaded. Forgot that.
I'm sorry, the correct answer was Jonathan Brandis from Seaquest DSV.
. Dude I have prioritized Jonathan Brandis since 1992 when he stole my heart in Ladybugs.
TBT... My first real true love... Jonathan Brandis.. Had his pictures all over my walls and watched…
.look at what happened to Jonathan Brandis.poor sod was forced take his life cos of what the industry did to him...
I knew looked like someone! He totally reminds me of a young Jonathan Brandis!
True story: I auditioned for the SeaQuest DSV role that eventually went to Jonathan Brandis RIP JB
Those are the same cinder blocks Jonathan Brandis broke in
"When you're young, you should live out every weekend. Even if you look like a scarecrow, you just gotta go!". ~ Jonathan Brandis
Finding out that Jonathan Brandis hung himself back in 2003, after Robin Williams did the same thing, is TRAGIC.
This is the most important document of modern times >> *lights candle for Jonathan Brandis & Brad Renfro*
Bought one if those DVD four-pack because I love Wet Hot American Summer, Accepted, and Hamlet 2. I didn't know anything about Bad Girls From Valley High, what it's about, when it was made, etc. Turned it on, started watching, saw the name Jonathan Brandis appear in the opening credits. Became Sad. Put on Hamlet 2. Started searching for SeaQuest on Netflix
he really is brilliant in that. Its so sad to watch tho knowing John Ritter and Jonathan Brandis are no longer with us tho
Throwback to my teens. These guys covered my walls & door. Joey Lawrence & Jonathan Brandis. RIP…
Wait Wil Wheaton is alive? I always think he's dead or *** but i'm just confusing him with Jonathan Brandis (dead) and Jonathan Taylor Thomas *** . Aaron Carter is also still alive which is something i learned earlier this year as well. It's Aaron's CAREER that is actually dead.
Christian slater, the Corey brothers, Jonathan Brandis, & frikkin Jonathan Taylor Thomas!!! Why are guys not like you in this generation!?
Ok, so switched to The Neverending Story 2, I forgot about Jonathan Brandis and looked up on him. I was so sad to see he hung himself in 2003 because of his failed career. That is so sad! 😢
Don't even get me started on Jonathan Brandis, Nick Stahl and Brad Renfro. . There, I'm done.
Nice try Iran. They must've seen that movie with Jonathan Brandis and Rodney Dangerfield.
"Saved by the Bell" was originally aired on Disney & NBC as "Good Morning, Miss Bliss" starring Haley Mills (who made a name for herself in the Disney films "The Parent Trap"). When ratings were too low, they decided to retool the series and change everything, including most of the cast (only keeping "Mr. Belding", Mark Paul Gosselaar, "Screech", and "Lisa Turtle"). What many may not know is Good Morning, Miss Bliss was also a retooled show before getting picked up, airing as a pilot with almost any entirely different cast. This original pilot (which only aired once) starred Brian Austin Green, Jonathan Brandis, and Jaleel White. For your viewing pleasure:
Corey Haim childhood crush along with Jonathan Brandis (RIP) and JTT.
I'm going to try to go through my walk of fame star photos and see if I can put together a star for Paul Walker like I did for Jonathan Brandis.
Scenes from the movie ''Ladybugs''. Rest In Peace Jonathan Brandis. Thanks for viewing and please comment. By the way, all spammers will be blocked and spam ...
For some reason every time I look at he reminds me of Jonathan Brandis...
how cool was it getting to work with Jonathan Brandis ?
I watched this show as a teenage for Jonathan Brandis. Oh and the dolphin. 🐬
There is so much sad foreshadowing in the episode of "Murder, She Wrote" featuring Jonathan Brandis. 😭
You know a movie that doesn't get the credit it deserves? Sidekicks! Chuck Norris and Jonathan Brandis with Joe Piscopo as the bad guy! It's a very underrated 90s movie!
Who doesn't love a talking dolphin (oh and Roy Schneider and Jonathan Brandis)?
Omg they used a picture of Jonathan Brandis to be a younger version of a character. It was like se...
Well, there's Jonathan Brandis in Sidekicks. And Eddie in Stephen King's It. I can't think of one after the 90s, though.
The series, "seaQuest DSV", starring Roy Scheider, and the teenage heartthrob, Jonathan Brandis.
Jonathan Brandis is literally so handsome and I think I love him but hes passed away and I'm so sad :(
Yeah 2nd one had Jonathan Brandis as Bastian and the 3rd one had that kid from Free Willy as Bastian. Happy New Year!
any chance you do a Jonathan Brandis best known for? Because I would say LadyBugs and be serious.
Hi,This is Jonathan Gregory Brandis,Me and my Spirit Wife,Sandy, want to say Happy New Year,Have a great and safe New years,and yes I`m OK.
Brittany Murphy's high school prom date was Jonathan Brandis. They are both dead now.
the quintessentially '90s Jonathan Brandis bowl cut is usually referred to as "hair curtains" for your information
Stephen Dorff looks like a mixtur of Jonathan Brandis and River Pheonix mostly wen he was younger jon but will alway be hotest, perfection;)
Stephen Dorff looks like a mixture of Jonathan Brandis and River pheonix:) thats perfection;), mostly just when he was younger, ecept jonathan brandis will always be the hottest:)
Neverending Story 2... Wow.. Jonathan Brandis.. so sad how he ended up.
Tatyana Ali and jonathan brandis pics song by Tatyana Ali R.I.P. jonathan
Things you forget about: Jonathan Brandis cross-dressing in Ladybugs. Also Rodney Dangerfield, what a guy. What. A. Guy.
I knew I couldn't be the only one who watched SeaQuest DSV for Robert Ballard instead of Jonathan Brandis.
I'm having a lot of Jonathan Brandis feels today for some reason.
Hi,I`m Jonathan Brandis and I support this 100%,Please follow me in stopping animal abuse,they need our help!!
Mcm is very special to me RIP to the very handsome Jonathan Brandis he died bc he went in to depression over his career andhe hung him self and died from the injuries it was very sad and he was only 27 years old . Rest In paradise baby boy
Attn Emmy voters: lets see Brian Cranston sell the excitement over "Jonathan Brandis from seaQuest!!!"
Watching Saved By The Bell: The College Years in my hotel this morning, and how's this for guest star power on the Thanksgiving episode: Jonathan Brandis, Marsha Warfield, Jenna Von Oy, Brian Austin Green, and Dennis Haskins.
Saved by the Bell College Years Thanksgiving episode - cameos from Jonathan Brandis, Brian Austin Green and 6 from Blossom.
watched the move It with my bro the other nite and then I was like I used to have a crush on that Jonathan Brandis so I googled him and he died 10 yrs ago whoa, stars die so young.
One of my favorite movies of the 90s. RIP jonathan brandis.
Wow, I just found out that my fave NKOTB member is gayJonathan Knight was my big crush along with Jonathan Brandis in the 90's.I'll admit that i still rock out to Hanging Tough, Step by Step, and my fave, I'll be loving you forever.Who else remembers the New Kids ?
Jonathan Brandis, Tim Reid, John Ritter, and Seth Green, all people I totally forgot were in Stephen King's IT.
A tribute video commemorating the life and career of actor, director and screenwriter Jonathan Brandis (April 13, 1976 -- November 12, 2003). The video is la...
Still can't believe Jonathan Brandis killed himself. He was my favorite actor growing up. RIP
I'm watching The Neverending Story II and Google'd the kid who played Bastian, Jonathan Brandis. He ended up killing himself at the age of 27 :(
I put on the 1994 tv movie Good King Wenceslas while I'm working. I love it. -_- It has Leo McKearn and Jonathan Brandis and my dvd is recorded from European laserdiscs with Spanish subtitles because they saw fit to never release it over here *** But. Yeah. Traditional Christmas viewing here. Also technically Merry Christmas everybody.
Oh dear.. I can't take this.Jonathan Brandis is dead?!
after researching Saved by the Bell this morning, the hubs and I found out that the middle school episodes were originally titled "Good Morning, Miss Bliss" and the pilot had Jonathan Brandis (from seaQuest), Jaleel White (Steve Urkel), and Brian Austin Green, not Zack, Screech, and Lisa. My mind has been blown.
Remember when Tatyana Ali and Jonathan Brandis were an item? That just makes me sad :/
I was going to watch Neverending Story 2 but watching a young Jonathan Brandis is making me sad.
Little known facts about me: 1. I am classically trained in violin, I started in the 4th grade (I also have a really good ear for music, and I even composed some things) 2. I also sing, and was in a conservatory as a teen 3. I know a lot of random facts about a lot of things 4. Im obsessed with space, it fascinates and terrifies me 5. My one true talent ambition is to learn and master the drums 6. My favorite cuisine is mexican, I am a straight taco *** 7. I have been on 6 cruises and I feel its the ultimate vacation 8. I have lost 80+lbs twice with Beachbody programs 9. I love to watch B rated movies, or even worse ones than that 10. Some music has become the soundtrack of my life, and I can match songs to events and times in my life that are significant 11. I have been on my own since I was 17, and I was homeless once 12. I actually don't know much about my family, our heritage or lineage. Our records are all jacked up. 13. My SAT score back in the 90s was a 1470 14. I got invited to visit a biosphere . ...
"The Horizon Crew" Unaired/Unproduced (unknown) This episode was written and was to be directed by Jonathan Brandis. Plot details are unknown.
Oh Jesse, WOW at Jonathan Brandis' character, Michelle, the audience laughter, etc. The ladies turnin' Joey down like that!
Every time I hear the name Jonathan Brandis I remember his sad end and am as sad as I was when I first heard about it.
hi are you related to Jonathan Brandis? You probably liked seaQuest DSV yeah?
The kid in this Full House episode, Jonathan Brandis, killed himself in 2003. Woah... RIP. ♥
Guys I'm really sad I just found out Jonathan Brandis, the kid from The Never Ending Story, died in 2003 ***
So glad I turned on my tv. Jonathan Brandis is on Full House. RIP baby.
randomly watching re-runs of Full House.episode with Jonathan Brandis.really sad to watch now
Watching Full House and noticed Jonathan Brandis in an episode. (Loved him in SeaQuest DSV.) He died in 2003? :(
is on & it's the episode w/ Jonathan Brandis, how sad to think he's been gone for 10 years already.
Oh my god, Jonathan Brandis on man I miss seeing him on TV. So sad hes gone.
didn't Jonathan Brandis did years and years ago?
Morbid, but I am fascinated that I somehow missed the memo that Brad Renfro (Tom & Huck, Ghost World) + Jonathan Brandis (Seaquest DSV) died
mine were weird! Jonathan Brandis.and Jeff Goldblum XD
Let's just take a moment to remember this sexy piece of *** 'Jonathan Brandis' rip 🙏
I tlked to jonathan brandis on a ouija bord 4 the 10th time and he said im gonna be joining them soon and jimi hendrix brought it up! Wow!
Definitely worth a viewing! Timm Curry as clown - Jonathan Brandis and John Ritter were in it as well
Just found out Jonathan Brandis hung himself in 2003. Eff
I didn't know this dude died. 10 years ago no less. "Jonathan Brandis: via
Surfing soothes me, it's always been a kind of Zen experience for me. The ocean is so magnificent, peaceful, and awesome. The rest of the world disappears for me when I'm on a wave. -Paul Walker September 12 1973-November 30 2013. -Walker joins the list of so many Hollywood celebritys taken to soon. Adding to the list of Judy Garland, Chris Farley, John Belushi, Phil Hartman, Brittany Murphy, River Phoenix, Brad Renfro, Corey Haim, Heath Ledger, Brandon Lee, Jonathan Brandis, Sage Stallone, Johnny Lewis, Aaliyah, Ryan Dunn, Tupac Shakur and so many more, Whose untimely Deaths some at the prime of their Careers answered the calls to come home far to soon. In the Midst of this tragic loss of Walker. I am looking forward to how the Academy will Honor him at The Awards in March, Given all his tremendous talent showcased over the years in The Fast & Furious. Saga. Hoping you'll enjoy the waves Heaven has to surf. RIP my Brother,
really bummed about Jonathan Brandis dying.
it does not pay to be a tween crush of mine since its the second one to die first being Jonathan brandis
Paul Walker died today. So very sad. He's the third of my teenage celeb crushes to go. Jonathan Brandis and Heath Ledger were the others.
I haven't been this upset since Jonathan Brandis died...
so very true brings up memories when I found out about Jonathan Brandis' death
I had a Paul Walker poster in my locker. Next to one of Jonathan Brandis and across from one of Brad Renfro. Seriously. Did I do this?!
Jonathan brandis the year that trembled Photo Model by Jarl Alexandre Ale de Basseville
omg, he wrote back? That’s awesome. Yeah, I totally had teen mag pics too, lol. Along w/Jonathan Brandis.
Different Belding. Jaleel White. Brian Austin Green. Jonathan Brandis. How did I NOT see this on Buzzfeed?
I've only heard about this but never seen it! Very cool! Also and the late Jonathan Brandis!
How tall is Jonathan Brandis? Who's Jonathan Brandis dating with? See at:
Preparing to watch the last movie Jonathan Brandis ever finished before he passed away. I found it on Netflix!...
9 Things No One Knows About Me 1.) September of next year will be 20 years I met an awesome and amazing friend, Pamela Marquez. 2.) My nephew Steven and I get along better than anyone else I know 3.) The first time I had too change Elena's diaper I had a panic attack 4.) My first crush was Jonathan Brandis ( Sad that's it's been 10 years he's been gone) 5.) I'm obsessed with Nora Roberts and Fern Michaels books 6.) When I was in 3rd grade I was told I couldn't read the young adult section (Even though I had been reading them since that previous summer) 7.) I've always wanted too be a storm chaser 8.)I can literally live off of Subway tuna, seriously... 9.) My favorite movie is Dr. Strangeland (Dee Snider is awesome in that movie!!!)
yeah i know Heath Ledger died at 28 and so did Jonathan Brandis both were suicides
Oh, Jonathan Brandis, the actor who played young Bill, killed himself. That's sad.
jonathan brandis by Jarl Ale de Basseville
Hi,This is Jonathan Gregory Brandis,first of all,I did not hang myself,OK?I was set up,I mean,come on,you do really think that I would hang myself over a stupid movie?!I don`t know how that rope got around my neck,what I do know is I felt bit a sharp blow to the back of my head.I woke up in the rope!Mom and Dad,I didn`t do it,I swear to God I didn`t!!!I am so srry that you guys had to go 10 years not knowing the real truth,please believe me!My E-mail is:Brandis.jonathanor Dad,if you read this please contact me!
jack black? Jim beam? Jim belushi? Jonathan brandis? Oh wait he's deceased. the plot thickens!
guess what! I bought 3 movies with jonathan brandis in it i bought, outside providence, it, and the year that trembled!!!:)
I was a big fan of Jonathan Brandis. Memorable performance in IT. Still can't believe his tragic end.
I fear that kid's gonna go the way of Jonathan Brandis.
Jonathan Brandis is a pretty weird reference to make? :/ (
Video: Jonathan Brandis & Tatyana M. Ali (by SarahM94) I’ve been looking for this video and finally came...
SeaQuest DSV on netflix. Rip jonathan brandis
Wow I never knew this but Jonathan Brandis, child actor, starring in the movie Neverending Story 2 and TV series SeaQuest, commited suicide.
In loving memory of Jonathan Brandis.Rest in peace,Johny:( We will always love you.
I just find out.Jonathan Brandis is dead,and 10 years ago!Oh my God.Tears streaming down to my face.I just cant believe.He killed himself.
I watched "Neverending Story 2",movie is great.Especially that actor Jonathan Brandis!He is so cute.Im gonna google it.
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Okay, I understand! :) Guess what, I will have a presentation about Jonathan Brandis on school tomorrow in front of the whole
Jonathan Brandis back from the dead?
yeah... Jonathan Brandis killed himself didn't he?
1st pilot for Saved by the Bell ("Good Morning, Miss Bliss") had a cast with Jaleel White (Urkel), Jonathan Brandis, and Brian Austin Green.
ugh! Again? Jonathan Brandis must be rolling around in his grave.
Jonathan Brandis will have been dead 10 years this November. Here's the last thing he directed:
I was in love with Jonathan Brandis. That didn't work out so well :(
Glad Cory Monteith was honored @ considering the young actors who have been snubbed in the past i.e. Brad Renfro & Jonathan Brandis.
I never thought I would crush on Aaron Paul. I always saw him as that nerd in that Jonathan Brandis movie but he's so good in Breaking Bad
Okay, first I watch Stephen Kings "It" and two days later I find out that Jonathan Brandis died in 2003?
I did not know that Jonathan Brandis died in 2003
Roy Scheider, Jonathan Brandis, and a talking dolphin NOT named Megatron. Join me as I remember seaQuest DSV.
This. Jonathan Brandis and so swoon worthy!
Oren Sarch, the editor of Pi, shares a birthday with Ron Perlman, William Sadler, Max Weinberg, Jonathan Brandis, Thomas Jefferson and I.
Saved by the Bell: Jennie Garth, Jaleel White, Jonathan Brandis, and Brian Austin Green all auditioned for the show.
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R.I.P Lee Thompson Young, like Jonathan Brandis and River Phoenix I guess fame and money does not equate to happiness.
This is apparently you in the 1993.
Number 2 was better it had Jonathan Brandis!
one of Jonathan brandis' last films
Corey Haim was too gorgeous! 😍😍😍 almost as gorgeous as Jonathan Brandis. They don't make em like that anymore.
It's like Jonathan Brandis all over again: dreamy child actor dies young by own hand. :-( Are you old enough to remember him?
So cute, I can't handle it. He looks like a tiny Jonathan Brandis /sob
Lee Thompson Young death brings back Jonathan Brandis death. :( :(
ok i still remember when Jonathan Brandis committed suicide around the same age as Lee 😪
I know! This year marks the 10th anniversary of Jonathan Brandis' death. :( I LOVED him. Seriously, a hard core crush.
:-( I'm sad Lee Thompson Young is gone, and now I'm missing Jonathan Brandis as well.
Brings back sad memories of Jonathan Brandis.
This makes me feel like when Jonathan Brandis took his life. Like it should open up dialogue & encourage understanding but likely won't.
it seems like he shot himself so sad. I remember Jonathan Brandis I use to love him he hang himself
Oh my god, I just saw the Lee Thompson Young post. This is tragic, this is up there with Jonathan Brandis tbh.
I'm being told Jonathan Brandis is dead.
Rodney Dangerfield should manage the Pirates and put Jonathan Brandis in right field.
Side kicks? Damien Sandow is Chuck Norris and Cody Rhodes is Jonathan Brandis.
Looked up Jonathan Brandis after watching him in Murder She Wrote cuz he looked familiar. He dies in 2003. Sad when you read somat like this
so nobody ever really found out the reason Jonathan Brandis committed suicide, what a mystery
lol. Mostly I just remember talking dolphin, Jonathan Brandis. My teen heartthrob of choice.
Ten good young actors who died too soon
Episode of Murder She Wrote starring Jonathan Brandis, talented but troubled
it'll either be better than I remember or worth some good snark :) either way, talking dolphin and Jonathan Brandis!
has anyone ever told you that you look like Jonathan Brandis.
WAIT…….. I didn't know Jonathan Brandis was dead! WOW It'll be 10 years in November
Hey at least I didn't say Jonathan Brandis. . Nope. Never felt suicidal. Self destructive, yes, but never suicidal.
Looking at 90's heartthrobs, then & now. JTT looks the same! They didn't show Jonathan Brandis though, as it would spoil The Walking Dead.
They will have to recast Jonathan Brandis
I can watch Jonathan brandis' movies or look at his pictures but I hyperventilate watching his interviews. 9 years and I still do this.
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Oh Yea Alex! Sense ackles Ian somerholder and the late Jonathan Brandis
I'll take a haunted orgy with Jonathan Brandis and River Phoenix any day.
I'm pretty sure my wife still rubs one out to Jonathan Brandis...and that guy died a decade ago.
I liked Jonathan brandis better tbh. I'd hate to see what he looks like today.
Forcing to watch Ladybugs. I hope it's as good as I remember. Yes, I mean the Rodney Dangerfield-Jonathan Brandis movie.
Man this is embarrassing my biggest crush was Jonathan Brandis from Sea Quest my walls where (
If Jonathan Brandis isn't free-balling right now, then I know why he killed himself.
Jonathan Brandis totally wants to scissor with that girl from Hocus Pocus.
Teen Jonathan Brandis is still hot 20 years later.
Jonathan Brandis and Rodney Dangerfield are not as tight a comic duo as Jonathan Brandis and the dolphin from Seaquest.
When a person dies, the hair keeps growing for months. So Jonathan Brandis' Ladybugs wig is actually what he looked like in 1995.
Ladybugs fun fact: Rodney Dangerfield outlived Jonathan Brandis by one year.
For burnt at the pool today with Brandi Newman McClure and Stacy Stacy Lynn Bowen and Taylor Willard and Taylor Delaney Huggins and Shawn McClure and Frank Mcclure a nd Shaun Robbins and Greg Leuenberger and Jonathan and Jacob Alan Huggins Baltimore
Well looks like kids wanted to go els where so it is just Brandi Jonathan Dennis and dady ( pet) lol I'm ready to fish lol
Need advice on good mattresses, we have decide maybe this is why we aren't sleeping good lately and have no idea where to start!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Now watching Sidekicks. Jonathan Brandis was a beautiful human being.
Guess I'm going to PA on Sunday for 25Q school. Time to put my uniform back on. Wish me luck! I'll be back beginning of August.
Jon & Jonathan are gone to the Alice Cooper Concert, Jeanette, Brandi and Emma are in the pool & I am sitting here folding
Nirvana makes me want to wear white shirts and jeans and crush on Jonathan Brandis.
In Kentucky, it is against the law to remarry the same man four times. *** Facts
thanks for coming to fourth of July bbq, Brandi, Maximus, DaVinci, Alex, Jerry , Davina, Meatball, Krista, Jeff, and his girlfriend,Stephen, Jonathan, Brandon and Davina, Scott, Dara, Ace, Nanie, and Nativia , we had a great time Sorry Jerry I hope ur underlings are feeling better today .. go to the doctor
only since the sad demise of Jonathan Brandis
Morning FB family and friends hope you all have a bless and wonderful day, morning to my three precious children Brandi, Krissy and Jonathan mom loves you all. Be safe and have a great day..
Have n fun swimming at uncle Jonathan Totty and aunt Brandi Miller
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