Johnny Unitas & Terry Bradshaw

John Constantine Unitas (May 7, 1933 – September 11, 2002), known as Johnny Unitas or Johnny U , and nicknamed The Golden Arm , was a professional American football player in the 1950s through the 1970s, spending the majority of his career with the Baltimore Colts. Terry Paxton Bradshaw (born September 2, 1948) is a former American football quarterback with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the National Football League (NFL). 5.0/5

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Quarterbacks Mack Brown never sent so much as a recruiting interest letter to: Johnny Unitas, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana.
FOOTBALL- Better all-time Philip Rivers, Terry Bradshaw or Johnny Unitas - find out:
Johnny Unitas, Terry Bradshaw or Roger Staubach - find out the stats:
the steelers have drafted two HOF Qbs in the first round. Terry Bradshaw and Johnny Unitas.
Johnny Unitas, Terry Bradshaw or Bart Starr - find out the stats:
Johnny Unitas, Terry Bradshaw or Steve Young - find out the stats:
Better all-time quarterback? Johnny Unitas, Terry Bradshaw or Joe Montana - find out the stats:
Johnny Unitas, Terry Bradshaw or Tom Brady - find out the stats:
Johnny Unitas, Terry Bradshaw or Philip Rivers - find out the stats:
FOOTBALL- Better all-time Ben Roethlisberger, Terry Bradshaw or Johnny Unitas - find out:
how bout a qb collection. With a Joe Namath or Johnny Unitas or. Terry Bradshaw there is lots of great qbs not in the game
Peyton Manning is without a doubt the better quarterback between himself and Tom Brady. I am ending this argument today. I am so sick and tired of all these people talking Brady being the better quarterback simply based on rings. Rings do not define talent. I cannot stress this enough. If you really think that, then tell me how in the *** Dan Marino is rated by some, better than Joe Montana? It is simple, talent. The talent from Marino to Montana is so far in the advantage of Marino it is not even remotely funny. Dan Marino went to and lost in his only Super Bowl appearance and people automatically remember him as the great player who never got the ring. They fail to take into account so many other parts of the game that go beyond rings. Would any of you rate Terry Bradshaw as one of the greatest ever simply because he has four Super Bowl Rings? No, not a single person would rate Bradshaw as even close to Johnny Unitas. Now, lets look at some facts, lets look at 2008 with the New England Patriots, they w ...
"Why are Ravens fans making such a big deal out of Ray's retirement? Here's why: Once upon a time, the Baltimore Colts won a Championship in 1958, a game that was dubbed "The Greatest Game Ever Played." That single game put the NFL on the map and thrust football into the fabric of American culture forever. It also produced the NFL's first big star, Johnny Unitas. Before Bart Starr, Joe Namath, Terry Bradshaw, and Joe Montana there was Johnny U. As Johnny once defiantly said when asked about his records being part of the Indianapolis Colts history, "I didn't play for Indianapolis, I played for Baltimore." The Baltimore Colts won a Super Bowl early in the Super Bowl era, and also lost one of the most famous Super Bowls--or games for that matter--to Joe Namath & the NY Jets. By the early 70's the Colts had remained one of the NFL's premiere teams. A big deal for a small city when compared to New York, DC, and Philadelphia a fan in the late 70's the Colts still fielded a competitive team and a playoff contend ...
I heard on the radio today that the Cincinnati Bengals activated a rookie linebacker from Arkansas that they drafted last year. The reason he wasn't activated sooner was because he had to serve his prison term for armed robbery and drug charges he was found guilty of in Texas. This is a man I want my children and grandchildren to lookup to a s a role model NOT!. When I was young and even before that professional athletes were people you looked up to because they set good examples of what discipline and hard work could do . People like Johnny Unitas, Terry Bradshaw,and Roger Staubach. Marvin Lewis for some reason like having convicted criminals on his team setting a wonderful example for our yout of today. That is why until he is no longer the coach I will not be supporting them nor will I be purchasing any of their merchandise.
Including Playoffs, Russell Wilson Is The Best Rookie QB Ever By Raphael Haynes January 13, 2013 Once every 10-15 years the NFL is blessed with a quarterback that has that "It" factor. The "It" factor is a bonafide leader, a "Don't worry about it fellas I got us" player, that rare ability that can't be taught but take every game serious like he's playing for a starting job. You know that player when you first see him, its just something about him that says winner. For example Dan Marino had an excellent rookie year. He started 9 games with a 7-2 record, 2210 passing yards, 20 TDs with only 6 picks and a 96.0 quarterback rating. Everybody knew he was going to be great. But when you saw John Elway for the first time you knew it was something about him that made him more than great, he was special. In the past, the trend started with Johnny Unitas then Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, John Elway, Brett Farve, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and now Russell Wilson. Russell Wilson is one rookie that showcased his uncan ...
Aaron Rodgers is great, but I still take Bart Starr over him. Starr did not have nearly as good receivers that Rodgers has. My top five quarterbacks remain: Otto Graham, Johnny Unitas, Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw, and Joe Montana.
Ya know what? I used to really respect Terry Bradshaw. The comments he made about Drew Brees breaking Johnny Unitas' record were classless and reeking with jealousy. Hey Terry, guess what? If the Steelers had Drew Brees as their QB in those Super Bowl years, they probably would have won TEN Super Bowls instead of only FOUR! Eat that and WHO DAT!!!
Terry Bradshaw ripped Drew Brees for celebrating breaking Johnny Unitas' record when the Saints were 0-4 on the season.
Terry Bradshaw rips Drew Brees, Saints for approach to breaking Johnny Unitas ...
Terry Bradshaw wasn't wowed by Drew Brees breaking Johnny Unitas' touchdown pass record on Sunday. Bradshaw also took exception to a request Brees made on the eve of his record-setting game.
Terry Bradshaw rips Drew Brees, for approach to breaking Johnny Unitas - Bradshaw needs to STFU
Congrats to Drew Brees for breaking the record. I remember watching Johnny Unitas back in the day. He was a great NFL QB in an era of great quarterbacks, like Joe Namath, Roger Staubach, Bart Starr, Fran Tarkenton, Len Dawson, Sonny Jurgensen, Terry Bradshaw andothers who all played before the days of multi-million dollar contracts.
(for football fans only) I've seen most of the great quarterbacks in the history of college and pro football. I saw Johnny Unitas from his first game against the Bears in 1957 until he retired. I've seen Y.A. Tittle many games with the NY football Giants. I've seen Roger Staubach,Bart Starr,John Elway,Brett Favre,Dan Marino,Terry Bradshaw,Fran Tarkenton,Norm Van Brocklin, Joe Montana,Peyton Manning,Joe Namath,Tom Brady, Steve Young, and of late, Cam Newton. and Robert Griffin 3. I never had the pleasure of seeing Otto Graham, Sammy Baugh, or Sid Luckman. I've always considered Otto Graham( based on reputation), Johnny Unitas, Dan Marino, or Peyton Manning the very best in history. But today I saw Gino Smith of West Virginia against Baylor in a wild 70-63 shoot-out. Even though Baylor's defense left much to be desired (as did WV's lol), Gino Smith showed me more skill for a college senior who will be a pro next year than I have EVER seen. His accuracy was awesome, his arm strength was as good as any of th ...
Top Three NFL Quarterbacks of All-Time 1. Johnny Unitas, Baltimore Colts - set the standard for quarterbacking, invented the two-minute drill, invented the three-step and five-step drop-back, called his own plays, had the winning-est record during the years he was in Baltimore (1956-1972), three world championships, MVP three times, all pro five times, Pro Bowl ten times, etc. etc. etc 2. Otto Graham, Cleveland Browns- ten league championships; 3. Terry Bradshaw,Pittsburgh Steelers- four Super Bowls. Joe Montana, Peyton Manning and Dan Marino don't qualify, as they played in an era of rules which favored the passing game, protected the quarterbacks and receivers, and restricted defensive play.just sayin' -Drew Nickell, 24 August 2012
With football season on th horrizon...two questions come to mind...Top 5 QB's of past and the top 5 in the game today...Top 5 in the past I say...Johnny Unitas, Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, Roger Staubach, John Elway. Top 5 in the game today... Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Eli Manning...what do you say...
His top 5 is 1.Joe Montana 2.Terry Bradshaw 3.Johnny Unitas 4. Steve Young 5.Brady. he originally had brady at 3.
Who was a better quarterback Steve Young, Terry Bradshaw or Johnny Unitas - find out:
I would have Steve Young at probably 10 behind Johnny Unitas and Terry Bradshaw. You found make a case that Johnny is the best
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