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Jon Snow

Jon Snow (born 28 September 1947) is an English journalist and presenter, currently employed by ITN.

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10-17 Watch: Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner does Adele's 'Hello' as Jon Snow
Jon Snow, same form last prep as Mongolian Khan had before its Caufield Cup win... Sneaky chance still despite no penalties for Melb Cup
10-16 This is what Emilia Clarke, Lena Headey, Jon Snow, of Game of
Thought you might be interested in this painting I did of Kit as Jon Snow! The original's on eBay…
Just put my original painting of Jon Snow up on eBay! via
Kit Harington was once told he looks exactly like Jon Snow, but when he said he was, the fan told him he was not tall eno…
I imagine there will be little difference between the characterisation of Robert Catesby and Jon Snow.
“You know so much about nothing at all, Jon Snow.” - If Chuck Schuldiner was on Game of Thrones
Jon Snow won the popular vote, is there a f*king electorial college!?
Whaaat?? Jon Snow from GoT is directly descended of Robert Catesby AND James I/VI & will play the former in a Gunpowder Plot miniseries.
You know nothing, Jon Snow. Except how to propose marriage!
This is Jon Snow. He is King in the North !!. ...
Jon Snow and Ygritte just got engaged IRL
Jon Snow proving, without a shadow of a doubt, that he truly knows nothing. 😆
Jon Snow and Ygritte are getting married, love is real
Jon Snow. Do you mean their not evil, even when they want more then pregna…
I hope Heff named Jon Snow as his successor, only guy that deserves it.
You are Bored Why..Dont you write with jon snow in the hall and take pillow
Now Jon Snow and Ygritte become:. or Like and
Here come jon snow on white pony to save day thank lord we have u grab sac…
This is Jon Snow. He's king in the north
Wow. Didn't know Jon Snow was dating Ygritte in real life. Now they are engaged. A real red wedding.
Jon Snow and Ygritte announce their engagement the old-fashioned way via
He should get a prenup which says that in event of divorce "YOU OWE NOTHING, JON SNOW"
Congratulations to Kit and Rose on their engagement! They met on set as Jon Snow and Ygritte.
Creating Jon Snow's first dragon meeting on was no easy task.
Jon Snow is no longer a member of the free folk: Game of Thrones' Kit Harington & Rose Leslie are engaged!
Ffs give Jon Snow a proper throne. He is the rightful heir!!!
Ugh still waiting for my real life Jon Snow who will tell me I know everything and to whom I can say he knows nothi…
And this is Jon Snow.King in the North
Oh my God..😍😍 This is some news.. You sure know some things Jon Snow💙
Attention Game of Thrones fans! These two just made a real life announcement. No spoilers >>>
Enough dragon talk. Jon Snow is going to wed Ygritte: Congratulations to the happy co…
Is there anything more pure than the fandom celebrating the (maybe) engagement of Kit & Rose aka Jon Snow an…
No wonder their romance seemed so real on-screen - because it WAS real. Proves that Jon Snow does know something https:/…
I'd do straight things with her. Good for you Jon Snow.
Earlier today, or yesterday, I see a post of Jon Snow was about to get married, I twee…
Jon Snow @ JonSnow_Resists Game of Thrones dude. What we been talking about, lol
Jon Snow, from GoT followed 2 days ago, I didn't know who he was & followed back. Foun…
[Mashable] Jon Snow and Ygritte are reportedly engaged IRL
I guess you do know something Jon Snow!
Jon Snow and Ygritte are reportedly engaged IRL
Just like Banky & Susu in The Wedding Party, Jon Snow & Ygritte from Game of Thrones are engaged. Maybe I just need to act a…
I guess Jon Snow knew something after all
A lovestruck Daenerys Targaryen looking lovingly at Jon Snow.
.was on his "Jon Snow sh--" at "The enemy is this decisive mentality"
Meet Black Singles 300x250
“Jon Snow avenged the Red Wedding. He is the White Wolf, the King in the North!”. Wyman Manderly
Just saw this on Amazon: Game of Thrones Longclaw Sword of Jon Snow for $300.00 via
Jon Snow is almost as much my spirit animal as Paul Rudd.
Did Tom from just sing 'Joe looks like Jon Snow' on Charlemagne? Ye whaa? 🤔
Jon Snow battles the army of the dead. (season 8 leak, colorized)
Al parecer, Bing es como Jon Snow. It does not know nothing.
A Game of Thrones fan figured out the hair colour of Jon Snow and Daenerys' future baby
George Monbiot in the guardian: this is why I don't want GoT to end with Dany and/or Jon Snow (re)claiming the crown
David Wright = Jon Snow. Talented, pure heart, doesnt care if he dies. Difference is David doesnt have witches, armies &…
Thoughts on GoT S6: hype af, Jon Snow is the wolf we deserve, Lyanna Mormont is bomb, FINALLY Daenerys, Cersei is hella evil, go Arya.
I'd go into battle for two people no questions asked. Coach Eric Taylor and Jon Snow
With my hair tied up today, someone told me I look like Jon Snow's ugly, fat, depressed brother.
If only Jon Snow were fat I could love him
My dad said he's going to be Jon Snow for Halloween so his gf says "so I have to be Daenerys?" And my dad said "no, you'll be fat Sam" lmao
My girlfriend wanted to be Fred and Wilma this year but I one hundred percent pass for fat Jon Snow
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Jon Snow attacks Tories & Ruth Davidson on austerity. Why aren't there more journalists like him?
Jon Snow attacks Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson and the liberal elite
What if Jon Snow is actually King Robert's and Llyana Stark's son? I need a timeline of when she slept with Baratheon and Rhager
I can't believe am now remembering too! I actually tot ghost will be with Jon Snow when they went to Kings Landing
Well that was his plan,marry Sansa,turn the lords against Jon Snow,becoming ruler of the Vale & the n…
Game of Thrones' Samwell Tarly finds proof that Jon Snow is a Targaryen but doesn't realise it:
Samwell Tarly to his home boy Jon Snow: "Omo rere bi Custard, you are not a *** Lukatew"
Game of ThronesKit Harington SWAPS Jon Snow for plot mastermind in BBC trailer https:/…
Andy Samberg has been recast as Jon Snow in the next season of Game of Thrones!
Blue fire breathing dragons. Giant wildlings. The Night King. Don't matter to me. Jon Snow in 7.
Yo!! Jon Snow is really out here smashing his aunt!!
Tonight's season finale of featured some skin from Kit Harington (aka Jon Snow)!!!
Aegon Targaryen be like: "She cant be your Aunt if you smashed her while your name was Jon Snow"
Is there any upside of Jon Snow learns and reveals his lineage?
Explaining that Jon Snow reveal and the 7 big questions is raises for the final season
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Hey Jon Snow? You're a little too honest with Cersei. This is exactly how Trump got elected.
And lesson learned... if Jon Snow ever brings you into a cave, it's because he wants to sleep with you
So is Jon Snow now the cousin of Bran, Arya & Sansa Stark? He's both a Stark & Targaryen?
When people try to explain how Khalesi and Jon Snow are related
That moment when Jon Snow entered Danny's bedroom
If I am Jon Snow and I find out Khaleesi is related to me I dont care one bit id still eat that booty like groceries
"Game of Thrones" finale makes huge revelation about Jon Snow
Jon Snow's little speech about the importance of not lying was a bit of Trump trolling, amirite?
Bran and Sams teamwork in validating Jon Snow/Sand's parenthood that Rhaegar married Lyanna and Jon is really Aegon Targar…
"I've been really tryin', baby/Tryin' to hold back this feeling for so long". .
I just want a pretend boyfriend for Halloween so I can do a couples costume of Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow.
Can we all take a moment to appreciate this love and that jon snow isn't a *** he was loved and wanted
Jon Snow and Daenerys getting together. . Me: incest is wrong Also…
Highlight of tonight's episode: Jon Snow butt.
He's not worthy of quoting Jon Snow!
I would love to use Jon Snow's butt cheeks as pillows
"Ah yes nice jaw bone. Is this goat? I think it's goat." - Jon Snow as he lurks in a corner of a party.
Jon Snow is going to (re)build The Wall, and the Wildlings will pay for it.
How's Bran going to be like 'I need to talk to Jon Snow' weeks ago and have yet to send a raven.
Here's how Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen are related in
'Game of Thrones' just took a massive step toward its ultimate endgame
Who cares if Jon Snow is Heir to Throne, Bran??? Show Us How to Beat the Dead! They all gonna Die!
Daenerys: I can't get pregnant. Jon Snow: U just ain't been with the right one, baby. Daenerys:
Jon Snow walking into Dany's room like😏
"The wall isn't the only thing going down tonight." -Jon Snow
sorry the old Jon Snow can't come to the phone right now... why? oh because he's Aegon Targaryen now
I'm still going to call him Jon Snow.
7yrs of build up regarding the true identity of Jon Snow & Bran announces it like it's a grocery l…
We finally know Jon Snow's real name — here's why that doesn't make any sense
"When enough ppl make false promises words stop meaning anything and then there are no more answers only better and better…
Ser Davos a Daenerys y Misandei:. You're standing in the presence of Aegon "Jon Snow" of house Targaryen. Sixth of his name. The resurrected.
Great... Jon Snow had sex with his aunt without knowing it... only on Game of Thrones 🙈
When Daenerys Targaryen got the wood from Jon Snow...
Jon Snow is Aegon Targaryen & he just had sex with his aunt Daenerys Targaryen and tbh, I'm totally here for it. Sue me.…
Ser Davos on the jordan- iraqi border trying to convince ISIS to join Jon Snow for the battle against White Walkers 😂…
Jon Snow sits down with Bryant Gumbel to talk about life in the off-season.
YES!!! Ned Starks sister!!! Roberts Baratheons first true love!!! Mother of Jon Snow!!! Baby Mama of Rhaegar!...
Has anyone ever noticed that Jon Snow and George Costanza are never in the same room together?
New post: "A Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen romance would be the ultimate 'Game of Thrones' betrayal"
Funny, Uncle Benjen did save his nephew, Jon Snow. Guessing Ned never told him th…
May i be a good uncle to my nephews, like Ned Stark & Benjen Stark has been to Jon Snow - they did everything
Thank you. I am glad Jon Snow made this remembrance, but "attention must be paid" (A. Miller) t…
Some great subtlety in E1 and E2 regarding Jon Snow's parentage. Uncle Benjen clearly knew, and Ned so…
If Jon Snow would leave with the others before Viserion gets killed that'll be great.
Here is the distance Jon Snow has traveled compared to the White Walkers since the battle at Hardhome http…
GOOD GOD I could watch the sexual tension between Jon Snow and his aunt all day.
Jon Snow, King of the North, Cousin of dragons Nephew of Khaleesi, mother of dragons...
Find the Jon Snow meme. I'm back out my coma
I liked a video Kit Harington Auditions for Game of Thrones Jon Snow - Must See Hilarious! Bloopers
Every time I try to imagine Jon Snow and friends coming back with a white walker
How many times have Jon Snow had his *** saved by other people? 🙃and yet people see him as the biggest hero in the show? 🙃
Dragon reborn as White Walker and portrayal of love for Jon Snow were beyond the Wall genius
Mason and Jon Snow, brothers from another mother
This pic of Spencer reminds me of the first promo pic of Kit Harrington as Jon Snow.
The eyes say so much. Jon Snow is a classic action hero but the Night King's the ultimate silent movie star. *needs sound…
y'all remember that time Jon Snow died? yeah me neither
Ok, so it's fitting that the story writers plan on ending with the reveal of Jon Snow's heritage
I know yo. Smh. Bogo Jon Snow but still sya man sad ang rightful ruler sa Westeros but he gonna give up the North over
Important: does the best impression of Jon Snow you'll ever see.
Jon Snow: I need a Walker to show to Cersei. Walker: I got a match bro. Jon: You get to ride a Dragon with Dany. Walker…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Me watching Jon Snow get stabbed during 5x10
How to win Daenerys Targaryen's heart in 4 simple steps by Jon Snow
Jon Snow should have gotten on the dragon ASAP and we wouldn't have to feel that pain.
Jon Snow's height is the best running joke on 'Game of Thrones' season 7
Dany: Heroes do stupid things & they die even this what's his name? ah yeah Jon Snow. Jon: *in danger*. D: WAIT BABE I'M GONNA S…
Something is bothering me aboot Jon Snow... He took 3 arrows from Ygritte & he is fine! *** is that?!??
Jon Snow the only person in this series who has yet to get me tight...
director shuts down ridiculous new theory about Jon Snow!
Can we please take a moment to appreciate the latest episode! Jon Snow.. Ahh!
Between episodes, I get lost in fan video spirals on YouTube. Here is a good Jon Snow one:
Jon Snow almost killed himself, lost like 7 *** and a Dragon to prove to Cersei the Night King exists and shes not go…
Just how reliable are prophecies on really?.
I admire Game of Thrones for their bold choice to have Jorah's character arc to become a total cuck to Jon Snow and Daenerys
The BRM queen on the Iron Throne with jon snow by her side. . 😎👍❤
A cyclops was stiffen by Jon Snow to find treasure
. If Jon Snow turned into a white walker, does he become
Is Jon Snow gonna be dragon his nuts on this face in the season finale or nah?
I liked a video What Jon Snow REALLY Thinks of Danerys Targaryen (Game of Thoughts)
What George R.R. Martin told a 'Game of Thrones' director about Jon Snow and Daenerys way back in season 1
The Dragon and the Wolf (7x07). Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. . Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow. . Me:.
RIGHT? I thought you'd think so! LOL Seriously...Where is MY Jon Snow???
If we can be OK with dragons and zombies, we can be OK with Jon Snow as Dany's baephew.
Yeah..I'm still not sure. I mean, it *IS* Jon Snow, and Dany is certainly beautiful. And the Targaryans (sp…
Jon Snow cannot die! Death doesn't want him yet! Benjen Stark surfaced from no where as human sacrifice. Just like that? Okay🤔
Obviously I know Kit Harrington doesn't look like Sean Bean. But the character of Jon Snow is the only one of Ned's sons that looks like him
Jon Snow, Benjwn Stark, and Danaerys:3-way tie for MVP.
The Elders in conversation with Jon Snow (Pres. Jimmy Carter, Archbp. Desmond Tutu & Mary Robinson) by Intelligenc…
in Jon Snow's mind like Bill Belichick in Pete Carroll's at the end of Super Bowl 49: Jon has a death wish
watched YouTube video saying Jon Snow finds out his true parentage onto season 8 hope it's not true been drawn out too long
Characters I like: Sean bean, good looking Robb, Jon Snow, Kalesiii, Enya, bald man w/ no *** Jean Grey
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John Sparrow of house Stark . First of his name. Brother to Jon Snow. Rightful Heir to the Iron Throne
Jon Snow eats pico de gallo and dies
Okay. Clearly. Jon Snow, The Imp and Daenerys are going to mount all three dragons soon.
My heart hurts every time Jon Snow comes on screen. I love him I want him
I don't know about you but I cannot wait for Jon Snow to mount up and ride out on one of these dragons.
Season 8 Finale prediction. Jon Snow and Ghost are going to mount up on Rhaegel and fly in to battle next to Danaerys and Drogon.
Gendry: Did we just become best friends?. Jon Snow: I think we did.
Some big confirmations about Jon Snow, bad *** dream team going out to hunt. It wasn't battle heavy…
'Game of Thrones' may have confirmed a theory with huge implications for Jon Snow's future htt…
friendly reminder that that son is Jon Snow and he has a better claim to the throne than anyone in the game. the end.
Jon Snow is a Targaryen, wonder how the director will depict the scene of him finding out. Rn all we've gotten are teasers
Add Jon Snow & his squad to your prayer list. He's gonna need it.
Daenerys and Jon Snow ain't a bad match 👌🏾👀😍
Aren't khaleesi and Jon snow technically brother and sister or am I wrong?
Ugh. Jon Snow just got a hard-on watching Daenerys come in for a landing on her dragon. Gross.
Game of Thrones 7x05 Jon Snow leaves Dragonstone: via
Anyone else singing the Jurassic Park theme song in their head while Jon Snow pets the dragon??
Sam was holding the answer to the mystery of Jon Snow's parents on
Rewatching Daenerys is looking at Jon Snow like "My God, that is one sexy man."
Listen. Jon Snow, do not get killed
How I picture Jon Snow returning from his expedition
Dany: "they're beautiful aren't they" Jon Snow: "Beautiful isn't a word I would use to describe them" Dany: h…
Trump defined himself during campaign. He encouraged violence against protesters at rallies. We should not be surprised.…
See all the episode photos released so far:
The hidden bombshell in Gilly's book
Jon Snow, now that you're the true king, if you don't want to rule Westeros, we could use your help over here.
Even the dragon can't resist Jon Snow!! Oo touch me again king of the north. Denarys YOU need to bend a knee! Jesus Wept…
"I don't need your permission. I am a King!" - Jon Snow
Jon Snow putting together the Oceans 11 of Zombie Kidnapping .
Jon Snow watching Daenerys fly by on a dragon: "Man, I want a flying mount!"
Bet seh Night King go kill Viserion and Jon Snow go mount Rhaegal
Can’t wait to see Jon Snow mount one of the dragons. He is technically a Targaryen
Sure, but even if Jon Snow knows nothing, he knows enough to know he'd lose to Tyrion at Scrabble.
(But maybe that's just me and I'm just projecting because I relate to Jon Snow hardcore)
Jon Snow'd be the type of gamer to not be competitive at all and just want everyone to have a good ti…
this is a lie you know Jon Snow loves words with friends
also shaved looks like a cross between Jon Snow and Jason Momoa
The WORLD just needs Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen to hook up so badly right now. ❤️
"On a scale of Jon Snow to Tyrion Lannister, how drunk are you? ". "Nova Scotia."
I think the the reveal of Jon Snow 's background is probably the biggest reveal after the Star Wars
If yall think I'm gonna settle for Jon Snow after I've already fallen in love with Ramsay Bolton you're probably right.
Iwan Rheon was the primary runner-up to play Jon Snow, but was later cast as Ramsay Bolton
Daenerys sent Jon Snow the best ultimatum...via selfie
Live your life like Jon Snow watching Anderson Paak at Glastonbury
Jon Snow: quick cave drawing champion of the North
If only they would listen to Jon Snow 😩
Jon Snow, son of Rhaegar, of house Targaryen, Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, King in the North, the Undead, the Shatterer of Ice.
Ned's sister and Rhaegar Targaryen are Jon Snow's parents. When Ne…
Kit Harington, aka Jon Snow, is trying to bring back disability care from “the brink of disaster.”
DRAGONSTONE has Daenerys Targaryen. DRAGONSTONE has Jon Snow. DRAGONSTONE has Tyrion Lannister. DRAGONSTONE has Ser Davos
Missandei: This is Daenerys Targaryen. She's the queen of everything 100% 4eva. Davos: This is Jon Snow. He's kinda cool…
Jon Snow is trying to explain to Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister why he needs the dragon glass https…
This hidden symbolism hints at a surprising destiny for Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen
10 reasons Jon Snow and Daenerys might end up together on 'Game of Thrones' even though it's kind of weird
Amazing to see our very own cliffs of set the scene for the dramatic coming together of Jon Snow and Daenerys…
Jon Snow and I are ready as we ever will be for
Jon Snow watching everyone fight over the Iron Throne when ice demons are coming to kill them all
I'd rather have Cersei take the whole of Westeros than see Jon Snow on the Iron Throne.
I really hope Khaleesi tells Jon Snow he's "chatting bare whiff".
'Jon Snow looked like Ronnie Corbett' . Great insight again from Grace Dent.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
"You now stand before Daenarys Stormborn of House Targaryan... the mother of dragons etc etc...". -"This is Jon Snow" . 😂
Maybe I just know nothing. But even Jon Snow is a King!
Trump is like the mad king. Bernie is Jon Snow. Paul Ryan is Jaime Lannister to Mike Pence's Cersei. Republicans are White Walkers.
Hey Dany how about we wrap up the titles Today Junior, Jon Snow has zombie issues to deals wit
Tyrion: I hear Sansa is well. Does she miss me?. Jon Snow:
Jon Snow and Dani meeting feels like in 24 when Jack met David Palmer GameOfThones7
I liked a video Game of Thrones 7x03 - Jon Snow meets Daenerys Targaryen
This week on GoT. In Westeros: incest . In Dragonstone. Daenerys: I'm the mother of dragons. Jon Snow: I see dead people.
Don't let war with North Korea distract you from the fact that Jon Snow and Khaleesi will meet for the first time tonight
Lol hayibo sowufikile kwi cave scene ka Jon Snow🙊🔥? You know nothing Mbae. (You'll get it once you see it😂)
Jon snow hasn't been in the last two episodes and I might cry
Ned lied or else Jon Snow would be dead. He protected him even though he knew it would *** off his wife.
Can't wait for Jon snow to be taking names tonight
He's a good boy and the best thing you can say about Jon Snow is that he's apparently c…
When you are pumped for Rick and Morty coming back but everyone else is more pumped about Daenerys meeting Jon Snow
The crew wonders: Should Jon Snow go south? We all know what happened to the others who have ...
Dreamt that I watched tonight's episode of with was fab! Jon Snow & came & surprised us! 😱
I mean he does look a little like kit but she kept saying its jon snow... no its podrick 😂
Jon Snow has no love interest, Dany talked about marrying someone to smooth things over in westoros, I dunno guys
Jon Snow became king due to the pressure of society, he is just another 'Engineer'.
Can't wait to see the meeting between Jon Snow and Danaerys 😏
Friendly reminder that in less than 24 hours and after 7 years of waiting, Jon Snow will meet Daenerys Targaryen
In previous seasons Jon Snow would take five episodes to get to Dragonstone.
3. He's a driveway!. 4. Sam fenna get himself kicked out or hated by some, loved by others. He is the Jon Snow of the Citadel.
Does that mean al gore and jerry brown are Jon snow and dany? Lol
Jon Snow is going to meet Daenerys Targaryen tonight and I'll be
Can't wait to see the look on Dany's face when Jon Snow doesn't kneel
Her: He's always so lost in deep thought. What could he be thinking now?. Me: Jon Snow should just go to Dragonston…
Jon Snow and Danaerys are both incredibly honourable and have survived this far and only gained power and respect
Jon snow in coming episode be like . Hi phupho let's party 😂😂😃.
Update your maps at Navteq
And then everyone bends the knee to Jon because male overpowers female in the olden days 😏 and because Jon Snow 💕
Depends, do you consider Jon Snow to be a Targaryen? To me, he is more of a Stark than a Targaryen. (R+L=J)
Me when Jon Snow and Dany gets married
Channel 4 Diana documentary condemned as 'exploitative' and 'hurtful' >ITS A PUBLIC LEFT WING BROADCASTER for the OVER PAID JON SNOW and MOB
I am way more invested in Daenerys and Jon Snow being BFF's than I am in any other relationship in my life.
Milton highway sign for James Snow Parkway changed to ‘Jon Snow Parkway’ via
Reminder: Jon Snow is still dead in the books 😑
Be safe, Jon Snow. Littlefinger can't be trusted.
No Jon Snow will not bend his knee as he knows he needs to negotiate as an equal a…
well I now have a crush on jon snow
Apparently, except Jon Snow. That guy needs to die.
Sunday School Teacher: "And then he said, 'you know nothing.'". Me: "Jon Snow..." 😅
Her: I wonder if he really loves me . Him: I hope Jon Snow and khaleesi make a great team
Yes Arya will reach winterfell in this episode as she is already in the North which is ruled by Jon Snow
Ashore and assured. Jon Snow is expected to arrive at 2am and he wants the people with him so don't break faith. ht…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Jon Snow, former Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, current King of the North. Titles that…
Game of Thrones Just Confirmed a Game-Changing Twist to a Major Prophecy
Sign on EB Hwy. 401 in Milton briefly changed from James Snow Parkway to 'Jon Snow Parkway'
Carice van Houten discusses and says Melisandre is still on Jon Snow's side
When you find out Jon Snows real name, you're not going to say it, you'll still call him Jon Snow
This is a from an alternate GoT universe where Jon Snow marries the Frey daughter that Roose Bolton married.
Jon Snow's 'anti-Tory rant' and the myth of the pinko inside the TV
New photos tease Daenerys and Jon Snow's big get-together
I’m told ends with Jon Snow waking up next to Suzanne Pleshette and it was all a dream. major h/t to
I got a strong feeling Jon Snow is going to take the Mance Rayder approach towards "Bending the Knee" for Dany!
Jon Snow: Until I return the North is yours. . Meanwhile Little finger:
Episode 2s: last season Jon Snow back from the dead, this season Reek revived. Will Hot Pie make Walder Frey rise i…
I need Jon Snow and Dany's armies to link up like
Jon Snow and Khalessi will be like the Golden State Warriors together
Jon Snow lost half his pledge class during I-week, fake pledged another frat, and became the president his sophomore year.
It's the market that decides. Tom Bradby is on £500k a year, Preston £300k, Jon Snow .…
The war is over, winter is come.(a warrior ). The war is not over. The true enemy won't wait out the storm. (Jon Snow )
Can we redo this show but with Jon Snow as Governor of the Central Bank trying to keep inflation at 2% please?
07-22 Adorable Kit Harington tries to convince us Jon Snow is...
What kind of money do Jon Snow, Robert Peston, Adam Boulton and Tom Bradby earn?
Jon Snow is such a Coco Martin character lmao
I forgot how attractive both Jon Snow and Rob Stark are until I restarted GoT
For my Game of Thrones folks y'all think Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen are gonna have sex before or after they figure out they're related?🤔
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