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Jonas Valanciunas

Jonas Valančiūnas (born May 6, 1992) is a Lithuanian professional basketball player, currently playing for BC Lietuvos Rytas.

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Jonas Valanciunas is doing everything to win...
Toronto big man Jonas Valanciunas sets tone coming off Raptors bench
via Raptors Jonas Valanciunas gets into it with Greg Monroe of the Bucks in the Raptors win.
The NBA needs to have Charles Barkley announce the rest of this series so he has to constantly pronounce Jonas V…
Call off the APB. Playoff Jonas Valanciunas has been located at the Air Canada Centre. Paying Monroe and Maker back.
Valanciunas sets tone off Raptors bench. By
Greg Monroe-Jonas Valanciunas shoving match sparks fire in Bucks-Raptors series
if you wanted Jonas Valanciunas to attempt that 3-pointer.
Raptors came close tonight. Six players in double figures. Jonas Valanciunas with eight off the bench.
WATCH: Greg Monroe and Jonas Valanciunas get into scuffle
"We regrouped (from Game 3) and are playing different basketbal, playing together. That's why we win." Jonas Valanciunas
Jonas Valanciunas broke the Bucks back by just flexing and getting the crowd hyped. Props to him.
Jonas Valanciunas is a thug, nothing more.
Jonas Valanciunas on scuffle with Greg Monroe & Khris Middleton: . "They were pushing each other. I don't know."
Jonas Valanciunas, Greg Monroe get into it after hard foul (VIDEO)
After Jonas Valanciunas blocks Greg Monroe's layup attempt, the two get into a heated exchange an... - via App
NBA Playoffs Video: Jonas Valanciunas pump fakes Thon Maker out of his shoes, drives in for strong one-handed dunk…
🏀😲😂🤔 Raptors center Jonas Valanciunas thanks Raptors GM Masai Ujiri for not trading him for Andre Drummond
Raptors reportedly offered Jonas Valanciunas to Pistons for Andre Drummond, prior to Serge Ibaka deal
Terrence Ross, Norman Powell, and Jonas Valanciunas have a 140.4 ORtg in 48 minutes together for the Raps. Seems good.
James Naismith would have never invented this sport if he had known there would be a Cory Joseph and Jonas Valanciunas
Do you consider this Jonas Valanciunas dunk a "dunked on" or "dunked by" LeBron James?
Demar Derozan & Jonas Valanciunas are first teammates in NBA history with 40-point game & 30-point game in season opener…
Jonas Valanciunas was also on the bench of Lithuania National Team during 2nd prep game for Rio vs. Tunisia
head coach Dwayne Casey: "[Jonas Valanciunas] is our starting center but we've got to respect what Bismack is doing on the court."
Jonas Valanciunas checks in. First game he's in since GM3 against the Heat in the Eastern Conference Semi Finals.
Raptors bench has to come alive. Corey Joseph, Terrance Ross, Patrick Patterson & Jonas Valanciunas all have to help on offense and defense.
Toronto trends now: Freddie Gray, John Brophy, Beauty and the Beast, Giovinco, Wasaga Beach, Jonas Valanciunas,…
Chris Bosh, 1 Dwane Casey said today C Jonas Valanciunas in Game 5 of WHL Final..
Jonas Valanciunas will miss the rest of the series against the Miami Heat due to a sprained right ankle, Raptors say.
Toronto winning on the road was really impressive. Doing it without Jonas Valanciunas? That's an accomplishment. Also Kara Lawson is great!
Jonas Valanciunas (ankle) is getting re-taped and did not have an X-ray on Saturday, according to Heather Cox on ESPN.
Demar Derozan & Jonas Valanciunas combine to score all 18 of Toronto's points. We head to the second tied 18-18.
He'd also have to face decent Cs such as Jonas Valanciunas, Rudy Gobert, Tyson Chandler, and Andrew Bogut.
Looking out this dirty window, at this dirty Columbus, Ohio sky, I see shapes of Jonas Valanciunas set shots
Sam Mitchell: The Raptors need to establish Jonas Valanciunas early in Game 6. VIDEO:
Jonas Valanciunas puts up 23 points & 11 rebounds to lead to 98-87 Game 2 victory! .
Game 6 is tonight! Win a signed jersey from Jonas Valanciunas. Visit for details
I cant trust Drake fans... They probably think Jonas Valanciunas is a top 5 center
What does Jonas Valanciunas say when he's practicing Spanish and declining chicken and tuna salad? “No mas, fowl and tunas.”
Jonas Valanciunas of reaches for ball during 101-85 win. (Getty) . WEEKS BEST 📷:
TORONTO (AP) — Rookie Norman Powell had 18 points and Jonas Valanciunas had 17 more and 11 rebounds as the Toronto Rapto…
I don't know what the rim did to Jonas Valanciunas, but that center is angry with it
Writing my keepers column, continuing to hold steady on Jonas Valanciunas Island. HE'S GONNA BE A STUD SOMEDAY
Jonas Valanciunas sets Raptors playoff record with 20...
Jonas Valanciunas missed the easiest shot of all time ... twice
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Jonas Valanciunas has the second-most rebounds in the NBA Playoffs with 59.
Demar Derozan with a Playoff career-high 34 points to lead Toronto, Kyle Lowry with 14 points, Jonas Valanciunas with 11 points,...
Idk, if you ask me I'd say Jonas Valanciunas and Drake look alike just a tad bit word to
VIDEO: Paul George got in an altercation with Jonas Valanciunas and DeMarre Carroll.
I can't stand the thought of Jonas Valanciunas not winning an NBA title.
Another super casual sketchdump but this time of 17: Jonas Valanciunas. Great win~
On the bright side for the Jonas Valanciunas is playing some of the most inspired basketball of his career https…
Jonas Valanciunas backs down his defender and hits the layup plus the foul.
Jonas Valanciunas is so dirty. Dude needs to be in the UFC with how many elbows he throws.
If Harry decided to leave the Hendersons to play basketball, he would do so under the name "Jonas Valanciunas"
Was the plan to keep Jonas Valanciunas out of foul trouble and unleash him ferociously in the 4th quarter, or what?
Can the Raptors get Jonas Valanciunas a Ryback Shirt or something?!.
Jonas Valanciunas just grown man'd Myles Turner in the low post.
Have the Pacers channeled the spirit of Rik Smits, or have the Raptors stopped trying to feed Jonas Valanciunas inside?!. Wait, there it is.
NBA. Jonas Valanciunas just got a block
Little Giant Ladders
I don't know what happened to Jonas Valanciunas, but he's not good right now
Kyle Lowry gets into the lane and finds Jonas Valanciunas for the
Jonas Valanciunas had a team-high 23 points + 15 rebounds to propel to a Game 2 victory!
The win Game 2 over the 98-87. Series now tied at 1-1. Jonas Valanciunas: 23 points, 15 rebounds. https:…
Q&A with Raptors' Jonas Valanciunas: 'I'm not going to relax'
Is it too late to give Jonas Valanciunas the "Zangief" nickname?
Jonas Valanciunas had 4 turnovers in the first 7 minutes. No other have any turnovers.
Have you seen Jonas Valanciunas? If so, please return him to the ACC immediately. The Raptors need him now.
Jonas Valanciunas would've gotten a full max for sure this summer. Raps locking him for less in last summer was a great job by Masai Ujiri.
Cory Joseph finds Jonas Valanciunas for the layup.
Spencer Hawes and Frank Kaminsky cannot handle Jonas Valanciunas. Not a chance.
Nikola Vucevic, Marcin Gortat, Kanter, Jonas Valanciunas, Pau Gasol and Marc Gasol are as good as most of centers from the 90's in the post.
Horford let Cody Zeller & Jonas Valanciunas get mighty on him this year.he is better than them
Who do the Toronto Raptors miss more: Jonas Valanciunas or DeMarr
Jonas Valanciunas broke his hand when Kobe Bryan... via
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Toronto Raptors get big game from Jonas Valanciunas in downing New Orleans ...
Jonas Valanciunas, classmates can't spell his name on group projects but get a B+ with him on the team, C without.
Jonas Valanciunas is having a great year but Masai Ujiri thinks the best is yet to come
Jonas Valanciunas needs to pump iron. His arms look as skinny as mine, compared to most of the other Raptors. Pls don't be lazy.
Jonas Valanciunas is having a great season but Masai Ujiri thinks he can still improve.
Raptors have signed Jonas Valanciunas to a 4 year, $64 million extension, team announces.
Recommendation by :Jonas The Raptors were up big during...
Can someone please explain to me y Jahlil Okafor is disrespecting Jonas Valanciunas? I need answers.
Jonas valanciunas actually puts bless stat numbers up on my fantasy league
If only Jonas Valanciunas could run up and down the court..
Up - on the Raptors' investment in Jonas Valanciunas paying off already.
An article I wrote in prep for tonight:
In his short time in the NBA, has posterized LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love, Greg Monroe, and Jonas Valanciunas. 😏
Hassan Whiteside leads all centers in win shares this year (1.3). Andre Drummond, Jonas Valanciunas, and Greg Monroe are tied with 1.2
Can't wait to put this post out tomorrow on how Jonas Valanciunas will be a big part of the vs game tomorrow.
I'd rather have Terry Fox as a defender than Jonas Valanciunas
The Raptors continue to kill the paint! Another bucket and the foul for Jonas Valanciunas!
Jonas Valanciunas gets the and 1 to give the Raptors a 50-47 lead.
How does Jonas Valanciunas ever beat anyone off the dribble, ever?
Leo Rautins dissing Valanciunas' pump fake.. Word, who falls for it
Nice to see the hustle coming from Jonas Valanciunas, putting his body on the floor.
Latest Raptors by the numbers A look at the new and improved Jonas Valanciunas
Jonas Valanciunas (22.7 PER) might be the best offensive player in league not in a featured offensive role. 61 FG% and 77 FT% (65.7 TS%)
Jonas Valanciunas can score efficiently. The Raptors need to get him more touches:
Raptors by the numbers: The new and improved Jonas Valanciunas? (Eh Game):
Check out Danny Thompson of FCP Radio article "The Evolution of Toronto's Biggest Dinosaur". Jonas…
Yesterday, the trio of Jonas Valanciunas, Kyle Lowry & Demar Derozan, showed us that they are the best trio in NBA history.
Zaza Pachulia giving Jonas Valanciunas a "Fujiwara Armbar".Refs only call a regular foul(and Cuban thinks its no foull)
So my fantasy team starting lineup is Kyle Lowry, Bradley Beal, Gordon Hayward, Anthony Davis, Jonas Valanciunas. No idea if that's good lol
Patrick Patterson said that he has been impressed by how much Jonas Valanciunas has improved.
*Jonas Valanciunas power dribbles, misses open layup*. "Great effort on defense there". even digital Clark Kellogg is an ***
Toronto fantards can watch Jonas Valanciunas & the stink simultaneously...
'Ujiri should leave the negotiating table as a very happy man.' Grading the Raptors' extension of Jonas Valanciunas:
Grade the deal: Raptors smart to extend Jonas Valanciunas now (by
ON NOW PXP voice joins to discuss Jonas Valanciunas' contract ext. Tune in->
Jonas Valanciunas, at age 22, was the most efficient volume post scorer in the NBA last season edging K. Love, L. Aldridge,…
Raptors head coach Dwane Casey said that the Raptors need Jonas Valanciunas for his size, but he hinted that he could continue to ben...
Jonas Valanciunas better be taking notes from mozgov
Mozgov is getting the Jonas Valanciunas treatment right now.
Can anyone post a Jonas Valanciunas on the Auction block for lower than 5k? (ps4)
Archie Goodwin with the jam over Jonas Valanciunas! Kentucky
NBA Toronto Raptors player Jonas Valanciunas visiting Lithuanian Sports University. Best of luck on the first exam!
Raptors offseason: Can Jonas Valanciunas finally match the hype?
Demarcus Cousins was ready to knock out Jonas Valanciunas!
Demarcus Cousins was ready to take off on Jonas Valanciunas 👊😂 |
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Yes. Mo Pete, Chris Bosh, Demar Derozen & Jonas Valanciunas were great picks. JV & DD get better every year. Mock if you like
Poll: What should the Raptors do with Jonas Valanciunas?
➟ Poll: What should the do with Jonas Valanciunas? 79
Marcin Gortat was stronger, smarter and more consistent than Jonas Valanciunas during the first round.
Ujiri on Valanciunas: "Huge part of our team. We can criticize Jonas all we want... those guys are hard to find."
Outside of Kyle Lowry, Demar Derozan, & Jonas Valanciunas the team was far worse than the teams Chris Bosh had with us.
Unsurprisingly, 51% think the Raps should offer JV an extension. 32% for the qualifying offer. 9% want to trade him!
Jonas Valanciunas, Tyler Hansbrough, Lou Williams and James Johnson all have more win shares/48 minutes than Kyle Lowry and Demar Derozan.
LeBron James vows to “protect” himself after hard foul from Raptors’ Jonas Valanciunas
Jonas Valanciunas gets the block on Alan Anderson's reverse layup attempt.
Archie Goodwin with the jam over Jonas Valanciunas!
"Jonas Valanciunas is 5th in the NBA in hook shoot percentage!" - Matt Devlin. "Now what kinda goofy stat is that?" - Jack Armstrong . 💀💀💀💀
Jonas Valanciunas just tried to kill Paul Millsap. . He failed.
Chuck Hayes on learning from former teammates Juwan Howard/Dikembe Mutombo and his advice for Jonas Valanciunas:
Jonas Valanciunas shows confidence in win over but still has a ways to go:
Demarcus Cousins was ready to take on Jonas Valanciunas 👊😂
Toronto exercise options on Jonas Valanciunas and Terrence Ross ... - National Post
Toronto Raptors want Jonas Valanciunas to become best defender in the league ... - National Post
- Jonas Valanciunas and Miles Plumlee should be rated a couple points lower?
[Toronto Star] Big game by Jonas Valanciunas not enough for Lithuania as France wins bronze
Turkey thrilled the Bilbao crowd in the game against the defending champions USA at the FIBA Men's Basketball World Cup in Spain. The USA, with Kenneth Faried leading the way, finally caught fire in the third quarter only and then pulled away for a 98-77 victory. Spain, the tournament hosts hammered Egypt 91-54. Croatia recorded a 90-85 win over Argentina. Krunoslav Simon had 18 points and Bojan Bogdanovic 16 for the Croatians as they overcame a 30-point, nine-rebound effort from Luis Scola. Argentina fell to 1-1 with the defeat. Lithuania won again too. Jonas Valanciunas finished with 11 points and 13 rebounds as the Baltic side clinched a 75-62 win over Angola, a result that evened the African champions' record at 1-1. Read more -
Jonas Valanciunas got married to Egle Acaite recently in Lithuania. Super fan Nav Bhatia & Coach Bayno were on hand. http…
According to the Raptors are on the verge of trading Jonas Valanciunas & a 1st rd pick to the Charlotte Hornets for Cody Zeller.
Really cool to see Jonas Valanciunas married off in Lithuania. Looked very civil. I did a wedding in LT last year. THAT was a hangover.
Casey says centre Jonas Valanciunas will work with hall of famer Hakeem Olajuwon over the summer.
Jonas Valanciunas, Demar Derozan, and Patrick Patterson will train with Hakeem Olajuwon this summer.
Post Up: Rockets Stun Blazers Raptors 98 – Nets 102 (Nets lead 2-1) Joe Johnson’s three-pointer with five minutes remaining was supposed to be the dagger. The proverbial nail in the coffin. The Nets were up 93-78 and not looking back. But over the next two and a half minutes, the Raptors would go on an 8-0 run. And just 1:25 after that, Jonas Valanciunas hit a free throw to cut the Brooklyn lead to four. Then, with 34 ticks left on the clock, Demar Derozan did his best Mamba impression, hanging in the air more than long enough to draw Kevin Garnett’s sixth foul and bank-in a beautiful up-and-under layup. He hit the freebee. One-point game. With 19 seconds left, Patrick Patterson stepped up to the free-throw line with a chance to tie the game. But he whiffed them both. The Nets survived a big scare, another strong fourth-quarter effort from the Raptors, but most importantly, came out with the 102-98 win. Patterson could easily be miscast as a scapegoat, but the power forward was one of the main reaso ...
Jonas Valanciunas is the first since Ralph Sampson and Sam Perkins in 1985 to have more than 30 pts & 30 rebs in his first 2 playoff games!
Jonas Valanciunas: 1st player to reach 30 points & 30 rebounds in his first 2 career playoff games since Ralph Sampson & Sam Perkins in 1985
Brooklyn Nets at Toronto Raptors (-2.5, 194) The Nets' starters boast a combined 399 career playoff games, while there are three playoff rookies - guard Demar Derozan, forward Terrence Ross and center Jonas Valanciunas - among the Raptors' first five. The teams split four meetings this season, with each squad going 1-1 on its home floor and three of the four games decided by four points or fewer. After a slow start and a notable trade that sent swingman Rudy *** to Sacramento, Toronto went 42-22 over the final four-plus months of the season to record a franchise record in victories and storm to the Atlantic Division crown - its first since 2006-07. DeRozan and point guard Kyle Lowry were the catalysts all season for Toronto, combining to average 40.6 points and 11.4 assists and stepping up their games against Brooklyn; DeRozan averaged 22.3 points and Lowry 22 points versus the Nets. TRENDS: * Under is 4-1 in the last five meetings in Toronto. * Home team is 7-2-1 ATS in the last 10 meetings. * Nets are 0 ...
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VIDEO: Toronto Raptor fans go crazy after a dunk by Jonas Valanciunas (04-19-14). Watch the reaction of fans outside the Air Canada Centre during the live playoff game. - (KyBella ©
Had to double check to make sure Jonas Valanciunas was off the board when the picked Jan Vesely in 2011
Love the move going to Jonas Valanciunas early man!!! Send Kevin Garnett back to foster home where he belongs!!!
Video: Shabazz Muhammad takes a nice feed from Ricky Rubio and dunks on Jonas Valanciunas
-Sixers were out-scored by 13 from FT line on 16 fewer attempts. -Jonas Valanciunas career-high 26 P; also has 12 R for 23rd double-double
It's a one-man NBA Slam Dunk Contest for Jonas Valanciunas tonight. I'm not complaining. Just don't go through-the-legs, big man.
Raptors' Valanciunas charged with DUI center Jonas Valanciunas has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. Ontario Provincial Police say there was a report early Monday that a vehicle went through a drive-thru with open beer bottles visible. Police say officers located the vehicle at a home, where they arrested Valanciunas, alleging he was under the influence of alcohol while driving.
Brandon Knight has a NASTY crossover and then POSTERIZES Jonas Valanciunas! [VID]: http…
TORONTO - Jonas Valanciunas scored 14 points in the second-half to lead the Toronto Raptors to a come-from-behind 98-91 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers at the Air Canada Centre on Friday night. The
Spencer Hawes blocks a Jonas Valanciunas dunk from 3 feet out. Raptors 86, Cavaliers 73 in Toronto. 5:34 left in the 4th
The latest installment in our "Charles Barkley Attempts..." series (previously: mispronouncing Jonas Valanciunas' name) comes from a karaoke session at Cat's Meow in New Orleans, the site of this weekend's NBA All-Star Gam...
“New Post - Video: Charles Barkley tries to pronounce the name of Jonas Valanciunas
Raptors 93, Mavericks 85 Demar Derozan had 40 points, 3 rebounds, and 3 assists Greivis Vasquez had 17 points, 2 rebounds, and 7 assists Jonas Valanciunas had 12 points and 10 rebounds Monta Ellis had 21 points, a rebound, and 6 assists Jose Calderon had 13 points, 4 rebounds, and 5 assists Brendan Wright had 13 points and 3 rebounds off the bench - J_H4rry
The Raptors battled until the end but had their five game winning streak snapped by the Heat falling 102-97 on Sunday. Demar Derozan led the team with 26 points, Kyle Lowry had 14 points and nine assists, while Jonas Valanciunas and Amir Johnson each scored 17 points.
Michelle: Sports: It will be an Original Six battle this afternoon, as the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Detroit Red Wings face off in the NHL's annual Winter Classic, from Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor Michigan. The Maple Leafs will be the first Canadian team to compete in the NHL's New Year's Day showcase, after five seasons of all-American matchups. This of course coming on the heels of a 7 year contract extension for the Leafs Dion Phaneuf, worth $49 million dollars. In the NHL last night there were 4 Canadian teams playing to wrap up 2013.. The Hurricanes skated past Montreal 5-4 in overtime, Winnipeg shut out Buffalo 3-0, the Flyers defeated Calgary 4-1, and Edmonton lost to the Coyotes 4-3 in OT. Canada wrapped up round-robin play at the 2014 World Junior Championships with a 3-2 win over the US. They now advance to the Quarter-finals against Switzerland tomorrow. And over in the NBA.. Jonas Valanciunas scored 15 points and the Toronto Raptors mounted a fourth-quarter comeback to beat the Chicago Bu ...
My top 10 centers in the nba right now: 1.Dwight Howard No matter how much of a traitor he is to his teams, you can't deny that he's a freak of nature athletically and he's dominating right now. 2.Roy Hibbert Best defensive center in the nba. 3.Demarcus Cousins 4.Anthony Davis 5.Andre Drummond 6.Marc Gasol 7.Brook Lopez 8.Al Horford 9.Al Jefferson 10.Joakim Noah There are so many good centers, which makes this probably the hardest position it rank. Some people who just missed my list are: Spencer Hawks, Nik Vucevic, Nik Pekovic, Chris Bosh, Tim Duncan, Deandre Jordan, Miles Plumlee, Andray Blatche, Deandre Jordan, Jonas Valanciunas
Just read that Demarr DeRozan and Kyle Lowry are both on the market. Masai Ujiri wants to build around Jonas Valanciunas and Amir Johnson. They want draft picks and I think they want to try to get the Toronto product Andrew Wiggins. Would be a great ticket boost for them. Heard the price is pretty high for DeRozan but he would be nice next to Rose. He is signed through 2016 with 2017 being a player option at $9.5 per year. People know I'm high on his upside and he has progressed to a top scorer. Would you package Deng or Boozer and one of our picks, throw in Teague just because, for he and Lowry or Tyler Hansbrough?
Watched the Raptors win in overtime over Dallas. Pleasure watching these guys finally playing as a team. Me thinks it is also the medias turn to change their pattern. Their stories have most often been focused on one or two key players and that's it. This has become a team game. Read the National post article. It was taken from a wire service. The author only watched the last twenty minutes of the game. Absolutely no mention of JV who had an excellent game and one high-lite-allstar move to the basket. (Jonas Valanciunas had 18 points and 13 rebounds, including a sequence where he rebounded his own miss twice and eventually scored for a 93-89 lead.) The Toronto Sun also made no mention of JV. The Raptor web page uses a wire service as well. JV was mentioned as above BUT why wouldn't they write their own stuff? KL is passing the ball. Wow. And Johnson and Terrence Ross scored 15 apiece for Toronto. Deroazen ain't the only man on the floor. It is a team game being played - write it.
GET OUT THE SALAMI AND CHEESE, MAMA! THIS BALL GAME IS OVER!! 109-108!! Monta Ellis misses the game winner. Kyle Lowry with 20 points, 5 rebounds and 6 assists to lead the way. Jonas Valanciunas with 18 points and 13 rebounds on 8/13 shooting. Amir Johnson and T.Ross each with 15, Amir grabbed 6 rebounds. Demar Derozan struggled at 6/18 from the field, but he had 15 points, 7 rebounds and 9 assists. DeMar had more assists by himself than the other Raptors combined. Vasquez quietly had 14 off the bench. Next up, is the OKC Thunder. - Aaron10
Toronto Raptors players Jonas Valanciunas or Amir Johnson are not being shopped.
Philadelphia 76ers @ The Toronto Raptors . . . . . . The Raptors give their recent acquisitions from the Kings a winning welcome as they take the 108-100 win. Demar Derozan had 27 points and six assists, Terrence Ross added 24 whilst Amir Johnson added 17 points, 10 boards and two blocks and Greivis Vasquez had 12 points in 5-7 shooting. Jonas Valanciunas added 12 points and 13 boards. Tony Wroten had 5-8 from three for 23 points and five assists, Evan Turner added 21 points and 10 boards, Thad Young had 18 and Spencer Hawes added 15 points, four assists and four blocks.
All five starters scored in double-figures but the Raptors were unable to put together back-to-back wins, falling 116-103 to the Spurs at home Tuesday. Amir Johnson and Demar Derozan both had 19 points while Terrence Ross and Jonas Valanciunas added 14 apiece.
If the Toronto Raptors want to lose, can't they just develop Jonas Valanciunas and Terrence Ross in the process?
Cheers, much appreciated! I also got him to throw in Nikola Pekovic for Jonas Valanciunas
should I drop Kanter or Jonas Valanciunas for John Henson?
The Raptors Jamaal Magloire talks about the improvements Jonas Valanciunas made over the summer and where things could go from here.
I wonder what Masai Ujiri thinks of Dwane Casey's usage of Jonas Valanciunas. It must be frustrating. It certainly is for fans.
I hereby authorize Masai Ujiri to trade every player on this team not named Jonas Valanciunas. Immediately.
I watch LeBron James in games. He is insanely self concious about his court image (the mega headband). He is very, very selective about who he challenges. Example, his highlight signature block shot was rejecting Tiago Splitter...don't really see him running the risk of making a Blake Griffin poster. Anyways, no one care that Miami beat Toronto last night, except for Jonas Valanciunas. In the fourth quarter last night Jonas -- The Raptors starting center, dunked on King James. Not a passive play, I mean King James went straight of for one of his sportcenter quality blocks and got posterized. No one cares.except for me.I see you Jonas.
Toronto Raptors GM Masai Ujiri has said that every Raptor except for Jonas Valanciunas could be traded for the right deal.
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Rudy *** Raptors spoil Brad Stevens' debut with Celtics October 30, 2013 TORONTO -- Rudy *** had 19 points and eight rebounds, Amir Johnson and Demar Derozan each scored 13 points and the Toronto Raptors snapped a three-game losing streak in home openers by beating the Boston Celtics 93-87 on Wednesday night. Jeff Green had 25 points, Brandon Bass had 17 and Vitor Faverani 13 for the Celtics, who were beaten in new coach Brad Stevens' NBA debut. Jonas Valanciunas had eight points and 11 rebounds and Tyler Hansbrough had 12 rebounds for the Raptors, who won for just the sixth time in 26 meetings with Boston. Kyle Lowry had 11 points and eight assists as Toronto improved to 10-9 in season-opening games. Kris Humphries had eight points and nine rebounds for the Celtics.
I've been busy lately so here's all the notable recent news: -Suns' Markieff Morris has been suspended one game without pay for elbowing the Oklahoma City Thunder's Serge Ibaka in the face -Raptors exercised third-year team options Thursday on the entry-level contracts of center Jonas Valanciunas and guard Terrence Ross, extending them through the 2014-15 season -Charlotte forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist left the Bobcats' game against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday night with a strained right hamstring (severity is unclear) -Warriors have waived guard Seth Curry, center Dewayne Dedmon and forward Joe Alexander -Kings assistant coach Brendan Malone has resigned -Cavaliers picked up the fourth-year contract options on All-Star guard Kyrie Irving and forward Tristan Thompson, they also exercised the third-year options on guard Dion Waiters and forward Tyler Zeller on Wednesday. The options on Irving and Thompson are for the 2014-15 season. The Cavs can offer both players contract extensions starting next ...
Disappointed in Dwane Casey for taking out Jonas Valanciunas & preventing a 5th delay of game violation. Jonas had previous 4.
Amir Johnson and Jonas Valanciunas in the frontcourt is no joke.
Jonas Valanciunas, future Allstar center in the NBA. Shows how much you know about basketball
Jonas Valanciunas will be a hall of famer when his career is over
17 Days until the NBA season starts! Keep your eye on this young player (Jonas Valanciunas.)
big shout out to Jonas Valanciunas for Fridays NBA Top10 performance!!!
Bargnani finds new life in New York but old welcome in Toronto: Jonas Valanciunas, left, and Raptors teammate ...
I will see you again soon, Jonas Valanciunas. Gosh. I love you.
I need Jonas Valanciunas to be my husband.
Toronto's Demar Derozan dishes another behind-the-back assist to Jonas Valanciunas:
“Breakout player this season will be _” Jonas Valanciunas
Toronto's Demar Derozan dishes behind-the-back assist to Jonas Valanciunas:
Demar Derozan cuts baseline and goes behind-the-back to Jonas Valanciunas for the dunk.
DeRozan to Jonas: Demar Derozan goes behind his back to Jonas Valanciunas for the nice finish.
Demar Derozan behind the back pass to Jonas Valanciunas Raptors-Knicks Preseason
TOR C Jonas Valanciunas has to be the biggest "Wait, what if he figures it out this season?" storyline -- no?
I am in the presence of my three favourite current players: Jonas Valanciunas, Steve Novak and Carmelo Anthony.
Cannot wait to see you, Jonas Valanciunas ♥
Ricky Rubio spoke highly of Jonas Valanciunas after shootaround. Said he's good already and has the drive to get better.
Tobias Harris, Jonas Valanciunas, Jeff Green are not "sleepers" everyone is on to them this year…
Just so we're clear: Jonas Valanciunas has only played 62 NBA games in his career. Scary how good he could be.
unpopular fact: cavs starting 5 should be kyrie, oladipo, Harrison Barnes, varejao and Jonas valanciunas. I know you disagree.
Can someone please make a video with all post-ups by Jonas Valanciunas to show how useless he has been inside?
If Jonas Valanciunas doesn't get MIP, them I think Derrick Favors will.. He's gonna put up numbers this season...
thank you, but I've decided to quit comedy so I can follow Jonas Valanciunas around in a VW van.
Jonas Valanciunas looking ready to go against the Timberwolves.
Can Jonas Valanciunas become the Toronto defensive anchor? - Toronto Star
Toronto Raptors' Jonas Valanciunas puts new bulk to the test in pre-season ... - National Post
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Toronto seems like a good fit for GE. Jonas Valanciunas and Aaron Gray only centers on roster to end season; Raps likely…
Congratulaions to center Jonas Valanciunas who won MVP!!!
To start the day off with, we're gonna take a look at the Toronto Raptors. End of season starters: PG - Kyle Lowry, SG - Demar Derozan, SF - Rudy *** PF - Amir Johnson, C - Jonas Valanciunas Unrestricted Free Agents: Alan Anderson, Aaron Gray (player option), John Lucas III (team option), Mickael Pietrus & Sebastian Telfair Restricted Free Agents: N/A Players Left Under Contract: F: Quincy Acy, F/C: Andrea Bargnani, G: Demar Derozan, F: Landry Fields, F: Rudy *** F/C: Amir Johnson, F: Linas Kleiza, G: Kyle Lowry, G: Terrence Ross, C: Jonas Valanciunas Draft Picks: N/A Team Needs: They don't have a consistent shooter. While DeRozan and *** can score, they're not exactly outstanding shooters. *** shot .415, which is a far cry from his career .450 shooting percentage. DeRozan also shot less than 45% from the field. The Raptors have no draft picks and close to nothing in cap space, so don't look for them to be doing too much. There will be 2 things to watch, however. The development of Jonas Valanciunas, wh . ...
Jonas Valanciunas, Amir Johnson, Demar Derozan, Rudy *** and Kyle Lowry. What a terrific and hard-working starting 5. One of best!
Raptors, associated with PEAKSPORT, successfully held its Youth Basketball Clinics. Raptors held the first youth basketball Clinics in Toronto last weekend. Below you will find some pictures from the first Clinics. The Raptors are offering a series of position-specific clinics again this season on the team practice court at Air Canada Centre from January to March. Youth can learn firsthand from the pros at various sessions that feature different Raptors players as special guests: • Point Guard clinic with Kyle Lowry and John Lucas III on January 5th • Shooting clinic with Demar Derozan and Landry Fields on January 12th • Girls Only clinic with Jose Calderon and Terrence Ross on February 23rd • Post Play clinic with Amir Johnson and Jonas Valanciunas on February 24th • All Skills clinic with Andrea Bargnani and Ed Davis on March 16th
Sure, there’s the Bulls with Derrick Rose and lately Kirk Hinrich, Taj Gibson and Richard Hamilton all out double figure games. The Knicks now could have Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony out significant time along with injuries to Iman Shumpert and now also Tyson Chandler. And Ray Felton was out previously. The Nets have had Deron Williams and Joe Johnson in and out all season. The 76ers, of course, have been without Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson out for the season. The Magic has had most of the veteran part of their roster out with Hedo Turkoglu, Al Harrington, Glen Davis and Jameer Nelson. Worrisome for the Cavs is Kyrie Irving out yet again and showing signs of being in the NBA too quickly given college injuries as well and Anderson Varejao. Andrea Bargnani is out for the season in Toronto where rookie Jonas Valanciunas was out a long stretch and the Pacers have basically been without Danny Granger all season and Rajon Rondo, Jared Sullinger, another young player going down, and Avery Brad ...
I will forever hate Tyler Hansbrough for what he did to Jonas Valanciunas with his dirty antics
guys its ok Jonas Valanciunas is the future of the NBA...
Jonas Valanciunas of the Toronto Raptors is one bad MF.
Jonas Valanciunas would be twice the England player
I just don't find basketball players attractive. Only Jonas Valanciunas.
Jonas Valanciunas is going to be a monster
When the guy at apple looks at my phone&tells me my boyfriends extremely tall ... My background is of me and jonas Valanciunas ... 💭💭💭💭
Jonas Valanciunas will be a perennial Allstar for many years to come. Kid can be like Marc Gasol/Joakim Noah except better.
I remember when Amir Johnson made people say Jonas Valanciunas oh it was funny cuz no one said it right
Jonas Valanciunas is the only untouchable player on
Holy F***, Jonas Valanciunas has MAD game. This is his new girl
Also, I no longer have to think about whether we should trade Jonas Valanciunas for Sam Presti. What was wrong with me.
Masai Ujiri's first step of business is to remove Bargnani. Then build around Jonas Valanciunas.
I would think that Jonas Valanciunas is the only untouchable on this roster.
so he's got three years and Jonas Valanciunas before he's got to start worrying about his job status.
Good luck for Jonas Valanciunas good player he is
I think Jonas Valanciunas has a higher ceiling than Roy Hibbert.
I have too many pictures of Jonas Valanciunas and Tyler Bozak on my phone.
Jonas Valanciunas is actually the f'n man
Raptors’ Jonas Valanciunas, Terrence Ross and Quincy Acy are playing Summer League but who else will ...
Happy 21st Birthday to centre Jonas Valanciunas today! Enjoy some Šakotis on us.
Jonas Valanciunas' most recent Instagram post is hilarious:
Kid is gonna be a stud. May want to skip the first 40 secs. Jonas Valanciunas TOP10 of 2012-13 Season: via
Dwyane Wade and Jonas Valanciunas immediately come to mind.
The Raptors will be fine. Jonas Valanciunas is the future.
I wonder if Toronto would let Jonas Valanciunas go for our 10th pick and some other asset? That would be a cheap, young 5.
*** I just found me & Jonas Valanciunas all have the same birthday😮🎉
You know you're a real Jonas Valanciunas fan when you translate everything he has in Lithuanian on Instagram so you can understand it...
The tumultuous relationship between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the much-maligned former General Manager David Kahn has officially come to an end. During his four-year tenure, Kahn presided over a team whose record was an abysmal 89-223. Draft record Under the tuition of Kahn, the T-Wolves have become somewhat of a draft-day laughing stock: 2009 - Picks: Ricky Rubio (5), Jonny Flynn (6); Passed on: Stephen Curry, Brandon Jennings, Jrue Holiday and Ty Lawson. 2010 - Picks: Wesley Johnson (4); Passed on: Demarcus Cousins, Greg Monroe, and Paul George. 2011 - Picks: Derrick Williams (2); Passed on: Jonas Valanciunas, Klay Thompson and Kawhi Leonard. Kevin Love To his credit Love was ready to commit his future to the team; he wanted the max, which would have secured the Olympian's services until at least 2017. Full article:
Raptors turned down a trade offer from Oklahoma City that centered around Jonas Valanciunas & would of sent James Harden to Toronto. (ESPN)
Jonas Valanciunas is NBA Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month for March. Last Raptor to win that was Jamario Moon in January 2008.
Someone should alert Lithuania players, Donatas Motiejunas & Jonas Valanciunas what Mike Rice said about their homeland
Jonas Valanciunas dominating once again but what does Alan Anderson do? chuck a 3
iight so I saw Demar Derozan today, Curtis Joseph and Jonas Valanciunas these past months
- Brandon Roy (MIN) told the media pregame today that he hopes to practice with the team when they return from their road trip and thinks he can play in a week or two. - Andrea Bargnani was inserted into the starting lineup over Jonas Valanciunas right before game time today. He started at centre, rather than his usual position at the PF which was filled by Amir Johnson. One to watch for the rest of the season how they work out their line-up. - Coach Tom Thibodeau said Richard Hamilton is unlikely to travel to Indiana for tomorrow's game. - Andrew Bynum is having a rough go of it here in Philadelphia, and it might be time for him to move on. Bynum hours after announcing to reporters that he may not play this season because of his knees, may have taken a shot, but not the kind the city of Philadelphia wants. Crossing Broad is reporting that Bynum may have threatened to kill a patron at Buffalo Billiards in the Old City section of Philly last night. There was a pool game going on in the bar around Bynum. So ...
I favorited a video from Caron Butler tricks Jonas Valanciunas with "fake-high five"
Block of the Night: Iman Shumpert attempts to dunk the ball but gets denied in the paint by Jonas Valanciunas.
Jonas Valanciunas (TOR) gets another start at center for the joining Lowry, DeRozan, *** and Johnson.
Jonas Valanciunas (TOR) gets the start at center for the tonight, joining Lowry, DeRozan, *** and Amir Johnson.
Jonas Valanciunas attempts to run the clock out in a Raptors blowout over the Clippers, when Caron Butler fakes him with a high five and a steal.
In final seconds of loss to Raptors, Caron Butler hi-fives with Jonas Valanciunas, steals the ball, and goes in for the layup.
Caron Butler shakes hands with Jonas Valanciunas and then steals the ball from him in the final seconds of a blowout game. What do you think of the move by Butler?
Caron Butler drew the ire of Jonas Valanciunas at the end of tonight's game. Was Butler in the wrong?
Raptors need to build around Ed David, Jonas Valanciunas, T. Ross. Its yr 4 and I still don't trust Demar as an offensive threat.
Daily Injury Updates (Only for teams playing tonight): New Orleans at PHILADELPHIA: PHI - Andrew Bynum (knee) will not play. (Hopes to return some time around the All-Star break) INDIANA at CHARLOTTE: IND - Danny Granger (knee) will not play. IND - Lance Stephenson (foot) questionable. CHA - Byron Mullens (ankle) will not play. TORONTO at BROOKLYN: TOR - Jose Calderon (calf) is expected to play. TOR - Andrea Bargnani (elbow) will not play. TOR - Jonas Valanciunas (hand) will not play. TOR - Mickael Pietrus (knee) unlikely to play. BKN - Gerald Wallce (ribs) will not play. BKN - Andray Blatche (illness) game-time decision. L.A. CLIPPERS at HOUSTON: LAC - Chris Paul (knee) game-time decision. LAC - Chauncey Billups (foot) will not play. LAC - Trey Thompkins (knee) will not play. HOU - Jeremy Lin (ankle) will play tonight. PORTLAND at DENVER: POR - Meyers Leonard (ankle) will not play. (Ankle is improving, but there is still no timetable. POR - Elliot Williams (Achilles) out for the season. DEN - Ty Lawson ( ...
This is a FREE play on the Brooklyn Nets. Now an AMAZING 10-1 with FREE hoops plays in 2013! We try to keep the ball rolling Tuesday with a play on the Nets over the Raptors. Brooklyn has won six in a row overall, as well as five straight at home. The Nets look like a different team with P.J. Carlesimo in charge, they have won eight of nine since firing Avery Johnson. One of the biggest reasons for their new found success would be strong defense, limiting opponents to an average of just 86.8 points over their last four games. The Nets will host the Raptors tonight, and Toronto has just finished a six game home-stand, going 3-3 during that span. The Raptors went on a run in the second half of December, winning seven of eight in a two week period, and since then a lot of bettors have jumped on the bandwagon. They are still a banged up bunch, without Andrea Bargnani, and and Jonas Valanciunas, and Amir Johnson is battling through a foot injury. Toronto opened up an 18 point lead in the first quarter against ...
Terrence Ross threw down another spectacular dunk on Friday night against the Bobcats. Which member of the Raptors do you consider untradeable? Terrence Ross, Jonas Valanciunas, Ed Davis, Amir Johnson, Jose Calderon or Kyle Lowry?
Rudy *** News- Potential Suitors for his services (There will be multiple posts, one team per post): Toronto Raptors Boy, have injuries complicated things for a team that has long kicked around the idea of acquiring *** Jose Calderon won Kyle Lowry’s starting job when Lowry got hurt, and Calderon’s expiring $11 million deal is an easy fit in almost any 2013 mega-trade — even if the Grizzlies already have Mike Conley logging heavy time at Calderon’s position. Andrea Bargnani isn’t a fit in Memphis, but injuries to Bargnani and Jonas Valanciunas have made dealing one of the Amir Johnson/Ed Davis duo a bit dicier. Still: It’s easy to build a number of deals that get Memphis under the tax around Calderon and spare parts on either side. Whether *** fits next to another non-shooter in Demar Derozan is a fair question, but the Raptors might be in that Milwaukee boat — unlikely to land a can’t-miss foundational star in free agency, and so willing to roll the dice on a “B” guy via trade. This . ...
Raptors C Jonas Valanciunas to miss at least one month The big man had an hand injury Toronto Raptors rookie Jonas Valanciunas is expected to be out four to six weeks while he recovers from a hand injury, the club said Wednesday. Valanciunas was battling for a loose ball under the basket when he fell and broke the ring finger on his right hand during Toronto's 93-90 victory over the Orlando Magic on Dec. 21. -Unknown
From Aaron Gray will limit the sting of injured Jonas Valanciunas' absence for
Aaron Gray is ready to fill in for the injured Jonas Valanciunas.
Players who got boosts this update included Raymond Felton, Alexey Shved, Eric Bledsoe, Mike Conley, Jonas Valanciunas and Andray Blatche.
Raptors starters for today: Jose Calderon, Demar Derozan, Mickael Pietrus, Ed Davis and JV Jonas Valanciunas.
lineup for today might be Jose Calderon, Demar Derozan, Mickael Pietrus, Ed Davis, Jonas Valanciunas.
Jonas Valanciunas is shooting 50.7 percent from the field over his first 20 games and like many NBA big men, the Toronto Raptors are considering having him work with Hakeem Olajuwon on his post game.
ENBA News Update: - The Los Angeles Lakers are considering a reserve role for Pau Gasol. A good move? - Raptors considering moving international Jonas Valanciunas out of the starting line-up. - Dwyane Wade comments on the Pelicans name: 'The worst name. It's terrible.' - Thunder send back rookie guard Jeremy Lamb and centre Daniel Orton to the D-League after only just being recalled. - Roy Hibbert says he will be the best centre in the league one day. Do you agree? - Both Favors (plantar fasciitis) and Jefferson are practicing today and will be game time decisions for the Jazz when they play the Lakers. - Brook Lopez out again (5 straight now), Blatche will again get the nod. - As said yesterday, if you missed it today in the early game that has already started, Jared Dudley got the start over Michael Beasley. - Nic Batum will be a game-time decision today against the Kings. Says he still needs to see the chiropractor before the game. - Shawn Marion will miss today's game against Houston, while Chris Kama ...
It appears very likely that when the Raptors take the court Friday against the Utah Jazz they will do so for the first time this season without Jonas Valanciunas in the starting five.
.when will there be roster updates so that Jonas Valanciunas, Andre Drummond, Meyers Leonard & Terrence Jones aren't useless?
Players less than 50% owned that are worth a flier: Jonas Valanciunas Double Digit pts, close to 10 rebs, & 1+ blks
When I watch big men that can't hit free throws. It makes me love Jonas Valanciunas even more.
Seeing Dwight Howard shoot free throws makes me thankful for Jonas Valanciunas being able to shoot them.
I just liked "Amir Johnson x Jonas Valanciunas... Can you say his name?" on Vimeo:
Cody Zeller good at running the floor? You haven't seen Jonas Valanciunas..
People tell me Im overly optimistic. So here's the "good" about tonight's game: Jonas Valanciunas, Terrence Ross and Quincy Acy.
Methinks we're going to see some Donatas Motiejunas vs. Jonas Valanciunas.
The Morning After: Jonas Valanciunas is surpassing the hype
Omer Asik has 10 points and 9 rebounds in first half. His counterpart, Jonas Valanciunas has 5 points and 3 rebounds.
Jonas Valanciunas is having a bad game. He's got 5 pts (2-5 FG), 3 boards and a block in 20 min.
Valanciunas leads the league in getting dunked on Jonas
Omer Asik is putting a rebounding clinic on Jonas Valanciunas.
You need to update Jonas Valanciunas rating, giving him 59 rating is ridiculous
coach Dwane Casey on rookie Jonas Valanciunas: "It's been amusing and rewarding watching him grow. Each game is a lesson for him."
I'm still upset that we didn't get Jonas Valanciunas in the Lowry trade...
After the Raps 2OT loss to the Spurs, Jonas Valanciunas talked about facing Duncan, his offensive game and tough losses
As a Bargs fan, i'd agree with that P.Gasol trade.. I guess Bargs would fit better in LA, and Gasol should be a mentor to Jonas Valanciunas
what do You think about Jonas Valanciunas? It's worth the pick right now?
Substitution patterns have been puzzling, including over-playing Bargnani and showing little trust in Jonas Valanciunas
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