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Jon Cryer

Jonathan Niven Jon Cryer (born April 16, 1965) is an American actor, screenwriter and film producer.

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Never forget how cool Jon Cryer looked in . SUPERMAN IV: THE QUEST FOR PEACE.
I'm thinking of Jürgen Prochnow and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio for the leads, Jon Cryer for the teen appeal.
Two and a Half Men Vet Jon Cryer to Star in ABC Comedy Pilot Losing It.
looks like Jon Cryer in Pretty in Pink
A time when Jon Cryer was still neither misandrist nor feminazi.
When is the and Jon Cryer reunion show on Oprah? That should be a tear-jerker. 😁
Weird... mine came out to Jon The Rock Cryer... Let me look at that again...
Working for ALL! Let's do what's right, high expectations and focus on positive transition outcomes!.
Has anyone ever seen Jake Tapper & Jon Cryer in the same room together ?
I'm sure your words will effectively convey…
When I was watching this movie I said to my family that's Jon Cryer /Allen on two and a half men.
Jon Cryer is the Pittsburg version of Rowan Atkinson, only good for making fun of himself & he's not even that good…
So did comedian Chelsea Handler and actor Jon Cryer.
Jon Cryer maxed out to Jon Ossoff in March.
Always brightens up my day when I hear I look like Ferris Bueller, then I die a little every time someone tells me I look like Jon Cryer ;)
TIL: Jon Cryer hat in Europa ist hot.
'Two and a Half Men' Alum Jon Cryer to Star in ABC Comedy Pilot 'Losing It' -
Jon Cryer tells the truth about his career via Great to see this nice guy cool look also.
for this zoomed-in photo of Jon Cryer. Like for Felicity Smoak
saw the Jon Cryer hair paint job you got on the sneak peek video.
This stupid picture of Bannon makes him look like a grown-up extra from an 80's Jon Cryer movie.
Jon Cryer lived there at one point too. Duckie's house!!
Jon Cryer: Trump's taxes are not enough! We need full financial transparency. All of it. Nobody forced him to ..
If u think Ed Miliband Jon Cryer,backing Owen smith was Blairites last year,&we're 20% b…
Went to Coney Island on a Mission from God: Be Back by Five CRYER,JON via
Molly Ringwald and Jon Cryer on the set of Pretty In Pink (1986).
Saddest orgy I ever went to was on New Years and attended by Fisher Stevens, Jon Cryer & 4 fatties
Ch 122 - Comedy Central . Two And A Half Men. Charlie Sheen, Angus T Jones & Jon Cryer. No one has time for Ashton Kutcher
Boy. Jon Cryer has seen better days.
If you can find it in you to love how stupid the entertainment industry ...
Every time one person gets a piece of information, the likelihood of th...
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Nobody in show business can possibly get away with making fun of their bos...
I just show up and try to find the joy in every situation.
Looks like Jon Cryer with a new hairdo
Why do I have a crush on young Jon Cryer
Looks like Jon Cryer to me, doesn't it?
Critics can say horrible things. It only hurts when I agree with them.
I think Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen have a lot of chemistry between ...
I look like Jon Cryer gained "Raging Bull" weight so he could play the lead in the Mr. Belvedere movie.
when James Brokeshire,Jon Cryer, Keith Darvill were MPs took train home no 2nd home,they were lazy?
Nothing makes logical sense in this industry.
He looks like he's about to steal Molly Ringwald from Jon Cryer
I try to save being angry for the really important moments - for special...
Jon Cryer... where do you come from? Thought you were an educated man? Or are you Ducky?
We'll never stop swooning over these 15 great movie love triangles: ❤️
Actors always have things that they're not thrilled about on a show and...
me and moe after realising what Jon Cryer looks like now
On the stage you develop a character that's different from yourself. In...
And that's why he had to move in with Jon Cryer.
Engineer, biophysicist, double researches to help users reach new heights https:…
Ich mag das Jon Cryer wins an Emmy for Two And A Half Men at the 2012 Primetime Emmy Awards!
BREAKING: Deutsche Bank CEO Jon Cryer has been arrested, officials say. $DB
I liked a video Charades with Michael Douglas, Kat Dennings and Jon Cryer
Jon Cryer but Stella Creasy and Jim Fitzpatrick are close and excellent.
Jon Cryer, Laura San Giacomo, now Jennifer Esposito and... Wilmer Valderrama? has become Gibbs' home for people who need to get tough.
I have a major crush on Jon Cryer in Pretty In Pink 😂👌🏼
i'll rephrase: Better to be guy from Mannequin than Jon Cryer. [Apart from careers since, i guess]
I actually think Jon cryer looks better without hair
.says Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen have a lot in common
Jon Cryer compares Trump to former costar Charlie Sheen:
Jon Cryer says the outspoken Donald Trump reminds him of former costar Charlie Sheen
.draws a parallel between Donald Trump and Charlie Sheen:
Jon Cryer compares Donald Trump to Charlie Sheen and his reasoning is on point:
also be on the lookout for a young Jon Cryer as Alex's assistant
Im watching two in a half men. Jon cryer is funny as *** He was hilarious on that show. Cheers.
your voice is surprisingly weak. Like if DMX spoke and sounded like Jon Cryer
I love, major love all the outfits Jon Cryer wore in Pretty In Pink. It was rad.
when Jon Cryer lip syncs Try A Little Tenderness on Pretty in Pink 😭😍💘
Donald Trump is just like Charlie Sheen, former "Two and a Half Men" actor says
I have no shame in telling people I have a crush on young Jon Cryer
I've heard of a beer belly, but never a I love Jon Cryer.
If Schrader had written a few Jon Cryer films Dave would be more lenient about his spelling.
I am Jon Cryer sitting outside the record store in the rain
So this is 4? That's the one with the blonde nuclear-powered super-villain and Jon Cryer, right? Should be fun.
duckie. Jon cryer looked so hot he still looking hot. He'll always be duckie.
your surname is so cool. You are amazing & you make me laugh so hard like Jon Cryer. Cheers for all characters called
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"I'm the king of rock, there is none higher. Sucka MCs should call me Jon Cryer." -Jon Cryer
I thought Duckie aka Jon Cryer was so attractive when he was young
The real deal in is Jon Cryer. Dude is funny as ***
Jon Cryer is brutally blunt describing the worst Charlie Sheen years on ‘Two and a Half Men’ - The Washington Post
Jon Cryer as Duckie is the love of my life
To avoid ignorance and bullying, I've had to hide the fact that I'm a troll...
Jon Cryer opens up about Charlie Sheen: 'It was blindsiding'...
...abuse drugs, get arrested, and still keep their high paying jobs... Just because they're famous! .
As if people should be able to not show up to work, abuse co-workers publicly with anti-Semitic slurs,.. .
Are we sure Jesse Eisenberg was playing Lex Luthor, and not Jon Cryer's character from Superman IV?
I think Jon Cryer has been compensated just fine for his work on 2 1/2 Men, we don't need to treat him like we owe him anything.
Of course, she was so great with Jon Cryer in "Pretty in Filth"
Jon Cryer and Molly Ringwald, behind the scenes Pretty in Pink, 1986
I added a video to a playlist Duckie's Pretty in Pink Dance (w/ Jon Cryer & James Corden)
But... but... he self-identifies as a 16 year old... it worked for Jon Cryer...
Two and 1/2 Men star- Jon Cryer & his family have joined the challenge to for https…
"No. You have MY voice". Just classic. Jon Cryer and Mariel in space are especially wonderful.
Superman's greatest sin is not that he killed Zod in two different films. It's that he didn't kill Jon Cryer in Superman 4.
I guess I've just never consciously thought about how Jim Parsons and Jon Cryer are two different people.. Idk
Phenomenal acting by Jon Cryer in both of his episodes.
David Plouffe and Jon Cryer were separated at birth.
Jon Cryer now kind of looks like someone who either does or sells cocaine. I can't make up my mind which yet.
My aesthetic is Jon Cryer in Pretty in Pink
I know u dig the sporty gown, Gibbs. There’s no need 2keep pulling stunts like this 2get one –Taft
Had an argument with TSA agent, Jon cryer is not a mediocre actor, the rubber gloves indicate he won this round
Jon Cryer, , and on the set of Pretty In Pink. .
That's fine. I'll have Andrew McCarthy and James Spader all to myself, no problem. He can take Jon Cryer though
Good Casting for possible sitcom. Jon Cryer and Molly Ringwald
2 of 5 stars to So That Happened by Jon Cryer
Molly Ringwald's inability to recognize Jon Cryer's genius is what makes Pretty in Pink (1986) a tragedy.
just saw the Jon Cryer extra DiNozzo head photo you posted a while back. Now THAT is funny!! Well done P.P.
...Thought that was Jon Cryer in that photo! No tears allowed.
I keep trying to get my hands on a copy of Jon Cryer's "Where There's Smoke, There's Cryer" but cornered the market
AND- this is crazy, but i read Jon cryer auditioned for the role of Gauis Baltar. Imagine if Duckie was Gaius Baltar!
Max Allegri always reminds me of Jon Cryer
"Yeah, Pretty In Pink is ok, but I prefer Jon Cryer in Two In A Half Men"
My Instagram profile picture isn't even of me its of Jon Cryer in pretty in pink and I could care less
On this date 30 years ago, "Pretty in Pink" starring Molly Ringwald and Jon Cryer opened in theaters.
~ Jon Cryer. "John Hughes originally wrote “Pretty in Pink” with Blane leaving the prom and Andie and...
Winter TV Preview from returning to joined by
Sounds like seed planting to add Jon Cryer to team eventually.
Jon Cryer is returning. He's been on set recently.
NCIS : is returning and Laura San Giacomo will join him -
No Valentine needed now that we know we spend it with Molly Ringwald, Jon Cryer AND Popcorn
Entertainment Weekly News: Jon Cryer returning to 'NCIS,' Laura San Giacomo to join him.
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Oh, man, I remember when she had sex with Randall Flagg and her hair turned white:
Jon Cryer returning to NCIS, Laura San Giacomo to join him - Entertainment Weekly (blog)
EW: Exclusive: MrJonCryer is returning to NCIS_CBS, and Laura San Giacomo will join him:
Exclusive: is returning to and Laura San Giacomo will join him:
.returning to Laura San Giacomo to join him. Get exclu scoop
Pretty in Pink on Netflix tonight. Jon Cryer like some wannabe Bueller imitation though
Barry Hawkins looks so much like Jon Cryer, it's a constant distraction.
needs to make Jon Cryer a regular. Love his character ❤
How did Jon Cryer not age and I did?! This is unfair.
It just ended with Jon Cryer leaving Demi Moore at the airport, then going to pick up some other girl. Jesus. What the ***
NO SMALL AFFAIR is a bizarre movie. 16-year old Jon Cryer wants to bang 22-year old Demi Moore. That's not the weird part.
What is there NOT to like about Jon Cryer?
Tim Robbins as Campbell, Sandra Bullock as Candice and Jon Cryer as Jlac. Or the 3 stooges.krock rocks
It's strange that no one has noticed that everything Donald Trump says is from Jon Cryer's monologue on the finale of Two and a Half Men.
Re-watching "2 1/2 Men" as a procedural crime drama as witnessed through the eyes of Jon Cryer.
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Just watched an episode of in which a shaven-headed Jon Cryer operates on Gibbs. Fondly hope not-Alan becomes a regular character.
Oh dear god I forgot about Jon Cryer Jimmy Falconbutt washout lol love this movie ! Omg
I've listened to Try A Little Tenderness at least 10 times today and each time I think of Jon Cryer in Pretty In Pink
Seriously, I'm producing some TOP COMEDY here for free, so please thank me this Xmas by sending me proof that Jon Cryer is the Zodiac Killer
Hopefully Jon Cryer gets awards for his role in
Dear I think you'll find that the local MP for Leytonstone is Jon Cryer, and not attack
This is Jon Cryer's 2nd feature, which also starred Kathy Bates, but maybe not the one you mean?
Jon Cryer MP says "no evidence linking Leytonstone stabbing to Syria" Man shouted "this is for Syria" Jon Cryer in cloud cuckoo land.
if I remember correctly it was Jon Cryer's directorial debut. Also Kathy Bates' *** are out the whole time. Thanks again.
Is it me or does look like Jon Cryer?
Just watched Hot Shots!. Brings me back to the first time Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer were terrible together.
Jon Cryer looks kind of cool with a beard and shaved head tbh
I've started watching Pretty in Pink and I really fancy Jon Cryer in it which is weird.
Watched the trailer. Love what Eisenberg does in it. Best Lenny Luthor since Jon Cryer!
especially ones that look like a gayer version of Jon Cryer
Here, have a cheerful article about Charlie Sheen's meltdown instead. lighten the mood a little:
I'm at the library and I'm pondering one thing... Who would read Jon Cryer's biography? 😏
With boundary changes, it'll probably be Jon Cryer instead I think. I won't stay a member though.
Live from Warner Bros! That's a wrap from the set of Brand Academy! Working with Jon Cryer was…
The woman who played Charlie Sheen and JON CRYER's mom on "Two and a Half Men" is a ***
He reportedly told Jon Cryer heading into the premiere that IV was gonna suck.
For a name like Cryer, Jon sure has an hyena of a laugh in the bloopers. did I not recognize Jon Cryer was Duckie from Pretty in Pink?!
When you realise Jon Cryer was in Superman 4
Remember, Jon Cryer is Charlie Sheen's co-star in Two and a Half Men. John Crier is what I am at work when I go hide and sob.
It's been bugging me for a while, but I've finally figured it out - Barry Hawkins is a dead-ringer for Jon Cryer! 😮
Jon Cryer &Andrew Dice Clay. What movie we watchin now?
📷 80s-madonna: Molly Ringwald, Andrew McCarthy and Jon Cryer on set of Pretty In Pink, 1986
to when I wrote a script for Two And A Half Men and got Jon Cryer and Angus T Jones' autograph! 😱😱htt…
Engaging Bios by Tom Brokaw, Jon Cryer Talk about Challenge and Survival - The Daily News of Newburyport (blog)
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You're like Jon Cryer, he was handsome when he was younger (he still is) and now he's old, but not to old.
. I hope David McCallum won't be leaving the show. I got worried when Jon Cryer came on as a Dr.
I liked a video Jon Cryer on His Book and Working with Charlie Sheen
Jon Cryer (One of my favorite actors of all time), 80s
I wonder if they gave Jon Cryer the Emmy for hardship.
📷 silverfox21: ‘NCIS’ SPOILERS: S13x08: Saviors. The episode will also feature the return of Jon Cryer’s...
You got what I like to call the Pretty in Pink problem Chasing the Andrew McCarthy not noticing Jon Cryer
I liked a video Jon Cryer Missed Out on Chandler Bing
He looks like Jon Cryer and Jimmy Carter. So we just got seated and he's gotten out of the aisle twice.
Listen to yet? It's the only podcast (probably) that delves into the Jon Cryer vehicle "Hiding Out."
I liked a video Jon Cryer on Larry King- Full Episode on
Interestingly also the name of Jon Cryer's next autobiography.
This is like you've never seen him. Get a sneak peek at his role on http:…
Was watching Hot Shots, the movie. Now I see where Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer share their chemistry. This movie is funny as ***
I gave you benefit of doubt...thought you were talking about Jon Cryer.
. leads a star studded cast on Broadway with Ushkowitz & others
Star-studded gala hosted by with Ushkowitz & others 
Great photos from Broadway party hosted by with Ushkowitz & others
Lookin like a yung Tony Soprano but feelin like Jon Cryer when we pull up in the MX fiver
From this distance, I have decided that the bassist is Taylor Hicks, the singer is Jon Cryer, and the guitarist is John Krasinski
Jon Cryer, the best friend who is secretly in love with Molly Ringwald. Dead Poet's Society watch mo, tatayo balahibo mo.
Watching on and Stark Sands looks like a perfect mix between Jesse Eisenberg and Jon Cryer
😛 Old cougars like you never last..Jon Cryer says Mila and Ashton have that "Jerry Maguire thing" together!
You should expect a lot from J Hughes. Try Pretty in Pink. Molly Ringwald and other Brat Packers.Jon Cryer is brilliant.
The preview where Jon Cryer says "Time to dance Agent Gibbs" as he masks up before surgery guarantees I'll never watch that show ever
Update on the my dad/John Hughes connections of the day: he just pointed out that the guy next to us looks like Jon Cryer.
'NCIS' season 13 spoilers: Gibbs' life lies in the hands of Jon Cryer's Dr. Cyril Taft | Christian News on Chr...
Jon Cryer dishes on Ashton, Mila's wedding: He also talks about the couple's 8-month old, Wyatt, who appa...
Photo: vintagesalt: Jon Cryer & Molly Ringwald on the set of Pretty in Pink 
Just clocked that Barry Hawkins is a huge doppelgänger of Jon Cryer
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Andrew McCarthy and Jon Cryer quietly keeping to themselves
Two and a Half Men’s secret love triangle BEFORE they shared the screen, Jon Cryer and Ash
Miss last week's If so, you missed chat with
Jon Cryer says Charlie Sheen liked to show off *** pics on the set of 'Two and a Half Men'
In sbout 20 years, Jon Cryer and Molly Ringwald's Private Lives is gonna be awesome.
Yo I realised something last night, you KIND OF look like Jon Cryer the guys who play alan in two and a half men!
'So That Happened:' Confessions Of A Duck-Man: Actor Jon Cryer's new memoir details his life in show business,...
Jon Cryer book signing coming up this week. I'm totally getting him to sign my ***
Jon Cryer's dancing and lip syncing to Ottis Redding 😋
Jon Cryer had to tell his 14-year-old son Charlie Sheen helped him hire a prostitute and he wasn't at all surprised
Hi Kieran, Would you like to join us on HuffPost Live as a guest via webcam for a segment with Jon Cryer? Let me know, thanks!
Jon Cryer on John Hughes co-stars: 'They were irritated by me from day one'
Molly Ringwald and Jon Cryer in Pretty in Pink are my favorite
A list of people that creep me out: Jon Cryer, Papa John, Slipknot, Steve Harvey, Bruce Jenner, Pau Gasol, and Anderson Cooper
Jon Cryer of Two and a Half Men was nearly cast as Chandler Bing in friends, Mr. Pink in Reservoir Dogs, and Daniel in T…
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Jon Cryer & Angus T. Jones ain't loyal. Richard Hammond & James May should have been with on Two & Half Men!
Lol "Useless Alan Harper!! "Mascherano always reminds me of Jon Cryer (Alan) from two and half …
when I recognized Jon Cryer & Angus T Jones from Two & a Half Men, in cameos when I regularly watched Hannah Montana
Ashton Kutcher writes a heartfelt tribute to Jon Cryer
Jon Cryer is the best physical comedian since Don Knotts and John Ritter.
While everyone else was crushing on the hunky 80's male leads I was in lust with Anthony Michael Hall, Jon Cryer, and Eric Stoltz.
Angus T. Jones – Starred as the sarcastic, wise-cracking son of single father, Jon Cryer, who lives with his uncle (and Cryer’s brother), Charlie Sheen in the popular comedy, Two and a Half Men. He became the most highly paid child actor at the age of 17, earning $300,000 per episode for 26 episodes. In 2012, he began criticizing the show as “filth” and discouraging people from watching it. His protest is linked to his religious beliefs as a member of the Voice of Prophecy Seventh-Day Adventist church in Los Angeles. He certainly is able to be a large donor. ... Hypocrite
The only reason I watched Two And A Half Men last night. Jon Cryer as Duckie.
LA TIIMES TV PREVIEW FOR THURDAY SERIES Bones Brennan (Emily Deschanel) is the keynote speaker at a forensic science convention in this new episode. 8 p.m. Fox Food Truck Face Off In this new episode set in South Pasadena, the competitors learn that while the love of cooking won't necessarily help with the challenges of running a food truck. 8 p.m. Food Project Runway Shows Designers from this season's competition reflect on their creations and their behavior in the obligatory reunion episode. 8 p.m. Lifetime. That's followed at 9 by the season premiere of " Project Runway All Stars." Then, at 10, it's "Project Runway: Threads," the teen version of the franchise. Mom (Allison Janney ) rails against Christy's (Anna Faris) ill-advised decisions on spending in the comedy's season premiere. Jamie Pressly guest stars. 8:30 p.m. CBS Two and a Half Men The raunchy comedy returns for its 12th and final season, with Jon Cryer, Ashton Kutcher and Amber Tamblyn. Aisha Tyler guest stars. 9 p.m. CBS Bad Judge Rebecca ...
Jon Cryer's Alan Harper dressed as Duckie for Halloween? It's (almost) enough to make us watch "Two and a Half Men."
First Look: Duckie returns for Halloween! Jon Cryer revives his popular Pretty in Pink character when Alan Harper...
After watching a 29 yr old Jon Cryer fall in love w 17 yr old Annabeth Gish...I'm wondering if this movie would fly in 2014?
I don't know who Jon Cryer is, but if Mac Miller would slap him, I'd slap him.
Who Will (And Who Should) Win At The 2014 Emmys The Huffington Post | By Matthew Jacobs Email Posted: 08/18/2014 10:48 am EDT Updated: 08/19/2014 1:59 pm EDT Print Article BREAKING BAD SCENE Whether you're hoping to spy a "True Detective" win or cooking up a victory lap for "Breaking Bad" (these TV puns practically write themselves), the Emmy Awards will provide impervious judgment of the year's best television. That is, if you let a voting body that's handed Jon Cryer not one but two trophies for "Two and a Half Men" tell you what you should regret not watching. We don't, but in truth, the Emmys do often have a decent pulse on the best in television. Plus, it's just fun to speculate who might spoil the "Modern Family" winning streak and whether we'll see another zany Julia Louis-Dreyfus acceptance speech. Now that the Creative Arts Emmys are done and it's officially Emmy week, let's pore over this year's race. The awards air Aug. 25. Outstanding Comedy Series Jessica Miglio/Netflix Nominees: "The Big B . ...
Watchin' 'Pretty In Pink' & reminded how much I love - especially his dance scene in Trax! Kenny Ortega & Jon Cryer created magical!
I don't know. Jon Cryer just doesn't bother me as much as Jim Parson's face does
Mr. Jon Cryer's a great actor/comedian. If you get him to work w/U, Mr. John, I know the results will be AMAZING!
John Schneider is trying to reach Jon Cryer and Kaley Cuoco. This is a public service message!
CBS has confirmed that the upcoming 12th season of Two and a Half Men will be its last. The show, which stars Jon Cryer and Ashton Kutcher, and used to star Charlie Sheen and Angus T. Jones, is the longest-running comedy on broadcast TV. But it won't be the only TV programs coming to an end this upcoming season, however. NBC announced this week that both Parks and Recreation and Parenthood will be ending. Also coming up on their final seasons are Fox's Glee, AMC's Mad Men, and The Killing; HBO's Boardwalk Empire True Blood, and The Newsroom; and FX's Wilfred, Sons of Anarchy and Justified.
I hear Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer are leaving the show, Angus T. Jones is returning, and CBS is changing the name to "No and A Half Men."
Writing by & Starring Mark Polish, with Winona Ryder as the girl from his past. Also - Chevy Chase, Jon Cryer, Sean Astin & Dee Wallace
OH MY GOD! What is this- Jesus Christ! Thats Jon Cryer once and Ashton Kutcher being kicked in the balls twice
Jon Cryer, Sean Hayes, and Matthew Borderick are the same person😳
Jon Cryer dancing to Try a Little Tenderness in "Pretty in Pink." Nothing better.
Jon Cryer from Two and a Half Men is so weird. He's just awkwardly built
My first guess was Jon Cryer. My second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth guesses were also Jon Cryer.
See?!? Duckie & Andy were meant 2gether. Love RDJ --BUT he's not via
Think Jon Cryer just got on the Neilston train
I would pay good money to see Jon Cryer lip-sync to this song dressed as Duckie:
Señor Sock and Jon Cryer ("Two and a Half Men") film a scene for the sequel to the 1980s John Hughes comedy "Pretty In Pink."
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he has an Emmy and so does Jon cryer but not Steve this is the country I live in
Wednesday, April 16, 2014 Today's Trivia question: Which of the following is NOT in Italy? 1. Pantheon 2. Pompeii 3. Parthenon 4. Leaning Tower of Pisa Fact of the Day: All the swans in England are property of the Queen. Today's Birthdays: April 16 1965 - Jon Cryer 1947 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (1889-1977) - Charlie Chaplin Today in History: April 16, 1962 Walter Cronkite succeeded Douglas Edwards as anchorman of "The CBS Evening News."
*prays for everything and everyone before bed, with a specific nod to Jon Cryer*
Jon Cryer was such a babe in the 80's.
All I want is young Jon Cryer to sing Otis to me
is that Jon Cryer sitting next to her ? 😄
Alex reminds me of Jon Cryer on the movie Pretty in Pink..Would like to hear him sing Try a Little Tenderness by Ottis Redding.
Jon Cryer in Pretty In Pink is my perfect man
How does Jon Cryer have a star and doesn't
Happy Birthday to Walk of Famer Jon Cryer! Make sure to get 2 1/2 pieces of cake!
Happy Birthday, Jon Cryer! We'll admire you today and every day in on YEAH!
Happy Birthday Jon Cryer! We know you've played a lot of roles but you'll always be our Duckie. :)
Today is Wed, April 16, it is the 106th day of 2014. There are 259 days left till 2015. Today is my hubby and my anniversary 9 years and may our heavenly Father provides us with countless more. Today with our anniversary is Ellen Barkin is 60, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 67, Martin Lawrence 49, Jon Cryer 47, and Jimmy Osmond 51. Happy day to all. Lots of love to my hubby John.
I want to say a very Happy Birthday to an actor on two and a half men Mr Jon Cryer
Scicoga Quote of the Day: Birthday boy Jon Cryer once expressed a very simple and yet optimistic philosophy: "The right thing will happen at the right time."
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Born on 2day are George The Animal Steele-Vickie Guerrero-Paul London-Charlie Chaplin-Wilbur Wright-Kareem Abdul Jabbar-Martin Lawrence-Jon Cryer-Selena-Akon-Bruce Bochy-and Lukas Haas-Wayne Gretzky retires in 1999-Micky Mantle reinstated in 1985-1st no hit and no run in a baseball game in 1940-MLB's longest game ever played in 1968-Maple Leaf's 1st to win 3 straight Stanley Cups in 1949-Apollo 16 departs for The Moon in 1972-The Punisher in 2004-Titanic in 1953-The Final episode of Buck Rogers in 1981-Run Dmc released Rock Box in 1984-Hole on MTV's Unplugged in 1995-Queen's 1st U.S. concert in 1974-and on this day Harry Connick Jr. gets married in 1994 and that izit 4-2day!!
TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS | In 1965, Jon Cryer was born on this date in New York City, New York, USA
It's Alan's actor, Jon Cryer's, birthday. But you know. Alan aswell.
Celeb B-Days:. Martin Lawrence is 49. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is 67. Pope Benedict the 16th is 87. Actor Jon Cryer is...
Happy Birthday today to Selena Quintanilla, Dusty Springfield, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Martin Lawrence, Jon Cryer, Charlie Chaplin, Henry Mancini and my hard working friend and mother of 2 beautiful girls Eva Flores!!
Many many happy returns of the day mr jon cryer . You are truly legendary actor
Happy Birthday to Jon Cryer who portraits one of my favorite TV characters ever. Great actor.
April 16 Happy Birthday wishes today go to: Jon Cryer Who is 49 years old today, born in 1965. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Who is 67 years old today, born in 1947. Charlie Chaplin Who was 88 years old today, born in1889 and died 37 years ago in 1977
Special birthday wishes go out today to Pope Benedict XVI (87), Kareem Aldul-Jabbar (67), Bill Belichick (62), Ellen Barkin (60), Jon Cryer (49), Martin Lawrence (49) and also to Akon Thiam (41).
Today in 4/16/1965: Jon Cryer, who played Ducky, in Pretty in Pink and Lenny Luthor, in Superman 4, is born in New York.
April 16, 1965: Actor Jon Cryer is born. He is notable as either the only cast member to enjoy being a part of Two and a Half Men, or the most famous case of Stockholm Syndrome ever documented.
(in no particular order) Happy Birthday TODAY Jon Cryer. Jon Cryer, actor: Two and a Half Men, Heads, Hot...
*WEDNESDAY APRIL 16TH CHECK IN* HAPPY HUMP DAY! Hello everyone this is our official attendance for our members and all those who visit our group. Please "like" this or comment below! Sports-Yankees postponed doubleheader today, Met's Won 9-0, Red Sox Lost 1-2, Tampa Bay Rays postponed make up TBD. Celebrity Birthday's Today-Selena Quintanilla(D.1995), Martin Lawrence, Charlie Chaplin(D.1977), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Pope Benedict XVI, Jon Cryer, Bobby Vinton, Dusty Springfield(D.1999), Jimmy Osmond, Ellen Barkin, Henry Mancini(D.1994), Ann Romney, Gerry Rafferty(D.2011). Happy Birthday & Happy Anniversary goes out to any of our members and guests who are celebrating today! Have a great day! Ciao!
Happy Birthday to Jon Cryer.onstage in "Brighton Beach Memoirs" and "Ann"
Jon Cryer & Martin Lawrence both turn 49 today. I am thinking the same thing... twins separated at birth.
Born April 16, 1965 Jon Cryer. See with on set of Two and Half Men. Pic via TV Guide
BIRFFDAY BONANZA April 16 Ellen Barkin is 60 Martin Lawrence is 49 "Duckie" Jon Cryer is 49 Peter "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out" Billingley is 43 and The Great Charlie Chaplin was born this day in 1889 -Jackie O
Do you know whose birthday it is today? Jimmy Osmond, Jon Cryer, Martin Lawrence and APRIL HOLMSTROM LANGE! Have a good one!
april 16- Today is Nat. Stress Awareness Day, Nat. Bookmobile Day, Save The Elephants Day. Akon Thiam (singer) is 41, Martin Lawrence (actor/comedian) is 49, Selena (singer) 1971-1995, Jon Cryer (two & a half men) is 49, Kareem Abdul Jabbar (NBA) is 67, Charlie Chaplin (actor) 1889-1977, Jimmy Osmond (osmond brothers) is 51, Ellen Barkin (actress) is 60, Gerry Rafferty (singer, stuck in the middle with you) 1947-2011. 1979 What A Fool Believes by The Doobie Brothers was 1) What does the term "persona non grata" mean? 2) What taste are cats unable to taste? 3) Cyanide has the bitter aroma of what? 4)What do they say fried spiders taste like?
Good morning! Here's today's minute, along with birthday wishes to all celebrating today, which includes Martin Lawrence, Kareem Abdul-Jabar, and Jon Cryer. Have a good day.
Oscar Pistorius has been cast along side Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer in a new series of two and a half men. He's the half man.
Jennie Garth, Bryan Cranston, Bob Saget, Jon Cryer -- what do they all have in common? They're all spilling a little dirt. Whose memoir would you be most interested in reading? What celebrity do you wish would write a book? The Saget & Garth books are already available for request:
I share my birthday with Jon Cryer (two and a half men) Christine McInteryer and Wilbur Wright
WOW!! Angus T. Jones talks new religious calling, sports massive beard USMagazine, Monday, March 17, 2014, 12:00pm (PDT) Up until November 2012, Angus T. Jones had to answer to "Two And a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre, but these days he only answers to higher power. The 20-year-old former sitcom actor sat down with KHOU news station in Houston, Texas -- sporting a shockingly full beard -- to talk about his new religious faith and his time on the still-running hit comedy. "It was making light of topics in our world that are really problems for a lot of people," Jones said of his former show, in which he co-starred with Jon Cryer, Charlie Sheen, and, after Sheen's own dramatic exit, Ashton Kutcher. "And I was a paid hypocrite because I wasn't OK with it, but I was still doing it." Now studying in Colorado and working with the World Harvest Outreach Church in Houston, Jones feels badly for the way he left the show. In November 2012, he posted a video on the Forerunner Chronicles YouTube page, calling the CBS ...
Jon Cryer was recently seen out on a date with his co-star, Mila Kunis
Kutcher, Kunis spotted on double date with Jon Cryer, wife - New York Daily News -
"'The Netflix Wars' pulses with drama and intrigue at every step. Jon Cryer is an absolute revelation! Subscribe or perish.". -Pauline Kael
My Celebrity Birthday Person for February 20th is Sir Charles Barkley (51) 1963 Born: Leeds, Alabama / Birth name: Charles Wade Barkley / Height: 6' 4½" (1.94 m) Nicknames: Sir Charles & The Round Mound of Rebound. Attended Leeds High School in Leeds, Alabama, a small suburb just outside of Birmingham. One of their outdoor basketball courts carries the name ‘Charles Barkley Court’ in his honor. Played three seasons at Auburn University before leaving early for the NBA draft. Nearly made the 1984 US Olympic basketball team, but was cut on the final day by coach Bob Knight for making snide remarks about Coach Knight "wearing his granddaddy's shoes." Spouse: Maureen Blumhardt (1989 - present) 1 child Trade mark: Bald Head. He first appeared as Himself in the movies at age 28 in ‘Hot Shots!’ (1991). Hot Shots! starred Charlie Sheen as Lt. Topper Harley, Valeria Golino as Ramada Thompson, Lloyd Bridges as Adm. Thomas 'Tug' Benson, & Jon Cryer as Jim 'Wash Out' Pfaffenbach. Jon Cryer currently stars in ...
So is basically 2 1/2 Men minus Jon Cryer and substitute Minnie Driver. Way to go Network you fail again
After watching Two and a half men last night I realize the only that stopped me from becoming Jon Cryer's characters in the show and all the John Hughes movies was the martial arts. Thanks dad from teaching me to punch people in the face.
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