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Johnny Rotten

John Joseph Lydon (born 31 January 1956), also known by the former stage name Johnny Rotten, is a singer-songwriter and television presenter, best known as the lead singer of punk rock band the Sex Pistols from 1975 until 1978, and again for various revivals during the 1990s and 2000s.

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BBC banned Johnny Rotten in 1978 for telling the truth about Jimmy Savile via OMG, what shall it be like?
. FFS.Johnny Rotten did butter.Iggy did car insurance. And now this. Can't wait for the Sleaford Mods John Lewis ad this xmas
Johnny Rotten in 1978 "...I'd like to kill Jimmy Savile.All kinds of seediness we're not allowed to talk about".
Chris Dickinson in Catch Point makes as much sense as if Johnny Rotten joined the Osmonds.
We worked it out! She meant Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols. Not Timothy Spall, Martin Roberts or Sting.
Johnny Rotten kinda day, can't believe he's lived to 60 Double Trouble - Live at O2 Shepherd's Bush Emp…
I had a dream where you were Johnny rotten in a late 70s pub. Fwi, your eyes blazed with the wrath of 1000 unicorns. Tootles!
Found it!! Read the whole thing: Watch the video too!
not a matter of whether or not we singularly agree w/ it, but Johnny Rotten would be rolling in his grave at Sex Pistol tshirts
it cost me 10 quid and my Johnny rotten tshirt
In the words of Johnny Rotten, ever get the feeling you've been cheated?
Animated gif of The Sex Pistols' Johnny Rotten if you remember The Sex Pistols
Johnny Rotten's words, our reality "No future no future no future for you... no future for me.
"Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?". - Johnny Rotten.
TIL that Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols auditioned for the band by singing along to an Alex Cooper record...…
So what should I say? Maybe, in my best Johnny Rotten voice, yell "no future" and then leave?
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Can someone do a faceswap thing of Johnny Rotten and Nigel Wood please?
Thanks for the cards .superb.and the free Johnny rotten .quality
"I think national pride leads to nothing but wars and hate." - John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten
London's Burning Sex Pistols Johnny Rotten spits loogies of approval from his grave that he's not yet in:
As Johnny Rotten said."ever got the feeling you've been had" ? Everyone should read this on whichever si…
a fan? Nonsense you'll be telling me that Johnny Rotten likes a spread that looks suspiciously like churned milk
This is on a par with Johnny 'Utterly Butterly' Rotten. Ever thought you 'ad been cheated?
because I love me some punk history 🤘 (also having a little swoon over '76 Johnny Rotten)
Public Image Ltd talk no me into the workday. God bless Johnny Rotten!
just last night made me guess Johnny rotten's real name - John Envoy - & what PIL stands for - Punks in Love 😍
Johnny Rotten on politics & MP's in frilly knickers playing with kids.
Reminds me of when we took Johnny Rotten (sorry..."Lydon") out. He did the whole "Mandela was a terrorist!" thing. Well? By that rationale..
I'd prefer Johnny Rotten try to sell me another Sex Pistols tour than John Lydon try to sell me a $400 book.
The name of my next album and tour is going to be "Johnny Rotten"...Yes, I'm aware that's the name of the lead...
"Do you think that the partying has had any long-term effects?". “Yes, it’s made me a better person.”🙌.
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"We did what we had to do that's why we didn't survive only the fakes survive " -Johnny Rotten
.Sex Pistols manager's son should apologize for burning Johnny Rotten's trousers. The above is not real but not unlikely.
Johnny Rotten got the finger big time.
Among the items set on fire: pants that had belonged to Johnny Rotten
I would watch a movie where Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan play Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten.
A shot from my cartoon of Juke Box Jury when Johnny Rotten, Alan Freeman & Joan Collins appeared on…
I never met Johnny Rotten, and I didn't want to meet Johnny Rotten.
1980 John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols) sentenced to 3 months inprisonment on assault charges
John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten. Saw him in Frome last year. The world and his wife were there. Good gig.
John Lydon/Johnny Rotten knew what Jimmy Savile was back in the '70s, but the BBC wouldn't air the piece:
Thanks! The Longhorn Ballroom was the home of Bob Wills. Now imagine Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten.. i couldnt resist
When you're summoned to a bonfire by Johnny Rotten, it's hard to know what to expect. The former Sex Pistols/...
John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) was performing with his band Public Image Ltd. (PiL) in Santiago, Chile on Sunday...
John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten is 3½ years older than me. Hard to believe, I know
"Libraries, to me, are the center of my universe."John Lydon AKA Johnny Rotten
Johnny Rotten spins his favorite records on Capitol Radio, July 1977 (h/t
'Johnny Rotten' Lydon : pleased to see the working classes rising up – The Sun
He's best known for being punk rock icon Johnny Rotten - but John Lydon looked worlds apart from his former self as he headed out in
Johnny Rotten's King's Road flat where he partied with the Sex ... John Lydon 😶😆
Adam Hinkley won Norfolk BR with a score of 84 on King Louie. Tyler Ewart 2nd with 81 on Casanova, Steve Foster 3rd, 76 on Johnny Rotten.
Watch Steve Foster's ride on Johnny Rotten for 76 points Saturday part of the tour.
Steve Foster took Johnny Rotten for 76 points Saturday and is first at the Will it hold up? Big day coming up Sunday.
Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten's former Chelsea party pad is up for grabs:
"United Kingdom — John Lydon, also known by his former stage name, Johnny Rotten, has explained...
Me and Johnny Rotten have been talking about doing a movie of his book...
The king is gone. but he's not forgotten. This is the story. of a Johnny Rotten
"Johnny Rotten was so necessary. But we wouldn’t be here without David Gilmore (of Pink Floyd) either.” HDU .
Fact: The following people were booked to fly on Pan Am 103, but missed it: The Four Tops, Johnny Rotten, Mats Wilander, and Kim Cattrall.
Pretty Vacant by The Sex Pistols ... the story is this was the way Johnny Rotten figured out how to swear on the BBC
"I am an Anti-Christ, I am an Anarchist," Anarchy In The UK - The first song written by Johnny Rotten.
Yeah he was fun to watch. Somewhere on one of those wrestling databases I found a guy named Johnny Rotten.
come back brother! We need you to be part of this team , ur presence will make this…
I know my Mom would love to see you back . 💀 👊🏽
We should grab Brandon Boykin. He's a good young slot CB.
8. Johnny Rotten; singer of the Sex Pistols; another punk rock political band in the UK.
I thought maybe this was from a Sex Pistols movie, you would make a great Johnny Rotten!
"Tell us, what's it like to have bad taste?" – Johnny Rotten, addressing the audience at Winterland at the conclusion of "Pretty Vacant"
Does anyone think the Queen's longevity is purely in spite of Johnny Rotten?
I hope gives me more Johnny Rotten tonight! God Save the Queen!
If Johnny Rotten had created the Sex Pistols in the mid-90s it would have been Prodigy. Right?
Legendary photographer Dennis Morris on Bob Marley, Johnny Rotten, and getting shot
Glen Matlock came up with riff for "Pretty Vacant" after listening to "SOS"
running list of people my freshly cut/coloured hair has been compared to:. · Drew Carey. · Johnny Rotten. · Ivan Drago (from Rocky IV)
Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten (You can just see Steve Jones in the background)
John Lydon (the former Johnny Rotten) was originally approached for the role of Jimmy and even screen-tested for the role
Mark E. Smith may sound like Johnny Rotten without teeth nowadays, The Fall in White Trash was great!
Neighbour: Is that a young Johnny Rotten?. Me: No it's an old Justin Bieber.
Gov. Kasich's doo is oddly fetching--in a Johnny Rotten kind of way. .
John Lydon, better known as Johnny Rotten, has said he wants his music to change the world. I want the same for 21st century journalism.
That's right. He's Sid and you're a young Johnny Rotten in that photo.
Yea not many options left anyway. The next best is Reggie Nelson but he's turning 33. I'd rather wait for Weddle's decision.
1/2 it makes sense! I would love to see the chip on his shoulder playing SD twice a year. Doesn't look like we are losing
He said he won't chose $. He wants right fit & community. We're 1 of 4 teams he thought of as contenders & a good fit for him.
Word is all teams interested (guessing it includes us) value him at $5M a year. I say that's worth the risk on a 2-3 year deal
I hear ya. I'd like to have him, but not sure it's worth what it might cost. We will see.
Well consider this. Weddles PFF grade last year is very close to C-Wood's. C-Wood had best coverage grade Weddle was 2nd best.
issue is what he has left. Saw what happened to N.Allen and Lofton! SD washed their hands of him for a reason!
'Ever get the feeling you've been cheated?' Johnny Rotten
From Love on the Rise short collection SOMETHING ROTTEN THIS WAY COMES: Bad boy Johnny Rotten lives up to his name. http…
Don't get mad at me because you agreed with something that makes no sense.
You prob don't know who Vance McElroy is?? Rookie
shut up rookie...I was goin to the Coliseum watchin the Raiders when u was snotin your nose as a baby...
The Road to Fish O and Johnny Rotten – Part 2! Read more from Andy Neal here
Just hit up Eric Weddle and show him some love. Lot of fans are trying to recruit him.
Yeah some *** had a problem with it & you were saying you thought it was a legitimate concern.
Apparently they don't have a problem with Rams wearing blue in L.A.
Plus so many teams wear blue or red the most notorious gamg colors in the U.S. but they don't have a problem with that?
To quote Johnny Rotten: “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” Look to the studio execs who hate superheroes and crank out the movies.
But my original point was if someone like a gangster wanted to buy Raider gear the team doesnt have to play in their city.
Exactly. It’ll be Paul McCartney, Cliff Richard & Leo Sayer next. As long as it’s not Johnny Rotten or Iggy Pop - that’s all.
I'm uneasy about this . You be telling me Linda Bellingham & Johnny Rotten got it on next ?
X Ray Spex - Oh Bondage Up Yours: Poly Styrene deserves to be mentioned alongside Joe Strummer and Johnny Rotten.
Johnny Rotten turns 60. Here's a few clips when the Pistols came to The Great Southeast Music Hall- Atlanta, Georgia January 5,1878
My Sid Vicious pose and Johnny Rotten side, some of the Sex Pistols punk band, between to meals…
Johnny Rotten (John Lydon) spent time in Jamaica before forming PIL. Reggae had an impact on his music
The rise of Johnny Rotten, an Esquire style icon:
To George Michael. . I think Johnny Rotten said something like "If you don't like being a pop star, don't be one."
That was the same year Steve Jones, Paul Cook, Glen Matlock, Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious formed a band.
Q&A: Ex-Sex Pistols frontman John Lydon: Former Johnny Rotten defanged and back with Public Image Ltd
a documentary on the Bee Gees, which I wasn't really interested in until I saw John Lydon (THE Johnny Rotten) interviewed as a FAN
John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten: "As for the punk ethos, unfortunately that got reduced to studded leather jackets.".
You can also read my interview with John Lydon/Johnny Rotten because it too is pretty rad.
And then there's this interview I did with John Lydon/Johnny Rotten where we talked about PiL, The…
Johnny Rotten chillin' with his pal Newt Gingrich:
Turns out Johnny Rotten is a John Kasich fan. And he can vote:
Johnny Rotten (Lydon) greets fans at Altar Bar: "I've got diarrhea. I hope the Imodium's working, Bear with me."
John Lydon, A.K.A. Johnny Rotten; a punk god and a rock genius. He is without a doubt one my many…
Finally got to see the one and only John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten. Big…
Why does Johnny Rotten keep hanging up on me? The tale of two (or three) interviews .
Music preview: Johnny Rotten, Johnny Sweet: Punk icon hangs up in a huff, and then ...
Tonight I got to see a hero perform: John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten & band, Public Image Ltd.
Johnny Rotten: “Thank God I’ll Be in Philadelphia”: John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, the king of the punks, lit the…
Do you have to be Catholic to be pro-life? I can name 2 atheist pro-lifers: Ken Kesey and Johnny Rotten.
I wonder what Johnny Rotten in 1976 would have made of John Lydon in 2015
On living in California, "The salt air is like, really really useful for me." - John Lydon AKA Johnny Rotten. Ugh.
he still has like 3 years on his deal. We will either draft a better guy or roll with him. No way we downgrade.
best QB we had m, he got hosed by RAVIST 🍆
sure we did, cut Bergstrom or Streater
"TP Can Change The Culture." LMAO! No wonder you're so insufferable. I thought maybe your GF left you or your dog ran away
Jesus Christ man you're all over the place.
and when he goes back to CB, where will DJ GO?
But when the season started we didn't have the spot for a return man only. Keep up!
RIGHT NOW they have a spot for a return man because the roster is getting thinner and thinner with injuries.
Carrie played safety last week with an injury. He'll continue to play safety until Allen comes back.
now you're making my point, you just said Raiders don't have a spot for return man only, yes they do..
Carrie has been playing safety. When Allen comes back from injury Carrie will go back to CB.
no it's not, Holiday isn't the same player DUe to Injuries, he was a PR/KR ONLY IN 2012...
He's a WR too & we signed him because right now we have absolutely noone to return because everyone is hurt. PAY ATTENTION!
That's why he's been bouncing around from team to team and can't find a permanent home.
Then the Donkeys cut him. He wasn't good enough to take up that roster spot. That's the whole point.
BS, the Donks had Trindon Holiday in that position two yrs ago, now we just signed Powell, *** else is he going to do here?
those teams also have DEPTH @ that position, you like DJ being an every down CB?
I didn't say that. And If I did say that then I didn't mean too. Starters play on special teams too
They couldn't afford a roster spot for someone to just return punts.
You know what a 53 man roster is right? There's never room for a player that can only return punts.
Lots of teams have their star players returning punts.
you know as well as I do that TJ is as FRAGILE AS EGG YOLK, and once again a STARTER AS YOUR PR?
his receivers under the bus or he was making excuses for the pick 6. I just pointed out that he took responsibility for it
Jesus Christ dude. I was merely pointing out that Carr took the blame because people were saying he was trying to throw...
I know $ it was STUPID to use a starter as a KR/PR
Only issues is who would replace him? I've seen a few kickers already lose their jobs this season for missing FGs.
John, IDGAF about a QB taking blame for LOSSES EVERY *** WEEK, dues that make it ALL GOOD NOW?
I wouldn't have been imposed to trading Janikowski. He hasn't been the same since Lechler left.
TJ Carrie is a punt returner. Did you forget?
True, I stated during the offseason Raiders should cut/trade Jano @ was SOUNDLY BASHED, now what?
Its really quite simple. I don't even know why we're having this debate. Are you having a bad day or what? LOL
They had a total 4 guys to compete for 2 return roles. The guys they went with are banged up so they're addressing a need.
& that's why they signed Holiday. Carrie is a PR and Jones is a KR and that's what they decided to go with after preseason
if they cut you & don't have a better PR than the one CUT HOW DID YOU ADDRESS IT...
...but ultimately it was Carr's pick 6 that ended the game. But he already took blame.
he got that injury well before PRESEASON, plenty of time to address that & Taiwan is a KR, not a PR..
There's plenty of blame to go around for the Denver game. Missed FGs Horrendous game plan by Del Rio and Musgrave...
personally I thought see went from johnny rotten to johnny hate jazz nut its all about opinion!
ok, taKING this loss is DEFINITELY ON HIM, that was HORRID.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Meaning he'll take the blame when the losses are his fault and when they're not his fault.
I didn't say none of the losses were his fault. I said even when losses aren't his fault he still takes blame.
Debose got a season ending injury. So they went with Tawain Jones. Jones just got injured a couple of weeks ago.
I'm puzzled that this staff is so MORONIC, this should have been addressed in PRESEASON..
He's Walter Powell. He has very little experience but check out these highlights.
He has very little experience but check this out. He does kicks & punts. .
He returned a punt 54 yards for a TD & he had a 61 yard kick off return.
He only has 4 games experience but he's a young player with big potential in the return game.
You just joined the greatest and most passionate team in all of sports. Welcome to the Raider Family!💀
I accidentally just ate a couple rotten carrots which is a problem reserved usually for pets
We're ecstatic to have you. We really needed someone with your skills. Welcome to the Dark Side! You're now family💀☝
Once Allen comes back to FS Carrie goes back to CB. We'll improve for sure. We need to bench Hayden.
No you're not missing anything. Carr repeatedly took blame for the throw just as he always takes blame for losses...
He means he's not making excuses for the throw. He always takes accountability for losses.
Carr has been doing really well under pressure this season. He still forces things like all QBs do once in a while.
Like he's saying it was a bad decision but it was the decision I made. He's taking responsibility for throwing it.
He doesn't mean it like that. He's taking accountability. Meaning he's not making excuses for the throw.
Howard as been decent. At worst he's average. I know many teams with bad O lines that would take Howard in a heart beat.
We could do alot worse than Howard but of course I'd love to upgrade at RT. I just don't want to create another hole.
- A CW's wife died. -. Me: Sorry for your loss. You're in a better place now...
How do you wish someone a pleasant nights stay at a Motel 6 with a straight face?. Asking for the cockroaches.
One Of These Days, I'm going to cut you into little pieces, when I'm having one of those days.
I don't want anything to do with my neighbors milkshakes. I suspect it's cottage cheese by now.
We really should stir the cauldron together more often, dear!
Chelsea have Suggs, we've got Johnny Rotten... Well done Robbie!
* I was referring to the "preaching" of Rev. John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten. :-).
Johnny Rotten of Sex Pistols with Michael Diamond and Adam Yauch of Beastie Boys.
John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten talking about Jimmy Savile in 1978...creepy
Not saying Matt Murray is wooden but he makes Neil Mellor look like Johnny Rotten.
Accidentally used wife's lotion and rubbed my eyes. My eyes are now a burning kaleidoscope...
Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious were nothing compared to these hardcore punks! 😉
Aug 1975 Malcolm McLaren introduced his new discovery, Johnny Rotten, to the other 3 Sex Pistols when it was the Roebuck Pub!
I'm more the. . Lock you in the bathroom after my "I ate from three different buffets today" poo. Kinda travelling companion.
The reviews are in and 'SINISTER 2' has a 8% on Rotten Tomatoes. Sounds like 'FANTASTIC FOUR' isn't alone this month. ht…
Don't follow me, I don't know where I'm - *runs into wind chimes*
No more anarachy as Johnny Rotten goes all mellow yellow - Belfast Newsletter
Scream! An all new Fry’s English Delight Tues 11 Aug BBC R4 with Johnny Lydon (ex-Rotten) and me getting emotional – http:…
Johnny Rotten regretted putting Sid Vicious in the band lmao
It was a whole barrel of rotten apples! Christians killing Christians?
Plus pro athletes are given money as payment for participating on a team before they had a chance to earn it.
And whoever gave the kids the trophy felt that they earned it for doing their job for the team. It's no different than being paid.
Johnny Rotten is still tough as nails and sharp as a tack! Big thanks to Patrick Keenan and Gwyn Ashton for...
I like long walks at a buffet line..
New technology just makes us dumber in newer ways.
Marriage tip:. If you did something wrong, you apologize. If she did something wrong, you apologize. You're welcome
Oh I've told you this story seventeen times? Well one more coulDN'T HURT HERE WE GO AGAIN! - my mother
If I could turn back time. Ya sang it with a Cher voice, didn't ya?!
Has house party just to see who opens the medicine cabinet rigged with marbles. - 1999
If you could do Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten.I'd owe you one! If it ain't too much t'ask.
"Have you ever got the feeling you're being cheated?" -- Johnny Rotten
If I did a comedy routine in a full auditorium and my friends and family were there, you could easily pick them out, t…
Public Image Limited - Rise. My idle (Johnny Rotten) when I was a young teen.possibly that's where I went wrong.
I added a video to a playlist JOHNNY ROTTEN VS. MTV
I added a video to a playlist Johnny Rotten Slags Off New Arsenal Stadium
There are some parallels between Punk Rock and Hip-Hop... Johnny Rotten on Sway:.
Aw... I really didn't know Johnny Rotten was married... (or that his step-daughter was Ari Up (RIP))...
1 rotten apple. Where were you at Leicester in 92? Johnny come lately happy clappers.
“Johnny Rotten Johnny not rotten. Johnny good. Johnny is loved. Johnny is kind. . Johnny Be Good.
Plus Johnny Rotten's PiL prepare to release new album and the frontman explains why he is hated in three countries
I wonder if Richard Desmond will echo Johnny Rotten's famous quote: "Ever get the feeling you've been conned" ?
Once a Punk,always a Punk.John Lydon alias Johnny Rotten from d Sex Pistols goes on tour again with his new band Pil.
"Have you ever tried cashing a cheque made out to Johnny Rotten?”. - Johnny on changing his name back to Lydon
Nipple Erectors' Shanne Bradley talks to me about colleagues Shane MacGowan, Johnny Rotten and Wreckless Eric
I kinda feel this didn't get as much coverage as it should at the time. Johnny Rotten is a racist ***
got the John Lydon/Johnny Rotten look going on there mate!
yes, they did. Joe Strummer admired Robert Fripp & Johnny Rotten loved Peter Hammill.
Okay so, we need a Johnny Rotten account here, a Sable Starr, a Ramone and more cool and hot people, you know?.
Johnny Rotten and Steve Jones performing with the Sex Pistols at the 100 Club in London, 1976. Ray S
If you've not heard this. Johnny Rotten outing Jimmy Saville in 78! (excuse the bad language). Authority ***
“Johnny Rotten photographed by Ray Stevenson, 1976 Is this really just 7 yrs from the 60s??
I'll write a story about a world where all labor is done by clones of Joey Ramone & Johnny Rotten. Punkpunk
If I write about a dystopian future where everything is powered by clones of Joey Ramone & Johnny Rotten, would it be punkpunk?
Photo: John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten of the photographed at in for...
Coming up next week: Punk legend John Lydon a.k.a. Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols and PiL.
John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten talks to about his life in and out of music
Afrika Bambaataa Collaborates with James Brown and Johnny Rotten. Click the link read more.
sweetienippy Glen Matlock and Johnny Rotten of the pistolsofficial [
John Lydon & Johnny Rotten at Sex Pistols After Party at the Chelsea Hotel - New York
The Sex Pistols & John Lydon at Public Image Limited, previously Johnny Rotten, in Concert at the Agora Ballroom in -
Johnny Rotten & The Sex Pistols at Isle of Wight Festival 2008 - Day 2
John Lydon & The Sex Pistols at Johnny Rotten, British singer of the Sex
24 HOUR POEM CHALLENGE! 'Here's Johnny Rotten!' A Birthday Poem for Jack Nicholson, in the style of
I saw *** Hucknell's first gig at the Free Trade Hall back in '76. Johnny Rotten in the mosh pit.
Johnny Rotten & Steve Jones at The Sex Pistols in Their First North American Concert at the Great Southeast Music in
31 January 1956. Johnny Rotten was born in London. Best known as lead singer of punk rock group the Sex Pistols.
No awards for David Bowie or Johnny Rotten because THE GREATS don't *do* awards. But an OBE for James Corden because the little people do.
Johnny Rotten, *** Jones and Paul Simonon, backstage at the Electric Circus, Manchester 19th December 1976
Former Sex Pistol John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, tells Polly Toynbee that comedian Russell Brand's call for people not to vote is ignorant, flippant and liab...
Johnny Rotten calls John Humphries a silly sausage on
- Johnny Rotten has words for Russell Brand on
She's 15. The only adult she admires is Johnny Rotten.
Johnny Rotten and co opened for Bazooka Joe at St. Martin's School of Art on 6 November, 1975.
rumours he is, don't know how true? Might need the cash? Or want to do a butter advert on the back of it like Johnny rotten?
Here's Molly Meldrum talking about that time he punched out Johnny Rotten.
Johnny Rotten's book even includes the story of going on Judge Judy!!!
The great John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten), God bless you John (Lydon) you told the truth and still do, t,co/MVQ3en1yOr
An awkward interview with Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols on Australian TV: submitted by thepkmncenter [...
Johnny Rotten's Tour of London: via spot on rotten
*Sid Vicious. . *Sid not like Paul. . *Sid throw petrol on Paul. . *Paul Cook. . *Johnny put Paul out wearing white suit. . *Johnny Rotten
Well, I guess Johnny Rotten can still be shocking. Just not in a cool way.
Sex shook the world on their 1st show today in 1975. Johnny Rotten defined "punk" w/
Sage advice from Johnny Rotten who thinks voters should ignore 'Bum Hole' Brand... via
where Johnny Rotten calls it as it is on Russell Brand's morons revolution; and I kinda wanna snog old Johnny
Having drinks with Johnny Rotten will be the highlight of my life
The Sex Pistol Johnny Rotten says the BBC silenced him when he tried to talk about Jimmie Saville.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Watching interviews with Johnny Rotten makes you wanna punch him in the mouth sometimes. I think that's kind of the point, really.
Johnny Rotten advertised butter, John Cooper Clarke advertises chips and now Jools Holland is in Aldi's Xmas ad. I think the 70's is broke.
Am no well, my heads killing me and my dads blasting Johnny Rotten in ma living room, kenny please give me peace
I'm very conservative and I like to listen to Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten. And I like Camille Paglia, so...there.
Corrupt - Harvey Keitel beats the crap out of Johnny Rotten in this italian…
I vote Because the account amuses me daily and I wouldn't of got to see Johnny Rotten without SC..!
pure sense of the term when Johnny Rotten is considered, immortalized by Neil Young and Crazy Horse in Hey Hey, My My (Into The Black), the
great question, easy answer: "Johnny Rotten is the Name of My Gun."
No thanks. Little Johnny Rotten having control of Senate is a fair indication & this lot is far worse.
Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols is probably one of the best people ever tbh
Reasons why Johnny Rotten is officially my role model
tbh when Johnny Rotten makes more sense the RB does it says a lot.
Little Johnny Rotten spends more than his 3 predecessors put together.
Think you'll find that the Fraser govt was in power when that happened with Little Johnny Rotten as Treasurer.
why does marcel look like johnny rotten? greeny looks like a WWE wrestler, Am sure Alton will win
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I got slagged off rotten for saying that.
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