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Jon Gruden

Jon David Gruden (born August 17, 1963) is the former Head Coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for seven seasons and prior to that the Oakland Raiders for four seasons.

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The more success you have the bigger the bulls-eye gets. Jon Gruden
Mack Brown is like a really annoying version of Jon Gruden. Apparently there's never been a bad play by anyone.
There is a serious lack in Jon Gruden memes
just because u watched a highlight video don't make u Jon Gruden
Gridiron Guru | Articles | Ohio Magazine I talked with Jon Gruden, who loves football even more than I do...
Now this was said by Jon Gruden and Lincoln Kennedy they both know the belong in Oakland 😎
I'm telling you what man. I don't think anyone gets my Jon Gruden jokes besides the people form Skangum. That's wild man
Earnhardt might be trying to call plays,like Jon gruden try to on Wednesday.
Hyde5: Jon Gruden isn't believing in Dolphins this year - Sun Sentinel.. Related Articles:
I wonder if the Bucs still have his contract rights... or maybe Jon Gruden took it with him to ESPN.
Former Bucs coach Jon Gruden on the sidelines in Tampa ... wearing a Redskins jacket? Family loyalties won out.
I'm still wondering why people are making a big deal about Jon Gruden wearing a Redskins jacket.
"Blood is thick in our family, just like it is across America."
ESPN analyst Jon Gruden has never been shy about his loyalty to younger brother Jay. Jon has visited Jay during
nick Sabin is the best.that is why Jon gruden won't coach college.he can't beat Sabin or urban Meyer.
Jon Gruden wasn’t hiding his family loyalties during the Redskins-Bucs game
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I agree, Ben. Sounds like a cross between Jon Gruden and Eric Byrnes on MLB Network. I dig it! Great job, Bryan!
Jon Gruden, in a conference call, on expectations this year for the
I just saw Jon Gruden at Shoney's in Nashville with Bill Haslem. Gruden is heading to Knoxville.
Jon Gruden sees a lot of Donovan McNabb in Dak Prescott.
Y'all pray for my mans Pete ain't nothin wrong with him he just looks like Jon Gruden
Great advice for ALL - David Shaw Head Coach of Stanford Football: “Jon Gruden slashed all of my ideas because I couldn’t DEFEND them.”
""The Raiders, the Las Vegas Raiders, I don't know, man, that's hard for me to imagine." - Jon Gruden
Jon Gruden excited about Raiders' prospects, not so bullish on Las Vegas - ESPN (blog)
David Shaw: 'Jon Gruden slashed all my ideas, because I couldn't defend them' -
Anybody else think the Olympics would be so much more entertaining with Phil Simms or Jon Gruden calling?
I could listen to Jon Gruden call plays all day. "Fox 2 XY hook"
. I'm sorry Tom Jackson. Oooohhh. I am for real. Never got to say our goodbyes. I prefer Jon Gruden's insight
TheRyanParker: I caught up w/ Sean McDonough & Jon Gruden. We talked a lot of and of course, Tom Brady …
Jon Gruden's son Deuce a new Redskins coach and he looks just like you'd guess
I saw that tribute video. Great send off from Bob Ley, Tom Rinaldi, and Jon Gruden for
Jon Gruden, Jeff George, Desmond Howard, and Spurrier have all played roles in John Schneider's career. Great chat
Coach Jim Harbaugh hanging with Steve Spurrier and Jon Gruden @ the Summer Splash sponsor/member outing
both are spot on. You sound like Jon Gruden oh man now that's football
I voted for Jon Gruden! Vote now: Head Coach Tom Flores, Jon Gruden,John Madden, or Art Shell via
Folks, this man has convinced a junior hockey team that he's Super Bowl-winning coach Jon Gruden. Unbelievable.
"I'll tell you what, man...After that first quarter, the Splash Brothers need to become a tidal wave."- Jon Gruden
Steve Kerr the NBA version of Jon Gruden, bad coach who won the title first year and wasn't ish ever since
Sean McDonough w/ new pal Jon Gruden and his old friend, Otto the Orange.
Look who joined our new Monday Night Football pairing of Sean McDonough and Jon Gruden...
Wiley's this week in Dayton, OH. Home of comedy legends Jon Gruden and Mike Schmidt.
Jon Gruden: I call the Cleveland "The Ice Age" because they're going to cause these Raptors' extinction.
Anyone who hates on Bob Cole, just remember, Jim Nantz, Phill Simms, Jon Gruden, Cris Collinsworth., etc.,
Is it me or does Brent Barry sound exactly like Jon Gruden???
Chris Webber is the Jon Gruden of NBA commentators
Geno Auriemma tells ESPN's Jon Gruden how he uses football to coach his players
What Jon Gruden, ESPN analysts said about DeForest Buckner, the San ...
Might have to Mute Webber..he the NBA version of Jon Gruden..makes everybody sound HOFish
Jon Gruden and now Ryan McDonough. Wow they really are trying to get people to watch Monday Night Football
Jon Gruden what are your thoughts on the new segments on ? "What's going on?"
"VD got AJ Green but he still needs 2 more starting WR's" Jon Gruden
Michels is Sunday night on NBC. Sean joins Jon Gruden on Monday night.
Jon Gruden either fell asleep or got caught staring and not paying attention.
Now Jon Gruden thinks that Carson Wentz is the national mammal.
Sean McDonough joins Jon Gruden as Play by Play voice of MNF on ESPN! Good choice!
Next year's should have Jon Gruden announcing 🔥😍🔥
Jon Gruden "Let me tell you what. This guy right here, he's a football player"
as long as Jon Gruden is in the booth breaking down plays, thinking that every player is going to the HoF, I'll be fine with
Randy Moss needs to do MNF with Jon Gruden. That would be tv gold
Pierre McGuire is the Jon Gruden of hockey
⚡️ “ESPN hires Randy Moss ”ESPN please replace Jon Gruden while you're righting the ship.
Can they please do the same for Jon Gruden
I think Stephen A Smith might actually be the dumbest and most annoying personality on TV. Skip Bayless and Jon Gruden aren…
a good question for Mike Tirico, does Jon Gruden have a list/flowchart of Grudenisms taped to the broadcast desk?
okay but will he gaze lovingly at Jon Gruden???
Sean McDonough and Jon Gruden is absolutely electric.
can we please have Jon Gruden and Peyton Manning call Monday night games?
Okay. "McDonough named Tirico's replacement on MNF via
Marshawn Lynch and Jon Gruden should be the new voices of
. Gruden- This right here Jon is called a button hook. Jon- Wow Jon thank you for that insight . Gruden- Your welcome Jon
yet Jon Gruden is still there. Smh.
"Sean McDonough on joining and working with Jon Gruden.
How they gon fire Ray Lewis and Cris Carter but keep Jon Gruden
Sean McDonough's first game with Jon Gruden will be the Hall of Game game in August. Normally an NBC game, it'll be on ESPN…
Meet the new voice of Monday Night Football: Sean McDonough.
Jon Gruden is entertaining and you can tell enjoys the show. JBL feels like he's tied to the chair
Cole and Saxton are trent dilfer JBL is jon Gruden and king should also retire
Great to see Sean McDonough chosen to replace Mike Tirico on MNF. Good to see Trent Dilfer & Ray Lewis get the boot.
Jon Gruden, Steve Young and Steve Levy will be the 'veterans' on Quite the remodel.
to Univeristy of Margaritaville's Head Coach Jon Gruden! Great seeing him to talk
Miseducation is as overrated as Jon Gruden is a coach. Both won a Super Bowl and were buns afterward.
says Jon Gruden.hang up the cleats coach :)
JJ Watt doing it all! He picks off Matthew Stafford in the red zone. "I don't know how he isn't the MVP of pro football." - Jon Gruden
Imagine the with Jon Gruden or Herm Edwards at Head Coach paired with Philip Rivers 🤔
"I want to coach receivers at Clemson!" - Jon Gruden on MNF.
Jon Gruden's great QB Camp w my personal favourite QB in college football this season - PAXTON LYNCH.
Jon Gruden is one hit on the head away from turning into Gary Busey
Jon Gruden thinks drafting a QB very high is silly when you can sign jokers like Chris Simms or Bruce Gradkowski
How great would Brent Musberger & Jon Gruden be on Monday Night Football--even for 1 year? Absolutely would bring out b…
Jon Gruden says Cook should go in the 1st round of the NFL Draft. 'He's ripping it down the field.' Via htt…
News: Jon Gruden: Jets may not need to draft a quarterback if ...: The "Monday Night Football" analyst...
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ESPN's Jon Gruden gives rave reviews of top two QBs in this year's draft:
.Jon Gruden 'need to evaluate Gino Smith, Bryce Petty. If they can't get it done Jets need to get a QB now'
Jon Gruden whacking Carson Wentz with a pool noodle is the highlight of the NFL offseason:
Find someone who looks at you the way Jon Gruden looks at Carson Wentz explaining North Dakota State's playbook.
ESPN analyst Jon Gruden on former Penn St. QB Christian Hackenberg: "I'll be shocked if he doesn't go in the first round."
fire Dennis Allen, bring back Jon Gruden. 2014 is lost. Khalil Mack looks like a bust. Fire Reggie Mck…
Brian Stann is the Jon Gruden of MMA. Relentlessly positive.
Not a huge Connor Cook fan. Really at all but if Jon Gruden says he is the best of the bunch, It's hard to disagree.
Jon Gruden calls Connor Cook the draft's best QB. So what, you say? Gruden has more access to prospects than anyone: http…
Jon Gruden: Connor Cook is going to be the best QB in the 2016 NFL Draft.
Jon Gruden: Connor Cook might be the best QB in the draft
Jon Gruden just said on ESPN that Michigan State's Connor Cook "is gonna be perhaps the best QB in this draft."
I really think we could sneak Keanu as Shane Falco into Jon Gruden's camp and he would have him as the no.1 overall QB in th…
Jon Gruden shocked Connor Cook isn't ranked as top QB in draft
VIDEO: Jon Gruden offers high praise of Connor Cook in QB Camp
Quarterback Connor Cook was featured on ESPN analyst Jon Gruden's QB Camp
Jon Gruden is gushing over Michigan State Connor Cook saying he is the best in the QB class and "I could see Dallas lookin…
Jon Gruden: "My pass offense got better by meeting you, Cook."
Jon Gruden to Connor Cook, 'How the *** are you not the first pick?'
if one more person tries to tell me what Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock think about him I will lose it. probably not. but on the inside
"I played football at Clay High School with Jon Gruden." -Brent Inabnit
"Babyface" Jon Gruden feuding with Jim Cornette would've been money back in the day.
I spoke w/ Mike Holmgren, Jon Gruden, Tammy Reid (his wife), Lavell Edwards (BYU), his HS bball coach & more w/ stories you've never heard.
you can see that Jon Gruden does not ask them about their college stats. He thinks like a coach
Carson Wentz & Jon Gruden discuss injury rehab & the road back to a 5th straight national title.
VIDEO: Carson Wentz turned the tables on Jon Gruden and taught him the offense he ran in college.
Jon Gruden needs to put quarterback play and game schemes back in the Madden series.
Just in case you ever wanted to watch Jon Gruden whip a 23-year-old with a pool noodle
"U have to have a contingency plan for getting through adversity BC ur going to face it period. It's how u respond to it."Jon Gruden
You have to have a contingency plan for adversity because you're gonna face it. Period. Your only choice is how u respond …
ESPN analyst Jon Gruden calls Ryan Nassib the "sleeper of the 2013 QB class" - S..
If we could just somehow get Gus Johnson, Bill Walton, Marv Albert, Jon Gruden and Tom Tolbert to call every sporting event I'd be good
Jon Gruden says Carson Wentz is pro ready.. Jerry Jones said he won't take a QB at No. 4; will he start to reconsider?. Dennis & Friedo
When Zorn was using pool noodles..people thought he was crazy. Jon Gruden does it and its genius..lmaooo
I wish Jon Gruden was my position coach 😂
Don't ruin it Andy...his house is in between Jon Gruden's and Bill Cowher's.
I would quibble with your Jon Gruden pick, most non sports fans have never heard of him. I'd go with Coach K
Jon Gruden when he was a coach for the Buccaneers. And
it will come full circle when Jon Gruden is our coach , right ?
says Jon Gruden was the new Head Coach under no. 7 but it's Jay Gruden. Just looking out!
Why is Jon Gruden an analyst? Because he can't coach, or perhaps because he won a Super Bowl with the team Tony Dungy buil…
AD fires college football coach in March? Who would ever want to go to Ill now? Maybe hire Jon Gruden? 😄
So there's no chance he's trying to learn the Oregon offense from Mark Helfrich like Jon Gruden did with Chip Kelly?
Jon Gruden's QB Camp is back for a 7th year with 7 QB's.
Somebody tell me why Larry McReynolds looks like Jon Gruden's hippie father...
Jon Gruden once replied when asked about argument on sideline "there's no sign that says no yelling." I loved that.
Every time I see Jay Gruden I think it's Frank Caliendo doing Jon Gruden. . Via - & htt…
Frank Caliendo talks 'deflategate' as Charles Barkley, Morgan Freeman, and Jon Gruden:
"That's one of the best throws in Pro Bowl history." - Jon Gruden. Too bad it didn't count.
Last week Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills hired Kathryn Smith as the special teams quality control coach. Jon Gruden, Eric Mangini, Tony
"When they’re together, Julian Edelman & Rob Gronkowski are impossible to defend." – Jon Gruden of https:…
Jon Gruden on NFL’s usage of instant replay: I would eliminate all of it. Everything’s disputed now
"In the Arizona desert, Larry Fitzgerald just became more talked about than the sun."- Jon Gruden
Marvin Lewis is what Tony Dungee was to the TB Bucs. Where's our Jon Gruden?
Mike Tirico: Ever look at the play sheet and not know what to call?. Jon Gruden: been there most of my career, Mike. .
NFL coach search news, no one wants Greg Roman, Jon Gruden gets the itch
Jon Gruden reportedly has interest in the Head Coaching job
The have fired 3 Super Bowl coaches in 15 years: Jon Gruden, Tony Dungy, and Lovie Smith.
Eagles fans who think Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden is coming to Philly yall probably getting Lovie Smith.
Tony Dungy, black. Jon Gruden, white. Raheem Morris, black. Greg Schiano, white. Lovie Smith, black. Notice a pattern?.
Bucs will have five Head Coaches in eight years -- Jon Gruden, Raheem Morris, Greg Schiano, Lovie Smith and new coach, all s…
Imagine telling a team with a coaching vacancy right now they could have Tony Dungy, Jon Gruden or Lovie Smith. Yeah, t…
My wish list for the Head Coaching position: Jon Gruden, Bill Cowher and maybe Tony Dungy.
The two Head Coaches I'd Give the reigns to the . Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden
Bill Cowher, Jon Gruden not mentioned in the hiring cycle, yet
I think it's grigson not pagano. Although getting Jon Gruden or Sean Payton only would've helped us
um Jon Gruden. He'd jump in a heartbeat.
ALRIGHT HUE!!! WAY TO GO! I love it... unlike Jon Gruden last year.
Jon Gruden as coach lol? No other interviews reportedly scheduled yet, not even reported requests. Somethings fishy
can someone confirm Jon Gruden seen arriving at SFO for 49ers interview?
Flint Firebirds have removed Terry Christiansen as general manager. Jon Gruden will now serve as coach/GM.
please throw everything at Jon Gruden. Money, ownership in the Browns, ownership in Pilot/Flying J, land in Tennessee. PLZ
Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden. Don't care for no one else really. Don't want Sean Payton or Chip Kelly for sure.
Make it happen . yo!! , if Gruden wants to your wife, so be it.
I mean other than Jon Gruden (partially kidding) Payton, Shanahan, or Mike Shula. We need to treat Bradford as a rookie for now
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Are the Giants going to hire Jon Gruden?
Jon Gruden is the only dude I've ever seen that parts his hair in four places.
is it true Jon Gruden seen arriving at SFO?!?!
is it true Jon Gruden spotted at SFO?
Its blatantly obvious that the 2 mystery finalists for the job are Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher. Of course they want to remain anonymous
Should MM be fired n replaced by Tom Coughlin or Jon Gruden
If you want any shot at regaining the Faithful's trust then hire Jon Gruden. Offer him any amount of money he requests!!
Is Jon Gruden destined to become the next coach of the Giants? Is Coughlin to blame for 6-10 record? read:
the only coach that can succeed TC is Jon Gruden (may be a pipe dream) but you think that there is at least a slim chance?
If we don't get Payton, I would say McAdoo/McDaniels/Gase or my top choice -- Jon Gruden.
... Or a Jon Gruden/Chip type with prior commitments or ties.
.how much fun would it be if Jon Gruden was the Philadelphia Eagles new Head Coach! Do you guys think there's a chance?
. The best type of personality for a Philadelphia Eagles team was Buddy Ryan and is Jon Gruden and even Bruce Arians
The Dab is dead, but is not! . What rock song should we play for analyst Jon Gruden?.
If Jon Gruden got two 1s (believe that's what Oak got), Payton will bring similar if not better compensation.
."I think you have to find out about Jon Gruden. It's an intriguing phone call. I think there's interest, but …
Browns leaving the GM and Head Coaching spot open makes me believe they may try for Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher.
Jon gruden this time! And chip was clear front runner tho, anyone look that way now?
I heard Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher would've came out of retirement to coach the Colts. Didn't mention Eagles...I wonder why
If the really want to make a splash they need to pursue Jon Gruden.
Sorry coach I'm devastated as anybody about it but writing is on wall unless Chip Kelly or Jon Gruden are coming to Cleveland!
I've been wanting Jon Gruden as our next Head Coach since 2007, please football gods grant me my wish!
In other news, Mora announced that he has ZERO interest in hiring Jon Gruden's Tie to coach QBs. ;)
my ideal coach for the is Jon Gruden. But if not Gruden, Hue Jackson X1,000
Flint Firebirds' owner still running the show. Coach (and evidently, now GM) Jon Gruden needs to get the *** out of there.
Same people who want Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden to be the Eagles coach are the same people who screamed "TEBOW" during our struggles in '15
Thoughts about Jon Gruden as a potential Head Coach for Only 52. Has got the record. Knows the game and people
He has a higher career win % than Marv Levy, John Fox, Jimmy Johnson, Jon Gruden. How is that possible?
My top choice for the next Head Coach of the is Jon Gruden.
Jon Gruden as coach? Heard if hired strong chance he would keep McAdoo.
Its obvious what should happen. Trade Mett and Michael Griffin for Peyton Manning and make him backup QB and coach. Jon Gruden as GM
Rodgers needs a Jon Gruden kind of coach. Or 2010 MM...but that's not coming back.
Hey Ron, I know u have Lurie's ear. How about dropping Jon Gruden's name.Please?
Coughlin still wants to be a Head Coach but with Shannahan, Jon Gruden and possibly Brian Billick and others who were let go looking for Super Bowl. He's not going to take a rebuilder. Coach everyone should remember...Jon Gruden
the things I would do for Jon Gruden to be the next Head Coach
Giants are going to hire Jon Gruden and he's gonna coach every game hammered using just spider 2 Y banana
🙏 Jon Gruden is the next Giants coach
The fact that people actually want Jon Gruden to coach the Giants makes me so confused.
Would like to see Jon Gruden coach the Giants tbh.
There's only one person who I truly don't want to coach the Giants, and thankfully, I don't think he's even an option: Jon Gruden.
I want Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher to coach in the NFL again
Coughlin said y'all not firing me! I resign! get ready for another year of will Jon Gruden come back to coach
The only coach I'd rather have coach the colts then chuck pagano is Jon Gruden and I doubt he's coming out of retirement
It would be amazing if Jon Gruden became the Colts new Head Coach, but I don't want Chuck Pagano to get fired... 🏈
should sign Jon Gruden as their next Head Coach
Giants need to go after two coaches only. Jon Gruden, and former Steelers Head Coach Bill Cowher
Jon Gruden leaving your company to go coach Andrew Luck
If we lose Sunday Marvin should move to GM and we should get a coach like Jon Gruden or Sean Peyton or even Harbaugh
Until the day Jon Gruden and Bill Cowher die, people will want them as Head Coach, regardless of how long it's been since they coached.
They better start with Bill Cowher, if he doesn't want to coach I ask Jon Gruden.
Jon Gruden or Sean Payton better be the next coach for the Colts
Would love to see the birds hire Duce as the Head Coach. He has played under Reid, Jon Gruden, Tomlin and Arians. That's saying something
Can we lay Jon Gruden coaching a rest, he's never going to coach again, same with Cowher.
Jon Gruden doesn't want to coach the Eagles?!! I like him.
hey Pat maybe you could give some encouraging words to help get Jon Gruden to coach in Indy.
serious question could MM be in trouble? Any chance say Jon Gruden would want to coach Rodgers?
I would LOVE Jon Gruden to be the Colts next Head Coach
The names I'm hearing fans for HC are HILARIOUS:. Jon Gruden?, are you nuts?!. Nick Saban?. You'd be lucky to get a HS coach.
If we fire chuck pagano I want Jon Gruden as our coach no ifs ands or buts
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Jon Gruden was traded for two first rounders, two second rounders and cash. SP is worth more than that.
I want Jon Gruden as the Cleveland Browns Head Coach.
I'd like to see Jon Gruden as the next Colts Head Coach
Jon Gruden coming out of retirement to coach Andrew Luck 👀
Jon Gruden and Sean Payton would be ideal hires in my opinion. I wish we would get an experienced Head Coach instead of a coordinator
Jon Gruden isn't gonna coach ever again. Lol.
So with this new ridiculous plan/structure, safe to cross off Chip and Jon Gruden from coach list.
I'd absolutely love to see Jon Gruden come out of retirement to coach the Colts, but I'll believe it when I see it.
Fisher is an idiotic *** Most overrated coach in history, right in front of Jon Gruden.
what do you think of Jon Gruden as next coach?
Eliot Wolf/Jon Gruden are leading the Browns in '16. Well, we know that won't happen so I will just dream until they hire a QB coach/lawyer.
Jon Gruden wants to coach the Colts. That's wild, man.
I hope the go after a coach with an Eagles background I'm hoping for Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden someone with championship experience.
please call Jon Gruden or a coach with a winning past and Head Coaching experience
This feels like a Head Coach who has total control type situation. Jon Gruden??
if coach pettine is let go the first phone call better be to Jon Gruden and tell him whatever he wants he can get
Not gonna lie, I love the idea of Jon Gruden as the coach of the Colts.
The year is 2084. Every time an NFL Head Coach is fired people still claim Jon Gruden, Tony Dungy, And Bill Cowher will come back to the NFL
I'd love to see Sean Payton or Jon Gruden the next Head Coach of the Colts
If rumor is true & Jon Gruden is interested 's search for new coach & GM should be over.
Ok Mike Shanahan & Jon Gruden want to coach at Indy. Lions will settle for Caldwell because they players love a players coach. Mediocrity
Jon Gruden for Colts Head Coach if Pagano is fired!! Also, fire Grigson!!!
Booms: If Ron Wolf is the guy, the Beeline is to get Jon Gruden.
Bill Callahan [OL], Sean Payton [QB], Jon Gruden [OC] and David Shaw [off. asst.] were all on Ray Rhodes' staff in 1997.
are expected to part ways with Mike Pettine following Sunday's game. Chip Kelly and Jon Gruden are top candidates …
I bet the Allstate guy/Dennis Duffy does a good Jon Gruden impression.
I like two of rays coaches he likes Sean Payton and Jon Gruden or the likes of Herm Edwards or Ron Jaworski
"Man, that Rex Burkhead is really something else. I'm gonna wear a foam corncob to bed tonight to honor of that Husker" -Jon Gruden
Pat Summerall has been dead a few years and can still call a better game than Jon Gruden
If you put Jon Gruden, Phil Simms, & Chris Collinsworth as Super Bowl commentators, everyone would watch it on mute to avoid getting dumber!
would have 2 Super Bowl if Al Davis didn't let go Jon Gruden
Jon Gruden: Drew Brees. I call him Sherlock Holmes ... because of his tremendous relationship with Watson.
Jon Gruden is masterful at making a game between two teams going nowhere sound like a game between two Super Bowl...
"Vader D2 Obi-Wan Banana.". breaking down Star Wars as Jon Gruden is everything you want it to be.
Today, made selections for our Sports Figure of the Year as Jon Gruden & Lou Holtz. https:/…
Jon Gruden on a Hooters boat is vintage Jon Gruden at his best
The only person more annoying in sports than Jon Gruden is John Brenkus of sports science
How can you not love Jon Gruden and Mike Tirico
Jon Gruden said Jordan Phillips should be ejected for this:.
Jon Gruden is right. Jordan Phillips should be ejected.
ESPN is the worst. They're awful. Jon Gruden needs to be fired. So does Chris Berman. SVP, Barry Melrose, and John Anderson are pretty good.
"Giants are going to have to outscore Miami" -Jon Gruden's key to a Giants win tonight on MNF. Somewhere, Magic Johnson …
"I like this clicker!" he shouts, as he rapidly, repeatedly rewinds the play. Jon Gruden is America's uncle
Some of the Genesis' that had INDY in the SuperBowl;Bettis, Clark,Herm Edwards,Jon Gruden,Jaworski,Wingo, Woodson
Jon Gruden: "What coverage are they even playing out there?". Donte Whitner: "We've got great coaches."
ICYMI…. Jon Gruden flat out trolls Northwestern alum Mike Greenberg with Rocky Top:
Seriously, listen to Jon Gruden go full Tennessee-fanboy at the 9:00 mark of this podcast. Purple Vandy is doomed. http…
"When you carry the ball like a loaf of bread against the Dallas Cowboys , bad things happen" Jon Gruden. Lmao. I love Jon Gruden.
Jon Gruden is the ESPN version of Cris Collinsworth.
Jon Gruden: "Well Mike This Jay Gruden fella, I like him. I like his hustle. Did you know he used to run from my noogies …
Jon Gruden: "I'll tell you what, man, Jay Gruden really reminds me of my brother, Jay."
I hope Jon Gruden commentates for a long time. He is one of the few i dont mind.
Reindeer games or football games? A December dilemma indeed. You know Mike Tirico, Jon Gruden, Lisa Salters & Chris Berman...
Watching in our Redskins Park studio. MNF production meetings across the hall. Trent Williams just blocked Jon Gruden.
Jon Gruden the only time Manziel wakes up is on a mountain of beer cans and whiskey bottles.
Jon Gruden is the Johnny Miller of football, man.
"The bottom line for the Browns is Manziel has the football ability to help revive this franchise." - Jon Gruden https…
...Sean Peyton, Urban Meyer or Jon Gruden as new coach. Goff or Michigan St Cook as new QB...
trust me he won't last 4 more years. His track record precedes him team only gets worse. Sean Peyton or Jon Gruden
Mike Tirico asked Jon Gruden on MNF do you like Football Jon? Jon said yes.Mike said good your going to Cleveland next week
"Hi, we're Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden and we have DirecTV." . "…And we're Trent Dilfer and Chris Berman and we have cable."
[Monday Night Football]. JON GRUDEN: And now it's time for Gruden Grinders. This week's Gruden Grinder is me, Jon Gruden. Mike Tirico: Wait,
Jon Gruden has become the John Madden of announcing. Please stop talking already...
Names that LSU boosters are tossing around to replace Les Miles: Jimbo Fisher, Dabo Swinney, Gary Patterson, and of course, Jon Gruden 😂
I'd hate to see Les Miles go. But I hear we're targeting Jumbo Fisher and Jon Gruden, also dabo Sweeney. Im...
Jon Gruden, Mel Kiper, Todd McShay and Mike Mayock. They were all critical of Cam and his game coming out of college.
Jon Gruden said once upon a time the only college team he'd coach is LSU.
Any chance of Jon Gruden coming to CLE?
Be worse if he brought you Jon Gruden as your team's Head Coach.
Jeff Fisher or Jon Gruden? This commit wants to see one coaching the Trojans in 2016.
I will love Jon Gruden if he can coach !!
"You never stay the same. You either get better or you get worse." – Jon Gruden
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