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Jonah Lomu

Jonah Tali Lomu, MNZM (born 12 May 1975) is a New Zealand rugby union player. He had sixty-three caps as an All Black after debuting in 1994. He is generally regarded as the first true global superstar of rugby union.

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"I didn't just turn up on the doorstep playing I had to go through a lot to get there - Jonah Lomu
When you know Pele,you can't hate soccer. When you know Jonah Lomu,you can't hate rugby. When you know LC Wei,you can't hate badminton.
A piece from Irish Sunday Indy Nov 2015 Jonah Lomu: A life lost needlessly I found it unsettling
At 6'5", 130kg and a sub-11 second 100m... Jonah Lomu was unstoppable (Vine by
all these names from Jonah Lomu rugby lol
The man who gave Jonah Lomu, Christian Cullen, Julian Savea, Ben Smith, Beauden Barrett & many other stars their first big break
1991 World Cup winner David Campese on Jonah Lomu, pre-match and making mistakes.
This is what it'd be like if normal people played 7's against a team containing Jason Robinson, Martin Offiah and Jonah Lomu in their primes
R.I.P Jonah Lomu and Jerry Collins. We missed yous both. We will pray for yous. We missed you and we love yo
Jonah Lomu, a legend & one of greatest ever players, was at Hong Kong Sevens 2015. RIP. What an amazing guy
Probate Trust Case Global similarities?!! Revealed Details of Jonah Lomu's will via
Revealed: Details of Jonah Lomu's will: The details of Jonah Lomu's will can be revealed and show he left his ...
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Jonah Lomu . A big thank you to Fui for sharing with me and helping me to understand Jonahs heritage so I could...
Reminds me of Jonah Lomu in rugby. Unstoppable momentum machine.
I added a video to a playlist Eric Rush - Hilarious & Emotional Speech at Jonah Lomu Memorial
Breast Cancer Awareness
Great video of the big man Jonah Lomu scoring a try in the 1995 RWC it's a must see.
UpComing Posts:. Top10 movies to watch on Valentines . Top10 Movies that prove relationships suck. Dnt Meet your Hero; unless it’s Jonah Lomu
Well, given Jonah Lomu died a couple of months back, there would be little chance to clash. :P
That's like Green Lantern starting a feud with New Zealand rugby star Jonah Lomu. In what would could their interests possibly clash?
Reminder - The official Jonah Lomu memorial service will be live streamed at today from 1pm. https:/…
Missed the incredible legends video messages to u13 ahead of the inaugural Jonah Lomu cup?
ICYMI: Former All Blacks perform one last emotional Haka for Jonah Lomu before he is laid to rest https:…
I'm hoping that the signature at the top is Jonah Lomu!
Jonah Lomu dies, aged 40: Rugby world reacts to death of a legend -
Jonah Lomu to rugby is kinda like what Michael Jordan is to Basketball.
Jonah Lomu: Rugby’s first global superstar, who transformed the sport
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i think Jonah lomu was great because he persevered and never gave up and as result became a great sports person .Peleki
A4 to be as good as jonah ;[ Jayden
A3 Jonah lomu because he couldn't go full power from roman
It's been revealed no autopsy was performed on former All Blacks star Jonah Lomu as his long-time doctor admits he took 'a risk' by
Carroll v Lucas. Jonah Lomu v Mike Catt all over again
I see Messi may have kidney trouble: that's what did for Jonah Lomu. 2 players, totally different physiques, identical stature!
Rest in peace to my brother Jonah Lomu. Going to miss you bro🙏
Agnatius Paasi’s Titans transformation inspired by tragic death of All Blacks great Jonah Lomu
Is this the next Jonah Lomu? 20 year old Akira Ioane is a beast! USA Sevens Rugby Book now @ ht…
Most rousing sight ever in my timeBig Yogi in full flight Football forerunner of Jonah Lomu Unstoppable God bless!
New Zealand's rugby passion: Rugby legend Jonah Lomu on what makes the country such a powerhouse at the sport.
Thanks for your support -Here's u13s through to Cup final & squad raising money for Jonah Lomu trust http…
🍺🏉On Jonah Lomu: "I'm no hod carrier but I would be laying bricks if he [Jonah L] was running at me."
he was on another planet - pace, power and skill. Jonah lomu of footy?
so not insane strength but theigh fetish. Although I've seen jonah lomu's waxwork and his legs are like that lol
Terrible few months - Our Cilla, Alf Garnett, Jonah Lomu, Bowie, Professor Snape, Jimmy Hill and Blakey from on the Buses have all gone. :(
Great tribute page for the legend Jonah Lomu at
How many SA players did it take to bring down rugby winger Jonah Lomu?
Hi May i suggest you to plot one airplane livery in Jonah Lomu memories? thank you!
WATCH: Emotional haka performed by Jonah Lomu's former team-mates as thousands paid tribute to the All Blacks star.
Sois Fort". Paris, France . Your all in our hearts and minds . At this time . Ofa atu . Jonah & Nadene ,Brayley & Dhyreille Lomu
This Rare footage of Jonah Lomu is unbelievable - Sports Bump
A tribute video I made in honor of the great Jonah Lomu
You got Ed Hillary and Jonah Lomu and the entire futzing Rugby World Cup. I'm going to have Bowie and you WILL suck it up.
'If it doesn't hurt, work harder. When it hurts, work more.'. - Jonah Lomu 1995.
One final haka as New Zealand bids emotional farewell to Jonah Lomu
Yes, a real issue. Where is your proof regarding Jonah Lomu?
Following on from their incredible Jonah Lomu cover, another fitting tribute by the .
Between Robin Williams, Jonah Lomu and David Bowie, it's been a rough 18 months.
RIP Jonah Lomu, condolences to family and friends
Great people are born between May 12th- May 14th, look at Marcelo, Jonah Lomu, willy Ambaka, look at me,Yaya toure,stevie wonder great peeps
Was never personally affected by celebrity deaths. And then we lost Robin Williams, Jonah Lomu, and David Bowie within 18 months :((
honestly so upset. Robin williams, Jonah Lomu, David Bowie. I can't take it man :(
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Jonah Lomu, Lemmy Kilmister, and now David Bowie. The world's taken some hits these past few weeks.
Jonah Lomu, Lemmy and Bowie gone within 54 days of each other.
bro just watched the Jonah lomu clip big thank you for being respectful it's still very raw back home rip big man
Bowie, Pratchett, Christopher Lee. Nimoy. Wes Craven. Jonah Lomu. It's been a *** of a last 12 months.
Omg I just found out that my hero Jonah Lomu died two months ago, I sure hope my other hero David Bowie keeps on trucking indefinitely.
The last haka: All Blacks pay fitting tribute to Jonah Lomu (via
A true legend of the game taken before his time. R.I.P Jonah Lomu
"- a fantastic tribute to a rugby legend. The most beautiful display of power!
2015: I interviewed my hero Jonah Lomu before he sadly passed away RIP to this legend
Jonah Lomu was ' broke' when he died and how marvellously greedy they are (shaft victim to make more money etc)
that's because Jonah Lomu is the better rugby game.
'People may have assumed he was able to earn quite good money' - Jonah Lomu ... - TVNZ
Really sad to hear the news of the rugby legend Jonah Lomu. RIP
New Year's Honours: Dr John Mayhew on Jonah Lomu, concussion and his 'luck' at being on…
The famous faces we lost in 2015 from Anne Kirkbride to rugby star Jonah Lomu.
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Tributes continue to flood in for Jonah Lomu, the "gentle giant"
Great episode of 2015 remembered as an incredible rugby year: not only RWC2015 but also for loss of Jonah Lomu & Jerry Collins
RW's most popular blogs of 2015...No 7. Who is better Jonah Lomu or Julian Savea?
And the first annual Jonah Lomu rugby memorial tournament taking place in the house tonight too. A fine day!
⭐️ • Rugby great Jonah Lomu was 'penniless' when he died: The New Zealand star died last month with lit...
On this day 10 years ago, Jonah Lomu made his Cardiff Blues debut in a 25-10 win over Calvisano in the Heineken Cup
OC game vs Bonymaen Sunday. Hopefully we have a good turn out in numbers but unfortunately our own Jonah lomu (Josh Richards) is off on hols
My father putting the All Blacks Rugby flag at half mast for Jonah Lomu a few weeks back
RIP Jonah LOMU . So much respect for what this legend has achieved in his career
We adopted this little cutie from t...
Covent Garden treated to a haka led by Jonah Lomu -
New Zealand rugby greats honour All Blacks legend Jonah Lomu with haka at his memorial service. Incredible.
In memory of Jonah lomu, if that's how you spell his name . good enough
Jonah Lomu, the hulking New Zealand winger who was farewelled Monday at a public memorial, dragged rugby union into the mo…
Have you seen the documentary Anger Within, about Jonah Lomu, ?.
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Curator Nina Tonga reflects on - celebrated equally in Tonga as he is in NZ.
What Jonah Lomu did for rugby was unbelievable. Such terrible news that he left us today, his legacy will live on forever,…
"I don't give up. Never have. Never Will." Jonah Lomu
We adopted this little cutie from the New Zealand SPCA yesterday morning - say hello to Tali (after Jonah Tali Lomu…
well New Zealanders are kiwis I'd name it after Jonah Lomu & call it legendary
VIDEO: Students at Jonah Lomu's former school have done an amazing Haka for the big man:.
AMAZING send off for Jonah Lomu by his former teammates doing the Haka. This is fantastic.
my fav rugby memory is the one an only Jonah lomu running fru England in 95 - that game got me into rugby
Tragically New Zealand rugby great Jonah Lomu may have died from a blood clot
just chatting to a client about rugby. How can anyone confuse Jonah Lomu with Joanna Lumley?
VIDEO: Haka tribute as Jonah Lomu mourned in Auckland Turkey WWIII
"I don't give up. Never have. Never will." –Jonah Lomu https:…
"Back to SA" with Jonah Lomu by can now also be watched now Thanks to them.
Rugby great Jonah Lomu remembered at public memorial service
► VIDEO: Thousands gather in Eden Park to remember Jonah Lomu with one last haka
MUST WATCH: All Blacks pay tribute to Jonah Lomu with powerful Haka at memorial service
All Blacks pay tribute to Jonah Lomu with emotional Haka
Three incredible haka tributes to Jonah at his funeral at Eden Park htt…
WATCH: Thousands pay tribute to Jonah Lomu at Eden Park as former team-mates perform a haka. ht…
WATCH: Irish primary school pays unique tribute to Jonah Lomu - the Haka 'as Gaeilge'
Almost finished of jonah lomu cant wait frame it think it will…
...yes, Jonah Lomu. the worlds first rugby union superstar. all because of this.
Remembering Jonah Lomu and the power of a team via
Eric Rush's hilarious, heartfelt eulogy to friend and teammate Jonah Lomu via
Former All Black player Jonah Lomu has been remembered at a special service in Auckland, New Zealand.
Jonah Lomu touched many lives around the world, even a remote rugby outpost in Libya:
I added a video to a playlist Jonah Lomu reflects on 1995 try against England | Rugby Tonight
Former England cricketer Jeremy Snape of remembers All Black star Jonah Lomu and talks team work:
Jonah Lomu's death seems to have knocked all the spirit out of the All Blacks
Former All Black and all round legend Jonah Lomu has passed away - details below.
The haka at Jonah Lomu's funeral was great and yeah you should just watch this
The late Jonah Lomu spoke for an audience in Thomond Park quite recently I believe
Beautiful "Haka" farewell to rugby legend Jonah Lomu by former teammates.
John Campbell to host Jonah Lomu public memorial service at Eden Park
Eden Park memorial service for Jonah Lomu to be live streamed.
John, you will do Jonah very proud indeed . John Campbell to MC Jonah Lomu's Eden Park memorial service via
I just found this photo when looking through Jonah Lomu's autobiography. I love it.
Key says government will help fund the public memorial service for Jonah Lomu. He's been talking to John Hart about it.
Former All Black Turner remembers day he managed to flatten Jonah Lomu in a tackle
Former All Black Richard Turner remembers the day he managed to flatten Jonah Lomu in
Classy, imaginative & (surely) award-winning tribute to the great Jonah Lomu from the
I like to think Jonah Lomu smashed through the pearly gates, walked over St Peter and scored a beautiful try in the cor…
Jonah Lomu was an icon and our first global superstar - Sir John Kirwan
Jonah Lomu was a one-of-a-kind giant of rugby for the All Blacks, who transcended the sport.
Surely the late, great Bill McLaren said it best about Jonah Lomu “It's like trying to tackle a snooker table"
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All Blacks skipper Richie McCaw pays tribute to Jonah Lomu before announcing retireme
Lomu - "May the Lord take care of that extraordinary heart and let us be thankful for knowing an extraordinary man.". htt…
Liverpool FC are saddened to hear about the passing of legend, and Reds fan Jonah Lomu. YNWA.
Rugby legend Jonah Lomu, a former star, has died at age 40 in New Zealand
Congratulations to Chris Hewitt for writing a rugby article without blaming something on Sam Burgess.
And Jonah Lomu is dead?. It's like yesterday I remember him going thru English lads like bad Guinness...
Rugby icon and All Blacks legend Jonah Lomu succumbs to kidney disease, aged 40
The best front cover tribute to Jonah Lomu yet, very touching
This will give you chills. Watch Jonah Lomu's school perform haka tribute
Brilliant tribute to Jonah Lomu on front page of Irish Examiner. via
Very apt. Nice touch by with their front page tomorrow.
Thanks to everyone for their kind words about this tribute of mine to Jonah Lomu. It was an honour to write it.
to Jonah Lomu showing glimpses of what was to come, as a 19 year old on debut for…
More than rugby: Jonah Lomu was a gentle giant who terrified opponents
Clip of an extraordinary moving, recent interview gave to http…
All Blacks legend Jonah Lomu has died at the age of 40.
'I will be the best mum to our sons' 61
South Africa: Small Pays Last Respects to Lomu: [News24Wire] James Small, Jonah Lomu's direct opponent in the ...
Three things Jonah did at 18 that you’ll never do: Having Jonah Lomu and Christian Cullen in one sevens team s...
Richie signs the condolences book for Jonah Lomu following his retirement announcement at NZ Rugby today.
This is SO worth watching. Jonah Lomu was probably the greatest rugby player ever. RIP you gentle giant.
Jonah Lomu had a weakness. Apparently he wasn't good at "cricketball" (thanks )
The best of all the Jonah Lomu anecdotes.
Joeli Vidiri struggles with loss of fellow kidney disease sufferer Jonah Lomu * 88
Our powerful tribute to Jonah Lomu touches hearts globally
Steven Gerrard leaves emotional and fitting tribute to Jonah Lomu
I obviously didn't know Jonah Tali Lomu in person, but you look at this guy and you just see an absolute gentleman! May his soul RIP..!
2011. Jonah Lomu visited He was in Italy for the “Friends for Japan” charity match.
Our powerful tribute to touches hearts globally
You'll go some to find a finer tribute to Jonah Lomu that this. From today's
This Heineken campaign is on point -
Jonah Lomu dies of heart attack, aged 40: follow latest as tributes paid to ... -
Jonah Lomu was the Lionel Messi of rugby says former Scotland star Kenny Logan
New Zealand Rugby continued to mourn former All Blacks winger Jonah Lomu on Thursday as they sent captain Richie McCaw into retirement.
Former captain Steven Gerrard says Jonah Lomu inspired people all over the world .
Brian O'Driscoll recalls story of Irish attempts to stop rampaging Jonah Lomu at World Cup
So sad Jonah Lomu passing away at 40. Never forgotten how he tore us apart in 1995. It was like St Trinians vs Godzilla. Unbelievable. RIP.
Jonah Lomu: World mourns rugby's 'first global star'
Next, Fox rugby commentator and great, Tim Horan, reflects on rugby superstar, Jonah Lomu.
«I’m really lucky, I’ve already lived more in one lifetime than many would in six or seven lifetimes» (Jonah Lomu)
Former Scotland rugby star Gavin Hastings says Jonah Lomu was “an absolute legend”
I'm not a rugby fan but found this vid of Jonah Lomu mesmerising. RIP Jonah
The day Jonah Lomu almost became a Sheffield Eagle; great tale from the boy
Jonah Lomu was the Diego Maradona of rugby and brought so much to the Welsh game - the Gareth Edwards verdict:…
Hard to imagine such a pillar of strength dying so young. Jonah Lomu was perhaps the most thrilling athlete I've ever seen. RIP.
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The StarThe day Jonah Lomu almost signed for Sheffield EaglesThe StarThe sad news of the death of New Zealand ...
Amazing that Jonah Lomu same height as Brian Lake but over 20kg heavier and ran 10.8 seconds for 100 metres in High School.
Jonah Lomu trained with Gold Coast and almost signed for 2007. He grew up playing league and was pursued by Sheffield Ea…
The day Jonah Lomu almost signed for Sheffield Eagles - South Yorkshire Times: South Yorkshire...
How the late, great Jonah Lomu was almost a Sheffield Eagles player
also has Gavin Hastings' reaction to the untimely death of legend Jonah Lomu.
► 'A great man - a great player' says Sir Gareth Edwards paying tribute to Jonah Lomu
Shocking sad news about Jonah Lomu: True global sporting legend.
Sad news about such a great sporting superstar. BBC Sport - Jonah Lomu: New Zealand great changed rugby
An inspiration, a rugby union great, husband & father. . Some of the Jonah Lomu tributes:
Lomu 'took rugby to a new level': New Zealand great Jonah Lomu will be…
Watch a tribute to Jonah Lomu, the New Zealand rugby union great, who has died aged 40.
The story of Jonah Lomu, one of the finest rugby union players of all time
Hearing Sir Gareth Edwards recall his memories of Jonah Lomu just sums up the true traits of a rugby superstar. Talent, humility, charisma.
Jonah Lomu chilling out with some locals on Dublin's O'Connell St in 1997
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Apart from Gavin Hastings, Jonah Lomu is probably the first name I remember in rugby. Don't pity the pall bearers I'll tell you.
If you see streaks in the sky it's Jonah Lomu tearing through the clouds on the wing The angels will stay top of the league RIP
"There's no doubt about it, he's a big *** " Gavin Hastings (1995). . RIP Jonah Lomu
Statement of Jonah Lomu's tragic passing from Brendan Morris, the interim CEO of SANZAR
Sir Gareth Edwards on Jonah Lomu: "What a gentle giant he was, a man who had time for everybody. He had a great impact on the Cardiff Blues"
People I'd put in that category in my life time. . Gazza. Jonah Lomu. Tiger Woods. Beckham. Mike Tyson. Roger Federer. Usain Bolt. Bradley Wiggins
The Newport Gwent Dragons are devastated to learn of the death of All Blacks legend Jonah Lomu, aged 40.
My rugby hero was Gareth Edwards but the person to have the biggest impact on the game in my lifetime was Jonah Lomu.
Gavin Hastings on Jonah Lomu: "I saw him for the 1st time in the tunnel. They're right, he is a big *** .
Rugby legend, Jonah Lomu, has tragically died at the age of 40. A giant in the sport with a giant personality. RIP. https:…
Such sad news about Jonah Lomu. Here is how I remember him.
Our thoughts go out to Jonah Lomu's family, and the Rugby community. A legend of the game.
All Lomu team on Jonah Lomu rugby is still the greatest rugby team of all time 🙏🏼
Cometh the hour, cometh the man..."As Muhammed Ali was to boxing, Jonah Lomu was to rugby" (Winston Peters)
DTN Thailand: All Blacks legend Jonah Lomu dead at 40: WELLINGTON - Rugby legend Jonah Lomu, regarded as the g...
Winston Peters has shared his respect for Jonah Lomu
RIP Jonah Lomu. Met him when I was a kid at Mt. Maunganui High School back in NZ.
NZ Rugby shocked at death of Jonah Lomu:
R.I.P Jonah Lomu the world has lost a Rugby Legend. He was one of my childhood Rugby heroes alongside Johnny Wilkinson and Shane Williams x
follow me back so I can DM you - would love to talk to you on NZ radio about Jonah Lomu
Deepest condolences from everybody at The Rabbitohs to the family and friends of Jonah Lomu on this sad day. RIP Jonah.
get to send some stash our way for Jonah Lomu rugby and ps1
Drew Mitchell eyes shared mark of Jonah Lomu and Bryan Habana
There is just no stopping Julian Savea as wing overtakes Jonah Lomu in the all-time list of New Zealand try sc
.levels Doug Howlett on 13 tries only Jonah Lomu & Bryan Habana have more with 15
No doubt Jonah Lomu is the Ali of rugby... but his 37 tries in 63 test matches can't compare to Savea's 38 tries in just 39 tests.
Good heavens, a new Jonah Lomu has emerged for New Zealand!
When Brian Habana scored the try that equalled Jonah Lomu's all time leading try scores in Rugby World Cups
Well done 2 Brian Habana on matching the great Jonah Lomu's record. May he surpass it in the next game highlighted
Hats off to Brian Habana for matching Jonah Lomu try record
Brian Habana ties Jonah Lomu for Rugby World Cup try record. Too bad it came in an absolute pasting of USA
world cup of marketing Black legend Jonah Lomu has been a star of Heineken's content marketing campaigns, inc…
Wouldn't fancy seeing this in Covent Garden later on! Jonah Lomu is still a beast. Here he is leading the haka.
All Blacks hero Jonah Lomu says England can win Rugby World Cup as he does haka in Covent Garden
It remains one of the World Cup's defining moments. The image of Jonah Lomu rampaging over England full-back Mike Catt in Cape Town has
BBC News: Weight of nation on North - Lomu: New Zealand great Jonah Lomu says the weight of expectation will b...
Twenty years on and New Zealand's Jonah Lomu still talks a good game: Jonah Lomu, Scott Quinnell and John Smit...
Jonah Lomu and Jason Leonard still going to be at Green Park with the Webb Ellis trophy tomorrow between 11am and...
Jonah Lomu and Webb Ellis Trophy will still be at Green Park tomorrow between 11am and 5pm. Festival of Rugby cancelled due to heavy rain
Comparing Vidot to Jonah Lomu is drawing a long bow
I loved the England RU team with Rob Andrew and the Underwood brothers in it. The NZ team with Jonah Lomu and Andrew Mehrtens
Webb Ellis Cup will be at Berkshire Rugby festival Green Park Reading 25th Aug (plus Jonah Lomu and Jason Leonard)
Looking forward to meeting Jonah Lomu at the Berkshire Fundraising Dinner at the RBCC that evening!
All Blacks rugby legend Jonah Lomu will bring the Webb Ellis Cup to Reading on Tuesday.
All Blacks star Jonah Lomu to bring Webb Ellis Cup to Reading
Four-year-old pitch invader scores epic length-of-pitch try that Jonah Lomu would be proud of - LE BUZZ
Jonah Lomu's doccie was so touching. Should be aired on SABC
why not? You got stripes! Its these other guys who just start playin rugby and think they are jonah lomu but theyre jus jonah lemu😂
'Guess Who' answer: JONAH LOMU. & here's his try that's voted the best try in Rugby World Cup history
Jonah Lomu looks so weird now. Is he sick? . I don't like seeing him like this. This guy was such a beast back in the day. 😔
Jonah Lomu holds the record number of tries in the Rugby World Cup with 15 tries.
I will Always big the Biggest Jonah Lomu fan!!!
Just watched The Jonah Lomu 'Back to SA' Documentary..its so sad that this wonderful human being didnt get just 6more yrs on the field!
Jonah Lomu documentry was one touching story reminding us to never be bigger than the great game of rugby.
Hi very inspirational documentary on Jonah Lomu's "return" back to SA!!! Good one mate! Will there be a repeat of it on TV?
Jonah Lomu: Back To South Africa.what a heart breaking end with Joost! 😢
Sad documentary of Jonah Lomu revisiting yesteryear in SA.
What a documentary "Jonah Lomu:Back2SA" by on Tributes all round. Respect number 11 & all the best
And people still ask me why I love this game of rugby so much. Lomu: Back in South Africa
Watching the documentary " Jonah Lomu Back to SA" such icons 20 years ago , reducing me to tears.
Wow. This Jonah Lomu doc is bringing me to tears. What a privilege to have seem him play.
This Jonah Lomu documentary with Joost is a massive tear jerker. Gee.
Jonah Lomu doccie on 201 is why I love the oval ball game so much, greatest lesson teaching sport on the planet for sure
I doubt anyone that's touched a rugby ball can say they don't know about Jonah Lomu. Even our dads who played soccer mention Lomu.
Each time I watch a doccie with Jonah Lomu I realise the impact he made in his playing days. Gentle giant
Man this Jonah Lomu documentary messing with a brother yo 😞..
Tried to watch that Jonah Lomu thing on 201, but I'm really just not getting it, I'm afraid.
James Small is now almost as big as Jonah Lomu
Jonah Lomu back in South Africa now on SS1 - hope to see a glimpse of him @ to
Absolutely brilliant Jonah. Wish our own legends will do more of that. Inspiration Lomu: Back in South Africa
These guys are lucky to have met Jonah Lomu 😭😭 that rugby field bring back memories though 😆😆
nice one guys. Taking the AB legend Jonah Lomu to Mitchells Plain in Cape Town/ South Africa Inspirational! Cc:
when will there be a repeat of this documentary on Jonah Lomu?
Julian Savea's scored 30 tries in 33 tests, but just like Jonah Lomu he's never scored against the Boks. Savea has played the Boks 5 times.
20 years ago today, Jonah Lomu got something stuck in his studs. It's was Mike Catt. . Changed rugby overnight. . http…
Jonah Lomu, George Gregan, Brian Lara, Nyjah Houston, black people that beat whites at their sports, but were never hated like Serena.
Collins died a hero protecting his baby girl: RUGBY great Jonah Lomu paid tribute to Jerry Collins’ last act of heroism Wednesday as ...
Jonah Lomu on Jerry Collins - "What they say about how they found him, he was protecting his baby,"
Mike Catt has just picked himself up off the floor to say happy 40th birthday to Jonah Lomu
Happy 40th birthday Jonah Lomu – the superhuman still in a league of his own [Sale ]
look up legends like Jonah Lomu, he is to Rugby what Michael Jordan is the basketball.
Jonah Lomu. He is a heavyweight. He'll squeeze me to a rugby ball.
Brian O Driscoll, Jonah Lomu, Dan Carter, Duane Vermeulen, Tana Umaga.. Just a few monsters in the rugby world
Stephen tries scored on Jonah Lomu rugby don't count.
Jonah Lomu ruined me for any other team. He was pure bloody poetry. Also, England don't do the Haka *dribbles*
You asked for it! to the 1995 World Cup semis where Mike Catt came off second best to a charging Jonah Lomu.
Chris Robshaw: a bloke you'd be pleased your sister brought home? Who'd argue with him? Unless it's Jonah Lomu's sister.
I once met the New Zealand rugby kid, Jonah Lomu, on a plane. I said, "I'm no fan of rugby but I bloody love 'Stop The …
Throwback Thursday: Lomu cuts through England It was the 1995 Rugby World Cup and England knew Jonah Lomu would be a handful. But even they couldn't predict the sheer power and pace of the New Zealand winger. Steamroller.
England v New Zealand - is Julian Savea better than Jonah Lomu? |
Chief sports writer asks: Is New Zealand's Julian Savea better than Jonah Lomu?
WATCH! A tribute to the legend JONAH LOMU running rampant against international sides in his prime. He was an absolute monster on the wing. share w/ a fan who needs to see this. USA 7s ticket discounts end soon, get yours @
Hey guys hope you guys like my Jonah Lomu Tribute! I uploaded this on my birthday so if you are reading this, if you want you can put 'Happy Birthday' in the...
“Is Julian Savea better than Jonah Lomu? No chance! Lomu was a freak of nature
“Is Julian Savea better than Jonah Lomu? definitely is
"Is Julian Savea better than Jonah Lomu? are you mentally ill?
Hes no Lomu. Jonah Lomu was the Messi of Rugby Union.
Is Julian Savea better than Jonah Lomu? Read more about the New Zealand winger
Better than Lomu?: England beware - Julian Savea, hailed as successor to rugby icon Jonah Lomu - is coming for...
"I was supposed to be the next Jonah Lomu": The making of UFC hvyweight ...
Indeed. A good percentage of NZers voted against their own best interests. I blame Jonah Lomu.
Jonah Lomu is the Muhammad Ali of rugby union. Julian Savea will never match ...
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