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Jon Lester

Jonathan Tyler Lester (born January 7, 1984, in Tacoma, Washington) is an American professional baseball pitcher with the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball.

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From yesterday, Jon Lester talked starting Game 2, and the Cubs having nothing to lose.
Today's "Cubtober Diary" deals with the passing of the Game 1 "Torch" by Jon Lester. More
Glad it didn't come to this obviously but I'll forever believe Jon Lester wouldn't have let the Cubs lose game 5 against the Giants
Jon Lester fielding bunts has brainwashed you
Hey AL Champs less the dame way if they had not been dopes, you HUMPS would...
Wow! 500 Raffle tickets will be sold - and the lucky winner will get to choose between getting a private pitching...
Jon Lester on Game 1 starter Kyle Hendricks: "It doesn't seem like his heart is beating half the time out there." https…
Joe Maddon speaks for Cubs fans when it comes to Daniel Murphy
Joe Maddon announces Kyle Hendricks as his Game 1 starter. Jon Lester will pitch Game 2 with Jose Quintana...
Jon Lester is one of the best postseason pitchers of all time with a 2.63 ERA over 133 innings, but he hasn't...
Joe Maddon admits it might have been a different decision if Jon Lester had not gone on DL in late August and needed Septem…
2015: Jake Arrieta. 2016: Jon Lester. 2017: Kyle Hendricks. All earned the right to be the playoff That's pretty incred…
Why is Boeing going after Bombardier? Trade analysts Jon Johnson & Simon Lester weigh in
Jon Lester went 7 1/3 innings in the 2014 AL Wild Card Game. . I don’t have anything else to say about that, other…
Yes, Ernie, we know how Jon Lester’s WC start in KC turned out. Now go back to keeping Chuck and Shaq in line.
"Remember when Jon Lester had the big lead in the Wild Card game in Kansas City?"...No I do not please tell me more. Full details. Please.
"Remember when Jon Lester had that big lead for Oakland in KC, you know how that one turned out". 😃
The NL has so much more finesse Ben. You don’t see that when Jon Lester is hitting?
Jon Lester won't concede anything: 'We should win the World Series' --. (
A changing of the guard doesn’t mean that Jon Lester isn’t still a very valuable piece of the puzzle.
Jon Lester sees changing of the guard in Cubs rotation, but won’t concede anything else: ‘We should win the World Series.’ - …
Jon Lester: "Moving forward, we have nothing to lose. We're in a good place."
Jon Lester on Kyle Hendricks starting Game 1: "He deserves this. It's a huge honor to pitch Game 1 of any series."
Joe Maddon has announced Kyle Hendricks the starter for game 1, Jon Lester game 2 and Jose Quintana for game 3 per the g…
CC can have all the wins he wants, he's not Cliff Lee or Roy Halladay. In fact he's not even Josh Beckett, Jon Lester or John Lackey.
Recap: Kyle Schwarber, Jon Lester lead Cubs to 9-0 victory over Reds by
Kyle Schwarber, Jon Lester lead way as Cubs stars come back out to play - Chicago Tribune
Jon Lester and the cheers to what could be last regular season start https:/…
John Lackey pitches to division title, and toasted by Jon Lester, as they prepare for final rodeo together.
Here is Jon Lester toasting John Lackey during the celebration:
Jon Lester hints that John Lackey will retire after season
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Jon Lester gave speech for John Lackey, who may have pitched last regular-season game of career: "He didn't come here for a…
Jon Lester on Cubs' 2nd half turnaround, John Lackey
Jon Lester has spent nearly seven years with John Lackey, says he's one of the greatest teammates he's ever had, winning…
Jon Lester honoring John Lackey and dropping an F Bomb 😂😂😂.
"As a teammate, as a man, he’s family to me. You don’t have many guys like that in this game.". - Jon Lester on…
Based on his second-half performance, Jon Lester shouldn't be in the Cubs' postseason starting rotation.
My playoff rotation:. Lester/Monty (quick trigger on Jon). Arrieta. Quintana. Hendricks. Gotta go with vets & playoff tested guys on road.
Jed Hoyer on Cubs' developing rivalry with Brewers, Jon Lester's strugg..
Jon Lester on his outing in Cubs' loss to Rays: 'We're not going to mak..
Joe Maddon on Jon Lester's outing in loss to Rays: 'Just an unfamiliar ..
Jon Lester had a lot of love for you! My son asks for an autograph while you’re drinking a beer. You denied!
Jon Lester's 34 on home decor, shirts, cases, stickers & more!
Jon Lester, seasoned veteran pitcher on the downslope of his career, is two years older than I am. I try not to think about this too much.
Cubs seek consistency from Jon Lester as they consider playoff rotation
beginning of this she was illiterate and someone programmed her not to read the recipes (Jon Lester did that) so she had no idea what she ws
Playoff rotation order in flux as Jon Lester makes key start Monday via
As we wonder whither Jon Lester, at what point does Lackey move ahead of him to start in NLDS? Perhaps both pitch in Game 4?
Would love to see Jon Lester pitch a gem to close it out tomorrow night.
After him, Jon Lester. Justin Wilson and Jason Heyward being productive would be downright luxurious.
Watching Mike Glennon throw is a lot like watching Jon Lester hold a runner at first base. The outcome is questionable.
The Cubs are suddenly in a situation where I'm not sure if you can start Jon Lester in the NLDS and I'm the biggest Lester guy
Hi, I am Alex Patt. And I refuse to give up on the 4-time All Star and 3-time World Champion pitcher named Jon Lester.
The UEA SU have banned TV Funhouse in case they inadvertantly promote Jon Lester.
John Lackey and Jon Lester need to return to form in order for the to repeat. However, I think age…
Just hope Jon Lester can pull it together.
Jon Lester turns in six innings of two-run ball.
The don't win the 2016 World Series without Jon Lester. He's been a huge part of this thing. But he's been...not good this year.
This question popped up on the pregame talk: how concerned are you about…
Saturday the Cubs gave up 12 runs. Jon Lester + Justin Wilson allowed 7, Kris Bryant + Ben Zobrist went 0-8 and the Cubs still won the game!
Pitcher A, of course, is Jon Lester and B is John Lackey. Very interesting to look at how similar a lot of their numbers are.
Jon Lester returned Saturday and that was a victory itself. (The Cubs also won 14-12)
Jon Lester returned Saturday. Bring on October? My column from Wrigley:
Full count Jon Lester what is the outcome?
Good news, bad news: Jon Lester picks up where he left off for Cubs
Jon Lester's return no thing of beauty, but Cubs hold on to beat Braves
Jon Lester is 4-for-11 with a double, a home run, and 2 walks over his last 7 games.
Jon Lester just offered us $100 for our seats at the bar. Nah son.
Vikings every time but Jon Lester is 4 feet away so idk
Did't get to to watch the game today. Did Jon Lester do bad? How many runs did they get off of him? Was the bullpen bad?
My worries about Jon Lester were alleviated once I saw 94 dialed several times and d…
Solid 11-hour day, door to door. Make it all worthwhile by reading this Cubs column:
PGL: Jon Lester struggles early but bounces back
CHICAGO (AP) — The Chicago Cubs got Jon Lester a nice present for his return from the disabled…
MORRISSEY: Jon Lester wasn't good Saturday, but his health was
Jon Lester is back and the Cubs are rolling, despite their bullpen's struggles Saturday, writes.
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It wasn't his best outing, but Jon Lester is back and the Cubs' run to October can commence. .
Tim Lester: "yo remember SCLSU's last play from the waterboy?". Jon Wassink: "say no more"
csnchicago​.com >> PGL: Jon Lester struggles early but bounces back
Jon Lester's return is significant for and he felt good in first action in 2-plus weeks via…
Jon Lester to return from DL and start Saturday, per
Mike Montgomery did his best Jon Lester impression as the Cubs increased their NL Central lead Monday…
The UEA SU have boycotted puddles in case they hurt Jon Lester.
looking for best fit for Jon Lester's return
Jon Lester may be getting close to his return, but what about all the other injured
Cubs looking for best fit for Jon Lester's return. Read more:
In 2001, the Dodgers drafted James Loney, a man who hit .278 in the KBO. 38 picks later, the Red Sox drafted Jon Lester.
Great outing by Mike Montgomery. He's filled the role of spot starter very well since Jon Lester's been out.
In one relief appearance and two starts in place of Jon Lester, Mike Montgomery had thrown 17 1/3 scoreless IP before that Mercer solo shot.
watch Jon Lester take another step back toward the pennant race:
watch Jon Lester take another step toward the pennant race: (
Jon Lester's start against the Pirates then vs his fill-in Mike Montgomery's start against the Pirates now.
All goes well for Jon Lester in simulated game.
Jon Lester's replacement. (@ Wrigley Field - for Pittsburgh Pirates at Chicago Cubs in Chicago, IL)
Wire: Lester faces hitters in simulated game
Lester faces hitters in simulated game - Jon Lester threw 47 pitches over three innings in a simulate...
Lester faces hitters in simulated game
don't yet know if Jon Lester will need a rehab start in the minors.
Memo to Jon Lester: Go ahead and chill. Mike Montgomery has this via
Jon Lester-"no way anyone could do worse than me". Scott Feldman-"HOLD MY BEER"
Report: Jon Lester could miss remainder of 2017 season
WATCH: Jon Lester and Chris Bosio have confrontation in dugout
Reds 13, Cubs 10: No relief, and Jon Lester is injured
Joe Maddon on Jon Lester's injury, outing in Cubs' 13-10 loss to Reds
Regardless of the outcome today the most important outcome is the health of Jon Lester. can't afford to have him…
🙏 for Jon Lester. A Lat injury for a pitcher is serious stuff. If it's a tear depending on what grade- the avg. recover…
Source: Jon Lester is still waiting for the results of his MRI, no one knows severity or timetable he's out for yet
Cubs' Jon Lester exits vs. Reds with apparent injury after allowing 8 runs in 2nd.
Jon Lester left Wrigley Field and is scheduled to meet with Dr. Gryzlo in downtown Chicago.
I never thought Jon Lester would be the weak link. But this is not the first time this year that this has happened. That's what concerns me.
Jon Lester is the only pitcher in the last 30 seasons to allow 9+ runs in an inning multiple times in a single-season.
Sun-Times reports: Jon Lester dead from fatal lat-strain. Sun-Times clarification: He's fine, he just had some bad pork.
Jon Lester is being evaluated after experiencing left lat tightness.
BREAKING: starting pitcher Jon Lester has spontaneously combusted by The Final Tatters of Gordon Wittemyer's Integrity
BREAKING: Lester likely out for rest of regular season with lat injury.
Cubs expected to shut down Jon Lester (lat) for short DL stint, ‘bracing’ for longer (Chicago Sun-Times)
Cubs' leaves game with in second inning
pitcher Jon Lester is expected to go on the disabled list tomorrow. ( Via Chicago Sun-Times)
Joe Maddon on Jon Lester: "When a pitcher of his stature is potentially injured, of course, you’re a little bit concerned."
[LISTEN] CubsTalk Podcast: What Jon Lester’s injury means for plus Kyle Hendricks on finding his groove --
Jon Lester was charged with nine runs today. Pedro Martinez allowed eight runs over his entire career
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A drop in performance can be an indicator that injury is right around the corner. Proof is in the pudding, Jon Lest…
SpeedeNews: Report: Jon Lester could miss most or all of regular season
So not only did the Cubs lose to the Reds, they also have lost pitcher Jon Lester for the rest of the regular season with a LAT injury...
Jon Lester likely to go on disabled list Friday, but Cubs are hopeful his injury isn't season-ending…
CLARIFICATION: Lester likely headed to disabled list with lat injury. Tests forthcoming to determine severity. https:/…
Cubs catcher Alex Avila on Jon Lester's outing in 13-10 loss to Reds
Jon Lester is being examined downtown Chicago after leaving with left lat tightness. Said Joe Maddon: "Obviously, something wasn't right."
Cubs manager Joe Maddon discusses his concerns of Jon Lester leaving with an injury. . More:
Second time that Jon Lester has been absolutely bombed in a start this season. ERA now up to 4.37. Paging David Ross.
You forgot to also leave stats for Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo, Jon Lester and Aroldis Champman...
Max Scherzer and Jon Lester went yard last night. Craig Kimbrel and Andrew Miller blew saves in the same game.
Ron Coomer: "Jon Lester has never hit a HR in his career and looks like he's trying to (Crack) fix that".2 run HR...…
Jon Lester with the perfect bounce pass to Anthony Rizzo.
For those asking, the one-hop bounce pass from Jon Lester to Anthony Rizzo was intentional.
I don't know what teams were playing, but it was already a tense game when Bartolo Colon was pitching to Jon Lester.
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That's one inning for Jon Lester smh
Jon Lester: 15 up, 15 down. Total domination to this point.
Of course, it's Adam Wainwright who breaks up Jon Lester's perfect game with two out in the sixth.
Jon Lester (8IP 2R 10K), SA's Box-Toppers NL Player of Day, rises to 18th in B-T "all-time" career pts (151.9)—
pitcher Jon Lester is very emotional right now. He told reporters that his uncle died yesterday.
Jon Lester gave up 10 in an inning. It happens. Chill
Chicago Cubs pitcher Jon Lester had one of his best outings of the season on Saturday, and he did so with a heavy...
John Lester lost an uncle Friday, still pitched like a champ next day. Wow.
Jon Lester very emotional after pitching to victory over Cardinals. Revealed his uncle died yesterday.
Jon Lester wrote "PLACT" on his Cubs hat: "Play Like A Champion Today." It was a salute to his late uncle, who attended Notre…
Jon Lester took the mound with his uncle on his mind (and on his hat). Story from an emotional outing:
Cubs fans are drooling over Jon Lester. Remember the Jon Lester you talked about just before the All Star Break?
Jon Lester's emotional day ends with wild win via
Emotional Jon Lester pays tribute to his uncle with Notre Dame rallying cry:.
Lester's emotional day ends with wild win . Sent with At Bat
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Pitching with a heavy heart, Jon Lester comes through for the Cubs. via
Kris Bryant isn't clutch, they said. Jon Lester is a bum, they said. Fly the *** flag and play the *** song, I said.
win late (without party) after Jon Lester pitched a stellar game with a lot on his mind.
Adam Wainwright just broke up Jon Lester's PERFECT game. Yes you read that right, Adam Wainwright 💀💀💀
Cubs offense comes through for Jon Lester with 3-run rally to beat Cardinals Nice win for Cubbies, and for Lester!
Jon Lester did something no other pitcher has done this year:
Jon Lester / Jon Lester on the Cubs' pitching prowess
For everyone scoring at home... Jon Lester MLB career: 201 SB allowed, 1 SB for.
Teheran strong, but Braves fall short vs. Cubs
Jon Lester allowed one run Monday versus Atlanta via
Jon Lester not only helped win with his arm, but also with his bat and his feet. Got to keep the base, too! http…
Watch Jon Lester discuss his rebound effort after pitching seven innings on Monday while... https:…
Watch Jon Lester discuss his night on offense which included a stolen base. His...
Jon Lester had the base he stole on Monday next to his locker after the game. He had a double, a four pitch walk... https:…
Jon Lester finds his pitching groove for Cubs against Braves
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Lester does it all to keep Cubs rolling
The Cubs won their fourth straight game Monday, and Jon Lester made unexpected history in the process…
Jon Lester tonight:. XBH (a double). BB. SB. He's the 1st pitcher with all 3 in the same game since Charlie Root in…
Cubs manager Joe Maddon on Jon Lester (video via
Jon Lester dominant as Cubs hold off Braves 4-3
Jon Lester just stole a base for the 1st time in his career, finally taking advantage of an opposing pitcher not thro…
Jake Arrieta, Jose Quintana and Jon Lester combined for just 2 ER over 20.2 IP the last three games. Kyle Hendricks rejoins t…
win! Jon Lester returns to his reliable self and the offense just does enough to secure our fourth win in a r…
Lester bests Braves as Cubs win fourth straight
Chicago Cubs pitcher Jon Lester rebounds from worst start to beat Atlanta Braves -…
Jon Lester is the first pitcher with an extra-base hit, a stolen base and a walk in a game since 1930.
Start of something? Jon Lester gives Cubs rotation another lift in win
Start of something? Jon Lester gives Cubs rotation ano..
.gem leads to 4th straight win. . Recap:
Jon Lester has one of the worst starts ever by a pitcher
Today marks the 1st start of Jon Lester's career in which he's failed to get out of the 1st inning (335th career start).
Jon Lester got absolutely shelled by the Pirates this afternoon:
Respect! I love my Cubs! Bad day, bad week, bad year, I still love my Cubs! Jon Lester deserves better!
Jon Lester gave up 10 runs today, which is two more than what he gave up in August and September 2016 combined.
Late reaction because I was busy earlier.Jon Lester legit got molested today huh? 10 runs in the first inning!? Lol.
Jon Lester on giving up 10 runs in 1st inning: "I really don't know what to say to make it better. It's embarrassin…
Jon Lester couldn't find his way out of a paper bag today let alone inning number 1.
For those who missed it, let me sum up Jon Lester's appearance today.
Cubs pitcher Jon Lester has worst start of career vs Pirates
This makes my heart happy:. Jon Lester. 0.2 IP. 6 H. 10 ER.
On the 53rd pitch of the first inning from Jon Lester, Andrew McCutchen hit a solo HR. The score is 10-0. Lester is do…
Jon Lester earned $781,500 for his start today, well deserved
The line on Jon Lester: 0.2 IP, 10 runs, 5 earned runs, a grand slam and home run back to back, 53 pitches, 27 strikes and 40…
Jon Lester just had the worst start of his MLB career
Congrats to Jon Lester here. This is hard to do.
Things were so much simpler in 2006. Britney and K-Fed were still married, Pluto was still a planet, and Jon Lester, wel…
Jon Lester breaks my breath every 5 days
Donald Trump Jr. and his crazy dad giving away U.S. credibility like Jon Lester giving away hits today.
needed a camera at Wrigley Field to watch Jon Lester give up 10 runs in the 1st inning.
Trying to decide who had a worse day. . Jon Lester or Donald Trump Jr. ?
Jon Lester’s awful start sums up Cubs underwhelming first half
Jon Lester is the 4th pitcher in the last 100 years to allow 10+ runs and not make it out of the first inning. Pirates l…
The struggle is real for Jon Lester...
I'm playing and Jon Lester picked me off at 1B. Lord knows that's not realistic. 🙄
I love how John Madden pulls his veteran Jon Lester after 90 pitches leading 2-1 only to watch bullpen blow it again
THATS WHAT IM SAYING! He pitches like a young Jon Lester and he's a big lefty just like him
Yadier Molina homers (6) to left center off Jon Lester. . SL 3 @ CHC 1; Top 6
Yadier Molina just hit a HOME RUN off Jon Lester!.
MLB: ' Jon Lester, Giants' Johnny Cueto face off in rematch of 2016 NLDS pitchers' duel; watch live in the ESPN App
Jon Lester and the played their best game of 2017 tonight. That is all. Goodnight.
FINAL: Jon Lester tosses complete game as beat Giants 4-1. Stay with CSN for PGL!. Stream here:
San Francisco Giants stymied by Jon Lester in Game 2 via
Lester's complete game issues challenge to Cubs' staff
Jon Lester on the slide rule: "We’re out there playing with a bunch of pansies right now”
Jon Lester grounds out to Greg Garcia @ 2nd as the are retired 1-2-3 in the top of the 4th by Carlos Martinez
Blue skies and ⚾ at Busch. It's going for the vs. Jon Lester and the Cubs.
A blueprint of how to handle playing baseball in Boston, courtesy Jon Lester
Classy move by manager Joe Madden. He allows Jon Lester to deliver the lineup card to the home plate umpire.
LHP Jon Lester (will wear number 34. Last worn by RHP Kerry Wood in 2012.
Jon Lester: 23 starts with 5+ innings and 1 or 0 runs allowed since beginning of 2016. Nobody else has more than 16 over that…
Josh Bell takes the Jon Lester pitch out to left for the solo homer to give the Pirates a 6-3 lea... - via App
No time to stew: Cubs’ Jon Lester moves on to chowda after loss
Jon Lester 5.2 ip 10 hits not a good night
Dear Jon Lester;. Somehow you knew I started you in DraftKings and FanDuel, and that you were on my Roto Team. *** YOU LESTER…
Watch Jon Lester discuss his outing on Wednesday where he gave up 10 hits and 5 earned...
In his last 2 starts, Jon Lester has pitched 5.2 innings with a 7.94 ERA in both games.
Jon Lester goes winless for month as Cubs come up short in loss to Pirates via
RECAP: Lester struggles, Rizzo homers in loss; go 2-for-12 w/ RISP, leave 13 on base.
Jon Lester is not doing so hot so far this season
The Cubs dropped the finale to the Pirates on Wednesday, 6-5, after getting down 5-1 early, Jon Lester gave up...
Cubs (12-9) see their rally fall short. Jon Lester is hit around for five runs, but Anthony Rizzo homers, and Kris Bryant gets three hits.
The one that didn't get a run in was a rocket with Jon Lester running. This happens. One inch further and it's a 2-run double.
Now that solo shot off Jon Lester is the factor in this game.
R.I.P. My lineup Jon Lester screwed up my whole lineup
Are we really out here worried about lester?
Jon Lester allowed at least five runs in consecutive starts for the third time since joining the Cubs after...
This is the most runs Jon Lester has given up since July 3rd.
Josh Bell hits a solo shot to left center off Jon Lester with 1 out in the bottom of the 6th 6-3 Pirates
Josh Bell just hit a HOME RUN off Jon Lester!.
Lester got way too aggressive there down the pipe and it cost him. I never thought Jon would make the 6th in this game though.
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Josh Bell slugged a solo home run to left field off Jon Lester, his second homer from the right side of the plate this season. 6-3 Pirates.
Jon Lester out for the 6th currently at 89 pitches.
Jon Lester has retired 10 of the last 11 batters he’s faced. He’s sitting at 83 pitches through five innings.
Jon Lester has retired 10 of the past 11 he's faced after allowing 5 runs in his first 1 1/3 innings.
The Pirates’ Gift Ngoepe, the 1st African-born player in MLB history, singles off Jon Lester in his first MLB at-ba…
Josh Bell just hosed Jon Lester at the plate. It wasn’t an idea the coaches probably loved initially, but the executio…
Lefties the Dodgers have lost to:. -Clayton Richard. -Kyle Freeland. -Jon Lester. -Brett Anderson. -Robbie Ray. -Kyle Freeland again
I think the game is broken Jon Lester attempted a pickoff without it flying…
My sis was at the bar with John Lackey and Jon Lester the other night and my cousins gf met Lip Gallagher ... ya ok get me out of Iowa
I am standing an arms length away from Jon Lester and John Lackey at the bar and this is the best night of my whole life
Jon Lester says Cubs ring ‘Blows the other two out of the water’, not happy with take on it .
JUST LIKE OLD TIMES - ALMOST! David Ross threw out tonight's 1st pitch to Jon Lester at Wrigley Field!
and Carl Pavano got the win vs some guy known as Jon Lester.
Jon Lester fully expects Cubs to keep winning big for years to come -
Jon Lester fully expects to continue winning big for years to come: (h…
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Jedd Gyorko & Jhonny Peralta will both be in the Opening Night lineup vs Jon Lester.
love that Arrieta will be there. Any chance Jason Heyward and Jon Lester join him?
Chicago Cubs: Willson Contreras to catch Jon Lester in 2017 - Cubbies Crib
Jon Lester and John Lackey play catch at spring training via
Watching Brock Osweiler try to throw a short pass is like watching Jon Lester try to throw the ball to first base...
Tom Brady, I know Jon Lester and you, sir, are no Jon Lester.
SEe All i HAd Was that jon lester throws more KS than the Little amOuntS of poinTs the seahawks had. Seahawks Lost
When World Series champion pitcher Jon Lester lobs one up, you better come down with it
Hendricks refused to throw Maddon under the bus fielding Game 7 exit question. "That's why you have Jon Lester and pay him the big bucks."
Pitchers really don't deal with the managers a whole lot. When we come in...
Hard to find two nicer guys than John Lackey and Jon Lester. The Chicago Cubs nation is being represented well.
My favorite part of this is when Jon Lester chokes on his water. 😂😂
"You're welcome, Jon Lester, for making sure nobody steals second base even though you can't throw to first" I love you
The story behind Maddon, inspiring Dabo Swinney and the national champions -
"Jon actually had the second highest average exit velocity out of all hitting..."
All purpose parts banner
[Bannister was the least successful in his …
If Jon Lester almost never throws a pick off to first, then why don't base runners steal on him every time?
Jon Lester makes jokes about his inability to throw to first, and Matt Garza tells women to not have sex
"Your welcome Jon Lester, for making sure no one would steal second when you couldn't throw to first" -David Ross
Went to the bathroom and came out and ran into Jon Lester, so embarrassed but so starstruck 😍
Munenori Kawasaki and Jon Lester have hilarious postseason celebration 😂
John Lackey put on the "big boy'' traveling pants today. He and Jon Lester played tournament golf in Orlando, yet made it to Cub Convention.
2012 Bowman Chrome Blue Refractor Jon Lester Baseball Card - Serially numbered to 250 by..
Come back from 6-0 after 3 innings to win on a Jon Lester bunt!
opening ceremonies finally getting started. Delay waiting on Jon Lester & John Lackey to arrive from golf tourney in Orlando
I wonder if Jon Lester's holding up the proceedings
It’s basically because he’s old and is the only catcher on Earth willing to put up with Jon Lester.
my sister as Diane (Jon Lester female) or house member as myself put her hand in my *** crack
Jon Lester Bullpen 6/21/13 Smooth, effortless, rhythmic, in control. I could watch this all day
Usually during the regular season, if you're starting pitcher, you're...
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Cubs pitcher Jon Lester brilliantly responds to users who think hes Lester Holt
David Ross won't be Jon Lester's batterymate anymore. on who might be the best fit:
Cubs fans! Jon Lester & John Lackey added to the Diamond Resorts Invitational! Use code FLLEAGUE for 30% off!…
On this day in 2014, the sign Jon Lester and trade for Miguel Montero.
love to remeber famous young Cubs Dexter Fowler, Jon Lester, Miguel Montero, Ben Zobrist, and John Lackey.
Scherzer becomes the sixth pitcher to win the Cy Young in both leagues. --
But Kyle Hendricks and Jon Lester had one of the best seasons of all dropped the ball
Max Scherzer would trade Cy Young Award for World Series rings will give Jon Lester and Kyle Hendricks:
Jon Lester sure deserved the NL Cy Young ... Funny, I don't see Farrah complaining. (Oh yeah, because we won the World Series.)
ahh and here's my closing. Did he play a legitament role all year? Like cole Hamels or Corey cluber, Jon Lester? Huh?
hello do you guys not know who Kyle Hendricks and Jon Lester are??
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