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Jon Heder

Jonathan Joseph Jon Heder (born October 26, 1977) is an American actor and filmmaker.

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I always forget that Jon Heder has an identical twin brother, and I always freak out all over again when I remember.
Hello! My name is Jon Heder. You killed my engineer. Prepare to die.
My Uber driver just said his favorite comics are Dave Chappelle and Jon Heder
It would appear that I had such a vivid dream that Jon Heder played a squirrel in a movie that I googled it in the…
I don’t see the Eagles even winning their first game. They have played the Giants and Raiders and barely win both g…
New Orleans! Are you fans of Thomas Ian Nicholas, Jon Heder, and Disney? has you covered.…
BRIGSBY BEAR (2017) is a quirky, original comedy-drama with a surplus of heart, though in need of more laughs. Kyle…
Where do we begin with this poster?. -It's got Ian and Anthony of Smosh fame. -It's got someone's @ on a poster. -It…
Would you rather charge Jon Heder or realise Martin Lawrence
Adam Driver is what happens when the Great Khali impregnates the love child of Macaulay Calkin and Jon Heder.
Eagles D doing everything they can to make up for having Jon Heder as a QB
Sorry, foles reminds me of Jon heder of Napoleon Dynamite
Anyone else remember Jon Heder's appearance on The David Letterman Show introducing the TOP 10 in character as Napo…
Lmao Jon Heder is funny on the low.
History made this morning! Kurt Busch seems to be tight as Jon Heder in that Toyota
2017 has brought me a high five from Baker Mayfield, a hug from Jason Momoa, selfies with Jon Heder, Joe Johnson, R…
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Well. Two. CLEVELAND: Jason Momoa, Matt Ryan and Jon Heder kick off our guest list! Get the jump on tickets now:…
Vertigo, starring Eugene Levy and Jon Heder. Directed by Lars von Trier, music by Tiger. Budget: $500m
Jon Heder is the most slept on actor of our generation. Got the midas touch
Blades of Glory, used, very good, Will Ferrell, Jon Heder, Jenna Fischer
She really does look like Jon Heder's character from Blades of Glory.
v excited to see how Jon Heder plays me.
Jon Heder, aka Napoleon Dynamite, is filming a movie a couple doors down this week. Just saw him…
Also totally unrelated (I swear) to my search for appropriate memes, it turns out Jon Heder is a Mormon…
Remember when Jon Heder was a thing?
Look here's that same guy hanging out with Jon Heder.
I'd say these would be perfect me and Monty costumes except neither of us will want to do Jon Heder
Jon Heder reminds me a smidge of idk they just have that same sassy sarcastic edge. Or maybe just the characters Jon plays does
Has anyone told you that you look like a cross between Jon Heder and David Grohl?
I was at a con once and saw this guy rocking the most incredible Jon Heder cosplay. But it just turned out to be the actual Jon Heder.
"Eat your dinner Tina..." while I start this parade. springs
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Sadly Jon Heder had to cancel his appearance. Best wishes on the new project. Clare Kramer will co-host @ the Aquarium now.
That’s me on the left in 1987, sophomore year of high school. That’s Jon Heder on the right as Napol…
Wizard world Chicago added Jon Heder and Fan Expo added Tom Cavanagh and I can't go to either cause I need to be an…
When your moms like Seth Rogan is so hot and I'm showing her a picture of Jon Heder
I just realized how much Mark looks like Jon Heder and that explains my mild attraction to Napoleon Dynamite
Anything you can do I can Jon Heder.
Jon Heder is a twin. They could do an amazing Napolean Dynamite themed Prestige style magic act.
Jon Heder & Will Ferrell were trained how to ice skate for by Olympic medalist Michelle Kwan's coach, S…
So all Jon Heder had to do was shoot Michael Clarke Duncan in order to get on Billy Bob's good side?
Also, Spaceballs. And Jon Heder will be there when they play Napoleon Dynamite. This year is going to be the best.
Napoleon Dynamite had a budget of only $400,000 and Jon Heder was paid only $1,000 for his role as Napoleon.
Jon Heder Played a Surfing Chicken in 'Surf's Up 2: WaveMania' and We Talked about It -
Whenever I watch Blades of Glory I get into a Will Ferrell/ Jon heder kick, sorry if you don't like it but those two together... magic
Ready to channel your inner Napoleon Dynamite at the Silent Disco?. catch Jon Heder (Napoleon himself) at the cinema .
I'm watching The Benchwarmers starring Jon Heder, Rob Schneider, and David Spade :-).
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Just found out Jon Heder is going to be doing a live Q&A at bonnaroo and now I'm even more excited!!
Blades of Glory Jon Heder as Jimmy MacElroy in peacock themed costume 8 x 10 Inch Photo
A sense of americans have available because these two ages – jon heder was saved by flying while under the villains.
Had the pleasure of recording Uhh this week with the delightful
You silly goose. They are going with someone way more Asian. Jon Heder.
hey steve Ep 85 - Jon Heder won't download from itunes something is wrong with it
Spaceballs & Jon Heder. I may be spending too much time in the cinema this yesr
Jon Heder was paid $1000 to play Napoleon Dynamite...that's like a dollar an hour!
Another blow for students as the SU have shunned packages of crisp and crunchy edibles for fear they will hurt Jon Heder.
That dude on the left look like Jon Heder.
Since the story is the fusion between technology, what put us here! -Jon Heder
The movie 'Napoleon Dynamite' only had a budget of $400,000 – Jon Heder was only paid $1,000 to star Napoleon.
WOW, Jon Heder is such a Capricorn! I heard they busily ticked a broccoli...
Regarding Surf's Up 2: Wavemania, they did get Jon Heder and Diedrich Bader to reprise their roles from the first one.
We were just wondering whatever happened to Napoleon Dynamite! Turns out he's been doing voiceover...
Just as long as something is gained, a lesson is learned. I do like th...
lol Jon Heder is in the movie Jmo recommended and all I ever see sadly is Napoleon Dynamite
My engineering math professor is a German hipster who looks like Jon Heder
When I was young, I told my sister that she had chunky thighs. She sla...
I'm not that into reading. If I'm gonna read, I'm gonna read some cool sc...
That's what protagonists do. They work hard, they have a conflict, they overcome the obstacles. Jon Heder
I still can't believe I met Jon Heder. I can die happy
LMAO.. I actually liked that movie.. Will Ferrell and Jon Heder made a great pair.
Jon Heder is kept in a sensory deprivation tank until someone hires him to play Napoleon Dynamite in a commercial
the only good thing about that film was that Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) was in it.
And Jon Heder as the young me, fully stealing Napolean Dynamite.
The Napoleon Dynamite Burger King ad just reminded me that I had a crush on Jon Heder back in the day??
Can't decide who the funniest is: Jonah Hill, Jon Heder, or Ben Stiller.
My writer is going to a horror convention Saturday and meeting Shawn Michaels. Maybe Jon Heder, Scout Taylor Compton & whoever surprises us.
Not sure why we thought the movie about Walt Disney w/ Thomas Ian Nicholas and Jon Heder was a good idea
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Traffic, starring Jon Heder and Hayden Christensen. Directed by Tom Green, music by Missy Elliott. Budget: $1 billion
Fan does Napoleon Dynamite Dance in front of Jon Heder! Supanova Sydney ... via
Jon Heder plays the same character in every movie but it's okay I still love him
Blades of Glory on, man they don't put Jon Heder in the big movies anymore, do they
"Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? *** no!" - Jon Heder, in Napoleon Dynamite
Jon Heder will forever be my favorite actor.
Sorry Buster! Had to post this. Jon Heder and Buster Posey have a striking resemblance.
I relate to most of the characters I play, because I do feel like an outsid...
nope, not much rhythm either. She just looks like a sex doll version of Jon Heder to me
I know at some point I would like to take on more dramatic roles.
Normally I avoid movies where the aliens look like humans. It's cheesy.
I think Jon Heder was my generations Pauly Shore (guess Im generation Y), but I don't know who the Millenial generations Pauly Shore is?
Beck looks like a mix between Micheal Cera and Jon Heder
Jon Heder was paid $1,000 to play Napoleon Dynamite. The movie grossed over $40,000,000 in the United States.
Christmas Eve Official Trailer ... - - - - - - -
Jon Heder needs to come back into my life please
“Sorry I’m late. I just got done taming a wild honeymoon stallion for you guys.” –Jon Heder ‘Napoleon Dynamite
"You've been ruining everybody's lives and eating all our steak." -Jon Heder 'Napoleon Dynamite'
This looks like it will be a hilarious Paranormal comedy!Jon Heder & David Krumholtz. How can u go wrong?
If Jon Heder even gets arrested then I will join you gals in y'alls "free the Napoleon" protests
I can't believe I used to have a crush on Jon heder's weird nerdy looking *** back in the day lol
Ok but can Jon Heder still do the Napoleon Dynamite dance
"Why do wear that bright orange vest? The orcs'll see you at night" -Jon Heder in character as Napoleon Dynamite
actually now I think this looks more like jon heder than Michael cera
For some reason this looks like the FIFA adaptation of 'Blades of Glory' with Will Ferrell & Jon Heder
- there is no happier sound on earth than when you hear the words "we're closed on Jon Heder"
Nakta is like if Jon Heder and Drew Scott had a Korean baby
ah Jon Heder is the Guest and the killer? YES!
was Jon Heder overlooked for best actor for his role in Napoleon Dynamite?
Coming up at 2.50pm, Jon Heder's showing off his skills in Jared & Jerusha Hess's comedy Napoleon Dynamite
Jon Heder is just a knockoff Jason Schwartzman.
Dinner For Five S4 E8 Tony Hawk x Seth MacFarlane x Stacy Peralta x Jon Heder: [This is my childhood at this table]
I'm working at Supanova and Jon Heder, Matthew Lewis, and Nick Frost are going nice
We'd like to thank our new Flos Friends Justin Long, Jon Heder, David Krumholtz & Paul Downs for stopping by for...
Between the Benchwarmers and Napoleon Dynamite, I might actually be in love with Jon Heder
I went to hs and one year of college with Jon Heder, what do you think?
I am so BYU that I went to seminary and hs with Jon Heder and BYU
Ive been calling Bill Hader Jon Heder for like a month and no one corrected me 😂
I added a video to a playlist Movie3Some: Episode 2 – Jon Heder
First Nicole Kidman is uncredited in movie and then Jon Heder is uncredited in I just can't trust anything anymore.
Jon Heder taking a selfie in between takes on ‘Napoleon Dynamite'
I'm giving away: Blades of Glory DVD Movie Will Ferrell Jon Heder. Check it out -
Starring Jon Heder as the voice of Lord Hater.
I have a really strange attraction to Jon Heder.
A Trump/Walker ticket? That (very remote) possibility brings to mind Will Farrell and Jon Heder in "Blades of Glory".
Jon Heder yang Napoleon Dynamite tu irl cute gila I think I'm in love 😍
If I could actually have a conversation with Jon Heder in real life about Ligers that would be great
Does Jon Heder know that you borrowed his teeth?
I feel like a B-lister would be like a Jon Heder or a Rose Byrne where like everyone would recognize them
Jon Heder looks identical to a butthole
Jon Heder talks about Napoleon Dynamite's dancing at 2014
Disney XD is set to begin airing Pickle and Peanut, an animated buddy-comedy series starring Jon Heder and Johnny Pemberton
Was I the only one instread in Jon heder's story at the end?
.Forget about the curveball, Ricky: The films of Jon Heder
ten years ago we had unfounded rumors about William Hung's death, unfounded rumors about Jon Heder's death, and unfounded rumo
So I just realised that Jon Heder and Bill Hader are different people
We loved the movie and hope we were a source of inspiration for Jon Heder and Jon Gries.
Jon Heder and the cast of Napoleon Dynamite reunited 10 years after the movie.
If you're not already watching Star Vs., you should. Michael C. Hall, Jon Heder, and Rider Strong, in the same show...come on.
Holy dooly!! Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) and Barbara Feldon (Agent 99 from Get Smart) will be at Brissy Supanova in November! Sweet!!
I heard Javier Bardem's inspiration for "No Country" came from his intense admiration for Jon Heder's acting in "Napoleon".
Jessie Eisenberg and Jon Heder slap fight for his seat after he faintly shuffles out of the room
New poster for upcoming Nov 2015 movie starring Patrick Stewart, James Roday, Jon Heder, Cheryl Hines...& me!
Jon Heder - 37. Napoleon Dynamite . As well as being a Mormon - Heder is also still acting and doing voice-overs. http:/…
Attack each day with the same level of positivity and hope that Jon Heder must have felt after Napoleon Dynamite came out.
I know he's not for everyone, but I love movies with Billy Bob Thornton. Probably my favorite is Pushing Tin... with John Cusack. But, lately have been wondering where he and Michael Keaton are these days. Well, thankfully, Michael Keaton has a movie out now that I want to go see. And, right now, am watching "School for Scoundrels" with Billy Bob and Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynomite). Actually a funny movie and John Heder is actually not too bad looking when he's not Napoleon!
the guy on the Rachael Ray show looks like Jon Heder from the Benchwarmers.
I liked a video Forbidden Desert: Felicia Day, Alan Tudyk, and Jon Heder join Wil Wheaton on TableTop
Am I alone in thinking that Buster Posey looks like Jon Heder sometimes? 'Cause he does.
"Jon Heder, or Napoleon Dynamite, or Mike Glennon - whoever you call him..." -
Retta as Winnie Zeddermore, David Tennant as Dana Barrett, Kristen Wiig as Louise Tully, and Jon Heder as Jay Melnitz (cont'd)...
Well yeah, but it was a pretty large step for indie movies! Jon Heder was only paid 1000 dollars for his role
I love David Spade, jon heder, and midgets so obviously i've seen the benchwarmers a million times and another three times this week
I seriously don't understand how Jon Heder played Napoleon Dynamite, I literally would've been laughing at myself the entire time.
Watching Napoleon Dynamite.. Lol.. Crazy Jon heder got $1000 to portray the role. Hope he gets royalties!
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Current list of cancellations for Wizard World San Antonio: Jon Bernthal canceled due to filming, Jon Heder canceled due to filming, Michael Rosenbaum canceled due to filming, John Cena canceled due to filming, Norman Reedus canceled due to filming, Eliza Dushku canceled due to filming. I know it happens, but BOO, I wanted to meet Eliza Dushku and Michael Rosenbaum.
My sister (Lae) invited me here, after having a discussion about judging and being judged and how we present ourselves. Recently, I've tried to find comfort in my size. I am 5'2.5" (I worked hard for that half inch!) and I weigh somewhere in the vicinity of 166-170 lbs. I am almost squarely in a size 12 (depending on manufacturer... do not get me started on vanity sizing!) and I'm almost comfortable in my own skin. That said, I've found peace with most of my body, and it all stems from something that happened a little over 3 weeks ago. I am a staff member at a local (in the process of expanding to other cities) comic convention that gets an attendance of about 7,000 people a year. I run the information booth and the costume contest, and I am also a cosplayer. This year we had Napoleon Dynamite (yep, Jon Heder!) and Pedro (who such a beautiful person in real life!). In honor of them, we put on a retro prom. I spent weeks trying to find a dress that would make me look like a size 2. I found one that looked ...
SUPANOVA 2014! John Barrowman (Captain Jack Harkness) and Rose McGowan (Paige of Charmed) and exchanged words with Jon Heder (Napolean Dynamite).
Jon Heder has a special message for the fans... He thinks he knows your favorite line from Napoleon Dynamite, but do you know his? Buy the Napoleon Dynamite ...
June 11 marks the 10th anniversary of "Napoleon Dynamite." In honor of the cult classic, HuffPost Entertainment spoke with actor Jon Heder and...
“Vote for Pedro” t-shirts and an enthusiastic crowd greeted director/co-writer Jared Hess and title character actor Jon Heder last night in Hollywood for a live commentary for Napoleon Dynamite on its 10th anniversary. Also in attendance were some other beloved faces from the film including Efren Ramirez (Pedro), Shondella Avery (LaFawnduh), Diedrich Bader (“Rex Kown Do!”), Sandy Martin (Grandma), and Carmen Brandy (Starla). More details from the flippin sweet night are here:
Nick Foles and Jon Heder may look similar but they're two separate people
I feel like Jon Heder should make more movies. Napoleon Dynamite was simply amazing lol
Ooh my, is that Jon Heder and Jason David Frank?? And is Jason David Frank about to tell that kid how it is?? o:
To my proud Eagles: Max, Michael, Alex, Chris, Brad, Loren , Nathan, and the rest. Looking up some famous Eagle Scouts and I found a few interesting ones I did not know about (some good, some.not so good): Aside from Rob Corddry, and Jon Heder there are: DON "Big Daddy" GARLITS-"Father of Drag Racing" WILLIAM HANNA- Hanna&Barberra cartoons creator (Flintstones, Jetsons, Scooby-Doo, etc) HARRY KNOWLES-Founder of Ain't it Cool News ANDY LEWIS-Slackline perfomer. (That wierd dude dancing on the wire behind Madonna at last year's Superbowl halftime show) DAVID LYNCH-Yes, Director of Dune, Blue Velvet and Eraserhead!!! SCOT PETERSON-Murdered his 8 month pregnant wife, Laci, and reported her missing on Dec24, 2002. He is now on Death Row in San Quentin FRED PHELPS-R.I.P. Former leader of Westboro Baptist Church JAMES & T. Gary ROGERS-Brothers. James founded KOA campgrounds and T.Gary founded Dreyer's Ice Cream KEN WHISENHUNT-Head Coach of the Arizona Cardinals & Tenn. Titans CHARLES WHITMAN-Former US Marine, .. ...
Blades of Glory Movie Clip - watch all clips click to subscribe Chazz (Will Ferrell) and Jimmy (Jon Heder) stumble in t...
Trailer for the new comedy "Blades of Glory" starring Will Ferrell and Jon Heder.
Lol, Tatsuki Machida's costume reminds me of Jon Heder from Blades of Glory
Seriously guys, King of the Nerds, watch it. Last week Bill Nye the Awesome Bow-tie guy was on it, along with Mayim Bialik, this week was Jon Heder. Just…so much awesome.
I can't seem to find anywhere in the Olympics schedule when Jon Heder & Will Ferrell will be competing.
is a decent movie.Will Ferrell & Jon Heder put on a great performance!Amy Poehler & Jenna Fischer are great too.Overall- 6/10
Napolean Dynamite aka Jon Heder was at my alma mater, Stetson University, today filming his new movie, Walt Before Mickey!!! SO excited to see it!!!
Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, Jon Heder, Ron Perlman, Jason David Frank, and Eliza Dushku all at MegaCon this year?! Requesting my days off now
Just so everyone is aware, ASU's slogan is, "If you can dream it, you can do it!" They owe Will Ferrell and Jon Heder some serious cash.
Jon Heder has an identical twin brother😱
I'm geeking out over the comic cons that are coming up. Finally going to get to meet Michael rooker, Jon heder, and Barry bostwick!!
I never knew Jon Heder had an identical twin lol.
Ashton Kutcher, Scarlett Johansson, Vin Diesel, & Jon Heder all have twins lol. That's crazy.
What happened to Jon Heder, like where'd he go ??
we already know you're actually Jon Heder the dude who played Napoleon Dynamite
Shady McCoy and Jon Heder's athletic version paving my way into the Fantasy Football playoffs.
I thank Will Ferrel and Jon Heder for teaching me to be number, my blades are the Blades of Glory.
What ever happened to Jon Heder?. I feel like he just kinda quit showing up in stuff
Jon Heder and Will Ferrell are probably my favorite people
Watching the best movie of Jon Heder and Will Ferrell "Blades of Glory"
Nick Foles or Jon Heder need to own up to abandoning me as a child.
Jon Heder goes ham at the end of Napoleon Dynamite.!
Evan Peters, Michael Cera and Jon Heder are my crushes, in that order.
"When I was in like fourth grade, I wrote a letter to Jon Heder asking him to draw me a picture of a liger... he never did" -isaac
your smile reminds me of an overfed Jon Heder.
I know Jon Heder stayed in the sky when he was filming Napoleon Dynamite
The Jon Heder one is the one I get most for some reason
So I've now been told I look like Jon Heder, Dean Ambrose, Jack White, Benedict Cumberbatch, Elijah Wood, Shane Dawson and James Franco
Hey do you think Jon Heder is almost as cool as you or did David Spade completely miss the mark on that one?
Why does Jon Heder always act like a nerd in his movies?
Jon heder. He is Napoleon Dynamite and also The benchwarmers
Just SEEING Jon Heder makes me want to watch Napoleon Dynamite
Napoleon Dynamite or Jon Heder has an identical twin brother named Dan
Film Fun Fact Jon Heder, who portrayed Napoleon Dynamite in the cult-hit 2004 film, was paid only $1000 to act the role...It wasn't until after the millions of dollars of the movie's box office, that Heder received more money...
Or they can just replay the Jon Heder episode of SNL. You know, because he looks like him, and all.
Napoleon Dynamite: Jon Heder and Efren Ramirez, who play the leads, both have an identical twin in real life.
"You make me wanna throw up in tin foil and eat it" - Reginald 'Skull' Skulinski AKA Jon Heder AKA Napoleon Dynamite
Nick Foles may resemble Jon heder, but golly gee can ole Napoleon Dynamite throw a pigskin or what
Catching fire was cool and all but still Blades of Glory is such a good movie how can you not love Will Farrell and Jon Heder skating on ice
I wonder... What ever happened to Jon Heder? I mean first he's Napoleon Dynamite, then one slur of bad romantic comedies later he disappears off the face of the planet! ***
Brief rundown of this awesome weekend. Ernie Hudson complimented my suit. Eliza Dushku smelled like all the beautiful things of the world and signed my "Faith" comic. Christopher Lloyd signed my Clue dvd and walked right by me. Jon Heder and I had a fantastic conversation about Doctor Who while he signed my Napoleon Dynamite dvd. Ernie Hudson walked right by me. Tom Felton signed my Slytherin journal with my Slytherin pen while we chatted about being in the most noble house at Hogwarts. Eliza Dushku walked right past me. Awesome cosplayers were everywhere. The TARDIS... need I say more? Hung out with awesome friends who all know who they are. I bought a flask that has a twin, just one twin... owned by Tom Felton. More awesome things happened but I've lost my train of thought.
My wife is watching some figure skating. I cant watch it without thinking of Blades of Glory with Jon Heder and Will Ferrel
Jon Heder was 27 when he played the roll of Napoleon Dynamite. Ha...
Hey, aqll! On November 30 my band The Mockers of New England will be back at Archie's Little River Ale House, 72 Lafayette Sq, Haverhill, Ma at OTHER group, The On Nos, are playing a set this Saturday, Nov. 23 at Super Megafest, The Marriott Framingham, 10:30. At this event will be appearing, Barbara Eden, Bill Daily, Larry Storch, Bronson Pinchot, Christopher Lloyd, Jake LaMotta,Andy Pratt, Chuck Negron, Mark Lindsay, Karen Allen, Jon Heder, Elvira,and many others. Its a 2 day event but we'll only be there Saturday, late. Please come and join us!
Man, Jon Heder has basically fallen off if the planet. So has Gotye.
Dude can jon Heder and nick Swardson please get in a new movie now please??
My dress is green if you want Jon Heder to have THIS
Jon Heder should play Tom Petty in a movie.
Jon Heder now, not back when he was Napoleon
Jon Heder would be perfection if it weren't for those horse teeth idk man
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I wonder how it would be for Nick Foles to meet Jon Heder.
Am I going crazy or is Jon Heder in the new Imagine Dragons music video?
Remember when we all realized that Napoleon Dynamite was actually hot and we all wanted to marry Jon Heder.
ok, new update for The Visitant. check out new concept art by the awesome Paul Linsley
Jon Heder, the guy who played Napolean Dynomite was paid $1000 for the movie. It went on to make $44.5 million.
“So I have the hots for Napoleon Dynamite ❤️ 😍😍😍
So I have the hots for Napoleon Dynamite ❤️
Hey, remember when Jon Heder was a thing?
Even Jon Heder got attractive. There's still hope!!
i really wish Jon Heder would be in more movies
Unnecessary Fact: Jon Heder was only paid $1000 for his role in Napolean Dynamite.
Comedy Film Quote of the day: "I see you're drinking 1%. Is that 'cause you think you're fat? 'Cause you're not. You could be drinking whole, if you wanted to." - Napoleon Dynamite (Jon Heder; Napoleon Dynamite)
Jon Heder will forever be Napoleon Dynamite in my heart
I'll be will ferrel and you can be Jon heder. 😘
So I've been tagged in this facts about me business lol I got the number 5 1. I don't have a middle name. Parents figured my first name is long enough I guess, although my mum did have Valentina in mind...abt 12 years after my birth. Couldn't be bothered adding it tho. 2. I love my family and friends more than anything! Just chilling with the bros at home with a guitar and some food and playing cards is more fun than any nightclub could provide! 3. I love to sing...I wish I was as good as beyonce...maybe one day lol music is the lifeblood of our whole extended family (our language is sarcasm) 4. One of my fav movies is the cable guy with Jim carrey. Definitely not one of his successful roles but I find this movie hilarious...idk maybe I just find stupid things hilarious. At least Ani Matenga agrees with me on this one! Would you like some shuice?? 5. I'm very un-co. Like fall over while standing stationary kinda un-co which has resulted in me being useless at pretty much all sports. Fav sports team would ...
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I have a crush on Napoleon Dynamite. Not Jon Heder. Like, Jon Heder AS Napoleon. Idk. Judge me, Idc.
Is it weird that I think Jon Heder is cute in this movie
Happy birthday to Seth MacFarlane and Jon Heder were also born today. But mate, you're funnier than b…
Just had a dream that I was walking down the st w a beaver wearing a coat & was surprised by a bison who spoke to us w Jon Heder’s voice
Mike Glennon (Jon Heder) leads his winless team to victory over the big, bad bullies from Miami. This November, it's "OMG! MNF.. *** !"
So I guess Jon Heder is the quarterback for Tampa Bay now?
This kid is so cute. Yet he's probably younger than 18. He looks like Jon Heder if he skated.
Whoa, Jon Heder has an identical twin? How'd you like to be that guy?
Crying because Jon Heder's starting to look old.
Jon Heder kind of fell off the face of the earth.
I just copped a lighter off some guy that sounded like jon heder
Napoleon Dynamite 👌 Jon Heder is so perfect 😊 I honestly thing the intro is the best part.
Maybe it's just me but I think Nick Foles looks like Jon Heder (Clark from benchwarmers, Napoleon Dynamite)
Since when is Jon Heder the starting QB for the Eagles?
Seneca may throw like Uncle Rico but Nick Foles sure looks like Jon Heder:
Met Jon Heder (Napolean Dynamite) today and told him Blades of Glory is one of my moms, a non-English speaker, favourite movies.
Jon Heder on the Aquabats Supershow makes Shelley happy.
I'm still surprised that Jon Heder didn't win an Oscar for Napoleon Dynamite.
Fanboy Expo is excited to announce that Efren Ramirez will be joining his cast mate Jon Heder ( Napoleon...
Why Jon Heder didn't get some kind of award for voicing a surfing chicken, I'll never know.
Watching "Blades of Glory" starring Will Farrell and Jon Heder on TSN. Still Scoreless atm
The fact that I constantly get compared to Napoleon Dynamite and Jon Heder makes me question the value of my life.
The fact that one of my grandma's doctors looks exactly like Jon Heder makes me a little less nervous.
Fun fact: Jon Heder was only payed $1000 to play Napoleon Dynamite
Jon Heder does a great acting job in Napoleon Dynamite
Napoleon Dynamite: Jon Heder permed his hair for the film.
Marilyn Manson recently appeared on an episode of HBO's 'Eastbound and Down' minus his makeup. I think he looks a little like Napoleon Dynamite (Jon Heder). Check out his cameo and the picture in the comments section below. -J.D.
The Raiders are making Jon Heder look like the greatest quarterback of all time!!
Trying to think of all the celebs that have seen Delusion this year. Here's my list so far: Nathan Fillion, Seth Green, Neil Patrick Harris,Laura Prepon, Jon Heder, Nick Wechsler, Lance Bass, Chris Null, Z.Z. Ward, and David Greenman.
In the past two weekends I've put Nathan Fillion and Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) on a gurney...who is next?
Looking for autographs from our past shows? Check out the Official Pix online store that's filled with all kinds of great pieces from guests like Jamie Bamber, John Barrowman, Anthony Daniels, Giancarlo Esposito, Tom Felton, Jon Heder, Kane Hodder, Tom Kane, Carrie Fisher, Dave Prowse, Robert Patrick, Michael Rosenbaum, Zachary Quinto, Katee Sackhoff, Jewel Staite, Ray Park, Lea Thompson, Patrick Stewart and more! -Chris
The girls got to meet Tom Felton and Michael Rosenbaum at Fandays 2013. Both stars were very engaging. The girls were very excited to talk with them. Jon Heder was was next to Michael and tossed paper at the girls. Huge smiles the rest of the day.
What did I do this weekend? Oh nothing much. I just got to hug Jon Heder (aka Napoleon Dynamite, aka my HERO) and shake Tom Felton's hand. You know... Stuff like that. No big deal.
So I got to meet (and touch) John Barrowman, Tom Felton, Jason David Frank, Kane Hodder and Grant Bowler! I also got to see (from a distance) Ron Perlman, Jon Heder, Michael Rosenbaum, Katee Sackhoff, Steven Yeun, Lou Ferrigno, and Robert Patrick!
Totally forgot to mention that yesterday I saw Jon Heder, Tom Felton (OMFG, I know), Lou Ferrigno, and more... very col
The Megacon 2014 guest list is pretty great. Quite a few Smallville guests, Rob Paulsen and... Jon Heder? Why does that excite me?
Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville) and Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) just confirmed as Special Media guests at MegaCon 2014!
Oh and when you threw the open bottle of hand sanitizer at Jon Heder and it sorta exploded, that was funny!
Jon Heder touched my jean vest. As if I didn't already love this thing enough.
Before Napoleon Dynamite animated series airs tomorrow night, here is my review:
Just something to get your Sunday started! Napoleon Dynamite Dance Scene Jon Heder: via
Just met Jon Heder you know normal stuff
Jon Heder working with us in his Napoleon Dynamite nametag
One day I will figure out what percentage of Napoleon Dynamite Jon Heder has his eyes open.
- autograph from Jon Heder; he told Michelle she should get a bandaid for her head, ever the joker!
I will never forget the way Jon Heder says, "EAGLE CLAW."
I added a video to a playlist Exclusive Shia LaBeouf & Jon Heder Interview
Petition to award as Best Jon Heder of 2013.
no they're not. Jon Heder is dads twin
great meeting you today!! Loved your Jon Heder as Napoleon Dynamite impression! Did you ever give him his badge back?
We just got Jon Heder to say "Tina you fat lard, come and get some dinner!"
Met a lot of cool people at Chicago Comic Con, Jon Heder is pretty cool and likes to hang out on the show floor.
Since when does Jon Heder look like that?
you need to see this movie you either talk like the penguin who is Shia LaBeouf or ChickenJoe(Jon Heder)
My brother just met Jon Heder at Comic Con :(
Did I mention about my favorite comedians Jon Heder & Anna Faris?
he's such a good athlete that he is in a QB battle with a guy who looks like Jon Heder
Is that Jon Heder playing QB for the Eagles
Foles kind of looks like Jon Heder.
Just rode up in the hotel elevator with Jon Heder. Wonder who else I might see lurking around?!? :)
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Guys i wad just literally ten ft away from jon heder and james and oliver phelps. 60 dollars is now worth it.
Jon Heder aka Napoleon Dynamite: Bill Leff visits with Jon Heder about what it was like filming Napol...
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