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Jon Huntsman

Jon Meade Huntsman, Jr. (born March 26, 1960) is an American politician, businessman, and diplomat who served as the 16th Governor of Utah from 2005 to 2009, and as United States Ambassador to Singapore from 1992 to 1993, and China from 2009 to 2011. He has served in the administrations of four U.S.

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"Good lord, I am deeply in love. Jon Huntsman gave the world a gorgeous based woman Abby. MAGA!"
Utah billionaire Jon Huntsman expands his cancer research cancer with new focus children
Isn't their son married to one of Jon Huntsman's daughters? (Not Abby from Fox News) Awkward?
Didn't care for Mitt, Jon Huntsman would have done much better . Russian skill set…
that can b played by eliminating most likely competitors n 2012 like did when he appointed Clinton SOS & Jon…
where's Jon Huntsman when you need him? I am rooting for a / ticket, but Jon doesn't terrify me.
60.CNI Board Member Jon Huntsman is in the running to be ambassador to Russia.
Jon Huntsman is a v. v. v. handsome man
Jon Huntsman is the smarmiest-looking human being I have ever seen.
Huntsman Days!! June 8, FREE ADMISSION and ICE CREAM! Thank you to Jon and Karen Huntsm…
I was confused about this pose. LOL @ Jon M. Huntsman Center
congratulations to my little nugget and her milk duds 🎉🎓. @ Jon M. Huntsman Center
📷 Club 24 member Jon Huntsman, Sr was presented with a large bronze statue by District Governor Shaun...
Men are often biased towards people whose notion of a satisfactory as we should like them and I try new kind of religion. -Jon Huntsman, Jr.
When you try to look nice but you have kids. @ Jon M. Huntsman Center
What has happened w/ the Jon Huntsman Russia nomination? Is it still on?
Jon Huntsman. Maybe. ( Huntsman has supposedly been made ambassador to Russia. Trump et al have been bypassing him. )
Wouldn't Rahm be the Democratic version of Jon Huntsman?
Three ambassadors only from and Tillerson. Four months in. Jon Hunts…
Jon Huntsman is supposedly taking the job, though I don't think he's in yet
its not viktor orban thats Jon Huntsman
Trump needs a back channel to Moscow because his team hasn't had time to hustle Jon Huntsman over to th…
Jon Huntsman has been sitting on his hands waiting…
Jon Huntsman called to express my warmest condolences on the Atlantic Ocean for 2.5 miles.
I'm actually pretty excited to move onto the next chapter of my life ☺️ @ Jon M. Huntsman Center
Yeh, because Trump could not trust John Tefft, career diplomat, or bother to get Jon Huntsman confi…
Ben Sasse, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake (though I want more from him), Jon Huntsman (but it'll be a g…
But why is Jon Huntsman, Obama's China envoy in 2009, who Trump said "gave our country away to China" now Trump's R…
DERP! Huntsman Sr. contradicts admin promise of “no strings” in $50M grant w/ Koch . h/t
Nice! He's probably the only Republican I like besides Jon Huntsman.
Despicable bunch now adding Abby Huntsman in exchange for selling of Jon Huntsman's soul to Trump.
Jon Huntsman, Jr., former Governor of Utah and former U.S. Ambassador to China, was our keynote speaker at last...
Hope one of Jon Huntsman, jr.'S kids runs...lots of bad blood there.
Can't but wonder if choices of Fiona Hill for Russia job and Jon Huntsman for Amb. to Russia are efforts to pr…
More signs the US establishment is taming Trump: After appointing McMaster and Fiona Hill, he's to name Jon Huntsman as ambassador to Russia
Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman has accepted President Trump's offer to be the next ambassador to Russia
Sr. admin. official says POTUS chose Jon Huntsman to be ambassador to Russia because he's 'tough.' Here's what Trump s…
Trump: I said "no, he gave away our country...!" Trump Picks Jon Huntsman 4 Ambassador 2 Russia. via
If we were Repubs, we both would have voted for Jon Huntsman for prez a few years ago. We admired him, except he li…
Trump to name Jon Huntsman as next U.S. ambassador to Russia, officials say
Now Jon Huntsman is working for Donald Trump. Have these people no shame?
Jon Huntsman tapped as ambassador to Russia, sources say - sadly can be trusted
Since I gave American democracy away to Russia, it's only fitting I name Jon Huntsman as US ambassador! http…
I added a video to a playlist Jon Huntsman declares he's running for President in 2011
Just a few of the nice things Trump has said in the past about Jon Huntsman, his new Ambassador to Russia. 💕
Jon Huntsman reportedly offered post as U.S. ambassador to Russia.
Not much to say about Jon Huntsman as Trump's ambassador to Russia except that it's the fate Jon Huntsman deserves.
Jon Huntsman accepts Trump's offer to be US ambassador to Russia – sources
So why Jon Huntsman what is his Russian secret?
Now we know why alleged sane Republican Jon Huntsman stopped criticizing Trump.
Jon Huntsman played for a fool taking Russian Ambassador. He'll be even less in the loop than Tillerson and our defunct St…
BREAKING: Jon Huntsman, ex-ambassador to China, Singapore, chosen by Trump to be ambassador to Russia - CNN, citing unname…
Jon Huntsman accepts post as ambassador to Russia
GOOD NEWS! Former amb. to China appointed to Russia. - Sources: Huntsman tapped as ambassador to Russia
This is what POTUS once said about Jon Huntsman's legacy as Ambassador to China. POTUS has now selected him to be Ambass…
Jon Huntsman has been offered the Russia ambassadorship and is preparing to accept it, sources tell Politico.
Jon Huntsman is Trump's choice for U.S. ambassador to Russia, White House official says https:/…
Trump offers Huntsman ambassadorship to Russia. Huntsman Corp has manufacturing in Russia
NWO Globalist Jon Huntsman, Trump's pick for Russian Ambassador, attends Bilderberg in 2012
Jon Huntsman would be good at anything in Trump Admin! How about vp? He's a smart, pragmatic guy. That's in short supp…
trump once criticized Jon Huntsman for giving away U.S. to China. Now he's made him Ambassador to Russia for the same purpo…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
accepts posts at Trump's ambassador to Russia: Reports. :
Jon Huntsman Reportedly Offered Post as US Ambassador to Russia - Foreign Policy (blog)
Jon Huntsman speaks madarin Chinese so...lets make him ambassador to Russia. He is a born diplomat though.
Trump reportedly taps former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman as ambassador to Russia:
Like Jon Huntsman as Russian Ambassador is a big deal. *45 already has 8 or 9 Russian Ambassadors on his staff & in hi…
Jon Huntsman's father is the owner of a HUGE company in Russia. Just so you know.
Donald Trump picks for ambassador to Russia: Official.
In 2012 Trump said Jon Huntsman gave our country away to China, so I guess that makes him perfect for the job of givin…
Huntsman is chairman of the Atlantic Council. So much for Russia detente!
Jon Huntsman has been selected for the ambassador job in Russia. He formerly served as the U.S. ambassador to China. ht…
Former Utah Gov. and Ambassador to China - Jon Huntsman - will be the next Ambassador to Russia
⚡️ “Jon Huntsman in line to be second in command at State Department”.
Interesting and encouraging that Steve Bannon supports Jon Huntsman for Japan ambassadorship.
Jon Huntsman for SecState? Former governor of a conservative state, US Trade Rep, Ambassador to China. Smart move.
Secretary of State : Jon Huntsman. Former governor, Ambassador, and chairman Atlantic Council. Fluent in Chinese Mandarin.   10% Off
Jon Huntsman for SecState and Jim Webb for SecDef seem like nominations that would actually be consistent with Trumpism.
Ease people's concerns. Jon Huntsman for State, Shelia Bair for Treasury, Kelly Ayotte for Defense, Susana Martinez for AG
Well I have ALWAYS admired Jon Huntsman, and John McCain IS an American hero, despite what we may have read :)
I love Obama, but I'll never forgive him for taking Jon Huntsman from us and leaving Utah in the hands of the...
.How to find peace after the election
My father, one of the great entrepreneurs and philanthropists of this...
You spent $150 Million with JEB to win 3 Delegates! You QUIT in South Carolina! You lost with Jon Huntsman!…
I mean, Jon Huntsman was all right for the most part...
I wonder if Jon Huntsman could've won?
But economic recovery must be earned. And it will be earned by entrep...
And the trajectory that our debt is taking now beyond $14 trillion is...
I'm not sure it's the stimulus money that will necessarily allow the ...
I would vote to increase the debt limit if there was a corresponding ...
and Jon Huntsman, Ambassador to China. Good job, until he (sadly) ran for POTUS in 2012 craziness.
John Weaver FAILED in 2000 & 2008 with John McCain! Failed in 2012 with Jon Huntsman. Was 1-38 with John Kasich!
You will forever be known for your horribly failed efforts with Jon Huntsman, JEB & What a leg…
Time was when I thought LDS held the future of American conservatism:Jon Huntsman was far & away the best candidate of 2012
Jon Huntsman and Chuck Hagel most obviously. (LaHood as Transportation Sec'y was much more minor; Gates was inherited.)
I really hope Jon Huntsman runs again in 2020 and curbstomps Hillary
Jon Huntsman quit and tried to run against Obama in GOP 2012 primary. Not sure if that didn't work out good for Obama though...
I'm sorry but you've been on Fox too long. That doesn't sound like something Jon Huntsman's daughter would say!
"We're conservative! We wanted Jon Huntsman but settled for Mitt Romney.". Not the most persuasive argument.
Utah Women's Basketball team kick off the 2016-17 season @ the Jon M. Huntsman Center against South Dakota School o…
I would for Jon Huntsman. If he ran against Hillary, I would totally be voting for him.
When America closes its doors, so does everybody else. We are the pri...
The reality, sitting ten thousand miles away, is that we remain the c...
not sure. I wrote in . Jon Huntsman
Jason Used his position as Jon Huntsman's chief of staff to earn MILLIONS for his private consulting com…
That's what governors do, they wrestle with the issues, they find sol...
That power made chief of staff to Jon Huntsman. He later quit making MILLIONS "consulting" on Poli…
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
It is totally up to you, and no one else, how your life evolves. – Jon Huntsman Sr. 37 quotes to keep you on track…
Huntsman paused as his speech was drowned out by the guffawing audience and Board of Trustees.
might help me go back in time to May 2015 & convince leaders to convince Jon Huntsman to sign up for 2016 Presidential Race
or by some mega miracle will Jon Huntsman turn up as the Presidential winner of 2016 election? I ponder upon this as days turn to mo days
Note called for to drop out due to brags about sexual assault
Utah:. Trump doesn't have the support of Gov Herbert, Reps Chaffetz & Love, Sen. Lee, Jon Huntsman, or
that's more than you can say about Jon Huntsman, who is a coward
"No Labels" with Jon Huntsman Jr is the best hope to rebuild the into an intelligent, diverse, truly conservative party.
Yikes. One week after coming out and endorsing Trump, Jon Huntsman now says Trump should drop out. . h…
Jon Huntsman is calling for Trump to drop out:
Whatever happened to the most reasonable Jon Huntsman?
Jon Huntsman: "time has come for Gov Pence to lead the ticket"
This is pure speculation, but looks like Jon Huntsman could be prepping for a 2018 Senatorial run?
Shouldn't be a surprise, this is Beck's mentor, Utah billionaire Huntsman Sr in his own words >>
You think Jon Huntsman would be better?? Cmon man. He's against financial regulation and tax increases for the rich… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Former Jon Huntsman. "In a campaign cycle that has been nothing but a race to the
This is the marketplace of political ideas. This is how America operates. It's a free market
No one's perfect but in my view, all things considered, Jon Huntsman would have made a great President.
Y'all crack me up. all of a sudden are upset with Trump had to say?? After all his RACIST, MISOGYNISTIC TRIPE https:…
As the U.S. hurtles toward nuclear war with Russia over Syria and Crimea, Jon Huntsman, the head of NATO’s...
Jay Chaffetz & his Daddy Jon Huntsman looking dumb tonight. Nuts dropped right off of them.
For Jon Huntsman to come out and condemn Donald Trump... Trump must be real bad news... for the Republican Party and America.
Can anyone tell me where Jon Huntsman is? He was a great moderate in 2012 who got harpooned for working with Obama. Bring him back.
I still miss Jon Huntsman. Before he decided to endorse the clown, I mean.
You don't know who Jon Huntsman or Pataki are and you follow politics every day? Nah.
Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman doesn't just slam Trump, he calls on him to quit the race and let Pence lead ticket. https:…
But they were still crazy wacko lunatics except for John Kasich. Same thing happened 4 years ego with Jon Huntsman.
Republican calls on to drop out of the race
Roger Stone is hangry: Jon Huntsman's "breath smells like Obama’s *** "
Jon Huntsman calls on Trump to drop out:
Rep. Joe Heck of Nevada. Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado. Rep. Mia Love of Utah. Rep. Mike Coffman of Colorado. Former Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. of Ut
John Kasich. Jon Huntsman. Rick Santorum, on all but social issues. Mitt Romney, practically!
""The time has come for Governor Pence to lead the ticket,” Jon Huntsman says
Jon Huntsman calls for Trump to drop out of race
The # of GOP condemning Trump comments on women grows - a week after Jon Huntsman endorsed him, he now calls for Trump to…
Utah Gov. Gary Herbert and Rep. Jason Chaffetz said they can no longer vote for Trump, while former Utah Gov. Jon...
I hope that people can grasp Trump was a private citizen, are all these folks so "Pure of Heart"?…
Jon Huntsman & other Republicans call on to drop out of the race.Commendable, late http…
This is a time when the United States should be standing tall. There is no other leader in t
Jon Huntsman is just one of the many Republicans who have rescinded their Trump... by via
Jon Huntsman and other Republicans call on Donald Trump to drop out of the race via
Rep. Jason Chaffetz joins Gov. Gary Herbert and former Gov. Jon Huntsman in abandoning Trump after video.
Gov. Jon Huntsman says it's time for Trump to drop out one week after saying he would vote for him.
Charlie Dent, *** Cheney, and Jon Huntsman for support of LGBT
Agree 100%. We expect more from the likes of Paul Ryan, John McCain, Marco Rubio, Mitch McConnell, Jon Huntsman.
File this under "Nobody Gives a *** . Jon Huntsman and George Pataki not yet backing . Source:
Trump "the candidate of Sean Hannity and John Boehner, Ann Coulter and Jon Huntsman ..."
He could pick Jon Huntsman as VP and that would solve that. Huntsman already open to backing Trump. Or Kelly Ayotte.
More along the lines of John Kasich, Jon Huntsman Jr. etc.
They either choose not to run or can't get to first base. John Thune, Jon Huntsman, Tom Ridge, etc.
I think right about now is when that John Kasich / Jon Huntsman -- "2 Jo(h)ns 4 America" -- ticket really gains traction.
John Kasich always seemed to be an empty suit to me, much like Jon Huntsman in 2012.
I like John Kasich. Wish to *** someone would slap John Weaver and let him sound less like Jon Huntsman.
Jon Huntsman did the same thing as Kasich yet dropped out after NH.Silver doesnt count. Kasich continuing the vanity
John McCain and Jon Huntsman should run a third party establishment ticket
Fun to think about how Jon Huntsman, Jr., the dude who took sixth for the GOP in 2012, would destroy the current field.
Who is the Establishment going to un-Earth next to attack - Jon Huntsman, Jr..!?
Jon Huntsman, Jr., should run as a third party.
Christie is the epitome of - and next of kin to Jon Huntsman, Jr. Millions will now flock to Trump's camp.
although, regarding Jon Huntsman, there is this, which isn’t exactly encouraging
Well, that's disappointing. "Jon Huntsman: I could get behind Donald"
Jon Huntsman, advocate for political civility and centrism, says he would probably back Trump in general election > https…
Check out this article! Jon Huntsman: I could get behind Trump Article posted at... February 24, 2016 at 05:17AM
Remember when we all dismissed John Kasich as the 2016 version of Jon Huntsman? Yeah, that was shortsighted.
In 1994 Kasich didn’t have John Weaver advising him to do the same things that didn’t work for Jon Huntsman in …
John Kasich taps former advisors to John McCain and Jon Huntsman. What could possibly go wrong?!?!
John Kasich and Jon Huntsman are two different people.
is John Kasich the Jon Huntsman of this election? Does he have a chance?
Jon Huntsman's, whoops, I mean John Kasich's path to winning the nomination following ~16% in NH
Kasich actually did a point worse in NH than John Weaver's last project, Jon Huntsman. Context is everything.
Kasich has no where to go after the and Jon Huntsman experience in 2012 proves it.
John Kasich right now has 7,300 fewer votes than Jon Huntsman got in New Hampshire four years ago.
do you mean Jon Huntsman or Jon Huntsman Jr. They very different people.
Huntsman calls on presidential candidates to 'step up,' heal political divisiveness: Jon Huntsman Jr., a forme...
I'd vote for Jim Webb, Garry Johnson, Pizza Rat, even Jon Huntsman before Trump or Clinton.
*Wears my Jon Huntsman shirt to a frat event*. "Wow, Chase, did you know Huntsman was in this frat". "Omg what a coincidence wow ;)"
I would say Jon Huntsman but, just like Rand, he could not win the nomination. Sadly.
God I'd give anything to get Jon Huntsman back instead of this terrifying clown car of blowhards.
Utah Clean Air Partnership awards dinner: Jon Huntsman, "I won't be running for Pres as an independent."
"Let's let science, not politics, lead out." - Former Governor Jon Huntsman to Amanda Smith.
Jon Huntsman Jr, former Governor and Ambassador and Amanda Smith talking about clean air at UCAIR
Great night listening to Governor Gary Herbert and Governor Jon Huntsman, Jr. on air quali…
Huntsman surprised by Trump's lead, will back any GOP nominee: Former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman says he is as…
I tend to think Trump should pick someone not running for POTUS...I like Jon Huntsman
I bet you wrote a similar puff piece on Jon Huntsman in 2012
Glenn Beck's mentor Huntsman Sr. must be unhinged over his pawn campaigning w/you!
.No thx. Glenn Beck's mentor wants Jeb Bush to be the GOP nominee >>
.No thx.. Glenn Beck's mentor says Hillary would be "a fine president" >
Glenn Beck is a rodeo clown for the GOP Estab, especially his billionaire mentor Jon Huntsman Sr. IMO based on research.
.Jrs - Join us tonight at 7PM for an info session about our summer internship program! Jon M. Huntsman Hall Room G-55
Nah, just too much of a Big Government narcissistic faux-moralizing Republican Party-hating conservative-disparager.
Almost exactly 4 years ago, took a look at Huntsman's path to the nom. It's as impossible as Kasich's
has endorsed for the nomination. In response is seeking the endorsement of Jon Huntsman.
Half-full town hall in Exeter for Ted Cruz. In 2012 Jon Huntsman packed this place to the rafters.
Remember they said Romney was more electable than Jon Huntsman & Mitt was GOP best chance of beating Pres Obama.
no. Jon Huntsman? Total LOSER. Didn't even get 5 in the polls.
Bret's really a closet Jon Huntsman fan :P
How Real is the Huntsman Surge? via JohnCassidy John Kasich is this years version of Jon Huntsman.
Jon Huntsman and Gary Locke. Two former US Ambassadors to China on stage at gala.
Four years ago I would have seriously considered voting for Jon Huntsman. Today I look at John Kasich and say "terrifies me the least."
John Kasich is the Jon Huntsman of this election.
She's already the new Republican for liberals to concern troll with i.e. Jon Huntsman, John Kasich. She's finished.
- My choices (but they won’t run). . D - John Kerry,. R - Jon Huntsman. Both are very smart, respected, sensible and experienced.
John is 2015's Jon Huntsman-- a competent governor who is totally bombing with the base GOP voters.
If rightwing nutjob *** Jon Huntsman and Joe Lieberman lead then it is worthless.
What's up w/ Jon Huntsman's skin - has it always been that color or has he been using John Boehner's tanning bed?
Jon Huntsman on the risks the GOP is courting: The former Utah governor says he's gotten encouragement to run as an independent in 20...
Kasich rolling that Jon Huntsman strategy real hard in his opening statement
Why, because he beat Ron Paul and Jon Huntsman there in 2012? Much different field this time around
Can we go back to 2008 and get Jon Huntsman? Romney was not the worst, either. Out of this current group...Kasich.
may I say I am a big fan of yours and was a great fan of your dad Jon Huntsman, glad to see a smart Young Conservative
Me too! He reminds me a lot of Jon Huntsman who's probably my favorite republican ever.
Yet the few running who actually know what they are doing are ignored, same as Jon Huntsman in last election Shameful
Jon Huntsman "There is a moment once you are elected that shifts from the rhetoric of the campaign to having to lead"
The same thing happened to Jon Huntsman in last election, though not my choice still best GOP
oh you met moderator. Maybe Jon huntsman would be good. Out of the mainstream, highly intelligent. (Maybe too intelligent)
Only who could do this forum w is Jon Huntsman from 2012.
Personally? They both should have answered Jon Huntsman Jr. That'd have been fun.
I am still hoping he will jump back in...or even Jon Huntsman Jr. Problem solvers, not politicians.
I'm just gonna admit that Martin O'Malley is my Jon Huntsman of 2016.
Jon Huntsman is about the only Republican that made sense in the past few years.
Jon Huntsman and Maryanne Huntsman are both not active members of the Church and haven't been for several years
in (my) ideal world Jon Huntsman would be the Republican presidential nominee - smart w good ideas, but you already knew that.
I loved Jon Huntsman so again no surprise if you don't so much ;)
Just one thing keeps Kasich on the debate stage: the Smerconish Jon Huntsman® Seal of Milquetoast Legitimacy.
Salt Lake Tribune reports talks with Jon Huntsman Sr. to buy the paper have ... -
Jon Huntsman at Stanford Graduate School of Business - -
Competent leaders that couldn't lead their party to reason and moderation: . Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman, Jim Webb ...
A good read by Milbank. John Kasich may want to be 2016's John McCain. But might be its Jon Huntsman.
Opinion: thinks may be the Jon Huntsman of 2016
Milbank: John Kasich may be the Jon Huntsman of 2016
Scott Walker is looking more like 2016's Tim Pawlenty or Jon Huntsman by the day Viable on paper, terrible candidate
John Kasich is my guy. . Reminds me of Jon Huntsman. . It's a shame I only like the candidates that get no press.
“What is the point of you, John Kasich? | RedState year's Jon Huntsman, Jr?"
I don't focus on her since she's the most irrelevant republican since Jon Huntsman.
John Kasich is the '16 version of Jon Huntsman
Like Mitch Daniels, Jon Huntsman belongs in a new American Liberal party which is home of smart moderates. V impressive bloke
Jim Webb is implementing the Jon Huntsman strategy: win by expressing dismay at your party's values & voters.
Unwilling to study/do the homework. Fred Thompson and Jon Huntsman in one. I'm shocked--'the smart one.'
In your opinion, who would be the best 2016 presidential candidate? — Condoleezza Rice or Jon Huntsman
Prediction: Jon Huntsman will be the first prominent Republican to back the Iran Deal.
So it's official now, is in the running for president of the U.S. Now where is Jon Huntsman?!?
. not that I'm enthralled by any other of the clown car's occupants..whatever happened to Jon Huntsman? too sane?
Very pleased that the WPO (Women's President Org) will be hosting & Jon Huntsman in conversation at 21 Club in NYC 4/21
Remember Jon Huntsman's presidential announcement? I'm still convinced it was a stealth Geico ad.
It's so obvious what you should do! RUN NOW and pick Jon Huntsman as your VP. Bring the country together. cc
I like Rand Paul better than Scott Walker and Ted Cruz. But Jon Huntsman is still the Republican bae.
.Returns to New Hampshire this week for
.is no Huntsman. The establishment is Jon Huntsman. And oh yeah,
How about a Hillary Clinton-Jon Huntsman ticket? Could start a political healing and marginalize the extreme right and left.
Jon Huntsman, Can I ask you for a favor? I am holding an iPhone 6 giveaway. Please check my Bio for details :)
Penn CR meeting with Council at Large candidiate Matt Wolfe. (@ Jon M. Huntsman Hall in Philadelphia, PA)
John Kasich is sadly the Jon Huntsman of the 2016 GOP primary
Gov Jon Huntsman: GOP's strategy on "wrong for the party, wrong for the country and wrong for the next generation."
It's true that Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman and Herman Cain were, and still are, stars
Jon Huntsman is the only Republican I know who could possibly win a general election. TeaParty is destroying the GOP.
Jim Webb would be a good candidate for the Dems in the same way Jon Huntsman would be for the GOP.
"A different kind of Republican.". Rand Paul is running as Jon Huntsman?
.And Beck's mentor despises the Tea Party. Explains why Beck said to change the name.
Where will Penn grad Jon Huntsman Jr. be giving the Commencement address?
Jon Huntsman, Jr. was Ambassador to China and Governor of Utah with a 88% approval rate. He speaks…
The last primaries were painful. Jon Huntsman; clearly, by far and away, their best candidate getting booed was cringe-worthy.
CONGRATS to the men of for raising $17,033.59 at Derby Days for the Jon Huntsman Cancer Institute! ISUDM is proud of you!
"As long as we have banks that are too big to fail, we're setting ourselves up." ~ Jon Huntsman [GOP attacked him for saying this]
You don't want to miss this! Join us April 9 at 7 PM at the Jon M Huntsman Center at the University of Utah.
Suspect Joe already told you, but here it is. MT Jon Huntsman Sr was the source.
How would Jon Huntsman Sr. know whether Romney evaded paying taxes?
Jon Huntsman Sr. according to behind the scenes book on 2012 campaign. But Reid should apologize now.
Former governor of Utah & presidential candidate,Jon Huntsman to speak at commencement
Hey here's another request to help us raise awareness for the Jon Huntsman Cancer Institute for …
I think Steve LaTourette and Jon Huntsman are my favorite politicians. Politically pragmatic, with integrity. Who do you like?
to help AXΩ win ΣΧ's annual event to benefit the Jon Huntsman Cancer Institute! http:…
I wanted Jon Huntsman to run again.
I'm sickly burnt! All I have to comfort me are these tear-stained autographed photos of Jon Huntsman. Dozens of them.
Gavin Newsom is my favorite politician though. Or at least a tie between him, Deval Patrick, and Jon Huntsman.
Is it true that Jon Huntsman Sr was source on the details of Mitt Romney's tax returns given to Senator Harry Reid?
I just joined in wishing a happy birthday! Join me: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GOVERNOR JON HUNTSMAN!
With the bipartisan Medicare bill, Congress has created a blueprint for problem solving:
Hats off to and the rest of the Problem Solvers for leading the way on Medicare reform:
indeed but you have to balance your constituencies or you end up like Jon Huntsman, unable to even get a decent spot on MSNBC
- on another topic; break molds and go bipartisan: court Jon Huntsman Jr. As running mate in 2016...You're welcome!
The template for success provided by the doc fix bill is a step in the right direction:
"Economic prosperity and quality education for our children are inexorably linked." - Jon Huntsman, Jr.
I liked Huckabee and Fred Thompson in 08 and Herman Cain,Jon Huntsman& Newt Gingrich in 12.
Tour the Jon Huntsman Sr. home with NBC's Open House -
In the twilight of the Obama presidency, it will be easy for Congress to give in and turn to 2016. This is a mistake:
Just saw this on Amazon: Es negocio ser honrado by Jon M. Huntsman via
Do we want HARPER to bring this to CANADA?. Toronto
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