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Johnson City

Johnson City is a city in Carter, Sullivan, and Washington counties in the U.S. state of Tennessee, with most of the city being in Washington County.

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Citrus is so much fun!!! Here are some pictures from our State Pageants and from Nationals in Orlando. Don't miss this great Tennessee State Pageant on November 2, 2014 at the Holiday in Johnson City, Tn. OPEN TO ALL STATES and you can win more than 1 STATE!!! You can win your entry fee to Nationals in Orlando, Florida!!! Here is the Bonus!!! You can have your PICTURES AND PORTFOLIOS done by the GREAT Baron DaParre IN Orlando. All of the pictures BELOW from Nationals were made by Baron Deparre-check out all of the gorgeous Headshots!!Call or message me today!!! NO CONTRACTS WHATSOEVER INVOLVED WITH CITRUS!!!
Know anyone for this job? Cellular Sales Verizon Sales Professional (Johnson City, TN) in Johnson City, TN
ATTENTION FRIENDS!!! WE NEED YOUR HELP TO SAVE THE YANCEY THEATRE!!! Some of you may already know we need to replace our projector with a new digital projector. As we speak most movie companies or distributors have stopped making 35mm movies so we are scrambling every week to even find a movie to play. Very soon they will stop making 35mm films at all. Then that means we will have no chose but to close. We need to raise 42,000.00 in order to do this. Being a small business in a small town we do not have the means to be able to make this transition alone. There is a benefit in the works. We are hoping to get the town of Burnsville and surrounding counties involved in hopes to SAVE THE YANCEY THEATRE. The theatre has been open since 1939 many old celebrities walked through the doors of the theatre in years past. So many memories have been made here in the past 75 years. I know I have many memories and I'm sure you do too. We are the only theatre in a 40 mile radius the closest is Johnson City or Asheville. ...
Fire damages garage behind Johnson City home via
New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that Johnson City will be the location for new Binghamton...
Daniel Norris starts strong, exits early in first MLB start: Johnson City's Daniel Norris made his first ...
Johnson City police: Walking stick attack caused by argument over Cherokee Nation
Libous said they want Johnson City to see the same type of activity downtown Binghamton has seen. They have purchased a build…
.reports: Johnson City remains at risk of bond rating downgrade.
Come join us for the 2nd Annual Preparedness Fair at University Parkway Baptist Church in Johnson City. We will...
Calling all locals! Come join us today 8am-1pm at the University Parkway Baptist Church in Johnson City, TN for...
Fifth Street Saints has a show on 09/12/2014 at 07:00 PM @ Capone's in Johnson City, TN...
-- My dollar bill was just found in Johnson City,TN
Join us for our Fall Sale this weekend at our Johnson City store. Free food and drinks on Saturday. Don't miss these awesome deals.
I went to the trouble of trying to get the Johnson City press coverage but was ashamed to post it. Why bother if you can do any better than four or five lines.
In other news, Johnson City is getting a trampoline park.
I hate to say it but I'm looking fwd to watching the Spurrier SEC Storied tonight on He's from Johnson City so that's my excuse
Wednesday's practice in Johnson City is at Willow Springs Park off of Huffine Rd in JC. Take W Walnut to Huffine. Park is on the left.
Sunday School Training tonight at Central Baptist in Johnson City. For details, go to
Welcome to Johnson City native Linda Kinney Wooland and Randy Wooland who stopped in to The Great Spiedini for...
Andrew Trent that everyone just applauded for lives right across from me back at home in Johnson City?!?!
We had a blast in Johnson City, TN tonight! You gotta see this tour! Music and Madness with Mark Lowry and Jason...
See you later Knoxville! On to Johnson City for my Sophomore year of college at East Tennessee State University!
they met at a truck stop, Johnson City, Tennessee!
next game needs to be Moreno and Can with Lucas and Johnson on bench. Can played really well against City in NY.
I've never seen Capt. Johnson give an interview from prepared remarks he just read what the County and City police wanted said
Hats off to Capt Johnson. He's got one of the toughest job right now. How does a city start to recover?
Multiple businesses vandalized and looted tonight. Capt. Johnson, StL CIty/County police in contact with Gov Nixon on additional steps.
barricades what Captain Johnson is reading St. Louis County and St. Louis City the fix is in
After two weeks being home, coming back to Johnson City is such a bummer.
Moreno for Johnson and Markovic for Lucas against City.
Give up on them! Any Vulcans in Fort Leonard Wood, Pulaski; Whiteman AFB, Johnson; or MC Mobilization Command, Kansas City?
Here lately I've fallen back in love with hopefully I'll be calling Johnson City "home" this time next year. 💛💙
Drop Lucas & Johnson for City game. Emre Can power in midfield will help. Enrique @ LB if Moreno isn't fit.
Can't believe it's been 2 years since I saw perform in Johnson City. Please, come back. 😭❤️
Who gonna come party next weekend up at Johnson city??
This summer was amazing. Got to meet people that run the city and have Billions of dollars in weath, made life long connections and friends✔
Just ready to drive to Johnson City on Thursday. Get to see the fam and eat amazing food!
Pastor Freddy J. Clark had Capt. Johnson & Rev. Jackson at Shalom Church (City of Peace) this morning. By http:/…
Would bring Sakho in but obv bit risky unsettling a CB pairing at City. Moreno has to start, chuck him in. He'll be bette…
I can't believe Circuit City went out of business
In Johnson city liking this weather
prospect Juan Perez. Remember that name. He's a Right Handed pitcher for the Johnson City Cardinals.
Lucas and Johnson were lost on Soton's goal. Can and Moreno have to start against City.
Capt Johnson can't have his cake and eat it too, these County/City officers r taking directions from someBODY! Take the kids and get out!
The split doubleheader with Johnson City. Buckner with 6 RBIs in G1 for Bristol; Cole Lankford with 6 RBIs in G2 for JC.
Bristol lose to the Johnson City Cardinals 8-2 (7 scheduled innings)
Dwayne The Rock Johnson (therock) / So good to be back Mexico City.. youve been missed. Tha..
students helped at-risk youth create murals on the side of the Goodwill Theatre in Johnson City!
Hanging with the champions at Mini Pezz Johnson City team connect!
Cpt. Ron Johnson is a political star. He should be the next mayor of least. Bring a new city council and police …
I don't think my heart has mended from not getting to see while he was in Johnson City, TN. Oh what I would've given!
Billy Roth now pitching for in 5th inning of Game 2. Bristol trails Johnson City, 5-1.
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: So good to be back Mexico City.. you’ve been missed. Thank you for the amazing…
I know you really hate Johnson City but I miss you.. Come see me.
Gonna try branching out towards Johnson city soon also
John Collins and I had a wonderful 50th Anniversary Party yesterday at The Phoenix Inn of Greenville. We had friends and family from Greer, Taylors, Greenville, Travelers Rest, Moore, Easley, Rock Hill, Columbia, Lugoff, Florence, Myrtle Beach, North Augusta, Aiken, Landrum and Charleston, SC. We also had friends and family come from Johnson City, and Lenoir City, TN and one from North Carolina. God has blessed us with an abundance of friends and family. We love you all!
Time to see Edge of Tomorrow! Christopher Diana (@ Reel to Real Theater in Johnson City, TN)
Alicia Adkins has a show on 08/17/2014 at 12:00 PM @ Texas Hills Winery in Johnson City, TX
There's a Dress Barn in Johnson City if you're looking for work!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Sun-Dried Vibes has a show on 08/14/2014 at 08:00 PM @ The Acoustic Cof... in Johnson City, TN
Now Playing... Wayne Hancock - Johnson City ...on
The K-Met comeback bid falls short as Johnson City wins Game 2 of the series 3-2. The rubber match is tomorrow night in JC at 7 PM.
Some of you have gotten quite a bit of rain today! 2.65" report north of Johnson City and radar estimates of 3-4" in NW Williamson County.
Nice photo of lightning coming out of clouds in Johnson City. Thanks to Barbara Rodriguez for the photo.
Well a beautiful welcome home to Johnson City. So glad I'm back up here. God displays his glory. Isn't…
Boys Jeans, Adjustable waist, Size 8, $5 a piece (new without tags except the light carpenter jeans, brands are Urban, Arizona, and Old Navy ) or all 4 jeans for $15 (light carpenter jeans in the 2nd picture are a little worn at the bottom), woman dress size 2 XL ( I have 2 of the same one), they are new and just don't fix correctly, $20 a piece or $30 for both dresses. Must meet in Bluff City after 7 pm or Johnson City between 5:30-6pm
Local TDFers!! Lunch with Dana Roxas is 11:30am tomorrow at Cheddars in Johnson City!! Meet us there if you are...
If you head west from the Cumberland Gap, you don't end up in Johnson City.
DON'T FORGET! August 16th is International Homeless Animal Day. In coordination with this day, Every Dog’s Dream Rescue, with an office within Petco, will celebrate and honor our families who have adopted animals from our rescue over the last 12 months. This event will be held at Petco in Johnson City on Harry L Drive! Every Dog’s Dream Rescue is a non profit organization and fully staffed with volunteers. Last year, our rescue was successful in placing over 300 animals to loving families. Everyone is welcome to join us in celebration of our successes on Saturday, August 16th from 11 AM to 3 PM. We will be hosting a cookout with hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, chips, cookies, soda and ice cream. The day will be fun for everyone. We will be running a dog demonstration on how you and your children should approach dogs. Our special guest will be Lily, who will be showing off some of her shopping skills and a few of her peek a boo skills. Lily is a great example of a homeless dog that came into our rescue . ...
Pictures of Lady a Jack Russell Terrier for adoption in Johnson City, TN who needs a loving home.
Stall on the right shoulder in on I-35 SB at 95th St.
Mayor of Boris Johnson promises that the city will be ready for a full 5G next-gen network which should be ready for launch by...
Former adviser to Cameron calls on journalists to stop regurgitating press releases & be more inquisitive
Johnson City, TN – The Tennessee Department of Correction (TDOC) will host a prayer breakfast to kick off the Take One program in Johnson City today.
Eddie Johnson breaks down what Oklahoma City needs to do to win a title.         
Boris Johnson: It could be time for Britain to quit the EU and Cameron must defend the City from Brussels.
Years dormant manufacturing sites will soon see new activity as companies, workers and equipment move into two Johnson City industrial buildings.
Watching the news this morning and saw the oldest WWII veteran in Tennessee celbrating his 104th birthday! He lives in Johnson City. Not that far. I have to tell Vernon, he has a new goal! Good morning everyone! Wahat a great way to start a day!!! Jenny, I love you! As the day goes on.please remember, that you love me too!
live today 11-1/ of the newest and hottest spots in Jonesboro.on Johnson, across from Tailgate City
To Johnson City, Tennessee. I gotta get a move on before the sun
* Please, pray for these people! * *** The family of Denise Lytle Trice, the sister of Bobby Lytle, who passed away Sunday night. *** Dr. Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol who contracted the Ebola virus in Liberia, West Africa. Dr. Brantly and his family are members of Southside Church of Christ in Ft. Worth, TX. He was brought to Emory University Hospital Saturday for treatment. She will arrive there today. *** Shelby Huff , the 18 year old daughter of Jennyfer Huff, who is now 100% free of the Very Severe Aplastic Anemia and the Lymphoma cancer she has dealt with for about 2 years. PRAYERS ANSWERED!! She needs to get her T-cell count up to 200, then she can finally go home to Hill City, SD. *** Ashley Jade Komanetsky , the 16 year old daughter of Tina Komanetsky of Orlando, FL. Ashley has learned that she has MDS. Her Bone Marrow has been put on hold due to rising platelet counts. *** Ke Ning and Mei Mei, the wife and daughter of Houston Haynes Mason. Mei just recently became a Christian. Pray for he ...
headed to Johnson City to the VA hospital.. hope its goes well..
"(Fund management) is an industry that will go the way of some parts of heavy British industry from the early C20th"
.in on how cities are driving revitalisation of US. Calls for 'City 3.0'!
Manchester City's squad depth this season is ridiculous.
What do you think -- how does Johnson City's look in Titan blue?
in NY: Seasonal Hiring Event - Retail Stock Merchandising Part Time - Joh... at
New Coventry City skipper Reda Johnson brings back memories of Mo Konjic at
on how Europe speech & report will position him for future political ambitions:
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
We keep hearing the is crucial to UK PLC - usually to justify huge salaries and bonuses. But is it true?
Searching for in Johnson City, TN? Send your to ITT Educational Services Inc..
Lambert has looked lacklustre at thus far & in my opinion, Johnson, Kelly, Flanagan, Enrique, Allen & Lucas just aren't good enough!
"The trade bodies are masters at doing just enough to keep the show on the road"
On Gaza, Boris says "I'm not going to sort this out from City Hall"
Stop promoting London cycling when you know it isn't safe, son of dead cyclist tells Boris Johnson
Johnson wins Capitol City Amateur by eight shots
Former policy adviser to David Cameron puts the boot into the industry
Interesting comments from speaker in The Standard on the City and Europe
Against Soton & perhaps again City Johnson/Kelly will be our full backs. Scary.
Johnson City produces a different breed of humans
From Memphis to Johnson City, we’re organizing to defeat Amendment 1. Won’t you join us?
"Very few people enter (the industry with the express purpose of enriching others"
Jake and the Comet Conductors has a show on 08/06/2014 at 10:00 PM @ Th... in Johnson City, TN
Dustin Johnson: Tarzan and the Lost City: At least someone, somewhere, involved in this disposable Ape Man entry both
Iowa City braces for flooding as reservoir water rises - Johnson County officials...
About to go to tongue tied titty city!
Buck Johnson shares his vision for success as the Athletic Director of Birmingham City Schools - It’s hard to...
LOL xD. JC = Johnson City. I used to go to the library here all the time before I left for college.
With a very heavy heart we have heard that Gerald Johnson has died. This city will NEVER sound the same. Rest in peace…
Sen. Ron Johnson tours dilapidated (and rehabilitated) homes in Milwaukee's Central City.
Roeland Park becomes FIRST city in Johnson County to pass inclusive full & equal protections!...
Live, local sports talk tonight on ESPN Tri-Cities! Join Scott Gray for 'Sports Magazine', as he takes your phone calls and talks sports! The calendar has turned to August, and that means less than 30 days until it's "Football Time in Tennessee!"...How is the season shaping up for the Vols? Also, recruiting continues to go well for Tennessee as they receive another verbal commitment. Scott will also talk about the pre-season Top 25 Coaches Poll, Tiger Woods' future, Rory McIlroy, Paul George, Charlie Strong, Johnny Manziel, Brett Favre, the 2014 HOF Class and HOF Game, and more!. Most importantly, call in and be a part of the show...423-723-6129, tonight at 6:00 on 'Sports Magazine with Scott Gray". Tune in on ESPN Tri-Cities AM 1400 & FM 94.3, Kingsport, AM 1490 & FM 97.9, Bristol, and on AM 1590 & FM 97.7 in Johnson can also find it on your smart phone via the 'TuneIn Radio' app, keyword search "WKPT".
car at Johnson City, NY this morning! Made my day! I'll be on Sunday as of right now! ht…
Looking forward to preaching tomorrow morning for our home folk at Oakland Avenue Baptist in Johnson City!
Notre Dame recruit Matt Ryan eases back into basketball in tourney at Johnson City ..
Washington County IMAGINATION LIBRARY REGISTRATION DRIVE On Friday, August 1 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. and Saturday, August 2 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. the Johnson City Kiwanis Club will be holding an Imagination Library Registration Drive at the 2915 West Market Street Wal-Mart in Johnson City. All children under the age of 5 living in Washington County are eligible for enrollment in the Imagination Library. Upon enrolling, a new book will be mailed to your home each month until your child turns five years old. Books will begin arriving at your home eight to ten weeks after enrollment. Johnson City Kiwanis Club has joined with Washington County Imagination Library affiliate, Johnson City Public Library, as a community partner for the event. Information about library services and library card applications will be available both days. For more information contact Cathy Griffith at 434-4463.
Well he's a headin west from the Cumberland Gap,. Johnson City, Tennessee.
I wouldn't mind seeing Steven A. at Barnes & Noble in Johnson City, TN on Saturday! Join us, Ollie, from 2-4:3...
He's headed west from the Cumberland Gap to Johnson City, Tennesse🎶
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
COME ON GUYS "But he's aheading west from the Cumberland Johnson City, Tennessee"?
A 2005 Dodge Dakota was just scanned near Johnson City, TN 37601
Hello, everyone! I just wanted to wish all of the those starting their last year in undergrad and those starting graduate school the best of luck on the upcoming year! I'm beginning my last year at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee and (like many in this group) I'm beginning to look at graduate schools! I'm very excited to begin my search for higher education graduate programs to begin in Fall 2015, but I'm still not sure if I want to pursue more of a administrative focus or student affairs/leadership/personnel focus. I've had a good share of experience in both areas (from new student and family programming, Greek life, Upward Bound, SGA, student activities, to university standing committees) and could really see myself having a career in either area. To keep this from becoming a much longer post than what it needs to be, these are some of the schools that I'm considering: Iowa State Clemson Louisiana State University Appalachian State University of Maine University of Mississippi ...
Anyone that can get up to Johnson City to get wild with me tonight, DOOO ITT! It's gonna be a good night!
Reports of trees down along Us route 12 in Kattellville in Broome County and more trees down on Floral and Grand Ave in Johnson City per NWS
If you haven't had a chance to visit Founders Park of Johnson City this weekend is a great time to do so! A...
Ed Snodderly will be at the Down Home this evening (300 West Main St. in Johnson City).
Big Stone Gap, VA. Thomas Grubb 79 passed away Wednesday (July 9, 2014) at Johnson City Medical Center in Johnson City, TN. due to a brief illness. He was a member of the East Stone Gap United Methodist Church in East Stone Gap. He was formerly a coal miner. Thomas was preceded in death by his parents, Thomas Grubb, Sr. and Elizabeth Livesay, brothers: Robert, Roy, Ed, J.C. Grubb, sisters: Opal Sproles, Minnie Underwood and Elva Neeley. Thomas is survived by his wife, Nita Stevens Grubb of Big Stone Gap, his son, Jeffrey David Grubb of Rockwell, NC, his daughter, Mary Jane Grubb of Big Stone Gap, VA. his sister, Stella Mae Dingus of Knoxville, TN. He is also survived by his grandchildren David Allen Grubb, Joey Landon Grubb, Jessica Nicole Winstead and three great grandchildren, Cody Grubb, Megan, Kayeln Grubb and a host of nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends. The family will receive friends Saturday (July 12, 2014) from 1 to 2 P.M. at Gilliam Funeral Home, 618 Wood Ave. Big Stone Gap, Va. Funeral servi ...
East Tennessee rep Debbie Hudson will be at today's Johnson City meeting.
Tree damage -back alley 1300 block on east Myrtle Ave in Johnson City, TN. PhotoL Kelsey Mitchell
Johnson City is beautiful and with Tom Schulz making it more beautiful with the Founders park Sundial.
I'll be playing this Evening at 6 at The Battery in Johnson City with The Adam Larkey Band.
News: Van fire on Route 17 in Johnson City causes delays
The get on the board in Bottom 6th on sac. fly from Daniel Arribas. trail Johnson City, 2-1.
WOW! Johnson City boy on his way to the show! Congrats Daniel!
What does it take to get more $ in the school budget Johnson City? Keep funding Freedom Hall and Buffalo Valley which lose $ every year.
My ancestors lived in Sneedville, Tenn near Johnson City in the North/east corner of Tenn
Pretty sure I just started my own comedy showcase in Johnson City. Stay tuned for more details :-)
When I get back me and Chris might have to go to Bristol and Johnson City if we can
Literally traveling down the Cumberland Gap to Johnson City, Tennessee
Pete Peterson, City Manager of Johnson City spoke to us about the city budget. He told us about the…
Two recent scrap metal collection weekends in Johnson City raised $3,145 through the "Junkin' for St. Jude" project, which was started by 11-year-old Luke Barnes, of Johnson City, to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.Barnes is a leukemia patie
Actually now driving in between the Cumberland Gap and Johnson City, Tennessee
Old Crow Medicine Show, I love you, but the Johnson City, Tennessee is east of the Cumberland Gap.
Hey, guys, I recently attended an event at Second Harvest Food Bank and I found out that there are a lot of children going hungry in our region. They are doing amazing things there to help with that and we wanted to contribute where we could. We are doing a food drive in our restaurants the Saturday and Sunday, June 21st and 22nd. For every non-perishable food item you bring in to our Kingsport and Johnson City restaurant that weekend, you will receive a free tea us. I hope everyone will come out and help with this great cause. Thank you!!!
WBNG: Traditions at the Glen looking to partner with Tioga Downs: (Johnson City, NY) Traditions at the Glen an...
Crazy excited to be racing in Johnson City this weekend!
East Tennessee rep Debbie Hudson will be on hand at today's Risk Management seminars in Johnson City.
Cool moment watching Taveras HR with Mike Schildt, first manager at Johnson City. Gave him goosebumps. Full story later
This could be the last year to cool off at the Legion Street Pool in Johnson City. Johnson City Assistant City Manager Charlie Stahl says expenses are outdistancing revenues by nearly a four-to-one ratio.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Why do people hate Johnson City so much literally I'm never moving away
I want to live in or around a city. 😍
Please say a prayer for my mom she had surgery and they want her back once a week in Johnson city or bristol Tennessee... Thank you! Michelle..
All these guys did at least 2 PQVs in the past 7 days...Johnson City on the grow!
Welcome to the land of sinners and the VA hospital in Johnson city
“Power outage in Johnson City & a thunderstorm, but still got that better bundle paid in full! Congrats…
There is not a day that goes by that I'm not reminded of how blessed I am but lately it has come in the most wonderful and unexpected ways. We are going to Johnson City tomorrow to see the family. That is always it's own kind of blessing,
You think I'm the only person who drinks decaf alfalfa tea out of a Johnson City Police mug?
A Dodgers owner shouldn't be saying city of Angels, Mr. Johnson.
anticipating to fast forward time so I can leave Johnson City already.
I'm back. Johnson saying laying off parks employees -- usually residents -- is double hit to city
Another shot of the roof structure inside one of the barns at the Tipton Haynes State Historic Site, Johnson City,TN. Funny that the locals still use the Tulip Poplar wood for the same beam work in barns. They just nail them instead of drilling and pegging them.
Washer and dryer like new $500 obo. Washer is water saver and both are energy efficient and electric cross posted located in Johnson city
U-Haul will close on the former Lowe's and Fun Expedition site at 2805 N. Roan St. on June 4, allowing the company to relocate its downtown business and opening the door for Johnson City's pursuit of a large storm water project at the site.
I thought Johnson City had a lot of restaurants but Murfreesboro has it beat ... I've seen White Castle, Jack in the Box ... Macaroni Grill ... Old Chicago ... Decisions decisions
The National Weather Service in Morristown has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for parts of NorthEast Tennessee until 6:45 p.m. The warning area includes southwestern Sullivan County, northeastern Hawkins and Greene counties and northwestern Washington County. Forecasters said Doppler radar observed a strong storm 8 miles east of Surgoinsville and 10 miles south of Kingsport that was capable of producing damaging winds up to 60 mph. Hail and cloud-to-ground lightning are also possible with the storm. Areas in its path include Kingsport, Colonial Heights, Sullivan Gardens, Bays Mountain State Park, Fall Branch, Church Hill and Johnson City, among others.
Does anyone know of any places in west Frankfort, Benton, Johnson city, Herrin, or Marion that are hiring?
..Brandon and Danielle H, video for Johnson City tourism. Nice job guys!
I am asking all my FB friends and family to please keep one of my co-workers in your prayers. Those that live in Johnson City and read the newspaper, there was a young man that drowned in a pond yesterday. This young man was the only son of a young lady that I work with at the plant. Her name is Kathy Guy. Please call her name out to God when you pray...God is able to anything but fail. Thank you friends and family!
please pray for my nephew Weston Dowell and his family, Weston was in a 4 wheeler accident yesterday, he is at Johnson City Med Center, he is currently in a coma, thank you
6 by 10 dog kennel ! It's similar to the one in this photo. Comes in 4 panels so easy to put together and take apart. $100 no holds no trades must pick up and Johnson City
When I got to Johnson City, I had HORRIBLE dressing skills. 😁😫
A panel of experts will not solve the problem of the VA. Getting rid of Sensaki will not do it either. Getting politics out of VA affairs will. I am going tomorrow for my cryosurgery and have full confidence in my doctor and hospital in Johnson City. Have you noticed that all you hear in the news is negative reports and never hear anything positive. I have asked WCYB-TV why they don't report on the 5 star VA hospital in their backyard, have yet to get a reply. Whatever sounds best and gets votes will get the coverage. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying things didn't happen in Phoenix that may have harmed veterans but many things happen within the VA that help thousands of veterans. The hospital in Johnson City handles over 600,000 appointments a year, see how a civilian hospital does the same wit great customer service. Please, look beyond what the news says. Who will they get to head the VA if they get rid of the General?
What a day yesterday... it was suppose to be a day in Johnson City to shop for a wedding gift for my nephew, prizes for my grandchildren and a chiropractor appt. instead I was in the ER at the Medical center for three hours... Had just started to look for a gift and I got dizzy, sick, faint and etc.. luckily a RN was there and they called 911. the ole heart as they found out was out of rythmn and heart rate spiked to 186 (too high). So they began a drip and oh the blood work ( 8 count that 8). They think it was due to a new medication and what do they do put me on another. So I was sent home to contact doctor today for follow up and next round of treatment. I am hanging in there now I am getting hungry so I will move on.
Durn Strickland and KG Medlin I accept the 2014 Cold Water Challenge and I’m going to call out Mike Morton with Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads Derick Hughes with Johnson City Fire Department Patrick Buchanan with Frank Fire Department Jimmy Yates with Ocean Isle Beach Fire Department And Jimmy Summey with Orange County Communications You have 24 hours to complete this challenge or donate 100 dollars to the North Carolina Fallen Firefighters Foundation or the Burned Children’s Recovery Foundation.
How cool is this.Ryan Michael Ruvola was one of many athletes chosen to run in the Special Olympics Law Enforcement Torch Run. The Torch Run will be passing through Johnson City Friday May 30th @ 10:00am. The Torch will eventually arrive in Buffalo where it will Light The Flame on Friday June 6th at the Summer State Games Opening Ceremonies! You know I will be taking many pictures & if anyone wants to cheer them on come on down.It starts in the Toys R Us parking lot.So awesome!
My new Great Granddaughter, Sadie Grace Huckleby is still in the Johnson City TN Childrens Medical Center ICU. She is now 4 days old and continues to have medical problems. She is a little beauty, but she is really in need of our prayers. We are going back to JC this morning to be with her. If you have a moment please say a little prayer for her. Thank You. Stan and Sharon.
To all my johnson city residents, is anyone in search of a roomate/home? i have the anwser.
Please keep Jewel Johnson's grandson, Weston Dowell in your prayers. He is 16 years old and has been in a four wheeler accident. He has been taken to Johnson City. His condition is critical.
Hello everyone and thanks for the add! I'm Billy and my Sona name is Drakas. I'm a silver dragon with teal stripes. I live in the Johnson City, TN area. If you want to anything about me feel free to ask!
Johnson City Little League has T-Ball, and Baseball for children. We are an affiliate of Little League Baseball Incorporated.
Question: how can marion jr.high wait intill the last day of school to tell a kids parents that he cnt go to marion high school when his freshman year starts. Says that the budget is low they can't afford for kids to take 2' summer school classes. So let's just send him to a out of district school in Johnson City that's mainly for bad behavior kids. Instead of working with the kid after school or getting him a tutor , they just push him off into the system. Now sorry you can't play football freshman year or to school with your friends. Instead your thrown into the system with kids that miss behave and are not goal oriented. Way to go marion jr.high , thanks for waiting till the kids last day of school to let him know his freshman year is gone. We are one of the biggest schools in southern Illinois but can not afford after school programs or allow kids to take more than 1 summer school classes. If anyone feels this is wrong please chime in.
Congrats to our 10u-Gmur Pure Fastpitch team for qualifying for nationals in Johnson City, TN this weekend at states! Great job ladies, we are so proud of you!!
So proud of my son Caleb.Tonight he received The Directors Award for his outstanding bass guitar playing in the Johnson City Middle School Jazz Band for the 2013/14 school year..
I'm asking everyone to please pray for my cousins little 2 month old baby girl. Her name is Kenzlie.. She has to have heart surgery soon. They r going to.send her.from Johnson City to some where better that specializes in Pray.God touches her.and looks over her. God is in control now. Prayers appreciated.
be praying for grand baby.. she is 2 months old .. she is going to have heart surgery,, they have her in johnson city. right now ..but will be moving her to Vanderbilt.. or Charlottesville VA ..
Moving to Johnson City, Tennessee in a week and a half. .im excited
Half Price moving sale! (Less than half price, really!). Just in time for the heavier mowing season! Here’s a great Troy-Bilt 21” self propelled FWD mower. Hubby thought he’d mow the lawn, but I think he used it 2 seasons. Darn! It’s been sitting for a while, since Englewood has mowed our lawn for a some time. We don’t want to move the mower across country and pay by shipping weight. Hubby just put gas in it and started it up easily. It works great. We have the owner’s manual. It includes a rear bag, and has mulching capabilities. The price when we got it was $269 plus tax. Right now, Lowes is selling a similar mower for $299 ($329, with tax!!!) .Here’s a self propelled mower very much like ours people who just bought our BBQ grille and our chiminea/outdoor fireplace are very happy with their purchases. Easy transactions. Price is $150. Cash only. Bring someone to help you load it, and maybe a truck. We will give you the owner’s manual. If you pick it up before 4p.m. this Frida ...
Prosecutors have dropped first degree murder charges against a Johnson City woman.
Congratulations to our friends attending or working for Johnson City Schools on finishing the school year. Come celebrate with us! Half priced tickets start at 3 pm!
Everyone please pray for Rex Johnson ... He is at the VA Hospital today in Johnson City to get a Heart Cath. To get his Arteries cleaned out.Let's pray he doesn't need a 10th Stent put in... And as u can C... He did Rabbit ears to himself... LOL...wish u were here with us Lee Tunnell...
We would like to thank all the folks that came out to The Down Home in Johnson City and to everyone at The Chantilly Farm Bluegrass Festival in Floyd, VA this past weekend. What a wonderful time we all had! Today (Tuesday May 27th) through Thursday (May 29th), we are going to be performing at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN. On Friday May 30th we'll be at the NEPA Bluegrass Festival in Tunkhannock, PA - and then it's on to Preston, CT to play at the Strawberry Park Bluegrass Festival on Saturday May 31st. We're looking forward to a lot of picking and a lot of friends!!
Headed from Cumberland Gap to Johnson City, the ASP caravan is going to load up day.
They are home-schooled students Andrew R. Carver, of Blountville, and Abigail L. Johnson, of Johnson City, and Dobyns-Bennett's Andrew H. Nottingham.
Dobyns-Bennett's Logan Gentry was chosen as the Johnson City Press Super 22 player of the year on Tuesday, ending a seven-year streak by Science Hill of having the area's top baseball player.
Everyone please remember all four of my brothers in prayer, Langley Engle is having a Heart cath in the morning, please pray all goes well. He is facing heart valve replacement surgery in the near future. Also pray for my brother Alfred that will be taking him to johnson City and staying while the procedure is performed. Please remember my other two brothers as well. Pete and Orbin are both cancer survivors as well as Langley and both are having a lot of back pain. Orbin goes on monday for an MRI. Thanks in advance, Have a blessded night.
Johnson City's police and fire departments, as well as its Juvenile Court, each produced scaled-down budgets to city commissioners Tuesday - budgets that included lots of unfunded needs.
New show announced in Johnson City, TN at East Tennessee State University Campus on September 18, 2014
I am so sad tonight as I found out my BFF from Southside High School died in his sleep at his home in Johnson City, TN this morning. I have kept in touch but thinking back it was not as often as I should have.
East Coast Wings in Johnson City has by far the best wings in all of the Tri-Cities!
Don't forget! The Williams Syndrome 5k/Family Day is THIS Sunday! It is at First Christian Church in Johnson City!! Amazing awards for the 5K plus lots of amazing food!!! You don't want to miss it!!! Bring the kids and enjoy tons of activities!!! inflatables, Cow train, face painting, balloon animals, Kindermusik, Kona ice, ambulance, fire truck, popcorn, cotton candy, and animals!!!
Jonesborough teen charged with murder in Johnson City motel shooting - Johnson City Press (subscription) hospitality
Mother Nature heard me, pouring in Johnson City!
Flat Creek which flows into the Pedernales east of Johnson City went from 4 cfs to 1400cfs in less than an hour though. just not enough
Huge thanks to Jennifer Estep for sharing, and to the Johnson City, Tenn. B&N for *this*! Whoever the bookseller is, I'm sending you a big hug! WHOOT!
12-4 today the Swamp people, Troy and Jacob Landry are at Gander Mountain in Johnson City, NY
Going to Kingsport makes me actually appreciate Johnson City
Did you know that Johnson City currently possess NO acoustic space for singers, songwriters, classical musicians, or contemporary musicians who value live acoustics? This page is dedicated to the creation of JC's first acoustic recital hall
Well tonight is Prom Night for my son Kirk. Happy Valley High School's class of 2014, are celebrating this evening at the Carnegie Hotel in Johnson City, Tennessee. It is so hard for me to comprehend that he is grown and will be starting College this fall. The Bible says, that life is but a vapor, and how true that really is. I remember him being born, just as if it were yesterday. I am so thankful to God, that Kirk is a born again Christian. Here are just a few pictures that were taken earlier, as him and his friends assembled to go out for dinner.
Sunset Yoga and Wine Tasting at Lewis Wines in Johnson City, Texas from 5:30pm-7:30pm on Saturday, M
My Name is Jim Hayden and I have been a Veterans Rights advocate for the past 40 years. I served in the United States Marine Corps and was stationed in Vietnam with Hotel Company 2/5 1st Marine Division as a Grunt (0311) I was promoted from a Private First Class to Corporal while I served with hotel Company and was promoted to the rank of Sergeant and was recommended for meritorious promotion to Staff Sergeant with a recommendation that I be sent to Warrant Officers School to be promoted to the rant of WO1 in February1972. In November 1972 I was injured and lost the vision in my left eye. In February 1974 I was given a retirement for medical reasons. Over the years I have had many and continue to have contact with the Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care system starting with the VA Medical Center in Pittsburgh, Pa; Tampa Florida, Mountain Home in Johnson City, TN and the Nashville Medical Center in Nashville TN. When I was first introduced to the VA health care system I was in Pittsburgh, PA where I ...
Congratulations to the 4th graduating class of the STFM Behavioral Science/Family Systems Educator Fellowship (Shout out to Dr Tom Bishop of the ETSU Johnson City program, who was one of the graduates. And thanks to STFM leadership for the wisdom to support it, and for being present to celebrate its ongoing growth
hey! it's your Johnson City girl who got her Nathan picture deleted! Here's our picture from last night.xx
Erin Harkes has a show on 05/09/2014 at 07:00 PM @ Goodwill Th... in Johnson City, NY...
Beautiful new listing in Johnson City. . Message me at lesliefor details.
D-B vs Tennessee High in semifinal tomorrow. 7pm KO at Kermit-Tipton Stadium in Johnson City.
What up Charlotte! So close to my TN home, but so far away. No place like Johnson City, Tennessee! Right Darius Rucker??
This is from Johnson City's First Friday Tartan Day Event on April 5th.
I had a wonderful day today with my brother Dave and his wife Sue Bentley. We went to Johnson City for the dance recital of their granddaughter Addie Bentley - she is the daughter of their son Jared Bentley and his wife Vanessa Bentley. Addie was in two dances and did very well. Her mom said she was nervous before the performance but you couldn't tell it when she was out there on stage. It has been a while since I've been to a dance recital with my girls and I found out that I had missed it. Afterwards, we went to eat at Empire Chinese Buffet (highly recommended), then to Mr. K's used book store with a final stop at Sam's Warehouse. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my family and John Hale enjoyed having all day to himself at home - poor baby, he has come down with a bad sinus infection and said he just stayed medicated up all day long.
We met at a truckstop. Johnson City, Tennessee. I was gassin' up my Firebird. When I heard her callin' me🎶. Tennessee bound!
Beautiful day in Johnson City! Get out and enjoy a gorgeous East Tennessee spring day! Breathe deep & relax! 💙💛
Columbus is great. I lived in Johnson City, Tennessee when I was 18 & could kick myself in the *** for moving back here.
Playing a show in Johnson City tn, TN at 9:00 PM today at The Factory
Wagon Wheel came on the radio and I didn't sing the Johnson City part, and now I've been banished from Tennessee.
I'm so sick of Johnson City, Tennessee. 3 months until I'm in Gainesville.
Looking for part-time employment? The Mall at Johnson City is seeking a qualified individual to fill the position of Part Time Housekeeper Associate Requirements Perform routine housekeeping duties Possess good customer service skills Lift a minimum of 25 lbs. Qualifications Must be 21 years of age Able to work a flexible schedule High School diploma or equivalent Must posess good verbal and written English Communication Must be able to pass a thorough background check Benefits Include Paid Holiday Paid Vacation 401k plan Qualified applicants please apply at the Mall Management Office, fax or email to the attention of the Housekeeping Supervisor at (423) 282-0819 or jcmThe Mall is an EOE.
We met at a truck stop, in Johnson City, Tennessee 🎶
Not looking forward to another drive to Johnson City tomorrow. Gas isn't cheap
Alright y'all do we have a friend in Johnson City, TN? This looks very sad & very urgent!
Hello, Johnson City! I drove here from Cumberland Gap to perform some comedy. Helpful tip: Old Crow Medicine Show can't read a map.
Memphis, Nashville, Knoxville and now Johnson City - we have traversed the varied climates and time zones of Tennessee.
CROSSPOST - Johnson City, TN. Please contact the shelter. Details within the link.
I'm wondering the same thing. Can't wait for you and Marcus to come out to Johnson City!
Mother-daughter duo Barbara Jennings & Amber Freeman are saving lives at our Johnson City facility. Learn more at
Congrats to former JC Cardinal Greg Garcia who was called up to St. Louis today! Garcia played in Johnson City in 2010.
Coach Lesli just got back from NYC where she was training/meeting with the staff the International Krav Maga Federation NYC. Carlos and Tsahi gave and excellent introduction to Israeli Close Combat Training. Lesli also met with Tsahi to discuss coming to Johnson City to offer training at Heart of Tennessee. During his three year service in the Israeli Defense Force, Tsahi joined the paratroopers brigade, trained in Dignitary Protection at the Counterterrorism School, underwent a commander’s course and served for three years in the West Bank. In 2007, Tsahi successfully graduated the Wingate Institute Instructor Course; Israel’s National Center for Education and Sport, and completed the Krav Maga Instructors Course certified by the International Krav Maga Federation. In 2010, Tsahi relocated to the United States and has established the Krav Maga NYC branch of IKM. Tsahi is the IKM Chief Instructor in the United States. It is initially planned to offer live workshops in JC for Women, Children and Milita ...
Thursday. You. Me. An intimate dinner theater setting in Johnson City. Me, telling jokes and stories for your entertainment. You, laughing. Together, we sing Wagon Wheel and Rocky Top. Later as we each write separately in our personal journals we'll know the memory of this magical day will never die. Also, it's free and there's a cash beer bar.
You are buying it all, a long bed truck full for $25.00 There is all kinds of stuff in here...home interior, shelves, a small round end table, antique and vintage items, artificial plants, glass ware, house hold items, and more. No clothes, we donated most of them. Great stuff for an antique or flea market booth, thrift shop or yard sale! You will have to pick it up at my home, we don't meet people because of so many no shows in the past. We are located in Johnson City, TN. Most of this stuff is from my grandparents estate, we just want it gone and do not have time to do a yard sale. I would like to have it picked up today so that we do not have to pack it up in our garage. Thanks!
Joan and I took a little drive today...down to Johnson City (outside Binghamton) to an Antique show at SUNY Binghamton. We thought about buying a first edition Alcott Letters and Journal book...but...decided no (while there we whipped out the kindle fire and found some on Amazon for a fraction of the price (not first editions from 1889, but ones I won't feel bad about highlighting, bending page corners over, and leaving in the tree house from time to time) - thought about crossing the line into Pennsylvania, but those fracking people scare us a bit...(only kidding Kathy and Susan...). With the money we saved, by not buying anything at the antique show, we took a detour on the way home and had dinner in Cooperstown...and then made our way back home - nearly 300 miles later (the CRV averaged 31 miles per gallon - not bad). A fun day...that began on a whim...
Washington County Tennessee school children are at the heart of an argument for collecting millions of dollars in “liquor-by-the-drink” taxes that county officials said Johnson City owes.Washington County Attorney Keith Bowers told News Channel 11 a recent tax analysis revealed Johnson City owes the…
Johnson City have you tried East Coast Wings & Grill - Johnson City, TN yet? It's great food & great service, check them out!
Just watched Taylor Buck go 5-6 for Johnson City and spank that backside 21-2.way to go TBuck!!!
I just got word that Shane Strattons little boy , Tyler, only 3 yrs old, has acute leukemia. They are in Johnson City tonight and will leave at 5am for Memphis Childrens Hospital. He will start immidiate treatment. This is a dire situation for the family. They have little to no income. I am asking for prayers and if you can, any donation you can give. Gas cards, food cards, phone cards. Any monetary donatipns will get a full written receipt. They can be given to me or Steve Bolinsky. He will make sure anything given, is delivered. Please help this young family. Share this on your page. And please pray for this sweet baby boy.
Come visit us today at the Holiday Inn in Johnson City for the Chamber Networking Expo. There will be several seminars, blood drive.
Donna Frost has a show on 04/24/2014 at 08:00 PM @ The Acousti... in Johnson City, TN
Hey there! Hope you had as much fun watching our little promo vid for Fistful of Ska as we did in making it. It is nice to cut loose and have some fun with your friends! Anyhoo, We wanted to let you all know that plans are underway for us to tour the East Coast this Summer! We have stops planned all the way up to Boston and back in August. Here is what it is looking like so far! More updates soon. Jul 31 - Johnson City, TN w/ Demon Waffle and The Pandemics (NY SKA!) Aug 1 - Chapel Hill, NC Local 506 w/ Archbishops of Blount Street & The Pandemics Aug 2 - New Jersey @ tba Aug 3 - Philidelphia @ tba w/ The Snails Aug 4 - off Aug 5 - Boston, MA @ Roggies Bar Aug 6 - Providence, RI @ tba Aug 7 - Brooklyn, NY @ tba Aug 8 - Washington DC @ tba Aug 9 - Nashville, TN tba
Are you tired of all that stuff sitting around your garage/basement/attic or out buildings. Left over garage/yard sales items you just want to get rid of. Renters/boarders/relatives just up and disappeared/died, leaving all their things behind. Those old appliances/junk cars, farm machinery, etc. just in your way. Even good used clothes/ toys/furniture/ household items, etc. Call us and we'll take it off your hands and property and won't charge you a penny! GIVE us your junk/items. We are a GREEN service. Anything recycleable will be in several different ways. We will reuse/sell (at Flea Market)/give away and/or donate to Charity all usable things. This is NOT a trash removal service! We are a Clean Out/ Clean Up business/service. We're in the Bluff City area. This is a family business that helps supplement our income. Will come get items in surrounding areas ex: Piney Flats, Bristol, Johnson City, Elizabethton, Blountville, etc. Message me! Don't throw that good stuff out so that it just ends up in th .. ...
Anonymous tip leads to TBI investigation of former Daniel Boone High School basketball coach Our shares are brought to you by East Coast Wings And Grill - Johnson City, TN
Johnson City, NY (WBNG Binghamton) People are getting ready for Easter Sunday and the sweet surprises that come along with the holiday.
Before and after pics of the pavilion below the dining hall. Thanks to Mitchell Road, Memorial, and Westminster/Johnson City for your work!
We need to take this show on the road. Is there a in Omaha, Nebraska? Johnson City, TN?
Come out tonight and eat at Pizza Inn in Johnson City to support the Johnson City Major Little League!
I'm in Johnson City, making arrangements with cemetery this morning. For my JC friends, visitation is in Greeneville Tuesday night, with graveside services for my mom on Wednesday at 11 am at Roselawn Cemetery on the old Erwin highway. Join us for lunch at Firehouse in JC afterwards.
6ft tall china cabinet for sale. One pull missing off the bottom cabinet (see picture). Has place in top where lighting can be attached. Can be moved in 2 pieces. Must pick up in Johnson City. $225 obo.
Wanda Elizabeth Weldon, 62 Nicholson, GA Mrs. Wanda Elizabeth Weldon, age 62, of Nicholson, GA died Thursday, April 10, 2014 at Athens Regional Medical Center. Mrs. Weldon was born in Commerce to the late W.T. and Cathel Mae Palmer Chester. She was a member of Nicholson Congregational Holiness Church and was a homemaker. Mrs. Weldon is survived by her husband, Larry Emory Weldon of Nicholson; daughters and sons-in-law, Laurel and Sid Arnold of Loganville and Priscilla and Billy Norris of Jefferson; sons and daughters-in-law, Preston and Melissa Weldon of Danielsville and Lane and Lisa Weldon of Commerce; sisters, Barbara Wilson of Johnson City, TN, Phyllis Vaughn and Pam Daniels both of Nicholson; brothers, Ray Chester of Nicholson, Oral Chester of Commerce and Kenneth Chester of Jefferson; grandchildren, Lauren Bridges, Jake Bridges, Courtney Weldon and Layken Weldon. Funeral services will be at 3 PM, Sunday, April 13 at River of Life Worship Center with Rev. Junior Sosebee officiating. Interment will f ...
A large black bear is wreaking havoc in a Johnson City neighborhood near Woodland Elementary School.
Hopefully finishing up in Johnson City today then off to Lenoir City.
I've tried to post about today's show MANY TIMES!! Mozilla Firefox keeps crashing and Internet Explorer won't post the photos I'm trying to show y'all. (You can try liking "Texas Radio Live" and see the pictures). So, here's the deal: today, between 6 and 8PM, there will be live music performed in the Oak Garden of Guero's Taco Bar by Owen Temple and his band and by Adam Carroll. There will also be a special guest co-host by the name of Oliveira sitting in with host David Arnsberger. Both of these guys are great songwriters and it will definitely be a show to remember! So, please come and join us in the Oak Garden and if you aren't able to, please tune us in on Sun Radio (100.1 in Austin; 103.1 in Dripping Springs; 99.1 in Luckenbach/Fredericksburg and 88.9 in Johnson City). And, if I can ever get one of these two network providers to cooperate with my laptop, I'll post some photos too!
St. James Catholic School in Johnson City shows support for Officer Smith
Miss Chelsea and Jarod from Myrtle Manor are expecting a baby girl due July 7th. Cecil the owner of Myrtle Manor use to own a store in Johnson City and knew exactly where our little town of Kpt was 😊
Hundreds attend funeral services for Johnson City police officer killed in the line of duty: A long-time police...
Been a busy week, all 3 of my pool teams won thier matches last week, helped move my son Jim Graifer from Asheville,NC to Greeneville, SC, my daughter Kate Graifer won her boxing match in Johnson City, signed up a bunch of people for "Obama care" (AKA; the Affordable Care Act) health insurance through HealthMarkets with various supplements to enhance thier plans, but it all ends today at midnight, anyone in TN that I can help with it up until midnight, give me a shout. I will still write policies & supplements on a part time basis, but come Wednesday, I will start a new career with Mini Cooper of Knoxville!!! I was a bit hesitant to go back in the car business after my bad experience with Land Rover here in Knoxville, but I am now kind of excited to get back to it with a fresh new product line at Grayson BMW/ MINI of Knoxvilleof Knoxville. Come on in if you are looking for a new or pre-owned Mini or choose from the large selection of of many other brand vehicles that will be in our 150-ish inventory!
We were wearing shorts yesterday in Johnson City, TN...Woke this morning to snow...Clearly Tennessee and South Carolina are cousins, neither state can make up its weather mind!!!
Boone Alumni Football players meeting tomorrow 1000 @ Bob Evans off the Boones creek exit. I will be coming to Johnson City and would love to sit down and talk to everyone about the upcoming game. We are two months out and I am feeling motivated. See you all tomorrow for breakfast.
US 290, between Fredericksburg and Johnson City, is more than a beautiful drive. It's a trek through Texas wine...
Heading to Johnson City for bbq cook off
The band WHEELHOUSE, formerly known as THE ASTROGLIDERS, will be playing in the Horseshoe Lounge, one night only, April 5th! Mark it on your schedule of events. Tom, Bob, and Dan. ONE NIGHT ONLY! Advance tickets cost $100... at the door, they're only $.99! So, bring some friends, and let's do it again! You won't find a bargain like this again until next month! Show starts when we get there... set up and tune... then, have some cocktails. I'm thinking, 9ish... see you there, where? the Horseshoe Lounge, Johnson City, April 5th!
It is with a very happy heart that I tell you we have a rescue for Willie!!! He will be going to Johnson City...
Hey yall! Anyone going to the Koku Manga Con in Johnson City, TN this weekend? I will have a booth! drop by and say hi!
The house was one of the finest in Johnson City, not a high bar. LBJ's mother taught the locals here.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
1997 Chrysler Sebring Convertible JXI... 6 cylinder, 2.5L automatic Only 123,420 miles. I have REPLACED NEW: WATER PUMP TIMING CHAIN/BELT SPARK PLUGS DISTRIBUTOR WIRES & CAP FRONT & REAR VALVE COVER GASKETS OIL SENSOR PLUG New brakes were put on in October and come with a lifetime warranty. It needs 2 new tires on the front and a front end alignment (which costs approximately 60-70$). It has a real spare tire in trunk. It also will need 2 new speaker covers, which run appr. 25-30$ online. CD & speakers work GREAT. It also comes with a lifetime window tint. Top is in great condition, i just need to clean it from the winter weather (salt and snow). And comes with a cover for the top. Asking $5000.00 but is negotiable. I paid $6100.00 in January 2012. Car has only been drove locally (Johnson City, Kingsport, Bristol area). Only a two owner car, previous owner took exceptional care of this car and I have tried to do the same. ONLY SERIOUS INQUIRIES PLEASE & MESSAGE ME IF INTERESTED.
Police: Man accidentally shot self at Johnson City motel Read more:
Interested in a low cost cardio clinic designed for tennis? Memorial Park Tennis Center offers Cardio clinics at just $5.00 per person. First session starts today at 6:00pm at the center on Bert St in Johnson City. For information on Cardio visit Memorial Park info can be found here
Me and Iva at the Rotary Benefit Dinner at the Millenimum Center in Johnson City
So I had a dream where I went to Johnson City, Tennessee with the lead singer of Ketch Secor, and we were in the local high schools working on Marine Corps community relations... *Forehead Slap* "That's what my subconscious does with hot celebrities!?" FAIL
Rather new to Johnson City and have no clue if Bailey's Sports Bar in Johnson City is a bit of good. Anyone been? ohh and If you like to chat or view more pics I have another profile at
From Robert Levoy, retired Navy Veteran: Tommorrow at 8 am i am going through my fourth back surgery and will be in hosptial for four days. When i come home i will be needing a lot of movies to watch. If anyone has any used dvds/blu ray movies of all genres they can do one of three thing. In case you need to know where to send things here it is 1. for packages Robert Levoy 1735 W. State of Franklin Road Suite 5 Box 292 Johnson City, TN 37604 2. for amazon gift cards boblevoy 3. for funds to my paypal account rebel_yell
also I hate Johnson City and I hate college and I hate my life right now, so there is that.
Sunroof open, tunes up, and Johnson City bound! My heart is full of joy on this glorious day.
Reference to Wagon Wheel due to myself finally being in Johnson City, Tennessee.
“General Mills developer submits revised plan to Johnson City, promises more brick for 3BR Apt? Wow!
🎶But he's a headed west toward the Cumberland Gap of Johnson City, Tennesse!🎶
Excited about these upcoming shows... Hope yall will make plans to join! :) March 28 @ The Willow Tree Coffeehouse and Music Room in Johnson City, TN March 30 @ White Horse Black Mountain in Black Mountain, NC
In case you didn't realize, whatever you purchase from Redeemables helps impact the lives of kids in Johnson City! Our profits will go to help sustain our youth development and mentoring programs of Rise Up! So not only do you benefit but neighborhood kids do too! It's a double whammy!
I've hit just about every landmark in Wagon Wheel this trip - Raleigh, Roanoke, Cumberland Gap, Johnson City
went to the mcdonalds in johnson city today on lunch & saw one of my customers from bojangles! She said that it was nice to see my sweet smiling face again! Its been over a year since I worked there and I still talk to some of my customers as of today! Makes me feel good to know customers remember me just because of a simple smile or a simple hello! (:
I'm praying Johnson City will give me an extended due date for my $107 ticket! Didn't make enough last year to file my taxes. Between rent, probation, and going to West Virginia all i have is 75 cents to my name! Guess its time to find a second job! I'm so stressed!
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