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Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart (born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz; November 28, 1962) is an American political satirist, writer, television host, actor, media critic and stand-up comedian.

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People who were supposed to leave the US when Trump won. Jon Stewart. Stephen Col-bear. Rosie O'Donnell. Chelsea Hand…
"Jon Stewart" I can guarantee that any citizen who voted for Trump is more devoted to him now than ever. This incessant assa…
I cannot wait for next HBO documentary on Jon Stewart's scrapped animated political HBO show on the 2016 election
Jon Stewart stopped by to help launch Conan’s campaign to benefit Enter to be Conan's co-host for a n…
Jon Stewart reckons with one year of Trump:
Jon Stewart, if you want to impress the world with your political intellect, how about making an appearance on one of cable…
New top story from Time: . In order to prove his loyalty to New York City, late night host Conan O’Brien agreed to…
Thanks to Jon Stewart for helping me launch my campaign to benefit Enter to be my co-host for a nig…
Jon Stewart: "Where in New York City is the ball dropped every year?". Conan O' Brien: "Citi Field"
Jon Stewart reflects on Trump’s election: ‘We put our d*ck in the toaster and are waiting to see what happens’
Jon Stewart, mock Trump at fundraiser for veterans
Everything going completely to *** can be traced to Jon Stewart's departure from the Daily Show & you can't prove me wrong
Christian McCaffery is probably going to be just a WR from here on out. This trade helps Jon Stewart the most.
Kid has Jimmy Kimmel-themed bar mitzvah and Jon Stewart is ticked
BONUS VIDEO: After Pirro's 2002 hopes were dashed, she tried to run again in 2006 but... take it away, Jon Stewart. htt…
I agree w/ Jon Stewart, every young american should be obligated to spend a certain time in some type of community service
Jon Stewart breakdances onto Jimmy Kimmel Live with an incredibly awkward offer - (blog) :
The best post-Jon Stewart show host on Comedy Central was cancelled, but now he's Black On The Air with a podcast!
The old Jon Stewart trick: 1) Take clown nose off and lecture everyone. 2) Get called out. 3) Put it back on and say "I'…
New 'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah says he's not trying to be Jon Stewart - Sep. 28, 2015
Jon Stewart was brilliant, Trevor Noah is just religion for even bigger ***
The worst thing about 2017 is that we have to experience it without Jon Stewart.
Jon Stewart gives "Weinstein & Weiner goes to Washington" an Oscar worthy Review, even before he has seen…
TONIGHT: POTUS is tired of "unfunny" late night hosts giving him a hard time. So the very "unfunny" Jon Stewart is her…
Again, who cares. Would you go to Jon Stewart for medical advice?. Than why take a comics opinion on politi…
How "Egypt's Jon Stewart" uses satire to target political opponents and inspire action
Look at the sad face of Jon Stewart. It shows the despair of a man who realizes his anti Trump tirades are not working.
Fact: Trump may be narcissistic, but is not a sociopath nor a racist. Fact: Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert
I don't watch Fallon because he talks about stupid things. I like to watch Colbert m…
Jon Stewart is an ACTOR, AN ACTOR, no, his opinion is nothing! he is just an actor anyone who follows thes…
Stephen Colbert grants Trump “equal time” by making Jon Stewart say nice things about him:
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Who cares what Jon Stewart has to say!!
Jon Stewart, just another way to stay visible, as usual, nothing to say, he’s superficial
Might as well give Jon Stewart the job for Arby's while we're at it! 😂👊
As promised, my new Dance Fall Playlist has arrived here on this blessed Stream it, share it & LIVE…
Jon Stewart tries to put positive spin on Trump.
Every single time Jon Stewart pops up on it's pure gold.
Jon Stewart sees himself as some sort of liberal messiah. Hated his show, never seen a more entitled, arrogant man spew nonsense
LOL...Jon Stewart another . These guys all call Trump a sociopath, but then act like one to t…
I'm not a big Jon Stewart fan but he was spot on with that
Don't repeat statements from sources that are not credible. Jon Stewart is the voice of dirty propaganda.
Jon Stewart looks to be on drugs again!!!
Watch the video, awesome. Vegan baking is fun AND delicious!
Is this the drug addicted Jon Stewart?Whats funny is he thinks his words mean something?Like every other L…
Jon Stewart has a mental problem, seems obsessed to want to share it with the public, Guess he's hunting for the mockingbird
Jon Stewart Leibowitz is just a washed up bum looking for some attention and a job. Who cares?😴💤
Jon Stewart is irrelevant. No one pays any attention to him and the Hollywood crowd anymore. Talk about a…
The President asked for it, so gave it to him. 'Equal Time' on Late Night. h…
Jon Stewart went OFF on Trump on last night and it was glorious. https:/…
Jon Stewart calls out President Trump in a tirade on Stephen Colbert's show
.For years before Trump’s campaign, Jon Stewart referred to what he did on THE Daily Show as fake news.
If it ever comes out that Jon Stewart or Chris Evans sexually harassed women I will be giving up on humanity, officially
I'd love Colin, Ewan, Idris and/or Taron in DCEU. Great UK actors who'd be great as Constantine, Jason Blood, Jon Stewart and Jason Todd
Kon: tells me a whole *** story about Anderson Cooper. Kon: wait. Wait. It wasn't Anderson Cooper. Kon: it was Jon Stewart.
Didn't know Jon Stewart changed his name to John O…
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch Jon Stewart-level political analysis minus any wit whatsoever? Wonder…
Right- all Jews are Neocons. Jon Stewart, Bernie Sanders, Larry David, my Jewish friends, my Jewish relatives, & I…
Jon Stewart's existential crisis on a new Plus, an cameo from Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.
200 EPISODES of Jon Stewart's Warm your heart with an Eric Idle sing-a-long on pod on
Jon Stewart, John Oliver and Trevor Noah Reteam for ‘Stand Up for Heroes’ via
New post (Article: Sexiest Halloween Costumes Revealed by Jon Stewart and Kristen ...) has been published on D ...…
Drew and Mike listening to Dan Rather and Jon Stewart crying after 9.11.
Voices Founding Director Mary Fetchet, Jon Stewart and Founder & President of the Fealgood Foundation John…
Congress had to be shamed by Jon Stewart on The Daly Show in to approving funding for 1st responder…
Even in just 10 yrs. A Jon Stewart rally now would be counter protested by literal nazis. An idea that w…
I was just thinking about when I attended the Jon Stewart rally which shockingly had Kid Rock play a son…
when Jon Stewart and Steve Carell were on TV together all the time... 😂😂😂 (and Carell too). http…
Luv me some Jon Stewart and "assholian" works well to describe the WH 'gang'.
Well, but Jon Stewart coined the adjective "assholian." So I was building on that.
Trevor Noah just isn't funny. Where are the jokes? This is supposed to be a comedy show but it feels like a lecture. I want Jon Stewart back
Maybe it's because I was a Jon Stewart fan...or maybe it's because I'm getting older...but I just don't find Trevor Noah's jokes funny.
Where's Jon Stewart when u need him—to rip Trump a new a••hole?. cc:
Jon Stewart & John Oliver on 8 years ago. . Genghis Khan couldn't do it 900 yrs ago. Neither can we.
Jon Stewart, that's the Comedian you used to get your news from right? . Stephen Colbert now I'm sure.. 😆
Jon Stewart goes off about Donald Trump's response to neo-Nazis
I can't picture Fred Thompson without remembering Jon Stewart interspersing footage of him with Foghorn Le…
Jon Stewart is Tiki Barber leaving the before they went onto win 2 SBs. .
Any negative polls are FAKE NEWS! Low-life Jon Stewart had my "wires tapped" in Trump Tower just before the victory. THANKS!
Chris Rock,Aziz Ansari & Jon Stewart dropped into the Cellar last night. Don't think all 3 dropped into the same show but If I were in town
Jon Stewart = Why Obama won. Tapper. Cooper. Todd = Why Trump won. Acosta. Cuomo. And they still...don't...get it.
So youre telling me that Todd Gurley is one point better than a 30 year old Jon Stewart and 30 yr old…
Jon Stewart '96 HBO Special. "Tomorrow I am to be shipped to the Golan Heights, were I may lose my life... Touch it. Please."
“If you don't stick to your values when they are being tested, they're not values: they're hobbies.”. ~Jon Stewart.
Jon Stewart made a surprise cameo on Jimmy Kimmel Live, to harangue a boy who had a Kimmel-themed bar mitzvah.
Jon Stewart will do a new standup special for HBO.
This is bound to be an awesome special!! If you've never seen Jon Stewart - make the time. Humour at its intelligen…
Kind of like your rating since Jon Stewart left
Jon Stewart will return to the stage with two stand-up specials
HBO says Jon Stewart will headline two specials for the network, a stand-up special (date & loc TBD) and Night of Too Many St…
NEW: Jon Stewart to do 2 comedy specials for
Mahershala Ali confirmed for next 'True Detective'; Jon Stewart to return to stand-up in HBO special…
Jon Stewart returns to HBO for first stand-up special in 21 years.
telling anyone to "stop the demagoguery" just about made me fall off my chair. God I miss Jon Stewa…
Jon Stewart is getting two HBO specials, so everything isn't total garbage
Jon Stewart is returning to HBO for his first stand-up special since 1996
I blame Jon Stewart's retirement for the state of the world
Jon Stewart to headline two HBO comedy specials
Jon Stewart went from star of 'The Daily Show' to "Who" overnight. Bad move leaving TDS two years ago.
On November 18, Jon Stewart will host Night of Too Many Stars benefit to support
Jon Stewart returning to HBO with standup special (from
can't build a barn with two nails in a scrodem, can't do it. Jon Stewart '96 HBO special.
Jon Stewart is starring in his first stand-up special since 1996.
Jon Stewart returning to HBO with standup special - - CenturyLink
Wow, Tucker Carlson is an *** We need to get Jon Stewart to put this triggered snowflake in his place again
Jon Stewart is about to release his first stand-up comedy special in 21 years
.taps Jon Stewart for his first stand up special in over 20 years
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BREAKING: JON STEWART to headline two HBO comedy specials, his first since the 1996 HBO presentation “Jon Stewart: Unleav…
It's looking less & less likely that Trump is going to remove a rubber face mask & wig to reveal that he's actually Jon Stewart doing a bit.
Really? You know TV news personalities, and even Jon Stewart, visited with President Obama o…
Everything you need to know about presentation at Jon Stewart! Watchmen! True Detective! Deadwood!
Man, might actually be even better than Jon Stewart as host of the Daily Show. Dude just kills it, every time.
that people are buying it is also very 2017. (But frankly it's also 2007, or any other year -- e.g., Jon Stewart, etc.)
I liked him once upon a time when he'd spar with Jon Stewart but he's sold his soul to the devil. I can't even wish him well.
Where is Jon Stewart when we need him? Lumpy has been even worse than normal the past few weeks
Jon Stewart is a piece of trash who uses comedy to hide his lies and propaganda. His audienc…
In past strangers have told me I look like Greg Kinnear, Jon Stewart or even (drunk ones) George Clooney. A new one this wk? Steve Martin.
Jon Stewart as the GL for the league would make pretty much everyone happy, even the psychos.
at all. Even he said he was done with the role. They should drop Hal entirely and give Jon Stewart a look tbh
Btw in this clip Duke comes off even less extreme. It's crazy. But as Jon Stewart famously said to bow ti…
New episode of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
I really enjoy "A Closer Look" segments. It feels reminiscent of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
'The Daily Show with Jon Stewart': A series in review
21 of Jon Stewart's best political interviews on 'The Daily Show' | The Daily Dot
Jon Stewart did the same very often under the pretext of comedy even though neither he nor his viewers thought much of him as comedy.
None of these actors and singers wanted to be president when Jon Stewart was on the Daily Show..
Do you ever wonder if Jon Stewart or Colbert get their scripts for the evening show at the same time as the people they're gonna joke about
What is The Daily Show with Jon Stewart's political leaning, and how is it expressed? - Quora
I was at SS 2015 for Cena vs Rollins complete with Jon Stewart...and Taker vs Lesnar.…
Jon Stewart, 'Daily Show' crew reunite for skit:
Did you write the same article on Jon Stewart and the Daily Show?
Jon Stewart unloads on CNBC's Rick Santelli for ‘bail[ing] out' of Daily Show appearance.
Not sure what I was expecting for the but this wasn't it... Thought it would be like the US "the late show with Jon Stewart"
Approving of so far! Jon Stewart's Daily Show hard to live up to, but not bad, not bad at all!
Jon Stewart was the greatest no question. Trevor Noah is criminally UNDERRATED if you think I'm lying watch the sho…
I watch Daily Show with Trevor Noah (&Jon Stewart before him) John Oliver & SNL so I stay up to date.
Didn't that happen on the Jon Stewart show in the 90's
That's a lame as Jon Stewart saying TDS is just a comedy show.
Jon Stewart teases Boris Johnson about drugs on the Daily Show | Political Scrapbook
My first encounter with the Rubick's cube occurred just as claimed by Jon Stewart on Thursday night's Daily Show.
The problem is the guy just isn't funny at all. Not even a little bit. I could listen to Jon Stewart's li…
Jon Stewart almost quit Daily Show over *** coworkers
A timelapse of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, from season 3 through 20 / Boing Boing
President Obama on 'Daily Show': 'Jon Stewart cannot leave' - Jul. 21, 2015
from the Jon Stewart unofficial fan page that I got sucked into following. I take horrific offense to this crap & even worse
NO First they came for Jon Stewart, then Stephen Colbert
over 900K left the city since 2010...definitely not the norm, Even NY diehards like Jon Stewart are leaving
Jon Stewart to Delco teen: Jimmy Kimmel wrong choice for bar mitzvah theme
It's like a parody of Jon Stewart doing a parody of Glen Beck, only scripted by an insane asylum of in…
(((They))) are just rubbing it in your face by having (((Jon Stewart))) present this.
Maybe Gael García Bernal (Jon Stewart's idea of an ideal Iranian) can inherit the Anthony Quinn monopoly of Middle…
Remember when Jon Stewart said that it was unfair to say that everyone who votes for Trump is racist. 🙃
Jon Stewart weighs in on the Mr. Met controversy. Hear about his other passion project, the Warrior Games, this Sunday at 9a ET on…
Jon Stewart joins ESPN as co-host of 'SportsCenter' from the Warrior Games in Chicago.
Be sure to watch this week's E:60. Bob Woodruff talks w/Jon Stewart.
How about Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert filling in for you while u r off? That way your am…
Jon Stewart owned this moron a long time ago, he`s not even a…
No talent Jon Stewart clone. Tries to be cute and pithy.. comes off as ingenious and boring. HE thinks…
So last night I want to Arbys with jon Stewart and we both got food poisoning what you guys do with your meat
He's still wondering where some of the pieces of him are that Jon Stewart tore off him a few years back.
Robert Pippin, Terry Pinkard, Sthepen Houlgate or Jon Stewart about Hegel and his w…
I mean, if Jon Stewart and Bill OReilly can do it lol
I miss George too. I also miss watching Jon Stewart every night. 😔
'Egypt's Jon Stewart' is living in exile and trying to make his satire work in America - Los Angeles Times
Seeing Jon makes me sad. You are missed, Jon Stewart!!
Has he had Jon Stewart on yet? Still the best takedown ever on live TV. (CNN Crossfire 2004)
You are as big a *** bag as your name makes you seem. Do you have nightmares of Jon Stewart schooling you?
is.well.unsurprisingly consistent. Surprised he still shows his face after Jon St…
Congrats to senior Jon Stewart - named the Dr. Leroy Walker award winner -
well, as a guy who used to be on TV once said:…
Jon Stewart learns what happens when you criticize Israeli-occupation -
Paraphrasing Jon Stewart: You're tired of hearing about it. Well, imagine having to live it, you rank, pampered, en…
Did you see the link I posted? Even Jon Stewart, who is his friend, was at his throat from the start.
Jon Stewart tries to keep up with Cpl. Dakota Boyer to prep for the Warrior Games. 😂
Watch: Jon Stewart on the Charleston church shooting
Classic Carrboro. : ) Good chance to point to one of my favorite Daily Show bits:
Is Jon Stewart is the exact opposite of faith.
Egypt’s “Jon Stewart” made fun of the corrupt government and was forced to flee
Jon Stewart sits with to talk Warriors Games & the value of military service in latest LISTEN: https:/…
Having flashbacks to their similar position re Hurricane Katrina blaming.
I remember CRAZY huckabee. Jon Stewart made a fool out of him.…
the Jon Stewart effect is real, strong, and definitely not our friend
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Can someone please call Jon Stewart to silence this *** again?
Our fascinating evening with Bassem Youssef, the exiled "Jon Stewart of Egypt" / Boing Boing
Jon Stewart to host Warrior Games in Chicago - Sports - Stripes
It was a thrill to produce this little ditty for our show and work with the great Jon Stewart and Bob Woodruff
The Daily Show host is becoming a powerful voice in American politics, just like Jon Stewart hoped he would.
And Jupiter knows.. Jon Stewart made his career out of making crass and crude jokes about…
Jon Stewart is aimed at young people. Feel the love for regular young guys? Me, neither.
Can we please put our differences aside and just focus on how to go about getting Jon Stewart back on television?
Its so wierd now. Anderson Cooper, doing Jon Stewart...
Jon Stewart called out how stupid it is news orgs call on 'spin room'. Open deception for viewers. Come on
Rosenstein=Snape, Clinton=Mad-eye, you and Jon Stewart and Trevor Noah are Fred & George Weasley and Lee Jordan.
Brian Williams & Jon Stewart, in the end, it's about Nature.
ICYMI: Review:The Daily Show (the Audiobook): An Oral History as Told by Jon Stewart, Correspondents, Staff & Guests
In 2015 HBO signed Jon Stewart and Bill Simmons and announced a Vice daily newscast. The results have been...
My sister: "Yeah, animation is always more complicated than everyone thinks."   10% Off
Jon Stewart and HBO cancel animated shorts project
Sometimes I wonder, if Jon Stewart had stayed at The Daily Show, could he have stopped the Trump presidency?
Mitch McConnell may be the last cartoon character Jon Stewart ever plays as he and HBO scrap animated news spoof.…
Jon Stewart and HBO scrap animated political satire series after "technical issues in terms of production":
Ridiculous news cycle leads Jon Stewart and HBO to cancel their show
Technical problems force to scrap venture
I decided I'd get HBO when Jon Stewart started his show cuz Jon + Jon Stewart = totally worth it. So where is Jon Stewart?!
HBO scraps Jon Stewart's new show via
Jon Stewart, HBO venture scrapped over technical problems -
Jon Stewart, HBO venture scrapped over technical problems | Now he can really leave the country.
Scoop: Jon Stewart's long-simmering animation project at HBO has gone kaput. Story:
I think there are plenty of cheap guys like Jon Stewart that will pay dividends as a 4th.
. Sorry, Jon Stewart fans—you’ll have to wait a little longer for the comedian’s return to television…
Jon Stewart’s HBO animation project is cancelled:
Throwback to when Jon Stewart humiliated on his own terrible show, which got canceled three months later. htt…
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"Jon Stewart, HBO venture scrapped over technical problems"
Jon Stewart and HBO scrap his eagerly-awaited, long-delayed animated series
Here's the Giordano's response to Jon Stewart. It's kinda funny.
Jon Stewart and HBO are not going forward with his much-anticipated animation project
Jon Stewart and HBO have made a final decision on his post-Daily Show project
Jon Stewart's return to TV faces setback as HBO scraps animation project
Jon Stewart and HBO are giving up on a much-anticipated animation project http
Technical problems force HBO to scrap Jon Stewart venture
Heck, my cousin's kid doesn't know who Jon Stewart is
Why is Jon Stewart peeing on diarrhea farts in my diaper? What's a Liam Payne? What's a Barney Stinson?
Jon Stewart kept me sane from 2000-2008. John Oliver & Stephen Colbert keeping me sane in '17. Thank you for 8…
My top 7 influences of all time: Eminem, Larry David, Bill Simmons, Tina Fey, Garry Shandling, Nash (Dirk), Jon Stewart
Why is Jon Stewart littering in my bus? Does Gary Coleman like spam? How do you park ink?
We are lucky to have ppl like Colbert, Sam Bee, Jon Stewart, John Oliver et al.
It's not new though. Just look what happened after Jon Stewart of the Daily Show annihilated Glenn Beck
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Ha! Jon Stewart got in some great burns from the turtle thang...
could not have found a better day to bring back Jon Stewart and the rest of the old Daily Show crew
Jon Stewart defended right to make dumb jokes about on tonight:
How Bassem Youssef (became known as the 'Jon Stewart of Egypt'
. The last time Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, John Oliver, Samantha Bee, Ed Helms, and Rob Corddry al…
Bassem Youssef: the "Jon Stewart of Egypt." Laughter keeps power in check in TICKLING GIANTS, 5/12!…
"...Samantha Bee, Rob Corddry, Ed Helms, John Oliver, and Jon Stewart will all drop by for a speci…
I'm not sure who has done a better job post-Jon Stewart: John Oliver, or Samantha Bee. And it's honestly a toss-up. They're both terrific.
Set your DVR: Jon Stewart, Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Ed Helms & Rob Corddry are on w/ Stephen Colbert on May…
Jon Stewart, Samatha Bee, John Oliver, Ed Helms and Rob Corddry will all be guests on Colbert's Late Show next Tuesday, May 9…
> 10: The Daily Show (The Book): An Oral History as Told by Jon Stewart, the Correspondents, Staff…
Want to be Jon Stewart's neighbor? 45-acre N.J. horse farm up for auction
I feel like Jon Stewart did a Bob & Dan level of clothing shaming to for wearing a bowtie...
Jon Stewart might have been *** presidents but at least he was funny. You make don lemon look like Richard Pryor.
This popup ad harnesses the combined power of Jon Stewart, Anderson Cooper, and Steven Hawking, but somehow I'm not…
Tucker Carlson wore a bow tie until Jon Stewart castrated him with it
To celebrate Tucker Carlson's *mini* promotion, let's all remember when Jon Stewart bodied him and got his whole CNN show…
Yup. Man, I hope Jon Stewart resufaces for this one.
The bow tie guy is slouching to Betleham along with the army of the undead. Jon Stewart killed him. But he's back again.
"[Jon Stewart] wants his country to be better, more decent, and to think harder.". -David Remnick (2016). Yeah, me too...
Bill O'Rielly gonna get fired and we don't even have Jon Stewart and David Letterman to celebrate with us. 🎉
Need something like when Jon Stewart took down Jim Cramer
The good people of Newtown, Connecticut, can explain the difference between Jon Stewart and Alex Jones in crystal c…
Obama did. Be a fair critic. BTW, thank Jon Stewart for 911 work since GOP ignored them and they were…
📷 funoftheday: Jon Stewart said it years ago… still funny.
People who like the Daily Show since Jon Stewart left remind me of people who think Timothy Dalton was the best James Bond. Who?! Exactly!
Hmmm... Did I mention Bernie? For all you know I supported Stein or wrote in Jon Stewart or Norm Chomsky. Assumptio…
You leaving us just as Lindsay Lohan is becoming a Muslim is equivalent to Jon Stewart abandoning us as Trump became President..
This is the reason no one has seen David Letterman and Jon Stewart in a while.
With former Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart writers on board, could be a must-watch https:/…
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.is the new Jon Stewart. The correspondents of Stewart's Daily Show don't have the requisite courage to oppose the establishment
People calling you the next Jon Stewart... No. You're an upgrade.
You're not like Jon Stewart. He used good politics to advance his career. You use your career to advance good politics. Big diff
. Thank you Ur commentary & humor keep me grounded & optimistic U & ur guests r like Jon Stewart but rawer, Stef ROCKS
I liked a video [New] Louis CK, Jon Stewart, Bill Burr, Jim Jefferies and Kevin Hart on Donald Trump
Christiane Amanpour, Jon Stewart join Malala Yousafzai to talk about why you should support the population replacement scheme!
Why it's time for Jon Stewart to return to TV (Column)
It’s Time for Jon Stewart to Return to TV
Seth Myers and Jon Stewart said the same, among others.
Video: Jiminy Glick interviews Jon Stewart's head fits neatly inside the Mac Pros with all additional accessories.
Man, would Jon Stewart have guessed a year ago that we'd be in the same corner as Lindsay Beauregard Graham?
"Trump constantly says 'believe me'. Nobody says 'believe me' unless they're lying." - Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart was back for a night. Every time I see him I just get sad he left the battlefield.
Jon Stewart literally said it yesterday, there is no new Trump. There will never be a new Trump. He's never changed and h…
Stephan Colbert and Jon Stewart are my otp.
Jon Stewart's message for the media: Stop whining about Trump.
Brian Williams should've cut Hugh Hewitt off. This is what Jon Stewart called journalists on, Hewitt ducked, Williams should've advanced.
Jon Stewart has a message for one of his favorite old targets, the media: Stop whining.
Jimmy Kimmel explained the Warren Beatty-Faye Dunaway envelope fiasco this way: “Clyde threw Bonnie under the bus"
Jon Stewart Returns to 'The Late Show' With a Message for the Media: "It's Time to Get Your Groove Back"
Jon Stewart to media: "Take up a hobby. I recommend jouranlism."
Bannon slams Jon Stewart in savage roast -
Jon Stewart: 70yo men don't get lesss cranky and racist as time goes by
Jon Stewart wrote a love letter to the media. via
Jon Stewart: "Trump lies more in one press conference than CNN does in a year"
Why I love my research agenda. They's so good together! Jon Stewart To The Media: It's Time To Get Your Groove Back
Jon Stewart sticks it to the media: 'Take up a hobby; I recommend journalism'
Jon Stewart on Donald Trump: "Nobody says 'believe me' unless they are lying..."
Jon Stewart chides the press for moping about its “breakup” with President Trump:
Jon Stewart joins Stephen Colbert to mock the media’s "breakup" with Trump
"Dear Media, stop whining over your break-up with Trump. Take up a hobby... like ... Journalism.". - Jon Stewart.
I need to watch more of the Late Show w/ Stephen Colbert. Also, Jon Stewart should have a podcast.
Founder of Jon Stewart, gets hilariously serious w/ a message to media to break up w/ Trump https…
Jon Stewart's Message to the Media Is Something Everyone Needs to Hear via
Jon Stewart on the current state of journalism:
This is the Jon Stewart I used to love.
Jon Stewart on lying. “Because he constantly says the phrase ‘believe me.’ Nobody says ‘believe me…
Jon Stewart joins Stephen Colbert to talk about President Trump’s lies
Oh this is good. Jon Stewart let's the media have it. Don't forget media-y'all created this monster (we haven't).
Jon Stewart to the media: "Take up a hobby. I recommend journalism."
Not a gambler, but willing to bet Jon Stewart or Rachel Maddow will take Trump down! They don't fear his threats!
Jon Stewart returns to with a message for the media: "It's time to get your groove back"
“Seventy-year-old men don’t get less cranky or racist as time goes by"
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