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Johnny Tsunami

Johnny Tsunami is a 1999 Disney Channel Original Movie. It was nominated in 2000 for the Humanitas Prize as Children's Live-Action Category.

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Good on ya putting Brink in there. Johnny Tsunami was great too. Also the Famous Jett Jackson movie…
I asked Scott what his favorite disney movie is and he said Johnny Tsunami πŸ˜‚
Find somebody who loves you the way loves the Johnny Tsunami soundtrack.
i really consider Justin Bieber a friend of mine πŸ‘¦πŸ½πŸ‘¦πŸΌ
Not his smurf tho. Johnny tsunami is like silver 4
Johnny Tsunami was better. Just saying pono
Halloweentown, Brink, Johnny Tsunami, and the famous Jett Jackson...Yeah, I'll pay for that subscription
Johnny Tsunami's dad is the bad guy in Karate Kid II
Johnny tsunami. *** say she want me. Way I roll a wood man. Somethin' like origami
Whatchu kno bout that Johnny Tsunami tho πŸ‘€
Remember the movie Johnny Tsunami? I never got how Johnny is a Native Hawaiian when his dad and grandpa are Japanese, and his mom is white.
Can we expect some more Johnny Tsunami/Aahyeahh/jet ski freestyle/money bags/3 deep BANGERS on the next album?
Johnny Tsunami was sick af too, but nothing tops Team Pup n Suds
Gonna watch mf Johnny Tsunami again *** yeah
Y'all want Johnny Tsunami, and im here waitin for to re-release Tokyo Splash and Eternal Sunshine :(
I added a video to a playlist G. Hill - Cruisin' (Prod. By Johnny Tsunami)
tfw you find out your coworker lives with Johnny Tsunami
Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board (2007) . the sequel to Johnny Tsunami as he returns to Hawaii to now master skateboarding.…
Johnny Tsunami (1999) . one of my favorites!! a young surfer from Hawaii moves to cold Vermont as he learns to snowboard.…
Shout out to Listen to Von The General - Johnny Tsunami by G.U.M Entertainment on
I currently have Zenon( girl of the 21st century), Johnny Tsunami, Smart House, Cadet Kelly, and Cheetah Girls on my DVR. I am LIVING
Johnny Tsunami the best Disney movie of all time followed by Brink. NOT EVEN UP FOR DEBATE.
the lion king scared me as a child and ruined my childhood. Johnny Tsunami made my childhood great.
You Wish!, The Luck of the Irish, Smart House, Johnny Tsunami, Motorcrossed, and Double Teamed are the BEST movies πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
brink! smart house OH THE THIRTEENTH YEAR,, Zenon.. or moms got a date w a vampire or Johnny tsunami
So bored Ima have to binge watch all of my favorite Disney Channel movies, starting with the Luck of the Irish and the Johnny Tsunami
Snow day and Johnny tsunami back to back. I'm so happy rn lol
Ima watch brink! Johnny tsunami and smart house. Then gargoyles, freakazoid and Captain Planet today for nostalgic purposes
Johnny Tsunami is such a good movie! I miss being a little kid again! 😭
Alright another question texted in. My gut wants to say Brink but I actually think it's Johnny Tsunami
do my eyes deceive me or is that Johnny Tsunami I see?
Johnny tsunami at 330a on Monday night/Tuesday morning though.. πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ
Watching Johnny Tsunami with my little siblings. They used to use actors who were actually the right ages back then πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Johnny Tsunami could come riding in on an electric tornado and the population of Severna Park would still feel the need to shop early af
I'll be waiting for that Johnny tsunami
Who tryna watch Johnny Tsunami and eat push pops?
Johnny Tsunami & Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board are lit
doesn't believe in my surfing abilities. But I've seen Johnny tsunami and Blue Crush like 100 times. I got this. πŸ„πŸ½
Johnny tsunami was best Disney Channel movie of all time
hope you caught some dope waves Johnny Tsunami πŸ„πŸ»
like honestly been waiting to watch Johnny Tsunami and Zenon since like 7th grade
Brink, Zenon, Smarthouse, and Johnny Tsunami are the best. but why the *** aren't they playing The Color Of Friendship
Just like Johnny Tsunami altered our cinematic landscape:
Had a crazy dream last night. I vaguely remember it, but I know that Johnny Tsunami was there πŸ„πŸΌ
Eddie's Million Dollar Cook-Off, Now You See It, Johnny Tsunami... Where did it all go?!? 😭😭😭😭
Johnny Tsunami just got a nice bath! I finally bought him his favorite body wash! He's a good guy
Electronic Device Insurance
it's all good. bought Brink, Johnny Tsunami, & Motocrossed last week
9. Johnny Tsunami . I like it cause it showed that you had to learn to adapt. Don't just get stuck in what you know http…
Johnny Tsunami is a 1999 Disney Channel Original Movie. It was nominated in 2000 for the Humanitas Prize as Children's Live-Action Category
Bad feeling when you think you're prepared for the 2-3ft of predicted snow & you realize you left Cool Runnings & Johnny Tsunami at home.
should get the rights to channel movies like Paper Brigade, Brink, Johnny Tsunami, 13th Year, Luck of the Irish, Zenon, etc
I just want to lay in bed and watch Johnny Tsunami
Aayyyo Johnny tsunami was that crack
"I would definitely do Johnny Tsunami's mom before his grandpa"
β€’ How can you not watch Johnny Tsunami ? 😨
Check your mailbox! There might be a copy of Johnny Tsunami in there.
Atl. Johnny tsunami and Superbad are 3 movies I know word for word.
I only answer to the names Squid and Johnny Tsunami from now on.
When u johnny tsunami af n got class at 10:30 but got a luau at 10:35
They say Alcohol is bad and water is good but i've never seen a Johnny Walker tsunami destroying cities and killing people
There's a guy in my music class who looks like the more attractive version of Johnny Tsunami 😍😍😍
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
My desperation for football has me watching the Hawaii vs. Colorado game. Hawaii's coach legit looks like Johnny Tsunami.
Brink and Johnny Tsunami were my childhood.
the Disney Channel original movie Johnny Tsunami is the spiritual sequel of mortal kombat/story of Shang Tsung's life after the tournament.
Bless the person that put Johnny Tsunami on YouTube πŸ™ŒπŸ»
"Can we get an image of snowboarder and a skier?". *thinks back to plot of Johnny Tsunami*
Here's a rare sketch of Johnny Tsunami
Johnny Mercer, how many Brits should be made homeless due to your non EU economic migrant tsunami? How many Brits pushed down the queue?
Tomorrow I'm finna watch hella Disney Channel Original Movies... I feel like watching Johnny Tsunami lmao
Johnny Tsunami was on n i missed it :( Lol
I could watch Johnny Tsunami right now
if I don't remember your name I'll probably just refer to you as Johnny tsunami
A sequel to 1999 Disney Channel Original "Johnny Tsunami" but he doesn't have time to snowboard with his accounting job.
Hilarious and truthful! Brink...Johnny Tsunami...Smart House...gotta love em!
Someone start a pop up outdoor movie screening series featuring just DCOMs. Start with Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, then Johnny Tsunami.
When I was a little boy all I wanted was to be like Johnny tsunami πŸ˜‚
Order Miche Bag Online!
Tomorrow I'm gunna make taco dip and watch Johnny Tsunami.
I honestly think Johnny tsunami is one of my classes
Johnny tsunami of couch surfing bro
I'm just trying to watch some Johnny Tsunami man
Trying to get my Johnny Tsunami on. . RIP Lee Thompson Young
I loved Lee Thompson Young so much as a kid, between his roled in Johnny Tsunami and The Famous Jett Jackson, which was my ish.
Why have I never seen before?! Staring Dolph Lundgren, Brandon Lee, Tia Carrere, and Johnny Tsunami! Um, yes please.
brink, motorcrossed, even stevens, phantom of the mega plex, Johnny Tsunami. All good by me.
Johnny Tsunami and Alley Cats Strike understood that the whole point of having a hero or team in a film is for them to win against the odds.
I really want to watch Johnny Tsunami right now
what you doin right now Johnny Tsunami
Why are Disney Channel Original Movies not accessible like sometimes I just want to watch Johnny Tsunami
max keebles big move!? Recess schools out remember the titans!? Johnny Tsunami bugs life, brink! Mighty ducks!
I watched Johnny Tsunami walk out of my life. I tried to stop him at the BWW door, but I was too late.
Hey man, don't look down on surfing. That's a Ask Johnny Tsunami!
flood the streets like a Tsunami . Come clean and i leave em sloppy . Thats bravo without the Johnny. Probably higher than Tunami
We're gonna get through this Tsunami! You know why? Because TKE is life!
In a couple years Johnny Tsunami is going to have a question mark after it... That's the saddest thing I've heard in a long time
yo pops reminds me of a younger version of the gpa from Johnny Tsunami low key lol
My boyfriend looks a lot like Johnny Tsunami...
Johnny Tsunami goes to my school so be jealous everyone.
Johnny Badger almost made the city of Memphis explode
*** yeaa just found Johnny Tsunami online
Ever since Karate Kid II, we all knew Johnny Tsunami's dad was a ***
Wait Johnny Tsunami's dad & grandpa are both in Pearl Harbor. WHAT.
just tryna watch Johnny Tsunami u know
Will it come thru or not. . Johnny Tsunami. You wanna thro that dirt on these . Plenty of work to throw out there
Jenny (who lived in Hawai'i) did not know who Eddie Aikau was.. "I know Johnny Tsunami!". 😳
But why isn't Johnny tsunami on Netflix?
Hol' up. This the broad Chris and everybody talking about? Lil baby look like Johnny Tsunami from Disney...
Y'all remember the famous Jett Jackson's tube locks hat in Johnny Tsunami? Lol
Johnny Tsunami was awesome. I still want to learn how to snow board because of that movie...
Johnny Tsunami and brink were my jam!
I wish they would play Johnny Tsunami on tv
Let's play categories with 90s Disney made-for-TV movies. I'll go first: Johnny Tsunami.
Besides having a dad that looks like Johnny Tsunami, what does Emily bring to this show?
Kirks waves look like those at Bethany beach smh on his part. Use to be like Johnny tsunami.
Maison's mom hired THE Johnny Tsunami actor to come to her 6th birthday party.
I'm gonna go with UK. They're playing on a whole different level right now, plus Texas is without their PG
no doubt, it's been too long. Who gets the W tonight Lane?
Wish I was in Kentucky with and for the UK Texas game
I'm kind of disappointed in myself for never getting a hat like Johnny Tsunami for snowboarding
Me and Johnny Tsunami done that work .
Netflix needs to add Johnny Tsunami when they do goodbye studying for finals
When are they going to play Johnny Tsunami lik come on
Ask him if he has heard of Johnny Tsunami
Im profusely disgusted. This girl just told me Johnny Tsunami wasnt a good movie.
JOHNNY TSUNAMI and myself used to be great friends. I'm just not sure where it all went south.
Whole tl talkin bout surfboards, Johnny Tsunami on?
Seriously considering watching Johnny Tsunami instead of putting effort into this paper
If Johnny Tsunami wasn't apart of your childhood Idfwy
2001-2006 is just a blur of Johnny Tsunami, Simple Plan, Cribs, face glitter, Aaron Carter and gas station slushies.
Johnny Tsunami came out 15 years ago.
Lets just watch old Disney movies like the luck of the Irish and Johnny tsunami.
Awesome! Takes me back to the good ole days. Watched a lot of those and agree with quite a few. However, I think they accidentally put an extra "1" next to Johnny Tsunami.
Yo bro when you get a chance send the beat named"Softie 2 Johnny Tsunami"dat piff being fufu and won't let me download lol
that list is definitely not accurate at all.. Johnny tsunami should be in the top 10
Definitive Ranking Of Disney Channel Original Movies how are motocrossed and johnny tsunami not even in the top 10?!
Who wants to have a Disney Channel original movie night? Zenon, HSM, cheetah girls, Johnny Tsunami, gotta kick it up, the thirteenth year..πŸ‘Œ
Brink should have been first & Johnny Tsunami is should have been higher! The heck?
For my fellow disneyphiles, where can and I watch old Disney Channel movies? Zenon? Johnny Tsunami?
I remember when disney ch came out w/Johnny tsunami, I wanted to learn to snowboardπŸ‚...still gotta get on that help me out?πŸ˜‰
when ur friend has one of those moving pool cleaners and u get on and suddenly u Johnny Tsunami surfing those crazy waves shaka bro
Late post but I'm rocking my brother from another mother my best friend. Johnny Tsunami Mitchell. He didn't die he...
Zenon, Brink, Johnny Tsunami. What else is there to say?
In no particular order... Brink, Johnny Tsunami, Full Court Miracle , Get A Clue, and Smart House are some of my favorties
Heading to the House of Blues watch party on Lansdowne for vs. with and Johnny Tsunami!
Happy Birthday to the legendary so glad I get the chance to put up with you on the reg. love you 😘
I have a sudden urge to watch Brink! And Johnny Tsunami
Happy birthday little boi have a good one
Johnny Tsunami not top 10 and Brink not on list of DCOMs? you never fail to suck.
Happy birthday to my brother just remember Pandora doesn't go back in the box he only comes out
A big HBD to the *** man himself try not to get kicked out of the bar on your 21st 😘 love ya
only complaint? Johnny Tsunami and motocross should have been numbers 4 and 5!
why am I so emotional over Johnny Tsunami
I love those classic Disney movies frfr, like Brink or Johnny Tsunami but y'all sleep cuz y'all too young lol
Im sure you are dead right now but happy birthday to my favorite πŸ»πŸ‘
Before it's too late, birthday shout out to aka Jackie Chan aka Johnny Tsunami. This guy is the essence of
Disney Channel need to play a throw back movie like.. Johnny Tsunami..
I've seen johnny tsunami 100 times dank
johnny tsunami was just on and wow i love Disney Channel movies so mUch
Johnny Tsunami is a great movie. 10 out of 10 would recommend
Watching Johnny Tsunami really makes me want to go surfing and lay out on a beach right now
Johnny Tsunami is on tv right now is that you?
I'm in. Let's do this. First up, Johnny Tsunami
Was debating on going out tn but Johnny Tsunami just started so lol
Johnny Tsunami is on and you can bet I am watching it
That list got me heated. How is the Luck of the Irish not on the list?? Johnny Tsunami has to be top 10 πŸ˜‘πŸ™‰
Johnny Tsunami is my favorite Disney movie 😊
Update: been here thirty minutes and still no Johnny Tsunami sighting.
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have gotten drunk with Johnny Tsunami, in SB..
My two favorite movies of all time are Brink and Johnny Tsunami
it is the second best, though. But Brink! is a poor man’s Johnny Tsunami.
Wow, has never been more wrong about anything in the history of listicles; Johnny Tsunami is the best.
Disney needs a week where they play the good movies like Motocrossed, Brink, Double Teamed, Johnny Tsunami, Zenon, and Rip GirlsπŸ‘πŸ‘
Johnny Tsunami doesn't want to hear it but Alley Cats Strike is the show when it comes to Disney movies
They should put some of the classic Disney Channel Original Movies on Netflix: Tru Confessions, Even Stevens, Johnny Tsunami, Cadet Kelly.
Black snowboarder in Johnny Tsunami. Damon could wear like a Mohawk winter ski hat
Wiz Khalifa, Tiger Woods, Johnny Tsunami, and The Mexican guy from Next Friday, out…
I'm bored so I'm just gonna mess with people
if I was your son that makes you a teenage mom. Judging you.
swerve. Yellow too good for you anyways
β€œ"I'm not eating this part because I don't like yellow." racist...Asians need loving too LeighAnn
Did you know Johnny Tsunami has a sister
Being called johnny tsUNami was the highlight of my night featured in NBC s Science of Love
You made grown up choices, deal with the grown up consequences
If you're a young mother and you're dumping your child on people to go to parties every weekend.yeah judging you
Everyone's out for halloween and I'm like
Check out the new short film I directed! Featuring Disney's Johnny Tsunami! .
Corn on the cob costume or johnny tsunami?
Just saw a guy that looks identical to Johnny Tsunami. Come to find he's not dressed for Halloween.
I don't feel like dressing up. I'm just gonna wear a Hawaiian shirt and say I'm Johnny tsunami
I feel like Johnny Tsunami. Moving to a place where there are no waves. Looks like I'm gonna have to take up snowboarding.
I'm not Johnny Tsunami; I'm white, wearing a button up shirt and boots, not a surf board and the 90s
Am I the only who thinks of the old movie Johnny Tsunami whenever people talk about actual tsunamis?
Hey girl, you make me wanna drive you home, Get you outta here and get you all alone.
If refuse to go skiing after watching Johnny Tsunami. Snowboarding only
Hi you should get a movie category of Disney Movies like Brink, Smart House, Motocrossed, Johnny Tsunami, Double Team. Thanks
I think the one dude is from that Disney movie, Johnny Tsunami. . Is that racist to say?
Church was fun with Demi Lovato, Brenda song and Johnny tsunami. Lol
The 13-yr-old in me was thrilled that Johnny Tsunami played my on-screen boyfriend in our latest sketch:
In my mind Shane victorino is the grown up version of Johnny tsunami
Johnny tsunami has left the building
Really tempted to follow this guy who looks lime johnny tsunami thats cruisin around on a lawn mower
lol not EXACTLY like the last one, I need to actually shoot more things but yes I need that ASAP
Really want to watch brink and Johnny tsunami right now
I need another dove hunting trip like the last one right now
I think Johnny tsunami is a solid choice as wellπŸ„
nah this morning I was thinking of Johnny Tsunami
Watching Johnny tsunami at work. Is that pipes and sunset ?
β€œIf you can't pronounce the ingredients, don't eat it” *dies of starvation*
Girls are the worst when they compliment each other: girl: omg you're so beautiful.😍😍 why can't I be you Other girl: you're way prettier 😘😘
Every day I get a little sad that I am not Johnny Tsunami.
not even Johnny tsunami that's horse hockey
Someone please tell the Clippers that Jordan hill grabbing boards like Johnny Tsunami.
I wanna watch Johnny Tsunami. That movie was so sick.
real *** cried when Jett Jackson came back to see his boy win the race at the end of Johnny Tsunami
RIP Lee Thompson Young. Never watched Jett Jackson, but Johnny Tsunami was rad.
Honorable mention: Johnny tsunami, phantom of the megaplex, 13th year,
Johnny Tsunami was my favorite movie.
I feel like life would be so much easier if I just didn't care about anything
wait, Johnny Tsunami is on that show??
I love you too Johnny Tsunami! GC and Mcdons after Saturday lifts was the best
found Johnny Tsunami about to watch that for the night
Johnny Tsunami: innocent tween flick or loaded political allegory?
So Disney should so show my date with the presidents daughter, brink, smart house, Johnny tsunami, and model behavior! I …
too bad you're Hawaiian. "Uh yes, Johnny tsunami, you got a D on this quiz, *** " πŸ˜‚
Have the sudden urge to watch Johnny Tsunami
Lol b4 I leave for China me n hit a spot and get on a Johnny Tsunami Wave
How hype would you be if Johnny Tsunami came on the tv right now?
Now I wanna watch Johnny Tsunami. She was in it, too, and it was an awesome movie anyway.
not kids but I can have one named johnny tsunami
Can someone tell me why Brink and Johnny Tsunami are unavailable to watch/have on DVD? Get with it
Woke up lookin like johnny tsunami..I need a haircut
Canned pineapple reminds me of Johnny Tsunami
lmao coming from a guy name Johnny tsunami is that a John I see, yeah I know cool name right
funny I can surf better than Johnny tsunami!
I know but Connor can't go to the conjuring, but I want to watch it!!
β€œMissing someone & not being able to see them is the worst feeling ever.”
my phone doesn't recognize the right one, I fixed it lol
I think I might pass on this but have fun!!
Let's all search Johnny tsunami n be happy
Remember when I thought Johnny tsunami was super hot
I wanna marry a Hawaiian girl so my son will have that cool grandpa like in Johnny tsunami πŸ˜‚
as long as you go to Tyler ward in Portland
in the past it has been like 20 bucks I think
What ever happened to the good Disney Channel Original Movies like Brink, Zenon, Smart House, Johnny Tsunami, & Horse Sense?
Tickets go on sale Wednesday at 10 AM
man I am down! Let me know when the tickets are available and I will buy mine!
is coming to Eugene! You all are going. I will drag you if I have to
where exactly do people play this at? Cause that just seems like a big mess
Johnny Tsunami belongs on that list
aw man! Surf Ninjas is like combination Johnny Tsunami and 3 Ninjas, so basically the perfect movie.
I am fanboy-ing a little bit because Brandon Baker is following me on Instagram. Lol. Oh if you don't know who he is, he is the actor who played Johnny Tsunami on Disney Channel! COOL!
Johnny tsunami is on, I use to love this movie lol
Johnny Tsunami is on Disney Channel. About time they played something good on there .
I just got out of bed faster then I've ever moved in my life when I found out Johnny Tsunami is on.
Johnny Tsunami is on Disney right now... not going to sleep anymore.
Johnny Tsunami is on right now. Probably the greatest movie ever when I was a little guy
Johnny Tsunami was definitely one of the best movies of my childhood.
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Johnny Tsunami will always be one of my favorite Disney movies.
Please tell me someone remembers the movie Johnny Tsunami?
Johnny Tsunami is one of the greatest Disney Channel movies of all time. I missed an hour though. smh
I'm not even happy right now. And I'm watching Johnny tsunami. So that says alot
Stayed up way too late watching Johnny Tsunami
Johnny tsunami is on Disney Channel at midnight
Loved getting to see Johnny Tsunami tonight!! You guys should release all the old shows and movies on DVD!
Don't look under the bed. brink. Johnny tsunami. y'all know them movies don't play lol
Johnny tsunami was on and I missed it.
I am SO going to regret staying up to watch Johnny Tsunami when I'm exhausted maΓ±ana
β€œJohnny Tsunami just went off on Disney right now!” That's a all time great
Johnny Tsunami's dad is a real jerk. Not cool brah. But his grandpop is a pretty gnarly dude
I always wanted a grandfather like the one Johnny Tsunami had .
We're only covering this game til midnight when Johnny Tsunami comes on the Disney Channel
Havent seen Johnny Tsunami in a minute doe.
Hamilton Collection
Johnny tsunami is the spawn of George Lopez
I just don't understand why didn't get as excited as me when Johnny Tsunami was on Disney Channel earlier πŸ˜”
"I forgot how good Johnny Tsunami was"
Johnny Tsunami always inspires me, when the going gets tough, keep on ridin the waves.
Johnny Tsunami was on, that was my ish! It's coming back on on Thursday. Well ***
No, was just watchin Johnny Tsunami (LOVE that movie) and a girl mentioned how he's sweet. THE NICE GUY DOESN'T GET THE GIRL
We're throwing back to 1999 and replaying Johnny Tsunami, tonight, 12 midnight
Did I seriously just stay up to watch Johnny tsunami? ***
Everyone else is freaking out about the game and I'm just like, Johnny tsunami is on and you guys AREN'T watching that?
Goddangit... Johnny Tsunami is on and I can't watch because of this freakin' tornado.
In other news, Johnny Tsunami is trending so there's a throwback for ya.
Johnny tsunami might be one of the greatest movies of all time
Of course I'm recording Johnny Tsunami because it's a treasure to humanity.
I was flipping through channels and Johnny tsunami is on
johnny tsunami is definitely top 3 Disney Channel movie ever made
Phineas and Ferb right after Johnny Tsunami. Disney Channel loves me tonight.
I just watched "Johnny Tsunami" My night was better then yours. Don't even try to lie to yourself.
Watching Johnny Tsunami is bringing back great memories and it's also making me wish I knew how to snowboard.
son u look smack like him r-t They used to call me Johnny Tsunami. Lol.
Johnny Tsunami comes on at midnight. Welp, I know what my plans for the night are.
Johnny Tsunami top 10 Disney Channel movie all time. Buddy was like real life Rocket Power
Johnny Tsunami is on Disney Channel!
To cheer up anyone's mood: Johnny Tsunami is on The Disney Channel right now.
Johnny Tsunami is on Disney Channel right now. You're welcome.
Johnny Tsunami on the Disney Channel right now 😎
Johnny Tsunami is on Disney Channel right now! *** *** yeah!
I would be sleeping right now but Disney Channel currently is showing Johnny Tsunami for their "Throwback Wednesday!" πŸŒŠπŸ¬β˜€πŸ˜
Hawks win and Johnny Tsunami is on the Disney Channel
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