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Johnny Miller

John Laurence Miller (born April 29, 1947) is an American professional golfer who played on the PGA Tour.

Jack Nicklaus Dan Hicks Greg Norman Arnold Palmer Brandel Chamblee Tom Watson Ryder Cup Joe Buck Curtis Strange Zach Johnson Harbor Shores Lee Trevino Patrick Reed Rory McIlroy Tiger Woods Fox Sports Andy Miller Gary Player about that pic of and Johnny Miller they just had on tv for the
"Johnny Miller won at Silverado, back in the 1970s Smartest guy in golf. Sorry Tiger
why didn't I make it through more than 15 mins.? johnny lee miller was a more believable hacker.
Is Johnny Miller going to be in the booth? If so, we'll hear at least 12 times about his win, when he was the best
Johnny Miller won at Silverado, which is hosting this week's back in the 1970s
You know the sport has issues when Mayhem Miller is right now more popular among mainstream fans than Max Holloway and Johnny Hendricks.
Looking forward to the start of PGA TOUR golf on but it's a Johnny Miller, Napa, Silverado Resort infomercial instead.
Really enjoying Elementary with Lucy Liu and Johnny Lee Miller. Such a witty show!
Why are announcers interrupting the players, and who decided it was a good idea to give Johnny miller a golf tournament?
Sooo I'm not a Johnny Miller fan by any means, I wonder how he would fair as a Ryder Cup Capt. Hm.
Hey how about showing some golf? Who cares what Johnny Miller says about the Ryder Cup.
Johnny Miller says Ryder Cup selection should be done 1 or 2 days after Tour Champ. Completely agree & mentioned it weeks ago
miller comments on Ryder Cup flap. Surprising he would not support being candid &forthright strong suit
I didn't need miller thanks to johnny
You know which roles Benedict Cumberbatch & Johnny Lee Miller are playing in the screening you're attending? (Both are fab BTW.)
Hi-Home Silverado: Johnny Miller spoke about playing host at the
ICYMI: Johnny Miller on the U.S. Ryder Cup fallout, what went wrong and what he would have done differently:
Must be a pretty tough redesign by Johnny Miller at the Fry's best score on course -2 thru 9 early on
Just heard on XM 93 that Johnny Miller was so good with his irons, that his Caddy use to give him distances in half yards. That's amazing.
Johnny Miller brings nothing but bitterness and negativity to the game if golf...
Miller's Akron Sleep Open House just kicked off - come in and see our team at 2023 Romig Rd! We are here until 7:00.
ooh no - look a bit like Johnny Lee Miller though, so not all bad x
One of the great dishes of the Cuban diaspora: picadillo (Photo: Johnny Miller for NYT)
Might be the only time Johnny Miller weighed in. Dude is tipping the scale right now. Get out of the cart and try walking.
Walking a practice round with Johnny Miller and son Andy Miller for the 2015 http:…
Johnny on the Spot: Johnny Miller weighed in on the Tom Watson-Phil Mickelson flap: http:…
Not surprisingly, Johnny Miller had a lot to do with the PGA Tour coming to Silverado this week:
Andy Miller, son of Johnny Miller, receives sponsor exemption into w/ the details:
If Dan Hicks and Johnny Miller going to be like this all day, may go back and watch Sesame Street with Isaac
Johnny Miller not crazy about Tom Watson’s Ryder Cup picks via
Johnny Miller just said Rory McIlroy hardly ever hits an iron directly at the flag...
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Boomer Esiason is the Johnny Miller of football. Self righteous ***
Jim Nantz: "who ever wins The Fed Ex Cup will win 10 mil". . Johnny Miller: "Who ever wins it, that's a big check to the IRS".
Johnny Miller calling a Sergio Garcia choke would be like Brett Favre killing Romo for a reckless across-his-body throw.
.. Who is worse to listen to Pat Tabler or Johnny Miller ?
Imagine how bad Johnny Miller would be slaughtering if he were in the booth with Dan Hicks.
Hey if you see Johnny Miller ask him if we substituted the juiced balls for the wrong team
Johnny Miller's commentary is genius! He said: "this ball could do a lot of different things." Wow! I see golf in a whole new way now!
Was a great weekend for Team Trout! Thanks Shawn Phillips & Johnny Miller for trusting in me! Shawn winning the overall at the NPC Central Texas & Johnny taking second at the IFBB North Americans. You guys are GREAT!!!
ICYMI - I did - Johnny Miller, Brandel Chamblee Talk Dangers of Today's Swing Coaches |
Rushmore of athletes turned broadcaster: John McEnroe, Ray Ferraro, Johnny Miller and Charles Barkley
Brandel Chamblee and Johnny Miller: Tiger Woods-Sean Foley split for the best: Chamblee and Miller: Tiger-Fole...
Johnny Miller & Brandel Chamblee agree that Tiger's strength actually hurts him off the tee:
Johnny Miller: Tiger Woods should stop trying to keep up with explosive young ... - SB Nation
“Tiger is looking for too much. He just needs to go play golf.” --Johnny Miller on Tiger's next move.
Sergio is choking-- his ball hit a lady's diamond ring, and knocked the diamond out...if only Johnny Miller was commentating ..
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In honor of Throwback Thursday, we bring you this must-see video from August 2010 at Harbor Shores—the site of this week’s Senior PGA Championship. In a course opening exhibition with Jack, Tom Watson, Arnold Palmer and Johnny Miller, Jack showed Miller the proper way to play the unique tiered 10th green at Harbor Shores. After Miller and playing partner Palmer had their putts roll back to their feet, Miller suggested chipping it. Jack then showed him the way. The result: a 102-foot putt by the Golden Bear.
The Greats of Golf will be signing autographs in the Expo Tent on Saturday at the following times. 9:30 a.m . - Johnny Miller, Dave Stockton and Al Geiberger 10:00 a.m. - Andy North, David Graham and Fuzzy Zoeller 10:30 a.m. - Arnold Palmer, Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus 11:00 a.m. - Annika Sorenstam, Nancy Lopez and Pat Bradley 11:30 a.m. - Don January, Lee Trevino and Charles Coody
Johnny Miller thinks 1994 Tiger Woods would outdrive Bubba Watson by 30 yards in 2014..
and maybe (just maybe) the commentators, (possibly Jim Nantz or even Johnny Miller!) will notice our shananagains!
We're very sorry for the delay, Johnny. What's your flight number?
Connection flight in Philly already delayed, gonna be another miserable experience on
Band members, cast, director Marcus Miller, Johnny Yayo, the video has over 5000 likes on my fan page. Wait until...
"It's my belief that pride is the chief cause. In the decline in the number of husbands and wives.". Roger Miller.
films good too. Johnny Lee Miller easy on the eye x
Mac Miller stays on in my times of sorrow.
My ex headteacher was also there, who knew all the words and Johnny Lee Miller in a green poncho, up against a wall with a primary sch class
People are getting suspended from Google+ and having their accounts deleted. Please show me how to make this happen, please help me
Johnny!! I just saw you in a Miller Lite commercial!!
i also think johnny lee miller is much more in line with the jeremy brett style of sherlock which i like SO MUCH MORE than the BBC one
World Golf Hall of Fame Member Johnny Miller has been named the 2014 Ambassador of Golf by Northern Ohio Golf Charities.
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Apparently I pay Verizon 170 bucks a month just so I can hit decline when someone calls.
Museum Executive Director Sydney Robinson and Museum Co-Founder Shannon Miller visit Johnny's star on the...
good think Jim miller is on the show so we can get back to talking football.Let espn talk Johnny footballl Sam and Tebow
If I go missing, y'all need to contact Benedict Cumberbatch, Johnny Lee Miller, and Robert Downey Jr.
If you don't like my announcing, you don't like me - Johnny Miller. Is it time for winners?
I want to go back to the Mac miller and Kanye west concert😩 and the velocity club✊ good thing I'm going next year😏
Gaffney, SC cop Johnny Miller suspended and charged with aggravated domestic violence and pointing a firearm.
Rank Gio Bernard in a PPR league. Either Him, L. Bell or Julio Jones as my keeper. Thx JUM.
If you're thinking about unfollowing me... Have you checked the children?
JUM thoughts on Andre Ellington this year in a non PPR league? Legit RB2 or is that a reach?
they really are pretty much the same thing...both have turnover machine QBs and have top flight talent
I swear Reggie Miller by Johnny Cinco is my favorite song
you forgot the biggest one of all Knowshon!.
A wonderful mix week with prod. Matt Miller and dir. Patrick Wang
"PPR faceoff Brandon Marshall vs AJ Green?" I don't see any difference- so I'd be hugging myself- either way
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Johnny McEnroe is a ducking boss in all honesty and yes I mean ducking
Johnny McEnroe is the best thing that ever happened to tennis, if he still played I would actually attempt to watch the game
I'm with Johnny, best wishes to your little one.
With Manning he split zones and became a TD factory; with Geno he's *** on a boar hog "Eric Decker gonna be a fantasy stud"
my mom's music just went from Glen Miller, to A Chorus Line, to Johnny Cash. I think musical diversity is genetic.
He's yet to take an NFL snap, but Johnny Manziel is No. 1 in NFL jersey sales. (via
Miller's is NE Ohio's place for home accessibility including lifts & ramps. Contact us today!.
Rory McIlroy has won more majors than these Greg Norman, Olazabal, Langer, Johnny Miller, Jacklin, Crenshaw & Lyle
Check out johnny miller's the begining on
TBT - Twenty-five time event winner Johnny Miller was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 1998.
Never in a million years will Norman he be as entertaining as Johnny Miller was, I wont be watching, at least not on FOX
I'm not a big fan of Johnny Miller but if Greg Norman is the guy I say bring back Miller!
& Johnny Miller have called every since I can remember. It won't be the same without you guys.
There will forever be a big, Johnny Miller-sized hole in the broadcast from now on. Via
Johnny Miller opens up to Golfweek after his final day of broadcasting the U.S. Open
Dan Hicks, to Johnny Miller: "Partner, it's been a great ride." On deck: Fox Sports, Joe Buck and Greg Norman.
Fitting that Johnny Miller's last U.S. Open was won by someone whose presence of mind completely repudiated Miller's mentality
anyone is better than Johnny Miller 😂
Alex Miceli talked with Johnny Miller after the former U.S. Open champion concluded his final U.S. Open broadcast for NBC Sports at Pinehurst Sunday evening.
Let me get this strait now, you and Johnny Miller are going to steal my money and then you are going to represent our nation.
Joe Buck doing the us open next year, well congrats Fox, you found someone more arrogant than Johnny Miller.
As much as ppl hate on Johnny Miller, they are going to miss not having him on the
Johnny Miller, "I think they maybe they should restore (greens) to Ross's original designs."
Johnny Miller "I was almost getting a little mad at the greens because I thought they were too much of a story."
I hope we hear from Little Johnny again. The 3 foot tall illegitimate son of Carson and Joan Rivers.
Johnny jolly came back.. He deserve a 2nd chance
Want to THANK and Johnny Miller for their service to the Love the expertise from them for 20 yrs.
Gonna miss the precision of Dan Hicks and the blunt Johnny Miller. Gonna have to watch the Open on silent next year
By Brendan Mohler You must see this putt to believe it. But first, the backstory. Jack Nicklaus, Johnny Miller, Tom Watson and Arnold Palmer played a ceremonial round in August 2010 to mark the grand opening of The Golf...
Retour sur le U. S. Open et Johnny Miller!/Back to the U. S. Open and Johnny Miller! -...
Johnny miller is a clown. You wouldn't break 80 on this set up you has been.
Johnny Miller says Pinehurst greens are over the top, should be redone. He may not be asked back to Open next year... oh…
After 20 years in the booth, Johnny Miller and Dan Hicks sign off from NBC's final broadcast:
Joe Buck love him or hate him knows his stuff and Greg Norman will fit the Johnny Miller personality well.
I know Johnny Miller was the US Open for two decades but it's not his last broadcast.
NBC signs off on final coverage of U.S. Open after 20 yrs. Fox takes over next year.
And says that Johnny Miller's a dink. Wow! Look in the mirror. US Open is an awesome test.
Johnny Miller-"nobody other than Kaymer playing very good golf". From experience, they are ALL playing very good golf. Kay…
Dan Hicks, Johnny Miller give emotional sign off after US Open (Video) via
How many fans would Johnny Miller gain if his final act with the U.S. Open was to go smack one of those “get in the hole” g…
Johnny Miller is the type of guy who tells his kids Santa isn't real on Christmas Eve.
“Johnny Miller correctly very critical of greens at Pinehurst. Said they should be "redone" thought you couldn't watch?!
Sure going to miss Johnny Miller announcing the US Open golf tournaments,, Fox dont mess it up with Greg Norman... better yet bring back Johnny,,,
Judging by all of the TV commentating this week, the only person Kaymer didn't beat was Johnny Miller
“Thank goodness the NFL isn't centered around one player.” Unless you're Cleveland with Johnny lol
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Alabama football, mustangs, Steve Miller Band, and Johnny Cash. He's proud of you!
any correlation between Johnny Miller being in the booth and it being the most bland in recent memory?
last summer I guess un the booth not caught on TV but johnny miller felt like they were losing the open
Johnny Miller remains best golf analyst in on the planet - not hearing him tell it straight at future U.S. Opens is a loss for the audience
you like Johnny Miller? 😳 that guy couldn't spell cat if you gave him the C and the T
I don't know who Johnny Miller is but !!
Johnny Miller 100% right here about how should restore their greens too, take out the tricked up element
Terrific job by Tommy Roy, Dan Hicks, Johnny Miller & the entire NBC Sports golf crew this weekend at the US Open. First clas…
Big NBC goodbye to the U.S. Open says “highlight of my career” and is choked up, as is Johnny Miller. Classy st…
Johnny Miller chokes back tears in NBC's final U.S. Open broadcast: With a handshake, held-back tears and a hi...
I'm really going to miss Johnny Miller passive - aggressively tweaking the field on Sunday for not shooting 63 like he did.
Johnny Miller and the NBC are irreplaceable. ratings will go up cause of Tiger next yr
Johnny Miller choked back tears. Dan Hicks shook his hand and thanked him for ''a great ride.'' With that, NBC
Johnny Miller opened up to Golfweek after signing off for the final time at a Exclusive video:
Golfweek: VIDEO: Miller opens up after final U.S. Open broadcast: . Johnny Miller was v...
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Hate seeing that this is NBC's last US Open for at least 12 years as the golf coverage moves to Fox, love Johnny Miller as an analyst
OMG, so Fox Sports is now carrying the US Open? Well that's already going to be borderline unwatchable with that team. This is like WORST CASE SCENARIO. I always thought NBC did a fairly nice job with this US Open broadcast. I like Johnny Miller, regardless of what some people think.
Yes, the US Open was a bit a snoozer today, but please look at the bright side, we no longer will ever have to listen to Johnny Miller bash every player to ever walk on the tee. Seriously, if every golfer out there is so bad and succumbs to the pressure get out there yourself and put a tee in the ground!
Hi my name is Johnny Miller. Not only do I know what everybody should do in every situation all the time...but I also know what everybody should have done instead every time they hit a bad shot. You might think its great to know everything about everything all the time. But it's's awful.
The best part of watching the US Open with Johnny Miller commentating? No volume..
This video of Johnny Miller, Jack Nicklaus, and a monster of a putt never gets old.
Love Johnny Miller on NBC but his shot at Pinehurst re: the greens need to be demolished was weak! His bitterness about losing the Open to Fox is ridiculous! Love what NBC Sports / Golf Ch have done for years but no need to take on air cheap shots at Pinehurst (being he praised it all week)
As NBC Sports bids Adieu to the U.S. Open Championship, I can't help but think they were hoping for a lot more drama. After all the closer the golfers are the better the ratings. Unfortunately Martin Kaymer had other ideas as he put on an absolute clinic in going wire to wire. I will miss Dan Hicks, Johnny Miller, Roger Maltbie and the boys calling this great championship. Good luck to Fox Sports who take over the reins next year.
The best thing about watching the US OPEN outside the USA? Don't have to listen to Johnny Miller.
Quote from Johnny Miller "guys who hit that cut shot don't win US opens". I really wish they would take Johnny Miller off as a golf commentator. Martin Kaymer is putting on a left to right show. It really gets under my skin when I hear people tell me I could get so much more distance if I only could hit a right to left shot. That's my vent for the US open. Great job Mr. Kaymer.
Only 1200 words to go this has been long day writing this paper. Good Luck Johnny Miller this a big pain in the butt !
Tough break for Johnny Miller in last - No Tiger, No Phil in the hunt, little competition at top of leaderboard
Someone please tell that Johnny Miller is going to retire soon! As much as I love golf he ruins it for me every week! What a *!
Happy Father's Day to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, my Pops Johnny Miller and my Dad Johnny Scott. Also Happy Father's Day to my many uncles, cousins, brothers and my Son. Your are now and forever needed in your Sons and daughters lives. Some of your nieces and nephews rely on you as well to help guide them.
I wonder if being Johnny Miller is as deflating and depressing as listening to him...
You would think that Johnny miller was the best golfer ever and has the most majors won for the way he speaks of other golfers and their games. It's crazy. Like bill Walton of golf
Johnny Miller is always insufferable to listen to...but 100 times worse in the majors
Johnny Miller should shut his pie hole. What an annoying, second guessing doofus.
Johnny Miller is the most frustrating commentator, if anyone but an American leading the open he tries to say they are in trouble. ***
I think Johnny Miller and Monty should go make sweet love and give birth to the world's biggest C
Cue my annual "Can we sign a petition to have Johnny Miller retire or taken off the telecast? " rant
I really really really wish NBC would fire Johnny Miller.
Johnny Miller is EXHAUSTING with his . ALL about me personality!
We think the best candidate to go low and pull a Johnny Miller or Arnold Palmer and threaten Martin Kaymer today it is Dustin Johnson.
Drinking game for Fathers Day. All the dads out there that like golf, turn on the U.S. Open and everytime Johnny Miller mentions his final round 63 from 73 at Oakmont you have to take a shot. :)
Not sure what's worse: watching the US Open while I'm sick, or listening to Johnny Miller announce the US Open. Why do they let this guy speak? What a condescending clostridial wind bag.
The kids asked me what I want for Fathers Day and I said... I want Johnny Miller to retire from broadcasting.
Johnny Miller i really really dislike you!!!
"Nice hole in 1 by Zach Johnson, but me and my son have hole in 1's at the US Open so I'm the greatest golfer ever" Johnny Miller
Zach aces but can't be outshined by Johnny Miller's assholish buttheadedness.get rid of him. I'm begging u
Johnny Miller just said Zach Johnson just pulled this hole in one. you gotta be kidding me.
Of course Johnny Miller has to turn the Zach Hole in One into a story about HIMSELF.good lord
"He probably had no idea it was going to go in. He pulled it" - Johnny Miller's trenchant analysis of Zach Johnson's hole in one
Johnny Miller on Zach Johnson's ace today-"he probably didn't know it would go in... He pulled it." . Yes Johnny!
So glad this is Johnny Miller's last U.S. Open. He ***
Happy Father's Day to my Stupid face of a father, John Miller and to my brother, Johnny Miller. Have a great day, stupids.
If Johnny Miller never commentated again I'd be so happy... He's so perfect
A long, long time ago Johnny Miller shot a final round 63 at Oakmont to win the US Open and tomorrow it's going to take that kind of effort to beat former PGA Champion Martin Kaymer.
I really don't like listening to Johnny Miller
Best line by Johnny Miller in a while (golf analyst) "He's got a big hat but no cattle."
I really do tire of Johnny miller. He's just a ***
For most of the golfing public, Johnny Miller is part of the U.S. Open. If the Masters has a tradition unlike any other, the U.S. Open has a voice unlike any other. "Obviously I love the U.S. Open, totally love it," Miller said
The announcer i hate the most in all of sports is johnny miller
The United States Golf Association wonders why the golfer population is declining. If the Golf Channel & NBC would silence Johnny Miller's mouth, people might become interested.
NBC Golf coverage is so unwatchable, Johnny Miller and their other people are not nearly as good as just CBS with Nantz and the Brits
Curtis Strange is a Johnny Miller wannabe on commentating. Zip it Strange, no one can replicate Miller
It would take serious contemplation to figure out whether Johnny Miller or Curtis Strange is more annoying to listen too.
I thought Johnny Miller was an annoying golf analyst but he pales in comparison to Curtis Strange.
Biggest golf commentator d-bag - Johnny Miller or Curtis Strange? VERY hard much douchiness in just two guys.
Dont get why Johnny Miller keeps saying that. Bubba, Day, Donald, Westwood, Sergio, Scott well over par.
Of course Johnny Miller believes in the Angel Moroni. And that he can make every single putt.
Tomorrow morning, at approx 6:45 Eastern Time, the United States Open Golf Championship begins. While The Masters tournament is my favorite sporting event, this one is probably the most special tournament in golf. Not because of its exclusivity, but its inclusivity. Anyone who can qualify gets to play. No invitations, no handouts. I'm excited for it to begin. You should also know, this will be NBC's last US Open telecast of this event. FOX won the new contract for the future years. The immediacy of that fact is that this will be Johnny Miller's last US Open broadcast. It will be worth watching I can assure you. The last part of my extended thought regards the late Payne Stewart, who won at the same venue (Pinehurst in 1999. 4 months later he died tragically in a freak accident when the LearJet he was riding to the Tour Championship lost cabin pressure and all on board suffocated and the plane eventually crashed. While a great loss, and a tragic death, Payne delivered one of the greatest finishes in US Ope ...
You killed it tonite Brandel Chamblee. Way to tell Johnny Miller how he is way off when he talks about bombers taking their chances and hitting into short wedges out of the native areas... back to the childrens table you go... Does anyone have a pulse on Nobilo? how does Nobilo not end up rounding out that 5 some... I'm fearful Rich lerner and Nobilo are trapped in a well somewhere. Thats the only reason they would shuffle Brandel out there with the real TV personalities.
Watching the '93 Ryder Cup and HBO's own Jim Lampley on the call with Johnny Miller, outstanding
The big news going into the third round was the absence of Johnny Miller and Tom Watson, as this team had withdrawn after the second round due to unforseen circumstances. That didn't deter the rest of the field, as Tiger Woods pleased the crowd, and was in full throwing darts, crowd noise echoing off the Georgia Pines, fist-pumping mode during the third round, posting the low round of the day of 64, and launched him from 8th to 3rd. Sam Snead and Bobby Jones, the tournament co-leaders heading into the weekend, shot a solid 68 and 67, respectively, to hold the top two spots, with Jones holding a one shot lead over Snead, and six over Woods. Byron Nelson and Ben Hogan entered the final round seven shots back in fourth. While most of the field struggled in the final round, Woods simply picked up where he left off in the third round, fired off another round of 64, and had to wait for the Snead/Jones final pairing to finish the 18th hole. Snead completed a final round of 70 and Jones could only muster a 71, w ...
Vinny tonight with Bo Jackson, meadowlark Lemon, Johnny Miller, and Vince Gill. Fireside chat time
We want to welcome Johnny Miller a.k.a. Col. Sanders to Orlando. .. break a leg Johnny!
Johnny Miller is the biggest Mr Nicklaus owns him here
Simply amazing!. Here is an old video of Jack Nicklaus owning Johnny Miller on this 100-foot putt via
Jack Nicklaus shows Johnny Miller that nothing is impossible by sinking his 102-foot putt during the 2010 ceremonial opening round at The Golf Club at Harbor Shores .
Johnny Miller, Jack Nicklaus and the 100-foot putt via
This Jack Nicklaus vs. Johnny Miller moment might be the most underrated in golf history.
This is awesome... takes Johnny Miller to school on 100 ft putt via
"Jack Nicklaus shows Johnny Miller how to putt from 102 feet on the 10th green during the opening round of the Nicklaus designed The Golf Club at Harbor Shores. Miller had summoned his caddie for a sand wedge so he could chip the ball instead of putt. Nicklaus did not want Miller hacking divots out…
Jack Nicklaus, a man that made himself famous for pulling off clutch golf shots, was playing with Johnny Miller, a man known for his U.S. Open heroics and his pointed comments from the NBC broadcasting booth, when Miller started to question his incredibly long lag putt.
This Jack Nicklaus vs. Johnny Miller moment is 102 feet of underrated ridiculousness.
please fire Johnny Miller and make an offer for Colin Montgomerie... Johnny looks awful in HD and he's clueless about golf!
Johnny Miller and Patrick Reed would make a great couple
Announcers in any sport can be such *** this just yesterday as I watched the last few holes of the TPC Championship...Jordan Speith knocked in a remarkable put to save par on the last hole and ultimately go into the last round tied for the lead.great play by fine young man.announcers "Well, you can see why he is comfortable in saying he wants to be player in the world!" WHAT.he has won the Milwaukee Open (as Johnny Miller said..."nothing against the Milwaukee Open").but Patrick Reed, who is also young but has won 3 times, and once just prior to the Masters says he wants to be in the top 5 players in the world.and gets crap like "he's a little over confident.might be getting a little ahead of himself.on and on".and Bubba Watson making a snarky remark about him in a press conference???!!! *** So anyway, Jordan is obviously a great player at this point in his early career.and it is fantastic to have huge goals. and as I started this post.commentators (and players) can be such *** ..guess it's thei ...
Honestly, if Johnny Miller or Nick Faldo still played full time on the tour, they would beat Bobby Gates.
ugh. Makes me cringe every time anyone opens their mouth. These guys have made Johnny Miller & Nick Faldo so much better.
“Watson knows that many of his former rivals—Johnny Miller, Lee Trevino and others—are not around.” -
Just read the press release about Joe Buck and Greg Norman doing the on FS1 next year & I already miss Johnny Miller
American Indian Services golf tournament at Entrada golf course. Fun to play with Johnny Miller and Chad Lewis
Johnny Miller says that Lee Trevino's signature "chase" move can help you hit it straighter and build a reliable fade.
Greg Norman vs. Johnny Miller. The two are similar than you may think, says
TV show.. It's on every Thursday nite on CBS, with Johnny Miller & Lucy Liu..
West Lothian Cricket Report 21 April 2014 The weather for cricket was excellent at the weekend for West Lothian’s second round of friendly fixtures prior to the start of the league season. On Saturday the 1st XI had a home fixture against Stenhousemuir who now play in the West leagues. On winning the toss, West Lothian skipper Clinton Dixon decided to bat in a 40 over a side game. West Lothian’s progress was relatively slow in batting the full 40 overs for a total of 135. The main scorer was Johnny Miller with 44 not out. Rhys Denby, the County’s overseas amateur was next highest with 14. Stenhousemuir made light work of knocking off the required 136 runs, despite an impressive 8 over spell from Jordan Hamilton who took 4 wickets for 28 runs. The 2nd XI fared little better at Kinross losing by 2 wickets in another 40 over game. Batting first West Lothian managed 115 all out in 28 overs. Skipper Terence Vorster made 53, David Brown 31 not out and Alan Whitton 17. In reply Kinross made the necessary 1 ...
Brig. Gen. Johnny Miller, assistant adjutant general for the Illinois National Guard, speaks at Bagram XV, an exercise held at the Polish Army International Training Center in Kielce, Poland.
Johnny Miller said it best. Arnold Palmer was the John Wayne of golf with a little bit of Clint Eastwood thrown in.
Had a BRUTAL game night tonight playing two games of Dark Lord at the same time with Bobby Dillon, Dale Goodall, Gary Lawson, Shane Williams, and Johnny Miller. Shane became the Dark Lord during his first game ever versus Dale and I, while Bobby became the Dark Lord in the other game versus Gary and Johnny. Too intense and too much fun. We now have three up-to-date copies of Dark Lord, so if you come to play, we'll have a seat, a beer, and a game of Dark Lord waiting for you. Hit me up.
"Phil wants a U.S. Open trophy more than a fourth green jacket." --Johnny Miller in exclusive.
Bryce Harper reportedly is leaving the Nats in July to embark on two years of missionary work expected if Mormon men. Two questions: (1) how could the supposedly brilliant Mike Rizzo not take this into account when he signed Harper? (2) Won't Bryce do more for the LDS church by playing Major League Baseball than he could ever do in a South American jungle or wherever? I don't remember Danny Ainge or Steve Young or Johnny Miller (three prominent Mormon athletes) doing missions.
Tiger Woods missing the Masters? It's a good think that NBC doesn't broadcast the tournament...Johnny Miller wouldn't have anything to talk about.
Edith Brewer May 21, 1927 - Mar 12, 2014 Edith Mae Brewer, 86, of Corsicana passed away Wednesday, March 12, 2014. She was born May 21, 1927 in Dawson, Texas to John and Mary Taylor. Ms. Brewer was a member of Northside Baptist Church since spring of 1976 where she also taught Sunday school class for over 30 years. She also taught a bible school class at Friendship Towers. She was head teller at what is now Bank of America. She enjoyed quilting, painting and wrote cards to encourage her friends and family. She is preceded in death by her husband Samuel Hugh Brewer in 2007; three brothers, Hershel, Walter and Bill and one sister, Mary. She is survived by her children, David Brewer and wife Cathleen of Silver City and Patricia Miller of Corsicana; grandchildren, Kevin Brewer, Anna Brewer, Rhonda O'Daniel and husband Robert, Jerry Miller and wife Rachel and Johnny Miller and wife Cindy; 18 great grandchildren; 21 great great grandchildren and a number of nieces and nephews. Visitation will be Friday, March 1 ...
I love Patrick Reed's footwork. Reminds me of Bubba obviously and it is something you cannot teach. If you look at all the long drivers they all have great footwork as well as some of the greats like Gary Player and Johnny Miller.
Tiger's game is struggling, ObamaCare is in effect, & Johnny Miller is still commentating golf. You could say 2014 is o…
has Danielle seen your latest interview ? u are btr than Johnny Miller and btr looking !
I took Zimbio's Johnny Depp character quiz and I'm Ichabod Crane! Who are you?
“I always felt like I was meant to have been born in another era, another time.” ― Johnny Depp !.
"Sup Pop is opening a store at the airport -> Jesus what are they selling, Mudhoney coozies?
"My friend says we're like the dinosaurs-- only we are doing ourselves in much faster than they ever did."
Johnny lee miller?? oh wow that's weird but also really cool!
Your women's officiating crew was Johnny Grymes, Charles Vasquez, and Rachel Miller.
I'm such a sucker to places that ask if I want to donate to "insert cause here" good karma I guess?
Brett Favre claiming to see a younger version of himself in Johnny Manziel.
The one with Benedict Cumberbatch where he & Johnny Lee Miller reverse the roles in the play?
Hotel in Boston for St. Paddy's day booked 👌✔️
Your show you and Johnny Lee Miller rock
I have had enough of sports interrupting Johnny Lee Miller Thursdays THANK YOU NO THANK YOU.
Oh boy! The PGA Florida Swing is coming. where makes us eat Johnny Miller
Hey Johnny Quick fans at least Miller brought the US a silver medal...
no holder thought they were crazy for starting quick over miller lmao I'm proud of johnny
Ha ha!! Johnny Lee Miller & Angelina Jolie must've been about 12 when they were in that. AWFUL film!
Pierre McGuire announcing hockey is the equivalent to Johnny Miller announcing golf.   10% Off
Ppl gotta realize this year we have Johnny quick at net not Ryan the choke Miller
These people just littered. Both of them. Driver & passenger.
Johnny's combine is about to be stupid good...he has a number 8 on his chest.. 👌👌
Johnny Lee Miller doing an American accent is throwing me off my groove. It's good don't get me wrong, I'm just not use to it.
Can we talk about how great of a human Mr. Miller is
Lost forever from our ears today; . Jacob Miller . Janet Vogel . Murray the K . Johnny Ray . Les Gray . Cleotha Staples
Wouldn't it be funny if Johnny Miller was trying to call this?
"Johnny Miller: How to build a repeatable swing on the driving range" good a look before going the range
I am tired it feels like I never went to sleep. Thank you so much Johnny Miller for all of your work. Anyone looking to build A fence Johnny is the guy to talk to. And sorry Kari Macdonald for stealing your boy toy but he talk the whole night about cookies that you made. So you and patty need to hang out and make cookies while we work on our trucks lol
nah that's cbs. Jim Nantz. Johnny miller is on nbc
Johnny miller. You probably don't know cuz he does golf but good god
Ray Rice and Chris Brown are like peas and carrots. ...and I hate vegetables.
Sooo weird hearing Johnny lee miller speak in an American accent on Dexter as I'm used to him on Elementary.
HA I am definitely not surprised by this.
Elementary is a poor man's BBC Sherlock. Seriously Johnny Lee Miller doesn't hold a candle to Cumberbatch or RDJ or Hugh Laurie...
I didn’t know the Johnny Lee Miller from Hackers was the same Johnny Lee Miller that plays Sherlock on...
I have this 1980 Crosby Tourney (now the AT&T) program signed by Palmer, Nicklaus, Johnny Miller, Tom Shaw, Chi Chi, James Garner, etc. that I am sending to auction. Any guesses on it's worth in USD? (condition = Fair).
I just like Johnny lee miller, I'm just not a fan of Benedict
I remember that time when a Hot Pocket put me on its shoulders & carried me through a deadly swarm of locusts. That's th…
Matt Taibbi leaving Rolling Stone. The magazine won't be quite the same...
Johnny Padron has stepped down. State rests. in 10 minute recess.
Elementary is, again, back. Johnny Lee Miller is simply delightful.
BAN THE BAG FERNANDINA. Nassau Sierra Club has been meeting with Commissioner Johnny Miller and discussing the idea of creating a grassroots coalition to begin working towards a Plastic Bag Ban in Fernandina Beach. Saturday March 8th at 4 pm there will be an exploratory public meeting at Sheffields. Commissioner Johnny Miller will be in attendance. Too many of us don't think twice when we decide to use plastic bags at the checkout line; but as we know, plastic bags have a disproportionate impact on our waste stream and environment and can take up to hundreds of years to degrade. Plastic bags also have a huge impact on marine life such as turtles, whales, and fish, who mistake the plastic bags for food or become fatally entangled in them. Many local municipalities across the US have created local ordinances that would either ban (and/or charge) for single use plastic bags that are now given away free at retail locations. Since we are an island surrounded by water, its time to explore what actions we can ta ...
QB guru George Whitfield says he'd take Johnny Manziel No. 1 overall in NFL draft (and fantasy draft, too).
Johnny Miller. Checkout this article on via
Johnny Miller. Checkout this article on igolf2_0/via
I think he could be good mentor for Johnny. Miller had a good reputation prior to Brian Shaw. He was coached by Randy in CLE.
'Bro-Nodding' with Bode Miller: Encounter with the Record-Breaker - Johnny Dodd...
For Johnny Miller---so true of our relationship and exactly how I feel about such a wonderful and special man. I am so thankful that other women didn't see how great he was...because now he's ALL MINE!
BIG RAPIDS – An LPGA Tour winner from the Upper Peninsula, history-making amateur, pioneer turfgrass educator and multi-media journalist have been elected to the Michigan Golf Hall of Fame. Becky Iverson, Tom Werkmeister, Paul Rieke and Vartan Kupelian will be inducted June 8 in ceremonies at Ferris State University in Big Rapids. Iverson, born in Escanaba and raised in Gladstone, played for 14 years on the LPGA Tour, was named to the U.S. Solheim Cup Team in 2000, won the 1987 Michigan Women’s Amateur Championship and played collegiate golf at Michigan State University where she was an Academic All-American in 1987-88. Her playing career highlights include winning the 1995 Friendly’s Classic Title on the LPGA Tour, where she recorded a career-best 63 during the second round with nine birdies, and a tie for second in the 2000 Women’s British Open. She had LPGA Tour career earnings of more than $1.5 million, and also won six times while playing on three mini-tours, including the Central Florida Cha ...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
By request from Mario Ortega, today's installment of Black History Facts is about Nat King Cole. Black History FactNat King Cole "Nat King Cole, byname of Nathaniel Adams Cole, family name originally Coles (born March 17, 1917, Montgomery, Ala., U.S.—died Feb. 15, 1965, Santa Monica, Calif.), American musician hailed as one of the best and most influential pianists and small-group leaders of the swing era. Cole attained his greatest commercial success, however, as a vocalist specializing in warm ballads and light swing. Cole grew up in Chicago, where, by age 12, he sang and played organ in the church where his father was pastor. He formed his first jazz group, the Royal Dukes, five years later. In 1937, after touring with a black musical revue, he began playing in jazz clubs in Los Angeles. There he formed the King Cole Trio (originally King Cole and His Swingsters), with guitarist Oscar Moore (later replaced by Irving Ashby) and bassist Wesley Prince (later replaced by Johnny Miller). The trio specia . ...
It as been a long day---glad to see it over and done. Putting Logan and AJ to bed and heading there soon myself with my exhausted, hard working husband--Johnny Miller. Good night all. Hope everyone's day was as productive as mine.
Special thanks to Silverado Country Club for their Silent Auction donation of Golf for Four at their amazing Championship Golf Course. Normally reserved for members and guests, this is an opportunity for quite a unique experience on a 24-time PGA tour Winner Johnny Miller designed course!
Kristopher Johnny Miller wins his heat in event number three. BEAST MODE!!
Lord thank you for my uncle Johnny Miller, you blessed him to come home.FB, thank you for your prayers, however, continue to pray for him...for a speedy recovery of full healing. ..Love you much uncle Johnny .
[Wednesday Wisdom] Former pro golfer Johnny Miller said, "Sports are 90% inspiration and 10% perspiration." Would you agree with that?
In 2012, we were lucky enough to meet Johnny Miller of Amberly Terriers and acquire 'Gibbs'! The past year and a half has been amazing and we've enjoyed every step along the way. Gibbs absolutely loves the show ring and continues to do quite well, including two recent BOB wins in Washington. He is also a well loved house dog and quite the character. Gibbs is an excellent representative of the breed and I hope that we continue to make his breeder, his previous owner and of course, his fans, very proud! Thank you for following along as we continue to fantastic journey!
Johnny Miller was lending a helping hand and wants to give you some coins!
To all my not-dear friends in Saratoga...this will be a freaking blast! It's open to anyone and hosted at an amazing place! If you're up for some quality entertainment.come join! Michael R. Bradshaw, Johnny Miller, Cindy Lunsford, Tallman. this is right up your alley!
I so need Johnny Miller to help me pull this off...too cool!
wow really just started my new class and the teacher going take away points if you go over the limited in assignment Johnny Miller
This is me and my husband..Johnny Miller
Happy Birthday to my kid brother Johnny Miller, thats right as long as your younger than me, I have that right...! lol Hope you have a great day. Love you!
This is great, Johnny Miller, Michael Brewer, Will Rogers you guys will love it!
Update on Johnny Miller. Uncle Johnny fell hitting his forehead on a metal park bench. Two young boys found him out cold. The impact did cause a brain bleed. Thanks to your many prayers the brain bleed did not continue to bleed. At this point surgery has not been needed. Thank you for the many prayers. Please continue to pray for all involved to have strength and patience for recovery.
For my amazing/wonderful husband. He is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. A strong man and loving father...I can't ask for me. We may have our ups and downs but they only strengthen our relationship. I love you Johnny Miller---for now and for always!
Johnny Miller this made me instantly think of you! Beware! LMBO
I am asking for prayers for our brother in law, Johnny Miller. Uncle Johnny has diligently fought a battle with cancer for 5 years. This evening he fell hitting his head, the ER diagnosis is for surgery to relieve the swelling of the brain. Please pray that the doctors will be able to make a correct diagnosis, and his medical needs will be met by the right team of doctors. Most of all, I am asking for prayers of strength for Uncle Johnny and each family member.
This is her baby gurl take over her status here with my family have fun with @ Johnny Miller and Ebony Miller I love yall so much
To my intermediate family, hold off on phone calls and hospital visits. .uncle Johnny Miller, hqs shortness of breath due to his situation. ..Love you!
Gm God/relatives/fb.please say a prayer for my uncle Johnny Miller, my mom's brother, he's in the hospital. ...God is a healer. ..I count it done in Jesus name, Amen...Love you Uncle
En route to Ayr with the Kelso loyal. Chopped pork division. Craig Wallace Johnny Miller
This reminds me of my my brother johnny miller ill never forget him...
Blurry - but classic. Johnny Miller teeing off on 18 at Riviera CC in the 1970's:
After 11 straight months of touring, we found a great record label called Pillar Records with really awesome bands, based out of southern Florida. We were just recently signed with this amazing label. They're very dedicated, hardworking individuals with a great sense of "do it together" ethic. We've worked so very hard to get where we are now. Thank you Johnny Miller for taking us in! Thanks again to everyone for all of your support! Big things still to come!
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