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Jon Clark

Jon Clarke (born 4 April 1979) is a rugby league hooker. He has previously played for Wigan, London Broncos & Warrington.

Chloe Sims Love Island Southern California

Towie’s Jon Clark cosies up to a Chloe Crowhurst lookalike as fans demand he makes a surprise entrance to Love Isl…
Well...yeah! Totally. In fact makes perfect sense to see Clark/Kal as a 'Father'. I did,…
This is what happens when people decide to ignore rules that are getting in the way. It's a leftie core value.
A Lois centered issue of Superman as she looks for Clark, Batman, Jon, and Robin. Great art in 22.❤️ cover The town…
LISTEN: "Christy Clark just wont stand there and help them take her down" - on .
I can tell you what it isn't, it isn't going from school and 6th form to un…
Not as long as they keep promising free stuff to lazy people, no.
The left had to put their kicking-boots on and get stuck in first because thi…
Correction. 'Majority of Brits who waste their lives filling in yougov surveys for a couple of quid a year'…
Put an ice pack on your head and cool down. Might help until they arrive. That's all I can do from here. Good luck! 😁
Maybe I was wrong. Stories don't seem to be helping you. I'd advise you to call your psychothe…
If making up stories makes you feel better about yourself, and if it saves you money with your…
So weak you thought you'd copy it?. You're really not very good at this are you. How's work g…
If Jon Clark doesn't go into Love Island I'll be devo
Thanks! Glad to be on stage with you. Congrats on picking up the Centennial Award for the Weak…
I'm crying here... I always say I live in the village of the damned! 7pm to 6am and weekends you can hear a pin drop!
Cuckoo is the correct similarity there alright !!
You're not suggesting 's showboating might not be genuine and sincere are you?
You are so out of touch, your ignorance is showing
‘Joy of living’: 78yo French nun flying high on hoverboard (VIDEO)
How is "May must go" protest at Downing Street a protest to a council? Attacking council staff wa…
Crikey, what a reaction, to people protesting to a council, that effectively cost them the live…
Social Media Studies, Pony Tail Platting, & other made up quals to get the young to take…
Belief in God is how modern, educated, and rational people identify the nutters among them. No room…
The left wing street protests of last couple of days are classic blame deflection.fingerprints are all over tragedy
23 of our children slaughtered in Manchester by an Islamic terrorist & not one single protest from Corbyn's baying mob…
Our good friends at Re:find, Jon Michael Clark and Ronald Susser can help you with any project. Xoect something...
Tonight we are joined by the finest Essex boys!! Fancy a meet & greet? Simply grab your tickets here >…
Paid 4 by UK taxpayers via local & government taxes. We're forced 2 house in luxury the migra…
Leftie newspaper tries to influence democracy by telling lies about the centre-right majority.
She has an unhealthy disrespect for our society and is unfit to hold any office... .
When the internet shows our politicians to be hypocrites so often you can see why they want to control it. Hideous…
'What more can life throw at me?' TOWIE's Jon Clark rushes home from Spain ... - Daily Mail
You would think that would be true, but actually you are wrong. Knowing your history is a good thing. Try it some time.
Hey there, sorry for the delay. Please send us a DM if you are in need of any assistance with a case on…
An accident occurs and we rush to judgement on who's to blame. A terrorist attack occurs and we rush round trying not…
And take those screaming for an inquiry with you. We are a civilised, ordered country - we're going to inv…
London News Search (Jon Clark jets home from Spain after dad breaks his back) 1 London -
This man was insulting his father, their home, and the legacy of Superman. Jon knew better. Jon knew the…
Really hope your dads ok jon sending you all my love x get well soon Mr Clark 👍🏼
Jon will NOT be confronting Chloe in this year's villa
Jeff, Jon McComb certainly doesn't deserve to be lumped in with "gutless MSM". Probably why gut…
We really hope everything works out ok for the star 😟
Who is Chloe Crowhurst? Love Island 2017 girl and executive assistant who dumped Towie star…
. . Love Island: TOWIE's Jon Clark reveals the real reason why he WON'T be confronting ex ...
There's an ice cream truck driving around Clark lol
Tomorrow we are joined by the finest TOWIE boys & 😍 Grab tickets here >…
I'm praying Jon Clark goes in there and absolutely ruins Chloe's life tbh😂😂
Jon's gift to Lois in The photo album at the end of the issue. Mr. Oz's package to Clark at the end of . . .
Dr. Manhattan in a Clark Kent suit...look at how Jon flames
Tim Doomsday and Prophecy escaped from Ozs prison, Creepy Clark made contact with the Kents and Jon's missing, filler?
Jon Clark revealed some VERY NSFW details about his sex life on
We can't believe the star said THIS!
"We have to find out little boy, Clark. We have to save him. We can't lose Jon." . [Action Comics ]
Same. I mean I love Jon, but Clark raising a little girl is wonderful!
That's going to cause a right old clear out!
Don't miss The Inexplicables supported by Gramski & Jon Clark's Freestyle showcase this Saturday at The Gladstone...
viewers left STUNNED by star 's confession
Someone needs to find me a man like Jon Clark, I have no words
We can't believe said THIS on last night!
technically she's half-Kryptonian and half-human and is Clark and Lois' daughter so i'd say genderbend Jon 😆
--anymore. Let's see Clark do that." His eyes fixed on Jon again, bright red and glowing.
Jon Davis coming up clutch again? We are used to it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Davis hits the buzzer beater to defeat UTSA!
Jon reminds me of Richard from Clark county know it's early but I don't think he will make it 60 days
Take it your talking about a sexpod highly embarrassing why would people do it Jon Clark needs to get a new hobby lol !
Jon O'Neill with Greg Clark, MP & the Lord Mayor Dr Andrew Parmley discussing Saving Energy via Abseil at the Man…
TOWIE's Jon Clark reveals solo sex record: 'It was like dust that came out'
So we all know Jon Clark is a wanker...
Jon lights up, seeing a chance to have some fun with his dad. "Woof woof!" He barks, jumping around Clark.
"Uh.. it could be. But then there's also Jon, you know- Clark and Lois. It did work, right?"
For Man & Woman of the Year Honorees Jon Clark and Janet Garufis, Commitment to Change Runs Deep. Read more:
Jon Clark weighs in on the 2017 outlook for in EMEIA
Hey Jon Clark, thanks for the follow...enjoy yourself here! Follow Jon Clark -->
i'll try to understand this whole imaginary tale abt how Clark's first child married Bruce's first child so i could apply it to Jon & Damian
yes the New52 Lois & Clark were supposed to have their Jon. But then we had that horrendous Superboy book. Wait what was the name
and despair from our fave DC parents. I don't think the other Clark took Jon, it has to be the one messing with the universe
istg if fake clark is sb prime i will FIGHT leave jon alone
Why do we keep hearing from those who earn a fortune that those who nothing earn to much?
One solid clue pointing to Clark being Dr.Manhattan: Jon teleporting around the house.
yep next chapter they are having a discussion. I think the mysterious Clark didn't kidnap Jon it was
Jon Stewart literally said it yesterday, there is no new Trump. There will never be a new Trump. He's never changed and h…
Man and Woman of the Year recipients Jon Clark and Janet Garufis on their passion for helping others:
Jon Clark's been spotted going to Gemma Collins' for a cosy night in. Ooh la la
Real happy how this track came out I produced for Benedict Hampenstein featuring Jon Clark and Emily Farrar. Did...
Jon Clark from towie just borrowed my sun cream 😎😎😎😎
Happy Independence Day to all American friends. A momentous day celebrating separation from an imperialist...
"Hello said he cut his hand on the stuff." She watched Clark still worried about Jon.
Lois slipped out of Clark's embrace to check on Jon. "Somehow he got ahold of Kryptonite, I had him laying>>
Waves Clark into the kitchen, she was thinking of a way to tell him about Jon.
Jon Clark has just notched-up a rare repeat of Kumquat (F8b) on Chee Tor East in Derbyshire. Plus short video by...
As an internationalist i stand with the working class of Iraq as they struggle through this far right terrorism.
I liked a video from Awkward Duet Dodie Clark and Jon Cozart - Pittsburgh, PA
I didn't realise anybody was listening to him? Utterly, completely untrustworthy.
5% for managing to write your name in the correct place? Do me a favour.
It's the sort of crap you expect from 5yr olds...
That's racist - how dare you. I'm a white English tax payer and I'm offended on behalf of those who are neither.
Hopefully we'll get to dispense of him with the all new heavy duty macerator.
Jon Hammond Show Preview, air date 07 09 on MNN TV - first segment. Roy Clark Television Interview with Jon...
Samantha Bee is going where Jon Stewart and John Oliver never did via
. It still is. BBC is not the only one however it is intolerable considering all households must pay for it.
Me too, and more. The story is still there 6yrs later so must be true or lawyers would have removed
Turn the tables... Go and discuss the upsides of dismantling
It's what happens when any organisation becomes *really* unaccountable. BBC... Police... Governments... Banks...MPs (!)
I emailed about appalling BBC. He just referred me to BBC complaints dept. It's nepotism and favours.
Yup - was the same. I burn the letters telling me how much I paid now so I don't get to be driven mad by them.
It doesn't always go your way. Bring on
Him living with me means less tooing and froing.
I work 8 hrs from 5.45am. At 2pm go over to my son. Don't leave ...
I often do days like that as well. 25% of my tax goes on benefits
This joint custody means my days start at 4am and finish at 8pm!!
... Care he should be living with me.
I do all the care and he stays with me quite a lot. As I do all the ..
its all joint custody now. My son is resident at his fathers but
I have no idea how custody works. Can you move with joint? I think no
That meant to read sole custody lol. It will make things easier!!
No problem. After all wewere brought up 2 fendfor ourselves werent we
Thanks. In the last 14 months I've achieved a lot but there's still ..
I meant sole custody lol. It's joint at the moment and unsustainable
Well I sincerely wish you all the luck in the world. I do hope
stay on it. Time erodes people better than brute force
... For some custody of my son. It's a slow process! But thanks xx
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Its been14 months and there's still lots to do! Bigger place...
It sounds like you are a strong person who will do well on your
my savings are the remainder of what I had from my old house after my ex ...
... Ripped me off £30k. We weren't married so I didn't have a ...
It took a while. 2 months to find work. He kept the house *** ..
people who have savings of their own??? Wow.
You think it's fair that my wages are taken off me at source and given to
That would be tough on anyone. Many would fail to adapt.
... And I don't feel like I'm walking on eggshells in terms of what I'm ...
I had a visit the other night from one. The people on here are really cool ..
we worked hard for them. Some who never have get through the door with ease.
I had a wealthy ex who financially cut me off. I learnt to adapt quick
Neither do I. I have a good life on little in comparison.
Its well unfair people who have savings are penalised under benefits system
I'm definitely in poverty but I don't feel like I'm in poverty.
Neither can I . I saved some money as well, so I expect to be punished for it
I lived in Bristol. Im Bristolian. I hated it there. I love it in Newcastle.
I guess I'm in poverty then. House wife, never claimed a penny.
Once the mental anchor to home is broken you can go where's best !
... The projects I gave in mind but can't say!!
I can't get benefits because of savings. But this is put back for one of ...
. My ex was abusive in every sense. I'm happiest I've been in over decade.
... I don't want to say too much at the moment as I don't want to jinx it!!
... I'm going through some changes at the moment to sort things out ...
My sons autistic so I don't want to move because he's in one of few...
If you're in an economically depressed area did you consider relocating ?
You can learn to get by on little. I had a wealthy ex so it was a shock ...
I have a part time job, sort of and a small service pension & there's just me
It took me two months to find work and had to apply for 10 jobs a day.
on £13k I can still afford my rent , bills, etc, etc. My ex doesn't give me any money..
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
I earn about £13,000 a year. I'd be better off unemployed but I'd rather wirk
Textbook PV baseball. Shrewsbury single, Lee moves him to second on ground ball. RBI single by Jon Clark. 1-0 PV
He's dating Chloe Sims now, but remember when Jon Clark was engaged to Hannah Elizabeth?.
TOWIE's Jon Clark's mum reminds him of Love Island proposal?
Eek! TOWIE's Jon Clark told to slow down romance with Chloe Sims..but by who?!
Successful crowd funders. Jon Clark, Matt Phillips of GE Jennifer Williams of
In case you missed it... Love Island’s Jon Clark joins cast of The Only Way Is Essex.
Every time I work with Derek and Jon Clark they tag team me 😒
I got a new back up torch thanks to Patti Dougherty and Jon Clark!! You guys RULE! @ Amber Street…
Jon Clark with the hammer down at GoPro Race 1! @ GoPro Motorplex
Wayne Geoghegan sport, toffs and the need for a boycott (i added the latter part)!
Landlord Tory MP says law requiring homes be fit for human habitation is an unnecessary burden
cut - the as it should be called - needs to be reversed. It will become Cameron's Poll Tax. h…
Wish the would bring back the baby blue road unis. Maybe just on Sundays?
baseball teams that inspire business school PR to pitch cheesy stories about Jon Maddon's pajama parties deserve the misery they have coming
Jon Clark's lighting for is brilliant! Nice to see fixtures really closing down a space in that way.
Coming up on my show today: Townes Van Zandt, Bridget St John, Gene Clark, Joe Walsh, Linda Perhacs, Kevin Ayers. Essentially:…
TWU blockade Korean embassy in protest at the viscous attacks being carried out on drivers in South Korea.
to with a Happy Birthday to our 103-year-old fan and Top Dog of the game Marion Clark! 🎉👏
How cute is lil Jon?! He is so Lois's son, with the cuteness of Clark!!
Rolling in the deep of Microsoft Dynamics Marketing with Megan Clark & Jon Petrucelli - digging into the seller's portal.
Video: Behind the scenes at Jon Clark... via
Be great at the things that take no talent. – Brad Stevens
very true. Victor, Arthur, Diana, Bruce and Clark are in it. All they need to do is intro Barry, Hal/Jon Stewart and J'onn
Hannah Elizabeth and Jon Clark fuel split rumours!
Sunday, Don Draper. Wednesday, Superman. Earlier this week I was told I look like Jon Hamm, and today I was told I look like Clark Kent.
star confirms Hannah Elizabeth and Jon Clark have SPLIT?
OHMYGOSH! Jon is the perfect little ball of fuzziness mixture of Clark and Lois!!!
that looks more like Ted than Clark the cub.
Huge shoutout to for all of the updates, stats, and info all season long. I still don't know how you do …
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Nurses and supporters take over Las Vegas Blvd!!
Congrats to and Top scorers for players and coaches bowling today!
It's not that I have trust issues, it's that I just trust too much.
You don't get anywhere without extremely hard work. So if you want it, go for it.
EU official exposes stupidity of polies sucked in by tha sells out working people
Cardinals burning through all their key relievers with a must-win game awaiting tomorrow (and likely a pitcher on three days r…
Tomorrow at 10 AM! Attend our PreGame with Donald Clark at
Keeping children in concentration camps? This government needs to be deradicalised
"The Tory Party is not the party of British workers, it is the problem for British workers" .
Heard on the weekend that since the 60's there has been a 60% decline in sea birds. Heard also that in the US...
tentative lineup is lapis w/ Clark & Jon, Pitou with hxh group, furry LLs with Alexa & Li, and (drunk?) Keiko with YYH group
Oh, and what you mean by GREAT is Jon Gruden
Thank you Peter Tortice you are a star.and to Jon Cara Clark
Jon Clark welcomingWall of Fame inductees this evening and celebrating WGHS!
I think Phil Clark was still there, sobbing
Avoiding unhappiness is not the road to happiness.
Horrible to see any player get hurt on the field...hope Nick Chubb recovers and comes back better than ever
Good luck to my boy Jon Clark coaching at University of Nebraska. Good luck today against University of Wisconsin .
I meet with Jon Shnepp, director of the new documentary "The Death of "Superman Lives" What…
The best memories are made without social media. Put down the electronics my friends. Live. Your. Life. ✌🏻️💯
In 2 hours the big bar opening begins!
Jon-Clark Giddings with a great punt return for the Jackets and they start at the bwood 24yd line.
Zoey Kendall and Jon Clark Giddings lead the Yellow Jackets with 5 tackles each
Mt. Tabor Graduate Jon luc Clark takes a turn in leading the Marching Spartans!!!
How to Be a Terrible Employee, Build an Audience, and Travel the World
loving your work! Going to miss you on the picket lines this morning
sad story about brother of Jon Kreft. Took his life while Jon was with him.
thanks buddy I told you this one was for you guys😈
I love jon steward the daily show:: but remember Lewis and Clark exposition. That IS America
Great job boys, I'm beyond proud of you guys
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I'm being annoying and whiny cause I'm sick and trying to help Clark and he said, "go home and go get Jon!" 😒
I hate it how I'm the only one of my friends who listens or even knows who Jon Pardi or William Clark green is.😐
Amazing Jon Meacham on Thomas Jefferson: "Lewis and Clark were his Netflix."
Can I just skip college and go straight to having a decent career plz
I am so *** jealous of you and disappointed in myself at the same!!
Also, really Jon Kent? That Clark could have run in and saved you. People would have just chalked it up to adrenaline.
Worldwide survey: Who do you see as the biggest threat to world peace?
I think missing someone isn't necessarily how long you've been away from them, but being in a moment and wishing that they…
A days and blitz activity ending with a dozen drivers committing to be involved in the...
Look at this magical sunset of Ubirr - Kakadu National Park - Pic: Jon Clark
Out for the in are champion bodybuilders Rachael Hayes and Jon Clark.
La Boheme opens tonight lit by Jon Clark, directed by Benedict Andrews
Team Extreme rocked the DFAC World Finals. Medals for Jon Clark, Kelly Freeman, Andrew Chappell and Rachael Hayes
Jon Clark wants me to drown in a quarry.
Someone be friends with Jon Clark and I.
Good luck John Thyne & Jon Clark , both running the on Saturday
Currently constructing the SBSC/SCY record board wall at Los Banos in the team room. It will be finished by Semana Nautica and the 50 year anniversary party. Emlynn Iannelli Adrienne Brown Danny Beal and Brian Alderman claim the most titles while Jon Clark and Anne Tweedy own the longest standing SCY team records (1978).
Jon Clark won this morning's match by 9 strokes, Tyler Light by 5, Garrison Myles by 2 and Nate Tarter by 7!
'Game of Thrones' Stars Emilia Clark and Kit Harington Dating? Is This a Sign of Things to Come for Jon...
"And the race is on and here comes pride in the back stretch!" Our fan Jordan Owens from South of 20 and our very own Jon Clark give into the crowd's demands and get wet 'n' wild!
Doing missions requires conquering your fears. Our fears are often magnified by the enemy to keep us from taking that step of faith. The grace won't come on you while you sit at home. It comes when you actually step out. The Jordan didn't stop flowing when the priests bearing the ark approached. It stopped when they actually stepped in. I have watched as Elidia DeLeon preached a powerful message like a seasoned preacher of 20 years yet it was her first time, as many responded to the altar call when Dave shared, as Jessica ministered healing, countenances changing as Rey, Jon Clark shared their testimonies. All these had never imagined to operate in these things but conquered their fear and found that when you step out in faith, God responds by giving you the grace you need. After nearly drowning last year in Lake Michigan, I was hesitant to come because of the fact that we were primarily going to be on wooden canoes on the river yet I don't know how to swim. Imagine all the people that would have missed t ...
Congraulations to my daughter Gemma Clarke and Jon Clarke on the birth of your daughter
Anyone in Sydney fancy a sherbert on Wed or Thurs??
stoke fans were awesome Jon, both for Jeff and for Clive Clark.
Our Elite men rocked it at the Whoo's in El Moro 50k in Southern California! Both Nickademus Hollon and Jon Clark...
Perhaps Clark told Jon to leave your garage door open. No one wants you dead more than your poor, ashamed father.
Definitely can do some a lot of time in the "Cushion of Death" D @ MIZ
I'll come out and say it right now, PACK YOUR BAGS ARCETO CLARK!
from around mile 12 of Comfortable lead over chase pack of Jon Clark,…
Versatile player in the secondary...agressive.fits the D / g. will mode.just wish he was taller than I am.
sleaford mods - fizzy via Music Videolisten to this spa it's like Jon cooper Clark on wizz and glue👍👍
R.I.P. to my *** Henry Lee Clark and to Jon Aymos. Miss yall *** "Riding High"
Jon Hamm for Bruce Wayne, Matt Bomer for clark kent and Cobie Smulders as princess Diana. Now this is how you cast a dc comic movie.
you just CRUSHED that commentary with the Zach martin pick...perfection. Great job
TB making noise.with their uniforms. ..i kid. In all seriousness, MAJOR upgrades in personnel and coaching staff.
New drinking game! drink every time a commentator says the pick's weight while watching the draft!
So when is Jon Gruden gonna hop off Johnny Manziel's ***
I will block you from every means of communication.
if the rams draft him.nothing but JFF all day erryday for you buddy!
my favorite version of superman is Harvey Dent he's black as opposed to Clark Kent oh you (cont)
Jon Clark has a show on 05/09/2014 at 08:00 PM @ Private Compa... in Jackson Hole, WY
Only big bat can ground into a DP and get credit for driving in a run.soo much love for that guy
and Clark Gayton sounding great at Note the ONE STEP UP request sign in back lower right
At least they got Isaiah Rashad and Jon Connor on there.
well four are. Baker, Clark, Gabby (injury doubt) and Weimann, then exciting youth Robinson and Grealish.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
“Age staff leave the building solidarity to unionists fight for thei…
Spot-on!: "...people may scorn UKIP as political outsiders, but their sentiments are already among us. Their...
The Clark Monet sold tonight for $24 million—which means the Corcoran gets zero.
Jon Wilkins told the Lewis & Clark nbrhd mtg that deer never ate his plants until be he began researching pop. control
Bullet Points over Benghazi - Jon Stewart does it again Part 1 Part 2
You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf. -Jon Kabat-zinn
Our CEO Dr. Neil Clark Warren is on set today filming new commercials w/ Director !
Jon Stewart tears Fox News apart for Benghazi hypocrisy
YES! There is something going on in at 99%
my mum says you and her were friends back in the 70,s. We used to go round yours in belsize park. Bob,Jackie and Jon Clark.
Jon Clark of Rancho Santa Margarita wins the Mt. Baldy Run To the Top this morning in 1:08.54, winning for the second straight year.
i cant help but post a comment a fellow hippie hater left on this page, its worth the read. "1979... Iowa State Fair... I was 7 years old and I remember this as if it happened yesterday... My Father and I were walking through the Midway one evening and a Hippie who was losing at the game where you throw darts at balloons jumped over the counter and grabbed the prize that he so desperately wanted. (roach clip with feathers attached) At this time the Carney (an extremely large black fella) grabbed him and punched him three times in the face and then lifted he over his head and right before he threw that pathetic piece of human debris out of his stand the Hippie shouted... " Aw come on Cuz!" The Carney (with a voice as deep as James Earl Ray) threw him to the ground and said... "I am NOT your cousin" At that point my dad drug me away from the whole thing but he later told me that the Carney was 100% in the right. I am now 41 and if I life to be 141 I will never forget that experience." - Jon Clark
Big thanks to Dave, Steve, Jon Clark, Josh, and Nate for an awesome evening of board gaming last night. I can't...
Top boys that don't go your school — James dalton, Jon Clark, Jordan Newman, mason Palmer, Ben Bowie, Cameron Ja...
At long last, they are here! The awards for the costumes from my birthday party. Those who I don't often see in person will receive theirs in the mail. And, everyone received an award of some kind, but only because I had way too much fun making them. :) Best Group - Jon Clark, Rose Clark, and Sterling Clark (Tennessee Fans) Most Last Minute - Laurie Westing Eastin and Michael Eastin (Shrek and Donkey) Sleaziest - Jacob Eastin (Sleazy Wedding Guest) Most Realistic - Erin Brooke McCauley (Waitress) Finest Geek Chic - Grace Eastin (Nerd) Most Historically Accurate - Amanda Ruth Eastin (Ancient Aliens Guy) Most Booty-licious - Donna Garvey (Pirate) Most Capetastic - Julia Eastin (Little Red Riding Hood)
Tomorrow the Lancaster chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby will be launched! Jon Clark leads the training,1:30-4:30 at Community Mennonite Church of Lancaster,328 W. Orange St. You can come and help us get off to a strong start in building the political will for a sustainable climate and empowering citizens to make an impact!
I got the sad txt last night tht my frd Sarah Jones had passed. :0( So many good times at the shores. I can remember how the older grls used to run up to u and hug u so hard tht u almost fell over. :0) Or the one time Jon Clark said, "Jump Sarah will catch u" and u walked to the window. Then he said he would catch me instead. Missed going to Dayoff and have bbq's. U will b miss babe! But I kno u hurt nomore.
"If we were to have a moral shelf...then at the bottom would be truly evil people, who enjoy inflicting pain, like dentists" - Jon Clark
Best friend/bandmate/studio engineer/mastering guru/teacher/rock bass man Jon Clark will be presenting his White Tie Rock Ensemble repeat performance of Pink Floyd's music this Saturday Sept. 29th in Pensacola. I've learned over the last decade or so that Jon is great at everything he does! And this Pink Floyd tribute concert is no different-it's world class entertainment and you should plan to attend!
Jon Clark and Ryan Headley tie for 3rd (145); Kenny Earle was 4th (146); Garrison Myles 6th (150) and Isaac Haver finished 8th (153)
I feel like Jon Clark's packin some heat - Ryan Hodge
Fish & Wildlife Protection... AK Wildlife Troopers... here is a sample of the FWP press releases that will provide insight for some of you... certainly I expect many of you will have "Opinions" about it... Any charges reported in these press releases are merely accusations and the defendants are presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty. - Location: Fish Creek... Sport Fish Salmon Closed Waters Text: On 7-29-12 Alaska Wildlife Troopers in Palmer contacted 17 year old Wasilla resident Jon Clark. Investigation revealed Clark was fishing In Fish Creek during closed fishing hours. Fishing is allowed Saturday and Sunday from 6am to 6pm. starting August 11 2012. Clark was cited into Palmer Court with a bail amount of $110.00 5 Salmon were given to charity. - Location: Jim Creek... Fail to Release Snagged Fresh Water Fish Text: On 8-3-12, Palmer Wildlife Troopers issued a citation to Kyle D. Taylor, age 19, of Eagle River for failing to release a snagged fresh water fishh. Bail was set at $130.00 do ...
Such a great night with ad my boy Jon Clark!!!
Hanging with my boy Jon Clark. Been a great night!
My best friend Jon Clark is actually Kevin James
Day1 intern @ JSC. Buzz Aldrin 5 ft away. Thanks to Jon Clark, Michael Barratt, and for the inspiration.
The Philly Football Skills Academy was brought together by local football Players Keita Crespina, and Brent Johnstone they enlisted local notables like Rich Drayton, Vernard “Abe” Abrams, Al Crosby, Tim Leach, Jon Clark, Chris Chambers, Castell Green, Maleek Brown, Kareem Ali, Keith Kerrin, Nick Lincoln, Charles Peoples and Rasheed Muhammad. *Many of the youth in attendance ultimate dream is to play in the NFL and on Several occasions we’ve had retired NFL players speak and and coach our young men in attendance have been Lance Johnstone, Kevin Ross, Jon Clark and Rian “Goo” Wallace. Wallce was so impressed with what he saw he partnered his non profit G.O.O. (Goals Over Obstacles) with the P.F.S.A. The first thing they thought were how can we improve this experience fro our young men. A trip to the NFL Hall Of Fame was discussed and agreed on that this could be a life changing event. Our Goal is to take 8 young men in the 11th grade entering there senior year on a all expense paid trip from Phila ...
Jon Clark, James Kilsdonk, Josh Kilsdonk, Jeremiah Dettman, Kevin Clark, Jim Clark, Jacci Meier, Julie Kilsdonk, and the rest of the family who was out head hurts. I blame you all for making me laugh so darn hard! Thanks for a fun evening :-)
R.I.P. Jon Clark, you will be missed man. You were a real nice guy and always said hi Mike in the hallways! Miss ya man!
Sundays Stage Itinerary 1:00 Mayor of Pearl will speak, followed by the police chief. 1:10 Hinds CO Sheriffs will do color guard 1:15 Prayer followed by the Pledge of Allegiance followed by The National Anthem (Richard Lee Davis) 1:20 The bike ride shall begin and Kenny Davis starts performing 2-2:15 The bikes should be returning and NOA will start their set when then bikers pull in. After their 4th song I will call upon Hinds Co SO to present a flag. NOA will start with Amazing Grace , as they sing Hinds SO will fold the flag. All Pearl Pd present will then line up as Hinds CO presents this flag to them in honor of the fallen. 2:30 Aaron Coker 3:00 Jon Clark 3:30 Chad Perry 4:00 Diesel 255 4:30 Momma Loretta ** there will be djing in between sets ** Dj Cadillac and Linda Allen from WJTV will MC this event. If there are any problems with times for bands please contact me via email Djcadillac07or
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