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Jon Favreau

Jonathan Kolia Jon Favreau (born October 19, 1966) is an American actor, director, screenwriter, voice artist, and comedian.

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can we get for Timone & Pumba in the live action make this happen!
Do you think Corporate Red is the new in Infinity War?
Bass player tonight looks like if Jon Favreau's Friends character gave up ultimate fighting & decided he wanted to be a super-rich bassist.
Obama's speech writer, Jon Favreau, gives tips on how to make your ideas stick.
look at that the top 2 summer films had PEPPERONY
I know... :/ really bad optics for this thing. "Optics!" Jon Favreau would be proud!
It should be a new parody tv series! I love to see more of it, Seth.
where is Chef Jon Favreau when you need him?!
At this point I'm not even gonna be picky just get Trevorrow off of Episode 9 and give it to like Jon Favreau or something
Iron Man 2 / Jon Favreau (2010). "I am Iron Man. The suit and I are one."
Mr. Bonetangles appeared in ‘Chef’ in 2014, but soon he and his puppeteer Will are leaving
Jon Favreau is getting married and I'm happy for him but sad for me
5/7/08 Iron Man. Still a great watch and one of the best origin stories to date. 2/2
5/7/08 Iron Man. No matter how you feel about superhero flicks, this one changed the film industry. 1/2…
Never saw any official to anti ur own character like marvel&Russo before.
Russo always diss ironman when they are far away from US.&rdj,but u are blind or u pretend to be blind
Let the rubbish-brothers damage ur first mcu hero abjectly again&again,how low ur marvel is!
Thanks to Binging with Bhabish, Imma gonna make that Chef's Jon Favreau Aglio olio!
How can Tony Stark die in Infinity War ?? We are waiting Iron Man 4 !!
Watching a late night movie you might remember, 'P.C.U'. Love it... it makes any bad day better.
I want to thank you for taking the time tonight to listen and engage on our DGA request. I've always been inspired your work.
Throwback to meeting Jon Favreau and changing my mind about the best way to make a sandwich ……
Just wait till you finish, you'll want Jon Favreau too.
I'm hard pressed to believe Scarlett Johansson was impressed by Jon Favreau in chef after he approached her with those weird garlic fingers.
Russo said they shamed on tony when he asked cap to return shield.So It's Official attitude?
Russo did everything disgusting to diss ironman and That's marvel's official attitude to ur first MCU hero.
And Russo shouted&required all ur teamstark fans to get out of CACW premiere in china in public last year.
Throwback to when Raegan got 2 work with the genius that is time we will never forget or take for gr…
I think we need a movie with Kat Dennings, Benedict Wong, Michael Peña & Jon Favreau teamed up: "The Zeppo" of the MCU. Yes?
Bedwetting cuckbois Jon Favreau Jon Lovett and Tommy Viator who were litera…
Snyder probably going to be in the Jon Favreau role that he has with Marvel post Iron Man 2.
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Jon Favreau has cast himself in Iron Man though, he's Happy the bodyguard. He's in a few of his films, including lead in Chef.
This is actually what Jon Favreau in CHEF was based on
that isn't needed like Aunt May or Jon Favreau or even Mary Jane and especially electro dude in the back
Jon Favreau on the Pressures of Bringing ‘The Lion King’ to Live-Action Life (Yahoo!)
FAV-RAWR!!!. Jon Favreau to direct Disney's live action Lion King movie. It's good to be king!.
Jon Favreau is terrified of screwing up The Lion King
Jon Favreau wants Beyoncé in his live action 'Lion King' movie. This must happen.
CBS has ordered The Big Bang Theory spinoff Young Sheldon straight to series. Jim Parsons will narrate. Jon Favreau is directing the pilot
Jim Parsons is a comic genius. I just love his timing. Looking forward to Jon Favreau directing, if that's true a…
you know who would make a good scar... Big E
send them a box of Booty o's just to make sure they aint booty...
Jon Favreau is just going to reboot all the Disney movies and make them great
James Earl Jones to reprise his role as MUFASA in Jon Favreau's THE Lion King LIVE ACTION REMAKE! . Why not just bring…
worst comes to worst, the New Day can be the three hyenas!
Donald Glover as Simba, and James Earl Jones returning as Mufasa... I can't wait for now.
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Same and I think it will be! With Jon Favreau behind the camera and the CGI there capable of using, it should be special!
Just heard that is doing Lion King with as Simba and as Mufasa. Who is scar?!? I mean I'm around😉
The "live-action" Lion King movie directed by is going to have as Simba and hang onto for Mufasa.
If the live action Lion King is anything like Jungle Book, give the championship.
New Simba Donald Glover and director Jon Favreau have great chemistry (Favreau’s son has Glover’s poster at home)
Donald Glover and James Earl Jones have been cast in Jon Favreau's live-action version of The...…
but how can you improve on perfection? The Lion King is my favourite Disney movie
Donald Glover and James Earl Jones will star in Jon Favreau's Lion King remake
and Caleb McLaughlin as young Simba, right??
Donald Glover will voice Simba in live-action remake of The Lion King
UPDATE: Jon Favreau casts Donald Glover and James Earl Jones in his live-action Lion King
Jon Favreau's 'Chef,' 'Veronica Mars' top first wave of Films
EuroTrip, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jon Favreau. Directed by Ingmar Bergman, music by Brandy. Budget: $300m
3. Chef. Jon Favreau's charming tale about adjusting to the difficulties that life can throw at you, is perfect Mon…
Crooked Media — Political podcasts, founded by Jon Favreau - on
Jon Favreau et al: "Hi, we're Crooked Media! Here to counteract Trump in the new media landscape!". America: "thank…
"Crooked Media"-name of new media co from Obama WH speechwriter Jon Favreau,Jon Lovett, ommy Vietor…
any plans to incorporate a satirical show like HARD NATION or CBB?
I know this isn't the point, but... Jon Favreau in that picture. ***
Obama White House veterans, including Jon Favreau and Tommy Vietor, launch Crooked Media, with a new podcast called…
Jon Favreau and Cody Keenan were key in POTUS speeches. Speech writers.
I consider Jon Favreau ridiculously more attractive than he objectively is (the former Obama speechwriter, not the stout guy from Iron Man).
HuffPo media ♦ NEW YORK ― If Hillary Clinton had won, Tommy Vietor, Jon Favreau and Jon Lovett would have kept…
soak your head. cupcake. mike you look like a depressed jon Favreau
The Wizard of Oz, starring Jon Favreau and Tom Hardy. Directed by Sam Raimi, music by Deceitful Existence. Budget: $250m
How cool would it be if (voice of Pre Vizsla in directed a film?!
Have you seen the movie Chef by Jon Favreau? — Have you seen Hair cake?
Hey Guys. You are all stealing the life of the Computer. Scientist from Bayonne NJ. . . .
Neel Sethi was chosen out of 2,000 child actors for the starring role as Mowgli in The Jungle Book . h…
I love how *** is resting right on top of Seth's head!!!
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Ok, I'm in. 🎬🎥 Not to mention Happy is in the picture.
it's like that Chef movie with jon favreau.
How about getting some reusable water bottles??
so is Bobbi not coming back for AOS
yeah it was supposed to be that way and Jon favreau my guy so anything with him in it is dope
I too have cried on an airplane watching a movie.
feeling honored to be QC graduate along with you
. Elated to witness your next latest and greatest feat every step of the way. I know you'll do right by it! . ❤️🦁👑
Blu-Ray featurette: "You have a good story you're all telling together; then good things…
Let me be the first to say that Jon Favreau's Jungle Book is really, really good.
Hey Guys. You all are using the life of a Computer Scientist Genius from Bayonne NJ. . .
Daniel Craig has the strong blue eyes, the gunfighter glare. He looks so much like Steve McQueen in The Magnificent Seven. - J…
Chef is a 2014 American comedy-drama film written, produced, directed by and starring Jon Favreau, and co-starring…
His roster includes Jon Favreau, Gore Verbinski and Zhang Yimou. read more more Source:: Hollywood...
John Podesta doesn't entirely know what this is about...but Jon Favreau does?
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
CELEBRATING _ John Lithgow is 71. Ty Pennington is 52. Jon Favreau is 50. South Park co-creator Trey Parker is 47. Chris Kattan is 46.
I appreciate Jon Favreau's commentary but he has such a punchable face. He's a prettier Josh Lyman.
Jon Favreau is doing a Lion King remake? I'm in but it has to be the same voice cast. James Earl Jones, Matthew Broderick, Moira Kelly, etc.
'The Lion King' will return with 'Jungle Book' director Jon Favreau go to
Iron Man 2 (2010) Dir. Jon Favreau. This is him posing as Larry King. Doppelganger.
Jon Favreau will once again play Happy Hogan. He will appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming. It's in cinemas July 2017.
I vote Andrew Adamson, but I'll also accept Ridley Scott, Jon Favreau, Duncan Jones and James Wan to direct Narnia movies. :)
Jon Favreau, Dom Deluise, Richard Lewis, Peter Falk sit down and have a lovely talk and nosh. Stan Lee and Kev Smith.
Watching "Chef" -- this movie, I can't even. Oliver Platt? Dustin Hoffman? John Leguizamo? Sofia Vergara? In a Jon Favreau movie? So good.
The Jungle Book director Jon Favreau is happy with Saif Ali Khan’s Indian remake of Chef!
The Marvel Cinematic universe may have been created on the backs of Jon Favreau & Joss Whedon, but it's the Russo brother…
Go behind the scenes with director Jon Favreau and see how was brought to life.
Agreed. Saw it this weekend and was simply blown away.
8 years ago today, Jon Favreau, Robert Downey Jr, and a host of others launched what would become one of the ...
i saw the Jungle Book with my boy yesterday. Great job! Thank you for this and all your projects.
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really enjoyed watching the film Chef after a weekend of foodie activities with
IronMan started it all. started it all. *** happened https:/…
.needs to direct Iron Man 4 with The Mandarin. Marvel should let HIM make it and not cram world building ht…
update - definitely forgot how absolutely nuts Jon Favreau is in this movie
Jon Favreau ponders his Iron Man future, would direct IM4 if... via
amazing version of my favourite Disney movie
movie was incredible and the perfect rendition of my favourite Disney classic. Congrats Go…
Jon Favreau is a great director. He deserves way more credit than he gets.
Is it possible to see you make your return to Marvel to direct movie?
Jon Favreau could return to direct in the "Iron Man" franchise if the story is great. (
8 years ago, kickstarted the MCU and took career to new heights. And now...
I have just watched for the first time. Bravo, sir! There's no other word in any language that fits better. Bravo!
Seeing going to that extent just for a facial expresion shot, it's really inspiring !
More than 50 different animal species were digitally created for 🐍 🐯 h…
Happy 8 year anniversary of the first Iron Man
On a side note, with Chef then Jungle Book, Jon Favreau is making me feel very conflicted about eating meat.
Eight years ago, the world met on the big screen. I saw it 13 times. Thanks &
After Nolan, my favorite comic book movie directors are Jon Favreau and the Russo brothers
A modern Masterpiece - Storytelling in its highest form by . A must see in the theatre.
The unintended lessons in Jon Favreau’s ‘The Jungle Book’: A note from Alyssa: Stacia will be writ...
It's been 8 years since Iron Man came out. THANK YOU &
My only Jungle Book comment: more cowbell! . (Seriously, major kudos to Jon Favreau for the cowbell in a Chris Walken scene)
Scarlet Johansson and Jon Favreau are the same person.
Shot with Jon Favreau and Edith Bowman at the Apple Store in Covent Garden.
just watched your replace Zack Snyder vid, it would be an ultimate coup to get Jon Favreau to be DCs Kevin. Just sayin
Jon Favreau was set to make a Magic Kingdom movie (with Mickey etc) for ages, really hope they let him do it now.
Kermode and Mayo's Film Review, with Jon Favreau, Eye In The Sky reviewed by Mark Kermode
If only Jon Favreau directed and Neel Sethi was casted as Batman and Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor.
Have you guys ever seen Chef by Jon Favreau
I just wrote 4 pages on Swingers. Specifically how fat Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn got.
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Chris Moltisanti telling Janeane Garofalo to call Sandra Bernhard a 'buklak' on the set of a fake Jon Favreau *** outlaw movie wow
Thanks for the RT! Here's a special thank you from our director, Jon Favreau.
What is Jon Favreau's greatest career highlight?
"Until the dawn, . Let's Jon Favreau and Chef it on". -Charlie Puth
really looking forward to watching in April
Just watched film and loved it. My only complaint is that it made me so hungry!
pass the corn starch I'm in the mood
Walt Disney Records to release soundtrack album for 'The Jungle Book' feat. music by
The lack of blue check mark has got me confused. Are you the actual Jon Favreau? The one with the speechwriting?
'The Replacements' is where I met Jon Favreau, and we just clicked like, yo...
The score for will be released April 15
.outlines D case against Rubio (which he acknolwedges will be harder to make than against Cruz/Trump)
Why thinks Rubio would be easier to beat in general election than first appears: via
Right, republicans should totally listen to Jon Favreau
Acting is the most fun. I like to do it and it's great that I can still do ...
So, will we see this electric plane at the Stark Expo ?
I like Jon Favreau's reason for Monica's breakup.
On your way to achieving your career goals, did you ever really have to motivate yourself? Or was there constant drive?
thank you so much for "Chef" it's a beautiful and inspirational movie
Just watched with my husband. Loved it! Sweet story with happy ending! Thanks for making great movies!
Please help start up the mobile kitchen! via
Watching 'Chelsea Does' the other day I thought of series 'Dinner for Five'. I'd love to see a new series of it on
From the archive: Director Jon Favreau interviews Harrison Ford about Cowboys and Aliens.
In your upcoming movie "Magic Kingdom", does the Magic Kingdom act as a portal network to the Disney multiverse?
I'd pay to see a Swingers sequel. Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau living in the Valley, talking about auditioning for web series.
gosh darn it do I need to black this acc to?
Yeah you could say and I are excited about
I already watched two times the 's "Chef" Film and I'm pretty sure I'll watch it again... Thanks for that good film.
Jon Favreau originally wanted to direct this film, which he planned to turn into a comedy -
There was a great crowd for Pinnochio tonight at – including Jon Favreau and Robert Forster. Where were you?
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I have the hearts for President Obama's former speech writer Jon Favreau's mind. 😍😍😍 the way he wrote,how quickly he picked Barack's mind 🙌👌
Jon Favreau felt more believable as a chef than Bradley Cooper. He just made more sense in that type of role
Jon Favreau, JJ Abrams, Harold Ramis, Paul Feig, Jason Reitman, Joss Whedon. I can't think of another show with such a deep bench.
Jon Favreau's excellent film 'Chef' is getting a Bollywood makeover—but who will star? -
That's Jon Favreau, the good one, not the dbag speechwriter.
If there was ever a movie about Chris Christie, I'm pretty sure Jon Favreau would play him.
Enjoyed Chef with Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr, music top aces spotted, and Gary Clark Jr. Sweet.
Conversation with John Lasseter moderated by Jon Favreau for the 20th…
"you're so money and you don't even know it" - Swingers. Vince Vaughn's character to Jon Favreau's character, trying to cheer him up
Jon Favreau: "The day I knew everything was going to be okay was the day that Robert Downey Jr. was attached to play Iron Ma…
😁 i love this scene. "Chef 2014 Movie, Food Critic scene, Jon Favreau vs Oliver Platt" on YouTube -
Totally forgot Jessica Walter and Jon Favreau were in
Required technical expert, ironman, elf director Jon Favreau: Spent time with Richard Sherman , composer of JB music.
enjoying Close Up on but it makes me also want more Dinner for Five with
Yeah I just finished watching Bojack Horseman now. Last night I watched that Jon Favreau movie Chef. That was *** good.
yo what a film though gotta learn how to make me a Cubano amazing stuff!!
IRONMAN poster art. finished! Design by directed by Jon Favreau Studios
hit a home run with Chef. Highly recommend it. Great soundtrack. Now on
[Movie Talk] Burnt Trailer: The Gritty Remake of Jon Favreau's Chef is Here see more
I totally need to do this for Brian Murphy. Just all eyes and hand movements.
kills in The subtle and hilarious
93,978 signatures We are still waiting! Please pick up
I find myself attracted to Jon Favreau
This is the simplest yet most tasty dish you can ever make and eat , I could eat it every night.
Don't worry, there was a penny attached to it ;-)
This isn't true, but I like to imagine that Burnt is just a gritty remake of Jon Favreau's 2014 film Chef. It's...
People that have directed episodes of The Office: Joss Whedon, JJ Abrams, Harold Ramis, Jon Favreau and Jason Reitman. ***
trying to watch Chef bc of the nice food in it but jon favreau has cast sofia vergara as his wife and Scarlett Johansson as his girlfriend
so eleven Jon Favreau's from The Replacements? Totally in.
just watched Chef. Great movie. Just plain storytelling. No traps of typical screenplays, just a great story. Loved it.
I believe it is bad luck to give or be given a knife. You should pay her a nickle just for CYA.
Iron Man (2008 film) poster art by Leonardo Directed by .
Watched "Chef" again. I almost can taste everything in the film. Then I disappoint myself by eating a bland lunch.
Got an amazing chef's knife from for my birthday today. She was inspired by on this one.
Starring Vince Vaughn, directed by Jon Favreau, written by Christopher Titus.
Order Up, with a Side of Social Media: . The movie Chef, starring Jon Favreau, John Leguizamo, and Sofia Verga...
screen in the best possible way. Dudes like Jon Favreau, the Russo bros, Joss Whedon, Kenneth Branagh and James Gunn are putting in work to
I think it's about time someone do a Fountainhead movie remake.
Jon Favreau's Pete on was one of the most challenging characters for Marta.
Kauffman said she never connected with Jon Favreau's character Pete on
Warning this movie makes you hungry and want to marry 🍲🍴👰🏾
Prep for bday bbq while listening to soundtrack best movie soundtrack?
So Entourage was a fun movie. I love Ari...always nails it! PLUS we got AND refs!
Jon Favreau and Scarlett Johansson were in a relationship in They seemed more Friends With Benefits, if anything, to me...
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My son Ethans Bar Mitzvah is coming up & was hoping you'd consider sending me a quick “Congrats / Mazel Tov Ethan” video?
Can't help but love PCU on rn. at their most young and best selves. Generational Classic!!!
What are your predictions for the NBA finals?
Jon Favreau is one of the highlights of 'The Replacements'.
Every time I watch Chef, it inspires me to be more creative at my own craft.
just watched Chef. Mighty fine piece of work there.
Spread the salute if the GOP and Dems don't represent you.
The moment you realize you know the entire Iron Man's movie dialogues from memory. Piece of art
Just saw Chef with the lovely Nice is underserved is our world. The movie is a welcome treat.
Vince Vaughn is very charming, but Jon Favreau in Chef and Friends was super charismatic. I think Favreau wins, sorry
Who has more charisma: Vince Vaughn or Jon Favreau?. I say Vaughn, my wife says Favreau.
Read Jon Favreau’s Full Commencement Address to College of the Holy Cross via
How badly are they trying to ruin star wars?
for sure. I really enjoyed that interview
Thanks for thinking of me on my birthday. It's so cool to use😃 I feel so lucky!
Thanks to Jon Favreau this is what I see when any AC/DC song comes on
then you obviously haven't had a good right They are
possibly a Boba Fett movie about a fight between him and Han Solo with Jon Favreau directing?. jesus please
Watchin 's "chief" trying to figure out who looks better or that sexy grilled cheese.
If is ever in my area of N.C., I invite him to a day of shooting and cooking out at our range. Bring
Hey we're still here how about you amazing cast/crew
Jon Favreau doesn't get enough credit for literally kickstarting the marvel universe
As the Director of he is one of the founding architects of the He's already a legend!
I think can do no wrong... He should get into the Universe! Its a moral imperative!
The Wolf of Wall Street: The cast includes three prominent directors in acting roles: Rob Reiner, Spike Jonze, and Jon Fav…
Watching Chef. A. Is Marlon Brando playing Jon Favreau? B. No food truck could make it from Miami to LA.
we all watched chef last night. True passion true inspiration
Rumour: Matthew Vaughn/Jon Favreau up for 2nd STAR WARS spinoff; focuses on Han Solo/Boba …
Here's a post that won't disappoint. at for
are you interested in checking our live action that went to Cannes & Comic-Con?
..then again, Jon Favreau's the one writing the script AND acting as Carl. You do the math. /wags eyebrows/
LOVING how did their social media inserts. Better late then never
That knows how to write and direct great gods *** movies! Chef was quite the gem!
just found out we have the same birthday! So cool, especially with such a good director :D
One of Jon Favreau's lesser known films but in my opinion one of his best — watching Chef (film)
Finally watched "Chef". Stellar story & acting. But I know just made it to eat all the best US food and goddam I'm jealous.
| Not to mention that the movie itself (Chef) has been pretty awesome so far
Glad I bought great movie, every time I watch it I still get pulled right in. Highly underrated.
When I grow up, I want to be an avenger.
Watching ...and it makes me wanna cook- like I feel anyways!
Don't talk about Tank Abbott like he didn't murder Jon Favreau in that episode of Friends.
I’m gonna put this stuffin for the media noches!
The Thark bookie is Jon Favreau; he was originally going to direct this movie for Paramount.
Had a lot of TV to binge tonight but instead got sucked into Chef movie. Cuban sandwiches and beignets forever.
Props to and crew on their brilliant work in "Chef". New fav, can't stop watching!
Watched the movie 'Chef' & thought it was great! It showcases Miami, New Orleans & Texas...3 places rooted deep in my heart. 😊
Just watched on fantastic movie. Been awhile since I've seen such a good story. Highly recommended!
I have a movie idea that you would be perfect for. I want nothing in return. Song/Title-You Raise me up.
just watched Thanks for making a fantastic movie. My son & I loved it.
Chef by Jon Favreau. If you haven't seen it and you love food watch it. Magnifique!
John Fox is also here tonight. Where are Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn with their beautiful babies?
Watching one of my favorite movies did such a good job! inspired
I feel like Jon Favreau was probably at some party, really high and someone said "I bet you couldn't make a movie called Cowboys & Aliens"
re-watching Chef with a Cubano of my own courtesy of
I loved and was extremely impressed with the direction of Great music and food presented in the film. 👏👏👏
What kind of food is featured in the film?
Watched Chef this evening. Congratulations - what a wonderful film 😄
Just watched "Chef" Nice film with 1 flaw, no way Jon Favreau could land either of the 2 love interests.
Sorry, it is Dinki-Di, Still, your cameo would be priceless!!!
Any chance of you doing a cameo enjoying the Dinky Dog food in the second film?
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Enjoyed the film, I now want to run food truck!!
Watching Jon Favreau interview Martin Scorsese...them gems in this interview
Last year with in front of my exhibition thrilled we'll be re-opening for 2015!
Comedy Film taking on the student loan issue:
Sat drinking a nice cold beer watching in Chef, an absolutely amazing film!!
Been listening to you since you had on your podcast. Friend turned me on to you and inspiring, interesting show.
just watched chef = 5 ⭐️'s, very cool to see A list cast in smaller budget film
took a break from editing the series I created/produced/starred in to watch Chef. I loved it. Thank you, sir. You inspire me.
I feel as though might've been a good movie if was replaced with the robot from
What's one movie you'd love to remake and direct?
You make the most fascinating and interesting films. If you ever need a production assistant or script supervisor, CALL ME!
Man, I wish that I could have been a production assistant when you made this film. Heck, even just for the food alone! :-D
I definitely will be adding "CHEF" to my Blu-Ray collection. Almost forgot, the music was great too! Made you want to dance.
"CHEF" hits the mark on so many levels. Self-discovery, passion for life, being true to oneself, the power of social media, etc
OMG just watched your film "CHEF" on BluRay! Why haven't I heard about before? Talk about a hidden gem. The film is great Jon.
Chef is even better the second time! (though it's my wife's first 😉)
If anyone is looking for a good movie on I highly suggest shows his various areas of talent..amazing movie.
Wow..."Chef" was awesome. Wife and I loved every minute..that is entertainment!!...Thank you Jon..
LOVED that.. watched it a few times.
CHEF is a movie where Jon Favreau is dating Scarlett Johansson and was married to Sofia Vergara.
Somehow the movie is making Jon Favreau super hot.
I know its a stretch but I have novella you could adapt which is fast paced and action packed. Its called Carny Folk
just watched again. Did you cook all that food?
My Netflix pick tonight: the movie Chef by & with Jon Favreau. LOVED it! Sweet and tasty flick.
is this the moment of conception for Tony Stark? Cc
Staying in tonight? Our pic this weekend is Chef from director and actor
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