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Jon Benet Ramsey

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and over here in the States we still don't know what happened with Jon Benet Ramsey. Same theme, unfortunately.
Check out this book: "Foreign Faction: Who Really Kidnapped Jon Benet Ramsey" by A. James Kolar…
the same way it was proven false you did not murder Jon Benet Ramsey.
You can deny it all you want... ...but Katy Perry IS Jon Benet Ramsey
I need to know who killed Jon Benet Ramsey!!
Carrie just told us that in third grade she believed she could solve Jon Benet Ramsey's murder
just saw a picture of a girl that looked like she was trying to be Jon Benet Ramsey. Like why would anyone want to seem so...fake?
this is the case that will not die. It's Jon Benet Ramsey w more twists and countries
Oh, my gosh, you guys. What if Katy Perry really is grown-up Jon Benet Ramsey? It explains absolutely nothing at all.
She thought I was talking about Jon Benet Ramsey.
There were less unanswered questions in the Jon Benet Ramsey case, than at the news conference today.
Jon Benet Ramsey is actually Katy Perry spread it like wildfire
Notice how this poor girl looks like Jon Benet Ramsey. I feel it dude.
Me to my hairdresser today "Please not a lot of volume. I can start to look like Jon Benet Ramsey if we're not careful." . 😬
I think is Jon Benet Ramsey too, but it goes so much further. Lockheed Martin, and the Bilderberg Group.
Obviously that Katy Perry is actually Jon Benet Ramsey. . But for real, look into The Dyatlov Pass incident. Wild stuff.
Anyone else think that Kelsey is Jon Benet Ramsey?
This podcast just connected Jon Benet Ramsey to 9/11 so I have no idea what's real anymore.
Why are we still hearing about Jon Benet Ramsey and Anna Nicole Smith years after death? Because of race and class?
Wall Street is attached to Jon Benet Ramsey. Nash is an a:MIPOL thought program national murder.
I've posted quite a bit about Jon benet Ramsey . That's a huge load on my heart
Katy Perry with blonde hair? Huh, maybe this broad is Jon Benet Ramsey after all.
mike Tracey is a Jon Benet Ramsey hack lol he's got no room to throw around ethics lessons
MSM doesn't report our deaths as they do whites. Examples: Jon Benet Ramsey & Aiyana Stanley-Jones.
The way people are obsessed with Jon Benet Ramsey, you'd think she was Tupac.
I hope the series after is over will be just as good. Jeffrey Dahmer, Menendez bros, Jon Benet Ramsey or Casey Anthony
I wonder what Jon Benet Ramsey and Caylee Anthony talk about.
Good morning family. As i sit back and watch the case of Relisha T Rudd slowly being swept under a rug and put into a box for a cold case, I am saddened. They talked about Jon Benet Ramsey for years. I started to wonder, was it because she was privileged? Was it because she was white? Or Adam Walsh who was abducted and killed? What made their cases and other missing childrens cases stay in the limelight and Relisha fade away. I believe its because technically, Relisha wasn't abducted. She wasn't snatched off some street corner, or someone snatched her off a school playground. She was basically handed over, given away with no regard to her safety. Not even reported missing by the people who are supposed to love her and cherish here and protect her. What is the public who does not understand the family logic behind this madness to think? What is law enforcement to do? Their hands are tied because the family is not telling the truth, the timeline is inconsistent, and law enforcement is chasing their tail. I ...
having a blast here in estes park, colorado ... did our ghost tour last night (no ghostie showed up in my room last night, but there's still tonight!) ... we did the estes park museum today ... going to the estes park theatre in about an hour ... that will be pretty cool ... and after that, Shari S. Cain and i are headed to boulder to visit Jon Benet Ramsey's house! woot! giddy! oh, also ... at the indy airport on friday, guess who was about four people in front of me at the tsa checkpoint? Adam Vinieteri ... ;)
I hate watching shows on Jon Benet Ramsey and Caylee Anthony.. their mothers killed them and our Judicial System let them go free
Proof race is still an issue: We're still talking about Jon Benet Ramsey but everyone has forgotten about George Zimmerman's acquittal.
On My Soapbox, the ramblings of a *** geek on his third Corona with lime, co-authored by Polly the Parrot. WARNING: Do not read if you are among the faint of heart. It's finally coming out in the national media what really happened in the Jon Benet Ramsey murder case in 1996. I heard from three credible sources at the time that the grand jury had returned an indictment against the Ramseys, but the DA wouldn't sign it. I remember the Daily Camera reported it in 1999. Patsy Ramsey died, but John Ramsey is living. District Attorney Alex Hunter claimed they had insufficient evidence, but that's not usually reason enough to refuse a grand jury indictment for murder or child abuse. A detective had proof evidence was destroyed. Everybody I talked to back then thought the Ramseys were lying. I heard the woman detective on the scene was suspicious and scared, for good reason. The grand jury was sworn to secrecy. (LOL) The next District Attorney Mary Lacy took the bizarre step of "exonerating" the Ramseys for no ap ...
Some of the notable folks who have met their maker on Christmas day: -Charlie Chaplin (1889-1977, famous actor and film director of silent films) -Jon Benet Ramsey (1990-1996, child beauty queen) -James Brown (1933-2006, famous rhythm & blues, gospel, jazz, soul, and funk singer known as the "Godfather of Soul")
Honey Boo Boo is the perfect combination of Jon Benet Ramsey and Anna Nicole Smith.
ok I am so sick of hearing about these kids shooting up schools, teachers, and other kids i dont blame them i blame the parents if you cant control your kid you should not have had them!. kids need disiplin just like people need air its simple from the moment they are two they are at the beginning stage of their learn right from wrong if your to lazy to get your *** up and get them in line then you dont need them, if you have kids just to stay on welfare you dont need them. Kasey Anthony didnt need kids look what happened she she killed that innocent little girl for nothing Jon Benet Ramsey's parents should not have had her either; *** you'd be better off haveing Charles Manson raise your kids in that case. there are to many *** out there haveing kids who have no intention of careing for these kids some are so far gone they beleive that their kids are the best in school "WRONG" just because a kid brings home a great report card does not mean he or she isnt bullying or being bullyed you know what this . ...
If anyone needs me I'll be at the Guided By Voices show in Central Park heckling the opening bands, "Hay, Pains of Being Pure at Heart, is that your band name or the title of the Jon Benet Ramsey biography which is still more entertaining and less sad than your band? Get off the stage!"
"All Girls Are Beautiful" said the *** who obviously forgot about Andrea Yates, the mother of Jon Benet Ramsey, and the Kardashians
S/O to People Magazine for having Trayvon as the cover story... The same way they would Jon Benet Ramsey, Elizabeth Smart, etc.
How long did we have to hear about Natalee Holloway? Jon Benet Ramsey? Are they kidding being tired of hearing about Trayvon? one complained about Jon Benet Ramsey or Natalee Holloway coverage though.
I literally just moved from the treadmill to the elliptical because I saw the E! True Hollywood Story of Jon Benet Ramsey on the TV.
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