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Jon Lovitz

Jonathan M. Jon Lovitz (born July 21, 1957) is an American comedian, actor, and singer. He is best known as a cast member of the NBC sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live from 1985 to 1990.

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I have League of Their Own on in the background and had no idea that Jon Lovitz and Bill Pullman are in this movie
Jon Lovitz always has me cracking a smile 😂
I got my wisdom teeth removed last year and all my mom did was laugh at me and take photos so here is a pic of me l…
Trump needs to hire Jon Lovitz for press secretary aka that's the ticket.
Well, bye Jon Lovitz. The hysteria and overreaching conclusions, going on for DAYS, is a bit too much.
Jon Lovitz came thru the comedy show tonight to show…
My brand is jon lovitz in a league of their own telling a cow to shut up.
Jon lovitz comes back as rabbi giving counsel to j kushner about the whole trump white power situatn... nazis Jared, really?
"Let's make white men illegal by calling them Nazis!" -(((Jon Lovitz)))
Yep. Everyone gets to speak, even Nazis like Jon Lovitz
Before billy west and JK Simmons played red and yellow Jon Lovitz and John Goodman played them first
Maybe Trump is just Jon Lovitz' character from Rat Race and this is all one comical misunderstanding
Jon lovitz wants to ban free speech apparently. Well, I guess he's gonna shut up now.
Sad. I've always loved Jon Lovitz. As a brilliant comedian, he shouldn't need to be educated on this.
Either it's Jon Lovitz or his twin brother that delivered hot onion rings to my car personally.
Jon Lovitz either doesn't understand or doesn't believe in free speech.
Jon Lovitz advocating Nazi tactics in 2017. Yeeaah, that's the ticket!
Fun fact: Jon Lovitz pretended to be Hitler once, therefore Jon is trivializing Hitler.
Fascists v Social.err AntiFascists yeah...that's the ticket (In Jon Lovitz' voice)
Jon Lovitz is as good a defender of Law and Freedom as I am a SNL comedian.
Jon Lovitz: The govt abuses every power at its disposal, but let's give policing authority to ideologues…
See, Jennifer Lawrence & Jon Lovitz - this is the *** mob justice you helped fuel. Congratulations- be proud!. https:/…
I just checked iMDB, he's got 97 screen credits and the only other thing I've seen him in is this 1980s Jon…
Yeeeah, that’s NOT the ticket: Jon Lovitz gets schooled on the 1st Amendment and free speech via
Can't wait to see you all in Las Vegas at on Sept 1st & 2nd. Gonna be GREAT!!! . TIX:
Are we absolutely sure Trump wasn't next to Woody Allen, Michael Rapaport and Jon Lovitz in Small Time Crooks?
Kelly Ann Conaway being sued by Jon Lovitz for stealing his pathological liar character. He provides this as proof:
Dark skinned? Maybe. Jewish? Definitely. He could very well have looked like Jon Lovitz or Albert Brooks.
I can't stop thinking "you aint gonna like it cos the hood Jon Lovitz" and I don't know why, it doesn't even make sense as a joke
Congratulations Kathy Griffin on your booking. She will be performing nightly at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club for the next two months.
Just saw Loaded Weapon 1; its really the favorite flick. Best actor Jon Lovitz
.Jon Lovitz's Tommy Flanagan and Martin Short's Nathan Thurm get jobs with the Trump administration.
Make-A-Wish kid regretting choice of Jon Lovitz
Comedy legends Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz team up for a night of laughs - save on tickets now!…
Adrien Brody is Javier Bardem is Steve Carrell is Jon Lovitz is
*Michael Carter-Williams looks on smiling like Jon Lovitz in the Wedding Singer*
In my head, hlp looks like Jon Lovitz in The Wedding Singer.
1st actual laugh of the day: Jon Lovitz in 'The Wedding Singer.' ('Chaka Khan!')
I found this at the movie pawn store. Who remembers this short lived show? Jon Lovitz did the voice.
everyone's saying Jon Lovitz, but IMO he looks a bit like Hercule Poirot.
You want everyone to be great and funny. I'm not saying I'm great, but I'...
Jon Lovitz is terminated on 'The Apprentice' and more reality-TV highlights this week: Jon Lovitz is terminated on…
Listen, a Jon Lovitz version is a lesser show. No one can truly bring Newsradio back.
So glad one of Jon Lovitz’s characters made it to the inauguration
isn't that just Jon Lovitz in blackface and a fake mustache?
He also kinda looks like Jon Lovitz.
Jon Lovitz is a Trump supporter? He's gained some weight, but nice stash!
The New Celebrity Apprentice contestant also had the kindest things to say about his pal, Kyle Richards.
Omg, i thought i was listening to a podcast from Jon Lovitz and the director of Iron Man.
just watched the debate replay. Was that Dale Ahlquist or Jon Lovitz?
Ron Jeremy Jon lovitz and har mar superstar are all the same person
Once again, it's up to Jon Lovitz to save us.
I didn't take anything from anyone - first of all. Second of all, I o...
Here's another: They said Hillary was dishonest & untrustworthy but picked a modern-day Charles Ponzi who lies like…
Jon Lovitz & Dana Carvey playing together in on February 3-4. Tickets:
Some rainstorm here in the valley (California-jealous?-sorry jon lovitz). Piddle paddle at worst. Wimpy assed clouds.
I was hearing some Jon Lovitz in your movie roast
Watched the best so far. Poor Jon Lovitz. a funny guy but this was NOT the show for him to appear on.
My ex-roomate and I made a list of who we wouldn't once. I specifically remember Danny DeVito & Jon Lovitz
When you search for Jon Lovitz, it takes about two hours to load and then asks you if you're sure you want to continue with the search.
seriously tho, youre suppose to be the champ..running around like some clown with Jon Lovitz
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The Roast of Seth MacFarlane; Jon Lovitz, he's been here since the last one/nowhere else to go; SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE! $$
Throw back to Jon Lovitz studio with & the Fat Man!
none of this has a nut bar with carmel and peppermint and what ever Jon Lovitz wanted inside that candy for W. Buffet 2due w/Trump
Jon Lovitz could raise more than $500 if he tried. He knows Lorne Michaels!
“Jon Lovitz (…) escaped the Grim Reaper’s great 2016 harvest of their far more talented peers”.
Why am I watching the new apprentice? Cuz Snooki, Boy George, Jon Lovitz, Chael Sonnen, and Carson Kressley. &Freaking Tyra is an advisor!
Jon Lovitz needs to do next after the celebrity apprentice
Donald Trump is just like the Jon Lovitz character Tommy Flanagan from SNL.
did Jon Lovitz go into witness protection as a Cousin of Dan Le Batard who is really uncomfortable having his picture taken?
Who knew that Der Trump has been so influenced by Jon Lovitz' Tommy Flanagan?
All my Chaz Bono autographs are signed "Jon Lovitz"
Just heard on that 'Bad Boys' with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence was originally developed for Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz *** indeed
today I am thankful that Carson Kressley, Snooki, Jon Lovitz, Vince Neil, Boy George, and Tyra Banks will be on a tv show together in 2017
In Rat Race, Jon Lovitz's character illustrates how, through mistakes and accidents, a Jew can appear to be Nazi. Just like Jared Kushner!
I really hope Jon Lovitz is playable.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
You, Jon Lovitz, and John Favreau should start a campaign consulting firm.
I am willing to die to protect the Comedy Store, the Laugh Factory and the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club.
Had a dream last night that I was in a movie with Adam Sandler & Jon basically I'm saying I had a nightmare
What, did the U.S. Olympic swim team add Jon Lovitz to the coaching staff recently?
I am willing to help put out the fire if it gets near The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory or the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club.
Basically, picture that Jon Lovitz liar character, but irl and after having suffered some form of brain injury.
I have full respect for Jon Lovitz. He is the greatest handsome sweet comedian who ever lived. I love and adore him so much
Jon Lovitz was my fake sugar daddy. Wasn't it great?
& should join Jon Lovitz' organization, "Liars Anonymous".
Comedian Jon Lovitz, covers his with makeup to hide his condition. At IVX, no judgement, just treatment.
I feel like that Clash Royale commercial that uses Queen's "Flash" was a major missed opportunity to cast Jon Lovitz
Jon Lovitz Lying Character would be Katrina. "Yea, that's right"
Watching children's show about a dog park ranger called Bark Ranger and Jon Lovitz is the voice of the dog and I'm awake and it's real
The only thing I think of when I read Mook's name is Trump comparing him to Jon Lovitz's pathological liar act
you need to catch up. Jon Lovitz and Kathy Najimy!
At a certain point, if you work really hard and you get good and people like your work, you do d
Do you think they could give Trump a fake briefing, kinda like the way Billy Crystal gave Jon Lovitz a fake treasure map in City Slickers 2?
Jon Lovitz looking and sounding like Hitler at a WWII memorial event
*** just read that 'Bad Boys' was originally written to star Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz. What different film that would've been.
Jon Lovitz, Richard Marx to play Raue Center: Singer-songwriter Richard Marx and comedian…
HAPPINESS right into LIFE DURING WARTIME is a real brain-bender. My favorite transition is Jon Lovitz to Paul Reubens.
Woody is the guy who made me want to be a comic. I was in heaven and couldn't stop smiling becau
*** I thought he was loaded! When DT opens his mouth,Jon Lovitz, Tommy Flanagan-"yeah, thats the ticket"!
while I accept your reasoning behind Jon Lovitz, it does not excuse leaving Tim Curry from Legend off the list.
[Trite Chic]: Premiered in 1994: Cartoon adventures of dorky New York film critic, voiced by Jon Lovitz.A...
Good Morning... In honor of this week's I give you Jon Lovitz and this forgotten classic.
Vintage photo of Florence Stanley, Nicolas Cage, Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz star
Jon Lovitz crashing the WWII vets party looking and sounding like Hitler. I have seldom laughed that hard.
there are three Oscar winners in Rat Race. And it has a bit where Jon Lovitz goes to a nazi museum. Your move.
Jon Lovitz had nothing on the Donald
Jon Lovitz should play Trump on the big screen. "Believe me, yeah, that's the ticket"
Comedian Jon Lovitz in Pittsburgh over the weekend--could have been a campaign commercial for Mr. Trump. Clearly loves him.
Apparently, I said what a lot of people are thinking and a lot of people have thanked me.
Jon Lovitz kept us entertained and laughing during our team building party tonight!! I love my…
Instead of making people victims of people who are successful, we should be telling people, 'Loo
So far the movie we are most excited about has Jon Lovitz as a talking dog searching for hidden gold. What a dynamite premise, let's be real
You, the actor, must be aware of when you're being funny, but the character you're playing should
the IOC should be run by jon lovitz. yeah, that's the ticket!
was almost made with Jon Lovitz & Dana Carvey. Which I can only imagine would've sent into a tailspin. 😳
Casting for Movie: Hope Davis as Hillary Jon Voight as Jon Lovitz as Ted Mel Gibson as Paul Manafort
man, I wanted banjo-kazooie so bad as a kid. I saw the preview video that Jon Lovitz narrated and was hooked
Saw a cute pug in the airport and looked up and its owner was Jon Lovitz 😂🐶
so basically the campaign is devolving into the SNL Jon Lovitz, "Tommy Flanagan" liar skit
"Bad Boys was written for Saturday Night Live stars Jon Lovitz and Dana Carvey."
Jon Lovitz is very very funny on his commentary tracks btw. I probably should be at church if this is what I do on Sunday am
Also the source of Jon Lovitz's “I can't believe I losing to this guy!” 🙂
Jon Lovitz should revive his Tommy Flanagan character to be a surrogate for Trump
Obama caused Jon Lovitz to have a TV career.
should bring Jon Lovitz back to play Trump this fall. .
and the painful display that is going on. Kinda have a lot of work to do and going to see Jon Lovitz tonight, may need a break
You sound like Jon Lovitz' SNL character Tommy Flanagan. Keep lying to yourself Donald, we already know you're a fraud!
Oh, she's good! Jon Lovitz could learn a thing or two from her if SNL wants to brings back Tommy Flanagan for the fall!
Shoutout to the times I was hooking up with a guy who looked like a hot Jon Lovitz
Out of curiosity, why was Jon Lovitz silk screening Banana Republic shirts when he went out with Rachel
Trump and his surrogates just make stuff up. It's like they're all doing the Jon Lovitz liar schtick, but for real.
Yeah, after her FOX interview when she sounded like Jon Lovitz, and got 4 Pinocchios from all the papers, good idea
LMFAO. Jon Lovitz's Patholigical Liar is based on Who every1 knows slept with Madonna!.
TIL Mild-mannered Jon Lovitz went nuts on Andy *** at a comedy club accusing him of being somewhat responsible fo…
Jon Lovitz performs this weekend at the Tampa Improv - Bradenton Herald
Dave Landau, Tony Rock, Jon Lovitz and more upcoming shows!. Check out the full schedule at. ►
According to this guy, then, Jon Lovitz's Pathological Liar from SNL would merely be an excellently thorough journalist.
Just seen Jon Lovitz at my car wash. Wanted to get a picture but he was on the phone.
Jon Lovitz from The King of Queens stars in Jerry Maguire about a hearty Project builder named Jaquetta
First of all, this whole idea of this one percent versus the 99 percent, it...
It was cool meeting Jon Lovitz, since I didn't see him the other day.
When there's a home run in drive and it's Jon Lovitz
Follow the top Jon Lovitz stories for May 02 on our topical page:
Fans certainly Lovitz time for Jon Cooper to say funny things on the news radio shows.
a world that was robbed of Jon Lovitz' Govern Dukakis sketches?! I guess there must always be some darkness
grow a Hitler mustache & hit on girls who hate their dads.Yeah,that's the ticket. stop quoting Jon Lovitz.
You guys, I just got an from Jon Lovitz’ amazing wife, Even if I’m stung to death by scorpions next week, I can die happy.
I didn't know Jon Lovitz is your dad.
How come no one warned me that the Phantom of the Opera was in Hotel Transylvania 2 voiced by Jon Lovitz
Turned on the ol' Tel-o-vision and A League of Their Own is on and by golly Jon Lovitz yelling at animals will always be funny.
I only trust mustachioed scouts who swear and smoke cigars, like Jon Lovitz in A League of Their Own
Jon Lovitz as Michael Dukakis said it best in 1988. Trump voters are NOT rational creatures.
I do see your point, but to me, I'm just a mouse compared to the President ...
Do you think we could convince Jon Lovitz to make more episodes of the Critic
Ya what was Jon Lovitz doing drinking by himself like that
what about that time Jon Lovitz was at that bar Dan? And no Jim Belushi!?!
Cruz is starting to remind me of the Jon Lovitz character..The Thespian..."ACTING !!"
I added a video to a playlist Jessica Lowndes strips down to lingerie with Jon Lovitz for her new
Remember the interview with Jon Lovitz? I have nightmares about that one...
Follow the top Jon Lovitz stories for Apr 29 on our topical page:
So Jon Lovitz has to change his act to “Got to know me!”?
Not sure, but it would sound delightful coming from Jon Lovitz, wouldn't it?
He reminds me of Jon Lovitz from the Girl Watcher A Go Go skit on SNL.
In a recent update, spokesmodel Becky Boggs revealed she has recurring dreams about Jon Lovitz. Today, Jon Lovitz...
I would say if you are having a tough time in your life, then going to a cl...
Anybody can be going from being broke to being wealthy, as I did.
Update your maps at Navteq
When your family knows Jon Lovitz creeps you out😩😒
Enjoying a cool evening by walking around my neighborhood eating popcorn and listening to the Mets radio broadcast discuss Jon Lovitz
Maj, are you a big fan of Jon Lovitz too?
There's a sketch in SNL season 11 in which Jon Lovitz plays a film critic. This pleases me for obvious reasons.
hey sir, i was wondering if u ever did a podcast explaining what happened with u two and Jon lovitz?
What do we think about Jon Lovitz and the new squeeze? What if she were talented? Listen now to Off in the Weeds!
hard to believe it's the same guy calmly talking about Insurance these days. Acting! (Screams, in Jon Lovitz voice, lol)
list of superior solutions at WR include: Josh Huff, demaris Johnson, the ghost of Chris Henry, Air Bud, Jon Lovitz.
Jon Lovitz and Billy West. Yellow: John Goodman and J.K. Simmons. Yeah, you could say they do alright for themselves
The Philly comedy scene hates Jon Lovitz now?. Didn't most of the comedy world hate him already?
When you saw Jon Lovitz or Dana Carvey or Phil Hartman doing something, the...
Geena Davis, David Strathairn, and Jon Lovitz within the first 5 minutes? Yes, please.
I've started writing a fake meeting but it's not nearly as funny as the real thing. It's like Jon Lovitz is running Del Monte.
Trump makes the Jon Lovitz character, "Tommy Flanagan" seem like a really honest guy.
& her lackeys are beginning to sound like the Jon Lovitz character, Tommy Flanagan: Pathological Liar. "Yeah. That's it"...
I just assumed Jon Lovitz and Nora Dunn lived in a cabin somewhere
TFW Jon Lovitz is back in the news but it's not because of "Southland Tales"
I would sleep with Jon Lovitz for free access to his comedy club in the Universal Studios food court
"Jon Lovitz" dating Jessica Lowndes is somehow even more disturbing than when David Spade dated Heather Locklear or Julie Bowen or Nicollett
Mom and Dad Save the World: Jon Lovitz, Eric Idle, Wallace Shawn, What's not to love?
For those of you keeping score, Jon Lovitz sang "Suffragette City," with Live Band Karaoke last night!
I know, I know, it’s an Adam Sandler movie, but Jon Lovitz in Wedding Singer has the most laughs/screen time ratio of any Sandler character.
Some names Trump is considering as his "experts": Teresa Giudice, Bret Michaels, Dennis Rodman, & Jon Lovitz.
Fred Savage, Jon Lovitz, Dudley Moore and Gary Busey are just a few of the random cameo's in this.
John Kasich channels Jon Lovitz as Michael Dukakis: "I can't believe I'm losing to these guys."
. Ted Cruz should have done a Jon Lovitz doing Michael Dukakis.
Kasich needs to speak up and just quote Jon Lovitz as Michael Dukakis on 👇.
A special event for the reopening was held at the club, folks like Craig T. Nelson, Jon Lovitz, Dennis Haysbert & Caitlyn Jenner attended
It's like he's a malign version of Joe Isuzu, or that character that Jon Lovitz used to do on SNL.
Next Celeb Apprentice will star Boy George, Kyle Richards, Jon Lovitz, Carnie Wilson and Porsha from Atlanta Housewives.
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I love the looks Jon Lovitz & Kathy Najimy make when they realize what "prairie dogging" means.
Jon Lovitz, Lisa Leslie, Carson Kressley, Vince Neil, Snooki, Boy George, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tyra Banks all hung out with ME last night
Gloria Thorpe is to *** Yankees what Jon Lovitz is to A League Of Their Own...? maybe?.
Jon Lovitz LIVE in Hawaii: JON LOVITZ has been one of the best known comedians for the last twenty years. From his…
Headlines: Comedian Jon Lovitz to put on show at Hawaii Theatre
How are you doing girl. Our Jon Lovitz is still the handsome comedian. His eyes are so sweet.
Dean Spanos looks like a live action version of Jon Lovitz' The Critic.
Need to watch "Creed" again. It was good, but felt rushed. "Straight Outta Compton" was good, but P. Giamatti was too much like Jon Lovitz.
Thank you to the hilarious Jon Lovitz for always making it a point to stop by and showing us…
Tennis rules explained in the comedic stylings of
Pretty cool. Jon Lovitz was in the studio today!
Look who is coming into the studio. Jon Lovitz will be here in our 7am hour on
every Eddie Redmayne performance reminds me of that one Jon Lovitz character. "ACTING!!"
You guys will be in my prayers. My heart goes out to UC Irvine and to Jon Lovitz. So sorry for your guys loss.
I love that it's exactly what comes up if you search "Jon Lovitz creepy"
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i think we'll have our first celebrity winner. Someone like Jon Lovitz
Can't decide which is worse: Spin City with Charlie Sheen or Newsradio with Jon Lovitz.
William Needles spent 47 seasons with Stratford Festival: Actor who inspired Jon Lovitz’s Master Thespian on S...
Need a good laugh? We've got 2 hilarious comics coming to Hawaii Theatre: Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias on Jan 14 & Jon Lovitz on Jan 15
I always forget Jon Lovitz went to UCI
That would work, even though Perv Dave looked like he could be Jon Lovitz's seedier brother.
You say ficlets, all I hear is Jon Lovitz saying " tartlets!?"
Rumor has it Jon Lovitz giving the state of the union tonight!
Why did I just think of Jon Lovitz' The Critic?
In response to this plz picture Jon Lovitz saying "I'm having a WONDERFUL time!" thanks
He can't by the way. He looks like Jon Lovitz but black and poor and not funny.
ahh maybe it's just me but the new commentator/Jon Lovitz look a like *** .who hired this guy...c'mon man.
You know a joke is gonna be good when the comedian introduces it as "the bit that made Jon Lovitz throw up in a parking garage."
“Anyone can go from being broke to wealthy, as I did.” - Jon Lovitz
Jon Lovitz, Phil Hartman & Joe Mantegna in Totally forgot about these legends being in the film.
Jon Lovitz was hilarious in A League of Their Own
"Before you shot Lincoln, you shouted 'death to tyranny' in latin. LATIN? That's GAYER than Jon Lovitz's Memorial Day party on Fire Island"
he sounds like Jon Lovitz and I can't unhear it.
I wonder if Jerry Buting would have helped won the case had he not sounded like Jon Lovitz.
Why all the sudden now that the Powerball is in the billions do I think the only one that can win is Jon Lovitz from Benchwarmers.
Jon Lovitz from House of Lies stars in Revenge about a suspicious Gunsmith named Tonnie
I added a video to a playlist Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Jon Lovitz and More Reveal How SNL Changed
I added a video to a playlist Veterans of SNL - Rob Schneider and Jon Lovitz - Rose Theatre Brampton
I added a video to a playlist Jon Lovitz Just Wants To Be Loved!
I added a video to a playlist ACTING!!! Jon Lovitz as Master Thespian
What if we all referred to Jon Lovitz as J-Lo from now on
Giving Norm a gold statue would be fitting tribute to the late Jon Lovitz, who Norm drew heavily from to bring his Colonel Sanders to life.
Best Opera Man is when Jon Lovitz came on as his older brother, also singing opera of course
Famous drug lord and butcher of people, El Chapo, was apprehended; I suspect Donald Trump will take full credit for that. i.e. Jon Lovitz
The critic is an absolute belter. Jon lovitz is excellent. That's a separate statement from the first
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You might think that they should be voiced by Jon Lovitz and John Goodman, but no! Those M&M's are expired; you should not eat any of them.
is the critic worth a watch. The tv show with Jon lovitz any guid!?,
"Jon Lovitz, do you like pronouncing your name?". "I absolutely Lovitz!"
Jon Lovitz was cool before he became a right-wing psycho
Get your laugh on when comes to the tonight - Sunday
Jon Lovitz Net Worth:   Jon Lovitz is an American comic and performer with anestimated net worth of $12 millio...
don't forget Martin Short and Jon Lovitz. Dana Carvey tho!
Goal for 2016: develop a performance aesthetic like Jon Lovitz in The Wedding Singer cc
for the soundtrack version they sampled in Jon Lovitz's blowup at the beginning and Philip Seymour Hoffman got to rap a verse
I never thought of this. Jon Lovitz, Josh Harnett, and Robin Williams? Ugh.
Blake Shelton, Jon Lovitz, Vanilla Ice, David Spade and Rob Schneider all j one scene. So good!
If you like Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz and Nicholas Cage and cheesy screwball Christmas movies, this is worth...
Just spent most of Frida thinking Alfred Molina was Jon Lovitz.
my other favorite- "Trapped in Paradise."Nic Cage doing bad ny accent, Dana Carvey and Jon Lovitz. Hilarious.
I think Dana Carvey was a stand up, Jon Lovitz came out of Groundlings... IS NIC CAGE A SECOND CITY ALUMNUS please say yes
Who needs a selfie stick when your costar is Jon Lovitz? Throwback to one of the funniest and most…
It's like every one of these can be answered with a Jon Lovitz "Yeah...that's the ticket!"
Some lady is bringing her cat on the plane and it sounds like Jon Lovitz saying "meow, meow" over and over.
Obama should end each of his thoughts with "yeah, that's the ticket." (in his best Jon Lovitz voice, of course!)
Must have gotten tired of people mistaking him for Jon Lovitz.
I made the mistake of reading the comment section. Some of the people others wanted on: Norm Macdonald, Jon Lovitz.
Someone needs to call Jon Lovitz and tell him that Trump is stealing his old act from SNL
"I Arthur Chu - Chu- Choose You!" -Arthur Chu, while selecting Hillary Clinton on his ballot. Also in a Jon Lovitz voice because why not.
He's real and his name is Jon Lovitz
Trump reminds me of the old SNL Jon Lovitz character "Yah that's the ticket"
Jon Lovitz: "My dad would always say, 'What can you do to make the world a better place?' Well, I can make people laugh."
If I were Jon Lovitz, I'd sue Trump and that merkin *** his skull for stealing the Tommy Flanagan bit
Jon Lovitz plays the president of the Pathological Liars Association of America
D.C. City Council to vote on ways to memorialize Marion Barry. Ideas naming a School after him. Maybe Jon Lovitz could do the dedication.
Was it Jon Lovitz? I didn't even notice. But that makes it so much better.
Watching your periscope late and I have to say WATCH SOUTHLAND TALES. The Rock. Stifler. Jon Lovitz. You will love it (
never in my life did I expect to cry over Jon Lovitz
Lol, Jon Lovitz is hilarious! Sure wish I was there for the fun. 😊
Jason Biggs and Jon Lovitz at the 26th annual Chris Evert Pro-Celebrity Tennis Tournament.
Jon Lovitz and Chelsea Handler warming up at the Chris Evert Celebrity Tennis tournament
The perfect man has Jon Lovitz's heart, Ben Stiller's heart & Jad Fair's eccentric tastebuds
according to Jon Lovitz, Nunn did it for press on her way out of SNL and alienated rest of cast
Because then Dan Aykroyd probably would have stuck around in comedy a lot longer, and Jon Lovitz would probably be more active, as well
Robert Rodriguez looks like a younger and slimmer Jon Lovitz
I betcha Jon Lovitz ain't even got this
Billy Crystal in city slickers 1 & 2 and Jon lovitz in city slickers 2 , I've only seen city slickers 1 thpugh.😏
Up watching a classic. Jon Lovitz, The Critic. This show was highly underrated.
If a movie is ever made about my life is want jon lovitz to play me. It's really a no brainer. What about you ?
Jay Sherman, voiced by Jon Lovitz, is a film critic and host of his own
well since your not running Jon I have to throw my vote to Trump... . hmmm Jon Lovitz president... the Lovitz law!! LOL
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HILLARY CLINTON (nee Jon Lovitz Appears as the Pathological Liar on Tonight Show) via
He should sue for making his character act like Jon Lovitz
I finally figured that Jon Lovitz got his LIAR STIC on SNL based on the entire LIFE OF HILLARY r.!!! This is a PRO LIAR💩
I keep thinking it's Jon Lovitz talking when Chris Christie talks lol
Buy your JON LOVITZ ticket tonight, stay and watch this week's show for free! ... Co-Headliners CORY "Showtime"...
You get the feeling that Jeb's inner monologue is basically Jon Lovitz as SNL Mike Dukakis
These GOP contenders musta all gone to the Jon Lovitz school of campaigning...
Seriously thought that was Jon Lovitz at first.
I just realized I said that with a Jon Lovitz avatar. We regret the melancholy coincidence.
David Spade? Yeah America is dying for his input! *** Could t you get Jon Lovitz at least?
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