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Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart (born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz; November 28, 1962) is an American political satirist, writer, television host, actor, media critic and stand-up comedian.

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Jon Stewart on Colbert itching 2b back on TV. Hope he pulls a Leno and Noah Trevor is off to SA .. or worse- on TBS after Conan
I genuinely like Trevor Noah, but man Jon Stewart on Colbert right now is reminding me just how much I miss him.
Great seeing Jon Stewart on Colbert! As much as I love Trevor Noah ,WE NEED Stewart back !
Be still my heart!. Jon Stewart is on Colbert tonight!. And John Oliver was just on Daily Show with Trevor Noah. After watching Bates Motel.😍
John Oliver on Trevor Noah's show, and Jon Stewart on Stephen Colbert's. Nice
Trevor Noah has really settled into his role on the Daily Show. I don’t even think about Jon Stewart anymore.
When John Oliver is going on Trevor Noah and Jon Stewart is going on colbert
not be English, no Englishman thinks Trevor Noah or Jon Stewart wanna be have anything interesting to say. Poor guys.
Not since Grease to Grease 2 has a replacement been this great a step down from Jon Stewart to Trevor Noah
Trevor Noah is great but I miss Jon Stewart.
Sambee or Trevor Noah or Seth Meyers or Jon Stewart. It ought to be good without DT. He has no humor. Only knows how to be ugly
The WHCD should invite Jon Stewart, John Oliver, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee and Bill Mahr to replace him. 45 would be ripped to shreds
why do WE watch Trevor Noah, Colbert, Seth Meyers, Jon Stewart, John Oliver and Johnathan Pie??
I remember that well. How I miss Jon Stewart. If not for Colbert, Myers, Noah I'd have no hope.
I miss Jon Stewart. Where do I turn? Trevor Noah is NOT FUNNY! The show is too scripted, he doesn't talk off the...
please...more Jon Stewart! Trevor Noah is unreal, but Stewart is the master
Trevor Noah is all around hilarious to me. I dunno why ppl want him to be another Jon Stewart
I miss the *** out of Jon Stewart but I must admit that Trevor Noah has grown on me.
Wikipedia: Jon Stewart (born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz, November 28, 1962) is an American comedian
Trevor Noah is so much more endearing than Jon Stewart.
> Trevor Noah... So if like me you're really missing Jon Stewart these days, I highly recommend Meyers.
Trevor Noah may be an imbecile but worse he's actually really unfunny. Daily Show used to be good with Jon Stewart - now it's just meh
John Oliver, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Bill Maher, Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, Etc.there is no humor on the r…
In terms of stand up comedy, Trevor Noah is better. But as the Daily Show host, Jon Stewart is far superior.
Is it just me, or is Trevor Noah actually funnier than Jon Stewart?
Comedian T.Noah born in Soweto, South Africa in 1984. He took over as Jon Stewart's successor on Comedy Central's T…
Trevor Noah isnt funny. Terrible successor to the great Jon Stewart.
Trevor Noah's nice and all but I prefer Jon Stewart (sorry)
Trevor Noah is middle of the road, Colbert is still funny, I miss Jon Stewart
And Noah did not have the balls to call out the DNC, Obama, & Clinton campaign. The CIA paid for Jon Stewart's ret…
Not just the news channels but also programs like SNL, Bill Maher, John Oliver, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, David Letterman, etc.
Reminder: In 2010, Glenn Beck's rally pulled 70,000 people. Jon Stewart's pulled 250,000. We have the numbers. Let's do the work. 💗
I'm trying my hardest to like him, but Trevor Noah we'll never replace Jon Stewart in my heart!
I've been rewatching The Larry Sanders Show and Jon Stewart over the last 20 years looks like before and after pres…
I never thought I could love again after Jon Stewart left There's hope ladies. I'm in crazy love again w…
These news've turned into such cliche! He already got what he wanted. So shut up & wait4
unfunny hack just like Amy Schumer. Needed Jon Stewart to carry her.
I liked a video from Jon Stewart Crashes ‘Late Show’ to Ether Trump
Jon Stewart on Trump: 'We have never faced this before' via
Jon Stewart blasting Trump is one of the best things I've seen since January 20th.
Jon Stewart says is making bulls**t the official language of the U.S.
Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert should schedule a shadow PC at the same time as WH PC.I'd love to see more press show up for…
Jon Stewart crashed ‘The Late Show’ on Tuesday night to talk about Donald Trump’s executive orders with Stephen...
Together again. Jon Stewart and how America will become great thanks to the Predator.
Jon Stewart is clearly ready for a comeback and just in the nick of time. Go get'em! Full video here -->
I've been dreaming of a world where Jon Stewart is retired and Tucker Carlson has the most popular show on cable news si…
Jon Stewart: The Presidency is supposed to age the president, not the public.
Jon Stewart savages President Trump: "We have never faced this before. Purposeful, vindictive chaos" h…
Nobody else can hold to account as well as Jon Stewart.
In case anyone didn't know, I want to have ALL of Jon Stewart's babies. He is exquisite. ❤
Donald Trump: Jon Stewart goes on a passionate rant about President on 'The Late Show'
Jon Stewart returns with a few executive orders of his own
Best line of the week "The presidency is supposed to age the President, not the public ", Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart turned a Late Show bit about Trump’s executive orders into a call to action:
Jon Stewart has a couple of predictions for President Trump's next executive order
When is Jon Stewart going to stop talking politics and do what America really wants.reboot the "Ernest Goes to" franchise.
Somebody must have Jon Stewart in a straight jacket because this would be driving him insane… I mean they’re writin…
What would you say about someone who blamed John Oliver and Jon Stewart?
If 2007 me knew that 10 years later, I would be agreeing with Sean Hannity more than Jon Stewart, I would have hung myself. But here we are.
She's been phenomenal. She and John Oliver are filling the void left by Jon Stewart while Trevor Noah finds his way.
I wish jon Stewart was still alive to guide us through these troubling times with his razor sharp satire
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OMG, Jon Stewart layed waste to Trump conservatives. That was brilliant! XD.
I want Jon Stewart back in my life. Please save us Jon.
People who need to return to the public discourse ASAP: 1. Barack Obama 2. Jon Stewart
“I don’t believe we are a fundamentally different country today than we were two weeks ago. The same country with...
Trump is an emotionally-stunted pre-teen, the media are a bunch of hyperactive dorks aping Jon Stewart, and I have no idea what's real.
Suddenly, the moniker Jon Stewart gave Trump doesn't sound so ridiculous, does it?
Jon Stewart was brilliant, Trevor Noah is just a warn….
or in the words of the great Jon Stewart "I refuse to be silent so that you may remain comfortable in your ignorance."
oh it IS good!! I don't really count it as "news" just like I didn't count Jon Stewart.
I really need Jon Stewart in my life these days.
Feeling disheartened by politics lately? Jon Stewart shares his advice:
is there anyway I can watch the full times talk with Jon Stewart?
So so much. Jon Stewart. Also the other stuff.
why did you leave us, Jon Stewart, just when we needed you most?
I think about this iconic feud between Jon Stewart and Donald Trump a lot
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there it is. At least Jon Stewart was funny. I liked doing stand up but the white men are the devil got old quick
lol... personally, I just blame Jon Stewart
is if Jon Stewart had wisdom, intellectual honesty and courage. . Well done Greg!
Conservatives actually picked a fight over *wait for it* SpongeBob via
Completely understand why President Obama and Jon Stewart need the break. (But also whenever they want to jump in the fight, we'd love it.)
And, President Putin vows to personally oversee the investigation. 🎬 Putin on the hits! .
Jon Stewart gave an interview after Trump won where he was saying like we shouldn't put every Trump voter in the racist box. I 🙄🙄😒 him
Pointing out that the other side are hypocrites is great for laughs on Jon Stewart, but it doesn't actually matter to them in any way.
"...if you are at the same level of outrage over're not really outraged about anything." Jon Stewart. Self: CALM. TF. DOWN.
Zucker's way to have 'Crossfire' 30 mins out of each 40 min on air hour & not call it 'Crossfire'. Jon Stewart knows anyway.
I think that it might be time for Jon Stewart to come out of retirement.
This is from 2014, but is so incredibly relevant today. I miss Jon Stewart's Daily Show. This is how I feel. ht…
The failing lying about my inauguration cake. The cake was very real! Jon Stewart was so much better and loves Trump!
Trump supporters: If only libruls cared this much about our troops!. yeah about that. Vs.
Jon Stewart tells Tom Brokaw that social media has 'democratized abuse'
This is would be a mighty good time for Jon Stewart to come back to television. (Please)
Surely Jon Stewart left us some kind of bat signal that we can use in case things got this bad
Where tf is Jon Stewart when we need him???
Jon Stewart left us at a terrible time
it took Jon Stewart knocking on their door for GOP to renew the First Responder's act.
We really, really need Jon Stewart back.
I'm not a religious person. I am Jew-ish, a la Jon Stewart. I had to google "we were strangers in Egypt" to find that line.
Back in Black - Trump 2012 on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart via
Actually, it all started after hearing about Jon Stewart's early years on the Daily Show. We could only watch Comedy Central in hotel rooms
Former host Jon Stewart is helping animals in a big way.
What would we do without the truth teller comedians who stand for America?? Kudos to Seth Meyers; Trevor Noah; Jon Stewart…
Google Sean Hannity and Jon Stewart. As well as Sean Hannity and media matters
Maher and Jon Stewart are funny. Colbert, Oliver, Noah, and Myers are awful.
Idea of the day...HBO creates a 24 hr news channel combining your content...add Bill Maher, John Oliver, Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart, Bill Maher, Stephen Colbert. Those are the guys I look a...
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She used to be with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. Watched for years. Now watch Trevor Noah host. Also like John Oliver.
I don't get your beef against John Oliver. He's like a Jon Stewart.
Zizek on BBC talking Trump, the failure of the "liberal" left & how Jon Stewart & John Oliver don't help matters. .
for giving SNL, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver & Trevor Noah so much fantastic material to work with. Jon Stewart we need you!
Trevor Noah is actually brilliant. He'll be around a long time I think... Jon Stewart - you picked the right guy!
When real news sound like John Oliver or Jon Stewart
Where I been Oliver? In a f'ng cave? I know u probably get your news from MSNBC and Jon Stewart late night BS - but…
This is like when Jon Stewart delivered the Oscar in 2005 for best song he said "Three Six Mafia-one, Martin Scors…
Jon Stewart takes over for Stephen Colbert to tell Trump supporters they 'don't own' America via YUP!
Tracey and Jon Stewart's dreams of opening a major animal rescue farm have just been given the green light!
I went to Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity in DC in 2010. I feel like there were more people at that than the inauguration.
Here's the deal at Get Jake Gyllenhaal as Hal Jordan. Trevante Rhodes as Jon Stewart. Fire David S. Goyer. Hire Shane Black to-
Josh Earnest signs off with 354th White House briefing, says he'd been "lit up" by Trump & Jon Stewart. He's kept his sense of humor
Josh Earnest remembers some of the biggest press briefing moments including Jon Stewart and Donald Trump blasting him
Tracey and Jon Stewart get local approval for their farmed animal sanctuary to promote animal care and veganism.
Jon Stewart opens his New Jersey farm to neglected animals
Jon Stewart just turned his farm in New Jersey into an a
David Goyer writing movie. Movie will focus on Jon Stewart and Hal J…
Jimmy Dore fills the hole Jon Stewart left for me. . Critical comedy.
It's beyond selfish of me, but I really wish Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert would go back to their former shows. Just for…
I would have made you ask a ?I did at MTV's Jon Stewart show.He had Kelsey Grammer,Johnny Galecki,Jeffrey Tambor, n Barry White.
Sad we get real news from comedians and manufactured garbage from newscasters. is the new Jon Stewart but even better
Former 'Daily Show' host Jon Stewart, wife receive a key approval to open an animal sanctuary in New Jersey.
1999 - Jon Stewart took over as host of Comedy Central's satirical newscast, "The Daily Show," replacing original h…
… "… welcome, welcome to 'The Daily Show'. Craig Kilborn is on assignment in Kuala Lumpur; I'm Jon Stewart." .
Why is no one calling out trump about his admin if media is not fake? Jon Stewart and Jimmy Dore are on google's youtube & being censored.
Is Meryl Streep more overrated than Jon Stewart? Megyn Kelly? Jerry Seinfeld? What about Little Marco Rubio?
TIL in 2004, Jon Stewart went on CNN's TV show Crossfire and criticized hosts Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala for t…
Relax the wealthy elite he's citing is Jay Z, Beyonce, Jon Stewart, Michael Moore, Colin Kaepernick, Streisand, Gag…
my favorite thing about Tucker Carlson is when he lost that on-air fight with Jon Stewart.
o an Jon Stewart n Jon Steven is FBI most wanted with Roberts from DC to MD ask Dee faggets boxers n la boxinmd
OMG! Don't ever die, Jon! My husband and I had a standing Jon Stewart date every night. We really need the comic relief now
George Lucas telling Jon Stewart that Obi-Wan's home World is Stewjon is hilarious to me.
does Arby's roast beef count as meat? If so, then that's occupying the bottom spot. Just ask Jon Stewart.
. Charlie Rose Show . . Tonight on a full hour with Jon Stewart.
And to steal a Jon Stewart line, get Robert Redford and leave him at the bottom of a river for 3 days to play Steve Bannon.
Jon Stewart is running for POTUS 2020,can't wait
should have left "journalism" when Jon Stewart blew his *** up on his own show. This proves how sad he is.
It's a decade old, but Jon Stewart's take-down of him is still one of the best things ever.
Just like when Jon Stewart showed using wrong protest footage:.
then why do they do this so much, Jon Stewart made segments on it b/c it was so bad
. Fox used to be the worst by far.Jon Stewart proved it daily. But now w/both parties corrupt, all media is
I can definitely see that being brokered by McConnell Sure miss Jon Stewart mimic of him and Lindsay Graham
I'm feeling like Jon Stewart taking cheap shots at Arby's. Ok, MoS/BvS apologists, you're off the hook. Just stop bringing it…
to Jon Stewart, who talked about moving to another planet: Your spaceship is waiting
also: arguably edgy teenagers have a head start on the Jon Stewart's of the world anyway
John Oliver will soon outlive his leftish usefulness and join the scruffy washed up comic bin with Jon Stewart.
Jon Stewart referenced BK once and hiw every prediction he made was wrng. Notunlike Jim Cramer & Larry Kudlow
Jon Stewart urges those with 9/11-related illnesses to sign up for Zadroga Act
Playing the role of Jon Stewart in this year's Champion vs Champion match is Chris Jericho!
Trevor Noah is the absolute WORST. Going from Jon Stewart to him was perhaps the biggest downgrade I've ever seen.
Jon Stewart, 9/11 health advocates urge victims to enroll in Zadroga Act programs: “There's no downside to this”…
Jon Stewart used to routinely pick on Arby's, used their logo too. One time giggling, he said I don't know why we…
Trevor Noah proves he's Jon Stewart's successor as he takes Trump supporter apart piece by piece
McConnell & Ryan...have made political careers out of telling people gov doesn’t work, then ensuring that it doesn’t
Stewart to inform 9/11 first responders about free health care
Jon Stewart weighs in on the absurdity of the 2016 election at a comedy benefit - Business Insider: Business ...
I can’t be the only one who thinks PUtin wouldn’t have dared to hack us if Jon Stewart were still on the air
'Fake news' was first used in ref. to Jon Stewart-type shows. Language now needs to be smarter. Propaganda, satire, parod…
Jon Stewart urges 9/11 victims to enroll in Zadroga programs.
it helps that Jon Stewart looked drunk in that pic to begin with. lol
If someone said I hate Jews, I'm going to tell them how much I like Jon Stewart and Milo Yiannopoulos.
Down 30 with Dez, Zeke, and Jon Stewart v. Cole Beasley and Cameron Brate in our fantasy semis. Not looking great so far.
Jon Stewart urges 9/11 responders to sign up for Zadroga Act
Jon Stewart urges 9/11 first responders and survivors to use healthcare coverage available through the Zadroga Act.…
Remember how many times Jon Stewart "destroyed" Glenn Beck yet his kook viewership kept on rising?
Biden enlisted 9/11 responders in cancer moonshot, but thanked Jon Stewart first https:…
.you are helping to fill my Jon Stewart void w/ both laughter & intelligent clarity. Thank you
Great example right here of how picked up where Jon Stewart left off:
He is one of the many gems from New Jersey. Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, Kurt Sutter, Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, etc.
I loved how Jon Stewart called Dana perino the tiny dancer of deception. That's what I think of Conway.
... Instead always met with mockery. Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity in the face of Glenn Beck. 2/
I have to tell you I enjoy Jon Stewart. That's the truth. I actually...
I love how the same people who got their news Jon Stewart, Steve Colbert and Bill Maher are now decrying fake news.
Jon Stewart finally went long about the election and Donald Trump via
Have you seen the Jon Stewart video on this?
Tracey and Jon Stewart are expanding their animal rescue farm | MNN - Mother Nature Network
he *** *** I'm getting into this field just so I can end his career like Jon Stewart did
John Cena and Ric Flair confront Jon Stewart on Raw. Dee at The 🦁.I got to Do what I gotta Do! LA😂
I haven't watched a single episode of the Daily Show since Jon Stewart left. That dude Trevor Noah is real corny.
Happy birthday Jon Stewart! You are a beautiful ray of sunshine in this dark dark world.
One thing Jon Stewart instinctively got right, was his observation that culminated into the "Rally to Restore Sanity" (1/3)
Worth a watch - Jon Stewart on Daily Show history, the election: via
Jon Stewart on America’s complexity: "The same country that elected Trump elected
Jon Stewart on diversity on The Daily Show - YouTube
BREAKING: Jon Stewart EXPLAINS why Trump WON. Points out the hypocrisy ...
Jon Stewart on the election. Brilliant as usual --
Saw Jon Stewart at the Starbucks near the lab. I tried to play it cool, but I think my sweating and hyperventilating betrayed my emotions.
Used to watch Jon Stewart, but even his humor was like 75% just saying something and making a face
*BREAKING NEWS* as from 9th January 2017 ex Bournemouth fc and Burnley fc goalkeeper JON STEWART will be joining us as a coach
Jon Stewart on diversity on The Daily Show via
If you don't stick to your values when they're being tested they're not values: they're hobbies." - Jon Stewart
Would you drop jon stewart for tevin colemon?
Simpler times: . Plays the Race Card on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart via
What even would Jon Stewart have to say about this thing or that other one
At least Jon Stewart was funny, compared to this ***
Daily Show host Jon Stewart slammed CNN 4 falsely reporting arrest of a suspect in bombing at Boston Marathon.
Jon Stewart mentioned this in an interview last week.
has ruined the Daily Show.. The man isn't funny!? Bring back Jon Stewart!
Perhaps millions voted for Trump over Clinton in reaction to Jon Stewart's self imposed retirement. He can't possibly stay away now can he?
I liked a video Jon Stewart on the "gift" of "The Daily Show"
In 2006 Seinfeld was on and talked about it.
Remember the work Jon Stewart has done for the first responders? I hope we see or do a campaign for
Still miss Jon Stewart but I think the truth telling against the tidal waves of distorted news was wearing on him.
No media. Who covered 100,000 people in the streets in Madison everyday in 2011? No national media except Jon Stewa…
I can be in 20 movies. But I'll never be an actor. ~Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart is on tv more now than he was when he had a tv show.
In book excerpt, Jon Stewart and 'The Daily Show' staff look back at first post-9/11 show
. It took years for the Daily Show to turn Jon Stewart into a misanthrope. It took months for Trevor.
Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert nearly left Comedy Central in 2012, new book reveals
Comedians should look to the example of Jon Stewart during the George W. Bush years
Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert nearly left in 2012 according to a new book.
Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert Nearly Left Comedy Central in 2012, | And we see how stupid execs are now!
Interesting to pull back the curtain on the great and powerful Oz, Jon Stewart. And, yes, we still miss you!
and if Green Lantern gets a game his voice should be Phil Lamarr from Justice League as Jon Stewart https:/…
conflates fake news in the headlines with Jon Stewart's former show then compared is to the "redefinition" of gender roles.
Jon Stewart makes a great point. What does "Make America Great Again" mean? What was it before?
Also remember when Jon Stewart told us to stop comparing people to nazis? You were wrong Jon. You were very wrong.
Charlie Rose spoke to another Jew, Jon Stewart, who was much more measured in evaluating Trump than previous Jews
and I sure miss Letterman and Jon Stewart
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. Jon Stewart the Voice of reason in America.
Jon Steward says sensible things. Decent people of world, unite!
The Daily Show (The Book) An Oral History as Told by Jon Stewart, the Correspondents, Staff and Guests Jon Stewart…
Celebrity Sibling Casting:. I feel like Roger Bart and Jon Stewart could totally have played brothers in something.
I'm thrilled to be asked to host the Academy Awards for the second ti...
the moron host of the Daily Show... he took Jon Stewart's spot.
Jon Stewart says not all Trump-voters are racist just b/c they think a lower insurance premium is worth deporting 11M & b…
Jon Stewart: "Donald Trump is a repudiation of Republicans"
Jon Stewart analysis of the election
I'm not over Jon Stewart's punk response post-Trump. He seemed more interested in protecting feelings of Trump voters than lives of POC
If we're talking about silly celebrity candidates, screw Kanye 2020, let's go Jon Stewart 2020
Seth Myers has become my new Jon Stewart.
Media had no problem championing Jon Stewart & now laments people embracing fake news. My latest at .
White ppl are too emotionally invested in viewing whites as "good ppl" than stopping racism. Jon Stewart's weak AF response sums it up
i'm still confused how Jon Stewart became Old Jew overnight. what happened?
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When and sit down together, magic happens. The only person missing is Jon Stewart.
I liked a video from Jon Stewart on Donald Trump
Jon Stewart on President-elect Trump, hypocrisy in America via
Remember this version of Jon Stewart? You know, before he went full establishment sellout.
Called my mom to confirm Jews are people. Waiting on calls back from Larry David, Jon Stewart and Optimus Prime.
Watch: Jon Stewart says Trump supporters are not racist and liberals are being hypocrites.
Jon Stewart, raise awareness for animal rights at starry gala
Jon Stewart on why Donald Trump is a "repudiation of Republicans"
Mike Huckabee as ambassador to Israel is the worse thing to happen to the Jewish community since Jon Stewart left "The…
Jon Stewart isn't some philosopher king. He's a washed up comedian who flatters the sensibilities of smug liberals. Stop inter…
Jon Stewart comments on the election, we need him more than ever now
real talk from Jon Stewart. Worth a listen
Jon Stewart on President-elect hypocrisy in Something to consider.
You know liberalism has hit rock bottom when Jon Stewart turns on liberalism.
I think if we have to endure for 4 years then Jon Stewart should be forced to come back to TV to get us t…
Every animal has a story. This is Frank's, as told by Jon Stewart. Video→ . ❤️
Come back, Jon Stewart. Please come back, you sharp as a tack, poetic, whip smart, soulful American.
People in media who shared 25 clips a day of Jon Stewart & John Oliver are very concerned about the spread of fake news
Good for Jon Stewart, for being a consistent liberal and not treating all Trump supporters as a monolith.
A very thoughtful man. America is a melting pot. As we are trying to create something nobody has never done...
When Jon Stewart is needed most, he chooses false neutrality & being liked vs. taking a stand -like his 2010 march
It was a great day in Alt-right world when Jon Stewart retired.
⚡️ “Jon Stewart says Trump voters are not a monolith” -- He's not wrong. D's & R's failed to understand this.
The most trusted news source for liberals in 2012 was...THE Daily Show with Jon Stewart. So now people want to worry about…
Jon Stewart is right: most Trump voters aren't bigots––but they don't consider bigotry disqualifying for their president…
Jon Stewart call out leftists as hypocrites for calling all Trump voters racist. Now, predictably, the mob is turning…
Jon Stewart on Thursday offered extensive thoughts on the election of Donald Trump:
You know you're in "breakup with your fave" territory when bigotry cheerleaders and hatemongers like this one give…
“I feel badly for the people for whom this election will mean more uncertainty ' insecurity. The fight has never been easy." Jo…
Jon Stewart on the election: Republicans ARE the swamp
Jon Stewart is right. None of the Trump voters I know voted for white supremacy or to normalize sexual assault. They vote…
Starting to wonder if Jon Stewart and David Letterman were the only people effectively holding the media in any way accountable.
I love Jon Stewart as much as you do. He's hilarious. But that hilarious guy remained silent during much of the electi…
Far from seeing every Trump voter as racist, Jon Stewart calls the idea a liberal "hypocrisy"
“Nobody asked Donald Trump what makes America great.” -- Jon Stewart on the election.
Nobody asked Jon Stewart what he thinks would be a good president.
Obama promoted "Fake News" show, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, appearing on it 7 times over 8 yrs, lauding it for reachi…
Jon Stewart is correct that not all Trump supporters are racist. But they heard what Trump said, and voted for him. That'…
Jon Stewart blames Trump’s win on Democrats and Republicans alike
'That hypocrisy is also real' — Jon Stewart takes liberals to task for calling all Trump supporters racist
Credit where due => Jon Stewart Says "Calling all Trump Supporters 'Racist' is Hypocritical"
Jon Stewart: Nobody ever asked Trump what makes America great
Need advice on a flex play this week in a 1/2 PPR, Jordan Howard, Thomas Rawls, TY Hilton, Jon Stewart or Jarvis Landry??
Yes, this is a fascinating takedown of the John Oliver/Jon Stewart style of brainwashing. Read it and de-program yours…
Then talk to the people in media whose entire careers are based on harvesting clips of Jon Stewart & John Oliver.
or Trevor Noah, Samantha Bee, Amy Schumer, Stephen Colbert (his old stuff was decent), and Jon Stewart for that matter? 🙄🙄🙄
We need Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert doing what they used to do so very badly as a counter to all of the media cooperatio…
Jon Stewart (Car or Blount at RB? Need 3 wr out of J. Landry, Marv Jones, T. Pryor, R. Cobb, W. Snead or Davante Adams. Thx.
Jon Stewart delivers a much needed post-election moment of zen on Samantha Bee
An Exercise in Escapism with Jon Stewart | Full Frontal with Samantha Be... via
In my opinion Lee Camp is the new upcoming Jon Stewart.
Jon Stewart interview w/ - how people turned on MLK when he talked about poverty & foreign policy
Good point, Tavis Smiley really explains this well in his interview with Jon Stewart.
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