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Jon Jones

Jonathan Dwight Jones (born July 19, 1987) is an American mixed martial artist from Endicott, New York.

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UFC: Jon Jones drug saga continues as Chael Sonnen accuses ‘Bones’ of juicing in 2013: JON…
Jon Jones, next titleshot: Bones vs 2 will be epic! Or do you have anything else in your mind?
I'd imagine with a name like Jon Jones, that handle would have been gone faster than Bones when USADA shows up!
The level Jon Jones fans will go to defend him is unbelievable. They go to incredible lengths to defend a 3x cheat.
Jon Jones passed USADA blood test the night of UFC 214 (
Jon Jones passed his blood test right after UFC 214, according to multiple sources. This was 24 hours after the positive…
CB Depth Chart is as good as any team in the NFL with Stephon Gilmore, Malcolm Butler, Eric Rowe, Jon Jones, and whoever.
I can't agree with you on this bro, Rashad Evans, Rampage Jackson, Jon Jones, all black fighters from the UFC who dominated and
I guarantee Jon Jones has tried to sniff the line in Brendan Schaub's head.
I get mad everyday because i realised i will never see a Rumble Johnson vs Jon Jones match
.shares his thoughts and some real talk insight on Jon Jones' road forward
Jon Jones team mate saying this whole USADA failure is a set up to ruin his life. 🤔
Jon Jones is the biggest let down since World Cup 2006
Jon Jones vs Brock Lesnar. Ultimate battle of the juiceheads
If JBJ did test positive, & this isn't a USADA mistake, then Jon Jones is the new Darryl Strawberry --> talent & potential wasted on drugs
Mark Hunt just obliterated Jon Jones with this Instagram post.
Jon Jones is the GOAT of wasted talent: He's Darryl Strawberry, Mike Tyson and Axl Rose all rolled into one.
No wonder this Jon Jones has never lost he's pumped full of gear.
It was a beautiful moment when Jon Jones reclaimed his title. It felt as if order was restored. It is all chaos, all…
Getting my Eddie Bravo tinfoil hat on for all the Jon Jones drug test failure news.
When I die, I want Jon Jones to lower me into my grave so he can let me down one last time
Dana White on Jon Jones, "This might be the end of his career."
Jon Jones could be stripped of his light heavyweight title after failing a drug test.
not the first time Jon Jones has been tested positive for steroids 2nd time.
Only thing less surprising than Jon Jones being in this position again, is Daniel Cormier handling it with the utmost class ag…
I best Daniel Cormier wants to see Jon Jones in the skreets after failin another *** test 😂
Jon Jones is one of the biggest screw ups in sports history, but the bigger misfortune here is his damaging of Daniel Cormier
People really cheered for Jon Jones over Daniel Cormier. I hope you feel stupid.
TMZ reports Jon Jones fails USADA test for Turinabol - What is that? by
Nate Diaz on Jon Jones testing positive for steroids following his "win" over Daniel Cormier
Daniel Cormier on Jon Jones: "I can't believe we are going through all of this again" .
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I know Jon Jones tested positive for UFC 214 but I watched the Daniel Cormier fight VERY carefully & there was definit…
Daniel Cormier reacts to Jon Jones' failed drug test; "I don't know what to think anymore"via App
Dana White says Daniel Cormier would be reinstated as champion if Jon Jones gets stripped of his title.
Jon Jones faces a potential four-year ban for his second USADA offense:
TMZ reports Jon Jones tested positive for Turinabol. explains what it is, and what punishment Jones faces. https…
UNBELIEVABLE! Jon Jones has tested positive for steroids after UFC 214 fight against Daniel Cormier
TMZ reports that Jon Jones failed an in-competition drug test from UFC 214 for turinabol, stripped of title and goes ba…
Before UFC 214, Daniel Cormier & I talked about whether Jon Jones was clean. Even more interesting now
Kyrie trade. . Jon Jones roided up. . Robert Lee. . Ridiculous Trump rally. . There's officially too much going on right now.
• Kyrie goes to Boston. • IT goes to Cleveland. • Bobby Roode debuts on Smackdown. • Jon Jones stripped of title for steroid…
Reading about this Jon Jones news like...
Jon Jones tests positive for anabolic steroids for his fight with DC. 10 year age difference and a 12 inch reach advantage wasn't enough?
Jon Jones flagged for second potential doping violation: via
Jon Jones finding out he failed a drug test
MORE: Jones has not yet been stripped of the title he won last month at UFC 214.
Hamilton Collection
Jon Jones has failed his UFC 214 post-fight drug test. More here:
Jon Jones failed his drug test dog you can't be serious
Jon Jones lives by the philosophy "if you ain't cheating, you ain't tryin" . . . Is the champ, and a great rep of…
The only person who can beat Jon Jones is Jon Jones
Dana White walking into his office to call Jon Jones and tell him about his positive drug test like
Truly doesn't make sense for Jon Jones to take a steroid supplement after weigh-ins 🤔
Seeing Jon Jones tested positive for steroids & Kyrie getting traded for Isaiah Thomas in the same day 😳
Vince McMahon walking into contract negotiations with Brock after hearing the Jon Jones news
It wasn't drugs this time, but still appropriate anytime Jon Jones tests positive for anything...
Me after finding out Jon Jones failed another drug test
Cormier releases statement re: Jones’ test failure. "I don't know what to think anymore" — https:…
Jon Bones Jones is a joke at this point. Perfect example of why discipline is greater than talent.
So Jon jones fails his drug test and Kyrie and IT get traded. Crazy day
free the political prisoner Jon Bones Jones, he (along with robert m. shmurda) is being framed by the United States Govern…
When you realize will have to go through another Cormier title run because Jon Jones is an ***
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Jon Jones has been provisionally suspended by the UFC. Is this the end of Bones in the octagon?
Jon Jones- "I got my supplements from a doctor. He said they were clean!!". His Doctor-
My boyfriend is so disappointed in Jon Jones lol
Not hard to guess what Daniel Cormier's reaction to the Jon Jones news is:
Jon Bones Jones ( ) just another sad tale among many in sports. No one to blame but himself.
Jon "Bones" Jones just needs to be banned for life.. biggest disappointment in any sport
Jones' team releases statement in wake of failed drug test: 'Jon is crushed by this news.' ht…
Vince coming to sign Brock to a new deal since Jon Jones failed another test
Today's failed drug test adds to a history of incidents with Jon Jones.
Jon Jones continues to disappoint. Jones tests positive for steroids at UFC 214 from an in competition sample collected by U…
Jon Jones Title STRIPPED after Positive Steroid Test. Pretty sure told about this BEFORE the fight.…
Jon Jones got popped for steroids. He said that he's shocked and had no idea there there were steroids in his cocaine.
Dallas McCarver, Kyrie to the celtics, Jon Jones fails drug test bruh today is just wild
First IT and now my man Jon Jones !?!?! I need Mayweather to beat the *** out of Mcgregor now or I'm going to lose it
Imagine if Darryl Strawberry and Barry Bonds biography was melded together. . That's Jon Jones.
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Jon Jones redemption story. From being pulled from a title fight for taking steroids to winning the title back on steroi…
UFC strips Jon Jones of light-heavyweight title after he tests positive for banned steroid - Los Angeles Times
okay thats changed... I would go into dimensions where Jon Jones did not do Coke and Steroids...
Big Brown what do you b think about the Jon Jones news 4 days before that May Mac fight? Bad publicity is good publicity.
Jon Jones failed a drug test at UFC 214:.
Frank Mir on the one heavyweight Jon Jones can't beat | GiveMeSport.. Related Articles:
loved your article about Tiger. The other three that should be on the list for me were Kobe, Bonds, and Jon Jones.
People who consider Connor the best MMA fighter ever are deluded. GSP, Anderson Silva, and Jon Jones could put him to sleep pound for pound.
Frank Mir: Stipe Miocic fight would ‘make me nervous’ for Jon Jones (
Frank Mir: Stipe Miocic fight would 'make me nervous' for Jon Jones - MMA Fighting
Frank Mir: I can see Jon Jones beating any other heavyweight, except Miocic and Overeem
Jon Jones is like a Anderson Silva but more technical.
Yall keep saying dis crackhead Jon Jones is the best ever, 🤔🤔 sum guy named Anderson Silva is the 🐐 he couldn't speak English, no publicity
I'm starting to take Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes. I'm trying to have my clinch game on Anderson Silva and my inside knee kick on Jon Jones 😤
I think greatness and poor hairlines are associated in some way. Usain Bolt. Jordan. Kobe. Lebron. Jon Jones. Tiger. Etc.
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Jon Jones, Tiger Woods, Kobe and Brady get honorable mentions.
UFC 214's 'Thrill and Agony' captures Tito Ortiz calling Jon Jones the 'best always'
Who's next for Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier? | UFC TONIGHT via
Jon Jones bones is the greatest UFC fighter ever
UFC pound-for-pound rankings: Jon Jones regains top spot after long-awaited return: After a dominant win, Bones…
Jon Jones and a history of 2-time UFC champions in the same division
Daniel Cormier congratulates Jon Jones, apologizes to 'Big' John on Instagram after UFC 214 loss htt…
Brock Lesnar has responded to Jon Jones's UFC 214 post fight callout out... 'Be careful what you wish for, young man.'👀 https:…
🗣 "Meet me in the octagon". Jon Jones calls out Brock Lesnar after victory at . 🎥: http…
Jon Jones vs Brock Lesnar: A superfight for the ages
Jon Jones calling out Brock Lesnar has me like. N
Anthony Johnson would return to fight Jon Jones ‘if the money was right’ (
Vegas odds have Jon Jones a big early favorite over Brock Lesnar in possible showdown
UFC 214 Aftermath: Jon Jones just might end up the hero after all (
Daniel Cormier issues statement on UFC 214 title loss to Jon Jones (
Jon Jones is the greatest light heavyweight of all time, and he has Daniel Cormier to thank
Why was a concussed Daniel Cormier interviewed after UFC 214 loss to Jon Jones?
Brock Lesnar warns Jon Jones in response to UFC 214 callout
You have beaten Jon Jones for more rounds than the rest of MMA combined. He is great. You are great. Kudos on a great fight.
Here's the moment when Jon Jones (got his championship back. What a journey, truly beautiful to see. h…
Live look at jon jones backstage at
JON JONES IS AN ANIMAL. What a finish to an amazing card
"as long as you don't quit, its never over" -Jon "Bones" Jones
Jon Jones explains why he wants Brock Lesnar next and not Stipe Miocic.
Jon Jones defeats Daniel Cormier to win UFC Light Heavyweight crown. 1st time Cormier has been finished. . Jone…
Daniel Cormier releases gracious and humbling statement in fallout of Jon Jones defeat
Brock Lesnar heard Jon Jones loud and clear. 👀
Daniel Cormier issue a statement since his loss to Jon Jones at
Jon Jones three weeks ago: "I can't wait to look across that octagon after the fight and see Cormier crying.". Tonight…
The debate is over. Jon Jones is the greatest of all time.
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Daniel Cormier releases statement after loss to Jon Jones at UFC 214
Jon Jones reclaims UFC title with TKO of Daniel Cormier - Los Angeles Times
Cormier congratulates Jones, 'thankful' to ref
This video is proof that Jon Bones Jones should NEVER fight Daniel Cormier again.
(VIDEO) This overhead camera shot stays on Daniel Cormier for a few minutes following the knockout loss to Jon Jones. Not an…
I wanted to see him humiliated by Jon Jones
Daniel Cormier thanks his team and fans after losing his title to Jon Jones at UFC 214
D.C. Was looking like this after he got kicked by Jon Jones 😂
Incredibly classy post-fight remarks from Jon Jones on Daniel Cormier at
I can't wait to see Carl Winslow fight against Tyrone Biggums, in all seriousness Jon Jones is going to beat Daniel Cor…
AND NEW!. Jon "Bones" Jones knocks out Daniel Cormier to become the new light heavyweight champion.
According to the UFC, Jon Jones is the new light heavyweight champion of the world and D.C. cried again.
Video: Daniel Cormier accurately predicts his own demise to Jon Jones from 2014.
.explains why he challenged and not current UFC title holder https…
Jon Jones beat this *** *** so bad that he became the new Jordan crying meme 😂😂😂
The opening betting odds for a vs. super fight have been released! https…
Man those post fight interviews by Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier encompassed everything I love about this sport. Raw human em…
There's Tom Brady, and next to him is Jon Jones
Jon Jones is the GOAT no debating that.
When you the 🐐 you can say what you want. Jon Jones is LIVE!!!. *mic drop*
Daniel Comier kids telling the story of when Jon Jones fought their dad. 😂😂😂
Ranking 5 potential opponents for Jon Jones after his win at UFC 214
Jon Jones calling out Brock Lesnar last night 😳😳😳
The 👑 is back! Amazing performance from Jon Jones last night.. Was great to see what he said in his speech after it to. DC…
Jon Jones 3rd Round KO of Daniel Cormier to become UFC Light Heavyweight Champion
Jon Jones closed the book on his rivalry with Daniel Cormier in devastating fashion.
"Jon Jones is back!" 🏆. WOW! 😱. gets his belt back in truly devastating fashion!!!
It's not even a debate anymore. Jon Jones is the greatest to ever do it.
Please keep yourself in Jon Jones life Dana , the snakes will surround him now. GOD has his hand on him,…
Jon Jones 😳 and Mikey Garcia is a different level.
I'd rather see Jon Jones fight Cris Cyborg over Brock Lesnar.
Things I learned tonight . 1. Jon Jones is back and GOAT. 2. Cris Cyborg is a man.
I just wanted to see a good *** fight, but after the main event, dog I'm a Jon Jones fan 👀
I liked a video UFC 214 fight week back stage Jon Jones asked Cris Cyborg for selfie pic
Jon Jones def. Daniel Cormier by 3rd round TKO to become the light heavyweight champion.
Breaking! Jon Jones is the new UFC light heavyweight champion after knocking out Daniel Cormier in the third round!
Jon Jones the GOAT just for this moment
Daniel Cormier getting chased around the octagon by Jon Jones like
"And New.." 🏆. Jon Jones ends rivalry w/ DC to win back his UFC light heavyweight title.
*** Jon Jones the real life catcher freeman, no way in *** my *** was gone catch an L
Jon Jones is back... the only person who cab beat him is himself.
☠️☠️ . Jon Jones beats Daniel Cormier at to regain Light Heavyweight title he was stripped of in 2015
The cast of Always Sunny is at possibly because Daniel Cormier in the Octagon with Jon Jones looks like Devito & Arnold in Twins.
Lawler Cerrone was a quality fight, gutted I've gotta work tomorrow and miss the Jon Jones fight
absolutely not Jon Jones is going to win
One of the most anticipated fights of the year is just a day away. Who has the edge: Daniel Cormier or Jon Jones?
214 Preview by is out, including a look at Daniel Cormier's fight against Jon Jones. Read:…
"Tomorrow I will beat Tomorrow I will beat Jon Jones." - Our full interview with DC!
Jon Jones has no issue with Daniel Cormier, but 'he won't beat me' at UFC 214 .
Who ya got?! Fellow fighters weigh in on Daniel Cormier-Jon Jones rematch at UFC 214
Daniel Cormier on Jon Jones rivalry: If I don’t win at UFC 214, ‘it’s no rivalry’ -
Who will take home the UFC light heavyweight title tonight, Daniel Cormier or Jon Jones?
Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones face off for the 10th time in their careers at ahead of Will it be the last? https:/…
Unbelievable that Alexander Gustaffson is the only UFC fighter to make Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones look human But can't get threw A.Johnson
Paulie Malignaggi shares some insight on sparring with Conor McGregor, while Jon Jones breaks down Floyd Mayweather.
Daniel Cormier and Jon "Bones" Jones have a rivalry that's brutal, intense ... and very, very real.
Jon Jones also on weight at 204.5lbs. Title fight official
Jon Jones weighs in at 204.5, and if we can just shrink-wrap Bones & DC for the next 34 hours we have a main event.
DC makes weight - without a towel. Cormier 205, Jon Jones 204.5. The main event is good to go
Cowboy Cerrone in at 170. Cyborg, Woodley yet to weigh in. WATCH
Jon Jones hits 204.5. His fight with Cormier is officially for the 205 lb title.
sherdogdotcom "RT yay_yee: My look at Jon Jones return to action (and the life he says he wants) against DC at …
Jon Jones having all the fun on the scale. main event IS OFFICIAL Y'ALL
Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier both weigh in. We've got ourselves a fight!
Daniel Cormier just had an altercation with Jon Jones’ brother here.
For a split-second there, I thought Jon Jones was going to weigh in while holding his phone
Jon Jones at 204.5. Title fight and main event is now official for Saturday night .
"When you become the champion in the shadow of Jon Jones, it's life and death." 😱
🙏 Before Jon Jones was a challenger--he obliterated the regional pro scene. 👇👇 https:/…
Jon Jones... plz have your act together .
Jon “Bones” Jones is finally back—and he’s ready to pick up right where he left off. predictions
Jon Jones vs. Mauricio ''Shogun'' Rua. Becomes the youngest champion in UFC history!
Brock Lesnar tells the AP he would take a UFC superfight with Jon Jones "anytime, anywhere"
"I really don't like you so I won't answer your question"- Jon Jones to Luke Thomas:
Jon Jones looking like a young Samuel L. Jackson for the rematch Saturday
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Jon Jones is picking Floyd Mayweather to beat Conor McGregor.
Pulling exclusive chats with Jon Jones and Bill Goldberg in the same week?
Is it July 29th yet? . Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones continue to trash talk via social media htt…
This is a no contest. My man Jon Jones will take this with no hesitation
Lmfao hmm that question will be answered once u answer my question , who do u think is gonna win D.C or Jon Jones
Raw. Uncut. Real. Jon Jones opens up like never before
You said Jon Jones and Anderson Silvia got beat by GSP yet neither have ever foug…
I added a video to a playlist Saying Conor McGregor is the best P4P fighter is just stupid,Jon Jones
I'm more eager to see the Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier fight than the Mayweather vs McGregor fight
Jon Jones knocks out sparring partner
According to TMZ, Jon Jones's mother has passed away due to complications from diabetes:
Nadal can beat Bolt in a sprint, Carlsen in a chess match, Jahangir Khan in squash, Mayweather in boxing, Jon Jones in MMA, on clay.
I liked a video Daniel Cormier begs Jon Jones to "Stay out of Trouble" until UFC 214 & calls Jones
Jon Jones fires back at Daniel Cormier over recent PED comments |
Jon Jones fires back at Cormier's PED claims: He thinks I have 'supernatural' a…
Jon Jones responds to Cormier's PED accusations: He thinks I have 'supernatural' abilities (
I liked a video Jon Jones, Anthony Johnson Play Prank on Dana White
Alexander Gustafsson stands by comments on Jon Jones following win over Teixeira at UFC Fight Night 109. https…
Best P4P fighter of all time is Matt Hamill because Jon Jones lost to him. 2nd is Sean Sherk for obvious reasons
Michael Jordan, Shaq, I don't know any more NBA dudes, Derrick Lewis, Jon Jones
Fedor. Andre Ward. Big Nog. Anderson. GSP. Pacquiao. Jon Jones. So many and it's humbling every time.
There have been some good answers. DJ, Jon Jones, Aldo, Rockhold, Cruz, Edgar, Miocic, etc
I like the DJ pick for me DJ n Jon Jones are the top but if Cody can continue to look like he did vs Cruz then tbe sky's the limit
Alexander Gustafsson rips Jon Jones: ‘He’s not a champion in my eyes’ (
A good choice. Really technically I think it is between Mighty Mouse and Jon Jones. They are great everywhere.
Jon Jones and Rashad Evans will never fight each other.
Daniel Cormier replaced Jon Jones to fight Johnson... For the first time in four years, there would be a new UFC L…
I liked a video Daniel Cormier reaction when Dana White told him Jon Jones is positive
Jon Jones picks Rafael dos Anjos to beat
Joanna Champion, Rory MacDonald and Jon Jones my three favorite fighters doing big things this year.
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Jon Jones slams Daniel Cormier: 'You're not a champion'
Jon Jones bashes Daniel Cormier and his championship credentials .
There is nothing i want more than an Ultimate Fighter series with Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier locked in the house with nobody else.
Jon Jones explains his backstage incident with Daniel Cormier in Dallas | UFC ON FOX. (SPEEDonFOX)
Jon Jones to Daniel Cormier: 'I beat you after a weekend of cocaine' - Bloody Elbow
Daniel Cormier is such a scrub. Jon Jones gonna beat his *** when he comes back.
On paper, main event or co-main, Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones is THE must see MMA fight of the year. Period. Nothing else ev…
Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier are already going at it.
Daniel Cormier to defend light heavyweight title vs. Jon Jones at UFC214.
Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier go back and forth over cocaine, 'sandblasting prostitutes' - MMA Fighting…
Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones will be the main event at but Dana White also has a backup plan... . explains.…
Jon Jones to Daniel Cormier: "I beat you after a weekend of cocaine"
Daniel Cormier, Jon Jones get into backstage altercation ahead of press conference. (SPEEDonFOX)
UFC's Daniel Cormier has revenge on his mind as rematch with Jon Jones is set…
"I beat you after a weekend of cocaine." - Jon Jones to DC
Daniel Cormier: Will he be in Anaheim? Or will he do cocaine?. Jon Jones: I beat you after a weekend of cocaine.
Confirmed! Jon Jones will fight Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 in Anaheim at July 27!
test+ for marijuana & gets booted from his match. Jon Jones test+ for cocaine the day before a fight. He's good...what?
filming in Manchester how exciting! Castle Fine Art on King Street have artist Jon Jones who has created th…
There are only 2 athletes I've ever wanted to see live. LeBron James & Jon Jones. I finally get to see the King on Sunday.
How many more Mark Schultz did we miss out on? How many Jon Jones went into NFL instead?
So put Jon Jones against John Cena and see what happens.. or even John Cena vs Cain Velasquez
Imagine thinking a guy that got KO'd in one round by Matt Serra is better than Jon Jones 😂
Dana White says if Jon Jones is ready, he will face Daniel Cormier at UFC 214 in July .
Alexander Gustafsson open to welcome Jon Jones back.
UFC star Jon Jones has lost time and two belts, not confidence
As of now, I'd put DJ over Jon Jones on my P4P list. This guy is still improving and that makes no sense
Always excited to watch the P4P king DJ (Jon Jones not included), can't see him losing tonight but love to see him scrap with Cody Garbrandt
Nice, Jon Jones when hes not in jail, then Mirko Cro Cop, Lawler, the Diaz bros, SIlva and Jacare Souza theres a…
I liked a video from UFC 197: Jon Jones and Ovince Saint Preux Octagon Interview
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Cormier pretending to celebrate, taunting Jon Jones. Fat boy got away with the towel. Look who's cheating now?
Anthony Johnson honestly should walk away after that. He will not beat DC, or Jon Jones. He is basically Uriah Hall.
(Calgary Sun):sends warning to Jon Jones at 210 : BUFFALO — It might have been damp and dreary..
Daniel Cormier: If Jon Jones comes into the cage after I win "something bad will happen". http…
I liked a video Michael Bisping arguing with Co-host because he said "Jon Jones hasn't fought a good
DC is gonna beat Anthony Johnson but when Jon Jones comes back that *** dead 💀
Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson get HEATED, Jon Jones not relevant
Jon Jones is officially a free man today - Bloody Elbow
Jon Jones is coming. You are lucky for him staying out due to some family planning matter. He's coming and u are running out of time
The MMA Depressed-us: Jon Jones vs. OSP - Zane Simon, Connor Ruebusch, & Phil Mackenzie sit down to watch 3 of ...
Jimi Manuwa: I'm not concerned with with Jon Jones. I used to be a fan of his but lost respect because he took steroids.
Jimi Manuwa knocks Jon Jones, asks for David Haye on prelims of potential Mayweath..
Jimi Manuwa is not interested in a fight with Jon Jones right now
EXCLUSIVE: Jimi Manuwa open to fighting Jon Jones in No.1 contender's match - Daily Star
And now a standing guillotine choke a la Jon Jones vs Lyoto Machida! Night for extravagant submissions at
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in light of all this, what kind of leverage do you think Jon Jones has when he eventually returns?
I agree but I don't think they see it that way. Only way they would change is if a Conor, Jon Jones or GSP left. Major loss
Phil Davis, Jon Jones the list goes on my friend
Rampage Jackson claims Ronda Rousey and Jon Jones used to have an intimate relationship
Johanmesburg for Jesus,Jack Johnson,Juicy J,Jon Jones,there are Just too many J's,juice jokes,Jordan Jaguare,Judge Jansen.
Dana White says Jon Jones will likely face the winner of Cormier vs. Johnson 2 | FOX Sports
No one leaves MMA undefeated; not Silva or GSP, not Fedor or Jon Jones. But we remember fighters for their great moments,…
Awesome portrait of Thomas Shelby by artist Jon Jones
Woodley is pulling the race card cause he doesn't get respect as a champion LOL. UFC fans love D.C. and Jon Jones.
Who y'all got in the draft?. Top 5:. 1. Floyd Mayweather. 2.Lebron James. 3.Jon Jones. 4.Chris Brown. 5. Terry Crews
Jon Jones dominated Dan Henderson at How many more matches does he have before his Summer UFC return?
Dan Henderson wants to rip Jon Jones arm off at
Malc Mitchell is one of the best value picks, and they often hit on UDFA every year. Jon Jones, Dave Andrews, Butler
A little advice from former champ Jon Jones to Try again.
UFCWorldNews: Jon Jones has harsh message for Rousey doubters   10% Off
Jon Jones tells Ronda Rousey to 'pick yourself up and try again' after knockout loss to Amanda Nunes
Jon Jones gives Ronda Rousey advice, thinks she should fight again in UFC
I liked a video from Jon Jones Gives Ronda Rousey Advice and Encouragement After UFC 207
Jon Jones is right in saying Ronda should join a bigger MMA team, if she chooses to continue. For a couple different reasons too.
Jon Jones has a message for all the Ronda Rousey haters out there.
Saw a thing about Jon Jones giving advice to Ronda Rousey & my immediate thought was "The Martian Manhunter is into MMA?".
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