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Jonah Lomu

Jonah Tali Lomu, MNZM (born 12 May 1975) is a New Zealand rugby union player. He had sixty-three caps as an All Black after debuting in 1994. He is generally regarded as the first true global superstar of rugby union.

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New Zealand Rugby continued to mourn former All Blacks winger Jonah Lomu on Thursday as they sent captain Richie McCaw into retirement.
Former captain Steven Gerrard says Jonah Lomu inspired people all over the world .
Jonah Lomu: World mourns rugby's 'first global star'
Former Scotland rugby star Gavin Hastings says Jonah Lomu was “an absolute legend”
I'm not a rugby fan but found this vid of Jonah Lomu mesmerising. RIP Jonah
Jonah Lomu was the Diego Maradona of rugby and brought so much to the Welsh game - the Gareth Edwards verdict:…
also has Gavin Hastings' reaction to the untimely death of legend Jonah Lomu.
► 'A great man - a great player' says Sir Gareth Edwards paying tribute to Jonah Lomu
Shocking sad news about Jonah Lomu: True global sporting legend.
Sad news about such a great sporting superstar. BBC Sport - Jonah Lomu: New Zealand great changed rugby
An inspiration, a rugby union great, husband & father. . Some of the Jonah Lomu tributes:
Lomu 'took rugby to a new level': New Zealand great Jonah Lomu will be…
Watch a tribute to Jonah Lomu, the New Zealand rugby union great, who has died aged 40.
The story of Jonah Lomu, one of the finest rugby union players of all time
Hearing Sir Gareth Edwards recall his memories of Jonah Lomu just sums up the true traits of a rugby superstar. Talent, humility, charisma.
Jonah Lomu chilling out with some locals on Dublin's O'Connell St in 1997
Apart from Gavin Hastings, Jonah Lomu is probably the first name I remember in rugby. Don't pity the pall bearers I'll tell you.
If you see streaks in the sky it's Jonah Lomu tearing through the clouds on the wing The angels will stay top of the league RIP
"There's no doubt about it, he's a big *** " Gavin Hastings (1995). . RIP Jonah Lomu
Sir Gareth Edwards on Jonah Lomu: "What a gentle giant he was, a man who had time for everybody. He had a great impact on the Cardiff Blues"
People I'd put in that category in my life time. . Gazza. Jonah Lomu. Tiger Woods. Beckham. Mike Tyson. Roger Federer. Usain Bolt. Bradley Wiggins
The Newport Gwent Dragons are devastated to learn of the death of All Blacks legend Jonah Lomu, aged 40.
My rugby hero was Gareth Edwards but the person to have the biggest impact on the game in my lifetime was Jonah Lomu.
Gavin Hastings on Jonah Lomu: "I saw him for the 1st time in the tunnel. They're right, he is a big *** .
Rugby legend, Jonah Lomu, has tragically died at the age of 40. A giant in the sport with a giant personality. RIP. https:…
All Lomu team on Jonah Lomu Rugby is still the greatest rugby team of all time 🙏🏼
DTN Thailand: All Blacks legend Jonah Lomu dead at 40: WELLINGTON - Rugby legend Jonah Lomu, regarded as the g...
follow me back so I can DM you - would love to talk to you on NZ radio about Jonah Lomu
get to send some stash our way for Jonah Lomu Rugby and ps1
Drew Mitchell eyes shared mark of Jonah Lomu and Bryan Habana
There is just no stopping Julian Savea as wing overtakes Jonah Lomu in the all-time list of New Zealand try sc
.levels Doug Howlett on 13 tries only Jonah Lomu & Bryan Habana have more with 15
No doubt Jonah Lomu is the Ali of rugby... but his 37 tries in 63 test matches can't compare to Savea's 38 tries in just 39 tests.
Good heavens, a new Jonah Lomu has emerged for New Zealand!
When Brian Habana scored the try that equalled Jonah Lomu's all time leading try scores in Rugby World Cups
Well done 2 Brian Habana on matching the great Jonah Lomu's record. May he surpass it in the next game highlighted
Hats off to Brian Habana for matching Jonah Lomu try record
Brian Habana ties Jonah Lomu for Rugby World Cup try record. Too bad it came in an absolute pasting of USA
world cup of marketing Black legend Jonah Lomu has been a star of Heineken's content marketing campaigns, inc…
Wouldn't fancy seeing this in Covent Garden later on! Jonah Lomu is still a beast. Here he is leading the haka.
All Blacks hero Jonah Lomu says England can win Rugby World Cup as he does haka in Covent Garden
It remains one of the World Cup's defining moments. The image of Jonah Lomu rampaging over England full-back Mike Catt in Cape Town has
BBC News: Weight of nation on North - Lomu: New Zealand great Jonah Lomu says the weight of expectation will b...
Twenty years on and New Zealand's Jonah Lomu still talks a good game: Jonah Lomu, Scott Quinnell and John Smit...
Jonah Lomu and Jason Leonard still going to be at Green Park with the Webb Ellis trophy tomorrow between 11am and...
Jonah Lomu and Webb Ellis Trophy will still be at Green Park tomorrow between 11am and 5pm. Festival of Rugby cancelled due to heavy rain
Comparing Vidot to Jonah Lomu is drawing a long bow
I loved the England RU team with Rob Andrew and the Underwood brothers in it. The NZ team with Jonah Lomu and Andrew Mehrtens
Webb Ellis Cup will be at Berkshire Rugby festival Green Park Reading 25th Aug (plus Jonah Lomu and Jason Leonard)
Looking forward to meeting Jonah Lomu at the Berkshire Fundraising Dinner at the RBCC that evening!
All Blacks rugby legend Jonah Lomu will bring the Webb Ellis Cup to Reading on Tuesday.
All Blacks star Jonah Lomu to bring Webb Ellis Cup to Reading
Four-year-old pitch invader scores epic length-of-pitch try that Jonah Lomu would be proud of - LE BUZZ
Jonah Lomu's doccie was so touching. Should be aired on SABC
why not? You got stripes! Its these other guys who just start playin rugby and think they are jonah lomu but theyre jus jonah lemu😂
'Guess Who' answer: JONAH LOMU. & here's his try that's voted the best try in Rugby World Cup history
Jonah Lomu looks so weird now. Is he sick? . I don't like seeing him like this. This guy was such a beast back in the day. 😔
Jonah Lomu holds the record number of tries in the Rugby World Cup with 15 tries.
I will Always big the Biggest Jonah Lomu fan!!!
Just watched The Jonah Lomu 'Back to SA' Documentary..its so sad that this wonderful human being didnt get just 6more yrs on the field!
Jonah Lomu documentry was one touching story reminding us to never be bigger than the great game of rugby.
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Hi very inspirational documentary on Jonah Lomu's "return" back to SA!!! Good one mate! Will there be a repeat of it on TV?
Jonah Lomu: Back To South Africa.what a heart breaking end with Joost! 😢
Sad documentary of Jonah Lomu revisiting yesteryear in SA.
What a documentary "Jonah Lomu:Back2SA" by on Tributes all round. Respect number 11 & all the best
And people still ask me why I love this game of rugby so much. Lomu: Back in South Africa
Watching the documentary " Jonah Lomu Back to SA" such icons 20 years ago , reducing me to tears.
Wow. This Jonah Lomu doc is bringing me to tears. What a privilege to have seem him play.
This Jonah Lomu documentary with Joost is a massive tear jerker. Gee.
Jonah Lomu doccie on 201 is why I love the oval ball game so much, greatest lesson teaching sport on the planet for sure
I doubt anyone that's touched a rugby ball can say they don't know about Jonah Lomu. Even our dads who played soccer mention Lomu.
Each time I watch a doccie with Jonah Lomu I realise the impact he made in his playing days. Gentle giant
Man this Jonah Lomu documentary messing with a brother yo 😞..
Tried to watch that Jonah Lomu thing on 201, but I'm really just not getting it, I'm afraid.
James Small is now almost as big as Jonah Lomu
Jonah Lomu back in South Africa now on SS1 - hope to see a glimpse of him @ to
Absolutely brilliant Jonah. Wish our own legends will do more of that. Inspiration Lomu: Back in South Africa
These guys are lucky to have met Jonah Lomu 😭😭 that rugby field bring back memories though 😆😆
nice one guys. Taking the AB legend Jonah Lomu to Mitchells Plain in Cape Town/ South Africa Inspirational! Cc:
when will there be a repeat of this documentary on Jonah Lomu?
Julian Savea's scored 30 tries in 33 tests, but just like Jonah Lomu he's never scored against the Boks. Savea has played the Boks 5 times.
20 years ago today, Jonah Lomu got something stuck in his studs. It's was Mike Catt. . Changed rugby overnight. . http…
Jonah Lomu, George Gregan, Brian Lara, Nyjah Houston, black people that beat whites at their sports, but were never hated like Serena.
Collins died a hero protecting his baby girl: RUGBY great Jonah Lomu paid tribute to Jerry Collins’ last act of heroism Wednesday as ...
Jonah Lomu on Jerry Collins - "What they say about how they found him, he was protecting his baby,"
Mike Catt has just picked himself up off the floor to say happy 40th birthday to Jonah Lomu
Happy 40th birthday Jonah Lomu – the superhuman still in a league of his own [Sale ]
look up legends like Jonah Lomu, he is to Rugby what Michael Jordan is the basketball.
Jonah Lomu. He is a heavyweight. He'll squeeze me to a rugby ball.
Brian O Driscoll, Jonah Lomu, Dan Carter, Duane Vermeulen, Tana Umaga.. Just a few monsters in the rugby world
Stephen tries scored on Jonah Lomu Rugby don't count.
Jonah Lomu ruined me for any other team. He was pure bloody poetry. Also, England don't do the Haka *dribbles*
You asked for it! to the 1995 World Cup semis where Mike Catt came off second best to a charging Jonah Lomu.
Chris Robshaw: a bloke you'd be pleased your sister brought home? Who'd argue with him? Unless it's Jonah Lomu's sister.
I once met the New Zealand rugby kid, Jonah Lomu, on a plane. I said, "I'm no fan of rugby but I bloody love 'Stop The …
Throwback Thursday: Lomu cuts through England It was the 1995 Rugby World Cup and England knew Jonah Lomu would be a handful. But even they couldn't predict the sheer power and pace of the New Zealand winger. Steamroller.
England v New Zealand - is Julian Savea better than Jonah Lomu? |
Chief sports writer asks: Is New Zealand's Julian Savea better than Jonah Lomu?
WATCH! A tribute to the legend JONAH LOMU running rampant against international sides in his prime. He was an absolute monster on the wing. share w/ a fan who needs to see this. USA 7s ticket discounts end soon, get yours @
Hey guys hope you guys like my Jonah Lomu Tribute! I uploaded this on my birthday so if you are reading this, if you want you can put 'Happy Birthday' in the...
“Is Julian Savea better than Jonah Lomu? No chance! Lomu was a freak of nature
“Is Julian Savea better than Jonah Lomu? definitely is
"Is Julian Savea better than Jonah Lomu? are you mentally ill?
Hes no Lomu. Jonah Lomu was the Messi of Rugby Union.
Is Julian Savea better than Jonah Lomu? Read more about the New Zealand winger
Better than Lomu?: England beware - Julian Savea, hailed as successor to rugby icon Jonah Lomu - is coming for...
"I was supposed to be the next Jonah Lomu": The making of UFC hvyweight ...
Indeed. A good percentage of NZers voted against their own best interests. I blame Jonah Lomu.
Jonah Lomu is the Muhammad Ali of rugby union. Julian Savea will never match ...
The Best of Jonah Lomu MUST SEE!: wish they had rugby when we were kids, n I'm glad u wou…
hard out bro, Julian Savea is the mantis, they are comparing him with the legendary former all black Jonah lomu
Julian Savea says Jonah Lomu was better (and he copied Jonah's haircut when he was young!)
Got to respect Savea for this. There is and only ever will be 1 Jonah Lomu but Julian is a close second
Jonah Lomu WAS the best in his time. To say he is still the best winger is just ridiculous.
When we first saw Jonah Lomu running over Mike Catt and Rory Underwood, he was 20. The big man turns 40 next year. Ya'll OLD!!!
Steve Hansen thinks that Julian Savea is "probably" a better player than Jonah Lomu.
I agree with Steve Hansen that has more all-round skills than Jonah Lomu. Jonah could run the ball but was a crap defender
Jonah Lomu once flattened Phil Vickery and that wasn't a technique issue
Jonah Lomu was 6'5, 19 stone, 100m in 10.8 seconds and had world class footwork. That should even be possible..
my brother tried to do the Jonah Lomu "11" eyebrow then took out half a brow and tried to balance it
Julian Savea is the closest thing to Jonah Lomu there will ever be
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Jonah Lomu Rugby. THE best rugby game there will ever be on any console.
Huge day today: new web tv JUNIOR Rugby World Cup and new extract from Jonah Lomu's movie !
Watch Jonah Lomu talking about what he have learned from the streets
It's been a long road back to health and fitness for me. I am just glad to have been given the opportunity to do what I love most.Jonah Lomu
Jonah Lomu never caught a ball over his shoulder running back the way Savea did at the weekend. He's twice the player Lomu was.
Er.Jonah Lomu??? Think that it. Oh and a few sheep.
Does any other fan think Savea is resembling Jonah Lomu with his strength on the wing lately?
Watching Julian Savea for the All Blacks again, more and more he keeps reminding me of Jonah Lomu.
you're the new Jonah lomu, you're a beast !!!
Notable that Jonah Lomu never scored a try against the Boks either.
Jonah Lomu is the the GOAT fellas imho
Julian winger since the great Jonah Wonderful try! Argentina 6 - 27 New Zealand
Wow, the 'next Jonah Lomu' tag could not look more apt than with that Savea try. Awesome power.
That try was one of Julian Savea's best Jonah Lomu impersonations.
And that is why they are/he is the world's best. Julian "the Bus" Savea. Los Pumas just can not ride. Jonah Lomu-like.
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lol..ABs can be beaten though-other teams have to start believing that! Savea is a mini Jonah Lomu when he winds those legs up!
jaryd Hayne's alright but he ain't no Jonah lomu re nfl
I remember an occasion where a TVNZ sportsreader misread the autocue in that way. Jonah Lomu has resigned for another two years...
Israel folau, George North, Jonah Lomu all comparable. Freakishly good nonetheless
Jonah Lomu must love they make him out to be the most lethal person ever to grace a rugby pitch..!
Would love to act the Jonah Lomu and hand off one of those Concern workers in town.Absolute scourges ✋
KEY [nonchalant]: "Look, at the end of the day, what I think most kiwis want on their national flag is this selfie I took with Jonah Lomu."
Not everyday that Jonah Lomu's wife likes your status 👌👀
Already 150 DVDs sold on the for Jonah Lomu's movie, order yours here: !
What do you think Jonah Lomu's principal criticism of Labour would have been?
I liked a video Jonah Lomu international tries
I fail to see how Jonah Lomu's religious beliefs correlate w/ his political views, masking religious bigotry as a difference of opinion
Did that just happen!? Did Jonah Lomu just confide in LOL
Jonah Lomu Rugby is still the best game of all time.
Because you're Jonah Lomu. Not some ordinary man. Your the man some males look up to.
Lets discover the Rugby Legend's web TV, Jonah Lomu (by clicking on the following link:
So says was tougher than playing against Jonah Lomu! Respect!!!
Roger Baird: a bit like Shane Williams & was marking Stu Wilson (the Kirwan / Jonah Lomu of his day)
I liked a video Barbarians chuck it to Jonah Lomu
Classic Jonah Lomu, doesn't like sharing that rugby ball!
Always had huge respect for him, paid for Christopher Reeve's medical bills after his accident and helped Jonah Lomu with his …
Just letting you guys know Robin Williams was a fan of Jonah Lomu
Tana Umanga, Christian Cullen and Jonah Lomu are by far the best back 3 combination ever
Thanks for that- but will they close 3 day clearance? Don't have faith. Loizos Michaels (guy who ripped of Jonah Lomu) loved the 3 days
these videos all have awful music, but here's the famous Jonah Lomu and his amazing (offensive) tackles
12 of 24 achievements unlocked for Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge for 270G.that'll do tonight.
(7) during the Tour de France. He was a great fan of professional rugby and was friends with famous rugby players such as Jonah Lomu. He
My and the love of my life, Jonah Lomu today in Herefordshire. ❤😍😘
I'll have no bad words said about the master class that is Jonah Lomu Rugby
For cool Kiwis, who could forget Richard O'Brien? I’m claiming him if you’re claiming Minchin. Or failing him, Jonah Lomu.
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There will never be another Jonah Lomu!
Jonah Lomu is proof that anything is possible.
Turnover scrum 5m from your goal-line,sprint 80 to score in the corner. Sounds like my Jonah Lomu Rugby days on PS1.
Robin Williams loved New Zealand during his many visits -
City to Win the League.With Toure doing his best Jonah Lomu impression again this Season!
From RobinWilliams when he 1st saw Jonah Lomu: "MyGod!Look at the size of him!Quick!Tell the other villagers we're going back to the boats!'
Cartoon of the day... For a man who loved New Zealand, the local Maori and Jonah Lomu!! Kia ora
So sad to hear about passing. Did you know he was a huge rugby fan & actually good friends with NZ rugby player Jonah Lomu?
Jonah Lomu mourns the loss of Robin Williams. He says he was privileged to call him friend.
Interesting connection between Robin Williams and - in particular Jonah Lomu. cc:
Robin Williams impacted many people in all career fields and aspects of life. Rugby great Jonah Lomu weighed in
I reckon Jonah Lomu would be embarrassed by it
Sure have mate! If only we could finally convince Gary Lineker, jonny wilkinson & Jonah Lomu... You da man 👍
Robin Williams was an All Blacks fan and a friend of Jonah Lomu
So very sad . Just read an article that he was a huge fan of star Jonah Lomu of your favorite All Blacks team.
Can't believe it was the death of Robin Williams that led to hearing Jonah Lomu's name uttered on
Jonah Lomu was indeed Robin Williams' favourite rugby player...
loved the All Blacks and especially Jonah Lomu.
Williams enjoyed rugby union and was a fan of a former All Black, Jonah Lomu.[88]. Williams enjoyed listening to jazz, ... 38/176
Robin Williams in an All Blacks jersey with Jonah Lomu.
All Black star Jonah Lomu recalls his 'great friend' Robin Williams via
was a fan. Jonah Lomu was his favourite player & gave Robin a rugby
Video: Jonah Lomu reacts to friend Robin Williams' death: All Blacks legend Jonah Lomu is tonight mourning the...
Jonah Lomu: “I was privileged to call Robin Williams my friend” “He was a beautiful man”
Robin Williams tribute from friend and New Zealand rugby union legend Jonah Lomu
So sad to hear of the tragic death of Robin Williams. He was a huge fan and friend of All Black, Jonah Lomu.
Jonah Lomu,Dan Carter,Tigers old caddy your girls just took one *** of a beating! Congrats to our Ladies
Wilkinson says one of his favourite players is Mike Catt. John reminds us it's the same guy who got run over by Jonah Lomu
"Mike Catt doesn't really like people talking about Jonah Lomu..." Catt was player Wilkinson most respected in his career.
SBW Sonny Bill Williams "Which AllBlacks star touted as the next Jonah Lomu, famously took to boxing?
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Two stone heavier than Jonah Lomu in '95. Six tries scored away to Super Rugby opposition, Nemani Nadolo is a beast
Here goes another one, changed the names&area to suit Aotearoa ! One night a small, twin engined commercial airplane was flying over South Auckland with five people on board: the pilot, Jonah Lomu, John Key, the Dali Lama and a student. Suddenly there was an explosion and the passenger cabin began to fill with smoke. The cockpit door opened and the pilot burst into the compartment. "Gentlemen, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that we're about to crash in South Auckland. The good news is that there are four parachutes, and I have one of them." With that the pilot threw open the door and jumped from the plane. Jonah Lomu was on his feet in a flash. "Gentlemen, I am New Zealand's greatest athlete. The country needs great athletes. I think the greatest athlete should have a parachute.!" With these words he grabbed one of the remaining parachutes, and hurtled through the door and into the night. John Key rose and said "Gentlemen, I am the country's cleverest man. The country needs clever men. I t ...
Very Blessed on sunday after church to meet up with this humble guy Jonah Lomu, one of the world's greatest ambassador's for Rugby, thanks Sinat Tin for ringing me to come and pick up my husband's Jonah Lomu PROMO'S all signed by the man himself..GOD IS AMAZING!!
Just bumped into Jonah Lomu on Pitt St... He definitely took a step back!
VIDEO- Watch the clip of Jonah Lomu being introduced as an AFL star at the UFC Fight Night. .
An American commentator has described Jonah Lomu as "one of the greatest Australian Rules Football players".
Great save by Jonah Lomu in goals for Algeria
Nobody who describes something as a 'massive fail' should be taken seriously themselves .
It is all over. Mike goldberg gets it wrong yet again!!! .
American commentator called Jonah Lomu one of the greatest Aussie Rules players... A little research needed!
Yes, Jonah Lomu is one of the greatest rugby players of all time. Read his autobiography, Jonah
Mike, Jonah Lomu played Rugby Union for the All Blacks, not Aussie Rules Football, totally different sport
We'll never get to see him play live rugby again. Jonah Lomu (All Blacks) Tribute HD:
The now famous Jonah Lomu tackle by Brent on the Yamaha M1. Great Kiwi action!
(Video) All Blacks legend Jonah Lomu introduced as an ‘AFL star’ by American commentator: Watch as New Zealand...
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(Video) All Blacks legend Jonah Lomu introduced as 'AFL star' by American commentator
The best thing about this video is how excited is in the background
Video: Jonah Lomu in commentator's blunder at UFC event
In case you missed it: Jonah Lomu - "one of the best AFL players of all time" via (+video)
some call him the new jonah lomu others call him the beast...the question is WHAT DO U WANA CALL HIM?..played 15...
WELL, this is one massive fail. via
Commentator's embarrassing Jonah Lomu blunder: A US commentator made an embarrassing blunder when he introduced...
. One thing you did miss. The event was in NZ. Goldberg announced Jonah Lomu as la-boo & said he is an Aussie Rules legend
From the article:. Fuelling the American stereotype of being completely ignorant about other countries, the US...
New Zealand wing Jonah Lomu wreaks havoc on Australia, breaking dozens of tackles as he scores a try and creates 3 more during the Bledisloe Cup match in Jul...
Love it. Jonah Lomu announced as Aussie Rules player at UFC fight! Ha ha That commentator needs fast fibre to google facts!
Last plug for this rare clip of footage of Jonah Lomu in action vs Italy in 1995. How good was Jonah!
Agree! Looked like Jonah Lomu throwing the Hull players off
During the recent UFC broadcast from New Zealand, Mike Goldberg botched Jonah Lomu's name and sport in a moment that Australian media have said fuels the American stereotype of ignorance toward other countries.
Jonah Lomu plunders through Italy 1995: via what a strongest man ever in rugby 👌👌👌
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Perfect lead-in to UFC "Red, White and Fight Week" via WELL, this is one massive fail.
For the Americans that don't know who Jonah Lomu is. He's basically the Babe Ruth or Wayne Gretzky of rugby.
No surprise was bloviating about something he has no clue about: .
Mike Goldberg criticized for ‘Fueling the American stereotype of being completely ignorant’ of other...
The best rugby player of all time. He is just unstoppable Jonah Lomu - "The Human Beast" | Career Tribute:
The video that will enrage rugby fans:
Mike Goldberg criticized for 'Fueling the American stereotype of being completely ignorant' of other countries
How good was Jonah Lomu in his prime? Rare footage of him in action vs Italy in 1995:
Epic fail...American UFC commentator introduces Jonah Lomu as an Aussie Rules player, and says his name incorrectly
Nice to see Jonah Lomu cageside at UFC Fight Night. Looked really well too.
Another great insult to the worlds best rugby union player by
This has to be a leading contender for an AYFKM
Some commentators don't do their research, although would have loved to have seen Jonah try his hand at
this you? UFC commentator should've done some better research about Jonah Lomu SAD!
We bid farewell to the Jonah Lomu of Asian Rugby. Fred Moe and family will be relocating to Qatar. Standing at a...
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Dear USA, just to avoid further embarrassment, New Zealand isn't the same as Australia and Rugby isn't Aussie Rules
There was almost a manifestation in the streets over this.
This epic fail by a commentator is one of the worst blunders we’ve seen
Video: UFC commentator really shoud've done some better research about Jonah Lomu
UFC commentator announces Jonah Lomu as an “Australian Rules” football player Would love to have seen him at CHF.
calling Jonah Lomu one of the greatest Aussie Rules footballers is like saying Pete Sampras was a great running back. not
😂😂 losing it! commentator "Jonah La-moo (Jonah Lomu) a former All-Blacks & the greatest Australia Rules player of all time!" 🙈🙊🙉
So last week at the wairaki rd bakery and i see jerry brownly o.m.f.g he must be bigger than jonah lomu lol
Anyone have Jonah Lomu Rugby challenge on the 360?
Some of the Hondurans are groot. Their number 5 looks like Jonah Lomu
Jonah Lomu always speaking the truth!!
Sense football already started, time to get my Jonah lomu haircut that I get every season. 💯🏈
If Jonah Lomu still played he would not have played a lot of rugby if that was a yellow card
Ivory Coast go alright at football, but *** they sucked in Jonah Lomu Rugby.
My dad limps to the table for to'ana'i. "Ui. What happened?" "I tried to sidestep yesterday but I think I pulled something." LOLOL. Koe fa'alogo ile sidestep a Jonah Lomu.
I'm a bit in love with jonah lomu m. he's like a big muscly teddy bear xx
Can we all take a moment to appreciate how hard Jonah Lomu is.
not a handball but a tackle Jonah Lomu would struggle to escape from!
Tried looking up Jonah lomu on FB I got confused and feel old lol
Check out who is enjoying at Pukekohe... It's IRB ambassador, Jonah Lomu! NZ U 20 up 40:0 v Scotland.
i suggest we name "TANK" a la Jonah Lomu-coz he just steamrolled that dread head from England!
get good seats... next to Jonah Lomu preferably
All I'm saying is, if Jonah Lomu was running my way, im playing dead. I love my life bro lol
reminded me of Jonah Lomu a little 😄
This lad Julian Savea kind of plays like their own legend Jonah Lomu. Exciting player to watch for.
Any rugby fans who had a PS1 & Jonah Lomu Rugby in the 90s need to follow Immense.
If only the alternate commentary on Sky was Jonah Lomu Rugby commentary
Hopefully Tuilagi on the wing will be pay back for what Jonah lomu use to do to England .
Jonah Lomu holds the record for most All Black tries against England - 8 Tries.
The Wallabies are badly missing Jonah Lomu tonight
“like that since Jonah Lomu chased down Scott Hastings at Murrayfield.” Miss read that as johann lamont lol
I haven't seen acceleration like that since Jonah Lomu chased down (I think) Scott Hastings at Murrayfield in 1999.
to My dear Aussies our own Jonah Lomu of football is Going to play tonight. Vidal
Solid first half by the boys! is playing like 'Mather' off Jonah Lomu Rugby
keen to check out the Jonah Lomu doco but needs to hit the sack as am up at 5am to cheer on
Jamie Roberts comparing matthew morgan to mather on Jonah Lomu Rugby. Legend .
now watching old v match. So old Jonah Lomu playing
Heard a story about how hung Jonah Lomu is.. weow
Hulk is the football answer to Jonah Lomu! Guys a tank
Just in time for the SWC to start, my Jonah Lomu Rugby XBox game arrives.
Rugby 15 better have ultimate team! Imagine inform Tuilagi and legendary Jonah Lomu.
Manu Tuilagi on the Wing this Saturday. Surely he'll be the modern day Jonah Lomu! Let the legend live on!
When Jonah Lomu was on the wing they had more than capable centres inside of him
isn't that like saying jonah lomu was wasted on the wing? He will still be destructive
My favourite soccer video of all time! Contrast with Jonah Lomu highlights!
My plans for Jonah Lomu the Musical has had to be put on hold as someone already has that website name.
Manu is 4" smaller than Jonah Lomu & just 1 stone lighter... Now tell me he's not an exciting prospect on the wing
It was amazing go for a short back and sides come back with a Ronaldo/Jonah Lomu
Yeh saw it earlier reminds me when Bill Fotherby said made a bid for Jonah Lomu & Will Carling
Rugby: Lomu amazed at the future stars: There is a good reason Jonah Lomu spent only one year in the New Zeala...
Looks like watched our music video for Jonah Lomu. V similar to Aint It Fun. Strikingly similar. ***
My brother is 11 years old 5ft 10 and is 12st 6lbs, he's going to be the next jonah lomu
3 Jonah Lomu tackles! Heineken cup really hotting up, I fancy Toulon tmrw. Back them with our friends in coral and get free bets also, only for RBH fans
What would happen if Jonah Lomu were 18 again and playing prop in NZ schoolboy rugby? This kid can play!
Sjoe, 135kg prop. It's like stopping a train and this guy is only 18.
Daniel Ashford could this be the next Jonah Lomu? You decide! ;)
It will be much more of a goldfish bowl when I go back to New Zealand. ~Jonah Lomu
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