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Jonah Hex

Jonah Woodson Hex is a fictional character, a Western comic book antihero created by writer John Albano and artist Tony DeZuniga and published by DC Comics.

Josh Brolin Green Lantern Booster Gold Wild West Suicide Squad Clint Eastwood Harley Quinn Jimmy Palmiotti Gangster Squad John Gallagher Jr Megan Fox Unknown Soldier Blood Creek Michael Fassbender

reboots & endless superhero flicks are bad, but I'd really like someone to take another stab at Jonah Hex
People are saying the dark tower trailer looks like the jonah hex movie so it'll be bad?? FIRST OF ALL the jonah hex film is a solid 4/5...
I mean, I'll give it a chance. Saying it's Jonah Hex bad has to be slight hyperbole...I mean Jonah…
If the doctor told me I had six minutes to live, I'd type a little faster. . - Isaac
Angels & Demons,Lost in Space,& Jonah Hex.Directed by the guy who made the Swedish Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,would you have faith in this?
[THREAD]. Look, a few things you have to understand about Jonah Hex... (1/378)
Love Elba and am hoping for the best, but that trailer throws off serious JONAH HEX vibes...and that ain't good
It'll be the Jonah Hex movie all over again.
Look, not every fantasy western can cash in on those sweet Jonah Hex dollars.
It's modern, but the Palmiotti / Gray Jonah Hex run is pretty brilliant. A lot of one and done stories with mind blowing artists.
I have an idea that this will be maybe better than Jonah Hex
Ed Boon I would like to see Jonah Hex in Injustice 2 I think he would be a game changer
//If you guys wanna do a Legends RP I can hop over to my Jonah Hex account
Nobody found shot It was "Jonah Hex" (2010) by Jimmy Hayward. Next shot in 5 min!
I hope u bring in Static Shock and Jonah Hex
Jonah Hex. He's a badass, I'll leave it at that.
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Really? I'd love to see you on a western. I'm partial to Jonah Hex, of course.
I want to watch Ghost Rider and Jonah Hex. Random~
Spiderman, Jonah Hex and Nightwing are available at my shop!
SKETCHBOOK: Today we've got a Hex headshot by Sergio Cariello for ya. Check out more of his work over at...
Just realized Michael Fassbender was in Jonah Hex. How quickly fame washes over bad roles.
Only found out lately that James Brolin's son (the guy in westworld) was the lead actor in Jonah Hex
not sure it from a comic or free art is Jonah Hex so could be comic of that name or any run other title…
We sometimes see that, like Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds. Brolin's already been Jonah Hex, so he's a…
I know you guys talked about it in a minisode, but Jonah Hex deserves a full episode. The ONLY thing it's missing is Nic Cage.
Remember When: Half as Good Hex The photo above of Josh Brolin as "Jonah Hex" is showing up all
Michael as Burke in 'Jonah Hex' (2009) . Michael as Tom in 'The Light Between Oceans' (2016). ~ pretty different guys
William Hurt is starting to look like character Jonah Hex nowadays
oddly enough, Josie Wales sounds a little like what Jonah Hex should have been.
In that sneak peek we got a preview of Jonah Hex and a young Talia Al Ghul
please unify the DC tv and movieverse. Get Martian Manhunter a spin off show. Develop a period piece Jonah Hex and/or Sgt Rock.
That time Booster Gold, Jonah Hex, and Electro were in a band together, but Betty dumped Jonah for the Hulk. :(
I'm pretty sure I've seen all but three Fassy films. Eden Lake, Blood Creek and Jonah Hex are what I'm missing
Jonah Hex vs Django and maybe throw in the lone ranger
Future Quest 1 was pretty cool. Haven't touched a dc title since jonah hex time traveled to present.
missions as well, like Jonah Hex this season
pales in comparison to old Jonah Hex
Ya'll know I'm crazy about ma Jonah Hex!! 😁
I would love to see a Jonah Hex series. Not even a fully connected one, or anything. Just Jonah Hex in the Wild West.
I loved seeing Jonah Hex, but if I'm totally honest, I would rather see him in his own series, rather than in the team.
Ooh, Zatanna!! I love her!! Constantine would be awesome too. I'm still hoping the Jonah Hex rumor is true.
Comic book movies all weekend. Xmen first class & days of future past, Jonah Hex, & Green Lantern. Yes!
Dat Jonah Hex, tho. :) (And I will literally weep if they bring in Michael and Ted.)
I RP an OC franchise lmao. And have a Jonah Hex and Joker I feel ya. Well kinda.
Legion of Super Heroes, done propely (Star Trek style), Jonah Hex (done right this time).
"a melding of Solomon Kane and Jonah Hex"
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
You expect me to believe that? 🙄 If I could suggest adding Constantine & Jonah Hex you'd have a lock on the fanbase!
if so they really need to work on them personally the only filler episode I liked was the Jonah Hex ep but that's me
Dude. H___man dude. I REALLY hope Jonah Hex and/or Constantine joins the group next season.
Watching the Jonah Hex ep of LoT and aw, one of the buildings in the town is "Kubert's Barbershop."
The Magnificent Eight! was absolutely brilliant as Jonah Hex and the end battle was stunning!
dam that Snart goodbye was touching. So no snart, hawkman/girl for S2. Leaves room for Constantine, Jonah hex and Vixen
Jonah Hex Vs Two-Face. Who you with? Don't just like the post, choose 1!
Jonah Hex & More DC Characters Likely to Feature in "Legends of Tomorrow" Season 2
Get the feeling is channeling Sharon Stone from The Quick and The Dead in Jonah Hex episode. So cool!
See how far back Jonah Hex and Rip Hunter go on the latest episode:
DC’s face Jonah Hex in the Wild West on a new episode, TONIGHT at 8/7c!.
Jonah Hex is coming to DC’s Watch the latest full episodes now:
Watching on DVR: Jonah Hex, Kara, and A LEGION flight ring!!! Hoping we see the 31st C., but could be Rip's dad Booster Gold 2!
Supergirl was an obvious one. Gorilla City, Jonah Hex, and a Lantern Corps ring? I wonder if they couldn't use the logo so they used a 'L'
Lemme get that Quickdraw McGraw book by Jimmy Palmiotti that is just re-hashed Jonah Hex
"From the people who brought you X-Men 3, Tower Heist, Constantine, Rush Hour 3, Hancock, Jonah Hex..."
Considering most of what DC is choosing to publish nowadays, Jonah Hex should be brought back.I miss it
I may just change Flash to Jonah Hex.
it really is! :( I was gonna go as Lilah from Jonah Hex.
no don't do it!!! Though if murph is truly magical, not even the Jonah hex can stop him
many times a Jonah, but never a Hex.
Jake Arrieta has allowed 8 ER since Jonah Hex stepped foot in Wrigley
Great time once again ! My favorite takeaway? This Jonah Hex sketch by Thank you!
I say this because I'm watching that Jonah Hex movie and it reminded me of him.
First up, a couple of freebies. Secret Origin featuring Jonah Hex and Sandman.
I love you Jonah Hex and Tallulah. A fantastic ending and probably my favorite new 52 comic.
although I agree you did forget catwoman and jonah hex which were awful
Do you have any Jonah Hex from the original 92 issue series or anything featuring him pre 1986?
I just find out that Jonah Hex has become one of the evil lord in marvel universe: Thanos.
adult lilah costume white look from Jonah Hex Megan Fox
"Three DC characters are rumored to appear in "Legends of Tomorrow" and these are Jonah Hex, Arsenal and Killer Frost" AYU…
Jonah Hex strikes again. Are you writing an article about Sal Perez now?
A lightsaber put against a person's face is basically what happened to Jonah Hex, except with him it was a hot tomahawk.
// After Batman: Bad Blood hit stores, i expect Luke Fox to be used more often in comics then Jonah Hex, Batman Eternal, & Batgirl.
but did you get the Jonah Hex reference? ;-)
barbara streisand holding back her comments about Jonah Hex at dinner
I cannot wait for season 4 of Longmire. Robert Taylor is my pick for a real Jonah Hex film! /
We have a YouTube channel now! Here's a clip from our Jonah Hex via
good one! Another loss was Yosemite Sam with Jonah Hex.
These owls look exactly like the ones that were in the Jonah Hex comics, btw.
Conjunctivitis. The only upside: I look like Jonah Hex.
What is it with DC comic characters having half faces. Two-face. Deathstroke. Metallo (frequently). Jonah Hex.
Jonah Hex is the realist of them all
I really wish Jonah hex would have been a better movie, the character & setting have potential. But maybe I'm partial to westerns
Hey DC Comics... Try doing another Jonah Hex movie... But next time Do it Right !!
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No.1 reason why I can't take 'Jonah Hex' seriously? Will Arnett.
I think I'm going back to TNT for Jonah Hex
Do I switch over with or stay here for Jonah Hex,hm
Even I haven't seen Jonah Hex, and I will watch ***anything***.
This afternoon TNT will roll from early footage of the PGA Championship final round directly into a 2 PM showing of Jonah Hex.
“Hex? Jonah Hex? Oh, Hex! I'm coming for you! Hex! Where are you, you bloody hooligan?”
DC is in a craze making a lot of TV Shows like The Flash, Arrow & now Legends of Tomorrow & Supergirl. Hey... how about a Jonah Hex series?
unless it was Sgt Rock or Jonah Hex.
I have been without a comic quest since I completed my Jonah Hex run. Well now I've decided what to go after.
i own nearly every issue of both classic & pre-new 52 JONAH HEX and imo it's among my best wastes of money
just writing that you had a starring role in Jonah Hex oughta do it
Just watched the jonah hex showcase...WOW. Your a big fan of him where's a good place to jump on?
.please tell me there's a Jonah Hex/Yosamite Sam cover among them
well, I also didn't mind TMNT, liked Jonah Hex and thought how to lose friends and alienate people was golden.
Fantastic 4 movie - Wasn't great. Wasn't that bad. Just forgettable. Kind of like Jonah Hex.
FANTASTIC FOUR wins the honorary JONAH HEX award for jaw-droppingly horrendous 3rd acts. It's awesome in its complete & total incompetence.
It's a series redirection in the mid 1980s that pulled Jonah Hex into a post-apocalyptic world. So, yes!
G'Morning, All!. Poor quality quick sketch (from awhile ago), but Jonah Hex on a Segway still makes me chuckle. ;)
Just a reminder that I am a massive nerd, and cannot wait for my fall college classes. I get to read Jonah Hex for Wild West Lit! Sweet
Want to be like Jonah Hex and do the unnatural things.
Also, the new is the first with a trivia question! Answer first and win a prize! .
New and I suffer through Jonah Hex! Still, it has better reviews than .
Everyone keeps dumping in Fantastic 4 like it's the worse superhero movie ever, do you people not remember Catwoman and Jonah Hex?
“Is that all you got? Really? Jonah Hex. Jesus Christ, look at the state of you.”
FYI: the podcast also covered the Jonah Hex episode the previous week.
On page 169 of 392 of Jonah Hex, by Joe R. Lansdale
Was at Calgary Stampede yesterday. I pretend it's an alt world comic con where Rawhide Kid and Jonah Hex are the most popular cosplay
I wonder how John Gallagher Jr feels about his IMDb Known For attributes excluding Newsroom for Jonah Hex.
Oh Thomas Jane, you deserved a much better Punisher movie. And you so should've been Jonah Hex.
"I saw Jonah Hex four times in theaters."
Green Lantern and Jonah Hex were both bad
For ,my new masterpiece color edit sketch of Jonah Hex.
I would go as Two face as Im pretty sure I could modify a suit but my face paint skills lack, same as if i wanted to do Jonah hex
another good Josh Brolin film is one called Jonah hex, which I thought was good. I think either DC comics or Marvel based film.
so mad about the jonah hex movie. They kinda went full "wild Wild West". You never go full wild Wild West.
Guys. GUYS. Jonah Hex is fantastic. I have never seen a more inept film outside of the Uwe Bolle catalog.
I am eating my weight in cookies and just rented Jonah Hex. This is clearly a night full of masochism.
DC exec stares at you soberly and says, "Yeah, but what about when we made Jonah Hex?"
"Famed bounty hunter Jonah Hex has been hired to track down a missing scientific formula, smuggled…
All-Star Western - While I definitely enjoy supernatural stuff and I know Jonah Hex has some of that mixed in...
SKETCHBOOK: Jonah Hex teams up with the Lone Ranger in this commission by Tony DeZuniga...and don't forget,...
Save 47% off this Lilah Halloween costume from Jonah Hex!
People ask if there are any regrets-Here are 4 layouts for a Jonah Hex cover I never drew for
Hi love all you guys at Tt games please oh please release Darkside bigfig and/or jonah hex in lego batman 3 Thank you
I was apprehensive about Jonah Hex in modern times, but and the artists (too many to list) have made a fun book.
Looks like the Jonah hex continues with that recent column you wrote about Bochy...
Aye yai yai. ESPN cameras show that Condoleeza is in the building. Jonah of all time hex fails vs Beavers
25. Jonah Hex. For Inktober I will be posting a close-up of the characters' faces just in inks…
Dunno if it's your thing but the guy who wrote Bubba wrote some badass Jonah Hex comics worth checking out.
Jonah Hex has finished. I made it. Do I get a badge?
Have you ever done a sketch of Jonah Hex??
Say what you will, Green Lantern was light years ahead of Jonah Hex.
Jonah Hex is the stupidest movie ever.
It's a shame that DC's Jonah Hex movie failed. I believe a television format similar to how Constantine is produce would be more successful.
Guess that chick really gets turned on by British accents. From All-Star Western (January 2014).
FLASHBACK: Jonah runs into an old friend, so you know this won't end well.
Here's your chance to sample four of Jimmy Palmiotti's Paperfilms projects for free! Tips are encouraged,...
Watch Megan Fox sizzle in 'Jonah Hex' only on WB & win brand new WB speakers! *T&C Apply
Lilah and Jonah hex or Daisy and Gatsby for Halloween 😳
Adding dr mario with my all time *** just happen" list with ironman 3, Fantastic 4,Jonah hex, Bleach and naruto (manga), and arrow season 3
Also Marco Beltrami, score composer for JONAH HEX. (He's done good movies, too, but it's more fun to say JONAH HEX.)
I'd love to see him do a Jonah Hex story.
Comic Book Thursday trivia time: What colour is Jonah Hex’s hair?
Photo: browsethestacks: Jonah Hex by Russ Heath 😐 - ( Is the “.com” you want already...
you're thinking of Jonah Hex. He's a part of DC though he's not a justice league member, too violent.
I forgot B:TAS did a Jonah Hex episode. It's 100,000x better than that movie they made.
Best single issue of any book in many a year, go back and read Jonah Hex by . Fantastic series.
You did such a phenomenal job! You look exactly like her. Can you please do a Lilah from Jonah Hex makeup tutorial? I need help.
ALL STAR WESTERN TP VOL 05 MAN OUT OF TIME. After a confrontation with Booster Gold in the Old West, Jonah Hex is...
I meant to tell you good news. Got AllStar Western: Jonah Hex 27, 28 the other wk. So you & Gray's gr8 series is complete w/me.
Thanks & co-writer of great Jonah Hex book for answering this: Does Western genre have future? http…
Wanna look despair in the face? Watch any footage of Josh Brolin promoting "Jonah Hex"
Me too. Man Thing was amazing. Also Tomb of Dracula, Jonah Hex, and anything Neal Adams.
John Gallagher Jr., Actor: Short Term 12. John Gallagher Jr. was born on June 17, 1984 in Wilmington, Delaware, USA as John Howard Gallagher Jr. He is an actor, known for Short Term 12 (2013), Pieces of April (2003) and Jonah Hex (2010).
Dear Friends and Fans.There is a Challenge I have posted To a great Guy Mr. X Comics Bill Difilippantonio and He has some help with Mr. James O'Bryon... Well this Am Bill made me feel like General Zod.Now Both of these Cats..Bill and James are Making feel like Jonah Hex..( No bill not him).and I wanna say for this Game of Cat and Mouse conspiracy and Making me Feel like I have a bounty on me head with Even my Step Son Cody Hess Offering to be Bribed.WELCOME GENTLEMEN TO TEAM ANGRY!
East Texan Joe Lansdale didn't start out as a writer of comics, but he had always admired two DC characters, Jonah Hex and Batman, for their quality of being "dark knights." Jonah Hex is no sleek crusader, though: He's ugly, bizarre, and "just *** ornery." This bound mini-series of five comic bo...
Hey there. So today i spent the morning working on getting the garage cleaned and the workshop set up for tree box production. I then went through an old project box and figured out what i needed to finish that. Then i sorted through my various comic project folders and got those organized. Then i realized my biggest problem. I cant decide which one to work on first. I cant do all at once so i dont start any of them. Too many irons in the fire. Not enough hours in the day. Maybe you all can help me decide. The choices include: A-Team character pin-up ive been planning for three years now. Ursula the undead menace pinup and story for Bill Nichols (bill i would like a full script please, not just four pages lol). Rocket Raccoon Bucky O'Hare cross-over. ATARI FORCE revamp ive been on forever. Casey Jones story i wrote. Death Dealer Lords of Destruction sample from favorite James Silke novel. Sample Riddick Furyan Omega story. Jonah Hex sample. I have such horrible decision making skills. Someone make up my m ...
Cannot wait. I think your Jonah Hex is the best of the animated shorts and a sight better than the feature film.
Many of the western heroes in such as Jonah Hex and Bat Lash made appearances in the Weird Western Tales comic.
Its a shame Wes Bentley had such a small part in Jonah Hex.
Dvds and Blurays for sale. All in perfect shape. Most only watched once. Titles are in dvd: Knocked Up 2 Disc Collector's Edition (Never been opened), THX 1138 Director's Cut (George Lucas's 1st film), The Entity (Barbara Hershey 80's horror film.), Stigmata (Patricia Arquette). Bluray titles: Stir of Echoes (Kevin Bacon), Whiteout (Kate Beckinsale), My name is Bruce (The great Bruce Campbell), Night of the Demons (Edward Furlong), Drag me to *** (No cover art), Jonah Hex (No cover art), The Ruins (no cover art), The spirit (no cover art), GI Joe rise of cobra (no cover art). Dvds and blurays are $5 each or 2 for $8. I live in York but work in Lincoln. cross posted.
Talking to about the Batman/Red Tornado Christmas, now I want a THREE GODFATHERS with Bat Lash, Jonah Hex, and Nighthawk.
A cool Jonah Hex illustration by the always-awesome Darwyn Cooke.
I love the show *** on Wheels" because there have been loads of westerns that star a misunderstood easterner, an indian, blacks, immigrants from Europe but almost none star a former Confederate exept maybe Jonah Hex. Shows like *** on Wheels make me proud of my southern routes and not ashamed as many tell me I should be. Mr. Bohannin (the main character) plays a former confederate sergeant thats a foreman on the transcontinental railroad project. He's gruff, mean and shoots first, asks questions later. But he respects men and women of all races and protects those that can't protect themselves. It brings to light facts about the civil war that yankee historians try to forget. Stoked Janessa bought me the first and 2nd seasons.
THE BAT SIGNAL: Palmiotti Talks "Harley Quinn," Gothopia & Jonah Hex in the Modern DCU. Jimmy Palmiotti weighs in...
Interview with writer of Harley Quinn, All Star Western with Jonah Hex and Batwing for
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"...I think we can all agree that the Jonah Hex movie was just atrocious on numerous levels..."
Maybe it's me, but Green Lantern and Jonah Hex are two DC characters that I think deserve another chance on the big screen.
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Sac con was freakin awesome it was like comic book heaven. I've had such fun time with Joseph Moreno and Linda Oshana Moreno and we freakin met George Perez he is the nieces,talented,man I've ever met I shuck his hand twice because I've was standing in the presence a of true artist. I got his autograph on my FLASH hat and a art sketch of Jonah Hex by George Perez him self and new eight new comics this was my first time going to a comic con convention. I'm really glad and happy that I spend it Joe and Linda
Due to the Holiday illness and new content for my favorite video game I just got Thanksgiving weeks comics read. All-Star Western 25 - Jonah Hex having a blast at burning man. Aquaman 25 - So... you've read Aquaman? Batman The Dark Knight 25 - Clayface finds an audience. Catwoman 25 - See what what Selina was up to six years ao in this zero year story. Good stuff. Damian Son of Batman 2 (of 4) - Damian is a little messed up. Forever Evil A.R.G.U.S 2 - Steve rescues the POTUS and unlocks some very interesting rooms. Justice League Dark 25 - Constantine still searches for Zatanna. Swamp Thing shows up Larfleeze 5 - I like Larfleeze better than I do his book, but it's starting to catch up Red Lanterns 25 - They own sector 2814, what they gonna do with (to) it? Superman 25 - THe finale of Kyrpton Returns. I liked it alot. cool ending with a lil what the? thrown in. Talon 13 - A bunch of dudes you've never heard of go about killing eachother. Get to know this book. It's Gotham good. Teen Titans 25 - A look at ...
New: Coming Soon – Oldboy - Josh Brolin Buffs Up in Oldboy I have to admit that I&completely baffled by the awesomeness of Josh Brolin. And he is pretty awesome, make no mistake, despite Jonah Hex and Men in Black 3 (that one still makes me shudder a little). I had no idea that the son of James would turn out [&is operated by Silver Beacon Marketing. If you are seeing this content elsewhere, please notify us for a reward at:
oh, god no. Didn't even make it twenty minutes into Jonah Hex. Definitely misjudged how drunk I needed to be for THAT one.
Hmmm...I think I may have to give it another go tonight then! Can't be more ridiculous than Jonah Hex.
Coloring some Jonah Hex for DC right now then next weeks
"The country can keep to its own business and I'll keep to mine."-Jonah Hex
What's your favorite Megan Fox movie? 1. Transformers 2. Jennifer's Body 3. Jonah Hex Answer in the comments...
Been a long day jess and her friend beth is gone to the club just me and the boys chillin like villians watching jonah hex
If Jonah Hex can get his own film no *** reason why Wonder Woman should be relegated to a co-starring/cameo role in "Superman vs Batman".
Netflix should have labeled this one Superman/shazzam, and The Spectre, and the Green Arrow, and Jonah Hex, (not sure if they're anymore after this one)
And now a Batman episode with hardly any Batman. A flashback to 1883, when Jonah Hex takes on Ra's al Ghul in: Showdown.
Jonah Hex for Harvey, my 4 yr old, who loves Hex-while waiting for my daughter to get out of gym class.. http:…
Went pretty light on sketches this year but did get a couple. First, Jonah Hex by
Jonah Hex convention piece by Brian Stelfreeze, straight from his FB fanpage Stunning.
Seriously one of my favorite commissions ever. Jonah Hex and Sgt. Rock. So fun.
cool! Now we can tag you in reviews of your work! Like this piece on Jonah Hex
Loved your work on The Spirit and still loving it on Jonah Hex. Are you the only New 52 artist to draw all issues of a title?
woah I totally forgot that movie. Like, when I think about DVD film franchises, I remember Jonah hex, but forgot that.
On this raining day it's Movie night Iron man 3,the wolverine,or my 9.99 DVD set that include Spawn,the watchmen,v for vendetta, or Jonah hex the choices!
FROM THE BACK ISSUE BINS: By TONY SIMMONS It may be Jonah Hex’s summer. Sure, there are more famous (and better looking) comic book heroes hitting the multiplex screen, and there are better selling...
If this current Jonah Hex storyline doesn't lead to him being trapped thirty years in the future for a while I will be severely disappointed
Yes, he was great. The film's standout. Don't think I've seen him give a bad perf. yet (discounting, er, Jonah Hex, of course).
I hope you guys never stop writing Jonah Hex. Been a favorite since your very 1st issue & it continues to amaze! Thanks!
Jonah Hex issue 25 looks awesome. So going to devour that tonight. It's a storyline that shouldn't…
when you were filming Jonah Hex were you ever like *** am I doing?'
Gonna watch Jonah Hex because even flawed as it was, it was nowhere near as bad as they made it out to be or as bad as it could have been. I see it as a guilty pleasure that will probably end up being a cult classic one day.
Just forget that it ever happened. You do that with Jonah Hex, right? :)
Jonah Hex always kind of gave me a Batman of the Wild West sort of feel only without the mask. Not sure why.
Who the *** would want to watch low budget DC comic book movies? remember Jonah Hex?
so, apparently David Goyer's been pegged by Warner to do movie write-ups for a handful of DC properties: Booster Gold, Suicide Squad, Team 7, and Deathstroke. some writer for Yahoo! thinks this is a great move by DC by trying to make more mature-reader oriented DC movies to appeal to adult audiences... except that neither of these four properties has been under a "mature readers only" label, so that's no indication any of these would be 'R' rated to begin with. on top of that, focusing on lower tier characters and teams doesn't usually translate into big box office, especially for DC, whose Jonah Hex and Losers movies both bombed out big time, and whose Green Lantern and Watchmen movies both barely managed to make back their budgets, let alone become blockbusters... and i don't even consider Green Lantern to be "lower tier" at that! lastly, yes, Goyer wrote for the new Batman trilogy and Man of Steel, and he had moderate success with the Blade trilogy (though Trinity was considered a crap show and killed ...
JONAH HEX is a disaster of epic proportions, 100% not his fault. His three movies this year are all strong, IMO.
I'm just trying to replace with series I love. Groo, Jonah Hex, marvel Conan... Or tpb I'd like
Buy the new issue of Empire, if only to read about Michael Fassbender stalking Woody Allen and calling Jonah Hex a "Criterion classic."
good place to get your Jonah Hex fix. those tend to be badass comics
Think I am going to have a movie marathon. Jonah Hex, Hellboy I & II, Constantine, and Ghost Rider I & II. Yup there is a theme there.
Sometimes I pull the skin around my mouth back and pretend I'm Jonah Hex making wet slobber noises which is more work than Josh Brolin did.
I also included Jonah Hex and Unknown Soldier, which I think is stretching it a bit.
watching JLA unlimited featuring the justice department headed by Jonah Hex *** yeah. Glad to see them in this episode Batman has no disguise but a black coat a black hat and a brown horse wonder woman looks like an angry cowgirl and superman just like clark kent but with flannel shirts on still episode is one of a kind. Lobo just showed up. need I say more...
Starting to watch Jonah Hex. did the soundtrack? Fantastic!
My comic goals for 2014: focus more on finishing my Groo, Jonah Hex, and Bone. Switching to more trades instead of chasing back issues.
I thought people hated it. Here, I'll try another: I actually enjoyed JONAH HEX.
It kinda takes itself too seriously, but the premise is still FUN. See also 'The Raven' & 'Jonah Hex'.
No, JONAH HEX sounded like failure the moment you heard the producers were drooling over TWO-GUN MOJO and trying to make it BIG
Wasn't that the idea behind Jonah Hex/ Catwoman? Look how well those turned out... :/
You'd think so, and Jonah Hex sounded like that - but that seemed to fail.
The trailer makes JONAH HEX look like a solid attempt at a Western. You'll probably have a real fine drunk with it.
early films always died 300, eden lake, *** Jonah Hex, Blood Creek, Haywire dies in all of them hes great at dying lol
spEnding tym by watching Jonah Hex & Men of Honor..Lyk 2 Eat Pear-shape Ham...Fiesta Ham for noche buena-_-!'s "yUmmy"
Who wants a dvd of Jonah Hex for xmas?
3 words... Jonah Hex movie. They might do Preacher on AMC though.
It has to be better than Jonah Hex right?
I have said this before but Jonah Hex could easily be a smaller budget franchise could do. With hidden gems in the background.
If Warner brings more low-level movies like 'The Losers' & 'RED' and less 'Jonah Hex', i will be glad.
Josh Brolin needs to do another Coen movie or anchor a TV show before he fades away again. Jonah Hex, Gangster Squad & OLDBOY since 2010.
wow the Oldboy remakes looking like a sequel to Jonah Hex with reviews to match. for all involved.
😂😂 the only ones that you named that aren't in THE JUSTICE LEGAUE are bane and Jonah hex
Photoset: What happened this week in comics, part 2.1 Why stop with the strange numbering.NOW? Jonah Hex...
ive watched 'Jonah hex' 'my super ex-girlfriend' 'this is 40' 'jennifers body' 'spring breakers' during today, oh man i have a chilled life
I'm giving away: Jonah Hex. Check it out -
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So get Clint Eastwood to play Jonah Hex in a mini series?
So if you read Jonah Hex before bed, you're pretty much guaranteed to dream about shoot-outs.
The new wave of comic book movies has been mostly bad, but the world's Jonah Hex awareness has been raised higher than I ever dared dream.
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Kolbey Leek John Jacobs I was totally against Josh Brolin as Batman and question the people who thought that was a good idea. He was HORRIBLE as Jonah Hex and that idiotic script didn't work at all. However, with Marvel bringing in big actors to play their roles, how would Brolin be as "Punisher"? That is the only character I see him playing and with the right script, I think that could be a home run. What say you?
Kay, so Ron Perlman as Thanos is too easy. Here are some alternative casting ideas: Clint Eastwood, Josh Brolin(which would make up for Jonah Hex), Keith David, Tommy Lee Jones (not sure on the voice), John DiMaggio, my grandpa, Sam Neill, Lawrence Fishburne, or Javier Bardum. Thoughts?
Every now and again I try to figure out the perosn I've become over the years and give it up. Much more fun to try to chronicle my heroes--fictional--comics and books and see what can be made of that: Note--a few villains are in the mix. So we have in a sort of discovery in chronological order: *** Tracy, Flash Gordon, Superman, Batman, Adam Strange, Blackhawk, Fantastic Four, Thor, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Avengers, Daredevil, Doctor Strange, Tarzan, Turok, The Phantom, Magnus,Robot Fighter, John Carter, Carson Napier, Doc Savage, Allan Quatermain, Rafael Sabatini especially Captaon Blood, Lord of the Rings, Matt Helm, James Bond, The Shadow, the Bible and Puritan theology throw everything in a new light, Arthur Pink, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Matthw Henry, Prince Valiant, Phantom Stranger, Jonah Hex, the Unknown Soldier, Spectre, Suicide Squad, Thunderbolts, Dr. Fate, Deadshot, Grimjack, Quiller, Ghost and probaly others I'm forgetting. Latest I would have to say is the Superior spider-Man -watching ...
Yes please to Josh Brolin in Jurassic World. He deserves a blockbuster break after Jonah Hex and Men In Black 3.
Famous Magazine – Megan Fox on the Jonah Hex panel at the Warner Brothers…
I have a hard time picturing Warner Bros. "rewarding" Brolin for the commercial performance of "Gangster Squad" and "Jonah Hex."
Jonah hex was that movie man... *** it was that movie now it's so irrelevant
I love Jonah Hex stories. One of my favorite characters.
Watched Jonah Hex. It was bad, not horrible. Certainly deserved better than a 12% fresh rating. Critics never understood Vertigo. 5.5/10.
Just watched Jonah Hex on Blu-Ray. Is it just me or is this movie better than the critics made it out to be?!
Jonah Hex vs. the mutants! It's nice seeing Dark Knight Returns characters show up in The New 52.
are you scoring the Jonah Hex Musical?
They sure are keeping a tight lid on who the villain is gonna be in the next Jonah Hex.
I think my next comic script aught to be a cross between Twinkie the Kid and Jonah Hex. Edgy, but with a soft creamy center, and demons.
They made a Jonah Hex movie?. I guess it was so bad I didn't even hear about it.
cheers mate, I've got a fair bit to watch, if I can get Jonah hex when I get yer other DVDs back to you would be great!
I still haven't seen that Jonah Hex movie and that fact unnerves me.
Jonah Hex is riding a metal robot horse. Also Mongal is there. Yes, MonGAL. Mongul's sister.
Apologies to Michael Shannon, you are a close second, but Superman, Jonah Hex, and The Runaways cannot be forgiven.
Found this to be a cool short for Jonah Hex .
If the Wolverine movie does well, it will knock Jonah Hex out of the Top 100 Comic Book Movies box office ranking.
I'm pretty sure I watched Jonah Hex, I just can't remember what it was about. :/
yes 4 don't tell ..., no 4 Jonah hex didn't fancy it, yes 4 frequency,thats the 1 where they talk on CBs across time right?
Fact: I'd watch Origins 3x before sitting through Green Lantern, Jonah Hex or Fantastic 4: Silver Surfer again.
Turtles and Jonah Hex.your strange lol
nah I actually really love Jonah hex as a character :)
jeeesus that was uncalled for lol Not really a Jonah Hex fan. You read Trinity Wars?
Jonah Hex trailer after dum dum yappin for a bit : ).
Spider-Man 3 was better than Origins. Catwoman doesn't count. I'll give you Jonah Hex. Never saw Man-Thing. Or Swamp Thing.
really? Catwoman, Jonah Hex, Spidey 3, man-thing, league of extraordinary gentlemen.
No, It is not in my place. The prophecy defends yet kills Trigon from me. //Yep Spectre and Jonah Hex is my favorite ones
I think Dragonball Evolution is actually worse than Jonah Hex.
I guess the only comic book movies I absolutely can not stand are Jonah Hex, Judge Dredd, Batman and Robin, Catwoman, and Son of the Mask
I liked a video Jake Radaker's starring role in: Jonah Hex (2010)
ALL STAR WESTERN 22 has 30 pages of Jonah Hex madness. Out today with WHAT IF: A VS X
Of course the Punisher ain't gon do numbers he KILLS ppl come on man. Jonah Hex was *** and yall know that.
Check out one of my older film reviews: Jonah Hex (2010)
I am not ashamed to say Jonah Hex is one of my favorite movies..
Very interesting read also who else forgot they made a Jonah hex movie
I have a giant blind pimple on my face that makes me feel like Jonah hex
Finally saw these on sale. Jonah Hex. (Review soon)
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Seriously, why isn't there a All-Star Western/Jonah Hex game already? Red Dead Redemption mods can only go so far...
I thought Jonah Hex was just about below average but not entirely inept, so it's all good :)
All-Star Western - Jonah Hex in Gotham is much like the Blues Brothers in Chicago... Poor cities never knew what hit them
I will give a pound (£1) to anybody who can recommend a movie to me that is genuinely more inept than Jonah Hex.
Will we be treated to The Pirates in an Adventure with Jonah Hex? x
The people who wrote, directed and produced Jonah Hex probably live in a nicer house than you. Food for thought.
La. is "cursed" for comic book movies: Jonah Hex, Green Lantern, Dylan Dog, Bullet to the Head
Jonah Hex now THERES a comic book character that never disappoints. Unless youre talking about the movie, but who wants to talk about THAT
We're giving away Jonah Hex, and will include our commentary with it. Trivia: what was nickname when he was a chopper reporter?
It's one issue, Jonah Hex issue no. 50. It's the double-size anniversary. It prices between $6 and $10.
Just caught up on All-Star Western. If there's something I hate more than Booster Gold it's when Jonah Hex time travels. Make it stop.
Putting together a hunt list for fan expo - so far, three issues of Jonah Hex vol 1 that I am missing, Lone Ranger Gold Key and Robotechs
We have a new greyhound at work. His racing name was Jonah Hex. This is a Cool Thing.
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