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Jon Snow

Jon Snow (born 28 September 1947) is an English journalist and presenter, currently employed by ITN.

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Changed my username to witchwolves cuz I love Bonnie Bennett, Kai Parker, Sansa Stark, and Jon Snow.
Everyone should read Jon Snow's point about the Tories postponing the Queen's Speech
New photos of Kit Harington as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones season 7!
D'Angelo as Jaime Lannister, Ingram as Jon Snow? Those are only a couple of the comparisons. Check them out here!
I'm tellin y'all about to get Jon Snow'd
He was father to the Mad King & grandfather to Rhaegar, Viserys, & Daenerys. Jon Snow would actually be Jaehaerys III Targaryen if he rules.
Lily Allen: "why aren't they being honest about the death toll? Police have told me 150". Jon Snow equivocation,…
Police chief quoted in tabloid headlines this morning hoping deaths not un triple digits. Jon Snow confirmed Lily A…
Idea that around 150 have died in Grenfell Tower fire just raised by Lily Allen on C4 News and not denied by Jon Snow. Ca…
Jon Snow on channel 4 news telling it how it is I love this man
I really don't enjoy seeing Jon Snow driving a car in ads. I feel like it's as out of place as an ad showing Shakespeare vaping or something
Jon Snow was resurrected,is undefeated vs White Walkers,first *** king EVER and still say he isn't clutch htt…
Green fire alert: Game of Thrones creator calls Trump King Joffrey all grown up. Jon Snow calls him a con artist.
Jon Snow let Sir Michael Fallon have it with both barrels. Army on the streets b/c of Tory proxy wars in Libya &…
I don't care what you say Jon Snow and Daenerys are OTP.
Lord Petyr Baelish truly has Jon Snow in the palm of his hand.
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Petyr Baelish reacting to Jon Snow returning from the dead.
Jon Snow explains how easy it is to register to vote in the election on June 8.
Friendly reminder that Game of Thrones ruined Stannis Baratheon just so the oathbreaking *** Jon Snow can get all the credit
He wouldn't pass me the syrup at the Night's Watch 8000th Annual Pancake Breakfast so Jon Snow is still dead to me.
may 9 is like Game of Thrones. Clark is cersei, Horgan is Jon Snow and Weaver is Rob Stark. We like Weaver but we know ending
This is like when Jon Snow came back from the dead. Asiata is the true King in the North. Thurston = Ramsay Bolton
I wish The King of the North, our Lord Commander, Jon Snow was our president
was hers and here alone. Well, that is unless she was able to make a deal with her cousin Jon Snow. The new king of (9/17)
❝ Needle was Robb and Bran and Rickon, her mother and her father, even Sansa. (.) Needle was Jon Snow's smile.❞ - Ary…
on a scale of 1 to Ned Stark, my social life is as dead as Jon Snow at the end of season 5 :/
I thought this kid in supernatural looks like a young Jon Snow and the next second, "Agent Stark & Martell."
oh my i love Jon Snow and Ygritte together plus Robb Stark and Talisa they are so adorable hope it stays like that
I wonder if Jon Snow will be upset if I cheated on him with his 1/2 brother Robb Stark?
We never should have left winterfell. - Jon Snow to Sansa Stark
I still can’t tell Robb Stark and Jon Snow apart without contextual clues.
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After 17 fanfictions, I can lowkey admit I see the Jon Snow x Sansa Stark potential.
I'd say Jon Snow got the better end of the deal for being a *** Stark whereas Rob got his neck cut clean off.
i'm so happy and relieved my boys are still at exec. so proud of my Barry Allen and Jon Snow 😘😘
Re-watching Ssn 6, can't stop thinking, "He's only mostly dead" (Jon Snow would make an excelle…
I added a video to a playlist drowing in tears ● Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen {AU}
Jon Snow is BACK in the season 7 teaser trailer for
Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer: Jon Snow, Daenerys and Cersei on White Walker's watch
In first teaser of season 7, Daenerys, Cersei & Jon Snow all take their thrones by
Paranoia status: everything everyone is doing in town they are doing specifically to drive me to a nervous breakdown
Jon Snow is so hot hottt hottt I can't
How do I stop thinking about Jon Snow
"Winterfell belongs to my sister Sansa" - Jon Snow
All these seasons for one great one. I love Jon Snow, but that family is almost extinct
Game of Thrones will be back too! I'm super excited about that. Jon Snow gonna save the 7 Kingdoms!
Jon Snow, King in the North, Cersei, Queen of the 7 Kingdoms. Daenerys, Queen of... Night King, King of the White Walkers.
Should've told me before dying. I'd have brought you back from the dead , just like Jon snow. 🙄
I ain't the young pope but I scrub up okay
I don't even watch got I just know that I like jon snow
You know nothing Jon Snow. My fav games is got 😍
I'm naming my first born Lord Jon Snow Gottschalk.
Jon Snow is my but I'm pretty in love with Dany.
I think Sansa will cause problems for Jon Snow. Littlefinger is playing subtle games trying to lure her against Jon
Game of Thrones season seven trailer: winter has arrived
I liked a video Will Sansa marry Jon Snow?
Everything we know about season seven of Game of Thrones
Jon Snow the one true King of the North!
Political views: Jon Snow deserves the throne
I want to teach Jon Snow a few things.
'Game of Thrones' season 7 teaser takes long walk to the throne - CNET
It's funny because Jon Snow will never sit on the Iron Throne and he doesn't even want to so
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Thanks! I was definitely going for a 90s thing and didn't just get tired after only straightening my fringe
so you have no attention on siding that scum lord "I chuckled " Jon snow
Jon Snow may be the only person on the planet to pull off a man bun so well
Watch: In first teaser of 'Game of Thrones' season 7, ...
[EVERYTHING] Why a marriage between Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen would not make sense in the long term.: With all the excitement of the …
My lipgloss is so good it is unfair to the other children
The new Game of Thrones season seven trailer has been released
Is Jon Snow the sexiest character to ever appear on televesion?? Idk lmk...But the answer is yes.
“Which would you have as Lord of Winterfell, Snow? The smiler or the slayer?”. Jon said, “Winterfell belongs to my sister Sa…
Here's how Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are related in 'Game of Thrones' via
Winter has arrived! Will Cersei join hands with White Walkers to stop Danaerys and Jon Snow?
Cersei vs Daenerys vs Jon Snow. Je, this is gonna be excaiching. BRING ITT!
Me thinking about Jon snow and how Kit Harington demands more nudity for Jon in GoT
Game of Thrones season 7 teaser: the Night King has Cersei, Jon Snow, and Daenerys in his sights via
Advice from CEO Mike Cook: be the Jon Snow & not the Ramsay Bolton of
Game of Thrones season 7: Kit Harington teases Jon Snow will go through 'big change' -…
They look like they are on the way to kill Jon Snow. "Sheep huddle together in North Yorkshire" (Paul Kingston/NNP) http…
Jon Snow is a typical Left-Liberal. To praise Martin McGuinness like this shows the evil and corrupt soul of Leftists…
Cunningham also spoke about being plagued by fans on the fate of Jon Snow
Game of Thrones: I sort of know where Jon Snow is now, says Kit Harington - Hindustan Times
If only Barney Stinson and Jon Snow were real, what a wonderful world it would have been.
Yeah & Jon Snow is really dead.The check is in the mail & I saw nothin'. Biggest lyin' unethical Admin ever
Channel 4 journalist Jon Snow slams the BBC for letting the government get away with
. Sack / retire Dimbleby . He is rude and passed it. Need someone like Jon Snow or Nicky Campbell or Sandi Toksvig
Ed Sheeran in GOT S7. Bran: Sing me a song. Ed: *when your legs don't work like they used to before*. Bran:. Jon Snow:. White Walkers:. Dragons:
It just interesting! Ain't it?. New GoT Poster Reveals Meeting of Ice and Fire and Nothing Else!
Only if i can die like jon snow and wake up to say my job is done here losers resolve ur issues on your own 😂
all I want is to see flashbacks to Raeghar and Jon snow killing White Walkers.
At 11 on Jon B. tells us how much snow we're getting. Plus on news. htt…
season 7 teaser unveils premiere date and first dialogue by Jon Snow!
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7. don't think I have a least favorite episode of any of my favs. 8. Insecure. 9. Zoom & Savitar dragging Barry *** J…
it really is and if I see Jon Snow ride a dragon I will go bananas lol
.out here going from Thor to Jon Snow.
Looking forward to watching romance bloom between Khaleesi and Jon Snow!😍.
“The same thing is coming for all of us. There's only one war that matters; The Great War. And it is here.” - Jon Snow
"There's only one war that matters, the Great War.and its here". Jon Snow pls acaba con todos te amo bye ✌🏼
Jon Snow warns of the 'Great War' coming in the first season 7 teaser
we are in need of characters if interested please DM with an audition - Sansa | Arya | Bran | | Jon Snow | Cersei | Jaime | Tyrion
Reflecting on jon snow.the course of jon hav lost everything and still to win...i knew a jon snow...
Jon Snow of House Stark, first of his name, King in the North, King Beyond the Wall, Lord of Winterfell, the White Wolf…
Winter is almost here - Jon Snow! looking forward to MoD Daenerys Targaryen
yea guys Game of Thrones!! Jon snow and the mother of dragons was so hype! House targaryian
The new teaser features the first dialogue from season 7, courtesy of Jon Snow:
The new teaser has the first dialogue from a warning from Jon Snow… https:…
I can't wait for the Lannisters to kill their own sister and for Daenerys and Jon Snow (Targaryen) to get married and rule over the world...
Jon Snow's commanding voice good lord
When Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow return, our realm will be in the midst of summer
my bbys Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are coming back soon 😍😍😍
5 signs season seven will be all about Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen:
I'm rooting for Jon Snow cause the *** rose from the dead & beat a million White Walkers in a scene, but Daenerys Targarye…
Please, Lord, don't let the Orange Menace kill us before I get to see the new season of Need more Jon Snow before I die. Amen
Sara Tancredi is the Prison Break version of Jon Snow
Theresa May is Prime Minister, Donald Trump is President, Jon Snow came back from the dead & now TONY BELLEW HAS BEAT DA…
Carter Page: I nneed to compare the interview with the Jon Snow interview for discrepancies. Both of them had him sweating.
Jon Snow is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. - See more at:
"HBO officially confirms Rhaegar Targaryen as Jon Snow's father". In other news, water is wet. 🙂
Really, if you're interested in Carter Page at all, watch this Jon Snow interview. I just watched again & Snow is impressive.
If you thought the Chris Hayes interview w Carter Page was revealing, ck out this Channel 4 interview w him. Jon Snow devours.
If you saw the Carter Page interview with Channel 4's Jon Snow (British) & MSNBC's Chris Hayes, you know Page is a fool.
*** is wrong with Carter Page? Does Chan 4 w/ Jon Snow and then both worse than NIXON/frost. Suicide mission?
This is the best interview ever in the whole fiasco. Carter Page, pinned like a cockroach, by Jon Snow.
'BREAKING: HBO Confirms Rhaegar Targaryen as Jon Snow's Father'. and which bit of that was breaking exactly
Not sure, but here's Jon Snow forcing Carter Page on the record...
"HBO confirms that Rhaegar Targaryen is Jon Snow's father.". ~Eyes roll~. "Aside of my father, who did not know?"
Have you seen the Channel 4 Jon Snow interview with Carter Page? If not, it's well worth the view.
.if u haven't seen this interview by Jon Snow of U.K. Chan 4 last week-Must C!
Jon Snow fillets Page as only the Brits can. Take no prisoners 😎
This thing keeps going. Check out the Jon Snow interview with Carter Page from a week ago. Yikes.
I see a Jon Snow doppelganger on campus like 3 times a week.
Breaking news: thinks David Wright is the Jon Snow of the Mets. Bigly important news.
I could watch the battle between the army's of Jon Snow and Ramsey Bolton 100 times and never get sick of it.
My tita is fangirling over Kit Harington bc Jon Snow daw. I asked her y Jon's her fave GoT character she said 'kay gwapo man' WHAT YUN LANG?
Can we just call Steven Strait what he is, Jon Snow in space? He knows nothing and he is dating a Wildling/Belter. lol
The only winter I want coming is Jon Snow. You're welcome. I'm here every day at the same time. ;).
So now we know Kit Harington definitely did not lose his virginity in a cave like Jon Snow ht…
Watching Emerald City. Oliver Jackson-Cohen's so dreamy. He should've been Jon Snow! Brooding & hunky & with actual hair on the chest manly.
Jon Snow's breakup scene with Arctic Lindsey Lohan was perfect. We should all put a couple arrows into our exes when they…
I would love to see him field questions from Stephen Sackur or Andrew Neil or Jon Snow or Jeremy Paxman
It's lit enough that we know Jon Snow is really a Targaryen and a Stark but in this book his older brother is still alive!!! 😳😳
Jon Snow has returned following the apparent murder of his would-be-father, Ned Stark.
Jon Snow: "And then I cut his head off!". *Jon and Arya laugh*. Produced by DB Weiss & David Benioff. Created by George RR Martin
I told my mom that Rob Stark is zaddyyy and she said "I always thought you needed a Jon Snow in your life /:", you right Liz
Jon Snow, my dear. You are a Stark, you are a Targaryen, you are a *** and you are THE KING IN THE NORTH.
Talk to me about Sansa Stark, not Jon Snow.
Jon Snow is not a Stark, but a Targaryen, my son
Say you like Jon Snow more than Robb Stark in front of me I'll punch you in the throat
Jon Snow is cool but Rob Stark is the hottest dead man to walk the planet
Jon Snow is no STARK! How can a *** be the King in the North??? We demand to see his birth certificate! Deserte…
This is the irony of GoT. Most of the Starks are killed, but Jon Snow - who isn't technically a Stark - is brought…
and Jon Snow is really Lyanna Stark's son?
Bit of a shame that Jon Snow street art piece on Garfield Street has already been covered by graffiti.
Theresa May's Trident interview on Marr still doesn't top Jon Snow asking David Cameron about Saudi Arabia and human rights.
Funny looking bck at Jon Snow v Alastair Campbell re WMD & .
emilia: I want more girls! bring on the girls! bye daario. D&D: ok daario's gone, here's jon snow
I can't believe I'm gonna die in a nuclear war before I find out if Jon Snow is the one true king. Wow.
I liked a video from Advising Jon Snow How To Keep His Throne
Winter is coming n we all know what is coming with it" Jon Snow
Ra cha ta ba ah ah ah.In Game of Thrones. Ayo Jon snow, the Northerner who doesnf speak...
Danaerys lol Jon Snow is my favorite ☺
If Jon Snow becomes a White Walker, will he become Snow White? 😮
lazy (stupid..?) to Google it yourself without bungling up.
I've read more than you ever have darlin. I'm just grabbing you random sites because you're too
This is my focus of study. I am 100% serious in how hilariously wrong you are.
I've tried this logic; my critics tell me that the failure was in my technique, not the method itself.
"Jon and Ghost wrecking some wights in an intense snowstorm beyond the Wall."
Will Edmure return to to fight with Jon Snow or will he remain a prisoner of Jaime Lannister?
Who is going to tell Jon Snow about his real parents?
Queen Daenerys Targaryen rules the Seven Kingdoms, with King Jon [Snow] Baratheon by her side. Meister Sam Tarley u…
New 16min video by advising Jon Snow how to keep his King In The North
Literally ALL of Educational psychology disagrees with you so HA
Jon Snow when he came back from the dead after the night watch killed him
at least Jon snow is fully aware he knows nothing tho.and how privileged he is despite being a ***
A common point: Obama failed to appreciate that his opponents aren't as rational and magnanimous as he is.
Might as well call all of Trumps cabinet picks Jon Snow, bc they all KNOW NOTHING.
"Why Obama is the Jon Snow of American foreign policy" nice try, clickbate
Just hit me that Jon Snow ended his watch because he technically died. Brilliant.
>Discussing IQ like it's actually worth anything outside of Western White Upper class tests. HA
I like to play the Game of Thrones ost and feel like I'm Jon Snow
I was 100% thinking about Jon Snow and I was wrong. I apologize.
*cue Jon Snow continuing to know nothing*
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If you think that then clearly you never drank a lot AB negative blood in one sitting.
Game of Thrones evil villain could be resurrected for new season like Jon Snow -
"Jon spoiler straight from the mouth ."
There's a couple people to watch, Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister, Arya Stark, and Daeneryis.
I can't stand to see Kit Harrington not being Jon Snow. He's in a movie with Alicia Vikander (love her) and I can't watch 😭
Game of Thrones season 7: Jon Snow to go on dangerous mission beyond The Wall?
A concept: Harry Styles and Kit Harrington(Jon Snow)hanging out. You know they can talk about their daily curly hair routine or something.
You know nothing, Jon Snow was Daenerys Stormborn, the King eats, they had wanted for a pit...
Do us all a favour Jon Snow, and rip that badge off Jeremy Hunt's lapel, it's a gross insult he wears at times of such…
Clapham Junction this morning reminds me of Jon Snow almost suffocating during the Battle of Winterfell in Game of Thr…
home sweet home. Nothing has changed since I was 9. Jon Snow and Glenn Burns know nothing!
Today is 'Bring your Michonne to work day' Now I just need a Rick & Daryl. And a Jon Snow & D…
Catelyn Stark apologetic for her neglecting Jon Snow. - beautiful acting by Michelle but THAT'S NOT CAT. - d&d's *** kiss…
Love that story by Lady Stark about Jon Snow.
If Robb Stark was the young wolf, then Jon Snow is the white wolf. Sansa Stark is the lady of Winterfell. Bran is the three-eyed raven.
Writing my new book, watched closely by Ellen Ripley and Jon Snow.
Arctic Lindsay Lohan byking that frostbitten thang up on Jon Snow on top of a glacier. She swear she me.
Maester Aemon to Jon Snow: "Kill the boy, Jon Snow. Winter is almost upon us. Kill the boy and let the man be born."
Winter is coming – so, naturally, Eric Cantona has dressed up as Jon Snow!
Rickon Stark running to Jon Snow and Jon smiling at him.
We only had enough time to do this long tracking shot once. In contrast, GoT spent a whole day with Jon Snow punching Ramsay
||: I would love to do SLs with a Robb Stark, Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton. If interested please ♡ this. I'll DM you to plot. . please ;)
"Will your men want to fight for you when they hear you wouldn't fight for them?". -- Jon Snow to Ramsay (GoT Battle of the ***
Jon Snow beating up Ramsay Bolton after the Battle of the *** is the sexiest thing ever
The Giant just died breaking down the gates of Winterfell. Jon Snow is going after Ramsay now
It's been good so far. Jon Snow challenged Ramsay to a 1 on 1 fight
Gotta love Jon Snow on . Hope he can defeat Ramsay in this episode
Jon Snow just challenged Ramsay to a 1 on 1 fight . Ramsay seems scared 😂😂😂
Yeah, but if showed Game of Thrones, they'd defend Ramsay Bolton as "alt-North" & devote 3/4 of the show to Jon Snow's emails.
Never been as happy as when Jon Snow beat the living daylights out of Ramsay Bolton
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Jon Snow is DOA, no love for OITNB and more TV snubs & surprises
I liked a video Charlie Brooker teaches Jon Snow to play video games | Channel 4 News
Your beard will always be Jon Snow to me.
Ira Allen & Jon Snow in agreement about today: "...Winter is coming." We couldn't have said it better ourselves - I…
"The Week Junior is the best thing since Rubik invented his cube!" - Jon Snow
Jon Snow, Jonathan Capehart & Lena Epstein - do watch this 2 min clip if you can
I voted for Jon Snow to be Lord Commander. How about you?
Jon Snow divided the Nights Watch when he was elected as Lord Commander and he fought against White Walkers. Give Donny a chance.
So hypothetically Donald Trump wins tonight, is he making Jon Snow the Lord Commander of the Mexican Watch?
Jon Snow came back from the dead; pffft. . Donald took on the RNC, DNC & MSM. And won. . He is my Lord Commander.
If Trump builds a wall, will Jon Snow be Lord Commander of the wall? 🤔
Jon Snow is the new Lord Commander of the Trump's Watch
Lyanna Mormont backed Jon Snow, a man with no lawful claim, over Sansa Stark, Lord Eddard Stark's oldest living trueborn heir.
📷 Parallels: Jon Snow & Theon Greyjoy He had never truly been a Stark, only Lord Eddard’s motherless...
If the season 6 finale King in the North chant for Jon Snow doesn't give you the chills there is something wrong with you
I liked a video Game of Thrones S06E10 - Ned and Lyanna Stark Scene + Jon Snow, The King in the North
Jon Snow as the king of the 7 kingdoms
This child hands down has my vote as the King In the North, Jon Snow.
Hay mfethu King of the North uyishiya nabani? Even death succumbed to Jon Snow
Jon Snow and Daenerys being king and queen and continuing the Targaryen tradition of incest.
You wrote the Mad King is Jon Snow's father. Jon Snow's father is the Son of the Mad King. His father is Rhaegar Ta…
Jon Snow with a blood soaked sword & a spear in his shield. The true king of the north but the blade is made of Valyrian steel.
Jon Snow avenged the red wedding. He is the white wolf. THE KING IN THE NORTH
You know there's a very big chance Jon Snow becomes King of the seven kingdoms cos Tageryans sleep with each other to keep the blood pure.
I feel like Jon Snow is the kind of king that would introduce a democratic election for the succeeding King of the Seven Kingdoms
he's basically the wrath of the Night King, the goodness of Jon Snow and the emotional appearance of V from V for Vendetta
I like it, but can you make it, like Jon Snow? That's the Night King. That guy is pure evil. Corey Kluber is a nice ice king.
When it's but Robb Stark is dead & Jon Snow is busy with an impending war w/White Walkers...…
Cosimo is the combo of Robb Stark e Jon Snow 😍
Reason to die : Robb Stark died without knowing that his boi, Jon Snow, was alive or dead.
Jon Snow is the love of my life... but so is Robb Stark
Back from the dead lookin like Jon Snow
it's more gut wrenching than when Jon Snow died
Kit Harington and Liam Cunningham as Jon Snow and Davos on the set of Season 7
About as political as we will get...Jim Meskimen as BOTH the Donald and Jon Snow
welcome to translation studies, and who cares? It's not like the name Jon Snow is at all complicated.
The Lannisters. Great family. Strong leaders. Ramsey Bolton said nice things about me. Jon Snow is f…
I'm the Jon Snow character is so boring that the majority of people rule out 50% of the population as a viable sexual/romantic candidate.
So my *** Jon Snow went from fighting the White Walkers to fighting *** in space. I'm fine with that
"Others receiving votes: Jon Snow, Key & Peele, and the Rob Riggle version of Col. Sanders in those KFC ads."
Jon Snow should just change his game plan and come here. He will not have to worry about winter and White Walkers.
I decided to make a top 5 of my favorite characters of ASOIAF:. 1. Bran Stark. 2. Arya Stark. 3. Stannis Baratheon. 4. Jon Snow. 5. Daenerys T.
The actors who play Jon Snow and Ygritte are a real-life couple
TIL the actors that played Jon Snow and Ygritte fell in love on set and are currently a couple.
Jon Snow, is that you? Nope, just very own Antwan Mills as JAMES in the latest
I said "Jon Snow driving a car is weird cause he's usually covered in blood but I guess that's why it's a red car"
😂😂😂😂 'You know nothing Jon Snow... but Michael Buble does'
This Scottish guy came in with the sexiest accent and I even convinced him to say "You know nothing Jon Snow" 😩😍
Hunt clearly says "impose" several times in interview with Jon Snow, why would not believe JustHealth
Bauer is in the same epic with Jon Snow... Looks awesome & must be old..
Just realized Jon Snow is just the poor mans Corey Feldman
Well now I just don't honestly know anything anymore. I'm worse than Jon Snow and he knows nothing
had the pleasure of meeting Kit Harrington, AKA Jon Snow, King of the North, who Knows Nothing it would seem
Know nothing Jon Snow. Our king isn't a wise man, he is a proud one!
Kit Harington (aka Jon Snow from is in many reasons to watch. King in the North rallies against war.
So, Jon Snow is the king in the North.
Check out this Amazon deal: Funko POP Game of Thrones: Jon Snow by FunKo via
Season 6 OST - Winter Has Come . SO BEAUTIFUL Jon Snow is the king in the North and my king.) 😊
I haven't read the books, but what if the gate guard is at Winterfell, as a friend to ground Jon Snow now that he's 'king'..?
In Game of Thrones, Victor would obviously be Jon Snow, but Paul as Tyrion Lannister? https…
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I'm not shaving or cutting my hair til Halloween so I can be Jon Snow king of the north
I liked a video from Jon Snow and the Night's King Connection THEORY (Game of Thrones)
Jon Snow better not die fighting this White Walker
About to watch Jon Snow tear up some whiter walker ***
i love the part where Jon Snow shatters the White Walker and the Night's King just stares down with absolute disgust
Bono as Jon Snow, Blue as Ned Stark and Roxy as Bran Stark in February in Los Angeles, California.
What's Jon Snow doin on an Infinity commercial
I'm currently watching season 5, and I don't think I like any houses. But I'm all about Jon Snow.👊❤️
star Jon Snow's rocking a new hairstyle:
how can he be Jon Snow's dad and still in his 20s though? Ah television...
Just when I thought my day couldn't get any worse, Jon Snow is killed off in the episode of GoT I'm watching.
OK Q60 Infinity commercial... I know he is famous (and handsome) but I can't help it... it is just strange to see Jon Snow driving around i…
Im gonna buy an Infiniti because Jon Snow told me to.
"I will stand behind Jon snow the king in the north"
I was wrong. Jon snow avenged the red wedding he is the white wolf the king in the north
new theory: Jon Snow is a time traveller
Jon snow just did a split in pasties in front of me that's how my night is going
Be part of the night's watch. Unlike Jon Snow, you will surely know something. 8.25.16. 6PM. PAGASA Observatory, UPD
Jon Snow and why we all need an estate plan via
Since when is Jon Snow doing infiniti car commercials? whos mans is this
Does anyone else get a Jon Snow vibe from Suarez??
lol I caught her just as the water hit and her expression changed
He's gonna pull a Jon Snow and come back from the dead
I know how to spell but my phone doesn't. how embarrassing
I reckon Eliza could clear The Wall in Game of Thrones only to laugh at Jon Snow's hair
Jon Snow is legit so *** in the books. "this is what a king should look like" -- actual words when he seems Jaime Lannister
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