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Jon Moss

Jonathan Aubrey Moss (born 11 September 1957) is an English drummer best known as a member of the 1980s pop group Culture Club.

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Will Corbyn prove his former enemy Thatcher right and triumph?
Didn't know Jon Moss was manager at Pompey
Posting this Cus kids these days don't know what being moss'd truly means 👀
This referee would fit in well in the Premier League. Looks about on the same level of Jon Moss and Martin Atkinson.
Bringing this back cuz kids today wont know what it means to be Moss'd 😱.
I like Jon Hamm but Elizabeth Moss is a much better actor.
Jon Moss' heat map from last night revealed.
As for Granit Xhaka, when he first arrived, he was bedding and had Jon Moss to deal with, last couple of months 👏👏
Jon Moss trying to peak around the side of George's massive hat
George always looks great. What's funny is Jon Moss TRYING to get some air time! 😂
Jon Moss - no wonder George fell in love with him
.is among the 3 best receivers I've ever mentored. He's in the same class as Randy Moss and Larry Fitzge…
I never realised at the time but now I listen and hear all the references to his relationship with Jon Moss.
Mm ima have to sip my tea, that's like asking me Jon are you *** or ***
Jon Moss on kettle drums means we’re morally obliged to post this GIF again,
Jon Moss twirling his drumstick, there. (No, that’s not a euphemism.)
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Can that include Jon Moss and Roger East please.
Victims by Culture Club, the drummer, Jon Moss, was in Adam & The Ants
Zaza booked there, not actually for his dive, but Jon Moss just said he deserves it after that penalty in the Euros.
Jon Moss easily the most exciting player on the pitch.
Can we deport Mike Dean to the middle of the Atlantic? Give him Anthony Taylor to use as a raft & Jon Moss as a big…
She's got a point re Anthony Taylor, Mike Dean &a Jon Moss
Jon Snow let Sir Michael Fallon have it with both barrels. Army on the streets b/c of Tory proxy wars in Libya &…
I don't care what you say Jon Snow and Daenerys are OTP.
Boy George: “[Jon Moss and I] had sex in the toilets at Whitfield Street Studios while recording the strings for ‘Victims’.”
Jon Moss. Lee Mason. Roger East. Cant be on the referee list next year surely??.
Jon Moss in bottling sending off a big name player shocker..
That was an "interesting" foul for Jon Moss to set his tolerance level with for the first free kick of th...
Cannot believe Jon Moss made a point of calling Dembele over and signalling to 4 fouls he'd committed before letting him…
Punk4MH at dinner w/ George from Hampstead of Radio London, Jon Moss (CC), Micky Gallagher (…
bad. New refs needed imo. The likes of Clattenburg, Jon Moss, Mike Dean are dreadful to all clubs.
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Wenger facing ban after calling referee Jon Moss a "cheat". . This is the new Arsène Wenger. He does what he wants. https:/…
to be officiated by Jon Moss for first time since 2-2 draw with West Ham on April 17.
Alan Shearer and Ian Wright on referee Jon Moss in
Dan McCahon (rear) with Culture Club drummer Jon Moss and H20 frontman Ian Donaldson - Slowdazzle (courtesy of Chris Davidson)
Jon Moss has no bottle. Costa should have been off but have learnt to expect that kind of thing now. Subs should be made e…
Our team welcoming refs Jon Moss & Martin Atkinson to the Riverside as part of the
I've Jon Moss and Martin Atkinson, who's fundraising for on Donate now
Prem Refs Martin Atkinson and Jon Moss are taking part in a charity bike ride - for more info and to donate see here
Didn't get to meet Boy George but at least I met the lovely guys of Culture Club!! Thank you so much Jon Moss, Roy Hay, and Mikey Craig! 😍❤
I'll donate £1k if someone drop kicks Jon Moss in the back of the head
Jon Moss has ruined this, I want my fiver back 😂😂😂
Jon Moss pulling his best Clatternburg impression "it's all about you!"
Stockport Refs Present Jon Moss & Anthony Taylor on 9th Sept 16.See for more info.
Roses are Red. Jon Moss is a clown.
Bomb threat at a Man United game when the referee is Jon Moss? Coincidence? I think not.
Bleedin Jon Moss messing up again. Sod off Ref
v Bournemouth ko1500 1 Referee today is Jon Moss. United team news around 1400
I've just seen Jon Moss is ref today. He's usually the game spoiler.
Hard to see how Jon Moss didn't show Polter a red for that Barton challenge. Perfect view of it. Knee-high, from behind. Totally reckless
Polter should've seen red for tackle on Barton. Now deliberately handballs. Still on the pitch. . Jon Moss the ref.
Jamie Carragher has vehemently defended under-fire referee Jon Moss, claiming the official had a 'fantastic' game during…
Jon Moss went to the Phil Dowd School for Fitness in Refereeing
Oh bloody *** Jon Moss is the ref. As if we need any help looking inept.
Jamie Carragher talking total sense on Jon Moss. Hope Alan Shearer and Ian Wright are watching
After sending off Jamie Vardy yesterday, referee Jon Moss has woken up today to see his house like this...
BBC | 'The referee realised he messed up': Alan Shearer and Ian Wright examine referee Jon Moss's controversial performance in Leices...
Story of today; 8 points clear, decent point in the end and Jon Moss is the biggest *** to walk gods green earth. Night X
Every football fan in the world to Jon Moss right now!
Kevin Friend replaced by Jon Moss for a big game ! He had a shocker , Mike Oliver should have had this game ⚽️
Jon Moss is obviously desperate to appear in that Vardy film, played by Lee Mack.
Jon Moss showing Mike Dean how a diehard Spurs fan should officiate a match
But of justice that. After Kevin Friend was removed from the Spurs game, turns out Jon Moss lives on Green Street.
Jon Moss is a joke. Such a generous penalty but maybe it's justice.
Jon Moss makes Karl Hess look like the Pope
Jon Moss is to refereeing what Harold Shipman was to patient care
Jon Moss, kill yourself you complete scumbag
Great decision, Jon Moss. Took some balls that. Striker initiated contact again.
Jon Moss will take charge of tomorrow's match against Leicesrer City.
I pity everyone this demon child ever comes in contact with.
Jon Flanagan has been made Liverpool captain for the day. .
You might fancy joining me for a run with this lovely lot on the 2nd April. There's beer too!
State tournament MVP is Alex Lomax. Could have picked Moss or Lawson really. All were excellent.
Albion cross from Berahino - Ruddy collects low. Full of noise in here. Pulis complains of time-wasting. If only Jon Moss was here...
Lol His lover was drummer Jon Moss. They made love, I guess
Didn't Boy George write that song about his tempestuous relationship w/ Jon Moss? Culture Club's best song imho.
Loving working from the new C4DI building in Hull “February at C4DI” by Jon Moss via
fans start petition to ban Jon Moss from refereeing...
Three-pointer by T.J. Moss and East leads 60-52 with three minutes left.
Moss is growing under my feet, April is such a great time to travel. Megabus to Chicago to cross paths with my...
Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss discuss the end of Mad Men!
Jose Mourinho facing stadium ban after telling referee Jon Moss: 'Arsene Wenger was right - you are *ing soft!'
I liked that from Jon Moss. For me I thought it showed he realised error and didn't pick JR up on it again. Well done fans.
Have my Six Things from Saturday's draw. And yes, Jon Moss gets it...
Yay! A great big bag of awkward, confronting YAY!
My name is Ted Cruzumaki and my dream is to become the Hokage of the United States
New 'Game of Thrones' video clip shown behind closed doors suggests Jon Snow is still alive ht…
if Kevin Friend jon moss Roger East and mike jones can then so can Lee Mason. Not blessed with good uns
.is in the studio finishing his album with Dr. Dre 👀
I call Donna Moss, who's gonna be Josh
Can anyone think of another occasion that a referee has applauded the Barclay? Fair play to Jon Moss for that
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I have a the reverse feeling about Moss and Adams. I think Adams will be the Jon Jay in 2016.
I tend to agree. I also believe Mike will make Moss the new Jon Jay. Play him too often even as he struggles.
you forgot Jon Moss - not sure how as he's at St Mary's once a month. 😃
Could be worse, it could be Jon Moss.
off with what appeared to be a calf problem, next went close. Jarvis' deflected shot looped just wide and referee Jon Moss ruled there was
Aimed more at the inept Jon Moss and Sterling to be honest. Some pathetic diving going on out there and ref is falling for it.
Jon Moss has been accusing of time-wasting. Barclay mocked that ahead of a corner - to which Moss applauded them.
Ref Jon Moss claps the fans after they mimic his "time-wasting" gesture, earlier aimed at John Ruddy
Jon moss has been very impressive today
Jon Moss is buying every single Sterling dive.
As worried about Jon Moss as I am about Aguero. Still plenty of time for him to be the difference.
Good grief, Jon Moss really must be THE worst referee in the Premier League ! And that's saying something; 'inept' doesn't cover half of it.
Jon Moss then decides there's no time for the corner either. Nice of him.
Pathetic from Jon Moss. You know if that was at City's end they would have had that corner.
Deflected Jarvis shot loops just wide and ref Jon Moss calls time before the corner can be taken. HT: 0-0
Jon Moss is on the City payroll I reckon. And by the looks of it it's pork pies.
Come on Jon Moss you're meant to be a Mackem, give Man City a sly penalty
I've found 7"Animal Games - b side is "Us Kids Cold". Sure I've Friday on my Mind, maybe in my 12" boxes. Jon Moss on drums.
Two very poor refereeing performances from Jon Moss and Martin Atkinson yesterday. Makes you wonder.
Jon Moss giving a showcase of inconsistent refereeing at the Liberty Stadium right now, and earning about £100k a year for…
Not every day is the same. Today I found a new type of moss. It turned out to be the old type of moss covered in extr…
exactly.. Moss, King, Bolles were all still being recruited while committed.
I mean I could but why would I want to?
Hazard goes down under Potter's challenge and after a wait, ref Jon Moss points to the spot. 1-3
MK Dons v Chelsea: FA Cup fourth round – live!: Pep! Jon Moss blows his whistle and MK Dons, in all white,...
Is it me or has my "favourite" ref Jon Moss lost considerable, said in Wolverhampton accent, amount of weight?
last time jon moss the ref was at stadmk it's was the Peterborough playoff with THAT red card and penalty 😳
Don't worry Chelsea. Jon Moss will re-create his Posh promotion-winning penalty decision if you're struggling
'you haven't seen me yet' Hiddink will find out what referee Jon Moss is like today after complaining to him about Anthony Taylor in Prem
MK Dons v Chelsea... Can't bring myself to cheer for either as want both to lose. Guess I'm supporting ref Jon Moss and hoping for 4-4 draw.
Jon Moss refereeing today's game between v Get ready for some hooky decisions!
Jon Moss as the ref for this cup game. I'm expecting a penalty somewhere, Jon Moss loves a penalty
Mark we HAVE to do this! Maybe without all the screaming, but we have to do it!!
NO WAY Jon Moss has worked hard for that title.
Tomorrow's referee is Jon Moss. His only previous Blues encounter this season was the defeat at West Ham,
It's "Tonight Matthew I'm Jon Moss" moment.His days always like that,don't know where,don't know when & don't know what I'm doing!
Top-ranked East wins again, 75-54 over Hamilton. T.J. Moss leads with 20 and Courtney Carter scores 13.
Jon Moss is the referee for this weekend https…
Hey does Jon Moss remember The Ghost Brothers, the guitarist is my dad and he's phenomenal at playing.
Jon Moss is the referee for this weekend
also, you know I've been talking about Jon too much when the word moss corrects to MOS
Jon Moss will referee the FA Cup clash between MK Dons and Chelsea on Sunday.
“I’ve known guitarists who are amazing but I wouldn’t want to have lunch with them” – Jon Moss (Culture Club):
“They’re scary” - Jon Moss (Culture Club) on drummers who are obsessed with drumming:
poll and thomas. Jon Moss tries his best every time we get him too
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Jon Moss 3 seasons in a row at Man. City
Visit to book your place on the 2016 Development Summit on 8th Feb, feat. official Jon Moss.
nothing is more photogenic than the Jon Moss face
every week at bar trivia I do our Jon Moss face and the host has deemed me the most photogenic
, , and !! ( plate it safe, I'll prob never play with/against any) ;)
same as last night mate, that Jon Moss was a joke!
Yes Jon and I was so well looked after! Still laughing about the guy behind swearing at Moss & not Charlie 😂😂😂
The ones who know the least about politics are the same ones who hate on Trump the most, probably because he's the only candidate they know
I must have missed so much of the transfer window since when did Stoke sign Jon Moss and his to assistants?
Exactly! Jon Moss was frightened of the occasion! Only gave us free kicks when no advantage - Numpty
Good write up James and spot on ratings. Still upset but we move on! Jon Moss wearing red goggles throughout- Rating - 5 😐
49- Firmino smashes the post, while supporters are after a penalty. Referee Jon Moss waves away the loud protests 0-1
Quite random but thought the positioning of referee Jon Moss in shoot out bizarre. Almost in eye line of players
Breaking News: Klopps glasses were found - Ref Jon Moss was wearing them all through the game! 👓
If Jon Moss hadn't had his Red Glasses on he would have been off! featured in NBC s Science of Love
It's the go-to topic of the myopic, I know, but referee Jon Moss was awful. Flanagan + Allen should've gone, inconsistent decision-making.
Absolutely drained so goodness knows how the lads are! An amazing performance Stoke and we showed the world who we are! Jon Moss you Numpty!
Not even Jon Moss (ref) & his staff could stop us today. We didn't play well but are through! Brilliant!
Apart from the goal/offside (which is the assistant's fault) I think Jon Moss is best man on the pitch tonight.
52 - Mark Davies cuts inside, he goes down and referee Jon Moss books the Bolton winger for diving, 0-0
This is the 2nd time James McClean was yellow carded by the Jon Moss in the 3 matches he refereed him.
I thought that, Jon Moss isn't my favorite ref
Mark Lawrenson: FA right to ban Mourinho & right to reveal what he said to Jon Moss. Ref Show part 2 here...
Now we just need Rui Faria to headbutt Jon Moss and this game is complete.
I still think English Refs are the best around although Jon Moss is an exception as he's too slow and a bit rubbish.
Elisabeth Moss will always be Peggy to me. Just like Jon Hamm will always be Don Draper. They can't be anyone else 😂 Sorry guys
Don't even ask how I got to this point, but I'm really attracted to early Culture Club Jon Moss now.
Thanks Beth, at the self-serve tills at Asda Moss Bank Way Bolton they ONLY have the 6p bags! No donation been made!
We are pleased to announce that FA Cup Final Referee Jon Moss will be our guest speaker on Thursday 15th of October. All referees welcome
RB commit Zack Moss locks in official visit with ($)
"Andrew Luck has the lowest passer rating in the NFL. 65.1 - Lower than Colin Kaepernick and Ryan Mallett.". -
Spent about 20 minutes with Mitch Moss and Mike Pritchard on ESPN Las Vegas this afternoon. We covered a lot of...
I just realized that Casey Moss looks like a young Jon Hensley :)
My slightly random husband Richard Moss might know.
do you have it with moss? She used to go off on the longest tangents
Photoset: sexyolddudes: Mad Men stars Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss Photos by Jeff Lipsky for TV Guide
I just cried over Mad Men so first of all How Dare you Matthew Weiner and secondly How Dare you Jon Hamm and Elizabeth Moss
La'Jon Enis-Carter working his best Moss impression:.
Jon Moss is the worst ref in England.
yo please help me man lmao, I'm dying here 😥😅
and Jon Moss on the set of its a miracle
This *** of a ref is giving Jon Moss a run for his money!
Taken to task or what? Read 's withering assessment of Jon Moss's performance on Ref Cam ...
According to Jon Moss committed more fouls than
Yohan Cabaye scored a penalty awarded by Jon Moss after Foul by Chris Brunt.
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Though nice of Jon Moss to give Palace a penalty for a change. End of days.
A kick & then a push. Is that not a Red ? Obv not against a home team when Jon Moss is reffing
first half decisions from Jon Moss were poor & one sided. No mention. 2 palace representatives in studio + Parish, no wba.
Jon Moss just did it again with that blatant Gardner hand ball...yeah, he's really poor.
Really thoroughly fed up of Jon Moss, BT sport and the general bias on show. We're awful but any danger of someone giving our point of view?
'Not a penalty that Jon Moss can give' - I agree. Can't see the arm. But still deliberate handball for me.
Jon Moss missing big calls. Why am I not surprised?
It would seem that Jon Moss is blind. Not exactly a very flawless referee.
Jon Moss is a poor referee...makes a big deal of minor incidents but is strangely non-committal when it comes to the big decisions.
Why are "commentators" so surprised at Jon Moss' poor decisions? He makes dozens of them in every game...
Jon Moss is an absolutely appalling referee.
Jon moss finally gets something wrong in our favour.
Brunt quite clearly puts out an arm and shoves Zaha to the floor but Jon Moss is having none of it for some reaason
Jon Moss: "I'm so desperately incapable of reffing this game I need to assert my authority when someone's unhappy with me"
Cabaye obviously not going to be booked today. Jon Moss has decided.
Jon Moss is a joke of a referee. End of.
Oh dear watching the lunchtime game and it's fatty ref Jon Moss. He's already missed a yellow for cabaye and a blatant push
where is Howard Webb? Jon Moss is the most inconsistent ref in EPL
Other end Morrison attempts similar feat, but falls over. Jon Moss quickly shakes arms to indicate no foul.
I see Jon Moss has adopted his usual anti-Albion stance...
Jon Moss is a w*nker. Good got that out of the way.
In the 1 matches versus referee Jon Moss has given 3 and
Jon Moss has given 66.67% of his 9 yellow cards to the away team compared to the Premier League 15/16 average of 5...
He will be, right next to Jon Jay and Brandon Moss.
HEATH PROTEST: Jon Moss and Robert Powell protest against 'ridiculous' work on the Vale of Health this morning. Ta!
THANK U 4 share LUVD rousing film intro! Drums r awesome Jon Moss, BGeorge!in the palm v his big beautiful hand :)
Lord help us if the justification for Jon Jay’s playing time is Brandon Moss and Mark Reynolds.
Jon Moss appointed to referee vs Stoke. We won 10 out of 10 with him, including the FA Cup final win over Aston Villa.
The last Premier League game Jon Moss officiated Arsenal was against Stoke at the Emirates in a 3-0 win in January.
Jon Moss will officiate Arsenal v Stoke. The Gunners have won all nine Premier League matches with him as the man in the middle.
Jon Moss ref for Saturday. That's every 50 50 going in Arsenal's favour then
Jon Moss has been appointed referee for Arsenal v Stoke City Football Club in the Premier League on Saturday 12th...
Moss, Wong and Grichuk maybe? Jon Jay needs to be pinch hit for por favor.
Cow and Chicken were eating the booty from Day 1
definitely, hopefully we get Keyshawn Johnson jr and Randy Moss son as well, that'd be killer!!
Highly recommend that you ALL go and see Jospeh Arkley in Mel Hilyard's production of THE LATE HENRY MOSS - funny…
Referee Jon Moss threatened with legal action after ...
CHARLES SALE - SPORTS AGENDA: Jon Moss has been threatened with legal action by an assistant official alleging he was deliberately injured
Oh good, Jon Jay's back? Have a seat Piscotty or Moss or Pham or Grichuk (when you get healthy). Control yourself, Mike
I'm taking petit Randy Moss with my first overall in fantasy.
Referee Jon Moss threatened with legal action after being a... |
.you ought to correct your column. Jon Lansman is not Jeremy Corbyn's campaign manager. His campaign is run b…
An assistant referee has threatened to take legal action against Jon Moss >>
Referee Jon Moss ‘facing legal action’ after being accused of deliberately injuring assistant
Referee Jon Moss 'facing legal action' for injuring assistant
Craig Pawson and Jon Moss refereed at and Keith Hackett has hailed the event >
Working with Jon Moss, Dan Meeson and Lee Mason for dealing with confrontation
Referees Craig Pawson and Jon Moss will officiate matches at in Singapore
oh, Jon Moss, the little drummer boy! 😉
I'd read that he was overlooked. Far better than Jon Moss. By the way Howard Webb dusted his whistle down tonight at NYS!
Congrats to Clay Travis, Jon Moss, Jasper Bassett, & Matt Irwin for honorable mention in the Moody’s Mega Math Challenge!
The FA have to be embarrassed by appointing a referee like Jon Moss week in and week out.LENNON !
'It's like a scene from the nineteen eighties again... look, here comes Margaret Thatcher riding a tank past Boy George bumming Jon Moss.'
to campaign to get a guide dog for referee Jon Moss
Jon Moss is the worst referee I've ever seen.
Jon Moss currently speaking to over 350 young officials, athletes and coaches at
1 0 - try & stop that, Jon Moss. Jose Fonte from the corner.
I guess they're talking to the A's about a trade for Brandon moss
I thought Jon Moss was bad but Oliver out did him last night. Shocking!
“There’s no middle ground in this business, you either do it or you don’t” - Jon Moss on making a living:
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Ref Man Utd. V Stoke last night. Beckett v Liverpool today. Top man Jon Moss.
Jon Moss: If at first you don't succeed, call it Version 1.0
The New England Patriots will have Randy Moss in for a workout on Tuesday. Uh oh.
Jon Moss is drunk..easily making United win the game. .
Rojo is offside and he touched that ball from Mata's freekick. Jon Moss and his assistants get that wrong though.
I'm not going soft yet - the conniving begins in earnest with v.Persie backing in, somehow gets FK - referee Jon Moss flexing obligingly.
Add to that list of dreadful refs, Jon Moss and Mike Jones. Truly Dreadful.
kICKOFF: manutd 0-0 stoke city at old trafford referee: jon moss
Sat, Oct 18 2014 Man City 4 - 1 Spurs Report Summary Sergio Aguero delivered the performance Mauricio Pochettino feared as he fired all four goals in Manchester City's dramatic 4-1 win over 10-man Tottenham. Spurs boss Pochettino had compared Aguero's play to the genius of Mozart in the build-up to the Premier League clash at the Etihad Stadium and his side simply proved incapable of stopping him. But the goals told only part of the story of a breathless encounter which featured four penalties -- two of which were saved -- countless chances and a red card for Tottenham's Federico Fazio. Aguero missed one of the penalties himself, being denied by Hugo Lloris after he had already struck twice, either side of a Christian Eriksen equaliser. Spurs' luckless striker Roberto Soldado was also out of luck from the spot, as Joe Hart capped another superb display with a brilliant save. There was debate about most of the penalty decisions by referee Jon Moss, not least the one which saw Fazio dismissed on his league ...
Wenger unlikely to face disciplinary action from the FA for pushing Jose Mourinho Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is unlikely to face any disciplinary action from the Football Association for pushing Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho during a heated touchline bust-up in Sunday's Barclays Premier League match at Stamford Bridge. Wenger confronted Mourinho in the technical area just after a bad foul from Gary Cahill on Alexis Sanchez midway through the first half, the Frenchman afterwards accepting he gave the Chelsea boss a "little" push, but which he defended. The managers had to be separated at the time by fourth official Jon Moss, before they were called over by referee Martin Atkinson, who gave them both a stern dressing down and warned any further transgressions would see them sent to the stands. Because the referee dealt with the matter as he saw it during the match, Press Association Sport understands the FA is unlikely to open a disciplinary case, unless the officials' report highlights something extraor ...
Looking forward to breakfast on Friday incl a presentation from Jon Moss about which will be based
I think her analysis was that the unions were destroying the working class by destroying work - read Jon Hoskins.
Talked to my *** Jon Moss tonight for the first time in a minute! I miss my homeboy)) =
Diame's basic. Much rather McArthur Moss!! Think we may have overspent by a couple mil but he'll prove his worth IMO
Why is Jonathan Moss allowed to referee games?.
Walter Mazzarri, the manager, blasted the "absurd" decision making by Daniele Doveri during draw with Not as bad as Jon Moss
You might be able to guess that we're quite fond of "Mad Men". Besides John Slattery in this Ep, Jon Hamm & Elisabeth Moss in others...
Referee Jon Moss blinding Cazorla with vanishing spray
I find it fascinating that Boy George and his drummer Jon Moss were dating and no one had a *** clue. xD Karma Chameleon was about them.
Forgot to share this fact but Jon Moss is absolutely incompetent at refereeing football. I don't think I've ever witnessed a match he...
:-)) I sent a link to the podcast to Gemma Moss who is incoming president of btw. Interview idea v interesting
Jon Moss should have stuck with Culture Club the soft-arsed pudding...awful reffing y'day and last week
Can't stand Jon Moss, but he could've sent Howard off, twice. One was good refereeing and other lack of help from the blind *** lino.
Jon Moss and his assistants were dire on v dreadful officiating. They should be stood down next round
Jon Moss, Kevin Friend, Lee Mason, if these are "elite" refs how bad is it in lower leagues? Bring back Uriah Rennie.
I did point out moss/rust not obvious signs of it being someone's pride+joy, but council said if someone's paying tax it may be.
what do you expect when thw ref is Jon moss
Howard should have been sent off twice yesterday. Got to love Jon Moss though
Booking: Tim Howard (left) is only yellow carded by referee Jon Moss (centre) but should h... via
Aw! The 2 of you look great together Boy George & Jon Moss!
Graham Poll is not in a position to criticise. He was far worse than Jon Moss. Don Hutchison anyone???
Don't expect you to criticise refs but Jon Moss hes had a poor start to the season. and then tonight
Moss and Lichen Smothers a Greenland Gravesite Thought to be about 500 years old.
argued with Guy Mowbray on here about Jon Moss the blunder ref from last weeks Hull match, one good decision doesn't outweigh his awful ones
I honestly don't know how Jon Moss has a job.I have seen him as a ref for 90 mins about 8 times, and Ive never seen be anything than abysmal
Jon moss is a horrific ref. bad at hull last week, awful at everton today
Linesman and Jon Moss were spineless, should've sent Costa off after his dive and Coleman celebration. Vile *** Also showed top club bias.
Least I am not alone on my views of Jon Moss, again!!
And one final thing that Jon Moss is a grade a *** (He's no relation)
So, today's ref was Jon Moss. Consider his card marked.
Great grame of football but so many errors. Also how does Jon moss keep being allowed to ref in the prem, he's the worst ref going
Jon moss is the worst referee I've ever seen
Jon Moss epitomises the 'youre not fit to referree'
Not good enough from Jon Moss. When there is clash between team mates if both are treated neither player has to go off.
How Jon Moss referees in the Premier League I'll never know
Given Jon Moss's incompetent performance today, I wonder if Howard Webb will be publicly explaining it? Doubt it.
Jon moss you fat *** costa dives but you dont blow the whistle and book him , they score 2 secs later
Diving is obviously ok now, Jon moss you are a joke
Don't think Jon Moss has had control of any game he has reffed so far this season and certainly not starting today - red soon?
Handled ball outside the area. Grabbed Costa round the neck. Head-butted Matic. 3 RED CARDS!. How is Tim Howard still on the pitch. Jon Moss?
Howard has done so many card worthy things today, come on Jon Moss.
Jon Moss is out of his depth reffing here at Everton, and his assistant Ron Ganfield has been even worse
Jon Moss is having a hard time keeping Everton and Chelsea under control. It was so much better playing the drums
Jon Moss completely bottling it with the pressure from the crowd
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