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Jon Huntsman Sr

Jon Meade Huntsman, Sr. (born June 21, 1937) is an American businessman and philanthropist. He is the founder of Huntsman Corporation and the father of Republican politician and diplomat Jon Huntsman Jr.

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Jon Huntsman Sr., four-time cancer survivor, says he'd 'love to' try medical marijuana - Salt Lake Tribune
Highlights of the ceremony today, with comments from Jon Huntsman Sr.
The new endowments, a gift from Jon Huntsman Sr., will cost $18 million.
The new MOU is officially signed by Peter Huntsman, Jon Huntsman Sr., H. David Burton, and David Pershing.
Standing ovation for Jon Huntsman, Sr. after he announces 12 new Presidential Endowed Chairs at
BREAKING: Jon Huntsman Sr surprises with gift of 12 New Presidential Chair endowments total value of $18 million.
Jon Huntsman, Sr. recalls the founding of HCI at and excitement for the many decades of partnership ahead.
Moving Mountains: Jon Huntsman Sr. recalls excavating a Mountain to build in the early 90s.
Jon M. Huntsman, Sr currently telling the story of how HCI began in the mid 1990’s.
The man who made happen- Jon M. Huntsman Sr speaking at signing of MOU between University and Huntsman Cancer…
The Kremlin hopes Jon Huntsman, the new US ambassador to Russia, will help warm US-Russia relations https…
Jon Huntsman Sr. talks goal to eradicate cancer as he opens new research cntr w/
It is totally up to you, and no one else, how your life evolves. – Jon Huntsman Sr. 37 quotes to keep you on track…
My son had the privilege of meeting an incredible man last night. Fellow Sigma Chi, Jon Huntsman Sr.
Surprise -- Jon Huntsman Sr is not listed as Utah's richest.
Utah billionaire Huntsman Sr saying Hillary would be 'fine president" >>
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Yep. Mormon Utah billionaire Jon Huntsman Sr saying Hillary would be 'a fine president" .
Glenn Beck is a rodeo clown for the GOP Estab, especially his billionaire mentor Jon Huntsman Sr. IMO based on research.
Maybe Jon Huntsman Sr. could pay you to watch? He gets an NCAA Title, you get $. Go cut the deal!
Check out Jon Huntsman Sr. returns to private equity on
Instanter: Jon Huntsman Sr. returns to private equity with rocket fuel deal …
Jon Huntsman Sr. returns to private equity via
There are a lot more honest capitalists that give back, Jon Huntsman Sr., Henry Ford, Vanderbilt, employment, families, taxes
Glenn Beck's billionaire mentor saying Hillary would be a 'fine president" here:
Salt Lake Tribune reports talks with Jon Huntsman Sr. to buy the paper have ... -
Jon Huntsman Sr., who's given $1.5B to charity, will receive Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy
Suspect Joe already told you, but here it is. MT Jon Huntsman Sr was the source.
How would Jon Huntsman Sr. know whether Romney evaded paying taxes?
Jon Huntsman Sr. according to behind the scenes book on 2012 campaign. But Reid should apologize now.
Is it true that Jon Huntsman Sr was source on the details of Mitt Romney's tax returns given to Senator Harry Reid?
Tour the Jon Huntsman Sr. home with NBC's Open House -
What does Glenn have to say now that his good friend Jon Huntsman Sr. is $$$ backing the smearing of Mike Lee?
Why does a billionaire like Jon Huntsman Sr. need "millions" in federal funding for HIS cancer research institute?
A lot of speculation this week that The Salt Lake Tribune could be sold, and the buyer could be billionaire/philanthropist Jon Huntsman Sr.
Did Jon Huntsman Sr. tell that the Kochs don't pay taxes, either? How does he get all these tax returns?
I received a thank you note from Jon Huntsman Sr. for a thank you note. Read about it here:
I'm known for making predictions... That come true. So I want to do this now though I did it many years ago. In 2016 the Republicans are going to run Jeb Bush. I think Jon Huntsman is going to be his running mate. I did not realize how closely Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman were related until I went to the Caymen Islands. That is where I learned the governor of CI owned Polystyrene manufacturing around the world. Jon Huntsman Sr used to own every polystyrene manufacturer in the world. CI is where Romney stashes his cash. As far as Jeb Bush goes... a new book is out where a Sr Republican strategist says that Bush and Cheney butted heads... and blames nearly every fiasco on Cheney.
I'm sure you know who Vince Flynn is and what I just learned is that when he died this year, it was from prostate cancer. It would be good if you watch this but I'll spare you and try to summarize it. Not to make this about Glenn Beck or anything else but that was his third friend from March through June of this year whom he lost to cancer. I've never seen him so torn and it really stirred me. Especially when he talks about Jon Huntsman Sr. who founded the cancer organizations and all of the pages I sent you. That guy is doing more than anyone to turn us away from this ravenous disease. Jon once asked Glenn if he knew anyone affected by cancer. At the time.. Glenn was fortunate enough to say no.. thank God you're still alive, Mom. One day I wish to repay your doctors somehow.
A GOODBYE: A witness to Utah and Mormon history died today. Lola Brown Austad was part of a movement of business, political and media leaders who came from a much derided sect out of the West and whose success paved a path for acceptance and influence enjoyed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints today. The period of time extended from the end of World War II through the administration of Ronald Reagan. Willard and Allie Marriott were moving from proprietors of an A&W stand to a chain of Hot Shops restaurants on the way to building one of the great Hotel Chains in the world. George Romney was back and forth from D.C. to Michigan, from a corporate lobbyist to CEO of American Motors to Governor of Michigan to the Nixon administration. Sid Foulger moved from Ogden to build Marriott hotels, to his own firm, to building the world's second most visible LDS temple outside of Washington. Jon Huntsman Sr. moved between his career as a plastics pioneer to stints in the Department of Health and Richard ...
Mia Love would be in Congress right now if not for that Liberal fraud Jon Huntsman Sr and his liberal family.Glenn Beck worships Huntsman Sr
And he wonders why most Republicans never considered his son. Jon Huntsman Sr. — an industrialist, philanthropist and lifelong Republican — is endorsing
It appears that former Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman Jr's father, Jon Huntsman Sr., has endorsed Democratic Congressman Jim Matheson for re-election. I'm not sure what this means ...
Reactionary Blue Dog, Jim Matheson (UT) was on Fox desperately trying to rally his right-wing base in his fight against teabagger Mia Love. He boasted that he voted against Obamacare 3 times, wants to extend the Bush taxcuts for millionaires and billionaires, and says he prefers, like most rightists, tort reform instead of Obamacare. And then he said that his endorsement by the rabidly right U.S. Chamber of Commerce & Jon Huntsman Sr. are bigger deals than the new employment figures.
Mormons Jon Huntsman Sr & Harry Reid call on Romney to release his returns. Mitt's religious excuse is bogus:
If his billionaire Mormon brother Jon Huntsman Sr. thinks Mitt is hiding something in his taxes, Mitt must be hiding something big.
(I don't know how the Youtube poster Carl can claim Reid is lying. Does he have any inside info?) There's a big dust up today over speculation that Jon Huntsman Sr. -- a fellow Mormon and ostensibly, a Romney supporter and the father of former …
Jon Huntsman Sr. urged Mitt Romney on Friday to release more tax returns and said he feels "very badly" that the presumptive Republican presidential nominee "won’t be fair with the American people." Huntsman, a supporter of Romney's campaign, made the remarks to Greg Sargent at the Washington Post.
The Mormon church is full of successful businessmen, including chemical billionaire Jon Huntsman Sr., the father of the former presidential candidate, J.W. "Bill" Marriott Jr. and his hotel-owning family, and even entertainer Donny Osmond. Romney, the Republican presidential candidate, gave $4.1 million to the church over the past two years (amounting to 9.7 percent of his gross adjusted income, according to the two years' worth of tax returns he has released). He would tithe on his IRA, valued at as much as $102 million, only when he withdraws from it and pays taxes.
Jon Huntsman Sr., who was subject of some speculation that he's the Bain investor who leaked knowledge of Romney's tax returns to Harry Reid, flat out denied any role in the story, but he is as curious as Reid to see more Romney returns
The founder of the Daily Kos, Markos Moulitsas, joins Stephanie to talk about rumors that Jon Huntsman Sr. is the source of Sen. Reid’s evidence on Mitt Romney’s taxes.'s what I'm thinking. 'Here me out.' Harry Reid, Mormon. Jon Huntsman Sr and Jr, Mormon's. Mitt, Mormon. The Mormon church takes pride in itself, right? Mitt being a Mormon is drawing attention to the church. They don't want this dark shadow hanging over it's church. And, believe me, it's a dark shadow for them. A member of their church is caught up in lies, tax evasion by hiding his money overseas. But, here's where it gets touchy for the church. Deception! That's right deception, from none other than Romney. Everyone who goes to any church is asked to at least give 10% of their income to maintain their church. Romney hiding his money overseas, is technically not really paying that 10% of his income. That's an insult to the speaks about the character of one of their parishioners. Deceitful! Liar! Thief! Cheater! What does the church do? They get Harry and Huntsman involved. Harry is one of the 'highest' ranking Mormon's in the church, that also holds one of the most powerful seats in t ...
Not me! But, uh, release the *** taxes. Despite all the circumstantial evidence , Jon Huntsman Sr.
I don't think I'm out on a limb saying that Jon Huntsman Sr is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's Bain source.
Was it Jon Huntsman Sr, founder of Huntsman chemical company, who talked w/ Sen. Harry Reid about & taxes? $HUN
Jon Huntsman Sr. and family have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Romney since 1994.
Jon Huntsman Sr., longtime Romney backer & major fundraiser for him, calls on Mitt to release tax returns:
I can't see Jon Huntsman Sr, patriot and friend of Glenn Beck giving bad info to Harry Reid. Disappointing if Mormons against each other.
The evidence is pretty strong that Harry Reid's source is Jon Huntsman Sr. And yes, he'd have the ability to know.
"No exercise is better for the human heart than reaching down to lift another up" - Jon Huntsman Sr.
The Brookings Institute recently hired Jon Huntsman Jr.: former Republican Presidential candidate, former Utah Guv, and former Obama Ambassador to China. During this short Presidential campaign, Huntsman advocated the same trickle-down economic policies as Romney. More tax cuts for the rich. Deep cuts in federal spending, except defense. A balanced budget. He's just a more personable version of Mitt Romney. Why the *** would the so-called "Democratic" Brookings Institute hire him unless it was promised donations from his billionaire dad, Jon Huntsman Sr. -- close friend and long-term benefactor of Glenn Beck.
Jon Huntsman Sr. speaks about Idaho roots and funding fight against cancer -
Rick Majerus and Jon Huntsman Sr. sitting next to each other on the front row tonight.
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