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Johnny Miller

John Laurence Miller (born April 29, 1947) is an American professional golfer who played on the PGA Tour.

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I love Patrick Reed's footwork. Reminds me of Bubba obviously and it is something you cannot teach. If you look at all the long drivers they all have great footwork as well as some of the greats like Gary Player and Johnny Miller.
Tiger's game is struggling, ObamaCare is in effect, & Johnny Miller is still commentating golf. You could say 2014 is o…
has Danielle seen your latest interview ? u are btr than Johnny Miller and btr looking !
I took Zimbio's Johnny Depp character quiz and I'm Ichabod Crane! Who are you?
“I always felt like I was meant to have been born in another era, another time.” ― Johnny Depp !.
"Sup Pop is opening a store at the airport -> Jesus what are they selling, Mudhoney coozies?
"My friend says we're like the dinosaurs-- only we are doing ourselves in much faster than they ever did."
Johnny lee miller?? oh wow that's weird but also really cool!
Your women's officiating crew was Johnny Grymes, Charles Vasquez, and Rachel Miller.
I'm such a sucker to places that ask if I want to donate to "insert cause here" good karma I guess?
Brett Favre claiming to see a younger version of himself in Johnny Manziel.
The one with Benedict Cumberbatch where he & Johnny Lee Miller reverse the roles in the play?
Hotel in Boston for St. Paddy's day booked 👌✔️
Your show you and Johnny Lee Miller rock
I have had enough of sports interrupting Johnny Lee Miller Thursdays THANK YOU NO THANK YOU.
Oh boy! The PGA Florida Swing is coming. where makes us eat Johnny Miller
Hey Johnny Quick fans at least Miller brought the US a silver medal...
no holder thought they were crazy for starting quick over miller lmao I'm proud of johnny
Ha ha!! Johnny Lee Miller & Angelina Jolie must've been about 12 when they were in that. AWFUL film!
Pierre McGuire announcing hockey is the equivalent to Johnny Miller announcing golf.
Ppl gotta realize this year we have Johnny quick at net not Ryan the choke Miller
These people just littered. Both of them. Driver & passenger.
Johnny's combine is about to be stupid good...he has a number 8 on his chest.. 👌👌
Johnny Lee Miller doing an American accent is throwing me off my groove. It's good don't get me wrong, I'm just not use to it.
Can we talk about how great of a human Mr. Miller is
Lost forever from our ears today; . Jacob Miller . Janet Vogel . Murray the K . Johnny Ray . Les Gray . Cleotha Staples
Wouldn't it be funny if Johnny Miller was trying to call this?
"Johnny Miller: How to build a repeatable swing on the driving range" good a look before going the range
I am tired it feels like I never went to sleep. Thank you so much Johnny Miller for all of your work. Anyone looking to build A fence Johnny is the guy to talk to. And sorry Kari Macdonald for stealing your boy toy but he talk the whole night about cookies that you made. So you and patty need to hang out and make cookies while we work on our trucks lol
nah that's cbs. Jim nantz. Johnny miller is on nbc
Johnny miller. You probably don't know cuz he does golf but good god
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Ray Rice and Chris Brown are like peas and carrots. ...and I hate vegetables.
Sooo weird hearing Johnny lee miller speak in an American accent on Dexter as I'm used to him on Elementary.
HA I am definitely not surprised by this.
Elementary is a poor man's BBC Sherlock. Seriously Johnny Lee Miller doesn't hold a candle to Cumberbatch or RDJ or Hugh Laurie...
I didn’t know the Johnny Lee Miller from Hackers was the same Johnny Lee Miller that plays Sherlock on...
I have this 1980 Crosby Tourney (now the AT&T) program signed by Palmer, Nicklaus, Johnny Miller, Tom Shaw, Chi Chi, James Garner, etc. that I am sending to auction. Any guesses on it's worth in USD? (condition = Fair).
I just like Johnny lee miller, I'm just not a fan of Benedict
I remember that time when a Hot Pocket put me on its shoulders & carried me through a deadly swarm of locusts. That's th…
Matt Taibbi leaving Rolling Stone. The magazine won't be quite the same...
Johnny Padron has stepped down. State rests. in 10 minute recess.
Elementary is, again, back. Johnny Lee Miller is simply delightful.
BAN THE BAG FERNANDINA. Nassau Sierra Club has been meeting with Commissioner Johnny Miller and discussing the idea of creating a grassroots coalition to begin working towards a Plastic Bag Ban in Fernandina Beach. Saturday March 8th at 4 pm there will be an exploratory public meeting at Sheffields. Commissioner Johnny Miller will be in attendance. Too many of us don't think twice when we decide to use plastic bags at the checkout line; but as we know, plastic bags have a disproportionate impact on our waste stream and environment and can take up to hundreds of years to degrade. Plastic bags also have a huge impact on marine life such as turtles, whales, and fish, who mistake the plastic bags for food or become fatally entangled in them. Many local municipalities across the US have created local ordinances that would either ban (and/or charge) for single use plastic bags that are now given away free at retail locations. Since we are an island surrounded by water, its time to explore what actions we can ta ...
QB guru George Whitfield says he'd take Johnny Manziel No. 1 overall in NFL draft (and fantasy draft, too).
Johnny Miller. Checkout this article on via
Johnny Miller. Checkout this article on igolf2_0/via
I think he could be good mentor for Johnny. Miller had a good reputation prior to Brian Shaw. He was coached by Randy in CLE.
'Bro-Nodding' with Bode Miller: Encounter with the Record-Breaker - Johnny Dodd...
For Johnny Miller---so true of our relationship and exactly how I feel about such a wonderful and special man. I am so thankful that other women didn't see how great he was...because now he's ALL MINE!
BIG RAPIDS – An LPGA Tour winner from the Upper Peninsula, history-making amateur, pioneer turfgrass educator and multi-media journalist have been elected to the Michigan Golf Hall of Fame. Becky Iverson, Tom Werkmeister, Paul Rieke and Vartan Kupelian will be inducted June 8 in ceremonies at Ferris State University in Big Rapids. Iverson, born in Escanaba and raised in Gladstone, played for 14 years on the LPGA Tour, was named to the U.S. Solheim Cup Team in 2000, won the 1987 Michigan Women’s Amateur Championship and played collegiate golf at Michigan State University where she was an Academic All-American in 1987-88. Her playing career highlights include winning the 1995 Friendly’s Classic Title on the LPGA Tour, where she recorded a career-best 63 during the second round with nine birdies, and a tie for second in the 2000 Women’s British Open. She had LPGA Tour career earnings of more than $1.5 million, and also won six times while playing on three mini-tours, including the Central Florida Cha ...
By request from Mario Ortega, today's installment of Black History Facts is about Nat King Cole. Black History FactNat King Cole "Nat King Cole, byname of Nathaniel Adams Cole, family name originally Coles (born March 17, 1917, Montgomery, Ala., U.S.—died Feb. 15, 1965, Santa Monica, Calif.), American musician hailed as one of the best and most influential pianists and small-group leaders of the swing era. Cole attained his greatest commercial success, however, as a vocalist specializing in warm ballads and light swing. Cole grew up in Chicago, where, by age 12, he sang and played organ in the church where his father was pastor. He formed his first jazz group, the Royal Dukes, five years later. In 1937, after touring with a black musical revue, he began playing in jazz clubs in Los Angeles. There he formed the King Cole Trio (originally King Cole and His Swingsters), with guitarist Oscar Moore (later replaced by Irving Ashby) and bassist Wesley Prince (later replaced by Johnny Miller). The trio specia . ...
It as been a long day---glad to see it over and done. Putting Logan and AJ to bed and heading there soon myself with my exhausted, hard working husband--Johnny Miller. Good night all. Hope everyone's day was as productive as mine.
Special thanks to Silverado Country Club for their Silent Auction donation of Golf for Four at their amazing Championship Golf Course. Normally reserved for members and guests, this is an opportunity for quite a unique experience on a 24-time PGA tour Winner Johnny Miller designed course!
Kristopher Johnny Miller wins his heat in event number three. BEAST MODE!!
Lord thank you for my uncle Johnny Miller, you blessed him to come home.FB, thank you for your prayers, however, continue to pray for him...for a speedy recovery of full healing. ..Love you much uncle Johnny .
[Wednesday Wisdom] Former pro golfer Johnny Miller said, "Sports are 90% inspiration and 10% perspiration." Would you agree with that?
In 2012, we were lucky enough to meet Johnny Miller of Amberly Terriers and acquire 'Gibbs'! The past year and a half has been amazing and we've enjoyed every step along the way. Gibbs absolutely loves the show ring and continues to do quite well, including two recent BOB wins in Washington. He is also a well loved house dog and quite the character. Gibbs is an excellent representative of the breed and I hope that we continue to make his breeder, his previous owner and of course, his fans, very proud! Thank you for following along as we continue to fantastic journey!
Johnny Miller was lending a helping hand and wants to give you some coins!
To all my not-dear friends in Saratoga...this will be a freaking blast! It's open to anyone and hosted at an amazing place! If you're up for some quality entertainment.come join! Michael R. Bradshaw, Johnny Miller, Cindy Lunsford, Tallman. this is right up your alley!
I so need Johnny Miller to help me pull this off...too cool!
wow really just started my new class and the teacher going take away points if you go over the limited in assignment Johnny Miller
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This is me and my husband..Johnny Miller
Happy Birthday to my kid brother Johnny Miller, thats right as long as your younger than me, I have that right...! lol Hope you have a great day. Love you!
This is great, Johnny Miller, Michael Brewer, Will Rogers you guys will love it!
Update on Johnny Miller. Uncle Johnny fell hitting his forehead on a metal park bench. Two young boys found him out cold. The impact did cause a brain bleed. Thanks to your many prayers the brain bleed did not continue to bleed. At this point surgery has not been needed. Thank you for the many prayers. Please continue to pray for all involved to have strength and patience for recovery.
For my amazing/wonderful husband. He is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. A strong man and loving father...I can't ask for me. We may have our ups and downs but they only strengthen our relationship. I love you Johnny Miller---for now and for always!
Johnny Miller this made me instantly think of you! Beware! LMBO
I am asking for prayers for our brother in law, Johnny Miller. Uncle Johnny has diligently fought a battle with cancer for 5 years. This evening he fell hitting his head, the ER diagnosis is for surgery to relieve the swelling of the brain. Please pray that the doctors will be able to make a correct diagnosis, and his medical needs will be met by the right team of doctors. Most of all, I am asking for prayers of strength for Uncle Johnny and each family member.
This is her baby gurl take over her status here with my family have fun with @ Johnny Miller and Ebony Miller I love yall so much
To my intermediate family, hold off on phone calls and hospital visits. .uncle Johnny Miller, hqs shortness of breath due to his situation. ..Love you!
Gm God/relatives/fb.please say a prayer for my uncle Johnny Miller, my mom's brother, he's in the hospital. ...God is a healer. ..I count it done in Jesus name, Amen...Love you Uncle
En route to Ayr with the Kelso loyal. Chopped pork division. Craig Wallace Johnny Miller
This reminds me of my my brother johnny miller ill never forget him...
Blurry - but classic. Johnny Miller teeing off on 18 at Riviera CC in the 1970's:
After 11 straight months of touring, we found a great record label called Pillar Records with really awesome bands, based out of southern Florida. We were just recently signed with this amazing label. They're very dedicated, hardworking individuals with a great sense of "do it together" ethic. We've worked so very hard to get where we are now. Thank you Johnny Miller for taking us in! Thanks again to everyone for all of your support! Big things still to come!
Happy Love Day. Show some love. I love Andre Rodgers Matthew Belk Ann Rodgers my daddy my brother Jr Thomas Brown Johnny Miller. and more. Sorry don't have time to put all names. I love ya
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R.I.P. Barry Bussingham, Ian Pickering, Bill Braithwaite Johnny Miller 4 Old Fairbridgians that I went to Fairbridge and grew up with. All called up for National Service...Today as well as being Valentines day is also National serviceman's day..Take a moment today to remember those Nasho's no longer with us."lest we forget"
Heres another TBT. For Johnny Miller. Can you name this lake? Me and the papa. Look at my bushy Mullet! LOL
Back in the day, (when I was playing all the time,) I was never a Jack Nicklaus fan. I prefered guys like Johnny Miller, Tom Watson, Andy North, Guys I had known. Now I have tremendous respect for Jack and what he has done for the game. I have become a Jack Nicklaus fan.
Did you know Mayor Ed *** & City Commissioner Johnny Miller were at the Walk on Saturday!!! Great having them there for the support!!
Caddies who think they are the ones winning tournaments (we're looking at you, Stevie) and players cussing after a bad shot are two of the Tour trends that need to stop now, says Golf Magazine contributor Johnny Miller.
The PGA in our own backyard, how cool! It's going to be a glorious weekend at Riviera with some of the biggest names in golf including Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, Byron Nelson, Arnold Palmer, Tom Watson, Johnny Miller, Fred Couples, Tom Kite,Corey Pavin, Nick Faldo, Ernie Els and of course Phil Mickelson and defending champion John Merrick. Buy your tickets here through the TICKETS fore CHARITY program, 100% of the proceeds will benefit charity; 80% to The Mulligan Project and 20% to the City of Hope.
Finally getting all the materials necessary to tie J:son Sweden flies and my Fusion prototypes . I and Johnny Miller will be helping launch J:son North America, currently carried by Marcos at Hareline and Angler Sport Group...look for more to come! I was a total skeptic that the flies worked and mainly viewed them as 'fly art", but when an ultra s/r 20 inch brown on the Delaware went almost a foot out of its feeding lane to take a sulpher.and a similar experience here in Michigan on the Muskegon with Siphlonurus gray drakes..I was sold and put them in the book
Who's more obnoxious, Brandel Chamblee or Johnny Miller. I'm going toss up at this point.
I'm not sure who's worse to listen to - Nick Faldo or Brandel Chamblee. On a positive note, Johnny Miller isn't there this week.
Chris Evert is the Johnny Miller of tennis.
Golf fans will see some familiar faces on TV during the Winter Olympics (one of them's Johnny Miller)
while Johnny Miller certainly is up there my vote goes to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.
Brent Musburger and Johnny Miller should retire together to a cottage on the Hudson Bay.
Is it just me or is Johnny Miller dipping into David Feherty's happy pills?
The 2014 golf season starts tomorrow, and that has been/never was, Brandle Chamblee, is already taking tiny *** cheap shots at Tiger Woods. Really Dude? Find some new game. You have beaten this horse to death. You aren't remotely good enough at your current job, to criticize him about his life, much less on his play, based on your own career. You are no Johnny Miller, and we all KNOW Johnny Miller! Find a new whipping post. Yawn. Brandel Chamblee
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Johnny Miller: "I have a high standard, and I feel like the best players in the world should perform. If they don't, I'm not going to just say, 'Oh, that was a bad break or something.'" change, Johnny. Never change.
Today's Date in History: 1974 - Cardinals speedster Lou Brock is named Sportsman of the Year by The Sporting News. He finishes ahead of such sports luminaries as tennis great Jimmy Connors, golf's Johnny Miller, and Dodgers ironman reliever Mike Marshall.
Tiger Woods, Greg Norman — Getty ImagesIt's a trend we've seen with certain golf legends who have become a bit more expressive the older they've become, saying just about anything that comes to mind as the years continue to add up.Jack Nicklaus has been the king of this, but names like Johnny Miller
The format change for the 2013 Nedbank Golf Challenge marks one of the most significant changes in the history of a tournament that since 1981 has positioned itself at the forefront of world golf.   The inaugural Nedbank Golf Challenge ushered in golf’s first million-dollar purse to be contested by only five players. The winner, Johnny Miller, received $500 000. It was an exorbitant amount considering that, at the time, Tom Watson held the money-earning record for a season on the PGA Tour of $530 000.   The tournament grew from an initial five-man field to 10 in the early Eighties and with sizeable payouts down to even the last-place finisher.   In 1987, the event raised the bar again when Ian Woosnam won the first winner-takes-all $1-million cheque for his victory at Sun City that year.  In 2000, the tournament went through another major restructuring of its prizemoney when it celebrated the new millennium by offering a $2-million first prize to the winner. Ernie Els took the title that year after ...
"Romo or Big Ben / Bush or AP PPR Rest of Season" Romo> Ben, Bush> AP. (My gut says AP needs some type of surgery after season)
Had a big lunch at Taco Bell. Off to the woods to prove a point.
cant wait to see johnny quick to be injured for the Olympics and see Miller come in and win the gold
Des Howard is crazy. For several reasons, but if he thinks Bryce Petty and Johnny Manziel are better pro prospects than Braxton Miller...SMH
Pot, meet kettle-> "accused ME of personal attacks? He made a career of it. Get over yourself flaming hypocrite"
my music taste will go from Johnny Cash to Mac Miller in .6 seconds
Johnny Lee Miller is an excellent Sherlock Holmes. Its nice to have a quality show to watch.
Johnny Miller Band has some great music. Unplugged Check it out Hear some rock music from VA
Everybody knows Johnny Football as the *** who does drugs. This side is never shown..
No offense to any girl but jake miller is as
who is more athletic Braxton Miller or Johnny Manziel
Just met Johnny Miller while he was purchasing $1400 worth of clothing.
your nuts me juice miller white guy and Johnny won
Having now seen both versions of NTLive Frankenstein with Benedict Cumberbatch & Johnny Lee Miller as leads. BC's creature was my fav. Ace!
"Serenity is knowing that your worst shot is still pretty good." ~ Johnny Miller
Romo or Big Ben...Bush vs AP of the season.
Listening to Roger Miller and Johnny Cash, Body covered in goosebumps.
I don't know who this Johnny Ramos is, but we gotta hang out. He lights it up all the time. /s/ Von Miller
Photo: Johnny Lee Miller on the other hand would have no problem cracking this case wide open. An elementary...
HELLBENDER--It's Johnny Cash with a fistful of copperheads singing the devil right back to ***
are you going to the Jake Miller concert? I can't tell.
I know, johnny lee miller is brilliant in it
i do! i love johnny lee miller. He & Cumberbatch did a broadway show of Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde.
Johnny Miller returns to tell us a strong grip PREVENTS a hook & the face closing early... he said that...
Omg!!! Tonite was something like a phenomenon. Johnny Kemp & Traviso Miller was in the building. If you don't...
that's similar to Sherlock with Johnny Lee Miller. They were called Everyone tho. Was pretty decent and far fetched
I wish I loved anything as much as this lady on Extreme Couponing loves buying 30 boxes of Capri-Sun for a nickel
I hope to someday find a place half as beautiful and wondrous as the one that, as a child, I imagined Marvin Gardens to be
“It's funny how ESPN never shows this side of Johnny Manziel
thoughts on Reggie the rest of the season? U think Rodgers will play again this year?
"Ask a question & or may answer!"-> Is Paula Deen that nice in real life?
Johnny Lee Miller just scored for us!
So tempted to order the not Johnny Manziel shirts
It should be a sin to be a parody account because I hate them. Except not Johnny Manziel
David Jason filming in Doncaster today for Xmas Special of Open All Hours at Arkwright's shop in Balby. Johnny Vegas also there
Golf Instruction - Most of today’s pros are turning their hands to the right for more dist
Johnny Lee Miller is so cute, like adorable!
Mmmm is that Johnny wise miller lite ??? Lager or beer possibly yogurt ?? Prey tell.
Ryan found an liked Jake Miller before anyone even knew his name.
"I'm marching Vanguard whether they want me to or not" - Johnny Miller
Fun Fact: the term "golf" started in Scotland meaning Guys Only Ladies Forbidden
Why don't they publicize Johnny Manziel for stuff like this?
Tonight we're graced with David Tennant, tomorrow it's Johnny Lee Miller as creature in Frankenstein with NT Encore.
Happy 27th Birthday Johnny. I love and miss you everyday 💕👼
An American take on Sherlock Holmes with Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Lu one of the better programmes out just now
Bleacher Reports Matt Miller has the raiders taking Johnny Football in the first round!???
Maybe I am in the minority but I am glad Tim McCarver is done with the World Series. I never was fond of him as an announcer. Too many times he was adamantly wrong in his take on what happened to point that I had to wonder if he was watching the same play i just saw. I have similar issues with Johnny Miller and the PGA Tour.
My version of *** would have Chris Collinsworth and Johnny Miller announcing my every move from the booth
The common theme in this story is Brandel Chamblee and Johnny Miller. They are 2 of THE worst golf announcers.
Dan Dierdorf Dan Fouts and Johnny Miller what do they all have in common? They are all *** !!
Wow Dan Dierdorf adds no value in commentary. He's almost as bad as Johnny Miller.
Wow. That was a bad comment by Johnny Miller on Louis Oosthuizen
20-year-old Jordan Spieth has already passed Johnny Miller, Lee Trevino on the Tour's career money list
Moet toch niet gekker worden Jordan Spieth (20, with one victory) has already passed Johnny Miller and Lee Trevino on the all-time PGA Tour money list
Analysts weigh in on Woods: Analyst Brandel Chamblee and commentator Johnny Miller have both offered their opi...
"Johnny Miller and Brandel Chamblee two of the best they tell like it is
Johnny Miller and Brandel Chamblee on Conway Farms and what to expect at the
I feel the same way about Brandel Chamblee... Except at least Johnny Miller actually was a great player once
Though I'd love to see a cage match fight between Johnny Miller and Jim Nantz, loser forced into retirement.
Allin attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah and was a member of the golf team along with Johnny Miller.
US Open is moving to Fox. I'm not sure who is worse, Johnny Miller or the shrill that is sure to feature Erin Andrews
I'm just saying, it's going to take a lot of Erin Andrews to make up for no Johnny Miller on U.S. Open broadcasts.
Wow! That's shocking. That means FOX will be in town in '16 for Senior Open at Scioto. I do like Johnny Miller, though.
Eric Wynalda is the Johnny Miller of soccer. Neither of them ever did anything wrong in their respective sports
Brandel Chamblee is the next Johnny Miller (who is -6 @ the Open BTW)
I'm sorry, but Gary Player and his workouts are more obnoxious than Johnny Miller and his 63. The Golf Digest pics are disturbing.
The US Open was a great time. I only worked 4 hours a day. I was security for the corporate tents on the 6th fairway. I had to make sure that only the people with the proper credentials got up to the tents. Tents! Ha! These "Tents" were about 3 stories high and could hold 5oo people. I spoke to the Caterers working the various tents and they said that they were averaging 360 people per day and close to 500 on Sat. & Sun. The corporate tents were for Lexus, Rolex, Chevron, American Express and IBM. I met Ray Floyd, Johnny Miller, Mark O'Meara, & Peter Jacobson. they were at the Lexus tent for Meet & Greets. I also me the CEO of Rolex. As a Volunteer I was able to bring my cellphone on the course every day. Got some good pics on the 17th Green where myself and by buddy Bob Quigley sat in the stands for most of the day. We got to see the entire field go through. We Saw Stefani's hole in one. He was the second group through. I was surprised to see several other players got real close to having ...
Overcup New Life Free Will Baptist Church news 06/23/2013 Wednesday night was a LOT quieter due to the fact that almost all of our youth left for church camp at Camp Beaverfork in Conway. The 2nd through 5th grade church youths spent Wednesday through Saturday where they got to be involved with all kinds of fun activities, finding new friends and most of all learning more about God's word. Johnny Miller, Children Pastor from Cavanaugh FWB Church was the kids speaker each night. They reported that everyone had a great time and the youth leaders said they were just a little better behaved when they came home. (Did they pick up the same kids?) Sunday morning we had a great service. Everyone was so glad to see Bro. Cowboy Henderson in church for the first time since his surgery. Sis Betty and Bro. L.C. Casey visited with us for morning service, it is always nice to see them. Bro. Charles King preached from Psalms 62, “What is important in life?” Sometimes I think we all forget just what that is whil ...
For everyone watching the US Open: Am I the only one who despises Johnny Miller?
How can Dan Hicks work with Johnny Miller week in and out? He's almost impossible to tolerate. I assume the players really dislike the guy.
How rude! Johnny Miller was trying to talk about his US Open win at Oakmont and Dan Hicks changed the subject!!!
They must get rid of Johnny Miller...I am about to lose my composure.
Watching the US Open what a great golf course. Listening to Johnny Miller you would think he was the greatest golfer ever. If I remember right he quit the tour. I know ever one of the guys would love to just punch him in the mouth. Nick Faldo is so much better than he is.
Don't like the numbers that Johnny Miller quoted - Justin 6 on 14-18 for the tournament. Par may hold up.
Dan Hicks... How you going to let Johnny Miller out dress you on the air??
Ive got a dose of Pat Tabler and Johnny Miller today; thank god for no Don Cherry tonight.
If I had a choice to punch one of these 3 people in the face as hard as i can: Bob Costas, Johnny Miller, or Steven A. Smith. Hm. Who would u choose?
Anyone that watches golf what do you think of Johnny Miller. Dude must have never hit a bad shot because he never gives a compliment.
NBC needs to fire Johnny Miller, he is horrible
It's a privilege to work with the best broadcasting team in sports: Bob Costas, Dan Hicks, Jimmy Roberts and Johnny Miller. Their commentating on The U.S. Open is second to none. Go Phil!
Ok, can someone tell NBC that it's time to get rid of Johnny Miller from golf broadcasts. Overbearing know it all just like troy aikman. New blood.
I was excited for a moment when the coverage switched to NBC, because no more Chris Berman. Forgot about Johnny Miller.
If it wasn't for Chris Berman, the focus of this week's announcing at the would be on Johnny Miller. Both terrible.
Johnny Miller is an *** If him and Chris Berman were together I may shoot myself.
Sports media story: on Chris Berman, Johnny Miller and why it matters who announces the
If the US Open had Johnny Miller, Bob Costas and Chris Berman on at the same time I would never watch golf again.
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You would never guess that Chris Berman is a better golf commentator than Johnny Miller.
Who's worse: Johnny Miller or Chris Berman? I can't decide.
U.S. Open coverage is the best... Chris Berman on Thursday / Friday and Johnny Miller on the weekend.
Am I the only one that finds the ESPN commentary crew more enjoyable to listen to than Johnny Miller and his boys on NBC?
Honestly ESPN, Chris Berman and golf is about as awkward as Sergio and Tiger shaking hands. I went from listening from the great Johnny Miller to NFL primtime.
Not sure who is more annoying Chris Berman or Johnny Miller!:?
Pretty happy with the results of a reshafting/regripping project for two of my Stewart irons, a Ben Sayers cleek and a driving iron made for William McBride who was pro at Oakmont in Pittsburgh when the clubhead was made. Oakmont enjoyed the reputation of being the hardest golf course in the U.S. Many years after that clubhead was forged in Scotland, Jack Nicklaus defeated Arnold Palmer in his own back yard at Oakmont to win the U.S. Open. A few years after that Johnny Miller shot an astounding 63 to come from out of nowhere to win a U.S. Open, again disappointing Palmer at Oakmont.
When it comes to sports highlights ESPN is by far the king. But please don't let these guys broadcast golf tournaments. Especially Majors. Chris Berman is officially the worst golf play by play announcer on the planet. He adds nothing! I may turn down the sound and announce the tournament myself. Give me Dan Hicks and Johnny Miller... PLEASE!
Johnny Miller with a poignant comment earlier...Ben Hogan's 1-iron shot wasn't so great, it was the PHOTO that was great...
Be honest. Who is worse: Chris Berman, Johnny Miller or Colin Montgomerie?
Johnny Miller hates Tiger Woods with such passion. But it's okay, I hate Johnny more.
Johnny Miller is such an *** He ruins golf and is so obviously jealous of Tiger Woods it is hilarious!
I can not believe Johnny Miller.he basically said the Ben monthHogan doesn't deserve a plaque at Merion because he hit his 1 iron 40 feet from the pin. He said the he hit many shots 40 feet from the pin and never thought he deserved a plaque. What an *** How many near fatal car accidents as Johnny Miller been in and then won an open 16 months later. Enough Johnny. Keep your mouth shut so I can enjoy Merion!
Just in: I still can't stand Johnny Miller. Go ahead and add Mickelson to that list too.
“We all continue to learn; if we didn’t we would be in trouble. I’ve learned an awful lot from playing with great golfers; with the exposure to them and talking with them.” Jack Nicklaus Since it is perfect practice that makes perfect and not just practice, we must decide by whose standards we are going to define perfection. These are the options. We can seek out a coach and mentor, and accept his advice on the steps we must take in order to achieve perfection. Examples would be the gaggle of pro’s who follow coaches like Jimmy Ballard and David Leadbetter. This group includes players like Nick Faldo, Nick Price, Sandy Lyle and Johnny Miller. Arnie had in his father, Deacon Palmer, a person whose knowledge of his swing he could trust and on whose help he could rely to improve, repair and revamp his game as necessary. Nicklaus’ mentor and coach was Jack Grout, the local professional at the Country Club in Ohio, near which Nicklaus grew up. At the beginning of each new golf season Jack would go ...
US Open tomorrow. That means having to listen to that *** Johnny Miller on NBC. Yes John you shot a closing round 63 in 1973 to win the Open but dear lord go away. You sir are an ***
Made in Merion at 7:00 on CSN - John Feinstein, Jay Sigel and on Ben Hogan and 1 on 1 with Johnny Miller.
I want to invite you all to the 2nd Annual Rev. Dr. J.E. Hopkins Preaching Series, starting tomorrow night and ending friday night @ 7:30 pm Nightly. Our evangelist for the week will be the one and only Rev. Dr. Johnny Miller, pastor of the Mount Vernon Baptist Church of Chicago, IL. You don't want to miss this blessed event especially if you are in need of reviving. I look forward to seeing you at the New Nazareth Missionary Baptist Church, 7933 south yates Blvd.
Jason Evans, Johnny Miller, and Barrye Price left Wentworth Military Academy and College in the early eighties with an unknown future ahead of them.
Big thank you to Aaron Thomas and KRVS Studios, Christiaan Mader, Johnny Miller, Megan Blanchard, Jonathan Loubiere, Jacques Doucet, Katie Firestone, and my family for this weekend. Excited after first session, more work to be done. I will you keep you posted. Rock -matt
Best U.S. Open memories? Tiger's runaway at Pebble or his one-good-leg win at Torrey? Watson's chip in? Arnie's comeback at Cherry Hills or Johnny Miller's 63 at Oakmont? Let us know - Top answers make this week's "A Quick Nine."
Glen Healy is the Johnny Miller of hockey.
Johnny Miller: 10 rules for sticking your irons: Golf Digest via
missing u so much already love u William Lee (Bill) Miller of Pennington Gap, VA was born in Pennington Gap, VA on Wednesday, March 14, 1945 and passed away peacefully at his home surrounded by his loving family, on Monday, June 3, 2013 at the age of 68 years. He retired as a coal miner after 32 years and was a member of the UMWA Local He was a member of the First Christian Church. For Bill, God was first and because of that he showed great love to his family, friends and neighbors. He enjoyed cooking, gardening, carpentry work, fishing and hunting, and singing with the group Mended Hearts Quartet. He was a volunteer for the Pennington Gap fire department and an honorary member of the Lee County rescue squad both of which he served for over 20 years. He was preceded in death by his parents Joe and Lura Miller, one brother Johnny Miller, sister Sherry Ely and one nephew T.J. Ely. Bill is survived by his wife of 48 years, Gloria Jean Miller of the home, two sons William Lee Miller, Jr. and wife, Cynt ...
It seems like I have had the high-end of the Nashville experience lately, mostly to the effort of my wonderful & talented Daughter, Leah Deagle. Leah was invited by Vince Gill to play in his annual Pro/Celeb/Junior Golf Tournament called THE VINNY on Sunday. Since Sunday morning I have Shook the hand and/or Hugged the following: Vince Gill, Amy Grant, Mac Davis (singer/actor), Larry & Steve Gatlin, Marty Roe (Diamond Rio), T. Graham Brown (singer/writer), Tommy John (baseball) Johnny Miller (golfer), Nancy Lopez (golfer), Henry Cho (comedian), Mike Fisher (NHL/Carrie Underwood's husband), Chip Esten (Deacon on the TV show Nashville), Meadowlark Lemon (Harlam Globtrotters), Bobby Clampett (golfer), Tom Purtzer (golfer) & last but not least Scott Hamilton (skater/I Am To end this, this morning i stopped by Kroger to pick up something and i ran into William Lee Golden (Oak Ridge Boys long beard guy) getting a coffee at the Starbuck's inside. We talked for 20 minutes; very cool dude and lives ...
The only exceptions to that rule are Hitler, Brandel Chamblee, and Johnny Miller.
fans (ahem New, free retrospective on Johnny Miller's 63 at Oakmont
I often wonder what Gary McCord, Sir Nick Faldo, or Johnny Miller would say if they were calling my game
So true in Utah golf with Johnny Miller, Mike Reid Bruce Summerhays and donating time & cash to Utah Junior Golf Association
This triathlon commentator on Universal Sports is like the Johnny Miller of triathlons. He rips on everyone.
just dug out the old Johnny Miller. He has seen better days...
I just realised that Johnny Lee Miller could pass as Joel McHale's brother.
Reminiscing of the 1973 US Open today...I led Johnny Miller to a 63!!! The best round ever in an open
I simply cannot understand the logic to continuing to torture us with Johnny Miller
rather get my *** slammed in the door than listen to Johnny Miller
It's.Johnny, join us for the Johnny Miller Duo and start you Bank Holiday weekend in style tonight from 9pm in Bassoon.
Johnny Lee Miller in hot!
.Not true Johnny! The woman is lying! Face it. Targeting any group of people is illegal and BS. Administration is a F'n joke!
Rewatch end the initial episode of tonight. Johnny Lee Miller is brilliant.
Johnny Lee Miller and Nicholas Cage turn good television into GREAT television!
"You're never gonna get to watch Johnny Test ever again in your life!!!" overheard in the Miller house
Flights cancelled stuck in the car with for 8 hours...
I did mention that it was supposed to be Johnny Lee Miller's big break after Trainspotting, but failed...
When Sherlocks meet, gravity is defied. Johnny Lee Miller and Benedict Cumberbatch. via
Rewatching Reggie miller 30 for 30, you can see why free throws are clutch. Reggie: clutch, Johnny Starks: not so much
Get 6 Free VitaTops
How many strippers and bottles of champagne do we need for the hotel tomorrow, ??
There is a Johnny Miller joke in there somewhere to be sure
6996- Young Rejects Johnny Miller Hit it I smoke more weed then bob marley did, all these people doubtin (cont)
Artnews This photo by renowned American photographer Wayne F Miller provided by his family shows an image from a...
lol I think we are both starting to agree hehe Johnny Lee Miller is the better Sherlock Holmes
Interesting debate with sister who's the best Sherlock? Johnny Lee Miller or Benedict Cumberbatch
I haven't decided if I like the Golf channel broadcasting crew. Without Faldo, they're as bad as Johnny Miller on a Sunday.
Maybe some golf people are just stupid. This would explain the pants. And Johnny Miller. And Johnny Miller's pants.
Yeah, I do but as it has a female watson I didn't bother watching it. But Johnny Lee Miller is a good Sherlock.
I am! Hugh Dancy also very good in it.Been sucked into Elementary via Johnny Lee Miller also
Happy birthday to my brother in god!!! have a great day👍
Every now and then Johnny Lee Miller's Sherlock is incredibly human just for a moment. Its those moments that...
yes, I did. It's clever and I love Johnny Lee Miller (Sherlock).
like you and Adam Scott did, therefore allowing you to make more putts. Think about what Johnny Miller could have been, etc.
i think it's worth persevering with.. Johnny Lee Miller is fantastic!
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Man. Does it *** anyone else off that Mike Miller has a ring to his name?
That's a tough one, but got to go with: 1. Ted Bridgewater 2. Tahj Boyd 3. De'Anthony Thomas 4. Johnny Manziel 5. Braxton Miller
Reggie Miller questioning a flop is the funniest thing I've heard all evening.
I think 's new music video is a bit too graphic for a fan. That should me, not Mac Miller... 
That's the range us Indians fans are used to seeing out of Johnny!
I am watching Elementary these days. You would like it if you have the time. Lucy Liu and Johnny Lee Miller.
Come on out to for the pens game tonight! 23oz miller lite for $3 and bartending by Johnny and myself
Only one golfer in a thousand grips the club lightly enough - Johnny Miller
Braxton miller and Johnny Manziel best college QB's
watch Elementary the American version with Johnny Lee Miller. SO MUCH better!! :)
How about bringing up Johnny Hellweg? Segura's been great. Greinke just lost at Miller Park.
Johnny Miller has faults but he can think. Peter Jacobsen is so utterly stupid you know he must have keeper to get to him and from events.
Legendary golf analyst Ken Venturi passed away...those of u familiar with CBS PGA tour golf know who I mean...his shoes will never be filled...well, maybe Johnny Miller...oh, u might remember him from the movie Tin Cup with Kevin Costner...he did the golf commentary with Jim Nance...
should be getting a face to face apology and more from Johnny Miller after his unprovoked slander!
They Said It: Notable quotes from Players Sunday Check out when analysts Johnny Miller and Brandel Chamblee had...
“[Tiger] could be moving back into that 2000 year form," Johnny Miller said. Is he? My column is here:
Johnny Miller: "That's what he has over the field. He can hit the cut or the draw. All systems are go right now." |
Nick Faldo and Johnny Miller are to two Biggest *** Bag golf announcers there is!
Johnny Miller just begging people to snitch right now. BEGGING
Here we go! Johnny Miller just said "that Tiger drop was really, really borderline."
I can't deal with Johnny Miller can Nick Faldo work for nbc cbs and golf channel. Please.
"I would shoot a 57 at Sawgrass in todays conditions" - Johnny Miller
Johnny Miller bs meter is on 10. If only this was on CBS, I could listen to Nick Faldo.
Who on earth gave Nick Faldo the weekend off. Now we are stuck with Johnny Miller, very painful.
Hey Golf Channel/NBC, why do you continue to let Johnny Miller talk?!
Could listen to Johnny Miller and Dan Hicks all day
So, did Brandel Chamblee's wife make Tiger's hit list or something? That's the shade throwingest chump this side of Johnny Miller. ***
The way Johnny Miller is speaking you would think Sergio has 14 majors
Johnny Miller makes watching golf tough! His voice is painful to listen to. you would think he's won 100 tournaments/25 majors
Johnny Miller: They're monogomous. They mate for life, Canadian geese. Dan Hicks: (awkward pause) OK, so for par here...
Johnny Miller: "Theyre monogamous, Canadian geese, they mate for life." Dan Hicks: "Uh, ok..." Action at The Players!
Convo on Canadian Geese on Golf Channel Broadcast: **Johnny Miller: They are monogamous. They mate for life. Dan Hicks: Ok** Priceless
Well at least Johnny Miller is out of the booth now. Good to hear Terry Gannon's voice
“Vijay Singh declined to speak with the media today. We should sue.” Johnny Miller was not happy with the timing of the suit
Ah, is that the Johnny Miller & Lucy Liu one? I only watched a couple of episodes & got bored with it...
Johnny Miller is one of the great golf personalities in the game. He offers so many insights about golf.
I love when johnny miller is playing a golf event...cuz that means he won't be announcing one that week.
what happened in that 3rd set? If Johnny Miller was calling the match like the US Open, he might have broke out "choke."
Who hurt you, white guys with dread-locks?
The first Eurythmics album is the Sgt. Pepper of the Sirius XMU generation. (Sgt. Pepper being an album by the band The Beatles)
Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu are brilliant in and the relationship dynamic that Sherlock and Joan share is fantastic.
Lets make a trending topic. These refs are BRUTAL!
40 days to the 113th Our 73rd champ was Johnny Miller, whose Sunday 63 gave him his famous victory in 1973:
While representing the pga tour Johnny Miller coned me out of numerous golf equipment designs and business plans.
Johnny Miller just said his ball tends to fly farther down wind than in to it.
did Johnny miller just say he got an injection of rooster comb? LOL
I'm loving the coverage of Johnny Miller...naysayers beware
Johnny Miller checks out a club after his Greats of Golf round.
Now it's johnny depp, Ezra miller and matt Hitt this game is so unfair
So how could that Johnny Miller be so dumb as to think golf balls are attracted to WATER?
I don't know which horse to root for in the Kentucky Derby because I haven't studied their positions on the issues.
I had my reservations at first but johnny lee miller and lucy liu make an excellent holmes & watson!
Sanjay Gupta intvw w/ Johnny Lee Miller, from who is running an ultra marathon for his cameraman's terminally ill little boy.
I'm still in shock johnny lee miller isny a chookter
Johnny Miller's Greats team is -8, 4 shots ahead of Nicklaus' defending champion team after the turn.
"yo Album Out June 18, man that verse u spit on flex was hot son" "i don't know son, i liked mac miller" "but son, AOJ18 is hot"
So happy is commentating instead of He drives me NUTS!!! get rid of Johnny Miller.
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