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Jon Husted

Jon A. Husted (born August 25, 1967) is an American politician of the Republican Party who currently serves as Ohio Secretary of State.

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Thanks to Sec of State Jon Husted for visiting the state's largest single site employer
I'm in the same room as Jim Renacci & Jon Husted right now... ask me how much I wanna throw up
What's up with the Jon Husted for governor ads on TPM?
Maybe you don't remember Husted's role in this? Not too long ago. Do facts hurt your…
Poor Jon. He can't handle the truth. He blocked me. Jon Husted, the voter…
Dem candidate for OH Secretary of State. She'd be a major upgrade from Jon Husted, who wastes tax $ defending voter…
"Jon Husted keeps his promises & has consistently delivered for [OH]. It's time for a new generation of leadership.…
"Damschroder...suspended for a month without pay for the incident...he was later appointed as Ohio SOS Jon Husted's…
Jon Husted at a range in Lebanon to shoot...and pick up the endorsement of a pro-gun rights group. I'll have the st…
Ohioans for Concealed Carry endorse Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted for Ohio governor
Jon Husted picks up endorsement of Ohioans for Concealed Carry. Details at 5
Ohioans For Concealed Carry endorses Jon Husted for Governor of Ohio. is the tried and true conservative for Ohio's future.
Thank you to Bob Kalish from Ohio SOS Jon Husted's office for stopping by today to recognize on our…
Oh my. Jon Husted AND Mike DeWine are both runnung for Governor? Don't be stupid and trash each other. Join up and cake walk to a win.
Meet Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted at the today open office hours 1:30-3:30 PM…
Thrilled to share press from Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted as he recognizes our work in K12 real world learning
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whay is Jon Husted doing on Ohio Cannabis. Is there something I don't know?
Husted stresses education needs in Toledo stop
Sec. of State Jon Husted visited Toledo for the 3rd time since he announced his gubernatorial campaign -…
Thank you to our speaker today, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted. His message of "Building a More Prosperous...
Another great program at the Rotary Club of Toledo - Secretary of State Jon Husted
Moderates, fiscal conservatives, & liberals alike balk at Gorsuch's record. But Jon Husted says he's an "all-star" .
At the Kick-Off for Jon Husted, for Ohio Governor with Pastor Bruce Moxley: College Teammate of Jon Husted.
I remember before Bernie gave her a bigger check Nina Turner didn't mind the "establishment" support when she was running against Jon Husted
Secretary Jon Husted is saving Ohio tax dollars via
Ohio Libertarians sue Jon Husted to win state recognition
Homecoming night: Jon Husted, Keith Faber, Josh Mandel speaking on undercard at Trump event. in Cincy.
The late Bob Bennett handed Ohio to Obama - Matt Borges, Jon Husted and John Kasich want to hand it to Hillary.STOP THE MADNESS!
Libertarians can swap in Gary Johnson's name on Ohio ballot, Jon Husted rules
Jon Husted opening Ohio to online voting is only opening the opportunities for the corrupt to rig the votes further.
Jon Husted at "What in the world is going on with American democracy, and can we stop it?"
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but next up grizzlies shortz. make your business legal jon husted; basically I see this as fresh beginnings pure intent sweet
Jon Husted will speak at the on Thur 5/12 for a talk that should be called "Democracy and the Toll Road to Participate."
Jon Husted is as shady as they come, and Ohio engages in active voter suppression.
Great Montgomery County Lincoln Day Dinner. Thanks Jon Husted for an excellent speech.
Dave Yost, Jon Husted address Republicans at annual dinner
Ohio Secretary of State, Jon Husted met with WCCS CEO, Eugene Rose and other non-profit leaders today. Secretary...
Jon Husted is Secretary of State of Ohio. If you can look into this with washington control freaks inclusive of stevens.
Mark my words, Kasich victory in Ohio isn't legit and it's Jon Husted that helped John Kasich steal it.
John Kasich and Jon Husted have been trying to rig the absentees in Ohio as well
Meanwhile, Ohio GOP, Jon Husted, and John Kasich are trying to rig the absentee ballots
Jon Husted knowing he has to report back to John Kasich about the ruling
Jon Husted to swear in dozens of new elections officials: What to watch for Friday: Ohio Secretary of State Jon ...
Another pick by Jon Stainbrook to the LC Bd of Elections -- Mark Davis - is shot down by Jon Husted
Yesterday at the AP Q&A, Jon Husted, Mike DeWine, Josh Mandel and Dave Yost all said that they are in favor of OH Cong Redistricting reform
Elections board recommendations made: The Lucas County Republican and Democratic parties have recommended new…
Caldera "People want easy answers to complex questions. Donald Trump gives them that."
Independence Institute's Jon Caldara on Trump, conservatism & 'seeing the universe honestly'
A message from Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted: . Make a Day for Democracy!. Each Election Day, it takes...
"I’m like an ambassador from Klingon. I'm the canary in the coal mine."
Husted Independence Institutes Jon Caldera on Trump conservatism and seeing the universe honestly Slideshow: J...
State of Ohio Certificate of Good Standing issued by Jon Husted Secretary of State
State of Ohio apostille issued by Jon Husted Secretary of State of a birth Certificate issued by Jud
Bill Husted writes me up as only Husted can. Headline writer misspells my name ;) #
Husted: the Independence Institute's Jon Caldera on Trump, conservatism and "seeing the unverse honestly."
Courts must move speedily on Ohio drug-price ballot tussle: editorial: Secretary of State Jon Husted should no...
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted visited Leipsic HS on Thursday to remind students on voting's importance.
Jon Husted at the Wood County Lincoln Day Dinner! Thanks to all who made it a success!...
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted urges Leipsic students to vote
Privileged to have Secretary of State Jon Husted and Attorney General Mike DeWine in my district tonight for our...
Ohio Sec. of State Jon Husted speaks to high schoolers on his Grad Votes program
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted speaks to Leipsic High School students about the importance of voting.
Today, January 21, 2016, Secretary of State, Jon Husted will visit LHS to talk to Juniors and Seniors about their...
More governor's race posturing, this time from supporters of Jon Husted: Ohio Politics Roundup: Jon Husted fans ...
SOS Husted's abuse of power now subject of Federal Suit in Cinci. It's Jon Husted, not Judge Husted. …
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has appointed Robert Wood to the Greene County Board of Elections.
Pro-marijuana group plans to submit signatures early, fears secretary of State Jon Husted would block submission...
Jon Husted: Obama immigration order will lead to illegal voting | MSNBC
John Kasich and Jon Husted - both prominent Ohio Republicans and both prominent parts of today's list.
What, exactly, is Gov. John Kasich's position on Obamacare? And what issues from Nina Turner's past is Jon Husted highlighting in a new ad? Answers in Ohio Politics Roundup for Oct. 21, 2014.
Remember when GOP shill had lunch with Jon Husted to rig 2012 election?
Gov. John Kasich apologizes to Iowa, Nina Turner hits Jon Husted in first TV ad: Ohio Politics Roundup
You'll be getting mail from Jon Husted, soon
Open: Jon Husted increases financial lead over Nina Turner in Ohio secretary of state's race
John Roberts, John Kasich, Jon Husted et al. believe that the *** was better off without any rights, as in …
Jon Husted, GOP Sec of State Ohio, wants to win thru voter suppression. Time for http:…
TRUE THE VOTE STRIKES FAVORABLE SETTLEMENT WITH OHIO SECRETARY OF STATE TO PURGE VOTER ROLLS HOUSTON, TX. January 13, 2014 - True the Vote (TTV), the nation's leading voters’ rights and election integrity organization, today announced a favorable legal settlement along with co-plaintiff Judicial Watch that ensures proper maintenance of Ohio’s voter rolls lasting until 2018. (Judicial Watch and True the Vote v. Jon Husted in his official capacity as Secretary of State of the State of Ohio, Civil Action (No. 2:12-cv-00792)). “This settlement demonstrates the positive impact citizens can have when they demand better accuracy in voting records,” True the Vote President Catherine Engelbrecht said. “Every person fundamentally understands the problems that come with bloated voter rolls and inefficient maintenance processes. This settlement – under Secretary Jon Husted’s leadership – will bring Ohio much closer to being on the cutting edge of smart voting policy that holds records and officials ac ...
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted to be a major target of outside groups due to Ohio's importance to 2016 Prez race
should be SOS in Vote out in November!
State Senator Nina Turner has a chance to win the Secretary of State's job away from Jon Husted this November.
Sec of State Jon Husted says he backs a series of bipartisan recommendations offered by the Ohio Association of Elections Officials.
Reading an editorial by Jon Husted in my local paper on redistricting. Do you think he's sincere?
Why NOW, after he's been in office three years, time in which he could have been a strong public advocate for this?
"A good plan should be simple, fair and inherently bipartisan"; Jon Husted ongerrymandering via
Say what you want about Jon Husted, he has been consistent on reform in or out of power
Jon Husted: Stop the gerrymandering — it's fracturing our nation: Redistricting reform has the grea...
Ohio's Secretary of State Jon Husted makes the case for redistricting reform in an op-ed.
OH Sec/St Jon Husted (R): "redistricting reform has the greatest potential to repair what is broken in our democracy"
- Jon Husted is a friend of veterans and all our veterans should support him!
Husted announces formation of veterans coalition for re-election campaign: Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted ...
"I am proud of my record and what has been accomplished, but I have more work to do." -Sec of State Jon Husted in filing for reelection
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Dear Precinct Election Official, With the end of 2013 approaching, I wanted to send a quick note of thanks for your hard work this year. The holidays give us a chance to reflect on the year gone by and make plans for the year to come. I have been honored to serve as your Secretary of State and work with all of you to ensure your neighbors can vote with ease on Election Day, while carefully safeguarding the process so all Ohioans can have confidence in the results. You have dedicated a tremendous amount of time, energy and effort to run elections of which we can all be proud. I know you will be instrumental in doing the same in 2014 as all eyes will once again be on Ohio. I look forward to continuing our work together as we serve the voters of Ohio. I hope you are able to enjoy this time with family and friends. Best wishes for a happy holiday season and a healthy New Year. Sincerely, Jon Husted Ohio Secretary of State
Robert Bos shared the following link: Democrats continually try to downplay the issue of voter fraud, it’s been confirmed that illegal aliens cast ballots in support of Obama during the last Presidential election. Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted (R) announced yesterday that 17...
But I thought there was no need to show an ID. That fraud wasn’t happening. When we make it easy for liberals to cheat, this is what you get. Check it out: Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted announced Wednesday … Continue reading →
Piece of crap dirtbag SOB-->Ohio’s Jon Husted goes to Washington: No Democratic voter’s right to vote was safe:
Non-citizens caught voting in 2012 presidential election in key swing state. Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted...
'It's rare': Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted (R) went looking for a coordinated effort to get non-...
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted defended his state's efforts to combat voter fraud, citing an independent study showing no cases of voter suppression.
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted is cleaning up the voting rolls in Ohio. He announced Wednesday that his...
Fox News just reported that Republican speaker of the House in Ohio(Jon Husted) has confirmed 17 cases of voter fraud from the 2012 elections! Jon was on the football team with me at the University of Dayton and lived a few doors down from me in the dorm our freshman year. He was named one of the top 10 up and coming politicians in the US in 2011! I'm sure the number will grow substantially!!
Ohio’s chief elections officer is asking prosecutors around the state to investigate 17 people who voted in Ohio during the 2012 election. As Ohio Public Radio’s Jo Ingles reports, Secretary of State Jon Husted says those voters were not U.S. citizens.
"Secretary of State Jon Husted today said his office discovered 17 non-U.S. citizens cast illegal ballots in Ohio’s 2012 general election."
Husted: 17 non-citizens voted in 2012 election in Ohio: Secretary of State Jon Husted has uncovered ...
There is a Special Tree Swing for these people and anyone involved. Ohio SOS Jon Husted announced Wednesday his...
Ohio SOS Jon Husted announced Wednesday his office found 17 noncitizens illegally cast ballots in 2012 Pres. election
Ohio House Republicans need to vote on sensible legislation to allow online voter registration in Ohio -- as favored by another Republican, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, the editorial board writes.
Do you want to make sure all Ohioans get to vote? Get on board, because Jon Husted sure isn't interested in that
Secy of State Jon Husted: 17 people out of 5,600,000 who voted in Ohio in Nov., 2012, were not US citizens. Wants prosecution
Secretary of State Jon Husted says a photo id law would NOT have caught these discrepancies but online voter registration would.
Secretary of State Jon Husted says the non-citizens in question are documented and living here legally.
Secretary of State Jon Husted says the cases of the 17 non-citizens who voted in the 2012 election have been referred for prosecution
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted will brief media this morning about voter irregularities and updating voter rolls. I'll be there.
Make an Impact! Help the Ohio, State-Wide Candidates win re-election in 2014 Have fun and make an impact. Activities will include support for: Kasich for Governor Taylor for Lt. Governor Mike DeWine for Attorney General Jon Husted for Secretary of State Josh Mandel for Treasurer Dave Yost for Auditor To join the team Email: Luckey_wfgYou - S.C.Y.R.
Yes, but it's a chuckle that Jon Husted spilled the beans about their luncheon meeting.
Chuck Todd loves having lunch with Jon Husted, especially when the topic is Redistricting Ohio for the GOP:
Does Chuck Todd have another lunch date with Jon Husted to redistrict Ohio yet?
Jon Husted wants to turn Ohio into a just like Snyder is doing in Michigan
Jon Husted wants to turn Ohio into a third world back water colony to be harvested by the Koch bros
Ohio Sec. of State Jon Husted: EPISCenter will "create jobs, boost R&D and educate the next gen of engineers and scientists."
Dear Friend, It’s hard to believe, but we are less than ONE YEAR from Election Day in 2014! I have been overwhelmed by the incredible support I have received in the last year from grassroots supporters like you. Earlier, I asked my supporters to contribute $9 For Nina and become a part of the movement to preserve the right to vote, but now we’re taking it up a notch with the launch of $10 For Turner! To say thank you for joining my campaign, every $10 donation before December 20 will come with a Nina Turner for Secretary of State bumper sticker! And if you donate $25 or more before December 20, you’ll also get my limited edition RunNinaRun bumper sticker as well! My opponent will have millions of dollars from big corporate special interests and fat-cat billionaires to bankroll his campaign, because they know, when more people vote, Democrats win. That’s why they’ll stop at nothing to make sure Jon Husted gets reelected and can continue his war on the right to vote in Ohio. I’m running for Secr ...
Secretary of State Jon Husted holds large advantage in fundraising over challenger, Sen...
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Chuck Todd gets ready for another lunch date with Jon Husted. via
Rep editorial board meets with Ohio secretary of state today. Have a Q for Jon Husted?
Coming up on Capitol Square-- Governor John Kasich signed the state budget which includes deep income tax cuts and an increase in the state sales tax. State budget director Tim Keen answers questions about the tax plan and criticism that it favors the wealthy. Also, state senator Nina Turner announced her candidacy for Ohio Secretary of State. She joins us to discuss her upcoming campaign against incumbent Jon Husted. Our strategists Sam Gresham and Terry Casey weigh in on the top political issues of the week in our lively two-sides segment. Join Jim Heath and Tracy Townsend Sunday at 11:30 a.m. only on 10TV.
You probably heard. It is official. I'm running for Ohio Secretary of State for you, me and everyone in our state. Every voter should count and every vote should be counted. It's simple if you aren't playing games with elections. My opponent, Jon Husted, spent 2012 trying to suppress the vote, reducing voting hours and days, and now he's denying it. Together, we can make Ohio the gold standard for elections in this country. You can help by telling your friends, neighbors, co-workers and family about our campaign for fair elections, strong voting rights and good paying jobs. There's another way you can help. You can sign up for my $9 for Nina fundraising plan. One of my goals is to raise more small dollar donations than any state candidate in Ohio history. Think about the message that will send. You can help me send it to Ohio and the nation. Donate now to $9 for Nina. Let's make history together. Thank you Nina Turner
Jon Husted reports that voter fraud is rare in Ohio--which we've known for a while. Yet, Republicans continue to...
John Boehner, Jon Husted, and John Kasich, and now Jim Jordan all Republican stooges that are embarrassments to Ohio!
Nov 4, 2014 - Call it UJ Day in OHIO!! Unemploy John Boehner, John Kasich, and Jon Husted!! America will be better for it!!
I go off on so many Corrupt Official's. OhioAg,Gov John Kasich,SOS Jon Husted,Sen Ron Portman,Cleve Police!and many other's!
Is it wrong to assume the only person happier about Nina Turner running for SoS than Nina Turner is Jon Husted?
So very true.I feel you.Chuck Todd have you had lunch with Sec of State (Ohio) Jon Husted lately?he suppresses votes!!!
Nina Turner,Jon Husted almost drove me crazy with all his voter suppressing crap! 2 federal courts,Supreme Court,appellate court!crazy!
Melany Proenza liked New partnership will help Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted cut down on voter fraud…
Ohio SoS Jon Husted wants to change "winner take all" for presidential elections where majority wins. A new low in undermining democracy.
Decide outcome of 98th House race, board told: Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted has directed the Tuscarawas Co...
I know the election has been over for a while but I just want to remind everyone that I really hate Jon Husted.
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Ohio Secretary of State Husted changes tune on voter fraud - Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted is one of the loudes...
Jon Husted, Ohio Secretary Of State, Explains Early-Voting Decisions This GOP anti-american POS should be in JAIL!!!
GOP Voting Chief: Balance Not Politically Possible via obvious operative needs to be out of office
Add Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted. He should have lived during slavery. He would have been a maker of slave jobs.
- Jon Husted made it very clear his goal was to limit certain voters by any means possible, including last minute appeals.
Ohio secretary of state explains controversial early-voting decisions
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted now admits that voter fraud is “a very rare occurrence.
Further proof Democrats are wussies ... If there's ANYONE that should be, at the very least, impeached, it's Jon Husted. Dems sit idle.
Wow. Jon Husted's defense of his actions re: SCOTUS/early voting are still weak:
To hear Jon Husted talk he had nothing to do with his voter suppression antics! Ohio should recall him!
There is no defense for what Jon Husted did!
Jon Husted, Ohio's secretary of suppression, defends his extreme election antics|
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted said Monday there is one major thing the federal government could do to help improve elections in Ohio: give the state the tens of millions of dollars it needs to upgrade or replace its aging voting machines.
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted certifying the official 2012 Presidential Election results:
Ohio's elections chief has certified the results of the raucous, expensive presidential contest and other fall races.
Update your maps at Navteq
This man is a criminal - jerrymandering the entire map - suppressing the vote with his early voting shenanigans - vote him out Ohio!
11/2012 Judicial watch reported to Ohio secretary of State Jon Husted who then reported to holder who said not a problem. Judicial watch suing OH, MISS, IOWA, MISSOURI, TX, PENN, WV, FLA, ALB, CA, COLORADO.. Found 24 million. Ineligible voters, 1.8 million dead, 2.75 million registered in more than one state, 12 million incorrect address...
Wisconsin got to get rid of Scott Walker. Ohio, got to get rid of John Kasich and Jon Husted. Florida, got to get Rick Scott outta here.
“Ohio state senator Nina Turner for Ohio Secretary of State! Fire the criminal Jon Husted.”
2014 isn't going to look too good for Rick Scott and John Kasich (via Jon Husted). Operation: one term governors activated
Overall US city, county, state and federal Republicans ARE more toxic than Democrats. Jon Husted, John Kucinich, Rick Scott, Scott Walker
Today, at the Impact Ohio conference, Jon Husted said something incredibly newsworthy that we haven't seen reported anywhere. Defending his performance managing Ohio's election, Husted argued that because of the high stakes involved with being an electoral vote-rich swing state, Ohio's elections chi...
Melissa Harris-Perry catalogues Jon Husted's crimes against Democracy as only she can: | OH voters, u need 2punish him
I just signed a petition to Jon Husted, Ohio Secretary of State: To promote the Republican cause, John Husted ignored an order of the Supreme Court, cut available early voting hours, refused to set or advertise poll location hours in advance and approved extra early voting for REPUBLICAN strongholds...
Jon Husted is already working on the 2016 presidential election.
Is there a recall procedure for OH state officials, like SoS? Seems like Jon Husted is a good candidate for that.
The new faces of are Karl Rove, Rick Scott, and Jon Husted
The Repuglicans already have a plan to steal 2016 from the people: Ian Millhiser and Josh Israel report that Jon Husted, the secretary of state of Ohio who spent so much time trying to suppress Democratic voter turnout this year, has an Electoral College plan for 2016 that he no doubt thinks could turn the tables in favor of Republicans. In fact, if his proposal to divide Ohio's electoral votes by congressional district had been in place this year in Ohio and five other states where Obama won the popular vote, we would now be talking about President-elect Mitt Romney. If the system he wants had been in place nationwide in the past, we would never have had a President Carter or a President Kennedy, and we would have had a President Hancock and a few others not now on the roster. Near every presidential election, there is a flurry of talk about doing something about the Electoral College, from tweaky reform to outright abolition. A few weeks after Election Day, the talk usually goes away. In Husted's case, ...
there is no local elected official I loathe more than Jon Husted at the moment. I'll just have to wait a week for some old dude to say something awful about women. Someone should be on deck for doing that soon, right?
To motivate folks in OH and FL in 2014 you guys can get rid of Gov.Skullomania, Gov.John Kasich and Jon Husted. So get in line and wait.
# Jon Husted Ohio Secretary of Suppression deserves the BOOT. Ohio Secretary of State must be held accountable. Fire Him ASAP
Jon Husted is coming up with new innovative ways to rig the election for Republicans, given the failed gambit this year.
And this man's job is to PROTECT voters/voting in this state? Why isn't Jon Husted in a jail cell at this very minute?
Ohio Sec'y of State Jon Husted wants gerrymandering to affect Presidential elections now, too. via
OK, Ohio, I'm about to lay some on you. We really need to get Jon Husted out of office and the Dems back in power statewide ...
“The first thought that came to mind was democracy dies in the dark.” - - Jon Husted, please slink away.
Federal judge on Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted's ballot order: "Democracy dies in the dark" via
Should we feel sorry for Jon Husted, Ohio's Secretary of Suppression? - Democratic Underground Never!
Jon Husted has apparently blocked me. He hates it when people get to express an opinion he doesn't agree with.
; Dispatch says to "thank" Jon . Gets hammered in comments. , locate a clue... >
Daily Kos: Jon Husted invents yet another Obstacle to Voting in Ohio via
People like white, pouty lips, racist, pompous, arrogant & hateful like Ann Coulter Jon Husted Cantor are the faces of GOP
Rove needs to talk to SOS Jon Husted about “suppressing the vote,” in Ohio!
Jon Husted. How are you not in jail. I will remember you next election.
I'm still curious what that secret software was Jon Husted installed while nobody was looking in those counting machines in
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They ought to throw Jon Husted in jail for what he was trying 2 do. PPL in OH shld not forget when his re-election time comes.
Federal Judge rips Jon Husted's attorneys for illegal change to provisional ballot rules.
Judge Demands Ohio Provisional Ballot Answers (via (Jon have a problem! You should be in jail!)
Good job Jon Husted | Columbus Dispatch (Are they kidding? Is this SATIRE? Husted should be cooling his heels in jail!)
OH turnout is down 7.1%, but it's up in other swing states. Without Jon Husted, Obama probably wins it going away.
(OH)(R) Jon Husted is going to be early Thanksgiving dinner Cooked Goose
A big shout out to those who worked so hard to re-elect President Obama. I know I may have left someone out but at least we should recognize and thank those who threw their heart and soul into this important re-election effort. Governors Rick Scott (R-FL), Rick Snyder (R-MI), John Kalich (R-OH), Bob McDonald, or should that be Old Trans-vaginal Bob (R-VA), Tom Corbett (R-PA), Scott Walker (R-WI) whose anti-minority and voter suppression agenda so energized the Democratic turn out for the President. And, not to be forgotten, a special very special thank you for the super aggressive anti-Hispanic agenda of Jan Brewer (R-AZ) that energized the Hispanic vote as far away as Michigan, Virginia and Florida. It even energized the Cuban Hispanic vote in Florida for the President that is normally taken for granted by the Republican Party. And, I would be amiss to forget the great effort of the Ohio Secretary of State, Jon Husted (R-OH). Thanks Jon, keep up the great work. An additional nod should be given t ...
Jon Husted just said at a conference that outside money hurt Romney by prolonging primaries & making him take extreme positions.
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted is the Katherine Harris of 2012. Will the DOJ investigate these cretans?
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted says that we have tone down the partisanship and work together.
Columbus Dispatch editorial this morning. Good job Jon Husted.
Former Speakers Jo Ann Davidson and Jon Husted, alongside Mike Curtin from Columbus Dispatch, talk about redistricting and governing Ohio.
Ohio Secretary of being a *** Jon Husted runs out of the room, and is last seen riding in a white Bronco toward Canada
I'd like to thank Jon Husted for so blatantly targeting A-A voters in Ohio to disenfranchise us from early voting that we had record turnout
think-progress: This is Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted: Few, if any officials in the country did more to …
I will NEVER say anything like this again so here goes: Ann Coulter was right! Last year at CPAC she said "If we don't run Chris Christie, Romney will be the nominee and we will lose." This was the one time I ever heard Ann say something sensible. To the climate change deniers, voter suppressors, "small" government proponents with way too much governmental interest in women's private parts, supporters of a straw man candidate who bent in countless directions countless times in one day (sometimes in one hour); and to *** Morris, Sheldon Adelson, the Koch brothers, Grover Norquist, Rick Scott, Jon Husted and his evil twin John Kasick - bite me. To borrow a phrase from the interwebs: we have seen a rebuke of Neanderthals (I'm looking at you, "legitimate rape" Todd Aiken and "rape is just another form of conception" Paul Ryan) and pray fervently that we shall never see such dark days again.
Jon Husted was surprised Obama won, he said "that's impossible! I threw out thousands of democrat votes, he couldn't have won
Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted needs to be prosecuted for being the biggest voter fraud *** of the election.
I hope that Dems find a fantastic candidate to take on Jon Husted, Ohio's Republican Secretary of State. He's the wrong man for the job.
Thank you Jon Husted for convincing minorities beyond any doubt that you wanted to take away their right to vote. You helped build this.
“A federal judge is very angry at Jon Husted's office
... Lest we forget... Jon Husted still needs to be prosecuted.
Jon Husted is part of a traditions of Republican Secretaries of State bent on taking the election for their candidate.
For all of Ohio AG Jon Husted's efforts to skew the election results in his state toward the GOP, he sure sucked at his job.
“SO basically Karl Rove thought they had *stolen* Ohio and it was a done deal” >Call to Jon Husted asking, *** happened?"
Jon Husted, Ohio Secretary of State says the election has been decided in Ohio and he's going home. Someone tell Karl Rove okay?
It's sad when Ken Blackwell, *** poor former Ohio secretary of state, disapproves of how Jon Husted has handled early voting(per MSNBC int)
Lawyers' Committee's Arnwine refers to Jon Husted as "Secretary of Suppression."
As Goes Ohio: Meet Jon Husted, the Swing State's Mighty Man: Husted makes the rules for how and when Ohio's vote...
Voted this morning without any problems,although it was busy. When driving to work, a lot of people were calling on the radio complaining about the absentee ballots they received even though their names were 'in the book.' And everyone says Jon Husted will throw those ballots away. Is Cincinnati / Ohio the new Chicago, and we're going to throw the election? Is it really that bad out there?
Ohio Republican Secretary of State Jon Husted has been working aggressively to limit early voting hours in Ohio. Senator Nina Turner talks with Ed Schultz about the efforts of Jon Husted to suppress voters in Ohio. Another issue they discussed was the last minute software update to some of the votin...
Benedict Arnold needs a modern update - will it be Rick Scott, John Kasich or Jon Husted? Saw Husted on CNN-young scrubbed frat boy
NEW YORK MINUTE This piece has nothing to do with New York or a minute. It is somewhat inspired by the Don Henley (formerly of The Eagles) song of the same name, but only because of a couple of memorable lyrics, “Somebody’s going to Emergency… Somebody’s going to Jail”. As I watch the early voting take place, the sometimes 8 hour waits in line, bomb threats, shortened early voting with no pretense other than making voting harder and to sway an election. Onerous new ID laws exist, tantamount in some cases to an illegal poll tax. While all this is done at the behest of the usual suspects. This voter suppression is being carried out by the state and I’m thinking that somebody needs to really go to jail. What would happen if a criminal complaint was filed against Jon Husted in Ohio, Ric Scott in Florida or everyone in a state legislature that voted for these suppression efforts? The closest we came was when Jon Husted would have been required to personally appear before a judge to show cause why h ...
Hope is correct, but with all the suppression by Florida's Rick Scott and Ohio's Jon Husted who knows
Nov. 5: Jon Husted told MSNBC’s Chris Jansing he never tried to limit early voting in Ohio and insists he wants more voters to cast ballots. The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Mark Naymik and Slate’s Dave Weigel join to talk about the 1.6 million people who have voted early in Ohio.
Well folks, do we like having other countries laughing at the USA and its arrogant stance about voting and human rights? We must set up non-partisan oversights in every state because these grown men cannot do the right thing. This is high scool at its worst except it walks all over our constitutional rights rather than just the bully messing up your homework. Jon Husted gets my vote as someone that needs to be removed from office by the Federal Court system. He obviously values promises from the Republican Party to re-elect him if he is an obstructionist, rather than serve his state and deserve it. Perhaps full and honest service is beneath him or above his intellect.
Get excited - a big SPECIAL Jansing and Co. - live from Cleveland today at Tower City Center in Cleveland! Stop by and see us - our guests are Mark Naymik, Dave Weigel, Jon Husted, Stuart Garson and Rob Frost (cuyahoga county chairs) Sherrod Brown, Josh Mandel, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Christine Todd Whitman, Nina Turner and Lee Saunders!
Sen. Nina Turner (Dem.) says new directive by Ohio Secretary of State, Jon Husted (Rep.) is attempt to suppress (read: rig) Tuesday's vote
Ohio’s GOP Secretary of State Pulls More Voter Suppression Out of His …. Hat when you thought we knew all the Republican tricks to make voting more complicated, more bureaucratic and more exclusive, Jon Husted came up with an additional step. Four days before the election, Ohio’s Secretary of State decided to add an extra step to the process for people who are voting with provisional ballots. Under the previous rules, Election Officials had to complete all the paperwork that goes with a provisional ballot. But not in Jon Husted’s Ohio. He suddenly decided late Friday afternoon, to put the onus on voters to complete the paper work. According to a report by Brandon Blackwell, Husted ordered county officials to discount provisional ballots if the accompanying paperwork is not filled out properly. According to the same report, voter advocacy groups challenged this latest stunt by Husted in court. Fingers crossed that the Courts will smack down this latest stunt by a Secretary of State who has put part ...
Ohio's Republican Secretary of State, Jon Husted, has invested an enormous amount of time and energy into putting new barriers between voters and their democracy, though as we've reported several times in recent months, his efforts have often been rejected by courts. But Husted …
BREAKING NEWS: Republican Ohio Secretary of State John Husted defies a court decision and orders legitimate votes destroyed. Republicans like like Jon Husted must be defeated in this election!
Ohioans, the best way to deny Jon Husted the right to steal this election is to show up in full force and vote in record numbers.
Ohio Congressperson Nina Turner just called Jon Husted, Ohio "Secretary of Suppression" instead of Secretary of State. "Make no mistake about it." Mr. Husted, start packing up your office, 'cause you're outta here. That chair is taken.
.It's time for the people of Ohio to recall vote-suppressing, election-rigging Sec. of State, Jon Husted.
Ken Cuccinelli is just like another Republican, Jon Husted, Ohio Secretary of State who will not abide by a federal court ruling to reinstate the last three days before Election Day! These are officials who took an oath to uphold the law and to protect the citizens of their state. Meanwhile they are blatantly disregarding their responsibilities to assure a Romney win at the expense of Democracy and voter rights! That's why men or women who behave in this manner must be voted out. Obama-Biden 2012!
Wonder how much our Secretary of State (Jon Husted) spent to suppress the vote in Ohio?? Disgusting & Shameful!
Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler joins fellow SOS Ohio's Jon Husted as completely incompetent BUT great at voter suppression SHAME
Jon Husted's Key Goals for the Ohio Secretary of State's Office - Provide leadership that builds trust and confidence in Ohio’s system of elections through consistent and timely policy directives, just arbitration of disputes and enhanced services to voters and county boards of election. - Enhance...
n a one-sentence decision reading: "The application for stay presented to Justice Kagan and by her referred to the Court is denied," the U.S. Supreme Court has extricated itself from a case that could decide the presidential election and increased the chances that President Obama wins Ohio and the election. Briefly recapping the situation, early voting has already started in Ohio. However, the Republican Secretary of State, Jon Husted, decided to close the polls on the Saturday, Sunday, and Monday before Election Day except for military families. They would be allowed to vote then but nobody else would. The Obama campaign took the state to court on the grounds that there was no valid reason to allow one class of voters to get three extra days and not others. Husted knew very well, of course, that the majority of people who vote the weekend before the election are Democrats, many of them lower-income voters who can't take off from work on Election Day. The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the stat ...
The Supreme Court rejected Oho Secretary of State, Jon Husted's petition to restrict early voting rights during the last 3 days before the election.
President Barack Obama has apparently been using a fraudulent Social Security Number for the last 25 years. On July 2 of this year, Daniels filed suit in Geauga County (Ohio) Common Pleas Court demanding that Jon Husted, Ohio secretary of state, remove Obama's name from the ballot until Obama can prove the validity of his Social Security Number. Husted has responded by seeking to dismiss Daniels' complaint, claiming that it has no basis in law. Daniels fired back that President Barack Obama has violated Ohio's identity theft statute that "expressly prohibits the use of another's 'personal identifying information' and expressly lists the use of another's 'Social Security Number' as prohibited." She did not expect much out of Husted, and her expectations appear to have been met. Friday, Daniels took another tack. She filed a sworn affidavit under Ohio Revised Code (ORC) 2935.09, which allows a private citizen "having knowledge of the facts" to request prosecution or arrest of an individual who has commit ...
Secretary of State Jon Husted remains stubbornly determined to suppress the vote in Ohio. You gotta love Jon Husted. If you're a Republican eager to suppress Democratic votes, that is. The Ohio ...
Jon Husted argues that the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that reinstated early voting is a wrongful intrusion of the federal government. Democrats backed the continuation of early voting right up to the eve of Election Day. Republicans opposed the measure, saying a cutoff was needed to re
Jon Husted could have ended the argument about early voting in Ohio. The secretary of state could have accepted the rulings of a federal district court and court of appeals that Ohio return to a system that has worked in recent elections, allowing for early voting on the three days before Election D...
Jon Husted, just in case you all didn't know, is the Ohio Secretary of State whose doing everything in his power to keep us in Ohio from voting.
Why doesn't someone sue Ohio secretary of state, Jon Husted for willful stupidity? Better yet, lets just not let him vote, seems fair.
Jon Husted forbids boards of elections from calling/emailing voters about absentee ballot mistakes
Ohio's Secretary of State, Jon Husted is blatantly Un-American... Can he be prosecuted?
The Sixth District Court of Appeals struck down Jon Husted's restrictions on early voting based because it violates the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.
That awkward moment when you suggest a radio PSA by the state's elections official then realize that person is Jon Husted.
The National Guard Association of the US and 14 other veterans groups: Withdraw their appeal to Obama for America vs. Jon Husted
I wonder if everyone in Ohio got a letter from Jon Husted stating that you have to update your voter registration before October 9th.?
Jon Husted, the Secretary of State for Ohio must be feeling like a complete and utter moron at this moment -- as he should.
Jon Husted has a swollen head. He thinks he is important. He will end up a forgotten footnote on the ash bin of hubris.
Jon Husted, Ohio’s Secretary of State, who took it upon himself to defy a court order reinstating Ohio’s early voting, has been ordered to appear in court...
.brings Tom Ritchie and Dennis Lieberman to the stage to talk about "Secretary of Suppression" Jon Husted http: ...
Jim Crow is alive and well in Ohio, only his new name is Jon Husted!
1. What prompted David Simon, creator of “The Wire” and “Treme” to blog, “It’s the end of the republic, isn’t it?” a) The attempt by Ohio’s Republican secretary of state, Jon Husted, to allow extended voting hours only in...
What a tough weekend for Republicans! Todd Aiken, a Republican candidate for Congress from Missiouri said that women seldom get pregnant from "legitimate" rapes and therefore don't need abortions. The Republican Secretary of State from Ohio, Jon Husted, said that African Americans should not be allowed to vote on the two weekends prior to the election in an early voting program. Mitt Romney said he would release his 2011 tax returns on October 15th, just 22 days before the General Election.
Sign the petition and tell Jon Husted you oppose the GOP's efforts to keep voters from the polls by limiting early...
Ohio Secretary of State, Jon Husted, issued a mandate to establish uniform voting hours in all 88 counties of Ohio.
Right now Ohio Republicans led by Secretary of State, Jon Husted are leading a partisan attack on Ohioans ability to vote and it’s up to you to stop it. Will you add your name to our petition to demand Jon Husted to restore extending voting hours in ALL
Jon Husted, the Secretary of State in Ohio, held a press conference today to explain that there's going to be a whole spiffy new system (!) in place that's going to make it easier for voters in that state to update their home addresses. Why, they can do i
Darwin Phillips: "Jon Husted, Ohio Secretary of State is successfully recreating Jim Crow in Ohio. All republican leaning counties can early vote on nights, weekends, and pretty much whenever they wish, but for Democrat Leaning counties (Black folks, Mexicans, Native Americans, etc.) there will be no early Voting ??? The Fix is in and the only person that I know that's talking about this is Rachel Maddow, I wonder why that is ??? I do know this, somebody in Ohio had better grow a pair and do something about their Secretary of State, and right away !!! Republicans are great at complaining about Voter Fraud that doesn't actually exist until they create it like they are doing in Ohio !!! Someone needs to do something about this !!!"
you need to come To the Lincoln day dinner tm. Got you a free ticket. Jon Husted is speaking.
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