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Johnny Ramone

John William Cummings (October 8, 1948 – September 15, 2004), better known by his stage name Johnny Ramone, was an American guitarist and songwriter, best known for being the guitarist for the punk rock band the Ramones.

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I will absolutely say that Johnny Ramone was a huge influence on me. I'm a giant Ramones fan.
I actually love that johnny ramone was republican af. The more trump cards, the better.
Planning a funeral for my old Mini. Viking style at Venice Beach or add it to the Hollywood Forever Johnny Ramone statue?
My favorite album would have to be Rocket To Russia. I feel this album has the most classic
The Ramones:. -invented punk music. -Tommy Ramone inspires me everyday . -the beef between Johnny and Joey lol
Read list of celebs supporting Drumpf. Last one was real surprise - Johnny Ramone, rocker who died in 2004. Hm
When I was younger, I was ready to go off at any time. My wife, Linda, and I would go out
We didn't sell a lot of records, but somehow we left an impression.
We had an icebreaker were it was who you would get dinner with and I picked Johnny Ramone. My pick seemed out of left field, comparatively.
The most insane part of The Wicker Man is that it's dedicated to Johnny Ramone in the end credits.
The most surprising part of Cage's The Wicker Man was the "For Johnny Ramone" at the very end. Sorry I'm 10 years late to that one.
The strongest argument for the whole "kill your idols" thing is that Johnny Ramone was a devoted conservative who loved Reagan
Europe was a horrible place. There was nothing on TV. The food was terrible. And they don't e
. The great Johnny on liberalism & how he hopes they change when they grow up.
Yeah, like that but maybe even rounder in the front! Def close to Johnny Ramone/Nigel Tufnel but lady/non-rockerish
if so, I think Johnny is the Ramone you’re looking for
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I started doing up-and-down strumming, basically to keep time and to play f...
When you're jamming to I wanna be sedated but remember Johnny Ramone was a staunch conservative and thought liberals were uneducated 🌚
The knowing look between what was clearly meant to be Johnny and Joey Ramone at the Nasty Bits/NYD gig was amusing.
It's a good thing Johnny Ramone didn't live long enough to see the wicker man dedicated to him
Finished reading " Commando" , Johnny Ramone was a big Baseball fan, wonder if that's why The Yanks always played " Blitzkrieg Bop"
Did you know that Eddie Vedder was a Strat-O-Matic player?
'Rocket to Russia' is, I think, my favorite Ramones record. We reached our ...
I second Cash and Strummer and nominate Shane MacGowan and Johnny Ramone
is Johnny Ramone, but i dunno the other guy
[NEWBIE] I want to sound like Johnny Ramone. Please look over my gear list.
It was a job, and I was just doing my job.
Today's wake up music for Matthew brought to you by Joey, Tommy, Dee Dee and Johnny Ramone.
Ok. Just saw Tom Odell at Hollywood forever and then walked around in the cemetery and visited Johnny Ramone I'm LIT
My first influences for playing were Johnny Ramone and Jimmy Page. - Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein
The World Tonight, Linda Ramone on punk music and life with Johnny
Why: Cage's WICKER MAN ends with a dedication to Johnny Ramone.
As far as film goes, I enjoy all Hollywood films and all Horror films like ...
I can't stop thinking about the Matt (Groening) signed animation cell for Johnny Ramone
.on punk music and life with Johnny Ramone:
Johnny Ramone's wife Linda liked2 of my photos! I've posted some pix from my trip on Instagram if ur interested:
i went to The Ramones exhibit opening at the Queens Museum & learned that Johnny Ramone meticulously kept notes
Bernie History. Founding Members, Johnny, Dee Dee, Joey, and the oft forgotten Bernie Ramone on stage at CBGB.
I once filled in for Johnny Ramone during a spat with Joey Ramone and helped them reconcile.
Does not liking seeing Johnny Ramone's widow with another dude make me less of a Ramones fan or more? These are the things that keep me up.
Me & my new best friend lookin' mad serious. (And a Johnny Ramone photo bomb!)
My story today on the harsh relationship and love triangle between Joey and Johnny Ramone.
You're so nut-less, it's amusing how taken u r w your mediocrity, Johnny Ramone would slap u though, change that pic.
The Nicolas Cage remake of The Wicker Man is worth watching solely for the end credits dedication to Johnny Ramone
I'm rereading Commando. Johnny Ramone's autobiography. And it's so fantastic.
*** Johnny Ramone (Reaganite) would rip your pitiful corporate agitprop in half.
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Having issues with collections I've completed the NL central and have no mission for Johnny Bench.
Rewatching End of a Century - punk, humour and sorrow: (and lots of Johnny Ramone being grumpy)
Had a dream that Johnny ramone was still alive and was going to a concert to see him and then I woke up 😔
My 2 year old daughter is starting to look like a ginger Johnny Ramone. It may be time for a haircut. Or an electric guitar.
"You look like Johnny Ramone if he had a bad hair day."
Behind the Scenes of The Sound of • Ramones Joey Ramone and Johnny Ramone photographed by Bob Gruen.
Linda Ramone, wife of legendary punk rocker Johnny Ramone, previews the new Ramones exhibit at the Queens Museum.
“was released this month in Listen to one of the
Johnny Ramone's cat didn't have a name b/c "animals don't have names in the wild," he said. IDK if that's funny but it's true.
On a scale of Jello Biafra to Johnny Ramone how Anit-Bush or Regan is this game?
Marky Ramone on Instagram: “Backstage with Buddy Guy talking about Johnny Shines and 50's and...
I went to an Objectivist high school. One of my teachers had been in a band with Johnny Ramone & said he'd hit his dad in face with a bass.
I need to cut my hair before I end up looking like Johnny Ramone
“Nobody can sound like us. No one can play the guitar like that, and the drumming is very difficult, too.” –Johnny Ramone…
This is kinda like if Johnny Ramone joined The Monkees.
Oh god. Do you think Johnny Ramone would've voted for Trump!?
One of the clearest progressive minds to come through the PUNK scene, Johnny Ramone being one *** of a Republican.
did Johnny cueto get an updated delivery?! Does he have the shimmy/delay in his windup?!
did Johnny cueto get a new delivery?! Does he have the shimmy?!
Here's a picture of Johnny Ramone's jeans.
Michael Des Barres posted a video of Korean schoolchildren singing - Johnny Ramone Army
Joey, Marky, Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone, 1980's. We're finally on
The Ramones with holograms for Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone, The Clash with zombie Strummer tbc
I think the backlash was largely anti black and anti *** I like Punk but yeah Johnny Ramone was an ***
The Energy and the Heart of Ramones, Johnny and Joey Ramone 4ever. We're finally on
Johnny Ramone - at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. And sight of my first ever duck/swan attack…
Beautiful weather. . I'm gonna go to Hollywood Forever Cemetery and eat a sandwich with a green tea Arizona next to Johnny Ramone.
. -- Let's hear some from Johnny Ramone on .
. Beg to differ. This is punk same way Johnny Ramone was a Republican, i.e a middle finger to the world. Plus *Newark*
?? Johnny Ramone was the farthest right of that bunch.
📷 black-coffee-bonus-cup: Marc Bolan with Johnny, Joey and Tommy Ramone in London in 1976
I voted yes. My rationale: I see him as a sentient Coop painting with Johnny Ramone's hobbies.
saw Johnny Ramone's grave. glad he didn't end up in a pet cemetery
Also bummed I won't get to rock my Johnny Ramone costume for festivities
Johnny Ramone was a conservative & a New Yorker. If he were a live today he'd be voting for Trump I bet.
Thought you'd enjoy the fact that my 2 y.o. son is dressing up as Johnny Ramone for Halloween. His costume is… pure awesome.
Joey, Marky, CJ and Johnny Ramone, Walk of fame. Amazing Picture from Rick Johnson. https…
Upcoming Night Birds jobs, as Johnny Ramone so elegantly put it...
“The jackets were a part of the Ramones. I went through 3. 1 was stolen in Holland, 1 in Florida, & the last 1 I gave awa…
Johnny Ramone Bad Reputation RIP to one of my favorite idols Thinking you
What Johnny Ramone and J.S. Bach have in common.
"They just want to clean up music and push mediocrity onto the public." - Johnny Ramone on Styx, Foreigner & other bands in 1981
"Rock 'n roll was meant for punks when it started in the mid-50s." - Johnny Ramone, responding to an interviewer's question in 1981.
If I had to describe my guitar style, I would say it's like Johnny Ramone had a music baby with Bo Diddley
Rock In Peace, the hair never dies. Johnny Ramone Hot Road fever. .
Hopefully you'll be Johnny Ramone this year since last year you didn't want too, like a retard.
Johnny Ramone was 27 when he started his band. Seems pretty old, right?
“I believe he has influenced every kid playing bass that saw him perform.” –Johnny Ramone Dee Dee Ramone! http:/…
Remembering John William Cummings, aka Johnny Ramone who died 11 years ago today
who's your favorite punk guitarist?. that's tough for me tbh bc I really like johnny ramone and Steve Jones, but th…
Miss u Johnny Ramone. You were right, you were and are a legend.
A custom-made guitar built for Johnny Ramone went for almost $50,000 at the music memorabilia mor...
Here for Willy Wonka movie and I find Johnny Ramone's grave. Weird.
Ever view a movie at the Hollywood Cemetery? OG Willy Wonka showing tonight. Lawn chair and wine in hand. I'll say hi to Johnny Ramone too.
Photo: July 25, 2010 Kirk Hammett and friends at the 6th Annual Johnny Ramone Tribute at Hollywood Forever...
Whenever I walk past this coffee in the warehouse I automatically think of Johnny Ramone, and then I…
PHOTO: Johnny Ramone performing with the Ramones, 1977 by Ian Dickson/REX USA. . Like ->
GG Allin, Johnny Ramone memorabilia up for sale on auction site
perhaps not. Oh, Johnny Ramone. I like him. Now, where's... 'Sun City'
"Dee Dee came up with the name, he was the first to use it" - Johnny Ramone
Johnny Ramone never looked so good 😘♥️
"I've had the best wife, Linda, that I could ever hope to find." - Johnny Ramone . Happy Birthday, Linda Ramone!
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Dee Dee, Tommy, Joey and Johnny Ramone in L.A. wearing white.
Before the song Eddie said that everytime they play in Brazil makes him remember Johnny Ramone
Yup. And these days, my guitar skills are much more suited to Johnny Ramone or Joe Strummer than Steve Howe.
Thank you cetti77 for your help !. You make my day !. Just got my Hallmark Johnny Ramone Series guitar…
The hair and glasses do give you some Joey Ramone. Looking cool, bro.
said it came off like Joey Ramone. saw Howard Stern. I'm rockin, lets agree to that :-)
I hope you show us Mel Blanc that would be epic and the Johnny ramone statue
Johnny Ramone is actually not there
favorite movie ever and first man crush Johnny Ramone all in 1 watch it
"We're gonna name you CJ Ramone, because being in this band is a COOL JOB." -Johnny welcoming CJ to the Ramones.
yeah I saw the Johnny Ramone pic the Mel Blanc is close to it... Bunch of old Hollywood legends there...
" I never liked blues and I really didn't like jazz. I liked Chuck Berry." - Johnny Ramone.
me hanging out with Johnny and Tommy Ramone, no big deal
Kris, if you get the chance, check out Elephant Rock at Currumbin!
Okay so, we need a Johnny Rotten account here, a Sable Starr, a Ramone and more cool and hot people, you know?.
When I was in the US, I asked a bartender for a "roadie" which here in AUS is "one for the road". Not in the US though. Oops
Barry I wanted to ask if you would consider sharing this blog entry with your audience in some way?
Interesting to see joining the ranks of Johnny Ramone, Michale Graves & Paul Weller as a tory punk.
-- The bronze statue adorning the grave of Johnny Ramone, world's fastest guitarist. This shot was taken at...
Thank you very much for the mention.
Johnny Ramone, you were a perfect man.
“Johnny was the leader. He orchestrated the Ramones. It was his vision and he didn't like having that vision lose focus…”…
"If you wait until you can play, you'll be too old to get up there. We stink, really. But it's great". Johnny Ramone.
keep staying up late and listening to music coz Johnny Ramone is so much better than sleep
I've been intuitively using a similar approach but you summarized it very nicely in your blog - thank you!
“He set the standard that all punk rock bassists look to...I think he influenced every bassist who ever came to see hi…
Johnny Ramone doesn't get enough credit for his guitar sound, even on later Ramones records the guitar sounds so mean
Thank you very much for the mention Yuliana!
“Rock ‘n’ roll was meant for punks since it started in the mid-50s. Punk is just rebellious rock for all kids.” – Johnny …
PHOTO: Old school punk rockers Tommy & Johnny Ramone, Fred “Sonic” Smith of the MC5 and Ron…
"What is this 'Rocket to Russia' all about, Johnny Ramone?". "Y'know, Phil Spector firing missiles from his house to kill some *** commies!"
Excellent intel on - Phil Spector held Johnny Ramone at gunpoint, forcing him to keep playing the same riff for 'Baby I Love You'
Instead of drugs and booze- Johnny Ramone had milk and cookies after a show.
The Last Days of Johnny Ramone - blissfullybeing: Battling cancer, but surrounded by friends and family,...
Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee nor Tommy Ramone didn't die for this .-.
I mentally working through my list - Johnny Ramone is another. I think you're right :-)
I drew this Deadpool as Johnny Ramone card. Message me if you want it.
Bad inna real life bad inna real lifffe
Today feels like National provoke Ramone day!
I would love to hear your thoughts on this Rand
Just played guitar low as heck on the strap to ramones records. I want to be Johnny Ramone in a Ramones full LP show with
Bad boy rock, bad boy roll. Gabba gabba, see them go. CJ hit the gas. Hear Marky kick some *** Go Johnny go go go. Tommy o-way-o. R.A.M.O.N.E.S.
HA! Okay...But you said "that jerk Johnny.." I guess you are talking about Johnny Ramone. YOU missed a Gr8 show!:D
I'll write a story about a world where all labor is done by clones of Joey Ramone & Johnny Rotten. Punkpunk
In which Joey Ramone vs. Johnny Ramone vs. Phil Spector vs. the world.
If I write about a dystopian future where everything is powered by clones of Joey Ramone & Johnny Rotten, would it be punkpunk?
Johnny Ramone playing with his cats
What is the Future of Google, Backlinks and the Algorithm?
Guest Announcement!. Marky Ramone of the Legendary Ramones and Johnny Brennan of the Jerky Boys will be at...
Johnny Ramone playing with his cats.
Toni Tenille and Johnny Ramone must have shared a hairdresser
Here is the only Rock n Roll education you need. JOHNNY RAMONE - Last Interview
Sad fact Johnny Ramone was a reaganite conservative and he bought nazi trinkets as a hobby
The Johnny Ramone Tribute in Hollywood with some Fout art on the banners van__.__91 with…
Johnny Ramone used to wear this shirt.
My answer is Johnny Ramone, for what it's worth
Visited Johnny Ramone to pay my respects.
Herpes simplex ten tell ramone . Hey remember johnny ramone & my birthday gift from dana? . Wow tis like christmas come early but not overly
Ramones on the overhead. Somewhere Johnny Ramone is chuckling.
“‘It’s Alive’ was probably the best show that the Ramones ever did. We knew they were recording and we were ready.” –John…
I miss you baby. I would give anything to have a time machine to the '70 and meet you. I love you Johnny. Forever ❤️🎸
It's OK to dress as a superhero when you go to shows. If that superhero is Johnny Ramone.
I remember having rly cool Ramones vans w Johnny Ramone on the front of them in like the 4th grade. Rip to wherever they are.💔
Johnny Ramone on Instagram: ““As a 13-year-old kid living up in Seattle, the Ramones were...
John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten talks to about his life in and out of music
Johnny "Nazi Fan" Ramone is an outlier and should not be counted
I just realised in the closest human being too Johnny Ramone in my building and yeah, it feels good.
Weird clip of Johnny Ramone acting in a movie called "Stranded"
“Dee Dee was a punk. He had the look, was a great songwriter, & he was the most influential punk rock bassist of all time…
"Somehow, I have to beat the system...I can’t follow orders. On the other hand, if it’s my own initiative, I’m gung *** ” …
Johnny Ramone both drew the rabbits in the liner to "Rocket to Russia" and suggested the mice in "Rock n Roll High School..."
Photo: black-coffee-bonus-cup: Johnny Ramone at the Hollywood Palladium in 1988. 
.memoir is out now via Catch him live on 4/30.
Paying our respects to Dee Dee & Johnny Ramone — feeling emotional at Hollywood Forever
Lots of Love for the Cardiff show!!! Now we need Edinburgh 2004 too. Would love to hear that Johnny Ramone phonecall again. ♡
Hey Alan, I read the reviews of Marky Ramone's book then bought Johnny's instead. I slept with Joey also gets good reviews.
A grown man writing a love song to his lost friend Johnny Ramone. That warms my heart. Music is the best.
the flip side is that the tension wears on you, and when you get cut loose you often fall apart like Johnny Ramone's guitar
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“He can be very likable...He’s a nice guy. Johnny is very funny when he wants to be.” –Tommy Ramone
"Do you get a lot of airplay?". "No". "Why not?". "Radio is like Television, and all they wanna do is push crap on the public." - Johnny Ramone
"We do what we believe in, we have our integrity" - Johnny Ramone.
"Johnny Ramone . photographed by Skip Bolen that set up!
Joey Ramone & Johnny Ramone at The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Season 1
I love the fact that all grunge musicians were friends and it was so rare Johnny Ramone told Chris Cornell how weird it was.
Here's Johnny Ramone, one of my favorite guitar players of all time, snuggling with a kitty (with another kitty on standby)!
Oh and by the way everyone in the New York scene HATED Johnny Ramone. He was a nasty right wing ***
I love this edgy thot workin the desk in the registrar, wearin a johnny ramone tank top
Inspired by the OFF! Song Red White and Black. Another Johnny Ramone. Bit smaller than the last one at…
Did another Johnny Ramone inspired by the OFF! song Red White and Black. . Bit smaller than the last…
Joey Ramone:"I don't care about anything except Johnny Ramone".
“When we started, I believed that if you were good in this business, you would succeed. But it doesn’t work that way.” - Johnny Ramone
home JR. In my continuing efforts to raise Johnny Ramone awerness, we go…
Where it all Me with Johnny and Linda on the way to the rock and roll hall of fame circa 2002.
“I never sweat, which you might notice in pictures.”. -Johnny Ramone in Commando.
Music Fact: John Cummings and Thomas Erdelyi (Johnny and Tommy Ramone) were in a band called Tangerine Puppets in 1966-1967.
Johnny Ramone did not play all of the parts on the Ramones songs. He put down his part, and left it to others to do the overdubs.
Why was the Johnny Ramone figure cancelled?
This week marks the anniversary of deaths of Johnny Ramone, Mark Bolan and Jimi Hendrix. Catch Hendrix tomorrow at 12
Johnny Ramone looking like he just woke up with Mike Watts
Ummm, Linda Ramone at Johnny Ramone's grave in Hollywood Forever yesterday. Yes. via
The crowd is streaming in, to get their place on the lawn to be part of aQ&A. Johnny Ramone's.Linda Ramone&Rob Zombie
Johnny Ramone at Eric's, in Liverpool, on 19 May 1977; where they were supported by Talking Heads.
Is that: . 1. Miley Cyrus? . 2. Anythng to do with the fact Johnny Ramone died a few weeks ago?
ED DEDICATED COME BACK TO JOHNNY RAMONE AND I CRIED LIKE A LOT they only come to Berlin and that's like 6 hours away :(
You Nickleback loving rednecks thinking Johnny Ramone's abject greed is a sign that punk is conservative us precious.
Dear Tommy Ramone: tell Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee we'll all keep listening to your records until we make it there.
You're so 'punk' that you never heard of the late, great, punk legend -- and well known Conservative, Johnny Ramone.
Do you have your tickets to the Aug. 24 is hosting. ht…
“You get so wound up...that a lot of people need something to bring them down...I went back to my room with milk & cookies.” –Johnny Ramone
Ok music news i read this morning That makes me feel today is going to be a lil weird Duffy (GnR), Steve Jones (sex pistols) And Rob Zombie and doing Ramones songs for a Johnny Ramone special event And George Harrison's tree planted in his memory (like all his music doesnt count) Is Dead due to beetle infestation. made its just
Johnny Ramone on Phil Spector. 'He's a little man with lifts in his shoes, a wig on top of his head and four guns."
Johnny Ramone stands in spotlight, recording a guitar riff. Enter Phil Spector, stage right, with gun, as the...
Well mapped out the things I want to see and do next week when I'm in Hollywood. I have Spawn Ranch, where the Manson family hung out, the Poltergeist house, George Reeves house, played the original TV Superman, the Tate & La Bianca houses, Nightmare on Elm Street house, the houses from 1978 Halloween, the real Entity house, and four cemeteries with people like Dio, Johnny Ramone, Rodney Dangerfield, Bob Kane, Mel Blanc, and Don Knotts.
I was happy with the guitar sound. I was watching the Brewers-Cards World Series when we recorded it.-Johnny Ramone on Subterranean Jungle
PUNK ROCK ICON Tommy Ramone, LAST ORIGINAL MEMBER OF THE RAMONES DEAD AT 65. Born Erdelyi Tamas, January 29, 1949 - July 11, 2014, better known by his stage name, Tommy Ramone was a Hungarian American record producer and musician. He was the drummer of the influential punk rock band, the Ramones. Ramone was reportedly battling cancer when he died. Johnny Ramone (John Cummings) died in 2004 of prostate cancer, Joey Ramone (Jeff Hyman) died in 2001 of lymphatic cancer, and Dee Dee Ramone (Douglas Colvin) died from a drug overdose in 2002. I still love the old punk bands of the '70's, like the Ramones and The Clash and still listen to them all the time to this day! When my bike shop, Rat City Rods was open up in Berlin, New Hampshire, the Ramones would be blasting through the stereo at 3 in the morning every night while my friends and I were hanging out swillin' some Mad Dog. Good times! Rest in Peace Ramones! YOU ARE MISSED but the music will NEVER die!
No way! Tommy Ramone, the LAST original Ramone died today. I idolize the Ramones and it *** to hear. Ten years after Johnny Ramone died. The band is gone forever but the music will never die. Makes me sad.
let's hope Tommy Ramone is reuniting with both Joey, Johnny, and Dee Dee up in heaven for the Angels to enjoy
RIP Tommy Ramone. Such devasting news. Our thoughts go out to family, friends, and all of the devoted Ramones Fans around the world. Photos by Roberta Bayley, Godlis, Danny Fields, Dean Simmon, Adrian Boot, Brad Elterman, Ian Dickson and many more: OMFUG, CBGB: Punk & Hardcore, Joey Ramone, Dee Dee Ramone, Johnny Ramone
r.i.p Johnny Ramone. All of the Ramones are all gone now :/
The last of The Ramones has passed away. A business associate says Tommy Ramone, a co-founder of the seminal punk band The Ramones and the last surviving member of the original group, has died. Dave Frey, who works for Ramones Productions and Silent Partner Management, says Ramone's wife called to tell him he died on Friday. He didn't have additional details early Saturday. Ramone was 62. Tommy Ramone, a drummer, co-founded the Ramones in 1974 in New York along with singer Joey Ramone, bassist DeeDee Ramone and guitarist Johnny Ramone. All four band members had different last names, but took the common name Ramone. The band influenced a generation of rockers, and their hit songs "I wanna be sedated" and "Blitzkrieg Bop," among others, earned them an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002.
From DListed: "So now Tommy joins the rest of the original Ramones in Heaven. Joey Ramone was the first to say 'Hey *** let’s go' and flew up in 2001, Dee Dee Ramone died in 2002, and Johnny Ramone followed him in 2004. And now that Joey, Dee Dee, and Johnny have a drummer, they can finally play 'Happy Birthday' for Jesus at his birthday party this year. Don’t rest in peace, Tommy; keep playing as loud and fast as you always did. I hope you get noise complaints every single night from the other angels."
But I'd like to give a special dedication to the late heroes; Oderus Urungus and Johnny Ramone.
RIP Johnny Ramone. Now the band's back together.
Looking at my grade 8 graduation photo... I look like johnny Ramone. I looked goofy when I was 13 :P
My bros sang Ramone songs to me when I was a little girl b/c I had a haircut like Johnny's.
After losing Joey and Johnny Ramone to forms cancer we started The Cretins, our Ramones tribute band, as a way to...
That is sad, there are officially no original mebers of The Ramones left. Tommy Passed away yesterday. Joey Ramone- 5-19-1951 to 4-15-2001, Johnny Ramone- 10-8-1948 to 9-15-2004, Dee Dee Ramone- 9-18-1951 to 6-5-2001, Tommy Ramone-1-29-1952 to 7-11-14
7 years ago today Johnny Ramone passed on. I just know he is looking down on us, getting madder, and madder, and madder…
RIP Tommy Ramone... The last of the original Ramones. Glad I got to see Johnny before he passed. Legends.
rip to one of my dads good friends Johnny Ramone ❤️🎶🎸
Me,Johnny Ramone, hanging before a show in Houston, roadie comes in with BBQ sandwiches, asks what are these, Johnny BBQ armadillo ROTFLMAO
Duff McKagan from shares his first experience. Go: http…
Max Ramone, punk cat pioneer. i mean, there is a Johnny that hangs around the hood!
I almost cried when Johnny Ramone died, and now Tommy Ramone has passed as well.
Johnny ramone was my fav i remember doing a powerpoint on him in the 5th grade xD
My heartfelt sympathies and condolences to the Cj Ramone and The Ramones also Johnny Ramone ...joey Joey Ramone...
R.I.P. Tommy Ramone. "Johnny and Dee Dee Ramone both had risers that were exclusively for them. When we opened for...
Morrissey visiting the grave of Johnny Ramone.
“You come upon a certain type of music & all of the sudden you realize it's something a little bit different...” – Joh…
Rob Zombie invites you to the 10th Annual Johnny Ramone Tribute:
RIP Johnny Ramone, the last of a great band
RIP Tommy Ramone. These were thrown into the audience by Johnny Ramone at a Ramones gig in Brisbane a LONG time ago!
“We wanted to save rock and roll... We were against what rock and roll was becoming, which was no rock and roll. ” –Johnn…
Sad day, I am keeping the spirit of the Ramones alive by having the same haircut as Johnny http:/…
The 10th anniversary tribute show for the late Johnny Ramone will feature a plethora of A-list rock talent:
I ordered Rotten: No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs and Commando: The Autobiography of Johnny Ramone yesterday and I can't wait to get them
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Save The Date: The 10th Johnny Ramone Tribute will be at Hollywood Forever on Aug. 24, 2014. Details to come.
Brad & Bobby saw Cheap Trick last night at Hampton Beach and Brad talked to Robin Zander about the rumor of him stealing Johnny Ramones Rickenbaker 450. He confirmed it IS Johns guitar but he didn't steal it! They were all really cool guys to hangout and talk to fans after the show.
November 1976, Johnnie Lovesin And The Invisible Band opened for The Ramones at the New Yorker Theatre in Toronto and was observed by Toronto Sun columnist Wilder Penfield III as having blown The Ramones off the stage. Sadly Johnny Ramone has left us, but I got an opportunity to visit his monument in California, check it out Prior to Johnny's death in 2004, he and his wife Linda supervised the erection of an 8 ft tall bronze memorial of Johnny at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.
I got to talk to Robin Zander at the Cheap Trick show in NH last night. I asked about his Gold Rickenbaker 450(?) which legend has that he stole from Johnny Ramone - according to him it is Johnny's guitar he just didn't steal it!
I remember when I met johnny ramone. It was at amebeoa music in Hollywood and he had like 50 cd's in his hand. I'm like that's a lot of music. And he's like gotta keep up with the times.
Here's a Throwback Thursday (We used to put out a four page 'newsletter' before shows. I don't know why we stopped doing this, or why we thought it was a good idea. BUT ANYWAY, one of the things we did was interview MONTE MELNICK, aka the 5th Ramone. He was their tour manager through their entire career. At the time, his book (On The Road With The Ramones) was going to a new printing, and Monte was doing a few interviews on TV talking about his time with legendary crazy person Phil Specter. So, for TBT, here's that interview. Enjoy. Goons: What's in the new version of the book? I saw that it's being released again. Monte: I got about 8, 10 pages more of stuff that happened after I wrote the book. Johnny Ramone's grave, Joey's sign downtown, that streetsign, did you hear about that? Goons: Yeah I went there this summer, I got to take a look at it. I got to see CBGB's before it closed. Monte: Stuff about Johnny, the statue in the cemetery, have you heard about that? And what Tommy's up to, he's in a group c ...
Johnny Ramone on the Vagrants -- An Interview by Mike Stax. Mike Stax: Well, everyone goes through their first...
Johnny Ramone and I are the same height.
This sums it up. Johnny Ramone photographed by Lindell Tate.
Sex Pistols' guitarist Steve Jones kicks autographed soccer balls out into the crowd at the at the 6th Annual Johnny Ramone Tribute. Hollywood Forever Cemete...
This is my favorite Johnny Ramone story too! He became my hero and favorite Ramones band member instantly after I heard this story from my husband Uri Dalal!! Now that's punk!!!
I wanna hit up johnny dang , let him make me a CHAIN .
Johnny Ramone threw rocks at the Beatles at Shea Stadium. Let that sink in for a second.
you probably won't be as cool as Johnny Ramone . probably
Johnny Ramone on stage in Park, circa 1980s. Photo by Rob Pistella.
George, Johnny, Ashley and Tom. It'd be cooler if their surnames were Ramone. Or even Osmond
Hey if you guest list me for the Hollywood Forever Cemetery comedy show, I will protect you from the ghost of Johnny Ramone
During the Ramones’ 1977 tour of Britain and Europe, Johnny Ramone “had tantrums over lettuce”
Last night was awesome. Cameron Crowe showed up to remember Phil Hoffman + saw Johnny Ramone's grave
Imagine Django Reinhardt, the Dresden Dolls, Johnny Ramone, Siouxsie Sioux and Edith Piaf jamming together at an event hosted by Deepak Chopra and Toulouse Lautrec. This is what it might sound like. A sultry French-born singer, percussionist and a fiery punk rock guitarist from the golden days of the hardcore scene formed Frenchy and the Punk in 2005. The unlikely pairing has since released 6 full-length CDs, produced a live concert DVD and have performed all across the U.S. and in Europe. In May 2012, Yahoo Music called them one of the top 25 duos in the US. Their show is a carnival of two that will take you from Paris to CBGBs and back again. A rollicking flapper folkpunk cabaret with cleverly crafted songs, Taiko meets Rio de Janeiro pounding drum instrumentals, Steampunk flavor and true DIY spirit.
Jeffrey Ross Hyman (May 19, 1951 – April 15, 2001), best known by his stage name Joey Ramone, was an American musician and singer-songwriter, best known as the lead vocalist of the punk rock band the Ramones. Joey Ramone's image, voice, and tenure as frontman of the Ramones made him a countercultural icon. In 1974, Jeffrey Hyman co-founded the punk rock band Ramones with friends John Cummings and Douglas Colvin, upon which point all three adopted stage names using "Ramone" as their surname: Cummings became Johnny Ramone, Colvin became Dee Dee Ramone, and Hyman became Joey Ramone. The name Ramone stems from a story that Paul McCartney briefly used the stage name "Paul Ramone" during the Beatles early days when the band used the name The Silver Beetles. Joey initially served as the group's drummer while Dee Dee Ramone was the original vocalist. However, when Dee Dee's vocal cords proved unable to sustain the demands of consistent live performance, Ramones manager Thomas Erdelyi suggested Joey switch to vo ...
I'm still not sure on the dude to the right of Jerry.. (I looked at some of the comments and people are saying Ry Cooder.. maybe?) Here's what I got before I clicked on the comments.. (the ones I've marked below in parenthesis I had to look up didn't recognize them at first glance..) Also, Neil should have been in there, among a few others.. Answers (I think..) below. Frank Zappa, George Harrison, Slash, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, (Jimmy Page), SRV, Eric Clapton, (Mark Knopfler), (Brian May), (Johnny Ramone), Jack White, The Edge, Chuck Berry, Angus Young, Pete Townshend, (Tony Iommi), Eddie Van Halen, (David Gilmour), Ace Frehley, (Ritchie Blackmore), Duane Allman, Kirk Hammett, Carlos Santana, (John Frusciante), (Yngwie Malmsteen), Kurt Cobain, Michael Bloomfield, Jerry Garcia, (Ry Cooder*), Bo Diddley, Jeff Beck, Tom Morello, Brian Setzer, and Peter Green. I laughed a little at the Peter green.. the artist did a cool job on Green and Bloomfield looks cool. I like the Jerry with the strat to try an . ...
Punk rock pioneer Jeffrey Ross Hyman, better known as Joey Ramone, died on this date in 2001 after a 7-year battle with lymphoma. When he and bandmates John Cummings and Douglas Colvin founded The Ramones in Forest Hills, Queens, in 1974 they came up with the novel approach of having each band member take the surname Ramone. They got the idea from a pseudonym - Paul Ramon - that Paul McCartney used when the "Silver Beetles" were touring in 1960. Joey, lead singer and co-songwriter, was the heart of the band. He was long-haired and lanky and defined New York punk fashion with his black Schott Perfecto leather jacket, torn jeans, striped t-shirts, and sneakers. The original band members included Cummings (Johnny Ramone) on guitar, Colvin (Dee Dee Ramone) on bass, and Thomas Erdelyi (Tommy Ramone) on drums. In November 2003, New York City officials renamed a block of East 2nd Street in the Bowery "Joey Ramone Place." The sign that marks the site was stolen and replaced four times in 2003. It now stands 20 fe ...
JOHNNY RAMONE "COMMANDO" INSTORE BOOK SIGNING! THURS APRIL 26TH 6PM - AMOEBA MUSIC, HOLLYWOOD CA Celebrate the new book, "Commando: The Autobiography of Johnny Ramone", and join Johnny's wife and companion of over two decades, Linda Ramone, with sole surviving founding member, producer and original drummer Tommy Ramone, and "Commando" Editor/JRA Chief of Staff JOHN CAFIERO (of Osaka Popstar) for...Ver más
Ray Charles, Rick James, Johnny Ramone, ODB and Dimebag Darrell all died in 2004 😞
January 14th 2005: Linda Cummings, widow of Ramones guitarist Johnny Ramone unveiled a bronze statue at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery honoring the late guitarist who died the previous September. 2000: Melissa Etheridge revealed to Rolling Stone that David Crosby was the surrogate father of her two children with partner Julie Cypher. 1999: Jerry Hall filed for divorce from The Rolling Stones’ *** Jagger. They had been together since 1977 & married since 1990. 1992: New York Dolls drummer Jerry Nolan died after he fell into a coma after suffering a stroke a few weeks earlier in New York City. He was 45 years old. 1984: Paul McCartney reached number one on the U.K. singles chart with “Pipes of Peace”, making McCartney the first artist to reach the top as a member of a group, in a duo (with Stevie Wonder), in a trio (with Wings) & as a solo artist. 1978: The Sex Pistols performed their final concert at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco. The group would reunite in 1996, 2003 & 2007. 1973: Elvis . ...
Trixy & 2 of his Testones rockin' "Bits & Pieces" at The Marble Bar circa 1981 (from l to r: Jay Graboski, Kraig {Trixy} Krixer & David Jarkowski) "Trixy & Co. make energetic and raucous revivals, with a driving rhythm section setting the tone for the raunchy vocals...a rockin' good time." Jim Green, Trouser Press 1979 "I liked the record a lot. Palisades Park came out really good. We always had wanted to do that song but never did." Johnny Ramone "Trixy & the Testones have released an intense version of the old Chuck Barris hit, 'Palisades Park'. It is rock in its most primitive incarnation. 'Where The Action Is' carried to a frenzied extreme. The 45, both sides in total, comes to over two hundred seconds of aural stimulation." --Patti Rosenberg (City Paper) "As far as Trixy and the Testones go, their only bow to the past is in the mix, which sounds vaguely like Phil Spector working out of a phone booth. I won't go as far as to say that the performance reminds me of the Gong Show, but the wacky enthusias ...
For my off shifts of driving I'm bringing the bios of John Lydon and Johnny Ramone.
In 2004 Johnny Ramone, on his death bed, urged Eddie Vedder and John Frusciante to write letters to the Rock Hall advocating for Cat Stevens
Following on from last week's Vintage Style post on iconic leather jacket wearer Johnny Ramone, we thought it wholly appropriate to consider the enduring appeal of the leather jacket and its historical heroes, including Marlon Brando, Danny Zuko, David Bowie, Robert Mapplethorpe and Rei Kawakubo...
ok, fine. Here's my list of top conservative guitarists:. 1. Eric Clapton 2. Mike Huckabee 3. Johnny Ramone and 4. Kerry King
“Johnny Ramone is a genius... "it's modern day disco music." 😂 but whoever made this was retarded. Ha
Johnny Ramone, whoever that may be, is now famous for having his name on a tee shirt worn on Red Eye by
Just watched u on this morning. Loved the Johnny Ramone shirt!!!
I need to follow the person from Russia (I think) that made it
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