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Jonas Brother

The Jonas Brothers are an American boy band.

Nick Jonas Joe Jonas Jonas Brothers Denzel Washington Ryan Gosling Kevin Jonas Channing Tatum Lamar Odom Larry King Kellen Lutz George Clooney Camp Rock Justin Bieber Marky Mark Hannah Montana Olivia Culpo

James' IG photo. . "Great seeing ma brother from anotha mother today" ht…
Seriously, this is messing with me. My new favorite song is over a yr old & from a band with a Jonas Brother in it. "Would you pay my rent?"
Is Boutique where cougars in NYC go to p/u Jonas Brother look alikes?
3/3/17. Tommy's brother Jonas is the blackmailer. He blames me & Lukas for Tommy's death since we didn't tell about the murde…
Great seeing ma brother from anotha mother today
just a reminder I'm an actual Jonas Brother
Joe Jonas is the superior Jonas brother.
Joe Jonas is the ugliest JONAS brother.
I will always stop what I'm doing and sing this song as hard as I possibly can. I turn into the rejected Jonas Brot…
How is this not that other Jonas brother
"He looks like a midlife crisis Jonas brother" -
Just finish my Hanna Montana and Jonas brother music marathon. It's just one of those moods I have once a week
Join us and Zach Lentz, better known as the long lost Jonas Brother...
There was this period of time in fifth grade where I told everyone that Kevin was my favorite Jonas Brother because I felt bad for him
Bols I know I ain't nothin' but a big ole country boy...but by *** I'd rather be *** Cartwright than a friggin' Jonas brother
That song Bumps Hard! Demi wish she could create mahic with a Jonas Brother like that!
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And that Jonas Brother's song goes multiplatinum.
What's the short Jonas brother Nick last name
I really feel that Nick is the best jonas brother.
I feel like a fifth Jonas brother with zero talents or skills
These are ok. They're cute. Nick Jonas better be above his brother.
Justin and Shawn are candadian, Austin is Texan, and Nick is a Jonas Brother... wyd
Today, my Spotify daily mix so far has played the Jonas Brother, Hannah Montana, and Hilary Duff. I am not complaining.
I made a debate this morning in English about who's the best Jonas brother
When his brother disappears, 14-year-old Pio must decide if he is ready to become a man. A CIAMBRA by Jonas Carpign…
DEM_WHITE_BOYZ will reunite when the Jonas Brother do the same. 😤
Okay but which Jonas Brother was the best Jonas Brother?...
3. Full Circle "surprise surprise, this song is about a jonas brother"
Ok but did you know that is a Jonas brother? Photo for proof
Do you ever feel sad thinking about the fact that Frankie Jonas will never be a Jonas Brother, even though he's a Jona…
But will she have a Jonas Brother? Kevin and wife Danielle announce they are expecting baby number two... and shar…
If i had to guess the next jonas brother to make a single I'll put my money on Frankie jonas, he's got something to prove
Whelp Nick Jonas is no longer my favourite Jonas brother
Lately have had an unhealthy obsession with Joe Jonas, like looks voice everything. And I've been watching old Jonas brother videos and ugh
when you were younger who was your favorite Jonas Brother?
Never thought I'd have a Jonas brother in my Playlist lmao Close by Nick Jonas
Joe , the best Jonas brother in my eyes
And at least Marius wasn't a Jonas Brother like on the PBS adaptation the year before that.
Omg did you hear I'm dating a Jonas brother its so hot
Kevin Jones is stuck on names if baby is a boy. What would you name a brother for Alena Rose?
Had a dream I adopted a feral bunny and named it Puma but then he ran away at a Jonas Brother concert :(
Joe was always the best Jonas brother Idc Idc
"He sort of in a way looks like a Jonas brother like when they first started."
Only thing better than playing Pie Face w/ a Jonas brother is playing it w/ 2 Jonas Brothers http…
He's definitely the hottest Jonas brother
I knew there was a reason why you were always my favorite Jonas brother.
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Can't seem to ever skip Year 3000 by the Jonas Brother
Ok this is really important. Which Jonas brother is the hottest?
Mum just agreed to take me to finally see a Jonas Brother! And of course, the delicious
Our new producer could be a Jonas Brother!!!
It's 2016 & I still plan on marrying a Jonas brother.
When you look me in the eyes. MISS YOU JB Jonas Brother not Justin-
At this after party like where TF the Jonas brother at ?
*** ...I am old one but u made a Jonas brother sexy!
If you don't have Jonas brother jam sessions with your friends are you really living life?
Kinda sad that a Jonas Brother is going to Australia and not performing the Jonas song Australia.
*** watching the Jonas brother 3D experience movie good times am I right
You can bet your *** my favorite Jonas brother was Nick Jonas (still is). I felt a little crushed when homie cut his curly mop off his head.
We spy a JONAS brother 👀 we see you, checking out AND reppin the 😍 https…
If you were a Jonas Brother, you'd be Kevin
One of them is a Jonas brother. Not that that probably means anything to you.
Didn't know it was a Jonas brother singing the DNCE song 'Cake By The Ocean' .
It's so weird seeing any Jonas brother not with the other 2 like what happened to those Camp Rock times bro
Only just discovering that Cake By The Ocean is a Jonas brother what
My trainer.. My brother for life.. This man has changed everything.
It's always a great day to relive your youth with Jonas brother throw backs
Joe Jonas was vocally the strongest Jonas brother
Okay, but I just got home and SURPRISE! My brother came from LA. 😁😭
Just caught myself downloading Jonas Brother songs.then I relized what I was doing and continued 😂😂
I'm an every brother stan so... Joe didn't start the Jonas Brothers though. Nick did. Joe and Kevin joined later.
Not going to lie. I'm throwing it back to Jonas Brother 😅 🎧
Despite this Jonas appealing onstage presence, Hamm is packing nearly double of this brother.
You can learn a lot about a person depending on what Jonas brother was their favorite.
I do not know how to deal w this sadness. he literally looks like the 5th middle eastern Jonas Brother.
I think Joe Jonas is the hottest jonas brother.
The hottest Jonas brother is Kevin stfu
If you ever feel ignored just remember the Jonas Brothers had a fourth brother
you bought two Jonas brother sons? dang I thought they outlawed buying people
So my brother thinks that Austin looks like a Jonas Brother 😂😂😂
found it. ...IS THAT A JONAS BROTHER?. *googles*. okay, my eyes do not deceive me. . O.O
Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato are both touring with a Jonas Brother which means, It's the 2009 Disney era again :)
when I look at you, I remember when I was 9 and I met you: Kevin Jonas, the oldest Jonas Brother, the guy with an incredible
I will later! So, as I remember Jonas brother has 3 members, or just 2?
safari is the only relevant Jonas brother
1:30am and I'm busy watching Camp Rock 2 and buying all the Jonas Brother albums on iTunes that I used to have on cd
.is giving a run for his money for hottest Jonas brother these days
Still low key holding out for falling in love with a Jonas Brother.
I always knew I'd date a Jonas Brother. I just didn't know it would be Kevin. :(
Listening to It's About Time convinced there was another Jonas Brother in the band cause there's no way that baby voice is
is at the bar my brother bartends at. He just texted and said "Nick Jonas is at my bar"
I tried to be cute with Kat and send her Jonas brother lyrics and she didn't know what I was doing🙃🙃
When my mom was Prego with my brother (7) years ago, we were hella obsessed with the Jonas Brothers so we named him Nick. True story.
Idc what anyone says the Jonas Brothers will be my brother husbands someday
The Jonas Brother's pandora station is making me feel some type of way with all these old songs.
48th rebound in 3 games for Valanciunas, the unofficial 4th Jonas Brother
HONESTLY. Dude it's Lin. A playwright. He isn't a jonas brother oh my go d people calm down
Shawn Mendes looks like he was a little too late on applying for the 4th Jonas Brother position
Currently living as my 8th grade self in that I've dropped all homework and responsibilities to go see a Jonas Brother. LOL
Me and my roommate get in fights at least 3 times a week about who is the best Jonas brother
which Jonas brother do you like best?
Joe Jonas is the best Jonas brother, he sings cake by the ocean. the song of our generation
Why can't we lose someone like Taylor Swift, or a Jonas brother..or Bieber?. Why is it ALWAYS a legend?. RIP
I seriously thought Joe Jonas would have been the brother to blow up but do ya thang nick
unless it has Demi, Miley, Selena, Hillary, a Jonas brother, or the cast of HSM I am not interested.
I've been saying this 8 years ago and I'm saying this again ... Joe Jonas is the best Jonas Brother
I just took TWO "which Jonas Brother are you" quizzes in a ROW and got Kevin I cannot believe
and I are listening to old Jonas Brother's songs and I know all the words😅😅
if you had to Google the songs then you clearly won't be broken up when a Jonas Brother dies.
Nick Jonas was always my favorite Jonas Brother
10 years ago I was SURE that when i was 20 i'd be married to a Jonas Brother. But instead I'm watching Camp Rock with my dog.
Devin Burns is the type of person to say Kevin was her favorite Jonas Brother
Kevin was my favorite Jonas Brother... I've seen the error of my ways though so now it's Joe
S-LINE NEWS Nick Jonas - After Nick Jonas and Olivia Culpo split, the former Jonas Brother has been linked to d...
Listening to them old Jonas brother songs 🎧
"can we go to a jonas brother concert?". "Bailee, you've been to 7"
5SOS introduced themselves like Jonas Brother k
Edgar and I had a very good discussion on which Jonas brother was hotter.
Pls quote Jonas brother songs to me all day and I'll be a v happy lil fairy princess
Omg did u hear I'm dating a jonas brother it's sooo hot.
my brother woke me up to tell me Nick Jonas is performing at the park that's a minute away & that you can hear him
Remember when selena said that she met taylor at jonas brother's concert. this might be that day.
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Happy Birthday to really great brother but an even better friend. I love you Sanoj!!!
I still think Joe Jonas is the cutest Jonas Brother 😂
we thought we were going to make the Jonas brother have a come back 😂
OMG! Did you hear I'm dating a Jonas Brother? It's so hot!
That's not even the best Jonas Brother.
"you know what, next week's no good for me, the Jonas Brother are in town"
Nick u great and Ima let you finish but Joe Jonas will always be the hottest Jonas Brother of all time
Playlist this morning consist of Jonas Brother and Justin Bieber. :')
Decided to listen to the Jonas Brother's old music and still obsessed 😂
My grandmother told me a jonas brother was getting married? Is this true and if so how did she find out before me?
ok Jae who's your favourite Jonas Brother ?
nonton deh. So sweet bgt yank backsound nya Love me like you do tp dicover Jonas brother
I think is a long lost Jonas brother
(btw, this is what happens when Nick Jonas keeps getting a buzz-cut... he gets replaced... by another Jonas Brother)
Oh my God, did you hear? I'm dating a Jonas brother, he's so hot!
Thanks for your condolence, imagine Krept lost Konan that's my brother that's my Jonas 🎶
He was always my favorite Jonas Brother.
Why am I up this late watching tb Jonas Brother videos?
2015 has taught me: never count a Jonas brother out
Did you know there is a fourth Jonas brother
my life went downhill the day I found out that year 3000 by the Jonas brother was a cover of a different song 😕
I'm getting drunk to The Jonas Brother's A Little Bit Longer album and I'm okay with this
having a bad day then I find out the year 3000 isn't even the Jonas Brother's song, it's a cover. when will the disappointment end?
Just found the best Jonas Brother's song but don't panic
Gigi Hadid enjoys date night with Joe Jonas to watch his brother Nick Jonas in ...
when your jonas brother af. Cause same☺
I low key miss the Jonas Brother. Actually its not low key its very high key. THEY WERE THE BEST OKAY?!?
Hank Williams Jr. was a Grand Marshall back in the day... now it's a Jonas Brother.
Kevin used to be my favorite Jonas Brother but then he got married :(
o god Joe, you're so Joe. Not a celeb nor a Jonas Brother. You're just you. Joseph Adam Jonas
Lol I was looking through old photos the other day and found one from the Jonas Brother's concert
So Nick Jonas girlfriend's brother in on my cousins's baseball team.
Every Jonas Brother song sounds like they're pooping...
I luv selena and the Jonas brother I like your @ nice choice both chill fandoms and I ship you with the nick
Add me on snapchat (imsamchua) to see a really cute Jonas Brother
Music, i can hear it every day and every night. Its the one thing on my mind - Jonas Brother 🎧🎶
I catch myself dancing whenever "Jealous" comes on the radio. Darn you Jonas Brother.
Joe Jonas was my celebrity crush back in the day but Nick is clearly the brother who came out on top
Who'd of thought nick would be the hottest jonas brother 😰
"I am more than just a Jonas brother"
Love bug by the Jonas Brother will forever be one of my favorite songs. BRING BACK THE BAND.
selfie with my little brother ,MARCELINO JONAS SUHERMAN !
Your security tried to arrest my brother and my friend because they said they broke a security breach, which was a freaking l…
When you look me in the eyes,. And tell me that you love me. Everything's alright,. When you're right here by my side. Jonas Brother.
Remember when Bella said Kevin was her favorite Jonas Brother? Because I do and I still hate her for it
Almost just bought the Jonas brother album on iTunes ***
can the Jonas brother go on a reunion tour?
Nick Jonas was always my favorite Jonas brother 😍
Anything and everything that was Jonas Brother Related between 2008-2010 is on this shirt. I never…
I'm the ugly jonas brother but your favv kardashian. 💁
i remember rocking out to The Jonas Brother when i was like 6 and not much has changed.
so like are u a Jonas brother now or sumthin???
Doesn't surprise me. I wonder if she hit on the Jonas Brother? Lol.
"I took her to the Jonas Brother's concert and she broke up with me" -
Jean was maybe my least favorite Jonas Brother. At least Nick is still relevant and Joe was SOO good in Camp Rock.
“This should be interesting 😂😭 *sings all of the Jonas brother albums*
Nick Jonas was sm cuter when he was doing that Jonas brother show, now he's just average
My brother is trying to turn my Jonas Brothers off.
I'm smiling just because of that mini interview. There's more to Kevin than being a Jonas brother.
"Nick is still your favorite Jonas Brother, right?". "No, Mom. IT'S JOE. IT'S ALWAYS BEEN JOE" . 😬😂
*watches Jonas brother videos from 2009 instead of doing homework*
I am more than just a Jonas Brother. I have other passions. Yes, I played guitar in a band for a long time. But that doe…
It must be scary being married to a Jonas Brother because their parents...boy.
Nick was always my favorite Jonas Brother
Contemplating what to do with my last two weeks as a teenager. Any suggestions besides cry about how I'm not married to a Jonas Brother?
I didn't just see Luke Cafferty and a Jonas Brother in a promo for a boxing show on Bravo, right?
omg I still love that song 😍 I just found my iPod from like 8th grade and it's full of my Jonas Brother obsession 😭😂
John Cusack looks like a 4th Jonas Brother. I ain't ever been mad at it.
I always knew Nick was the hottest Jonas brother but ***
Like there are several things in this world that you just don't need to see and a jonas brother grabbing their thang is one of them
Why is everyone talking about that Jonas brother boy smh
Nick Jonas has a (butt) crack problem picked the right brother
What's up with all these people being so intense with the Jonas brother. Chill. Stop
I knew I made the right decision in 2007 when I chose Nick Jonas as my favourite Jonas brother 😍
I would not kick this Jonas brother out of bed if he farted 🙀
The first concert I ever went to was to see Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brother. Pretty proud of myself right about now.
eh he's alright I like him better in his Jonas Brother days
In keeping with the name and spirit of Flaunt Magazine, Photographer Yu Tsai convinced Nick Jonas to channel Mark Whalberg’s, then Marky Mark, infamous Calvin Klein ad. The revealing photos which find the former Jonas Brother frontman, grabbing his bulge, posing in underwear and even showing off t…
I've never been sexually attracted to a Jonas Brother until today. Nick's clearly channeling his inner Marky Mark and I love it. 😍😍😍
Nick will always be my favorite Jonas Brother
Happy birthday His 25 sexiest moments as a Jonas Brother ... in GIFs:
Why am I not married to a Jonas Brother 😭
When I was little I had this genius plan that I would get with Frankie, the least famous Jonas Brother, just to get with Nick.
So today I found out my campers were born the same year I went to the Jonas Brother's concert
I think if I married a Jonas Brother, we would never fight because he'd just have to sing to me and I'd shut up.
I need a Ryan Gosling, I need a Robert Pattinson Somebody I can take to Mama, I need to find my Obama I need a Jonas Brother and, how about a Denzel Washington? I need a Kellen Lutz, and a Channing Tatum, throw 'em my way, I'll date 'em I need a Drake, I need a Ludacris, I need a Wheezy, I don't care who he is Heard 'em say I need a Kanye, he ain't a gentleman, but I'll have him anyway George Clooney, Lamar Odom, Larry King, I like 'em older All the gentleman from all around the world, holla at me, holla at me, let me be your girl.
I thought I'd be married to a Jonas Brother by now...
Nick Jonas , we are digging this bad boy side to you! The former Jonas Brother has once again reprised his role as Ian Wright, a computer hacking fugitive, for the season finale of Hawaii Five-0 and this time, he's looking for a big payout. We wonder if he'll get his demands! Source: wochit entertainment
Joe was both my and Kayla's favorite Jonas Brother...knew we were meant to be
"And black keys never looked so beautiful And a perfect rainbow never seemed so dull And the lights out never had this bright a glow And the black keys Showing me a world I never knew, no And the walls are closing in" -Jonas Brother (Black Keys)
A Jonas Brother's Baby, Brought to You by Procter & Gamble: News of the birth of Kevin Jonas's first child, a ..
Ryan Reynolds looks like he didn't make the cut to be a Jonas Brother
remember when Jonas Brother was Marius and then Ramin Karimloo just bursts in in One Day More and WOW
Who voted on this? Matt Bomer is 88th? *** 2 of the Jonas Brother's even beat him!!!
Turns out Joe and Nick Jonas were in Chicago today, the same time I was there. I saw three people I know, but not a single Jonas Brother?!
Nick Jonas sports a Yankees cap as he heads to pick out a Christmas tree at Mr. Greentrees on Thursday night (December 5) in West Hollywood, Calif. The 21-year-old Jonas Brother was joined by his girlfriend Olivia Culpo, who carried a cup of coffee with her. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Nick
Joe Jonas explains in-depth what it's like to be a Jonas Brother. You HAVE to read this:
Kellin Quinn: the long lost ugly Jonas Brother, deemed too stupid and talentless to be a part of the family band?
Not Samuel Larsen or glee related but my favorite Jonas Brother is going to be 26 in 2 days. He looks…
Nick Jonas was always and will always be the hottest Jonas Brother. Dont lie to yourself and deny it
A Jonas Brother will be a dad soon; two more and they can rename themselves 'The Jonas Fathers'
Who has one of the hottest beach bodies in Hollywood? Hint...she hasn't dated Justin Bieber, a Jonas Brother, or Twilight cast member. It's 41 year old mother of 2, Jada Pinkett Smith. Super mommy ...
Is Undercover Boss that documentary about when Rick Ross posed as the fourth Jonas Brother during their 2008 Burnin' Up tour??
imagine for katie 1. You can hear the roar of the crowd as the lights flash on. Music begins playing and the crowd goes even crazier. You giggle as you listen to girls scream things towards the boys. Finally, you’re seeing the Jonas Brothers in concert. You feel someone stand next to you and you look over to see who they are. To your surprise, it’s Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. Your mouth slowly opens and you quickly look away. You don’t want him to see that you’re a crazed fan. You look over to him again and smile lightly. He looks over to you and smiles back. You nod and look away again. You can’t believe that this is actually happening. First, a Jonas Brother concert and now a member of One Direction standing with you backstage? Unbelievable. “Who’s your favorite?” Louis asks as he leans towards you. “Uh, I don’t have one. I love them all.” You say as you slowly look over to him. You don’t want him to think that’s you’re eager or desperate. “Ah. Good answer…” He ...
Nothing says America like a Jonas Brother and a member of Fashion Police. NBC announced today that Nick Jonas and E! News' very own Giuliana Rancic will be hosting the Miss USA competition, airing live from Las Vegas on...
Actually this is inaccurate because there is already a 4th Jonas Brother. They have a little brother named Frankie. ok bye☺
he is the Jonas Brother noone Zac Hanson
I will sell everything/everyone in my house to go to that Jonas Brother concert July 18th.. im not even joking.
Danielle Jonas and Blanda Eggenschwiler have 2 things in common 1. Both dating a Jonas Brother
I used to hate the boys when they first appeared in my telly before cause they're like jonas and I don't like jonas brother ashamed
One of the Boston bombers look like a Jonas brother (the one who isn't dead)
If you're not a real Jonas fan, you'll ever quite understand how much The Jonas Brother mean to me.
Cant wait to see my favorite Jonas Brother at the live tour in LA :)
How is Kevin Jonas saying Selena is overrated? He's so bitter because he's the brother no one cares about
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev looks like a terroristy Jonas Brother.
How are you going to put a Jonas brother reality show youtube preview, before a lucero song?
Rockin' out the the Jonas Brother with 🎼🎵🎸🎶
he also said the dude who bombed Boston looks like a Jonas brother so there's that.
Wow he does look like a Jonas Brother
Oh em gee did you hear I'm dating a Jonas Brother
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Which Jonas brother is your favorite? Wait... don't tell me... NO ONE cares!!!
just spent all my iTunes money on Jonas brother albums..
Jonas Brother song stuck in my head fml. baby put your pom poms down for me
I used to think Kevin was the least attractive Jonas Brother.. but now that he's older.. man he's hawt
Why can't the "married to Jonas" show be about the hot Jonas instead of the totally fug pug brother?.
It's really becoming more and more difficult for me to tell which Jonas brother is generally considered the "hot" one...
"The human mind spends most of it's time waiting, hoping and wishing for something that may not happen.” Winning Jonas brother tickets
If had a twin brother it would be Nick Jonas.
Why does suspect look like a Jonas Brother? Anyone else pick up on that?
My brother is convincing me to stay in Florida by telling me Nick Jonas will probably be coming and I can't miss the chance to marry him.
"Dang it little girl for the last time I'm not a Jonas Brother! If I was I wouldn't be working here!!"
'No I'm not a I'm a grown up, no I'm not a virgin...I use ma kahonas - Hov'
"Every pop star looks like each other is that Zac Efron or a Jonas Brother" great lyric
Is it just me or could this terrorist guy look as if he could be a Jonas brother...
Can't wait for the Jonas brother concert
Is it me or is that *** we caught tonight sorta resemble the youngest Jonas brother?
Ryan Ross looked like an emo Jonas Brother tbh.
A veces me siento cansado, renueva mis fuerzas padre!
Si llego a 15 likes me aviento del bongy
I got 99 rts and a Jonas Brother ain't one.
The funniest thing ever was Mickey Mouse beating up a Jonas brother.
And if you ever call me a jonas brother again like before i will not be a nice person.
my mom bought me Jonas Brother pins so my life is complete right now.
I was with my friend and we were talking about our Jonas brother phase xD
gonna be listening to old Jonas Brother music till I fall asleep
Was that a Jonas brother in that Camry commercial?
yep. justin came here twice I think. The wanted greyson demi jonas brother maroon 5. But why no taylor!!
omg I only like one Jonas brother song and it makes me sad
I don't like this conversation!! No Jonas brother can fall in love with my Ashlynn!
wouldn't be as good as the Jonas Brother's coming back to the Marcus Amphitheater. relive my eighth grade concert
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i would like to thank Mike Kinnin, Jonas and his brother Remy and everyone else who knows who jimi kittie and kuddles is
I has a question...Do you think I should get the rest of the albums or SI? OR save it for a Jonas Brother concert ticket? xD
okay I have Wolf, I just need the new Fall Out Boy, Kid Cudi, and Jonas Brother's album.
Omf Jonas brother's teaser is like pop and rock I'm so excited omg omg
Jonas brother must make a come back
My brother is weirdly obsessed with The Jonas Brothers😳😂
If I really want to get my little sister angry I say something like "Zayn Malik is the coolest Jonas brother in the band, the wanted"
I remember we made so many signs for the jonas brother concert and it took us like a whole day and then we weren't allowed to bring them in
Brendan's brother looks like Joe Jonas
Oh wait you said the Jonas sorry just saw that..I don't remember what school they said..
lolz are you excited for the Jonas Brother's come back
Kevin Jonas was literally my favorite for my whole Jonas brother phase and i hate all of the hate he is getting
Jonas Brothers - Lovebug - Official Music Video (HQ): via i miss the the Jonas Brother :')
does Alec remind anyone of a Jonas Brother 10 yrs in the future?
usually when one brother is hot the other one is too(((the hemsworths efrons jonas's evan's hoRAN'S)))
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
So according to fanfiction, I will NEVER date a Jonas Brother unless I play hard to get. Then again, it did work for Dani...
In my car scream singing to my Jonas Brother's CD. Yeah. I'm cool.
My brother is officially a member of the 2013-2014 Kaba Kids!! So happy for that little nugget. :D CONGRATS, JONA.
Seriously I'm in a Jonas Brother mood right now !
pengen nangis denger lagunya Jonas Brother-When you look me in the eyes
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