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Johnny Miller

John Laurence Miller (born April 29, 1947) is an American professional golfer who played on the PGA Tour.

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For me, 'choking' is just another term in golf.
ALSO Ezra Miller KILLED that role, and the little pop in from Johnny Depp at the end, oh my god.
If I had been in the gallery, I'd have gone home.
Johnny Miller once shot 63 at Oakmont without high tech balls, computers and fancy shafts, show some respect!!
Wow I just got Johnny to sleep, tried to roll away, dropped my phone and caught it ONE INCH from hitting his face!!! So blessed!
dusty pastels and juicy brights palette (photo by Johnny Miller)
Have you seen the latest work from fellow Johnny Miller? Here are some excellent shots from the sky on…
I can't stand golf announcer Johnny Miller. He's just jealous that kicked his butt over & over again.
my turkey is Johnny Miller. Absolutely ruins watching golf. Not sure why but I can't stand him.
One more special mention must go for Ezra Miller, who's so superb as Credence..and i'm shocking when Johnny Depp show up in the end of film
Ezra Miller, Collin Farrell and Johnny Depp in 1 freaking movie!? IM SHOOK AF
it's e American Sherlock show with Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu
Eddie Redmayne, Ezra Miller and Johnny Depp in one movie >>
Awesome to have Johnny Miller (photographer, speaking at 2016 See the others https:…
I'm officially a fan of ezra miller. I adore him like how i adore helena bonham carter and johnny depp.
Dad drops $10 in the juke box, 45 minutes of Merle, Johnny Horton and Roger Miller and $1.25 beers. Is this heaven?'s Polk Co. WI
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I'm so glad the drafted Justin Gilbert and Johnny Manziel instead of Khalil Mack and Derek Carr.
Next on is helping you achieve perfect impact position with some tips inspired by HOFer…
ok but HOW could johnny depp be allowed near eddie redmayne & ezra miller. they are too precious for his abusive ***
when u hear Dawes is playin Nashville.
Hm what else am I grateful for right now? Noodles, duh. Johnny Lee Miller. My super nice professors who forgave my election week meltdown...
try explaining that to Johnny Miller
Eddie Redmayne, Johnny Depp and Ezra Miller. All my faves in one movie ❤
Happy 44th birthday Sick Boy AKA Johnny Lee Miller. Born on this day, 1972.
For more images on the Line between the rich & the poor, check out this link
Quit spreading fertilizer and get real. Can you do that, meatshirt?
Golf is 90 percent inspiration and 10 percent perspiration. - Johnny Miller
Bae: come over I want u. Me: tomorrows monday its bedtime. Bae: I'll trade you . Me: .
Malik Miller! The pride of Farrell hits the game winner with 10 seconds left to give IUP a 63-61 victory over Bloomsburg…
Freshman A finished up with a 3rd place victory over Ridge Point. Johnny Miller with 29pts 👀. Great job by everyone!!
Watch an interview with Johnny Lee-Miller and Lucy Lui on Elementary Season 5
speaking of, not!johnny depp and ezra miller in fantastic beasts are probably the gayest thing I've seen in quite a few days
Week in Review with Jody Miller- Connie Channel - Johnny Mathis Hour next on the hour.
It's a beautiful fall day in Belle Plaine -- Tiger Park groundskeeper Johnny Miller, mowing the infield
So cool to hear Johnny Miller refer to Justin Rose as ..."Olympic Gold Medalist" Justin Rose. 2016, a very good year for the future of golf.
I just laughed out loud when Johnny Miller called the Masters the JC Penny Open, a tournament that sounds like it was in Happy Gilmore
NBC announcer Johnny Miller surprised at Darren Clarke's decision to pick Martin Kaymer this afternoon. "His game right now is mediocre."
Great job by Johnny Miller. Says a putt doesn't break much and then it proceeds to break a foot. ***
"We will whitewash this fence, and Ben Rogers, Billy Fisher, and Johnny Miller will pay for it. Mark my words!"
Johnny Miller reckons this is Europe's weakest team for years. It's only got the Masters, Open & Olympic champs and now…
Many thanks to Johnny Miller for giving Europe/Darren Clarke the perfect team talk before Ryder Cup. 👍🏼.
Certain that Dan Hicks and Johnny Miller have this committed to memory.
Johnny Miller predicts that Tiger is going to win at least 6-8 more tournaments
Johnny Miller, David Feherty, Nick Faldo and Mike Tirico among broadcast for the Ryder Cup at Hazeltine National in Chaska.
Kelly has 3 TDs in 1st half. Herbstreit crushing him almost every play. Laying it on so thick he sounds like Johnny Miller.
JV ties deer park 2-2 off of two goals from newcomer Johnny Miller. Varsity up next! Let's go Blue Devils.
Straight-shooting Johnny Miller now just comes off as golf’s “Debbie Downer”
"This is the greatest round of Kuchar's career.". -Johnny Miller. He's -8 today. 6 birdies. 1 eagle. 0 bogeys.
My top 5 golf announcers in no particular order: Johnny Miller, Nick Faldo, Lanny Wadkins, Frank Nobilo, Peter Kostis
Not many weaker than Johnny Miller's or Jose Maria Olazabal's. Strongest grip/best player? Probably Sarazen/Hagen
Rory McIlroy's ripped physique is stopping him from winning more Majors says Johnny Miller
Johnny Miller chalked up Rory McIlroy's lack of major wins to "overdoing the weight room."
NBC's Johnny Miller was smart 2 warn bulked-up Rory McIlroy about danger of over-training. Just ask
Johnny Miller says Rory McIlroy cares too much about 'showing off his muscles'
Apparently no one cares more about Rory McIlroy’s pecs than Johnny Miller
Johnny Miller says Rory McIlroy is too worried about displaying his muscles
Rory McIlroy's 'tight shirts' are ruining his game: Johnny Miller
I don't like Mcilroy but where does Johnny Miller get off criticising him. He's won 4 majors by 27 in the most competitive era ever.
Johnny Miller blamed tight shirts for Rory McIlrory not winning more majors.
Johnny Miller was one of the best for a period of time. Reminds me of Adam Scott. Deserves all the credit he gets!
Is there any analyst in sports that likes to tell you how great he used to be like Johnny Miller?
If Craig Sager can work the sidelines for an then Johnny Miller can call the Make it happen
The,year Johnny Miller won the US Open, Arnie had a 3-stroke lead after 9 holes on Saturday.
Brian & Bob catch up w/ Charlie Coody, Marshall Thompson & Johnny Miller during hour two of the May 28 best of show:
The 18th at the Johnny Miller designed Thanksgiving Point Golf Club in Lehi, Utah. From the tee…
Johnny Miller, Gary Koch, and David Feherty, simply the best in the biz. Billy Ray was a good pick up also.
Since when is that a Tiger Woods step through Johnny Miller ? Gary Player did that 50 years ago, and I'm sure he wasn't the first.
holy crap Johnny Miller!!! - there is no such word as HEIGHTH. Stop saying that! It's HEIGHT. you're welcome.
Oh please Johnny Miller...will shake-off quick...kid thinks different than most
If I were commentating I'd be less popular than Johnny Miller.
In all fairness to Johnny Miller, Herman himself was crying and saying he never thought Augusta was possible.
Johnny Miller just said the Phil Mickelson is in scoring average on PGA Tour this year. Get ready for leftie at Augusta…
Johnny Miller, PGA tour and Verne Lundquist are still great. underrated: Mike Patrick. overrated: Jim Jackson doing baseball.
From : Johnny Miller had a couple awkward moments this week at
"He looks like a young Dustin Johnson the way he walks...". - Johnny Miller on Kevin Chappell . They're like 2 years apart.
Johnny Manziel an option to replace Broncos' Peyton Manning? Von Miller thinks so
Don't worry Johnny Football, Von Miller's got your back!
"You might see Johnny Manziel in Denver." ... The QB has at least one Broncos supporter.
If you pronounce 'Hyperbole' as 'Hyper-Bowl', then you are my co-worker.
Stop with the Johnny Manziel to DEN crap. Von Miller said it in a hypothetical way defending his friend & his NFL future. It has no merit.
Our story today, Zero Friction golf products endorsed by Johnny Miller including a new glove
Von Miller reflects on Peyton Manning, will work out with Johnny Manziel (via
Oak Brook based Zero Friction Golf continues to grow & Johnny Miller is now on board, todays…
Tony, I'm looking forward to Timeout w/you & talking Von Miller sticking up for Johnny!
Von Miller would love to see Johnny Manziel suit up for the Broncos.
thank you for the tips! You are my favorite announcer. Can't wait for the open championship
Von Miller: Possible that Johnny Manziel could play quarterback for Broncos
Could Johnny Football ACTUALLY find his way to the Super Bowl champion .
Von Miller said Johnny Manziel could end up playing for the
Von Miller: 'Who knows? You might see Johnny Manziel in Denver.'
Von Miller just said he wants to see Johnny Manziel in Denver. We release Owen Daniels and more. AND Malik Jackson went to Jacksonville.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
check it out!! Von Miller wants Johnny Manziel in Denver via
Von Miller planning to work out with Johnny Manziel
Von Burns ludicrously pushes for Johnny Manziel to Broncos
Von Miller floats idea of Manziel joining Broncos
Von Miller says he wouldn't mind seeing Johnny Manziel in an Broncos uniform via
Von Miller wants Johnny football in Denver hmmm
SageLinQ Von Miller believes Johnny could end up in
In case you haven't heard, Von Miller has quietly begun campaigning for Johnny Manziel to come to Denver. Wouldn't be a bad fit at all.
Von Miller ludicrously pushes for Johnny Manziel to Broncos
Manziel to DEN would either be good for Johnny or bad for Von Miller. Those two are a bond, but would it be good character results or bad?
Johnny Manziel in Denver? Von Miller thinks it could be a possibility
didn't Von Miller mention Johnny football to Denver?
With Elway, who knows? Schemes.. Von Miller Comments on Johnny Manziel's Future in NFL via
UNIQUE ARTICLE CREATOR Von Miller planning to work out with Johnny…
Von Miller continues to back Johnny Manziel, suggests he might turn up in Denver
I am sure Johnny Miller and Dan Hicks will be much classier than that tool Todd.
Fernandina Beach mayor still enjoys 'desk' at Palace Saloon: The mayor? He's Johnny Miller, the affable barten...
Fernandina Beach's Johnny Miller still enjoys his 'desk' at Palace Saloon
Great to see you back on tv and away from the guy who never shuts up and knows all, Johnny Miller
Johnny Miller: this hole requires a draw, but looks like he's set up for a fade. *player hits draw*. Johnny Miller: tol…
A win this wk at would give Phil the most all-time in AZ. He currently has 6, tied w/ Johnny Miller
he's Joe theisman bad. Johnny Miller bad.
Dan Hicks saying from Moose Jaw, Sask. is like saying Johnny Miller grew up in NYC
Curtis Strange & Johnny Miller are legends in their own mind.
RHS played in Clark BB showcase over break.Nate Stidham(1st) & Johnny Miller(2nd) were named to all-tourney team.
you can't really like Brent? He is in the same category as Timmy mccarver and Johnny Miller...the WORST
Move over, Johnny Miller. There's a new favorite golf TV analyst in town (not Joe Buck):
Tiger Woods at 40: Who could have predicted this? Johnny Miller did, more or less:
Johnny Miller, in 2003: “Tiger is older than his birth certificate implies."
The results of our new TV survey are IN. Nick Faldo replaced Johnny Miller as your favorite analyst, and Greg Norma…
No one ever said that a shirtless Johnny Lee Miller was a bad idea.
Ask Odell Beckham what he thinks of the Madden Curse.
you are really high on Carr aren't you? Seems like in a few years, he'll be your Fantasy QB.
This video will give you serious nowstalgia… and Johnny Carter vibes
came back with Miller and Arodys Vizcaino for *** and Aaron Blair. AZ again said no.
Yes for Port restrictions: Tim Poynter, Robin Lentz and Johnny Miller. No: Mayor Ed *** and Pat Gass.
Its only fitting that Dolly would run into George Jones on our walk tonight.
"Let me be, was all I wanted. Be what I am, no matter how I am." . ― Henry Miller, Stand Still Like the Hummingbird
Chris Johnson (broken tibia) ends season currently 4th in rushing w/ 814 yds. Major props to a guy who won me a fantasy title in 2009.
We all have flaws in our swings, even Phil Mickelson. Here's how to learn from Lefty:
I cannot stand he is right up there with being as annoying as Johnny Miller
If the Johnny C trades Shelby Miller I'm pulling up to 755 Hank Aaron Dr and throwing fades left and right
Johnny Vegas is definitely a UK northern lad. Monkey is voiced by Ben Miller (southerner).
Okay but if you put Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hardy, and Johnny Lee Miller in one room, I will likely implode/self-combust.
Johnny Manziel to Mike Pettine after the game
That's the most Browns thing that could ever happen
Cleveland aching, groaning w/ Manziel is so familiar: Nashville dragged 5 yrs w/Vince Young. Best to part ways FAST. Start over.
Jon Gruden is the Johnny Miller of football, man.
I liked a video RACER: Robin Miller on Johnny Rutherford
I wanna see Johnny Foozball stagger out on the field and throw a Miller bottle at someone, and puke on his shoe, and flip everyone off. LOL
Of course, he was the victim of a coach who couldn't develop a QB to save his life.
Doesn't matter how many pick-6's Schaub throws, he'll play another 5 years in this league.. cuz his name is Matt and he's white.
moment when u know Dad bout to give the beating of a lifetime
😒 Miller and the Dolphins make my skin crawl. I need miracles from Benjamin and Gillmore. Wish, Johnny was playing.
If my dude Johnny Football wants to pop bottles then let him pop bottles.
if you had to choose a defense tonight who would it be? I benched Den D and it's a good thing,need 7 to win
Only in Washington can a QB scrape out a 5-6 record and likely be landing a $80 million extension.
"The bottom line for the Browns is Manziel has the football ability to help revive this franchise." - Jon Gruden https…
wanted lewan. Was devastated when he was picked. Guess that's why I'm a pizza boy and not a scout
Taylor Lewan 11th pick of the 2014 Draft. Giants snagged Odell Beckham with the next pick.
5 minutes in and loving Johnny Lee Miller's Holmes in Elementary.
Serenity is. Knowing that your worst shot is still pretty good. -Johnny Miller
I sense 1995's Angelina Jolie and Johnny Lee Miller are to blame...
Take out Von miller, demaryius Thomas, CJ Anderson, give the Broncos manning then replace Brady with garoppolo and lets see who would win.
You can't spell Soldier without Osweiler !!!. Well, you could, but he beat the Patriots anyway.
Cam is the only undefeated QB in the National Football League. That soccer mom Titans fan gotta be inconsolable right now.
I'll block anyone who makes Gronkowski jokes. No matter what his perception is he's one of the good guys and 25 best players in NFL history.
Demaryius Thomas has 10 targets and Zero catches.
ain't doing so hot where he is now! If things were based on what you just said, he would've quit after week 3!
How is miller getting a free release? Have to chip that man
There is literally nothing better than Johnny Cash singing You Are My Sunshine👌🏻
today was a preview of the new AFC West- . LA Titans in the Coliseum until they build new digs.
In his hometown of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, the 7'5" Brock Osweiler is worshipped like Yao Ming in Imperial China. .
Ok... will NEVER coach Absentee owner wants to sell, ½ full stadium, no RBs, WRs, OL. Lure of Mariota not nearly enough.
Since when did Jim Nantz become as irritating broadcasting football as Tim McCarver was in baseball or Johnny Miller is in golf?
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Heath Miller will not return to the game (ribs).
Heath Miller is questionable to return (ribs) and Ryan Shazier will not return (concussion).
TE Heath Miller has been taken to the locker room to have his ribs examined. His return is probable.
If Browns (2-8) beat the Ravens on then (2-9) are in drivers seat for No.1 pick in NFL Draft.
What the *** is the coaching staff doing to Lamar Miller? The guys a beast but you only give him 5 carries? Cmon man!
the head drop is consistent with every great ball striker. Johnny Miller just likes to hear himself talk on tv
In 1975, Johnny Miller won the Phoenix Open by 14 strokes over Jerry Heard. To this day, Johnny…
Johnny Miller is coming back to major golf before you think that. Las Vegas Blog mgm: By: Chris Chase | O...
Johnny Miller on Louis Oosthuizen's attire...and wearing a Baklava around his neck!
Listen to Johnny Miller make the worst/funniest call of the year: Listen to Johnny Mill...
Johnny Miller: "Gorgeous golf swing.". Ball immediately hooks over a fence and off the golf course.
NBC's Johnny Miller just said the golf ball doesn't fly as far when the barometer drops. Totally backwards. How does he still have a job?
Is this Johnny Miller or David McKenzie? Nice polyester bell bottom pants
people hated "Johnny" when I told them, it was so annoying! Like ITS A REAL NAME AND THE MOST BASIC NAME EVER LAY OFF ME
I want to always be as young and pretty as Johnny Lee Miller in Hackers.
Dez Bryant hobbling out to congratulate his teammates after the improbable win.
Funny how you suddenly get nicked up & dehydrated *after* you bag $45m guaranteed.
I swear if Johnny Mac goes home @ the end of this week, I will literally cry
Cowboys will regret letting Giants hang around. When Eli wakes up from naps he can explode. Streakiest passer in NFL history.
McFadden draws looks from the fantasy crowd, he's always sexy at first glance. Just wait til' you bring him home...
I would rather listen to Johnny Miller than Chris Collinsworth and that's saying something
Mark Ingram and Khiry Robinson combined for 13 catches today. C.J. Spiller owners should be very excited.
One player that jumped off screen at me today: Saints TE Willie Snead. He needs (and will get) more snaps. Ben Watson has too much mileage.
John McEnroe is the Johnny Miller of tennis.
Just one game...but I think he is going to win big JUM over.
Incredibly well pitched game from 2017 RHP Johnny Kuhn (CA) change ups like this and very good BB command FB 84-88 http…
I won't be surprised if Andre Ellington is out for the year.
Lol. Mariota looks really good. Keep your panties on, it's Tampa Bay.
Do you remember When Johnny Comes Marching Home - Glenn Miller? WSKIDRadio does...
Said this day he was drafted---I have no idea what the Johnny Manziel backers see. A fireworks show that will fascinate b…
Coming up between now and midnight huge tunes from plus more!
Miller and McCoy were upsets for the 1st week
I love Bill O'Brien but honestly what did he and really expect, going into season with Brian Hoyer? What did they really expect??
Dear homeless guy that convinced Haslam to draft Johnny. Prepare to meet Ray Farmer in the soup line. Ray will...
Was going to post the Johnny Miller "I see you" meme about Lydia Ko after her final round 63, but thought it would be way too inappropriate.
Jets hit new low, give up touchdown pass to Johnny Manziel
Here it is. . The first touchdown pass of Johnny Manziel's NFL career.
Johnny Football doing his thing today
Johnny Manziel throws his first career NFL TD, a 54-yard pass to Travis Benjamin.
Teams are making a big mistake not taking Johnny Manziel - he is going to be really good (and exciting to watch).
Johnny Manziel is my boy. Love that dude
Johnny Manziel is OFFICIALLY Johnny Touchdown after this PERFECT 54-yard throw.
"Now you're all in big, BIG trouble.". -Johnny Manziel
Have a miller Johnny. You earned it
Josh McCown is headed to the locker room. JOHNNY FOOTBALL TIME.
I think Doug Martin is a LETdown target
Lydia Ko fires a 63 to win Only other player to win a major with a 63 in final round is Johnny Miller. Top shelf.
JUMbo Twits: If you bench D you're gonna miss out. Hunch collapse today. Melvin Gordon owners are fidgety
"I think I've been a little in love with Johnny Lee Miller ever since Hackers." . "Oh man. Right?".
Johnny Miller shot 63 in 1973 at Oakmont and he'll tell you how great it was on air during broadcasts.
Greg Norman's closing 64 at Royal St George's was pretty good. And let's ask Johnny MIller if he knows a good closing round?
Good advice... " Ward’s advice to those who want to become successful:. “Stop sharing too many inspirational...
Brooke Shields on TV selling some kind of soapless shampoo(?) Man if I used that for 1 week I'd scare friends away
My Droid's battery is no match for what it will face today .
Dan Hicks" Tom Brady and the Pats host the Steelers this Thur night" . Johnny Miller " I bet Brady's pumped up for that one" 😃👍🏼.
Faldo is way better that Johnny Miller. Faldo doesn't have to qualify his opinions with 6 majors
Johnny Miller like Mercury Morris just then on that JDay shot.
Speaking of 63s in majors. Johnny Miller.
Majors are so much more enjoyable to watch when Johnny Miller is working.
For the last time, I look nothing like Johnny Lee Miller. As this photo of me with Lucy Liu clearly demonstrates... http:…
This is Johnny Lee Miller here I need some action can you help, and my back itches
Oh ya Mac Miller back to what he does best 100 Grandkids slaps
No HOF for Steve Smith. In this Pass-Wacky Era you need oh-my-lord stats and/or jewelry. Hall of *** Good, you bet.
Hey Nate props on your new career at You're one of their best new hires in years.
Bucs O-lineman: "Jameis Winston reminds me of young Aaron Rodgers"
On this day in 2010, Jack Nicklaus gave golf fans, and Johnny Miller, a moment to remember at Harbor Shores!
That's like Lindsay Lohan guaranteeing chunks on a Friday nite, it's not a reach
Miss Miller comes to mind.Remember her?Johnny's regular audience member!
I'd love if you had a chance to reach out to Nicole Auerbach, Darren Cahill, Johnny Miller or *** Enberg for your podcast.
I actually kind of liked the johnny lee miller one
Johnny Miller hit balls into a heavy tarp that his dad hung up in the basement of their house.
At least Johnny Lee Miller can solve a crime in 42 minutes. And Lucy Liu's outfits are way better than Tim's.
What were the details of Calvin Johnson's ankle injury last year? Typical high sprain?
Matt6.33- Seek His Kingdom. The righteousness AND everything else is given. Righteousness comes from Jesus alone. It's not from striving.
You'll never become by behaving. That's striving. Focus on becoming who you want to be and behavior will naturally follow.
Striving never bears good fruit b/c it's rooted in fear- the antithesis of love. Perfect love casts out fear- and consequently striving.
Spot on Denis. Brandel's pal Johnny Miller, also part of the dip militia, dropped twice as much as Tiger did!
Oct 2013 Julio Jones had 2nd right foot surgery, he broke same 5th metatarsal twice in 33 mos; bigger screw was inserted it's still in there
Johnny Miller, for his brutal honesty.
Johnny Lee Miller was much more understanding that it was difficult and that we were doing the best we could.
Space Lifer Johnny stares into the great unknown. . Pic: Johnny Miller, Cedarberg, 2015
What a drop off from 1. I would say was the worst single season drama I can remember. Average a f…
I stuck it through like a chump. The good news is that football is finally upon us. No more traps.
Made my debut this season, lasted 12 minutes of Episode 1. I've had bowel movements that were more gripping
WR Tim Brown made 9 Pro Bowls and was named to AP NFL All-Pro team in 1997. Who was his quarterback that year?. Jeff George.
Jerome Bettis is in NFL HOF and Marvin Harrison isn't. It's a popularity contest.
You mean to tell me Duce Staley isn't destined for the Not cool man
And, I think the nickname put Bettis over the top. If it was "Jiggly" or "Stinkfist" there'd be no
Jerome Bettis got in the on longevity not superlatives. Dude averaged 3.9/carry, less than Thomas Jones, Dorsey Levens, or Duce Staley.
I've never understood the Cris Collinsworth haters. To me he's the top voice in NFL broadcast booths, by a wide margin. I enjoy him.
Little Giant Ladders
Can we just use the Johnny Miller term "choke"?
Johnny Miller would be having an absolute field day with Shane Lowry right now.
only man that can do that is Johnny Miller. He can do everything
Thanks Sergio for your time and attention on the phone today.
he says 'TAKE IT' Johnny lee Miller I think
This is blunt and spot on!. Tiger Woods, Ben Hogan, Johnny Miller, Brandel Chamblee - Golf Swing …
Johnny Depp movie and Mac Miller album both coming out on 9/18🙌🏻
Good luck to Johnny Miller, and Tom Weiskopf in today's Greats of Golf.
Johnny Miller, Dave Stockton, Tom Weiskopf and Tony Jacklin are signing now. The rest of the autograph sessions are:
We rode with & two other legends to the Johnny Miller & Tom Weiskopf.
When Jack Nicklaus plays well, he wins. When he plays badly, he comes in second. When he plays terribly, he comes in third. — Johnny Miller
Exciting Open. I'm missing Johnny Miller. Joe Buck can't help himself telling us Oosthuizen made birdie at 18 before we saw it. Brutal.
Miss Dan Hicks and Johnny Miller calling the U.S. Open but bravo to Joe Buck, Greg Norman, Tom Weiscopf, and Fox Sports covering the major!
Please ditch Joe Buck from future USGA telecasts. He is dreadful. Makes me want Johnny Miller back.
Somewhere Verne Lundquist and Johnny Miller are laughing into their scotch at that "coverage".
Since Joe Buck is announcing golf does that mean Johnny Miller gets to do the play by play for an NFL game? He might be better at football
Joe Buck is seriously enough to make me miss Johnny Miller.
So we all hate Johnny Miller, but we all hate Joe Buck even more.
After this weekend I don't know who I hate more, Joe Buck or Johnny Miller
Just turning on the US Open. Someone check to see if Johnny Miller was wearing an Adam Scott costume today.
If Adam Scott wins, it's the 2015 version of Johnny Miller in 1973, in the house two hours ahead of the final group. Chambers Bay = Oakmont?
A 64 from Adam Scott. Not nearly as impressive as Johnny Miller's 63 at Oakmont...just kidding.
Am I a bad American if I would have enjoyed Adam Scott shooting 63 to win the U.S. Open to *** off Johnny Miller?
this fox coverage is the worst ever. I HATE Johnny Miller but this is so much worse.
Understandable growing pains, but I would love to hear what Johnny Miller has to say about Chambers Bay, Tiger's meltdown.
Boy I thought Johnny Miller was I gotta listen to Joe Buck act like he would shoot a smooth 62 at Chambers and bash everybody
Piers Morgan to replace Johnny Miller in the . "arrogant gasbag" role?
Johnny Miller doing the Open Championship? Starts in 2017 with NBC Sports landing a 12-year deal.
I love my mother more and more every day: "I tell ya Tom, I forgot how nice it was to watch Golf without Johnny Miller's commentary"
My prediction... 6 people who will NOT win this year Kevin Na, Jerry Kelly, Tiger Woods, Mickelson, Spieth, Johnny Miller   10% Off
loved Johnny Miller's call on Casey chip
Johnny Miller just said Austin Cook was an All-SEC Scholar-Athlete. Do you get that for maintaining a 2.0 GPA?
Johnny Miller: "actually the best player in the game. Rory's a V8 with seven spark plugs."
Turned on my first golf tournament in awhile and Johnny Miller is still as annoying as ever
"That ball didn't check at all. Just rolled up there like it was a Top Flite!" -Johnny Miller 😂. I'm a golf junkie, tho…
NBC must be so desperate to continue to let Johnny Miller comment on golf. He never says a kind thing. How many majors John Boy??
Wouldn't be mad if Johnny Miller tripped and fell into a pile of rattlesnakes
After Ian Poulter hit five shots into the water at the Honda, Johnny Miller wondered if he brought enough balls.
Johnny Miller on Ian Poulter triple-bogey 7 takes him from tie for lead to down 3 "He goes from Poulter to Poltergeist."
Dan Hicks and Johnny Miller try the new Jack Nicklaus Ice Cream during NBC's broadcast of The Honda…
Daly still at -5 on 14. Hey, old guys can win at Pebble. Johnny Miller won at age 46 and beat a mid-40's Tom Watson by one that day in 1994
“Peter Oosterhuis is retiring from broadcasting: . I would have rather Johnny Miller retired, not Peter.
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