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Jonas Brothers

The Jonas Brothers are an American boy band. Formed in 2005, they have gained popularity from the Disney Channel children's television network and consists of three brothers from the shore region of New Jersey; Paul Kevin Jonas II, Joseph Adam Jonas and Nicholas Jerry Jonas.

Joe Jonas Hannah Montana Burning Up Mitchel Musso John Mayer Walt Grace Allstar Weekend Camp Rock Demi Lovato

Jonas Brothers by the Jonas Brothers will always be one of my favorite albums ever, no one can change my mind on this.
They referenced One Direction, High School Musical, and the Jonas Brothers all in πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
Hello Beautiful by the Jonas Brothers still gets me every time
I know it's a weird analogy but the most succinct way to describe the Harry Styles album is "Jonas Brothers meet Tom Petty in a sex dream"
I wanna go back to the time where I only cared about were the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, Sprouse Twins.
Fangirled harder meeting Henrietta Lacks's grandchildren tonight than I did at a Jonas Brothers concert when I was 11. Priorities.
so still remembers the security guard rap break from Burning Up by the Jonas Brothers
-Watching "Hot In Cleveland"- Me: "Joe Jonas is going to be on this tonight." Mom: "Who?" Me: "From the Jonas Brothers.…
Knowing I won't make it to the year 3000 to see if the Jonas Brothers were right, really takes a toll on me..
And the Jonas Brothers. I remember Nick and Joe couples everywhere.
I lowkey made these for most Jonas brothers songs and deleted them all.been visual director nat since the womb
Where would you be without me, Jonas Brothers? Your music *** and you know it! It's because you make little girls' ginies tickle
The Jonas brothers have eaten bugs before for a dare
And the occasional Jonas brothers song πŸ™ˆ
2017 will mark the 10 year anniversary of the Jonas Brothers self-titled album.
I just think it's funny how the Jonas Brothers have been to the year 3000 and didn't see it fitting to warn us about Lord Tang.
Little Giant Ladders
We all know a Jonas Brothers fan like this.
remember when the Jonas Brothers invented music
ive been listening to only the jonas brothers for the past two days WHATS UP FIGHT ME
Lol my mom was telling me about a song she likes but she's disturbed because she found out it's the Jonas was cake by the ocean
Jonas Brothers for today's nostalgia while I make never ending reports and paperworks :)
her:Im fine . translation:i spent a quarter of my life dedicated to the jonas brothers as a whole & they r pretending like…
me: I'm gonna contain myself tonight. *jonas brothers starts playing*. me:
Hi my name is Linsey Loudon, a freshmen in college, and I am currently going through all of my middle school Jonas Brother…
Joe really appreciates seeing Jonas Brothers fans at DNCE concerts.
Why doesn't have any of the Jonas Brothers albums on it??πŸ€”
shut up you just went to the Jonas brothers concert
Never trust anyone who says JB and doesn't mean "Jonas Brothers"
Hate when I forget to hide my Camp Rock towel that has Demi Lavato and the Jonas Brothers on it before I have company :/
I love this concept of the Jonas Brothers minus Kevin
Have Bryan and I been sitting in my car watching Jonas Brothers videos for almost an hour? Yes
When your roomate dances the Cadillac Ranch to Jonas Brothers oldies >>>>>>
Phobia by Breaking Benjamin, Into The Rush by Aly & AJ, and It's About Time by the Jonas Brothers all came out on the same day, wowza.
Anna Kendrick once had to explain to Ben Affleck who the Jonas Brothers were...
Jack Barakat, Jonas Brothers, or Justin Bieber??? Like be a little more specific here
Who's that? An alter ego of the Jewish fatty we saw in some Jonas Brothers music video?
Joe also talked about the tension surrounding the Jonas Brothers breakup.
i've just been dancing to the Jonas Brothers and Girls Aloud for the past hour and half now i feel a bit sick
5. Jonas Brothers - Lovebug . -nick is the loml . -even smoll me had a vintage aesthetic & I was obsessed w this video http…
3 years ago today was s Charity Event Concert on Behalf of the Late Kidd Kraddick for Kidd Kids with Jonas Brothers
I just realised Big Rob the girls bodyguard is Rob from the Jonas Brothers videos
Really can't believe the Jonas Brothers' first album came out ten years ago. Where does the time go?
Burnin up was one of my favorite songs by the Jonas Brothers
Dad: "How was the Jonas Brothers concert.". Me: *walks away quietly*
Take me back to when Miley was Hannah, Taylor was country, and JB stood for the Jonas Brothers
When someone says the Jonas Brothers were flops...
When Led Zeppelin comes on the radio but then they decided to listen to Jonas Brothers instead . WHY!!
There's a Jonas Brothers concert movie on tv and I still remember lots of the words. (Nick is still my favorite by the way)
John Mayer's Walt Grace's Submarine Test sounds like Lovebug by the Jonas Brothers
Frankie is Franklin, Nick is Nicholas, Joe is Joseph and Kevin is Paul - talking about the Jonas Brothers
"Alright. Play the entire discography of the Jonas Brothers.". – Andrew, requesting music while we drive to the beach
Waiting for the Jonas Brothers reunion like Kevin
Yes I know it's 2016 and yes I still listen to throwbacks of the Jonas Brothers. Sue me πŸ‘€
Now playing: ""I have two words for you."" by Obama at the White House Correspondent dinner joking about killing the Jonas Brothers with pre
I'm in total awe that my Dad just named 100% of the Jonas Brothers, BSB, and Spice Girls, 80% of NSYNC, 67% of Hanson & 60% of One Direction
My playlist goes from Thomas Rhett, Luke Bryan to Drake, Skizzy Mars then to Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana. No shame.
I used to like the Jonas Brothers, but only because I thought that the...
Who else had no idea the Baby Bottle Pop theme song was by the Jonas Brothers?
Frankie Jonas went to prom and I feel old. Remember when Jonas Brothers had a prom tour?! Ugh.
okay but can 5sos make a song with Dave and Corey like the Jonas Brothers did with Big Rob.I would pay good money for this
16. DCI as heck, Love Bug by the Jonas Brothers, Cake by the Ocean by DNCE, The Hills by The Weeknd, Repeat Stuff by Bo Burnham
at Joe and Nick when you disbanded the Jonas Brothers.
I'm going through a mid teen crisis. I've been listening to Jonas Brothers and Mitchel Musso for 2 weeks
I peaked after I met the Jonas brothers when I was 9
"I hope nothing is said to Tim about him singing along to the Jonas Brothers being caught on camera."
Year 3000 by the Jonas Brothers will always be a jamπŸ’ƒπŸ½
Oh well, I was going to get you a 4-wheeler for your b-day. Guess we'll just hope for the Jonas Brothers reunion instead...
sarah: "right while we're on the topic of Sweden... so one of the jonas brothers..."
I would give my left arm and first born child for a Jonas Brothers reunion tour
Ok but Bernie's campaign song COULD be to the tune of Burning Up by the Jonas Brothers
I wish school would teach u important things in life like jonas brothers lyrics bruh cause when imma use calculus to pick up…
ANYWAY i miss the jonas brothers but joes new band got me
the fact that 5sos have been singing covers recently makes me so happy, i need a Jonas Brothers, Blink 182 & Fall Out Boy cover asap
currently listening to the Jonas brothers idc
Someone recorded "Jonas Brothers: Concert Experience" from 2009 and I may or may not be watching it rn...
when's the next Jonas Brothers concert
I'm listening to Jonas brothers, come and join me
The Hannah / Miley concert was so lit I can still remember it & the Jonas brothers were there
I will always be obsessed with lovebug by the Jonas Brothers
I can't wait for the Jonas Brothers reunion tour
I'm leaving NIU bc my roommate just asked me if the Jonas Brothers are real brothers.
be with someone that makes you feel like the Jonas Brothers song lovebug
Why don't we appreciate the Jonas Brothers more
today in the life of Maille: my French teacher emailed my mommy because I was singing Jonas brothers in class
why don't you have any Jonas brothers music
Year 3000 by the Jonas brothers is still so great
"I would never pay $1,000 to meet someone for 60 seconds, only the Jonas Brothers" -Lydia
Still upsets me that I never got to see the Jonas brothers live😞
"They called me the 'Bonus Jonas'"- Darren Criss on the Jonas Brothers
I'm an every brother stan so... Joe didn't start the Jonas Brothers though. Nick did. Joe and Kevin joined later.
When my mom was Prego with my brother (7) years ago, we were hella obsessed with the Jonas Brothers so we named him Nick. True story.
Idc what anyone says the Jonas Brothers will be my brother husbands someday
I'm blown away I could sing a Jonas Brothers song from 2008 in my head but I couldn't even find the theoretical yield on my chemistry test
The only thing Id put in a time capsule is every Jonas Brothers album and piece of tour merch
ughhh I'm grounded so I can't come out tonight! Played the Jonas Brothers cd a little too loud after all that mtn. Dew
Life tip: if you ever feel forgotten or unimportant just think about Kevin from the Jonas Brothers
lol poor Kevin, he's the only one who disappeared from the Jonas Brothers πŸ˜‚
LONDON (Reuters) - Joe Jonas, formerly of the Jonas Brothers, is back with new band DNCE, whose adult lyrics and funk-pop …
Had to get pictures with the Jonas Brothers and the show's best bodyguard πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
The real JB was from the Jonas Brothers js.
I wish the Jonas brothers were still together
the real question is, when are the Jonas Brothers gonna drop a new album?
i saw those jonas brothers posters in ur vid reel on Idol tonight.. we are soul sisters
Listening to the Jonas Brothers and crying over school
✨ The Jonas Brothers accepting a blimp award at the 2008 ✨
I've never seen a group of girls go harder than & to throwback One Direction & Jonas Brothers πŸ˜‚πŸ’˜
I have one more midterm to get through tomorrow and instead of studying I'm blasting the Jonas Brothers and burrowing deeper into my bed...
Turn Right de Jonas Brothers . Hope to see you at the finish line... β™«
✨ Throwback to when the Jonas Brothers performed with on ✨
cashier: how are u. me: good. *comes back 3 hours later*. i lied, Sharon. im still sad the jonas brothers broke up
ok me too.. I would like a Jonas brothers poster pls
Who inspires us to Jam? Good question The Ramones, the Smiths, Jimmy Fallon's enslaved band, the Roots, and the Jonas Brothers
Nick broke up the Jonas Brothers to form a band with the Victoria's Secret Angels pass it on
I don't care what anyone says the Hannah Montana 3D movie and the Jonas Brothers 3D movie were hands down the best two ever made!
Everyone acts like Burnin' Up is the best Jonas Brothers' song, but have y'all heard Got Me Going Crazy?
My bad, I thought I saw the Jonas Brothers in the background with the New Boyz doing the jerk
Dreamt that I was married to Ben from Parks and Rec & we hung out with Andy, April, & the Jonas Brothers & had a food fight with only corn
We can't get married if you can't jam out to Jonas Brothers with me
Burnin' Up - Jonas Brothers is in my top 25 most played man I need a life
I give it the biggun way too much for someone who goes to bed early every night to listen to the Jonas Brothers
Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas are both making good music right now. But really they should be reuniting the Jonas Brothers...
i have a confession to make, my first myspace ever was when i find out about the Jonas Brothers. ohh the old times
I didn't even remember the fact that the Jonas Brothers don't have a Grammy, thanks timeline. How does Meghan has, and not 1D & the Jo Bros?
Elena Rossi stays up to date on pop-culture, using Jonas Brothers & Stephen King as subjects in her art
Expectation: Be asleep by midnight. Reality: Eating Corn Pops and watching really old Jonas Brothers youtube videos.
In hs, my friends and I dressed up as the Jonas Brothers. I'm Joe, obviously?
From the Jonas Brothers to Yeezus, the BJC has seen it all in the past 20 years.
I knew my Jonas Brothers senses were tingling, hello
Dudes rocking long beards, combovers, and handlebar moustaches. You don't fool me. You'd get beat up at a Jonas Brothers c…
Actually just realized that Joe Jonas is in a band that isn't the Jonas Brothers and I'm heart broken.
Winter Storm Jonas is the Jonas Brothers grand plan to announce their reunion tour in 2017. I'm totally okay with it.
Here's hoping brings the Jonas Brothers into town:
Jonas? Jonas brothers? Lol I'm always so confused when you're talking to me
so its 3:22 am and im in my room singing throwback Jonas brothers songs and Disney songs...
I think Jonas Brothers need a reunion concert ASAP
why's Jonas Brothers on my soundcloud stream πŸ‘€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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I'm using lovebug- jonas brothers, rules of beautiful- jacob whitesides, & I want you to see- john vincent iii in my presentation tomorrowπŸ’˜
Wonder Girls touring with Jonas brothers. Golden days
Really hoping that is just a PR stunt announcing the return of the Jonas Brothers tbh
Me: do u even know who the Jonas Brothers are?. Pam: are they the mullet people?. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
My friends never heard Year 3000 by Jonas brothers and tbh she was my best friend but I think it's time to cut her off for good. πŸ‘πŸΌ
Me singing the Jonas brothers: "I'm freakinggg out" . Ana: /comes outta nowhere as im singing and freaks me out
why was Kevin Jonas even in the Jonas brothers
Listening to the Jonas brothers and getting all the feels πŸ˜­πŸ’”
Looks like the Jonas brothers are going to all new heights to get people's attention.
Staying Safe And Healthy During The Snow Storm: Ready for the snow? The Winter Storm Jonas (not a member of the Jonas Brothers) has b...
Alec Baldwin hosting with Jonas brothers as the musical guest I don't know what more anyone could want
saw the news headline "Winter Storm Jonas" & assumed one of the Jonas Brothers had a baby.
michael clifford loves the jonas brothers, he should ask spotify to add their albums to their site THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN.
I may look tough but im listening to the jonas brothers year 3000 through these headphones
just dedicated a Jonas brothers song to my boyfriend and he hates me
don't know if we can be friends if you can't get down to Hannah Montana, Jonas brothers or any of the old Disney hits
Even the meteorologists love the Jonas Brothers
some of the songs that the jonas brothers wrote are underrated, like "turn right" or "a little bit longer" I mean... ni…
Omg Lovebug was my favorite Jonas Brothers song and it still is and I listen to that song like all the time
Yup! I definitely want a 10 year Camp Rock reunion! Especially if that means I get to see the Jonas Brothers together …
At gym for part 2. Rockin out to the Jonas brothers. 🀘🏼
I'm really still obsessed with hsm and the Jonas brothers no shame
I can't wait until we're all in our 60s and the Jonas Brothers go on a reunion tour and I Re experience the pure ecstasy that is jb live
The greatest thing I ever did was wait in line for 5 hours to watch the Jonas Brothers & Frankie Muniz play kickball
I'd have someone make me a time machine so I could go back to when the Jonas Brothers weren't broken up
When the Jonas Brothers where poppin I used to say I was married to Nick. I legit was in love with him. His curly hair gave me shivers.
how dare Joe Jonas be in a band that isn't the Jonas Brothers
ok but 2016 is the year for Big Time Rush, the Jonas Brothers, and Allstar Weekend to make a comeback
Bumped into the perfect TΓ©a Leoni & her husband shopping in NY...fangirl level has ranged from Jonas Brothers to Madam Secretary
Daddy's little girl! Watch Kevin Jonas' daughter Alena rock out to the Jonas Brothers:
hey so you should come to NZ, why? Cause the Jonas Brothers which you loveπŸ˜‰ Joe went to shoot a movie in NZ in the last season
yes. Then the Jonas Brothers had an unreleased song called Move On in retaliation. AJ and Joe dated
Forever forgetting I've seen the Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Emily Osement, Mitchel Musso, Cody Simpson etc. in concert for free in Philly
Kevin was at & so was Joe & Nick... I just want one Jonas Brothers picture!! 😭
and I are discussing how much more successful the Jonas Brothers could be if they made a comeback minus Kevin plus Drake
RIP Kevin, Nck, and Joe. (And yes I did name my dogs after the Jonas Brothers)
"Dani is pregnant" "Jonas Brothers start their summer tour and perform new songs" "the name of the new album is V"
Michael and Luke are out with Hey Violet tonight. Apparently Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers are at the same place too.…
I had a Jonas Brothers ToothTunes that played hold on❀️😭😭
The Jonas Brothers will always hold a special place in my heart ❀️
Everyone talking about Shawn Mendes and I'm over here crying while listening to the Jonas Brothers can we just πŸ™ƒ
Wish the Jonas brothers were still singing together
sometimes I think about how my sister and I chased down the Jonas brothers tour bus once
"I LOVE THE JONAS BROTHERS!!". "have you been watching Scream Queens?". Stop. Just stop.
boutta go download some Jonas brothers πŸ˜‚πŸ™‚
Can we go back to when the Jonas Brothers were still a thing?
"Oh This is an S.O.S. Don't wanna second guess" -Jonas Brothers
Lovebug by the Jonas brothers is still such a good *** song I'm upset
I just need one Jonas brothers reunion concert... ONE
I took the Jonas brothers so seriously.
I've been listening to the Jonas Brothers so much lately oml
Listening to really old Jonas Brothers songs and it's making me feel so much better...I still love them❀️
I prefer the Jonas brothers version better tbh
to when the Jonas Brothers performed SOS at the 2007
Also I love the Jonas brothers. a lot
Crying because I'm still in love with the Jonas brothers and it'll never be the same.
I've spent my night watching Jonas brothers music videos and I'm proud
just discovered that it IS possible to simp to the jonas brothers
I've been listening to the Jonas brothers so much lately. They're great I love myself
I'm not exactly sure which of the Jonas Brothers is in the band DNCE, but I think it's Harpo.
actually the jonas brothers were kind of emo now that I think about it
Jonas brothers were my Baes and forever will be my baes
ok I miss the Jonas brothers so much tho
the Jonas brothers were my life in elementary tf how could I not?
I still jam hard to the jonas brothers on a biweekly basis
when 2/4 members of DNCE were part of the Jonas Brothers. :(
The day the Jonas Brothers make a new album will be the day I can die happy
I still fw the Jonas Brothers idc how *** that is πŸ˜‚
I bet I could still tell you all the lyrics to Jonas Brothers songs πŸ˜‚
ive seen 4 people i follow talking abt the jonas brothers (specifically Love bug) today... whats going on
okay but what we really need is the Jonas Brothers for Super Bowl halftime 2k16
For the rest of my life I shall be jealous of for getting to go to a Jonas Brothers concert ... 😩
cmon Joe u have to go. I've been to Britney Spears, Taylor Swift and the Jonas Brothers. It's ur duty.
Also, I promise that if I ever get married, I will dance to Lovebug by the Jonas Brothers at the reception.
Listening to the music on my phone and I've heard Dixie Chicks, India Arie, MIKA, Jonas Brothers, Billy Joel, and Taking Back Sunday.
All I'm saying is that John Mayer's "Walt Grace's submarine test" is a blatant rip off of the Jonas Brothers' "Lovebug"
Some guys regret not talking to a cute girl they once saw. . I regret not going to a Jonas Brothers concert
Trivia tonight was Disney night and since Taylor was in the Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers movies she technically counts
forever lowkey mad at the Jonas Brothers and Joe for joining a different band.
So i was watching old Jonas Brothers videos and i came across "when you look me in the eyes". That was my favourite song w…
So yesterday I listened to the Jonas Brothers and now Mitchel Musso. OK. cool
Joseph as in Joseph Jonas >>>> Nicholas Jerry lol . I miss the Jonas Brothers. :)
It's a Kelly Clarkson, Avril Lavigne, Jonas Brothers, and Jesse McCartney kind of day. πŸŽΆπŸ’ƒπŸ½
what do two adults do after two nights out? listen to Burning Up by the Jonas Brothers on the bus to town... πŸ‘€
I'm slipping into the lava , man I can turn up to the Jonas Brothers any day
Lovebug by the Jonas Brothers is lyrically one of the greatest songs of all time
I just watched a band play a Jonas Brothers cover song... it got confusing for me when I found out the bros. we're NOT part of 1D
They're playing old school Jonas Brothers in the store right now and I'm trying to have a dance party by myself without…
We're the Jonas Brothers really just referenced or was it just my imagination
Kevin jonas is Jonas Brothers and Camp Rock 2 Jam with demi lavato and Joe Jonas Brothers and Nick Jonas Brothers anna maria prez
The music I listen to ranges from the Jonas Brothers to Kevin Gates idk
Going through some throwback phase lol Allstar Weekend, Jonas Brothers and now Honor Society yay
Photo: From back in the day when I saw the Jonas Brothers before their concert in Vancouver BC. I am still...
Listening to the Jonas Brothers self titled album πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
We listened to Jonas Brothers and Hanna Montana for 3 hours at work today
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