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Jon Evans

Jon Evans (born 1973) is a Canadian novelist and journalist.

Scott Joplin

Join us Thursday, February 23rd at 7 pm for our Faith and Suffering Series. Fr. Jon Evans will cover a Christian pe…
Playing outside Jon Evans has improved him as a 10 IMO.
I hope it ends in a tie so everyone can be happy.
All the haters and losers must admit that, unlike others, I never attacked dopey Jon Stewart for his phony last name.…
Jon Daniels '99 won two World Series as GM of the Texas Rangers. Billy Evans 1905 was the 1st baseball executive with the title of GM.
his name is Jon Rees Evans see on LBC he is awesome got a tingle listening
Jon Rees Evans will be the new UKIP leader watch LBC UKIP DEBATE WOW
I'm going to take that as a compliment because Chris Evans is a stud. ;)
(2/2) began it, then tagged gave it a facial, Jon Evans did acupressure. Ready for the runway.
Jon UKIP needs to boot out the likes of Carswell, Evans and Hamilton. Otherwise it's finished.
Fiscal thoughts looks at this .. jon H
A positive story to finish my day. Nandan urges to keep chasing goal of a factory seat . by
& Thomas evans, jon gaunt and many more say free speech but block
From the Jon Evans album of the day. Pretty self explantory I'd say.Eehaw !! via
Hyundai rally boss urges Elfyn Evans to not give up on factory drive: Jon Desborough's WRC report
Blame the less well paid for working hard, but not hard enough. Or perhaps employers need to be paying more (some...
Jon Lester must think he's or something trying to call his own balls and strikes
- Photoshoot by Jon Gorrigan Photography for The Telegraph. source/via :
.in Bulgari for The Telegraph, shot by Jon Gorrigan, via 😍 😍 😍
Amazing pics of in for the via Photoshoot
How did I not know about Throwback Thursday with Jon Evans and fysherman Jake on backwell school radio?!?!? What a discovery I have made
2 former champs finally face off. They were set to fight in 2011, but Evans got hurt & Jon Jones took his place
we are cycling from John O'Groats to Lands End to raise money for Any chance of a RT?
Good luck to my brother Trying to make a dream a reality,A lot of respect for that. Not enough people do the abo…
From the new Jon Evans album, More of This, That and T'Other, Chabrier's Danse Villageoise on
Another new album from THE AUDIOPOND - More This, That & T' Other featuring Jon Evans on synth.
High-profile militant Jon Ritzheimer flees home to Arizona hours before feds spring trap
Supporter Jon Evans carried our flag to the edge of the Etosha Pan in Namibia. Impressive.
From the new album Clementi, Sonatina No 1, Opus 36, performed by Jon Evans on
A new release from THE AUDIOPOND - The music of Muzio Clementi performed by Jon Evans available FREE at
Paula MeeMaw Evans Qwonteria Evans Sici Ecto Clara Evans Jon Cartier this how I'm go be at the reunion
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I was fortunate to meet Jon on a few occasions and have the odd chat. A lovely man. He'll be proud of you all for sure x
giving that this is the first album without Jon, did it surprise you how uplifting it became? Was it inspired by Jon's outlook?
Jon Flanagan looks like a 10 year old who has gone to a fancy dress party dressed as Lee Evans.
Free ebook: The Night of Knives by Jon Evans via
Jon Jones, who beat Machida, Evans & trt-belfort, pulled out due to fear of Chael Sonnen. Yeah, right.
Happy Monday everyone! There are new releases of Rails with important security fixes, and you should upgrade:
Masters County Closed has kicked off with Jon Evans vs. Ron Freeman.
➨ - The Night Of Knives by Jon Evans is on eBooksHabit! Get it now:
Pastor Pastor Evans was AMAZING!! My family and I are truly very humbled by his message and cannot wait for his return!!
Jon Toral's stunning strike for was one of our highlights of the weekend. What was your favourite goal?.
"Life is like a hurricane here in Duckburg." How would you punctuate that to match the song?
Twiing air. Ahenema Chuck Taylors. Infatuated . 40ghc to enter champs and gnash. Jon
Pastor Jimmy Evans will be here this weekend! Bringing a powerful message about Transforming our Minds!. ht…
Must add to this list Patch from Jon Evans' Beasts of New York. A worthy squirrel if ever there was one.
so Evans is better than Redfern Wow
different class though .somebody at our level we'll struggle to get better than Evans
Replacements: Andrew Hughes and Stuart Nicholas on, Jedd Evans and Jon Fox off
Lankelly Chase are taking an intelligent approach to funding, so looks an interesting job for the right comms person
Sici Ecto Paula MeeMaw Evans Clara Evans Jon Cartier please someone tell me wth is this
Ullberg leads out the Flames, Weller-Evans leads out the Bison and between the pipes Jon Baston
New drunk screencast: The Trials and Tribulations of `try` in Ruby on Rails
I'm pretty sure that's actually Ched Evans.
Jon Macken for me upfront probably more known than Evans
Jawun Evans: in your programs in our hearts
For real, Jawun Evans of Oklahoma State may be the best point guard in the Big 12. Kid is going to be special. Can't b…
From his new album, A Bit of This, That and T'Other, Tarrega's Recuerdos se la Alhambra played on synth by Jon Evans
Sir Harry Evans was saying that exact same thing on Channel 4 News last night. Very last item, from memory, if yr interested
Jon Barry is too kind. Pels just suck bro. Health ain't gonna make Tyreke Evans & Norris Cole not dumb.
A new album of Classics from Jon Evans FREE at The AudioPond, A Bit of This, That & T' Other
I just uploaded "NEW SEASON OF DUB ON THE DART 16TH JAN 2016" to Mixcloud. Listen at
I just uploaded "Dubclass live on Dub on The Dart soundartradio 07/11/15" to Mixcloud. Listen at
even Evans white rhino would dog the tundra
“I felt unsafe since the moment I stepped on this campus” hunger strike protester Jon Butler
Jon Evans of Aerospace talking about acquiring Aerospace @ Defense & Aerospace Trade Summit
thanks for sharing Jon Evans, have a great Monday :) (insight by
Danny Evans interviewed me for my alma mater newspaper asked me lots of smart q's. Thanks, sir!
Mike Evans is trash man. Dude gives like 50% effort on the field.
Here's what I thought about when I found out Jon Evans was eliminated from the Survival pool:
A BIG shake-up in the Survival Football pool. Jon Evans has been eliminated after the heavily favored Saints lost to the Titans.
offer wasn't accepted, but I was going after Evans, so I wouldn't consider that selling low.
Evans, Steve Johnson, Lewis or Langford in the flex? Cheers!
Tor Wars: The Signal Awakens. By Jon Evans The long arm of the law wants ever more eyes, if…
Scott Wootton to injure 3 players in training - 4/1, Evans to sit on Mowatt 5/1, Cellino to insist Bianchi starts at W…
Mobile, ecosystems and the death of PCs Fascinating article from
Our house has become a shrine to Jon Klassen. This is the nursery...
Website Builder 728x90
Apex is ranked as a Tier 1 set in Chambers and Partners 4 ranked juniors Jon Rees, Sue Ferrier and Tim Evans
I'd like to go throw knives into trees.
In the next couple weeks, both Rachel Held Evans & Jon Acuff are coming to Lipscomb. Best November ever.
flex, d Lewis, lacy, Langford, Mike Evans or stevie Johnson? I've got a feeling it's Lewis?
Faasuka Lutu, Tracy Rusk Windsor, Todd Evans got this email today! Kern County is now in LA County locality pay.
trade offer Maclin for lynch? Leaves me with moncrief, watkins, evans and floyd.
really appreciate the healthy debate here & that ppl learned from each other without hostility. We need more of this, good on ya
From the upcoming Jon Evans album, Rachmaninoff, featuring the piano works of Sergei Rachmaninoff
any of Jim Fox, Darryl Evans, Jon Rosen are good guests. Of players Matt Greene or Doughty or Lucic would be good guests
Grieg's Praeludium arranged for piano by Jon Evans on
who's on after Icahn? Elliot Spitzer or Jon Corzine? Cause CNBC is THE unbiased source for mkt news
Chris Evans Directs and Stars in BEFORE WE GO on Blu-ray - by
Teaser: Who played more minutes for Ireland. Mickey Evans or Jon Macken?
Crabtrreee , james jones, mike evans, and jon brown can only start 3
From the upcoming Jon Evans album, of compositions, Sketches, A Little Sonata in C# Major.
Step out of the rain and drop in to the Trowbridge Magna Carta Expo today. Devision CEO, Jon Evans, can advise on *** h…
Jon Stewart calls out Fox News for a double standard in covering Ferguson and Benghazi.
I been ineligible for all today help?
ChiFed's Evans: higher uncertainty about tomorrow requires looser policy today
In celebration of J S Bach's birthday from Jon Evans' album The HUUUGE Organ Set the Trio Sonata in C minor
Evans is getting ready for the post match shower with the Rotherham lads
Kieran Lee might just shut Evans up long enough for him to concentrate on his own team now
Least Evans can carry on talking about us..
from Mozart's Concerto 7 for 3 pianos 3rd Mvt-Rondo Allegro by Jon Evans on
Ember leadership vs React leadership! Now with more nonsense!
Writing about while drinking. Probably a good idea.
Did someone liveblog it? I'd like to review the highlights.
A delightful Chopin Variation for the end of the perfect day performed by Jon Evans on
Jon Fox Davies & Rob Evans enjoying the sun in Rome today. Charming the fans :).
BREAKING: Fed's Evans comments on FOMC statement, says he's comfortable w/ removal of "patient" (via
I made a thing. Filler images that make you say "aww"
Today is “Embetterment Day” at when we get time for self-directed skill development and creativity. Who else d…
Jon Evans brushes his teeth with blood.
A little silliness for International Happiness day Purple Goulash Tango by Jon Evans on
The BAND has arrived in Manila. Band = music band = Jon, Dan, Sandy, Josh
I tried to spray somebody with axe but I ended up spraying myself
Saddle up your CSS and ride off into the sunset! “Cleaning Up CSS with Components” by …
So excited to have Jon Evans Wect support for Make-A-Wish Eastern North Carolina with us! Get your tickets now...
Luke Evans is an actor.. he was in the Hobbit (played Bard) and in Dracula Untold. Jon Kortajarena is a Spanish male model.
ot, but what do you think about Luke Evans and Jon Kortajarena? Did you know they're dating? I think they make a cute couple:)
My beautiful baby boy Trent Jonathan Evans. Named after one of my idols.
Jon Evans is all the Hanson brothers rolled into one.minus the stupidity plus a wife beater.
Jon it's a real problem 😭 im gonna come back to uni 5 stone heavier
Do we give our Data Stewards a Sword or Machine Gun?. Scary choices from Jon Evans at
Winning hearts and minds is essential to ongoing DQ control Jon Evans for
Jon Evans talking "data world peace" as goal. warns us that peace is that quiet bit between conflicts
Jon Evans at "being a consultant i talk about stuff I don't really know". Love it :-)
So.. What I learned at was Jon Evans home address, date of birth, and other data.
Next up Jon Evans to talk about Data Quality Weaponry - How to win the battle without losing the war
From the Jon Evans' album, The Nutcracker, The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy a la Synth.
This house needs to be clean let me put my trash here and walk out
Foto: Luke Evans  with his rumored boyfriend, model Jon Kortajarena, in NYC
Great night of Jiving planned for tonight at Beeston - DJ Jon Brett will once again be bashing out all your...
Better known as Chopin's Souvenir de Paganini, the Variations in A Major from Jon Evans' album, A Pianoforte and Him
Uploaded "Tim B Riviera Rockers back 2 back Dub show 28/02/15" to listen now!
Thx 4 following! Our main acct is now would luv 4 u 2 follow. & feel free 2 connect w/ our CEO
Don't know if the rumours are true, but Luke Evans and Jon K. would have made such a hot couple.
Photoset: stealthymagic: Luke Evans steps out with his rumored boyfriend, model Jon Kortajarena, for lunch...
Nice story in Commons - Con MP Jon Evans described standing against Michael Foot 40 yrs ago; Footie gave him copy of his Biog of Nye Bevan
Jon Evans, is talking about Bitcoin - Creating Wealth - Jason Hartman on Radio Ear Network Project
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for the past two hours and I have been stalking Jon Kortajarena and Luke Evans ! we are in school and we're freaking out 😍😍
c'mon Verno, should have asked Kosta why he blocked
One of the best reads this year! Foundation And Big Data via by Jon Evans
Ethan *** and Jon Morris scored the tries while Dave Evans kicked 4 points. Full report to follow.
"Louisville is the worst top 10 team I've ever seen" - Jon Evans
LVG finally understands the Premier League. Get Evans off & play with pace & passion.
BREAKING NEWS:. Ched Evans will not be signing for Liverpool. "The idea is repulsive and disgusting and I won't allow it", …
Accidentally refers to jon evans as my dad
Horsemans Hill are disappointed to announce that Jon Evans has decided to hang up his Tuesday night boots. Jon has played for over 15 years with us and will be missed. Thanks for the memories Jonno.
Pick a number. Early Evans speak easy horse gambling wheel. Jon .. you get first shot... let us know
Uh oh I'm getting hyper over Luke Evans and Jon Kortajarena again djmsnfmd d
Tbh, that LvG's presser got me sick. So there's no better defender available. Fabian Schar is better than Jon "Tryna use my Left foot" Evans
A synthesiser interpretation from the Jon Evans album, Potpourri on
New edition of "Rory or Jon?" Recording "Playonbrother Sessions" with the one and only Alan Evans circa...
Interested in a Hear about how they can help you kick off your career:
In waiting for the IT guy to help us put Sexy Chris Evans on every screen in our office, I learn The Scorpion King 4 is a movie that exists
I'll take sexy Chris Evans over boring CNN any day of the week.
"2 inflict cruelties on defenseless creatures, is 2 abuse one of the cardinal tenets of a civilized society" - Dr. Jon Evans
SPORTS PLUS Tonight from 6.25 BFBS EXTRA with Julian Evans & Ed Draper look out for our Mountain biking feature
2014 Evans Award winner Jon Elmore talks about his new school, new team and new coach
My amazing friend Jenny Evans is for Donate to Jenny's page
Time to watch the fight between Jon Jones and Rashad Evans
Am I seeing things or does Cardale Jones carry the ball like Vince Evans sometimes (i.e. not holding laces)?
So everyone is watching the football game and no one is watching the fight with Jon Jones and Rashad Evans!?
When you find out Ashlee Evans Smith was suspended for testing positive for diuretics and Jon Jones got away w/ coke.
Scarlatti's delightful Sonata in E, scored for piano from Jon Evans' newly released album, Music of the Baroque
I wanna live with Jon and take online schooling so I don't have to deal with people 😩
Big Jon Evans has been better than Luiz this season, christ
2014 Evans Award winner Jon Elmore has taken his first class at Marshall and will join the Herd hoops program
MP urges to set up commission to look at case of rapist & ex star Ched Evans.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
The new album, Music of the Baroque by Jon Evans, is now available free at
I just woke up for a second and i realized somethimg... Chris Evans plays Captain America AND previously played...
Chris Evans has a good beard. Jon's beard is just sksbsjbdjsnsbj though
Richard Keyes. Stan Collymore. Jon Gaunt. Ched Evans' missus. Old Holborn. I think that - as the mongs say - is
'Dionysus (or Bacchus Bas Relief abstract Slate Carving statue)' by Jon Evans is now available from
'Crucifix (Hand Carved Wood Crucfixion statuettes)' by Jon Evans is now available from ArtParkS
'Celtic Triskele Pattern (Traditional Wall Design Slate Panel)' by Jon Evans is now available from
'Woman in Slate (Carved Outline Low Relief Primitive nude carving statu' by Jon Evans is now available from
Other attendees at Jon Pitt, president of Thelma Pitt, Dan Cowley & Vicky Evans of
"People always are quick to point fingers at Casillas. The last time he conceded a goal was vs Neymar in the Clasico" Jon
"I call him Odell Beckham Jr. because his dad's name is Odell Beckham Sr." - Uncreative Jon Gruden
"That catch by Odell Beckham Jr was amazing, man... But some of the ones he misses are even better." - Jon Gruden voice
u like Beckham more than Evans and Watkins?
I know the Ched Evans coming to Chester FC is all a joke, but I would like to go on record to say - Ched, you're a cun…
Mike Evans for rookie of the year. Maybe Jon brown
Which two receivers do I start with Mike Evans? Doug Baldwin, Kendal Wright, or Allen Hurns?
Need to start 4 of five. Starting Demaryius Thomas, Dez Bryant. I need 2 of 3. Josh Gordon, Mike Evans or Emanuel Sanders
From the new Jon Evans album, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor's Le Caprice de Nannette on
Taken from UKIP Deputy Chairperson Suzanne Evans 2014 book, "Why Vote UKIP". Share the love!!
Me and handled on fries today at work😂🙌
Lee Evans is so good that the audience thought he was making a joke when announcing his retirement.
It's that time again so in celebration Grumpy New Year arranged and played by Jon Evans on
Last ditch tackle by Llangefni as Jon Evans was through on goal
For whomsoever it may concern,Footloose written and played by Jon Evans on
Sorry to go against the masses, but I agree with Jon Phipps over the Ched Evans fiasco. Justice must be done and seen to be done.
julian Evans & Charlie Thomas with you from 6.25 BFBS Extra for SPORTS PLUS. Sports Awards plus Red Rose Rugby
I'm not going to get into a debate with you Jon about Ched Evans. He has rightly been dropped.
Remind me, did the FA say it was "concerned" about a convicted rapist returning to the professional game?.
From the new Jon Evans Album Jon Evans plays Samuel Coleridge-Taylor on
deny Ched Evans permission to train, though by providing such inviting training facilities they are clearly ‘asking…
Chris Evans is beautiful. He could do anything and I still would
Hoped 4 fairness facts from Kelly other POTUS' did same as PBO: Boehner refuse bi-partisan http:…
Find the new Jon Evans album free hereTHE AUDIOPOND - Coleridge-Taylor
No brief for Evans, they all behaved badly. But there was nowhere near enough evidence for a rape conviction. Ridiculous
a violent, premeditated revenge rapist was sent down last week for the same sentence as Evans. A joke. read the summaries.
It's irrelevant to bring him up. I don't know much about Assange, hence why I was talking about Evans and not him
Watching Captain America for the first time. My god it's dull! It's making me not want to sleep with Chris Evans!
read the trial summaries. Assange is more of a rapist than Evans is...
have retracted their offer to allow Ched Evans to train with the club
Mike Evans made him. Maybe josh Gordon can too?
Feminists are often accused of hating men. We're not the ones who think they're animals that can't control themselves http:…
she's probably more 'media-savvy and educated' at least that's how Suzanne Evans would see it.
account will be managed tomorrow by Christopher aged 16 - who is taking over from Jon Evans as part of
Agg swagg I can't get no Jon football! Big ups Mike Evans
I'd love to see you interviewing Malky Mackay and Ched Evans together! Ultimate
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Good luck from to both Dr Kate Granger and Dr Jon Evans at tonight's HSJ Awards.
PS Granty's article includes one of Jon Evans photos. One of the best that I've ever seen.
quite a few people! David Tennant, David Hayman, Jon S Baird, all these great Scots.
Play Tyreke Evans they said...Revenge game they said.
Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier preview reminds me of when Jones fought Rashad Evans. 😐😐
Here is a story Jon Evans Wect posted a short time ago. It might give you the creeps! Head over to Jon's page to see what else he is posting about!
Omds Jon and Scott actually watching it
Musical silliness from the pen and synth of Jon Evans on
"Museums are cathedrals of wonder." Martyn Evans getting philosophical at
It's Beth Chryst & Jon Evans wedding day. Great couple. Blessed to have Jon in the fam. Remembering little zibbitt..
what a beast he will destroy Jon Jones the real test is Rashad Evans. Both short for HW and LHW both dominate
Winner of tonight's US SENATE debate was Jon Evans and Wilm on how he represented us!
Parmalee and I say Cheseee! :) Ready to see them with Sara Evans and Jon Pardi? Tickets are coming...
Jon Chuckery, Rick & Jamie & Mitch Evans are the only ones I like on
People saying Ched Evans should be allowed to return to work because he's served his time. Good news for Jon Venables's babysitting career.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Great to meet you and find out we both knew Jon Whelan and DoctorEdna
Didn't Ched Evans' 'victim' boast to friends she was looking to get a free holiday from this
Heh. Amazon review du jour:"I am not happy to return to the real world as I was very happy in the mind of Jon Evans."
Trevor Gorsuch, Conor Durgan, Ryan Burr, and Jon Evans at Scott Elementary, talking to kids about bullying!
What a small world! Drawn to sit next to Sally and Jan, friends of & Jon Whelan RIP
Spanish newspaper talks about Luke Evans *** relationship with Jon Kortajarena via
Believe this will be the 3rd 'Counterpunch' segment we've done. Previously sat b/w Jones-Evans and Cruz-Faber. Always super heated.
SPORTS PLUS from 6 PM with football & golf with Julian Evans
Sports Plus is on the web now with Julian Evans. Previewing & RAF Valley footballers
"I bet Shaquille Evans has as many blocked shots as Shaquille O'Neal"...No, Jon Gruden, no
then who is to blame for this long wait Alyssa is experiencing?! It's probs morgan or Jon then...
Chris Evans isn't the only actor who acted as two different characters in two different Marvel movies. Take note of Jon Favreau.
Didn't see it in the game, but what a cracking cover tackle from Jon evans!!!
PC Jon Evans is appealing for witnesses to an altercation on a bus.
From the album Evans' Stuff, Sarah's Dream written and performed by Jon Evans on
I got a free ticket to sit in a box from work last week. Lee Evans at the 02! Then worked the Jon…
Photo: Jon Kortajarena,Luke Evans & Co at the AMFAR benefit afterparty. Check the hand on chest ;)...
2nd Rd: USA holds off Albania 1-0 to secure spot in Sunday's 1/4finals. Jon Evans crossed in to brother Justin for GW
Jon Evans v martin brewing at number one ...
Chopin's Variations in A Major performed by Jon Evans on
'Owl (Carved Wood Standing Perched Owl statues / statuettes/ Sculptures' by Jon Evans is now available from
A fine example of Jon Evans' work 'Celtic Labyrinth ' can be viewed on
'Rowan Man (Carved Slate Green Man Plaques or Garden Wall Sculptures)' by Jon Evans is now available from
'Dinas Emrys (Carved Slate Low Relief Welsh Dragons Plaques/Panels)' by Jon Evans is now available from
A Tom Turpin composition from the soon to be released Jon Evans album, Scott Joplin & Friends
Zez Confrey's wonderful composition from the new album Scott Joplin & Friends by Jon Evans, due for release tomorrow
From the about to be released album Scott Joplin & Friends The St. Louis Rag by Jon Evans on
Steve's family nature walks start tomorrow. Book your place on arrival. Will he find an antlion (photo by Jon Evans)
Jon Evans from Styzer BMX dropping another video of him shredding in his evening sessions at Exist Skatepark and Ramps Skatepark, so flow. drop a like and a share for this awesome edit! Joshua James for recording.
Dear folks who complain about Affleck & Evans as multi-characters in the Hero Universe: Jon Favreau is Happy Hogan & Franklin Nelson.
must have wrong jon evans. Not jonny? :p
yea I'm planning on it imma stop by Evans and see if he is too
dissapointed with machida. good fight but in LHW he pressured fighters so much more like the rashad evans fight and even the jon jones fight
"This is How We Roll/Chillin' It" cover featuring Jon Evans and Dylan Embry.
I think i found yoga for some of my friends that are not into it to much, lol Dave Ware Jonathan Statum Jon Evans...
Im chaperoning Jon Faddis for the brass festival which basically means we'll be best friends
SPORTS PLUS on now & on SKY 299 from 6 PM tonight also on BFBS EXTRA with Julian Evans& Olivia Wayne from 6.25
yah which is why it probably won't happen. I'd love him. Like a way better offensive version of Reggie Evans.
totally agree with Jon, particularly Evans. I think we've gone all Scouse overrating...
Mark Evans has stepped down as the Mercy softball coach, Jon Pont, who has been an assistant the past three years...
"UKIP’s voters are overwhelmingly stolen from the Conservatives" say Geoff Evans & Jon Mellon http:/…
Luke Evans attends the Louis Vuitton men's show in Paris (photo-set) . Via
Kick your 4th of July weekend off early with us on the Pati"O".. Wed. Open Mic Night with & Thur. Live music by Jon Evans..
Mark Evans has resigned as Mercy's softball coach. Jon Pont, a Mercy assistant, will take over as head coach. Story will come later today.
Mercy athletic director Mark Evans announces he has stepped down as school's softball coach and that assistant Jon Pont will replace him.
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SPORTS PLUS with Julian Evans & Selina Hinchcliffe BFBS Extra from 6.25 6.00 tonight & on line
Not to speculate or what, but is Luke Evans and Jon Kortajarena dating? They been seen a lot, together, lately.
Jon take her outvn do notv tag team!! She is a lone star you shining star!!
one of my favorite press checks ever with Jon Evans back in 2000!
Great post about mobile and future development by
Yup you figure say he be jon Okudjeto go the Brazil some?”
I would like to personally thank videographer/director Byron O Johnson, music producer Jon Evans, Gerard Wright...
This is what happens when Jon Evans can't control his anger -Over nothing smh
pro tip: once that happens, just don't put it down. Press on!
Jon, for the record, K&K are way prettier and have better legs than you.
The Ace Hardware on Argonne in the valley has hired me to play their weekend sale events today, tomorrow and Sunday from 12-2. Come on out and check out the great deals for summer for the do-it-yourselfers in the family. I'll have copies of my new CD, "Sound Of A Smile by Tommy G", and the latest Tommy G & The Nug Jug Band release, "Faces", on sale at a special price in honor of this weekend festivities. My good buddy and General Manager, Jon Evans, usually breaks out the barbecue and feeds and waters the masses. Totally worthy. You should come check it out from 12-2 the next three days. Seriously.
We just got the Sam Adams Summer Ale to put in on tap this week! So come check out BYOV and Jon Evans on Thursday and Mr. Akimbo and the Steven Gregory Band on Friday!
Division One Round Up The Hurricanes inspired by Jon Evans in midfield moved out of the relegation slots as they inflicted a 4th straight league defeat on Men United. The Men looked to be on course to register their first victory after Adam Bennett gave them a first half lead, but second half strikes from Ben Pearce and man of the Evans turned the tie on its head. The Smurfs and the Blazers clashed for the second time with most of the goals coming in the second half. Ross Fallens opened the scoring and it remained 1-0 at the break. Further second half strikes from James Wilson, Shaun Semmens and Sir Phil of Lowry sent the Smurfs 3-points clear at the top from nearest rivals the DC's. BDB gaffer Harding blamed his team's collapse on last week's player of the week John Whitfield who has been partying 24/7 since winning the accolade. The DC's are up to second place after claiming their third win of the season. Rikki Clarke's prolific season continues as he nothched goals 6 and 7 of the season as the DC's def ...
Hung out with today. Coolest guy, No disrespect to Rashad Evans or Jon Jones but he's gonna dominate the 205's
Thank you to everyone who came out to support Briauna today! It was a great success, Briauna and I couldn't have pulled it off w/out the help of family and friends. Thank you to Steve and Helen Michelassi for the great fundraising idea and for cooking the amazing lasagna. Thanks to Jon Evans for being my glue from the early planning to the very end. Thank you to Kristy Finkenbinder for the generous fundraiser, the display looked great! It took many people to make this happen, thank you to: John Tiraboschi, Kathryn Ann Hudson, Nelson Forsberg, Tracey Schick Van Zee, and Mike & Tere Tedrick for helping Briauna and I Saturday and/or Sunday.
Busy day at work and not finished yet back out again soon!! But my amazing hubby made me a beautiful roast pork dinner, and it was yummy!! Thankyou Jon Evans , love ya to the moon and back xxx
My mind is just going insane right now- so without saying it is because of any specific thing I am going to type a bit about myself. I am married with 2 children and 1 young adult. My wife and I have our issues but we are seeking help and I believe we will eventually conquer our problems. I live with my brother in one bedroom and are kids are crammed with others. I fear if this goes on too much longer it could be another relationship to go sour. I now work full time thank god and Jon Evans. Without giving too much detail I don't have time to be jerked around. I don't have extra time on my hands unless it is for real. If you need me in a situation where I can help of course I will do so but don't waste my time. Please remember I am 33 years old and don't need to be spoken to as if I were a child. I just don't like to be taken advantage of nobody does. I am not here for you and sometimes not even myself. That being said when you decide to jerk me around you are screwing with my wife and children. No I am no ...
I was honestly thinking about that or Bob Evans lol
Indeed he did. Evans, Jones and Smalling. Evans, Jones and Smalling. He said.
Well done to Ryan Davies and Simon Lees and Jon Jon Evans for what I can only gather was a awsome performance all round sad I missed it but look forward to c the vids well done guys
‘The Return’ by Jon Evans, performed by Jon Evans on
Well done to Ryan Davies Jon Evans and Simon Lees 3 fights and 3 wins Now we have the hit squad !!!
Many years ago I was on the infield at Speedway City covering the Australian Sprintcar Masters for National Speedway Illustrated.I had just witnessed the great Garry Rush win the Masters for what ever number in a row it was.The late Jon Evans walked passed the media that assembled in front of the presentation podium and made the comment ."THE MASTER MASTERS MASTERS AGAIN".How true it was. Last night it could have been said about the legend Darrin Treloar at Gillman Speedway. "THE MASTER MASTERS MASTERS AGAIN".
The minute realise that Jon Flanagan starts for Liverpool
Evans lost to Greenbrier and Evans beat Lakeside so I think Harlem wins the region
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