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Jon Jones

Jonathan Dwight Jones (born July 19, 1987) is an American mixed martial artist from Endicott, New York.

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and no one buys Daniel Cormier as LHW champ because he's never beaten Jon Jones.
Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier would do between 650-800k
i honestly can't see Cormier fighting Jon Jones in 2017. . 4 cards ruined back to back of this the same 2 fighter…
Chuck Liddell in his prime against Jon Jones.
Chuck Liddell. Anderson Silvia. or Jon Jones. It's really outta the last 2 imo
Brock Lesnar, Jon Jones each suspended one year for doping: via
⚡ UFC stars Brock Lesnar, Jon Jones suspended for one year.
Don't forget to watch me try and choke Jon Jones today. .
Holloway joins Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Royce Gracie, GSP, and Demetrious Johnson as the only fighters to ever win 1…
Demian Maia could take Jon Jones down. What he did to Brown is not a reflection on Matt's TD defense.
so I'm guessing he's Jon Jones from the earlier analogy.
If I could explain Rico vs Badr fight to MMA Fans, its the Kickboxing equivalent of Jon Jones vs Anderson Silva. Must watch.
I liked a video from Joe Rogan Experience - Jon Jones
I know right? Only fighters I look up to are Hermes França, Jon Jones, and Alexander Emelianenko
Young players who have impressed me this season . Thuney. Mitchell. Rowe. Flowers. Brown. Jon Jones (ST). Andrews. Roberts
Any chance Dana begs USADA to grant Jon Jones a reprieve from his suspension for him to save Anyone?
Then I thought it was Georges St Pierre. Then Anderson Silva. Then Brock Lesnar. Then Jon Jones. Then Ronda Rousey, but no.
max Holloway was 20, Jon Jones was UFC champ at 23
Jon Jones trolls with incredible 'Crying Jordan' meme after one-year USADA suspension
Jon Jones reacts to ban with hilarious snap that is now his profile picture
Heard it all now. UFC fighter Jon Jones banned for a year after positive dope test. Says contaminated pill for erectile dysfu…
Full details on decision to ban ‘Reckless’ Jon Jones for 12 months, includes timeline & panel reasons (
USADA suspends Jon Jones for a year for lack of due diligence. Remember when he admitted this at his own presser? https:…
The suspension is retroactive to July 6, the day Jones was informed of his positive test
Jon "Bones" Jones has been suspended for one year from the date of his pulling out of UFC 200:
I liked a video from Jon Jones suspended 1 year for taking sex pill before UFC 200
Seeing how Jon Jones career has unfolded is really just depressing. So much talent and he's missing out on his best years. Smh.
Can espn show Jon Gruden the start of the Jones/Sherman play?
Jon Jones for real said that he popped for anti-estrogen drugs not from steroids but from taking a single black mar…
the glass of Macallan 12 I just poured is raised to you Misters Jon Leuer, Langston Galloway and Terrence Jones.
"On the evidence before the Panel, the Applicant is not a drug cheat," -
Suspended Jon Jones 'pleased' USADA determined he was 'not a cheater,' some..
Jon Jones suspended one year by USADA
GIF THIS:. With Jon Jones being suspended a year by USADA, send us your best GIF reactions. Best entry makes http…
Jon Jones gets 1-year suspension from USADA for doping violation stemming from UFC 200
USADA suspends UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones for one year .
sharing the latest from | Jon Jones slated to face Dan Henderson in Chael S...
BREAKING: Jon Jones has received a 1 year suspension from USADA for doping.
Jon jones getting suspended 1 year is dumb like my dude was just trying to keep his *** hard how you gonna do him like th…
"Jon Jones and the Contaminated *** Pills" is the name of my new folk band. I couldn't have picked a better week to announce…
Jon Jones has been handed a UFC ban after he took a contaminated pill for erectile dysfunction. Full story:
Jon Jones has been suspended until July 2017 by USADA.
I want someone to love me as much as Jon jones loves drugs
Jon Jones suspended for one year by USADA after failed UFC 200 drug test via
Jon Jones suspended one year by the USADA after testing positive for two banned substances: https:/…
JUST IN: UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones suspended 1 year by USADA. Date is retroactive to 7/6, when Jones was p…
BREAKING: Jon Jones suspended one year by USADA for doping; eligible to return in July 2017
Jon Jones slated to face Dan Henderson in grappling match
Jon Jones will Be Light Heavyweight Champion, Still Believe in Jones. Unleash the Champ in July!
BREAKING: Chael Sonnen announces Jon Jones vs. Dan Henderson grappling match will be taking place at Submission Undergroun…
The announces on with that Jon Jones vs. Dan Henderson will headline submission u…
Jon Jones will be suspended 1-year and will be eligible to return July 6, 2017.
BREAKING: Jon Jones has been SUSPENDED for a year by USADA. He will be eligible for return on July 1, 2017.
Jon Jones - Jon Jones makes his prediction for Daniel Cormier vs Anthony Johnson 2
WATO Jon Jones is more of a wasted talent than: JaMarcus Russell, Trent Richardson, or GILBERT Arenas?
Jon Jones was nowhere near knocking out Daniel Cormier or was he nowhere near submitting him. I doubt he can do either.
Jon Jones &Great&Flipping Middle Finger to Daniel Cormier at UFC 197
Also, their uncle's brother-in-law is the neighbor of Jon Jones' barber!
Attorney says Jon Jones is a victim of a contaminated product.
Jon Jones went off on Daniel Cormier and Anthony Johnson via
Esther Lin is the Fedor, Jon Jones & Anderson Silva of fight photography.
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UFC's cash cows: Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey, Jon Jones, and Conor McGregor. Get these four on a card and make billions.
She think that she played me, really she saved me, caught her messing with balls like she Tom Brady, make me go Jon Jones no Davey
How does Conor McGregor's fine compare to Jon Jones, Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz? (via
NSAC just sent the schedule for Mon, Oct 10, 2016 which starts at 9am. Brock Lesnar, Jon Jones, Nate Diaz and Conor McGrego…
Alex pulled because Alex vs Jon Jones is on UFC 207 😉
Junior Dos Santos calls out Jon Jones. 'Just let me bang, bro'
Jon Jones to fight Anthony Johnson for Interim Title,Mayweather Conor McGregor lying ... -
Connor McGregor on hearing the news that Jon Jones failed drug testing and UFC 200 is now in shambles
If anyone deserved a title shot while holding a belt it should've been: Jose Aldo, Anderson Silvia, GSP, and Jon Jones
Heath Shaw has honestly thrown more elbows tonight than Jon Jones in his entire MMA/UFC career.
he holds victories over Jon Jones , , , , line them up
Goal by Jon Jones in 88th min. gives 1-0 win at Geneseo. Michael King 6 saves for 3rd SHO.
probably the 2 most popular MMA coaches.Jackson trains Jon Jones, Holly Holm and MANY other champs.Faras is GSP and Rory's guy
Jon Jones spars with Snoop Dogg, teaches him how to throw elbows
Dana White said on the UFC Unfiltered podcast he's considering Anthony Johnson vs Jon Jones as a title eliminator to see who…
Wow!! . Dana White: "I'm thinking that maybe we do Anthony Johnson versus Jon Jones."
Daniel Cormier, Anthony Johnson not fans of Dana White's plan for Jon Jones' UFC return
In terms of popularity and celeb status? Yes. But you can't discount how big Jon Jones was before all his troubles.
Joe is such a *** rider for the diaz brothers. Nick is too big, how about we see Conor vs Anderson too? Why not Jon Jones?
The only fighters I don't like are Jon Jones and Johnny Hendricks.
I added a video to a playlist Dana White - Conor McGregor is not worth $4 billion, Jon Jones has 12
the UFC also has of drug and PED issues. Look at Jon Jones, Chad Mendez, Johnny Hendricks etc
I'd swap Joshua for Jon Jones or Anderson Silva n also no Mayweather?
Spoke to look for story later. One clip: "A Jon Jones fight is just not gonna happen. I know now it's ne…
. Jon Jones is in super girl the series... . Played an excellent part
that's right I forgot about dc. But even that was maybe 14 months ago! And he got that over Jon Jones issues! Crazy year son!
UFC light-heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier is putting Jon Jones in the rear-view and focusing on his next...
Cormier: I'm going to fight the winner of Teixeira vs. Johnson. I don't care if Jon Jones comes back. I'm not going to rewa…
clomiphene... An estrogen blocker. Ironically, exact same drug as Jon Jones tested positive 4right before as well.
Boomers touch Jon Jones for 4 runs in the 4th. It's 4-2 Schaumburg going to the bottom of the 4th. Listen:
Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones will not be fined by UFC for failing drug tests before UFC 200:
Reports: UFC heavyweight Brock Lesnar tested positive for same drug Jon Jones did
Awkward moment when Brock gets caught using the same drug against Mark Hunt that got Jon Jones kicked out of UFC 200...
Brock Lesnar tested positive for same banned substance as Jon Jones.
Jon Jones: "I know in my heart that I'm not a cheater".
So Brock Lesnar failed a drug test, so did UFC's Jon Jones and of course Roman Reigns. . John Cena claims he puts...
Jon Jones and Uriah Hall will always be my favorite fighters
Jon Jones allegedly ducked a USADA test by hiding under a cage at his gym for 8 hours. Clip from Joe Rogan's podcast h…
Diamond Dallas Page, Jon Jones not happy with choice of referee for Cormier fight via
Travis Scott at Bluesfest yesterday, I played myself worse than Jon Jones
Demetrious Johnson has been listed as the pound for pound fighter in the UFC rankings. Jon Jones drops to
Found this picture of Jon Jones with his current wife Jesse Moses back in High School Prom !
Jon Jones pulled from UFC 200 after failed drug test
Jon Jones is out of UFC 200, per Jeff Novitzky. He has been flagged by USADA stemming from a test on 6/16.
Multiple sources confirm Jon Jones was way cooler than DC in high school
Jeff Novitzky says Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier is off. Jones failed an out-of-competition drug test.
you fat boring bell end Jon Jones is going to smoke you when he's back
yeah all he did was sit on him for 3 rounds with his fat *** But hey, I blame Jon Jones for this mess 😱😱😱
UFC Light heavyweight champion on fighting Jon Jones again.
JOE ROGAN: Daniel, Jon Jones has ruined your life twice, and you just sort of sweated on a disinterested rich father of 7.…
Is that the way Cormier was prepared to fight Jon Jones? Really?
When you realize this is when you were supposed to be watching Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier
Courmier would have got raped by Jon Jones...
This fight needs the lights to go off and come back on with a masked Jon Jones standing over both fighters holding a kendo stick
.held absolutely nothing back when I brought up Jon Jones.
"I'm not talking to him. There's no reason for us to talk." - GOES OFF on Jon Jones. .
I would rather have Jon Jones as my designated driver than listen to Joanna and Claudia talk trash
cause I'm not spending money on anyone not named Jon Jones or McGregor. You in Lima?
Dana White says he still hasn't spoke w/ Jon Jones and wouldn't take his call right now...
This is Daniel Cormier's reaction after Dana White told him that Jon Jones tested positive
39 years old. That's how old Daniel Cormier will be if Jon Jones is handed a two year suspension from USADA. . They're nev…
Fair enough, definitely exciting to watch that's for sure. I'm real upset about Jon Jones though
Maybe at one point 😅 1-3 Jon Jones, Demetrius Johnson, Dominick Cruz
Jon Jones' B sample has tested positive, USADA has confirmed to
Watch the moment that Dana White told Daniel Cormier, Jon Jones was out of UFC 200. https…
Congrats to my boy Eddie Alvarez! I've almost forgotten how disappointed I am in Jon Jones. Almost...
"I know this fight meant a lot to him." . ICYMI: A tearful Jon Jones apologized to ex-foe Daniel Cormier.
Disappointed with the whole Jon Jones thing but Jesus did they pull it off. Anderson Silva vs Daniel Cormier is going to be so good!
That moment found out his bout with Jon Jones at was off...
Anderson Silva will step in to fight Daniel Cormier at UFC 200, after Jon Jones' withdrawal.
Anderson Silva on replacing Jon Jones at UFC 200: 'I haven't trained in a few months' via
"Jon Jones failed a drug test so Daniel Cormier is fighting Anderson Silva," is a sentence that is true. It's a true thing…
Anderson Silva hopes Jon Jones 'doesn't get mad' he took his place at UFC 200
BREAKING: Anderson Silva will replace Jon Jones and fight Daniel Cormier at .
BREAKING: Daniel Cormier will fight Anderson Silva in place of Jon Jones at UFC 200.
Remember when Jon Jones had that press conference? Was that today? I don't even know anymore.
Anderson Silva to fight Daniel Cormier at as replacement for Jon Jones
Chaos in Dallas, Anderson Silva's replacing Jon Jones, Jay Z just dropped a new song, I just ate a burger from Red Robin... This too much, b
Daniel Cormier still wanted to fight Jon Jones despite positive drug test.
Aaron Hernandez is having a better week than Jon Jones.
Nate Diaz says "Everybody's on steroids" after asked if he was surprised Jon Jones tested positive. . WATCH:
robin, what is your take on this whole Jon Jones situation? Usada and its testing regiment? Being that is new to the sport...
Crews currently working to remove Jon Jones from T-Mobile Arena
I hope Anthony Rumble Johnson is ready to take Jon Jones spot for UFC 200.. No one else in the division is worth putting on that card
Dana White trusted Jon Jones with UFC 200. One doping test later, it's all blown up.
How is Bigfoot Silva going to make a comment about Jon Jones when he got caught in 2013.
Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt becomes main event at after Jon Jones pulled.
Big UFC news this morning. A failed drugs test rules Jon Jones out of .
now I'd love to see that, shame cus love Jon Jones but either Gustafson or Rumble Johnson would be sick
Jon Jones needs real help, the guy is way too good of a talent to go out like this. Time to get back up Bones
With Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones off the card, the premier event at UFC 200 will be Brock Lesnar vs Mark Hunt. Lesnar la…
Jon Jones is out of Brock Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt is the main event:
Jon Jones pulled from UFC 200 for failed drug test, Lesnar vs. Hunt now main-event
Jon "Bones" Jones pulled from UFC 200 this weekend. Wow! -> UFC statement on Jon Jones | UFC ® - News
Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier is OFF two days before after Jones failed a drug test
Video: Daniel Cormier reacts to Jon Jones' removal from UFC 200 headliner
An emotional champ discusses the disappointment of Jon Jones' failed drug test.
BREAKING: Jon Jones is out of over potential anti-doping violation.
Daniel Cormier reacts after Jon Jones pulled from UFC 200
I feel for Daniel Cormier & Dana White, what a scumbag Jon Jones continues to be 👎🏼
Daniel Cormier v Jon Jones is reportedly OFF as Jones is pulled from for a potential anti-doping violation https:/…
Daniel Cormier reacts to Jon Jones being pulled from UFC 200 via
After learning that Jon Jones was pulled from UFC 200, a devastated Daniel Cormier spoke with media in Las Vegas.
Jon Jones pulled from after failed drug test as Daniel Cormier main event cancelled
I have woken up to 9/11, 26/11, Tsunami, Recession. But I can honestly say that no news has hit me as hard as this Jon Jones one. 😢
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Jon Jones' potential anti-doping policy violation was discovered by USADA in a test conducted on June 16.
VIDEO: Our reaction to the shocking, breaking news that Jon Jones has been removed from UFC 200 —
How Jon Jones' suspected doping could turn out to be a positive for UFC via
. on Jon jones ufc 200 situation "Sometimes pretty girls and good times take over your life"
I feel like this Jon Jones & Cormier fight gets postponed every *** time!
DC vs Jon Jones is off! Big news overnight from Vegas, as is pulled from for a doping violation. https:…
Jon Jones out of UFC 200 for possible doping. Guy is a joke. Big hit for UFC and Cormier
Jon Jones off UFC 200 card due to positive drug test
An emotional Daniel Cormier reacts after Jon Jones pulled from .
BREAKING: The fight between Jon Jones & Daniel Cormier at UFC 200 is off due to potential doping violation by Jones. http…
Jon Jones removed from UFC 200 for possible doping violation .
UFC releases statement about Jon Jones' removal from UFC 200
Jon Jones has been tested by USADA six times in 2016, per USADA database. More than almost any other fighter.
Jon Jones puts his insta on private every time he slips up lol. Stop breaking the rules man, I want to see this fight!
I am ready to replace Jon Jones against for the LHW Belt or Main Event. Call me.
"Social media reaction to Jon Jones being out of UFC 200 - ESPN"
Jon Jones is tentatively scheduled to address the media later tonight. His team is still sorting out the details.
Jon Jones: So talented, so smart, so deep, so flawed.
Jon Jones, are you kidding me...What are we on strike 3, 4, 5?
when I die, I want Jon Jones to lower my casket so he can let me down one last time...
BREAKING: Jon “Bones” Jones is off the UFC 200 fight card after potential doping violation.
and an unemotional Jon Jones watches DC's response and starts maniacally laughing.
I'm watching sportscenter and they're showing the jon jones announcement . Dana looks like he's about to cry.
Jon Jones pulled from for doping violation - he is due to hold a press conference later today.
Jon Jones caught doping once again... UFC 200 cancelled!
This is the 2nd time Jon Jones has been pulled from a UFC card due to potential violation of a drug-related policy. https…
did you just hear what happen to Jon jones rn
Lesnar now the main event at Not a huge surprise. Slow clap for Jon Jones though.
Jon Jones just ruined what would have been the best UFC event of all-time.
Jon Jones is quickly going from being arguably the greatest fighter to ever live to the poster boy for wasted careers.
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*** Jon Jones. How you gonna do this again? I won't bother watching another one of your fights.
Jon Jones will hold a press conference Thursday at 11:30 am ET inside the MGM Grand to address tonight's news that he is…
Jon Jones is my Favorite Fighter but he's an *** 🙄
Jon Jones, seriously? Couldn't stay clean for arguably the biggest fight of your career?
Jon Jones is scheduled to speak to the media tomorrow in Las Vegas, per his manager No comment being provided…
Champion vs Champion? Bisping and Mousasi offer to face Cormier as Jones' UFC 200 replacement (
So uh can I get a statement from Jon Jones? Smh blown is an understatement
It appears the Cardinals lost while was upset by Jon Jones. Oh and I was watching when Carpenter got hurt. At least John Goodman was there.
According to multiple reports, Jon Jones was flagged for a potential violaton on an out-of-competition test on 6/16. Pulled from UFC 200
The rivalry Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier is crazy 😂
Latest UFC 197 odds: Jon Jones opens as betting favorite over Ovince Saint Preux
I want to see Joshua vs. Jon Jones. . Into your UFC humey?
. I want to watch to rematch and Anthony Johnson. Also a rematch with Jon Jones
NAC director Bob Bennett says he received an e-mail this a.m. from Jon Jones' manager with concerns over John McCarthy.…
Only WWE fans think that Brock Lesnar is the main event on a card with Jon Jones and Meisha Tate
No one at Light Heavyweight can beat Jon Jones. Maybe Alexander Gustafsson but seems like he wants to retire. Jon Jones needs to move up.
Aderson Silva breaks his leg, Jon Jones makes dumb decisions, GSP retires, Daniel Cormier and Michael Bisping are...
If I am mistaken, don't hate me for it but how are Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier both UFC Light Heavyweight champions?
SEE VIDEO! Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier go at it at UFC...
UFC: Daniel Cormier opens mind games with Jon Jones amid UFC 200...
Pic: Jon Jones is 'balls deep' in Daniel Cormier, doesn't want 'DC'...
Jon Jones isn't impressed with 'paper champ' Daniel Cormier's latest internet jab.. . "It's good to see you...
Lol How could I miss that Instagram post by Jon Jones showing Daniel Cormier mocking him. Then called him a paper champion
I agree, Jon Jones is proper in Daniel Cormier's head it's crazy .
Jon Jones smashes Daniel Cormier in a message
Jon Jones tells Daniel Cormier he's 'balls deep' in his head
Jon Jones to Daniel Cormier: 'It's obvious I'm balls deep in your head right now' via
Rob Hill Sr. be like "u deserve to be with a man who loves u enough to pay all your bills, all your mom's bills and fight Jon Jones for you"
Jon Jones responds to mixed-up fan: you've got the 'wrong black guy' via
2-0 Bees T5...nine-hole hitter Jon Jones leads off the inning with a solo homer. Shot video of first four innings, so...of course.
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Can't wait for Vegas in July! . UFC 200- Jon Jones vs DC and Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar
I've seen Jon jones throw elbows that weren't that hard throw the *** out
Kevin Love out there throwing those Jon Jones elbows
And remember, Jon Jones was the villain because he refused to fight his opponent's training partner and it got an event cancelled
DC is going to get hurt again and then it will be Jon Jones Vs Conor McGregor and Nick Diaz in a handicap no rules match!
Seriously...The G.O.A.T is Anderson Silva w a side dish of Jon Jones. Weidman just beat up all the old guys. Rockhold vs Souza???
Remember when Ed Ruth was training with Jon Jones?! Now DC?! At least he (Ed) is getting some good work in!
BJ Penn Enlists Help of Jon Jones’ Nutritionist for UFC Return - mmalatest: Working with the Interim UFC...
is there anything Tommy isn't good at. Saweet.
Another client Gotta stop being the best in the biz I guess
Morning Report: 'Cowboy' on he almost got into fight with Jon Jones at the gym (https…
ICYMI: Chael Sonnen talked to about "drunken coke addict" Jon Jones, UFC's reported sale, and more. https…
at least it was within the top 5 ranked guys, and it was done in hopes of a Jon Jones rematch.
Floyd Mayweather wants UFC champ Jon Jones on his 'Money' team: 'We gotta put some things together, me and him'.
my point is Jon Jones is the champion NOBODY has beaten him to take his tittle.
Demetrious Johnson, Jon Jones, Luke Rockhold, Dominick Cruz and Rafael Dos Anjos are the best fighters in the world.
yeah and he's now 26. Jon Jones was 23 and world champion. Rory Mac was 21 and fighting at the top, what's ur point???
Jon Jones says he will be light heavyweight champion come UFC200 stating he is the already the champion.
When one door closes, another opens. Jon Jones thanks for Conor McGregor for main event spot
Jon Jones is latest UFC star to do 'Running Man Challenge': Former UFC champion Jon Jones is such a fan ...
Ted Cruz clearly does not have a future in politics but he is gonna be a future UFC champion. Watch out Jon Jones
Daniel Cormier: Lackluster version is the new Jon Jones
Conor McGregor takes veiled shots at Brock Lesnar and Jon Jones.
Jon Jones has been dominant since arriving to UFC. Here are his stats ahead of tonight's fight vs Ovince St. Preux. https…
SEE VIDEO! Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier got into it at the...
Coach Greg Jackson believes Jon Jones would have beate... via
"If this is the new Jon Jones, there's no way that guy can beat me" ~DC
Yeah Rodney Stuckey is definitely related to Jon Jones
So there we have it – McGregor didn’t want the press obligations, while Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones were only...
Jon Jones: I would love to beat up DC and then face Anthony Johnson at Madison Square Garden.
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BREAKING: Dana White announces that Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones will headline UFC 200 on July 9 in Las Vegas.
Huh. Yesterday, Jon Jones was potentially facing a 6 month medical suspension, now he's headlining against DC.
Jon Jones about to appear on Good Morning America? Probably means the end of the road for Conor McGregor in terms of Dana won.
It's official: The main event for is Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones.
Jon Jones and friend clowning around on the Vegas strip.
. you will fall in the path of the shadows, has nowhere to run , Jon Jones will start bit by bit
Jon Jones should be undefeated, he dominated Matt Hamill n got DQ'd by accident.
in terms of overall talent faced, Jon Jones is the GOAT. Fedor/GSP/Anderson in running for spot. DJ, Aldo in Top 5 convo
decision Dan Anderson... How the *** are you? I don't know Jon Jones, but I like him. Upsets are always exci…
Jon Jones says he's ready to fight Daniel Cormier at UFC 200 .
Jon Jones explains why he gave Daniel Cormier 'the finger' after winning the UFC interim light heavyweight title.
Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier could headline if both fighters are healthy
Jon Jones, Demetrious Johnson, Dominic Cruz, Raphael Dos anjos, and Luke rockhold Top five in the UFC and in that order
"I want my actual belt back.". ICYMI: Jon Jones dispatched OSP, excited for Cormier fight.
Jon Jones is hands down the best in his class, Cormier will get beat by him again and he'll have his belt back
Jon Jones celebrated his win by giving Daniel Cormier the finger on his way out (NSFW)
Dana White tells me if Jon Jones is healthy and Daniel Cormier is cleared on an MRI on Monday, they will headline 200.
Jon Jones with a little warmup right hook!
"If you fight me in that way you can't win." - on Jon Jones' performance at
Jon Jones is the new interim light heavyweight champion! . Defeating Ovince St. Preux via unanimous decision
Jon Jones defeats OSP by unanimous decision, earning his 13th consecutive win & 7th career win by decision.
Jon Jones does not at all look happy with his performance
Jon Jones shares a moment with his brothers Chandler and Arthur before his fight.
Nice to hear DC speaking so nicely of Jon Jones
Matt Hamill is the 1 in Jon Jones' 21-1
Jon Jones just got 5 tickets during his walk to the Octagon
From someone who just cemented his status as one of the greatest in Demetrious Johnson to the return of the GOAT Jon Jones.…
if I was pressed for an answer it would be Jon Jones but Johnson is incredible too, defo a name that can be mentioned
look at Burfict, Adam Jones, Aldon Smith, Big Ben, Kobe, Jon Jones, the list goes on. All of them
Johnson vs Cedudo should be good now aswell then obviously Jon Jones is back in the main event 😃✌🏻️ X
Jon Jones about to end OSP's whole career
What times will Jon Jones go on tonight?
Jon Jones record should also include . 0-3 vs The State of New Mexico .
.breaks down Jon Jones' 15-month journey back to the octagon. . WATCH:
Fantasy Betting Propositions on Method of Victory in the Jon Jones vs Ovince Saint Preux Fight -
is about to be LIT Tonight Anthony Pettis vs Edson Barboza, Demetrious Johnson vs Henry Cejudo & Jon Jones vs Ovince Saint Preux
I liked a video from UFC 197 Countdown: Jon Jones vs. Ovince Saint Preux
Ovince Saint Preux will face Jon Jones for interim light...
Jon Jones is my betting pick over Ovince Saint Preux at -510
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